SexStory1 » The Slutty Mother

                          The Slutty Mother


According to my best friend and several of my coworkers, my

lovely wife of seventeen years went completely off the deep end

and was giving sex education classes to a group of neighborhood

kids, all friends of my fourteen-year-old son, Allen, roughly six

boys ranging in age from thirteen to fifteen. Also included was

my sixteen-year-old daughter, Sarah, and two of her girlfriends

who lived nearby. Annie, my wife, put out word that she would

put-out to any man who didn't mind a young audience and had no

objection to knocking up another man's wife. The word spread

quickly through my circle of friends and coworkers. By the time I

found out what she was doing, she'd done them all several times

over and was four months pregnant by somebody.

I found this difficult to believe, but George wasn't joking, and

Annie was pregnant as hell. Though Annie never admitted to being

pregnant, everyone I asked confirmed the outrageous things George

told me. I asked everyone. Everyone numbered fourteen - ten

coworkers, three neighbors, and one family member - my brother,

Pete. They all freely admitted to doing this thing with Annie.

They were all told to be candid if ever asked, though George was the

only one who came forward to volunteer information. No telling

how long I would have remained ignorant had he not. George simply

couldn't stand it any longer. He also enjoyed telling me.

George always was fond of Annie. We go back a long way. We played

football in high school and joined the Army on the buddy system.

He was my best man, and we have been an extermination team since

getting out of the service. We are a dynamic bug-killing duo. We

both adore Annie. He is Uncle Georgemy to my kids. He enjoyed

telling me, but not to hurt me. It was more a fuck-your-buddy

gotcha kinda thing, and a good way to tell me that he was banging

my wife. He made it clear that he was just one of a bunch of

buddy fuckers that were banging a buddy's wife. Can't blame a guy

for falling in for a train with a babe like Annie pulling.

I always thought they might be getting it on. I didn't think he

would tell me, and was sure she wouldn't. I thought playing dumb

was the best way to handle a situation like that. I figured George

would use protection, or Annie would require it. We use condoms.

When it became obvious that she wasn't using condoms, I figured

she had to be screwing someone other than George. I figured she was

having an affair, had a lover, a steady, a first for Annie. I

would never dream that my Annie was a sleep-around slut, putting

out to the masses.

Annie was like most attractive and independent women. The right

guy catching her at the right time with the right line could get

into her panties. Over the course of our marriage, there were

many chance encounters, careless flings, and zipless fucks. Those

things happen, and we often talked about them. They were her

sexual adventures. She was good for one a month on average, so

twelve times seventeen years yields two hundred sexual

adventures. Three of those adventures left her pregnant. No

problem. She took care of it. Cheating was never considered a

fucking up. Being careless and getting knocked up wasn't even a

fuckup. The fuckup was not doing something about it until it was

too late. We were going to raise this fuckup. I waited for her to

fess up - fess up and explain herself.

In truth, I wasn't completely ignorant all this time. I knew she

was fucking around, having sexual adventures weekly, sometimes

daily, but I had no idea how much or that she fucked around with

more than one, or fucked buddies. I work two jobs, so she had

plenty of opportunity. The only thing to cramp her style was

kids. With them being out of school for the summer and both being

homebodies, that was a big cramp. Early in August when I first

noticed her puffed-out lower abdomen, I knew the cramp wasn't big

enough, and someone besides George must be poking my sweetie. When

slim, trim Annie gets with child, it's pretty fucking obvious.

Annie never tried to hide the fact that she was pregnant. When

she began showing, she let it show. Annie never was one to go

about the house in her underwear, but during that summer, she

often did. Late in the summer, she often walked about wearing

only skimpy panties, sometimes totally nude sporting her totally

shaved pussy, right in front of Allen and Jenny, sometimes in

front of friends of Allen and Jenny, which I thought was pretty

fucking crude, but also exciting as hell. I never said a word to

inhibit her. Hell, I love seeing her naked and had been after her

to shave her pussy since the day I met her.

She began doing that on her own along with a lot of other things

that led me to believe she was having an affair with someone who

encouraged that sort of uninhibited behavior. At first, I

suspected George, but George would want her to remain the Georgee,

business as usual so as not to tip me off. He certainly wouldn't

want her pregnant. Whoever the guy was wanted her pregnant,

wanted her to get caught, or at least wanted to raise my

suspicions. Furthermore, her lover wanted the kids involved. That

she would go along was the shocker.

I was shocked, every time, but never let on, even after hearing

what George had to say. I didn't want to inhibit her. I thought it

was pretty fucking neat to tell the truth. Whoever the guy was

managed to do something I never could, which was get Annie to

loosen up and show more of that great body of hers. She showed

more. She showed all and even took the hair off so there was

absolutely nothing to hide behind. I love a shaved pussy on a

woman who is proud of her pussy. Her lover and I had that in

common. I wanted her to be that way, but he made her that way. I

had to hand it to the guy. He was the master, and that wife of

mine seemed to grow prouder of her pussy every day.

Annie has great tits. Some would say hooters. She also has a nice

tight ass, almost boyish, a wisp of a waist, slender legs and

dainty feet, but the best part of Annie is what she has between

her slender legs. Without pubic hair, that sexy snatch is right

out there, fully visible from front or rear, but especially from

the rear. From the rear, you know damn well you are looking at a

female rear.

From the rear, Annie's full and fleshy vagina is all out there,

a big juicy cunt even with her legs together. Three days after

George decided to enlighten me, I saw my stark naked wife bend from

the waist in front of our kids and three of Allen's buddies,

holding that obscene pose while she picked up spilled popcorn

that they spilled on purpose. I saw four heads lean in for a good

look. Jenny leaned forward to study her mother's shaved cunt.

