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Jessie was seventeen and a real stud. He was tall and muscular with a mop of dark hair. He was the captain of the basketball team at school. His body was lean and well toned. He had the large strong feet of a runner. His legs were dusted with dark hair, and there was a bush of black hair at his groin above his larger than average teenage fuckmeat. I mention this only because Jessie was a fucker. A girl fucker. A really rampant girl fucker. Fucking was the most important thing in young Jessie's life. Fucking and basketball. You'd think those were the only two things in life. When it came to basketball, Jessie was top notch. And if possible, when it came to fucking, he was even better. He loved nothing more than to ram his wrist thick nine inch dick into the virgin cunt of a thirteen or fourteen year old girl. That's right, you heard me correctly, Jessie loved fresh young twat. He didn't want some cunt that had been battered by half the high school football team. He wanted some innocent sweet young virgin. He wanted to introduce her to the delights of dick! He wanted to show her how to lovingly suck a cock and lick a dude's ballsack. He wanted to teach her how to lick and suck jock ass. Oh yes, he demanded this from all of his girlfriends. By the time he finished with a girl, she knew all about sex. He made sure he fucked their tender tight assholes so often that their holes were permanently open the size of  half dollars. And the twat came to him willingly. He was so popular in his small town that he had the cunt lining up for his prick. Some local moms whose pussies dripped over the young stud actually encouraged their daughters to let him fuck them, just so they could experience vicarious pleasure. 

   Did Jessie ruin a girl for life?  Did he spoil her for any future dicks she might encounter? yes and no. A girl fucked out by Jessie might find happiness with the big black dick of a negro boyfriend, or of another freakishly hung white guy. But it wasn't just the size of his fucker that made Jessie unique.  It was the way he worked and treated a young cunt. He taught the bitches that their only purpose in life was to service dick! He taught them to not only love cock, but to worship it. After a basketball victory for example, while the other guys on the team showered, Jessie stood naked and sweat soaked while two cheerleaders lick his reeking body clean. They licked his feet and then up his legs. Then one licked his big loose ballsack and dick while the other chick licked up and down his ass crack and then spread the muscular globes to lick the sweaty asshole itself. They lovingly licked his pits clean. You be surprised that not a single twat on the cheerleading squad turned down this honor, even chicks with other boyfriends. Yes, some of the other dudes at the school were resentful that Jessie could just use their own girlfriends however he pleased. But that was part of the boy's magic.  

    And that was why I decided to ruin him. I wanted to drag him through hell to give his life a little balance. And so I put my plan into motion. I discovered that Jessie had gotten six different fourteen year old girls pregnant.  He didn't like to wear a condom on his fat dick when he fucked cunt, he thought it spoiled the feeling. I also discovered that Jessie, when he needed a bit of extra pocket money, allowed some of the faggot boys in the school to suck his big beautiful dick. Armed with these to pieces of information and my computer, I went to work.  I found a couple of faggots and a couple of fucked and rejected bitches who would help me bring Jessie down. After all, a boy who fucks a thirteen or fourteen year old virgin girl until she can hardly walk and her holes are stretched enough to deliver babies through them, and then drops them, does create enemies. These girls were in love with him. That is why they allowed him to fist fuck them. That's why they allowed him to shove candles and baseball bats up their cunts and assholes just for fun. These were indeed the kinds of things he did for pleasure. He was not a cruel kid as such. He was easy going and friendly and even sweet, but when it came to sex, his cum filled balls drove him to extremes. When his dick got needy, which was about three times a day, he just could not control himself. 

    One story which I heard from a darling little fourteen year old illustrates to what extremes he would go. Jessie and two of his basketball buddies got high one night and invited over the young twat Jessie was currently dating. She was no longer shy about sucking Jessie's big dick in front of his buddies. He taught all his girlfriends to do that. He also taught them that they had to suck off his buddies as well. After all stars like Jessie share. But at this particular party, Jessie didn't give the bitch any cock. He made her beg for it. He dangled it over her face so she could smell it and the pre-fuck dripped from the pisshole onto her pretty face. She needed Jessie's cock so badly she started to sob and beg. He made her crawl across the room naked legs spread so his buddies could see up her cunt. He ordered her onto her back, legs up an spread so the dudes could watch her play with her cunt. He made her finger fuck her cunt and tug and twist her clit for his buddies. It was great fun. After he got her pregnant...if it even was he allowed all his best friends to fuck her too, he called her a slut one night and dropped her cold. She needed his dick so badly and loved him so much, she had a nervous breakdown. When I heard this, I was more determined than ever to bring this boy down. 

