SexStory2 » Mandy\'s Big Sister


Mandy’s Big Sister

© 2k6 by Arnold Puttwyn

NOTE: This is a work of fiction, developed entirely in my own mind.  Any similarities between any persons living or dead are strictly co-incidental, and my good luck.   Especially if you think it’s yourself.



          Amanda Jenkins successfully graduated from high school, but she didn’t get along well with her mother Alice.  Their fractured relationship fell apart completely within two weeks of the commencement. So Alice made an agreement with Mandy’s older sister Anna Jenkins to take Mandy in and help her get started in life.  Mandy had to agree to do everything Anna wanted done.  She believed Anna was very busy, and needed help taking care of her domestic chores.  Mandy had no idea that Anna had much different plans.



     Mandy walked behind Anna carefully placing each foot precisely, she loved the feathery touch of the end of her brunette French-braid as it swayed and sensuously caressed the tanned skin of her naked bottom.  Anna had the loop of Mandy’s leash around her left wrist; the other end was snapped to the new bright stainless steel collar snuggly circling Mandy’s graceful neck.  Mandy was tall, five feet, nine inches and with her black leather platform heels she stood 6’2”.  She had small A cup sized breasts with short firm nipples that stood straight out from small perfectly round areolas, like hard brown buttons on her chest.  Mandy’s trim waist flowed smoothly to her slender hips, and her gracefully arched back and lean bottom unashamedly displayed her hairless pussy lips and brown anus from behind.


     Nearly two years ago Mandy had to move in with Anna, her older sister.  She graduated from high school and after her 18th birthday party and had a terrible argument with their mother about her lack of ‘proper respect and self-discipline’.  Anna agreed to take Mandy in and be responsible for her.  At 28 Anna, ten years older than Mandy, was very successful in the publishing business.  She recently purchased a luxury home when the 18-year-old Mandy moved in to help with the housekeeping chores.

     At 5PM of the first Monday, Mandy was a little apprehensive as Anna came in, but Anna didn’t mention that Mandy hadn’t done any of the housework she agreed to do for her contribution.  Anna left a menu and two recipes that she wanted Mandy to make for dinner, Mandy didn’t find time to make dinner either.

     “Mandy, didn’t you have time to do any of the things I left for you to take care of today?” she asked casually, as they sat in the front room after dinner.

     “No, I’m sooo sorry Anna,” Mandy replied, she looked up from the beige couch.  “I’m just havin’ a little trouble getting adjusted.  Everything is so different here.”  Mandy looked seriously at Anna.  “I’ll be sure to take care of all of it tomorrow, though.”

     “MmmYes,” Anna said pleasantly.  “We’ll see tomorrow,” she said under her breath.


     Each evening when Anna came in from work she found that Mandy just wasn’t trying to fulfill their agreement.  She reminded her young sister of their agreement, and that Mandy promised follow her directions and instructions.  She even made Mandy concur that she had to do whatever Anna ordered.

     Anna came home early Friday afternoon to find that Mandy was still ‘having trouble’ getting things done.  She hadn’t even unpacked her clothes yet.   

     “Mandy, I’m having company for dinner tonight, so I’ll have to help you get everything cleaned up.

     “Ok Anna, Thanks.”

     “Come over here and stand in front of me.”  She demanded and Mandy responded immediately.  “Are you wearing the same cut-offs and t-shirt that you wore Wednesday, and Thursday?”  She plucked a tiny stain on the pink front of the short, cropped sleeveless top. 

     “Y-yes,” Mandy bowed her head.  Anna gently lifted Mandy’s chin to look into her brown eyes.

     “Take them off.”

     “Right here?” Mandy looked around the living room.  She was standing in the middle of the thick dark blue carpet.  Anna stared into Mandy’s eyes, without saying a word.  Mandy slowly unsnapped the waistband and let the faded blue denim shorts drop to the floor, and stepped out.  She lifted the pink top off over her head and dropped it to the floor on the cut-offs.

     “Those are pretty underpants,” Anna said looking at Mandy’s pale yellow flowered panties.  “Turn around, let me see the back,” she made a twirling motion with her right hand.  Mandy dutifully turned around so Anna could see the back of her tiny bikini panties.

     “You know you have such a pretty butt, Mandy.” She spoke sweetly, but her tone changed quickly.  “Take the panties off, too.”

     “But..I put them on clean this morning,” Mandy started to turn.

     “I didn’t say turn around,” Anna put her hands on Mandy’s shoulders to stop her from turning. 

     “Now Get Them Off.” She stepped back to watch as Mandy slipped her panties down over her long sleek legs. 