Annie knew they were checking out her vaginal goodies or her

asshole, but she didn't mind, didn't care, and didn't hurry.

That shockingly vulgar scene was for my benefit and probably

staged. That was the impression I got, and I was impressed. She

did that to shock or impress me. She did both, but I assumed she

did that more to impress her lover. She could now tell him that

she did that with her hubby watching. Maybe that made his dick

hard. It sure made mine hard.

I knew that those kids often saw her use that cunt to fuck a

number of different men without protection, but they didn't act

like they were that used to seeing it. George assured me that those

kids and many more saw Annie's cunt wide open and in hot action,

and saw it months earlier, right about the time school let out.

He didn't know everything and could only speculate as to whether

those boys were getting any pussy off of her. Whether they were

or not, by mid August, Annie's cunt had to be a familiar sight to

them. They were either acting or the sight never got old - maybe

a little of both. The sight never got old for me. Even I came in

for a better look and had to lean across the back of the sofa,

over Jenny's back to see it.

While checking out that glistening, full, flushed,

delicious-looking, naked cunt featuring an erect and throbbing

clit, my daughter turned her head and looked up, then leaned up

to playfully whisper in my ear, "Mom sure is horny today, huh?"

That was an understatement coming from a child who never spoke

like that in all the years I knew her. I didn't recall ever

hearing Jenny use the term horny before, and then she blew me

away by adding, "Have you ever seen her pussy this wet and


I eased up to look at my impishly smiling daughter who knew she

said something that shocked the piss out of me. I was also

looking down her top at two of the cutest bare titties I ever

saw, sharing that view with our paperboy. She knew, but she

wanted to add something and wanted my ear. I wanted to hear this,

so I stopped looking at her right nipple and gave her my ear,

hearing, "I'll bet this makes your dick hard, huh? Why don't you

fuck her? She needs a fuck pretty bad, don't you think?"

I couldn't believe my ears, but my daughter's warm, moist breath

still tingled my ears from her use of the term fuck. When she

said that word, her soft lips were actually touching my ear. When

I pulled back to see if that was actually my daughter, the

paperboy had pulled her loose top below both tits. Those proud

twin beauties were both fully out and she wasn't upset about them

being out. He then slid a hand up her bare leg, going all the way

up her skirt while she let one leg fall open to welcome it into

her crotch. She had no panties on, and I saw that boy finger fuck

her as she settled back to allow it, pulling up the hem of her

skirt so that I could see plainly. Everyone could see plainly.

Christ! I never saw such a sexy pussy in my life. She, too, had a

bald pussy, but her bald pussy was nice and compact. She, too,

was wet and juicy. She looked horny. That sight made my dick hard

and made me want to fuck my own daughter. She could tell and

smiled. She knew that I liked what I was seeing and thought

wicked thoughts after seeing it.

I knew that girl had to be fucking those boys. She was certainly

no virgin, and I would have sworn she was. This was my first

inkling that she wasn't virgin. This was her way of telling me,

or Annie's way. Annie was aware but made no attempt to stop it.

She eventually got all the popcorn picked up, stood, and faced

the lewd action with the large bowl on her hip. Jenny was now

slumped low in her place holding a wide beaver, fucking two

middle fingers that were wailing on her wide beaver while she

played with her nipples. She moaned, groaned, writhed, and

squirmed like a shameless little slut - an exhibitionist to say

the least.

Annie wasn't the least bit concerned, only interested and amused.

She, too, looked like a shameless exhibitionist as her free hand

moved between her legs and absentmindedly began stroking through

her oily slit as though no one were watching her. We were. We all

were. Even Jenny was. When her mom began playing with her pussy,

Jenny made a beaver that blew me away. The sexy little nymph

stopped playing with her tits, gripped her inner thighs, and

opened that pussy up. She laid that juicy fucker wide open for

the boy and got herself a third finger for doing so. She

obviously needed three, and that boy knew exactly how she liked

getting three.

I could not believe this shit, but I could see that Annie got off

on it. She began masturbating with one hand as though no one were

watching. I could not believe my eyes, but my wife, Allen and

Jenny's mother, was masturbating right in front of three

interested boys from the neighborhood, not to mention our own

children, and those kids were more interested in watching her

masturbate than watching Jenny get finger fucked.

Even the finger fucker was more interested in watching Annie

briskly rubbing her inflamed clit to a rapidly building orgasm.

To help her interested audience see better, she placed one bare

foot on the cushion at Jenny's ass. That move opened up the

subject nicely. She took frequent dips in the hole and spread the

wetness over all the pink flesh before resuming a clit massage.

Annie got her orgasm and spilled popcorn while getting it.

Jenny's followed while her mom knelt to pick up what she spilled.

Annie spilled most on Jenny's beaver. Some of the kernels

actually stuck to wet pussy flesh. Annie gingerly picked them out

after the boy got his hand out of the way, and Jenny pried the

lips apart with her fingers. I simply could not believe what I

had seen, or was seeing, and then my wife, Jenny's mother, did

something unthinkable. She ate Jenny! She ate Jenny's pussy -

licked, flicked, sucked, lapped, nibbled - I mean ate it - ate it


This was no motherly peck on the pussy, this was a genuine eating

out that lasted a solid ten minutes. Jenny laid under that

working mouth as though that was the norm, as though a good

maternal eating out always followed an orgasm. The cream of cunt

was for the mommy. The mommy wanted her cream. The others looked

on as though seeing something typical, the usual. I tried to act

like watching my wife go down on my daughter was no big deal when

that was the biggest deal I had ever seen in my life.