   So I went to work. I documented all the stories I could and collected interviews and eye-witness testimony. Kids blab easily, even though they swear loyalty to pals. Give them some pot or coke or even a few bucks, and they will happily turn in their friends. It's because bitches especially love to gossip.  And scorned bitches will come back to bite you.  When I had enough info to really ruin young jessie, I paid a visit to his home one evening and had a sit down with his mom and him.  She is a single mom, raising two boys. Jessie's brother is eleven, and was a late, unwanted child.  Jessie's mom was 35 but looked damned good, which was perfect for my plan. 

    I present all of my information to Jessie and his mom, and told the boy in no uncertain terms that if the stuff I'd collected was made public, not only would he lose his basketball scholarship to a really exclusive top University, but he would probably end up in jail, as many of the girls were thirteen or fourteen. His handsome face was drained of color. His cute pouty mouth fell into a terribly ugly frown. His brow furrowed and his eyes filled with tears. It wasn't only the shock of hearing his crimes thrown up to him, but having to endure the pain on his mother's face that did him in. He loved and respected his mom and didn't want to ever see her hurt. She couldn't believe her smart, dear, sweet, popular son was a complete sexual lecher and rake. I feared for one moment she would have a nervous collapse or a heart attack. It was touch and go there for a few moments. Both son and mom were reduced to sobs. They begged me not to ruin the boy's life. To give him another chance. Jessie promised to reform. He swore he would change his evil ways. But I know that the lure of sex is strong and desire is hard to control. I said that Jessie needed to be punished for his misdeeds. If the law didn't punish him, then I would have to. If Jessie and his mom agreed to my punishment, then I would keep silent about the information I possessed.  

     This did not go down immediately...we haggled and argued for a good hour. They spent a good deal of time hugging and crying and begging for another chance.  Jessie's mom even offered to make monetary amends to the fucked little girls. I said it was too late for that. Finally, they agreed to my demands of punishment without even knowing what I had in mind. 

    "Okay, what do you want me to do to make up for my bad actions?"  Jessie asked me, his beautiful teenage eyes wide and puppydog like. 

    "Well, it's very simple really. I want you to make up for fucking all those young innocent girls. I want you to make up for getting them pregnant."

    "How?"  He was biting his nails. His fear was delicious. So was his mother's.  


     You can imagine how that that went down. Another round of sobs and tears. Jessie's mom actually got sick to her stomach and had to go to the bathroom to vomit. Jessie asked me a hundred times if I was serious. I was!  Mom sobbed and refused. I headed for the door with my into, and then she grabbed me and stopped me. She promised to let me fuck her, but I laughed and pushed her away. Jessie threatened to hit me, and I told him if he laid a hand on me it was straight to prison for him. Again the asked me if I was serious and then asked me what kind of sick animal I was. I told them my deal was non-negotiable. 

    "Not only that. But Jessie, you have to fuck your mother for six months. You have to fuck her every day. You have to fuck her twice a day! You have to let us video tape it for proof. You have to fuck her cunt and her mouth and her asshole twice a day without a condom. Just lie you did to your little girl lovers. Your mom has to suck your big teenage dick and lick your asshole and take your cock up her asshole and cunt.  You need to unload your balls in her cunt at least once a day and up her ass or in her mouth the other time."

     Mom was hysterical. " You can't do this to us. You will drive us mad! This is worse than torture. I cant' do that with my own son!" 

    I smiled. "Every fuck will be recored. Sometimes I or my friends will come to watch the fuck in person. Sometimes you will simply film it. You will also go to a nudist resort as a couple and eat and play with others totally in the nude. You will romp and frolic in the nude and then go back to your cottage and fuck your brains out. If during the six months you get pregnant, you will not get an abortion, but you will have the child. You will have the child of your on son, gotten by his huge teenage dick fucking up into your womb. "

      They sat in silence unable to even look at each other. Then Jessie mumbled very quietly, "Oh God, I am so sorry, Mom!"  