     When she was naked she turned to face Anna, but under Anna’s stern gaze she felt so very exposed.  Mandy crossed her arms over her small breasts and held her knees together to try to hide her pussy too.

     “Put your arms down, and stand normally, Mandy.”  Anna ordered.

Mandy took a deep breath and dropped her arms, but she just couldn’t relax her legs. “Come on, stand right,” Anna chided a bit.  Mandy relaxed a little more. 

     “That’s better,” Anna complimented brightly.  “When we get the housework done I want you to get in the bathroom and take a long hot shower.”

     Two hours later Anna left to take a shower while Mandy finished vacuuming the living room carpet.  When Anna returned, she was wearing skin tight, black Lycra shorts and a sleeveless white knit top that skimmed her hips.  She released the still naked Mandy to go take her shower. 

     “I’ll take care of the rest,” she told Mandy.  “You just go get all washed up nice, and shave your legs and underarms.”

     “Thank You.”

     “And shave your pussy too,” she added as Mandy turned to go.  Mandy stopped and started to turn back, but thought better of it and went on.  She knew she would do as Anna ordered, just like she worked cleaning the house all afternoon naked. 


     Mandy spent nearly an hour in the bathroom to comply with Anna’s orders.  She washed and shampooed and dried, with all the attention she gave herself felt so much better.  She shaved her legs carefully, without a single nick.  Mandy wiped the steamy mirror so she could see to shave her underarms too.

     She paused before shaving her pussy, hoping that maybe she could convince Anna that shaving there wasn’t really necessary.  Mandy felt so good after her hot shower she believed she might be able to convince Anna to relent. 

     Mandy slowly opened the bathroom door; she tried to close it quickly when she heard an unfamiliar voice from the living room.  Anna was walking past the bathroom door just as Mandy eased it open slightly; she grabbed the doorknob and pulled it open.

     “You’re not done yet,” she said critically when she saw the dark brown hair on Mandy’s still unshaved pussy.  “Go back in there and finish.  Right Now!”  Mandy quickly pulled the door shut without a word.  She sat on the closed toilet seat, with her long legs drawn up and her knees under her chin.

     “I’ll help you get it done Mandy,” Anna opened the door and walked into the large bathroom, just 5 minutes later.

     “I can do it,” Mandy protested weakly.

     “I want it done today though,” Anna countered.  “I want you all done so you can serve dinner.”  Anna handed Mandy a pair of barber scissors that she took from the drawer under the pale pink marble vanity top.  Mandy sat on the lifted toilet seat and began snipping hair from her pussy and let the clumps drop into the toilet.

     “I think that’s enough,” Anna said after Mandy clipped most of her pussy hair short.  “Here Mandy, lie on these towels on the floor.”  Anna laid several thick bath towels in the middle of the floor for Mandy to lie back on.

     “You know, if you did this yourself you wouldn’t have to let me do it,” Anna said critically, as she knelt beside Mandy’s hip. 

     “Have you ever considered electro?  It would be permanent, and your legs and underarms wouldn’t get any sort of razor burn, not to mention this delicate skin here.”  Anna worked quickly as she spoke.  She gently lathered Mandy’s pussy with warm shave crème.

     “Oh Anna, that feels sooo nice,” Mandy said languorously.  Anna smiled and began to carefully shave her.

     “Bend your knees and pull them up to your chest, so I can get around your butt-hole too,” Anna instructed as she pulled her hands back to give Mandy room to move her legs.  “You’ve got a lot of hair around there,” Anna observed as she spread more shaving cream. 

     “You’re about a hairy little thing, Mandy, I’ll call my salon, and see when we can get you “de-haired”, she said as she finished. 

     “Now come with me, and meet Colleen,” Anna said cheerfully.  “We’ve been friends for years,” she turned to go.  “I expect you to do everything you’re instructed, just like we agreed,” Anna said seriously.  “Keep your hands down, too,” she added ominously.

     “She’s so nice, you’ll just love her,” she sounded sweet and took Mandy by her left wrist and led her out. 

     “Anna, I’m naked,” Mandy tried weakly to pull away as she protested.  Anna didn’t let Mandy get away; she just tightened her grasp and pulled a little harder. 

     Mandy sighed heavily and resigned to followed Anna.  She was in familiar surroundings and had walked naked through the house before.  After all it couldn’t be that bad, it was another woman she would meet.  Anna’s attentions and almost insensitive plan to introduce her naked was having an unexpected result; she was slightly aroused at having to expose herself.  

     “Mandy, this is Colleen Griggs,” Anna led her in, to stand directly in front of the beige couch where her guest sat.  “You can call her Miss Colleen.”