That fucking scene made me late for work at job number two. I had

to dash with an aching erection and a big wet spot on my

rent-a-cop uniform. All the way to work, I tried to make heads or

tails of all I had seen, but the only thing I could imagine was

some guy putting Annie up to that. I figured she had to have it

bad for that joker to get her to do what she did. He had to be

quite a character to want that after knocking her up. Yes, by

then, I knew, and by then was too late for an abortion.

My lovely wife had decided to bear another man's child and rub my

face in that reality, daring me to say something or at least

whine about it. She didn't do that to be mean to me but to be

nice to him. She wanted to impress him and make him smile.

Apparently, she would do anything to impress him and get asmile.

Annie would never have involved our kids without someone pushing

her. What amazed me was that anyone could push her that hard.

This guy had to be something else. The change I saw in Jenny was

most telling and told me that the lucky fucker was also fucking

my daughter. I could now picture Annie going down on Jenny after

a fuck, eager for that pony-dicked stud to get his rocks off in

Jenny so she could gobble that gooey snatch. I had to pull over

and jackoff - I had to.

I jacked off six times during my eight-hour shift while sorta

keeping an eye on a bank of monitors in a downtown high-rise.

Fortunately, there was no camera trained on me - I hoped.

I got off duty at midnight and was home thirty minutes later,

entering a quiet house. I went straight to my bedroom to find

Jenny asleep in the bed, sprawled nude on the covers. That was a

first. I went in search of Annie and discovered that we were all

alone. This wasn't all that unusual. Allen often slept over at

friends. Annie began staying out late in early July. By mid

August, she was away more than home when I'd get off from my

security job. She'd come in at two, three, four, but sometimes

stayed out all night and was still out when I had to leave for my

primary job, the job I shared with George, our exterminator job.

Annie never offered an explanation or excuse, and I never pried,

not even when she'd slip into bed naked and screwed, getting me

wet with a fucked pussy, something she enjoyed doing, her way of

saying, "I've been out fucking and not using a condom - see!"

I couldn't see, but I sure as hell felt. Now this, a naked

daughter in my marital bed, naked and looking fine - damn fine -

lying in a please-fuck-me-Daddy pose if I ever saw one, and I

never had. I knew one when I saw one, and I knew an uninhibited

slut when I saw one. Jenny was now one and quite possibly

pregnant. It was hard to tell. Her mom obviously had a head start

on her, but they were both fucking a guy who liked knocking

chicks up.

I thought about that while stripping out of my uniform. I had no

intention of fucking her. I couldn't fuck anything, but I sure

did want to lie naked with her, maybe feel her up while talking

about things - not prying, just talking, seeing what developed,

what she cared to share while I did my best not to act shocked,

hurt, upset, or normal for a hard-working husband and father.

Jenny stirred as I settled in alongside her. She then opened her

eyes, looked down my body, and then to my face wearing a smile

like she now knew why her mom cheated. Okay, I'm not exactly

hung, but whacking off all night didn't help matters. An erection

would have helped some. I felt like explaining that I wasn't

usually that tiny, but then I'd have to admit to jacking off all


She was pretty cool and needed no explanation. She rolled to face

me while reaching for my pathetic member. She toyed with it as

though it were a useless peter, all spent and no threat to her,

or of any use to her, but did so while wearing a warm smile,

which helped. She said, "Mom is out with a friend and I don't

expect her back before morning. Your big bed looked so inviting,

I climbed in. Do you mind?"

"No, help yourself."

The double meaning wasn't lost on her. She smiled bigger and took

more of my crotch in her hand. I made her feel welcome by cocking

my top leg to open my crotch up. She wanted at my balls, which

are fairly respectable. At least my balls didn't embarrass me.

She liked my balls and said, "I like your balls."

I said, "Thanks. I like your tits," while grasping one.

She giggled, then said, "Was today the first time you saw them?"

"Developed, yes."

"You got to see everything today. Didn't you see anything else

you liked?"

"Oh yes."

"Like what?"

"Like your sexy pussy."

"Oh, did you see it well?"

"Very well."

"What was so sexy about my pussy?"

"Everything about your pussy is sexy. No hair is sexy. The

healthy pink color was sexy. The fresh musky scent was sexy. I'm

sure you taste sexy."

She smiled impishly and said, "Mom thinks so, especially right

after I climax. I knew she couldn't resist, not after seeing me

cum that good. You probably found that shocking."

"No, just terribly sexy."

"Really - then why can't you get hard? You were hard when you


"If you must know, my shift was terribly boring tonight, and I

needed something to play with."

"You played with it to death. [flipping my dead soldier] Dead as

a stomped on mouse."

I stopped her from flipping my mouse and said, "Please, Jenny,

don't use a term like mouse or a pathetic flip of the wrist when

toying with a man's endowment. That doesn't help."

"Sorry...Daddy...what would you do with it if it could gethard?"

"The question is, what would you do with it?"

"Me! But I'm your daughter, and I'm still a minor. I can't do

anything with it. I'm not supposed to, anyway."

Let the games begin. I said, "You're not supposed to do anything

with your mother, either."

"True, but she can't get me pregnant. She could, but she would

need help."

"Is she getting help?"

Jenny smiled that cutsie smile while saying, "I'll never tell."

"Why? Are you afraid she'll stop eating your sexy pussy foryou?"

"She might. You've seen how well she eats a girl's pussy. Could

you blame me for letting her get me pregnant if that turns her


"Does oral sex turn you on that much, Jenny?"

"Oh yes! To get that off of her, I'll spread my legs wide for any

man she brings me. There is nothing I like more than looking

between my legs and seeing Mom's pretty face pressed in tight to

my shaved-bald cunt, feeling her long tongue deep inside me,

licking my womb. Mom is the best. Yes, I'd get pregnant for her.

You bet."