      I will give you half an hour to think about it and to discuss it. You will be saving your son's life and his future, if you let him fuck you for six months. Will you do this for your son? Who knows, I'll bet you come to really love his big fat leaking dick plowing your pussy and asshole. You'll be saving him and having some well deserved pleasure yourself." 

      It took more than half and hour, but eventually, they agreed. After all, the mother wasn't getting any cock, and she wasn't about to let her son lose his scholarship and go to prison. So they agreed. With trembling lips and shaking bodies, they nodded and agreed. They looked like frightened children. 

     "Good. Then to seal the deal, how about you both stripping naked right now and you sucking your son's nice thick hunk of fuckmeat?"

     "Now?" she asked, lower lip trembling, breasts heaving. 

     "No time like the present," I smiled.  "Jessie, why not strip for your mom, and let her see that handsome muscular teenage body that all the girls drool over?"  

     Jessie did fine stripping off until he got to his underpants. "Do I have to?" he begged, eyes awash with fresh tears. 

     "Well, she can't very well suck your dick and lick your balls with you being covered now, can she?"  

     "I'm sorry, Mom..." he said again as he lowered his underpants and his big dick flopped out. 

     Mom turned away and sobbed again.  "Look at your son's fine fucker! LOOK AT IT!"  I'm afraid I lost my patience a bit. 

     With a gulp and a heave of her tits, she turned to stare at Jessie's fat fuck sausage. It was awesome. I don't think she ever had a dick that large, and she certainly had no idea her's son's fuckmeat was that huge. 

     "Isn't it a great dick? Imagine your son stuffing that into the virgin twat and asshole of a thirteen year old girl. That's what he did. He made a fucking game of it."

     "Oh Jessie, how could  you?" she asked him, her eyes wide at the sight of his massive prick, with it's big dickhead. 

     "I'm sorry mom, I just couldn't help it. Other guys at school were fucking girls too. I just like them young!" 

     "Mom, why not show your son your tits? Those little girls he fucks have nothing but tiny little titty-buds.  Show him your big fat udders!" 

     She looked at me in horror.  "Oh please don't make me do this. Give me some time. I will let him, I promise, but not now. Not tonight." 

     "You've got fifteen seconds to get your udders out! " I said looking at my watch. 

     She peeled off her blouse and then in her bra, looked at me again. 

     "Bare those tits, bitch!" 

     She unhooked her bra and her large but still firm breasts flopped out, her nipples huge and pinkish brown. 

     "Jesus, Jessie, look at the tits on your mom! How can you want to fuck young pussy, when  you can have tits like that to play with. Think of the fun you will have titty-fucking her. You can't titty-fuck an of those thirteen year olds. Imagine fucking your big fat dick between those fucking udders and squirting your jizz into Mommy's face!" 

     Jut as I suspected, Jessie's fucker grew thicker and longer with my dirty talk. He was a seventeen year old kid after all. 

     "Did you nurse Jessie?" I asked his mom.  She didn't answer. "Answer me, Bitch, did you nurse him when he was a baby?" 

     She nodded, unable to speak in her shame.  

     "Great, so it will be just like old times when he is sucking and chewing on your big old nipples."

     "Please, have pity. He's my son!" 

     "Yeah, crawl on over and lick his dick!" 

      I thought she would get sick again. She gagged and almost fell over off her knees. I told her if she didn't stop cocking around and get down to business, I would withdraw my offer and call the police. 

      And there she was, on her knees, tongue out, licking the moist head of her cock of her own seventeen year old son. Jessie kept saying he was sorry, but his growing fucker belied his protests. His dick got long and thick and hard as mom lapped at it. I learned later that she had not sucked dick in the five years since her husband died. So it must have been sweet for the bitch too. I  had her lick all up and down the dick and then I had her lick and suck his big sweaty teenage nuts. I took photos too. I told them it was just so I had a record of the deal, but actually it was so could blackmail them later into even more perverted acts of sex. After all, now she could go to prison for sucking the dick of a minor! A minor who was also her son! I ordered her to lift each nut on her tongue and to bathe the ball sack in her spit. Jessie's dick was rock hard and leaking like crazy. So I ordered her to taste some of her son's pre-fuck slop. She scooped the slime up on her tongue and covered her lips with it. She was in shock, I could tell. Jessie was in sex heaven. He could not resist the desire in his young body. To him it was no longer his mom on the floor, but just another cunt! 