     The woman sat precisely in the center of the middle cushion and smiled grimly as she looked at Mandy.  She appeared to be about 40 years old, with very short, dark blonde hair.  She wore a navy blue suit with a light blue silk blouse underneath.  It looked much like any dress suit, but was made of smooth leather.  Mandy shifted slightly under Colleen’s stern gaze.

     “Stand still, girl,” she ordered.  “Turn around so I can see your behind,” she said bluntly.  Mandy turned her back, she was afraid not to do what Colleen ordered.  Anna was standing right in front after she turned, she smiled cheerfully at Mandy.

     “Posture, girl,” Colleen barked.  Mandy responded quickly, she lifted her chin, and arched her back.  “Very nice Anna.  She’s so tall, but she does have some tan lines to get covered.”  Mandy shifted again, she wasn’t sure she really liked Colleen’s examination.

     “Kneel right here beside me girl,” she waited for Mandy to turn around, and pointed to the floor at the right of her feet, in front of the couch.  While Mandy was getting knelt where instructed, Colleen opened a large black leather covered case sitting on the couch on her right. 

     She took several items out and laid them on the cushion behind the box, out of Mandy’s sight. 

     “Hold your hair up, dear,” she said kindly to Mandy.  Mandy lifted her long dark locks and uncovered the back of her neck.  Colleen leaned to look carefully at Mandy’s neck and selected a matte surfaced stainless steel collar from the items she laid out earlier.  She expertly fitted the 1-inch band around Mandy’s neck, and locked it in place with a loud click that Mandy felt. 

     “Relax, it’s all right,” she said as Mandy inhaled sharply, she started to reach to the collar.  “Don’t touch that collar girl,” Colleen roughly pushed her hands away.

     “Now turn around here and kneel in front of me,” she said as she picked up a large black comb.  “I’ll fix your hair for you.”  Mandy moved around in front of Colleen and snuggled back tightly against her stocking clad knees. 

     “There, all done,” it took Colleen only a 20 minutes to French-braid Mandy’s thick waist length hair.  She finished the braid with a navy blue ribbon, it matched her leather suit and then she gently caressed Mandy’s smooth shoulder.  “We’re going to get a pair of shoes for you and then we’ll get in the other room for make-up.” She looked toward Anna, “How’s dinner coming?  Do I have time to get her done?”

     “There’s plenty of time,” Anna answered from the kitchen and assured her.  “Go ahead and do what you need.”

     Colleen selected a pair of navy blue leather platform soled shoes from the case.  The shoes had 2-inch platform soles and very tall 7-inch heels, and wide ankle straps.  She secured the straps around Mandy’s ankles with stainless steel locking latches; Mandy couldn’t remove the shoes or the collar without a key.  Colleen stood and pulled Mandy to her feet.  While Colleen was tall and wearing navy blue high-heeled boots, Mandy was still much taller.

     “Come on dear, let’s go and get some make-up for you,” she said while she steadied Mandy in the tall and unfamiliar shoes as they walked toward Anna’s room. 

     “Just sit right here,” she said as she pulled out the chair at Anna’s make-up table for Mandy to sit on.  Colleen was very adept at applying make-up and she was finished in just 15 minutes. 

     “What do you think?” she asked while Mandy looked in amazement.

     “Wow!  You’ve made me look beautiful Colleen,,,er Miss Colleen.”

     “No you were already beautiful, but thank you.” she corrected.

     “Not this nice, wow,” Mandy admired the smoky brown eye shadow Colleen and applied for her.  She forgot all about her own exposure. 

     “Let’s show Anna, come on,” Colleen took Mandy by the hand and led her out to the living room.


     Anna and Colleen had dinner served by Mandy, she didn’t do real well but she tried.  She had no experience, neither serving nor even helping anyone serve.  She was the youngest by quite a bit of the five children, and basically grew up alone.  She was never required to take care of anyone else at all. 

     She made it through without spilling anything, she was afraid that she might spill something on Colleen or Anna, but she spilt nothing at all.  She was quite proud of herself.  She hoped that was enough and Anna might allow her to wear some clothing. 

     Mandy slipped back to her room to see about something to wear, but Anna had locked the door.  She was surprised; she didn’t even know the door would lock.

     Mandy served coffee to Colleen and Anna in the living room and cleared the table.  She just finished putting the dishes in the washer and walked in with Anna when the doorbell rang.

     “That should be Aurora,” Anna said absently.  “Would you let her in, Mandy?”

     “I, I’m not wearing anything Anna.”

     “I know,” Anna looked at her blankly.  “What does this mean to me, Mandy?”