I smiled while toying with one of her long, rubbery nipples

perched atop a firm mound of C-cup tit flesh - firm flesh on a

hard body. Oh the joy of feeling a young girl again. That took me

back to my youth, to the first set of tits I ever got to play

with, only Jenny's nipples were much better.

Jenny rolled to her back and put one hand between her legs while

the other remained between mine, massaging life back into a tired

warrior. She fingered herself while rolling my dick the way I

rolled her nipple. After a while, she said, "Don't you think I'd

look cute pregnant? My tits would get bigger."

"You would look cute."

"Your dick is getting hard. Are you thinking about how cute I'd


"Actually, I was thinking how cute the two of you would look

together. I think your mom got a head start on you."

"I wondered if you noticed that, or knew what made that bulge in

her tummy."

"I know what made it. A dick made it, and it wasn't my dick."

"Not unless you bought cheap rubbers."

"She buys the rubbers and buys the best."

"Yeah, and she won't let anyone else use them. Those are your

rubbers. I hear she makes you wear them even when she has sperm

in her pussy. I hear you get sloppy seconds with a rubber on."

So, Annie was telling secrets. That was one secret I never wanted

to get out, especially to my kids. I'm not proud. I do that to

humor a cheating wife. Nothing thrills my Annie like me putting

on a condom to fuck a cheating pussy. Well, the cat was out of

the bag, and that cat amused Jenny, so I swallowed my pride and

said, "You heard right. What do you think about that?"

"I think that's pretty cool that you'll do it and not whine about

it. I think it's pretty cool that you don't ask where she's been,

or who she's been with, or what they were doing."

"Don't need to. She makes it obvious."

Jenny knew about Annie's way of telling me that she's been out

getting fucked without a condom. Jenny smilingly said, "Do you

get slimed?"

"That's a good term for it."

"Doesn't that piss you off?"

"I'm used to it."

"She hasn't always been that way, has she?"

"Not this bad, but for the past six months she has. I got used to

it after a couple of weeks."

"Any regular guy would divorce her after one time. He sure

wouldn't put a rubber on and fuck in some other guy's cum."

"She would never marry a regular guy."

That made her stop to think. She thought for a while, then looked

to me, smiled, and said, "You're right. She wouldn't. I won't

either. I want to marry a guy just like the guy that married dear

ole Mom. I'll buy him good rubbers, too."

"You think she has it made. Is that it?"

"You are a great provider, and you let her have her freedom. Yes,

I'd say she has it made. Not many sluts would dare do what she


"Is that how you see your mother, as a slut?"

"Sure, don't you, or don't you get slimmed enough? Do you need to

get slimmed in the face before you realize you married a slut."

Jenny was now fingering herself good, getting herself all

lathered up. I said, "That would do it."

"If she put a spermy cunt over your mouth, would you lick it for


"I might. Does she lick yours?"

That got her, and I struck a nerve. I guessed right. Jenny

arched, dug deep, and cried, "YES! She loves doing that! Mom gets

me fucked and then she eats it. She licks cum out of my pussy and

loves the stuff - eats it all up, every drop. I'm a slut for her,

Daddy, a slut - a true blue slut. I'll fuck any guy that can put

sperm in my pussy for her - any guy. Oh god! I'M

CUMMING...FUCK!...Oh good..."

Sure looked good and I just had to eat that, so down I went. When

her fingers stopped, my tongue started. She made me a good beaver

and gripped her inner thighs. I wasn't as good as her mommy, but

any mouth in a storm. The kid sure loved being eaten, and that

was one good eating kid. That was something I never did in my

youth. I missed out on some great dining. There is nothing

sweeter than young pussy - nothing.

I ate her to two more orgasms, then dined on her juices -

absolutely delicious. I couldn't imagine sperm making it any

better, but then, I'm not into sperm. Annie is. I never knew she

was fond of pussy, but she would have to be fond of this one.

Sperm in Jenny's pussy had to be a treat. I could see how Annie

created a slut. I could not see how Annie became one, except that

she met a stud who wanted one with a sexy daughter. I could see

that happening and could now see the results.

Jenny was a slut, but a happy slut, and very likely pregnant. The

question was, would she remain that way? Should I get involved,

or do I let Annie handle this. After eating my sexy daughter into

a state of pure bliss, I came up and lay alongside her, holding

her close to my body. She snuggled with my semi-erect penis

poking her in the pussy until she reached down to lay it within

the lips. She smiled, saying, "There, does that feel better?"

"Yes. Thanks."

"Don't mention it. We sluts love being nice to dicks."

I could not get over this girl of mine. She loved thinking of

herself that way. She wanted me to see her that way and accept

her that way, even treat her that way. I was torn. She wasn't

that way until Annie made her that way, and Annie wasn't that way

until some jerk made her that way. I wasn't sure how I felt about

the jerk, but I had to admire his style and taste in females. He

got two good ones, tasty ones, and turned them into two good

sluts, good and pregnant sluts. The sluts sure seemed happy.

I thought while stroking her thigh and fanny, then said, "I never

thought you would turn slut, but you sure do feel like one."

"You should know what they feel like."

"I should. I know what a pregnant slut feels like."

"Oh...feel me and tell me if I'm pregnant."

Moving my stroking hand to her lower abdomen, I said, "I think

you are."

"That would explain the missed periods then."

"How many have you missed?"

"Two. Mom missed four. You're right. She got a good head start."

"Has she discussed abortion with you?"

"No, and I haven't asked. She knows I'm pregnant. She should. She

tried hard enough to get me that way. I'll leave it up to her."

"Does she know you missed periods?"