     "Okay Mom, you are doing real well, " I said, snapping off pictures, " Now crawl around to his rear and let's see you lick his young teenage ass!" 

     "Oh God, please no. I never even did that for my husband!" 

     "Well, there is always a first time. Jessie reach on back and spread your ass cheeks so your mother can get her tongue nice and deep into that ass crack." 

     "I can't," she sobbed. " I just can't."  

     "Mom, you gotta' do it. You gotta help me. Do it to help me. I don't want to go to prison. You gotta lick my ass!"  The boy wailed, holding his ass globes open, his huge fat dick bouncing and leaking. 

     "Get that face in your son's ass!" I barked.  She started out slow...just licking up and down the crack itself, but with a little prodding. she was soon licking right on her son's pink asshole. Jessie couldn't help his lust. He thrust his husky ass back against his mother's face. 

     "Suck my ass, Mom!" he cried.  

     " You heard your son! Suck on his teenage asshole! That's it. Now you are getting with the program. lick and suck that teenage asshole. Look at your son't asshole. Look at the asshole of your seventeen year old son. Now stick your tongue deep up inside your teenage son's asshole. Stick your tongue up into his shithole!" 

    The bitch's nipples were hard, each one over and inch long. She was getting into it. I bet her pussy was leaking as well.  I snapped some photos of her tongue going in and out of her son's tight pink asshole. 

    "All right, Cunt, on your back on the floor. Strip off your skirt and panty hose. Let your boy see Mommy's big juicy cunt! Let him see the cunt that delivered him!" 

    She was quite out of it by now. She made weird animal noises. She tore at her clothing. I am not sure if it was shock or animal lust. Soon she was naked. Sobbing and naked. 

    "Spread those legs and show Jessie Mommy's big sloppy cunt!" 

     Jessie just stood there dick bobbing and swaying, as he looked down at his own mother's pussy. Slowly his hand went to his prick and he started pumping. He could not control himself. 

    "All that pussy hair will have to go. You will shave tomorrow. Jessie boy here is used to nice smooth baby cunts. Jessie likes bald virgin cunts.  But it will do for now. Reach down, Mom and spread your cunt lips for your son. Spread nice and wide and show your boy where he came from." 

   "IN THE NAME OF GOD DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS..." she screamed.  

    "You heard me, spread your cunt lips! Show Jessie your gash and your clit!" 

    I had them exactly where I wanted them. I few minutes later I ordered the boy to fuck his own mother. He slammed his big fat teenage dick into her like there was no tomorrow. She screamed in pain and horror and ecstasy. He pounded her. He was  a wild animal. he chewed on her big rubbery nipples. He pulled out until only the fat pink head was lodged in her cunt, and then slammed balls deep. I watched his ass globes tighten and dimple. I saw his toes dig into the carpet. He fucked harder and harder. Their breathing was ragged and irregular. Finally he grunted and groaned and unloaded his balls into her. 

    "NOOOOOOOOOO! I DON'T WANT TO GET PREGNANT FROM MY OWN SON!"  She wailed and beat him with her fists, but it was too late. His muscular slick body was collapsing on top of her as his sperm flooded her womb. 

    "Not bad for a first fuck!" I said, smiling. "I'm going to be kind to you tonight as it is your first night. Tomorrow you will have to fuck mom in the ass as well.  Oh, I expect you two to sleep together in the same bed naked. And from now on whenever you are in the house, you will be bare assed naked at all times. I am having some cameras installed tomorrow to monitor you.  This is going to be fun!" 

    And it was. It was just the start of the fun I had with Jessie and his mom. Eventually, I even got Jessie's little brother who lived with his grandmother involved. Jessie's mom had sent him there during the school year because she worked all day and often into the night. I decided to have him visit to watch Jessie and his mom, and even participate.  But that is another story.  The photo is of Jessie and his mom at the Nudist Resort. We had lots of fun there, making them fondle and finger fuck each other right in front of the other guests. After I had them totally in my control, I made them send this photo on a Christmas card to all their friends and relations. (Former friends I should say, and the family will have nothing to do with them.) Grandma had a heart attack when she saw it. What fun.

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