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Hank Williams had the boy positioned with his face to the wall. He was trembling and tears were streaming down his face. The other boys in the changing room sat on the 2 benches directly facing each other. They anticipated what was going to happen and stared on at the young boy intently. The boy was wearing a pair of school trousers and shirt and tie. The school rules of conduct were as follows; any boy forgetting his gym kit will be punished sufficiently by the member of staff on duty. The boy in question, Justin had forgotten his shorts on this occasion, and he would certainly feel regrets later that day.



Hank had him in the position for a few minutes. He told the boy how stupid he was, and that he had no respect for school policy, also that he was a good for nothing brat that was going to get his comeuppance. Hank began to speak “look the rest of you, this is what happens to naughty boys who forget to bring there gym kit, the simple answer is they perform the lesson in the nude” Everyone in the room except for Justin listened and looked on in disbelief. There very first gym lesson and some one was already in deep trouble. “Now this is a warning to all of you, remember your gym kit in the future and you won’t be made an example of like this stupid boy”.


With that hank gave orders to the boy.” Pull your trousers and pants down and remove your shirt and tie” The boy was in utter disbelief, he was in shock and was in an uncertainty of what to do. “Well fucking do it boy, or I’ll have to do it for you” screamed Hank. The boy’s heart was racing and he was perspiring at a considerable rate. With that Hank slapped the boy, with a fierce swipe, and then the boy just trembled and began to remove his shoes and socks. Hank though was beginning to get angry, and became impatient with the boys lack of enthusiasm. He decided enough was enough, and decided if you want some thing done you have to do it your self.


He walked over to the boy and ripped down his trousers, they fell to his knees and Hank ordered him to step out of them. He did so and the boy stood there in his pants and shirt. Some of the other boys began to laugh as they saw Justin was wearing a pair of y-fronts. Hank then proceeded to remove his shirt. Once his shirt was off Justin stood there in his pants still facing the wall. Hank came close to the boy’s ear and whispered some thing to him. “Now this is the part I enjoy most boy, seeing you naked in front of the rest of your class, seeing your little cock and balls swaying, oh and I’m sure the rest of your class is going to enjoy this, I just love humiliating little boys”


Hank positioned himself so his back was to the rest of the boys but his cock was touching Justin’s ass from inside the material of his shorts. Justin could feel the throbbing of Hanks cock on his ass, it scared him. Hank discreetly moved his cock up and down Justin’s back side momentarily, and then stopped as not to arouse suspicion. “This wont be the last time we meet boy, I have big ideas for you”.


With that Hank pulled down Justin’s pants, exposing his raw teenage ass, smooth and fresh. From looking at his ass there was no indication of hair growth. Just a plump fresh teen boy’s ass for the taking, and take it at some point Hank would. He grabbed hold of Justin’s neck and swiftly turned him around so that everyone could see him naked.


Some boys began to laugh and make remarks on his cock size. “Look at the size of that, Justin’s got a pin dick” Everyone erupted in sheer laughter, and almost everyone was making hand gestures with there little finger, directing there hand in the view of Justin. He just looked on, in the most embarrassing situation in all his life. Unable to comprehend that this was even happening to him.


“Quiet, quiet” hank shouted


“There’s just one more thing that I want you to do for me Justin, before we go out for field hockey” said Hank


“What’s that Sir” Justin said


“I want you to wear this when we go out for the lesson” said Hank.


With that Hank began to unzip his short pocket and reveal some thing to the boys. His

Cock could be seen bobbing up and down in his shorts, and underneath his balls swayed with his motion of walking. The tightness of the shorts enticed the size of his cock and predominantly showed the sheer size of it. He knew for very well that all the boys could see this, and it was his mark of power. The message sent out through this body language was


“Fuck with me, and you’ll fuck with my cock”


Hanks pulled out what at first looked like a piece of string, it was then though to everyone’s amazement that it turned out to be a pink cotton g-string. The other boys began to laugh again, Justin though stood in shock realising what he was going to have to do.


“There’s nothing more I like boy, than watching a student run round in gym with a girly g-string. Quite embarrassing don’t you think? Filthy teenage boys like yourself need to be taught a lesson, isn’t that right class? Hank shouted.