"Yes. When I was ovulating, she bred me like a bitch and left

that sperm alone. I'm telling you, she got me pregnant on purpose

and was very pleased when no period came along. I can't see her

aborting it after trying so hard to get me this way. Why...does

that bother you or does it turn you on? Your dick seems to be

getting hard...hard enough to fuck a girl."

She was right. Evidently, that did turn me on. I figured a little

honesty might get me fucked without a damn rubber on. I smiled,

kissed her nose, and said, "Whatever your mother wants is fine

with me. I won't get involved."

Jenny liked hearing that. She smiled big, rolled me to my back,

and mounted. She angled my stiff-enough dick to her wet-enough

pussy and settled. I slipped into warm, moist heaven, but that

teeny bopper pussy was used to a much bigger dick. Still, the

slut liked having a dick in her, evidently any dick, even a

father's. No doubt, she'd had her brother's, too - that or his

damn arm.

She rocked back and forth on stiff arms while looking down on me,

deep in incestuous thought, then broke a smile and said, "You

feel exactly like Allen now that you are almost fully hard."

That answered my question and insulted me. Hell, Allen is

fourteen and about average for an average fourteen-year-old boy.

I thought I had a little more than that, but she said exactly. I

said, "Did you get bred to Allen, too?"

"No, only to one man. Allen and his little pals didn't get any

until after I missed my period, but after that, they got all they

wanted. They think they own it, now. They'll just walk up and

stick a dick in me and start fucking. You saw how Roger treated

me. I thought he was going to fuck me, but I guess he chickened


"You looked like you'd let him."

"I always let them. I would have let him with you watching. They

all treat me that way, every guy on the block, even their dads,

even their dogs."

"Their dogs!"

"Yes, their dogs. I have been screwed by every male dog in the

neighborhood, and we have a lot of those, a lot more than we used


"Jenny, you're not serious?"

"Oh yes I am.  Everyone knows, and everyone likes to see it. I

mean everyone - moms, dads, all the kids, and everyone who


"No, Jenny."

"Yes. Everyone around here has seen it. You'd have to walk a

couple blocks to find a home I haven't done a show in. I get bred

a lot, stripped naked and bred just like a bitch. Shocking,huh?"

"Yes, very. Is your mother aware?"

"Very aware. She likes the idea and loves when new people call

for me. She'll deliver, do the stripping, then stand back and

watch. She lets them take pictures, even videos. After the dogs

finish, the guys get some."

"Christ, Jenny, do you like this treatment?"

"Well, I'm awfully popular, and I get lots of sex. I have become

quite an exhibitionist, or couldn't you tell?"

"I could tell, but what about your self-esteem. Slut is one

thing, but bitch. That has got to hurt."

"Well, it did at first, but I got used to it like you got used to

getting slimmed by a cheating wife. How is your self-esteem,


I thought that was uncalled for - the bitch calling the kettle

Rubberman. Still, the bitch was fucking me so good, I found it

difficult to get upset or take offense. She did have a good

point, and I suppose she was a bitch and a slut for the Georgee

reason I became a Rubberman - to please Annie.

Jenny always did have a strong desire to please her parents,

especially her mother. She adores her mom, always has. A little

praise went a long way. I couldn't imagine Annie praising

behavior like that, but if she did, she'd get more of that

behavior from a daughter like Jenny. We were just lucky the kid

was a closet exhibitionist who took readily to sex, even decadent

sex and decadent show biz. Annie could have seriously scarred

that child, but Jenny was in no way scarred, not even slightly.

She was okay with all of this, but I was sure she had a tough

time at first. A performing bitch slut was so unlike her. Jenny

was a shy and excessively modest girl. After puberty, we never

saw anything on Jenny that shouldn't be seen. Sex did not seem to

be part of her life, and I could never imagine her masturbating.

She was never boy crazy like most girls her age, and never talked

of marriage, having kids, or wanting to go on dates, though she

had just turned sixteen and could date. She hadn't, yet, and now

she was a neighborhood slut, too busy to date. Hell, she had

dates with dogs - chaperoned dates.

This blew my mind, not so much that sweet, innocent Jenny would

do those things, but that Annie would encourage her to and setup

staged exhibitions like the one I witnessed only much more

decadent, involving many more people, and let them record those

things. That wasn't Annie, but that was Annie under the influence

of a sexual adventure gone to a wild and bizarre extreme. Annie

was the type to follow a bad boy into badness, even craziness,

and she had found a few over the years and did do some crazy shit

with them. She obviously found herself a very bad boy and was

still following his lead.

I now had enough clues to know that her bad boy was someone in

the neighborhood, since most of the badness was centered in the

neighborhood, and centered around Jenny. The bad guy used Annie

to get to Jenny. I racked my brain trying to figure who that

pervert might be, thinking he had to be someone new. There was no

one new, and those that I knew simply weren't the type, not a bad

boy among them, at least not Annie's type.

My daughter was enjoying herself, but I knew I'd never cum. My

poor dick was almost numb. Staying hard enough to serve as a

girl's dildo was as good as it would get, but she was happy. She

had a dick in her - her Daddy's dick. With all she'd done, incest

was no big deal.

I could have asked Jenny who her mother's boyfriend was, but I

didn't want to appear to be prying into her mother's affairs. I

knew that would get back to Annie, and my wife loves the fact

that I never pry, never ask questions, always wait to be told,

and am satisfied with what I'm told. Annie loves that about me. I

never spoil her fun, load her down with guilt, or cramp her


Annie greatly appreciates the freedom I give her, and I again

demonstrated that aspect of our relationship by not questioning

her about that scene I witnessed with the kids that afternoon.

