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Julie's Pain

Julie lies naked on a large wooden table.  Thick strong rope has been wrapped around each of her ankles and wrists and tied off to the four corners of the table.  The rope is pulled extremely tight limiting her movement and stretching her skin tight.

Wire is tightly wrapped around the base of each of her breasts.  It has the effect of turning each of her large breasts into a balloon stuck to her chest.  They are slowly turning purple, the veins standing out clearly against the skin.

On each side of each breast chain is attached to the wire.  The chains run up from her breasts through a pulley and support a 200kg bag of sand dangling in the air to one side of her.  The weight pulls her breasts away from her chest up into the air, and lifts her upper torso up from the table to the limit that the taught ropes attached to her ankles and wrists allow.

At the tip of each balloon like breast alligator clamps bite into her fat nipples, turning the skin white were the metal teeth dig into the soft flesh.  More chain links to each clamp and ascends to smaller pulleys, then back down to 5kg weights dangling from each chain.  Her nipples are pulled two inches up off her breasts.

Each of her inner labia is also gripped by an alligator clamp, the teeth seemingly almost ready to bite through the tender flesh.  Chains attached to the clamps support two 5kg weights dangling in the air from the side of the table.  Her labia are stretched out six inches from her body.  The thin skin of her labia is almost white as it is stretched to its absolute limit.

One more alligator clamp and chain set bites into her clitoris and supports a 1kg weight.  The teeth of the alligator clamp seem to sink into the hard and almost shiny skin of her clitoris.  The weight swings slowly as the tiny quivers of muscle spasms jerk her clitoris.

A thick leather belt has been wrapped around her waist and pulled excruciatingly tight.  It restricts her breathing and forces her to breath in small gasps, which shake her body and provide delicate movement to the various weights. 

An inflatable dildo has been forced into her cunt and expanded to the maximum.  Her cunt is pushed out by the size of the object it contains, and is forced open to reveal the end of the object.  Another inflatable buttplug had been placed into her ass and expanded to its maximum.

A ring gag holds her mouth open and a posture collar keeps her head straight on the table.

They had left her there two hours ago, now a constant moan of pain emanated from her throat and her skin glistened with sweat.  Muscle tremours wripple across her taught body as she struggles to accept the pain.  She has no idea when they will return, but she knows that when they do it will not be to release her, but only to take their pleasure by using her however they wish.

Part of her desperately wants them to return, another part does not.  Part of her wants this delicious pain to go on forever.  She wishes that she could better see her body; see it being stretched; see the compression of the skin from the clamps; touch the taught skin of her breasts; see the shape made by her bound body.  However she bathes in the glorious pain that sweeps through her body from her breasts and her cunt and explodes in her mind as shattering pleasure.  She imagines all the things that could be done to her body and lets the desire flow over her like a hot bath.

She wants to cum, and she does not want to cum.  She wants the pain to stop and she does not want it to stop.  But she can neither cum without assistance, nor make it stop.  Whatever they want to do to her they will do, but right now no matter how she cries they can not hear her, it will not stop.  She is powerless.

She is an object.  Something that people can use as they wish.  An object of art to some, simply a plaything to others.  Her own desire has no role, although this was exactly what she desires - to be totally and absolutely subject to the whim of others.  The knowledge of her helplessness echoes inside her head, causing surges of desire to flush through her body.

Her nipples, labia and clitoris scream in agony within her mind.  She knows all to well that they will scream even louder when the clamps are eventually removed.

She is in her own heaven.

After some period of time they return.  They stand around Julie discussing what they might do to her.  Cane her; fuck her; leave her for longer; add more weight to her already overstretched body.  The run their hands over her taught and sweating body.  They flick the clamps biting into her and enjoy the manner her body reacts to the waves of pain.  In her cries of pain they can detect both agony and ecstasy.

Only part of Julie recognises their presence.  Part of her exists in a different world, one entirely filled by the feelings coursing through her body.  Some small part of her listens to their suggestions though, and thrills at what it might mean is in store for her.  This part of her rather than fearing what they will do, fears that they may stop, fears that they may take false pity on her and release her bonds.  She attempts to say as much but her trembling body is incapable of voicing her words.

One of them notices the manner in which her body reacts as they discuss what they might do with her.  He notices that the sounds of desire, of lust, coming from her lips increases when the suggestions are brutal, and decreases when they suggest release.  He takes a chair and places it so that he can sit next to her ear and whisper to her.

He whispers his thoughts into her ear, knowing that the mind is by far the greatest erogenous zone, knowing that for Julie her mind transforms pain into pleasure only when her mind is engaged in certain ways.  It does not concern him if many of the ideas he whispered into her soul would never, could never, be carried out.  All that concerns him is the reaction that the thoughts elicit from the bound and tortured woman.

He starts by simply describing exactly what he sees, what her body looks like through his eyes: the look of her flesh as it is stretched by the clamps and weights; the purple of her breasts and the white of her flesh compressed by the clamps; the sweat on her skin; the way her muscles ripple in agony; the arch of her back as it is lifted from the table by the weight pulling on her breasts.  But he does not stay long on these real topics - he moves into fantasy.