“Sure is sir” everyone shouted


“Now get this on boy”


Justin gazed at the G-string and the daunting prospect of having to wear them. He pulled them up over his knees and positioned them on, like a good slut. He noted that they were way too small for is complexion, but what could he do about it he had to comply, or things would get even worse, if that was possible. As they were pulled up to the top over his cock and balls he felt the string at the back go up his crack and into his ass. It was then that he felt the most demeaning of everything he had done today.


Hank grabbed the back of them and pulled them up even further so the back of them were wedged so far up his ass he nearly stumbled over in shock. This directly made the front of the G-string grasp his cock and balls and entice the size of them, which was really very small indeed. Hank turned him around and everyone gazed on at his ass cheeks. One boy shouted


“He’s a rite little slut now, a proper bitch” another said “Bet he could take it all night long”


“Rite fall out boys” shouted Hank except for Justin, Lee and Josh. The rest of the boys followed out of the door, each one giving Justin a swift slap on the ass as the exited. Justin closed his eyes and tried to think he was some where else. He was totally embarrassed and vulnerable, standing there in a girly G-string. Everyone else left except For Lee and Josh who presented them selves in front of Justin and Hank.


Justin stood face to face with the other two boys, they each had a look of happiness in there eyes, and each had a small sly grin on there face. Justin thought it was as though they new something, or were ready to do something. Various thoughts were escalating through his mind, trying to figure out the situation. Then it dawned on him. He assessed them both and looked down at there shorts. Each had a large bulge coming from there crotch. Justin could make out there cock and balls ever so slightly getting larger, from underneath the material of there shorts. Oh no he thought!


“Well Justin, I feel by now as though you have grasped the concept of what’s going on. Let me tell you something about these two boys”


He walked between the two boys and rested either hand on both of there shoulders.


“This is Lee and this is Josh as you have already gathered, and let me tell you something they are both my sons, and unfortunately for you they are going to have a lot of power over you, and you will do what ever they ask by any means possible”


Justin gazed on in astonishment, do what they say he thought, his first day at a new school and he had been told that he had to follow orders from students. He realised that it didn’t take an Isaac Newton to figure out what he was going to have to do. More to the point how long was he going to have to follow orders. With this being a boarding school, and no return to home for six months, a cold realisation set into him, this was going to be a long ride, and cruelly in more ways than one. He came back to his senses and then again realised he was standing there in a pink, thin girly g-string, plus two boys stood in front of him with now raging hard ons underneath there shorts. Hank began to speak


“Yes Justin any thing they say remember, oh and if you try to weasel your way out of things, run away, tell any one about this, your parents for example. I’ll make sure you never see the light of day again. You think I’m lying do you? Well let me show you this”


Justin looked on as Hank produced a small camera from his pocket. He presented it to Justin and told him to take a look at the small video caption that was available to watch. Justin watched intently as the caption film unfolded. It showed him, from inside his room back at the boarding school sleeping quarters. No one else was around, except for Justin masturbating to him self, whilst probing his arse hole with two fingers in an attempt to get off. Justin was in shock, but thought it best not to shout at Hank as that would make the situation worse.


“How did you get this, where were you filming” Justin said


“That for me to now, and you not to find out, all I know is that I have video of you doing these embarrassing things, and you wouldn’t want them to fall into the wrong hands. So comply for the next six months and everything should be fine, or else. I’ll send copies of this video to everyone in your home town, everyone in the school, and the most embarrassing of all, your parents!”


Justin gulped at the prospect of that happening. The other two boys just looked on at him, giving Justin the body language of “your mine now bitch “


“So that is all for the moment Justin, are you going to go along with what I said or am I going to have to release these photos, it’s your choice” said Hank


Justin felt so humiliated and ashamed but forced himself to say “yes Sir I agree to your rules”


“That’s good Justin, I’ll leave you here for now with my boys, but I want you on the field in ten minutes”


Hank swaggered off to his delight, thinking to him self, I love being me. Justin was left with Lee and Josh, his body was cold and he felt very insecure in front of them both, with just the g-string on.


“Right bitch, you know what your going to do for us now” said Lee


Justin didn’t have to think hard as what the answer was, he gulped and waited for there responses.


“A hard long blow job, and another thing you’ll be giving us one every day, oh and make it a long good job, I want to feel my cock at the back of your throat” said Josh


With that Josh positioned himself in front of Justin, awaiting his satisfaction……….




To be continued



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