That scene was a major test that demanded an explanation. I asked

for none. That surprised her. My reward was a good kiss with a

tongue that had just been deep in my daughter's pussy. That was

the sweetest kiss I ever got from Annie, and that was a thank-you

kiss. No, I wasn't about to spoil her fun by snooping and acting


Jenny wanted me to pry. She was dying to be pried. She had so

much to tell and couldn't hold it all in. She was as bad as George,

busting to spill the dirty beans. I just had to wait, but she

didn't want to blab, she wanted to be pried. I could see the

frustration, especially after dropping the doggie show bomb. That

demanded prying from any normal dad, and don't think I didn't

want a detailed history. Hell, I wanted to know how that started,

what that was like, and who all saw it. That had to be something

else - Jenny getting screwed by a mutt. I'd wait in a long line

to see that.

I also thought about all the men in the neighborhood that were

screwing my daughter, fucking her without a rubber. I knew three

of them very well and the rest casually. I would never suspect

any of them were capable. Knowing they were and were fucking her

without protection blew my mind and kept my dick hard. That these

men were using my daughter to put on bestial sexual exhibitions

was mind boggling. Their wives were watching. Their kids were

watching. Their friends were being entertained, and they were

making porn with Annie's full knowledge and consent. Unreal.

The more I thought about that, the more I had to admire the guy

whoever he was. Sure, he had my wife and daughter performing like

trained seals, but he obviously won them over to decadence. He

didn't force this on them. Annie would never respond to force or

threats. She would have to be won, but after winning her, she

would win Jenny, and obviously did. While watching the little

mutt slut work out on my dick, I felt like congratulating him and

Annie. Thoughts of getting in the middle of this and playing the

spoiler gradually dissolved as my dick got harder.

Jenny noticed the stiffer ride and said, "Are you thinking about

the man who is fucking your wife right now, fucking her without a



She grinned and said, "I could tell. Your dick is harder. That

must be nice fucking a pussy like hers with no rubber. You must

envy him."

"I do."

She liked that and twisted the knife by saying, "Then you must

envy Allen. He never has to wear a rubber, and he is always

fucking her. He'd rather fuck her than me, or he'll fuck me but

cum in her. She loves having her son cum in her pussy. That pussy

is his place to cum whenever he feels like it. Do you envy him?"

"Yes. That must be nice."

"Better than cumming in my panties. That was what he used to cum

in, and not the dirty ones - the clean ones. He'd cream the

crotch good and put them back in my drawer."

"What a stinker."

"Yes, but I started wearing them way before any of this got


"Was he aware?"

"He figured it out when I stopped complaining to Mom. Complaining

to her did no good anyway. She thought it was kinda cute and

suggested I wear them. I think she was teasing me, but a few days

later, I put a freshly creamed pair on and told her. Do you know

what she did that got me to keep on doing that?"

"Do tell."

"She got all turned on and reached under my skirt to feel. The

crotch was all gooey. She ended up stuffing my crack with the

gooey crotch of my panties and getting a good feel of my pussy

while she did it. She fingered me good and rubbed my clit. She

made me cum, then she stuffed my crack for me. By then, I wanted

my crack stuffed. After that, I looked for creamy panties, then

went looking for her. It got better and better until, one day,

she got my cunt all good and gooey, pulled my panties off, and

ate me, ate me like a starved lesbian. She sure loves freshcum."

"Yes, she sure does, but she also has a fondness for pussy."

"Tell me about it. She loves pussy. She loves mine, anyway."

"Do you return the favor?"

"All the time, and to any pussy that gets put in my face. There

aren't many around here I haven't Georgepled. I usually eat pussy

while getting fucked by a mutt. The women around here love doing

that to a girl who is getting screwed by a dog. Those two acts go

good together, and the guys love it, especially when Mom strips

down and fucks my face. That gets things going good and gets the

women and girls wanting to try that. Nothing loosens up these

cunts like a good face slash mutt-fuck with a bunch of guys

standing around jacking off."

"I can imagine. I see why you and your mother are so popular."

"You haven't seen anything yet, but you will. You passed the

test. Mom was very pleased. We don't have to hide anything from

you after this. You'll see it all, and you'll soon see your son

fuck your wife without a rubber on. They are dying to show you,

and I'm dying to see the look on your face when Allen cums in her

pussy. I want to see the envy, then I want to see you put on a

rubber for sloppy seconds. Will you do that? Mom thinks you will,

and she says you'll put your rubber on without being told. Will

you? Will you do that?"

I had one very turned-on slut bouncing on my dick, and had a very

turned-on dick. I didn't answer. I came with her. That was my

answer. At least, she took that to be a yes. That made her happy.

She laid over me, spent with a spent Daddy dick still in her

pussy, my first rubberless fuck in ages.

We laid there for the longest time, each deep in our own

thoughts, but Jenny ended the silent ponder by getting up on her

elbows to look me in the face and say, "So, what do you think of


"I like it."

"How long have you wanted to fuck me, or have you?"

"I have. I don't know how long, but when you entered puberty, I

began thinking about incest."

"Mom thought so, too. She wanted to know if you ever tried

anything - you know, tried to cop a feel or steal a peek, or ever

hinted that you wanted to screw me."

"What did you tell her?"

"The truth. You copped some feels and took some peeks, nothing

serious. Your dick always got hard when I sat in your lap. I

assumed that meant you wanted to fuck me. I took that as a

compliment. You made me feel sexy. I tried to be sexy for you.

Did you notice me trying?"

"I thought you were being sexy without trying. Until just

recently, I thought you were a-sexual. I would have sworn you

never masturbated."

She laughed hard, then said, "That's a good one. I have been

masturbating since the age of five and been caught in the act

about a dozen times by Allen and his snoopy friends. Mom caught

me, too, but she taught me how and told me that masturbation was

nothing to be ashamed of, perfectly natural. She didn't catch me;

she watched me. I don't count those. I liked having her watch.