"You are never going to be released Julie.  For the rest of our life this is what you will be, a slave totally subject to the smallest whim of others.  If someone wants to see you in pain, you will be in pain; if someone wants to see you used, you will be used; your suffering will be the entertainment of others.  You have owned your last clothes, from now on you will be naked so as to ensure that no one is held back from using you.  Your status will be made public for all who wish to know.  Photos of your suffering and use will be flooded onto the Internet to ensure that anybody interested will have the opportunity to know who and what you are.  Thousands, millions of people will get to know every detail of your body as it is used, they will know every expression on your face as you suffer.  They will know the look of your labia when it is stretched, they will see your cervix when you are opened, they will see how your nipples appear when crushed.   A website will be put in place to allow people to book time to abuse you - and of course we will reject no one. If you were to be allowed free, which of course you will not be, hundreds of people would recognise you as you walk down the street; recognise you as a slave and know that they can use you if they wish.  Just imagine the ideas for your suffering that can be generated by a world of people.

It is astounding what different people want to see."

As he spoke he let his hands wander over the parts of her body he could easily reach.  When he spoke of pain he squeezed the clamps on her nipples bringing cries of agony to her lips.  When he spoke of her being fucked he forced his fingers into her mouth.

"Many will want to discover the limits of masochism on your body.  For on you they will be allowed to do what they have never dreamt of doing on anyone else. No pain will be too much for you to bare, no concept to extreme - your body exists simply for their use.  Your breasts, your cunt, your body will be tied, stretched, beaten, crushed, pierced; used in every way imaginable.  It will constantly bare the marks of their use. 

Imagine your tightly bound breasts placed onto a table as you kneel beside it; a plank of wood is place on them and then a man sits on this plank as you suck him off; your breasts crushed by his weight; shall we put more people on the plank; How much weight will your bound breasts support?  Shall we totally bind you in tape so that no part of you is visible except for your bound breasts and again use the table and plank.  Bind you to the table then leave you throughout a party so that people can try out how much weight can be used to crush your breasts at their own leisure.  Endless hours of it.  As the party progresses the people become drunk and less careful; they try more and more weight until your breasts are crushed flat against the table.  In addition they add clamps and needles to your crushed breasts.  A lady stands on the table.  She carefully places her stiletto heel on your nipple then lets her weight fall onto it, crushing your nipple beneath her heel against the table.  The crowd laugh as your bound body writhes in agony within the confines of the tape.  The lady grinds her heel all the harder on your nipple to get yet greater reaction.

On another day someone will want to discover how many needles they can slide into your flesh.  You are tightly bound spread eagled; rope pulled tight to immobilise you; a gag to silence you unless you disturb their pleasure with your screams.  They take their time slowly sliding needle after needle into you.  Soon there is nothing to be seen of your breasts or cunt but the brightly coloured ends of needles.  Your body shakes in pain, your muscles quiver from the adrenalin pumping through your body as your body tries to cope with the hundreds, thousands of metal spikes driven into your flesh.  Still they find more places.  Each needle feels like a burning spike of pain as it enters your body.  You will scream into your gag but they will not stop.  They might tire for a while and leave you sagging in your bondage, a human pin cushion, but they will return for more until not an inch of your body is unpierced.

One day they might take you late at night to a nightclub.  It is closed.  They go to the bathrooms and open a hatch in the wall behind the toilets.  The bind you excruciatingly tightly and force you into the hatch.  They tie you to the wall.  They attach clamps to your nipples and labia then tie these to the flushing mechanism of the toilets - every time one is flushed it will yank on your nipples or labia.  They place a clamp on your clitoris and attach a wire to a small electric box that is in turn hooked to the hot water taps - every time a tap is turned on current will course through your clitoris.  They gag you so that no noise will escape from you.  Then they close the hatch.  Two days later they return to collect you.  In those two days the toilets have been flushed thousands of times, the taps used thousands of time.  You have suffered behind the wall as your tormentors are not even aware of you."

As he whispers Julie writhes in her bondage.  Slowly Julie's breathing becomes even more laboured.  The images spinning in her mind lift her higher, closer to orgasm.  But she needs some extra physical stimulus to push her that last tiny fraction.  Julie's body aches from the desire to come.  Desire overpowers pain in her mind, her single focus is to explode in orgasm, the desire is more painful than anything else happening to her body.

"Some will want your body pierced.  Fat iron rings will be punched into your labia and nipples.  They will constantly have weights swinging from them.  Heavy weights that stretch the flesh.  Sometimes they may use the iron rings in your labia to have you pull a cart.  The nipple rings will be yanked hard to show you the direction they wish you to go.  As your labia stretch until it feels like the rings will rip from the tender flesh they will whip your ass to make you move faster, to stretch the skin yet more."

He carefully judged the time and indicated to one of the others standing around Julie.  They moved and grasped the chain that hung from the clamp on her clitoris.

"Nod your head Julie and you will be given pleasure, but you know that you will only receive it through extreme pain.  It will be much worse than anything you have had today, but if you accept it you can take your pleasure from it."

For a second Julie is still, but the desire for pleasure is too great.  She nods her head.

He looks up and the other person yanks on the chain, ripping the alligator clamp from her clitoris.  Julie's body spasms into a rigid arch of pain for a moment, then collapses muscles held tense for too long spasm in waves of movement that can clearly be seen beneath her stretched skin.  A scream is ripped from her mouth, but it is a cry of pleasure as her orgasm crashes through her body.  It seems to last for ever as wave after wave of piercing pleasure took her. 

Eventually it subsides and she slips from consciousness.

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