That was pretty neat, because she'd masturbate too, and we got

off on watching each other."

"No wonder you laughed. I wonder why she never mentioned this to


"Beats me, but she mentioned it to other men, brought them over,

and had me demonstrate female masturbation, totally nude, with


"You're shitting me!"

"No, I'm not - seven different men have seen my act over the

years. Most saw it repeatedly, and that isn't counting recently.

There have been dozens, recently. I put on masturbation shows all

the time, now. Back then, that was a very big deal, especially

after puberty when I had something to show and something to hide.

You know how bashful I used to be."

"Yes, I do. I can't imagine her doing that to you."

"Well, she did, and she made me put on a good show, too, starting

with a sexy strip tease. After getting naked, I had to spend at

least ten minutes doing poses that featured my pussy every way

there was to show it. That was killer, harder than playing with

it or fucking it with stuff. Can you imagine me showing a

stranger my wide beaver while opening up the lips for him,

letting him gawk at my fuck hole with Mom jacking him off and

giving me directions?"

"You did that?"

"I did that and a lot more. I did some jacking off, some sucking,

and guided dicks into her pussy. That was how I first saw

fucking, as a cheater's assistant. I was nine at the time. The

guy had a really big cock, I mean a giant cock. He was like a

horse, a black stallion, but Mom took every inch. I was amazed. I

had no idea a pussy could take something that big. I was

absolutely amazed. He came like a horse, too, all over me, and

mostly in my face. Toward the end, she had me lie over her facing

him with my legs apart, my pussy right over her pussy, with her

holding my lips open to inspire him."

"Did that inspire him?"

"I'll say. When he came, he yanked his cock out of her and tried

to shove it up me. He pressed the head tight to my hole and fired

off three powerful jets that flooded my insides, then he aims for

my face and drenched me. The last of it was with his dick pressed

to my mouth, and Mom urging me to open wide. I did and the head

popped in. I got my first taste of semen and swallowed it. I had

to, but Mom told me to, and wanted me to keep on sucking long

after he stopped squirting. I held that spongy black cock in my

mouth for the longest time because they thought that was a sexy

sight. I suppose it was."

"Did you enjoy that?"

"I liked his dick, but I was too freaked to say I enjoyed that

experience. He tried to fuck me, and Mom tried to help. That was

pretty scary, and he was a regular for years, her most regular

regular, and they kept on trying to get me impaled. If you added

up all the minutes I held that cock in my mouth over the years, I

think I had him in my mouth for a day and a half. I'm serious.

The masturbation shows never got any easier, either. After

puberty, I dreaded a show. Most came after puberty when I was

thirteen and fourteen. I refused the last two which was about six

months ago."

"So, what loosened you up?"

"I walked in on Mom giving a masturbation demonstration to Allen

and all of his buddies. They were all naked, seven boys all

standing in a circle, jacking off with Mom lying on her back on

the floor with her legs apart, serving as a target, offering up

her wide open cunt as a target. I came over and could not believe

my eyes. There she was, naked as the day she was born and pulling

her cunt lips open for those brats. I had seen her do a lot of

perverted shit, but not with boys."

"Damn, that had to be a shock."

"It was. She sees me and tells me to get naked and join her. I

wasn't about to do that, but I sure didn't mind watching her and

all those hard dicks I had been wondering about. I always have

been a dick nut and crotch watcher."

"I never suspected."

"Well, I was. Dicks are neat - large, small, black, white - but

dicks that can squirt cum were the neatest. I liked watching. The

guys let me in their circle just in time to see the first one

squirt. After that, the cum came from everywhere, but Allen knelt

at her beaver and shoved his cock in. That's where he came and

did some fucking, and she welcomed it. After that, those guys

were always fucking her. That loosened me up, but not for a


"Looked pretty good, didn't it?"

"Yes, but I didn't want to be a fuck rag for those brats. One

day, she came over with a man who wanted to watch a sexy young

girl masturbate, and he was a repeat customer, that black guy I

told you about. He was also the guy I turned down twice about six

months ago, mostly because I knew he could now get it in. That

now sounded pretty good, so I did my thing and got screwed. She

did her thing and ate it. That loosened me up good. I still

wouldn't play with the boys, but if she brought me a man, I was

all for that. I willingly offered up pussy for fucking and

cumming in."

"How long after you walked in on her and the boys did this


"Not long, maybe a week later - not even that, maybe four or five

days later. By then, I saw her get fucked a hundred times by

those guys, and not just those guys. Quite a few men stopped by

to fuck her. George was a regular."

"Did George ever fuck you?"

"He's the one that got me pregnant. I was ovulating. First

usually wins."

"That lying fucker."

"Did he say he never fucked me?"

"He didn't say he did."

" you think he would? Would you tell your best friend

that you fucked his daughter and tried to knock her up?"

"He tried to knock you up!"

"He knew I was ovulating and came in my pussy anyway. He sure

didn't try not to. In fact, when I told him I was ovulating, that

made him cum. He crammed me full of cock and filled me full of

sperm. I was surprised, but Mom laughed her ass off. I guess

while a man is fucking is not the time to discuss issues of

fertility. Hell, I didn't know. I was fucking George...Uncle Georgemy.

I thought informing him was all that was necessary."

"That bastard! So, how much pussy is Uncle Georgemy getting off


"As much as he wants, and he always wants some. He's here more

than you are, Georgemy and Sylvester."

"Jenny, don't tell me that damn mutt of his has been getting bred

in my house."

"All right, I won't tell you, but Sylvester was my first dog. Mom

wanted to see what he'd do if I got down on my hands and knees.

We found out. He'll screw a girl silly."


"Daddy, of all the dogs I have been screwed by, and there must be

thirty by now, Sylvester is by far the best with the best dick.

You can't go by looks, not with dogs. You have to get down and

see what happens. Sylvester got me off to a great start. I

wouldn't be near as big a hit around here if I wasn't willing to

screw with any dog and let people see that, take pictures, work

parties, and put on command performances. Lots of people like to

watch your wife breed your sexy daughter to a pack of horny

mutts. Lots, and the number keeps growing."

I had to remind myself that Annie's mystery lover was doing an

excellent job with my gals, and a husband and father like me

should be supportive of a guy like that. With that in mind, I

laid a palm on her cheek, smiled warmly, and said, "You're being

a good bitch, aren't you, Jenny?"

She smiled and said, "I'm being a great bitch - the best. Mom is

very happy with me."

"I'm sure she is. I'm sure her lover must be very pleased with


"I should think so. She's having his baby and fucking all your

friends, plus she turned your daughter into a mutt-fucking slut

and exhibitionist, and got your best friend to knock her up, and

has her giving your son all the pussy he wants. I'd say he's very

pleased with her, but I wouldn't call him much of a friend to



"I didn't say that."

I rolled her off and got out of bed to pace. She said, "Daddy, I

didn't say it was George."

"You don't have to. George told me. I just wasn't listening."

"But I never told you, right?"

"You just did, but no, you never told me." I stopped pacing to

look down on her, and said, "Jenny, tell me the truth. How long

has George been fucking your mother?"

"I don't know. Forever seems like. Why?"

"I'm just trying to fit loose pieces together and figure out why


"What are you going to do about it? I know Mom likes him a lot,

and I know she likes how perverted he is, and the fact that he's

your best friend. She won't give him up, if that's what you're


"Do you think they're in-love?"

"'s not like that. She loves you, but she wants him...not

so much him as all the hims she gets because of him. He brings

out the slut in her, Dad, me too. He's good at that, and we like

things this way."

"Where is he headed with all this? What is he after?"

"You won't like it."

"Tell me."

"Well, he wants your wife for himself and your daughter for his

dog, and he wants you out working to support us all."

"Oh, he does, does he?"

"Yes, and Mom likes that idea. She'll be sharing a bed with George

and Allen. I'll sleep with Sylvester, and you'll have Allen's


"And what do you think of that plan?"

"Dad, I'm a bitch. Need you ask? Look on the bright side. You'll

be right across the hall, and I don't require rubbers...from a

husband, yes, but not from a Daddy. Of course, you'll be getting

sloppy seconds after a dog, but how bad can that be? It's

slippery. Slippery is good, right?"

She made me smile. I came over, sat at the edge, and she joined

me. We both took a deep breath and let out long sighs, which

cracked us up. Great potty minds think alike. I hugged her to me

and we looked into each other's eyes. I saw the old Jenny -

sweet, innocent, basically shy, modest. I think she saw her old

Dad - regular, simple guy, hard working, don't ask much. Annie

and George were fucking things up.

Jenny spoke first, saying, "Mom wants this too much to stop her.

She already went too far to back out. I stopped fighting her

years ago. She always gets her way. I always end up giving her

all she wants."

"So do I, but maybe we spoiled her. Maybe it's time I stood up

and told her no. If I don't, she'll totally ruin you, Jenny.

You'll end up a sexual freak, here to amuse her and her lovers.

She'll keep you barefoot and pregnant just because you look cute

that way."

"I'm sure she will. She told me to get used to going barefoot. Do

you think that was a hint?"

"I'm sure it was. Do you think she's kidding?"

"No, not at all. She got a big charge out of breeding me to


"We can move away and start fresh. It doesn't have to be this


"I know, but she'd never be happy if we start telling her no. We

spoiled her, Dad. We both did. We created this monster."

"So, we live with it?"

"Yes. Don't feel sorry for me. I'm a big girl, now."

Patting her belly, I said, "And getting bigger."

She settled back on stiff arms to put that area and her pussy on

display, saying, "Yup, should start showing soon, then I'll be

getting cuter every day until a little Georgemy pops out. After

that, there is no turning back, no running, no hiding, and little

prospect of ever finding a husband to take advantage of. Nope,

Uncle Georgemy screwed me good. He screwed Mom just as good. She has

her own little Georgemy in the oven with a two-month head start.

Hey, they'll be close enough that we might be able to pass them

off as twins."

"Little Georgemy. I can't get over that George. You think you know a

guy. I have the perfect name for a guy like him."

"Daddy, don't say it."

"No, the word has purpose, and a definition that fits him."

"Daddy, no..."

"George, your Uncle Georgemy, is a..."


"...NIGGER! A big black nigger with a dick like a damn horse, and

a lot of damn nerve putting that nasty thing in my child's mouth

after he had it in my wife's pussy. There, I said it."

"I hope you feel better, and I hope Mom never finds out you used

the "N" word."

"I'm not worried about her. I'm sweating the nigger. Look what

he's doing to me when he isn't pissed."

"Good point. Cool it with the "N" word. You couldn't take that

dick up your ass on a regular basis and still work two jobs."

"I'll need two. That pervert eats like a horse."

"Don't forget Sylvester. He's no Poodle. If he doesn't get enough

red meat, his cum tastes yucky."

I gave her a look that said, "Tastes?" She only nodded like a

slut who wasn't too proud to suck off a nigger's mutt. Poor kid.

She used to be such a sweet child. I placed my arm around her,

pulled her close, and said, "Sylvester will get all the red meat

he wants. Only the best for my baby."

She smiled, then laid her head on my shoulder. Yep, only the best

for my little mutt sucking slut. Damn that George!

                             The End

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