     “Do you want me to go to the door naked?”

     Anna didn’t answer; she just nodded slowly as the doorbell rang again.  Mandy sighed and walked slowly to the door, hoping Anna would call her back.  Anna returned to her conversation with Colleen while Mandy went to the door. 

     The excitement rose in Mandy with each step, she’d never felt quite this way before, but opening the door to the outside was hard.  She opened the door and did her best to keep back and to stay out of sight. 

     “Hi, you must be Mandy,” the albino girl said as she strode in through the door.  “I’m Aurora,” she held out her right hand as she removed her dark glasses.  She smiled brightly as Mandy shook hands while she tried to cover her breasts with her left hand and arm.  If Aurora noticed Mandy’s unease, she didn’t react at all.

  Aurora wore a short red wrap dress held closed by a tied sash.  The skirt ended mid-thigh well above her naked knees. She also wore a stainless steel collar like Mandy’s, but beautifully polished to a mirror finish.

     Aurora’s high-heeled platform shoes were bright red leather, locked in place just like Mandy’s.  She casually untied the sash and slipped the red dress off her shoulders, and she hung it on the coat rack behind the door with practiced familiarity.

     When Aurora turned to face Mandy, her large breasts swayed as she stopped.  When Mandy looked Aurora over and forgot about her own nudity. 

     Aurora was beautiful and her white hair was colorless not really blonde.  She had no color in her eyes, they looked pink to Mandy.  Aurora was not tall; she was 5’2” and only 5’7” with the platforms and heels.  She had full C-cup sized breasts.  Her skin was pale pink and her thick nipples were nearly the same hue.  Her lush body was hairless, so her thick inner pussy lips and full outer lips were very prominently displayed.

     Mandy smiled and followed as Aurora led the way into the living room.  Aurora knelt in front of Colleen with her knees splayed wide apart, she reached over and patted Mandy on her right instep, as she stood beside Aurora’s kneeling form.  When Mandy looked to see what Aurora wanted she motioned for Mandy to kneel beside her, but facing Anna, Mandy followed her lead and knelt where she pointed.

     Aurora.  I know you’re glad to meet Mandy, “ Colleen said.  “So give her a nice kiss.”  She gestured toward Mandy with her right hand.  Aurora turned and gently put her arms around Mandy’s shoulders.  She pressed her lips onto Mandy’s lips and kissed her so very sweetly.

     “Kiss her some more,” Colleen said when she started to pull back from Mandy.  “You don’t mind, do you Mandy?”

     “MMmm, no Miss Colleen,” she said when she had a chance.  “Actually I sort of, um, well, I kinda like it.” 

     Mandy wrapped her arms around Aurora and turned a little so their breasts were pressed together.  Aurora slid her hands down Mandy’s back to fondle her sleek butt. 

     “Oooh,” Mandy gasped as Aurora’s index finger slid into her now wet pussy.  When Aurora’s finger was well lubricated, she removed it from Mandy’s pussy and moved to her tight brown anus and pressed it inside.

     Aurora, that’s enough for now,” Colleen said condescendingly.

     “Nnooo,” Mandy moaned as Aurora’s finger slid from her anus.

     “Now, now Mandy don’t cry about it,” Colleen chided.  “I’ll bring Aurora back to play another time.  We have to get going, I’ve got to see someone in a little bit, about a dog.”


     Colleen and Aurora soon left to go home, leaving Anna and Mandy to spend the rest of the evening together.  Mandy asked Anna for clothing, but was refused.

     “Anna, I can’t just go around naked all the time,” she complained.

     “Yes you can,” Anna said flatly.  “If fact you’ll be naked and wear that collar until I say otherwise.”

     Anna attached a leash to the ring on the front of the collar and she spent most of the rest of the evening teaching Mandy to walk while leashed and wearing the platforms.

     After the last hour of practice Anna sat on the couch, she placed a towel on the cushion beside her for Mandy to sit on her left, which Mandy did gladly.  Anna gently stroked the side of Mandy’s head and cheek.

     “Here, lie across my lap,” she said as she patted her own thighs.  “Lay right across here, Mandy.”

     “Ok,” Mandy said cautiously as she started to climb over Anna’s legs.  “Like this?”

     “A little further along,” Anna directed.  “So that your head is farther over there,” she pointed to her right.  Mandy stretched out across Anna’s lap, so that her butt was in the middle and right under Anna’s hands.  Anna rested her hands on Mandy’s naked bottom and began to gently fondle each firm cheek.  Soon Mandy was breathing heavier and starting to moan softly. 

     Anna’s strong fingers soon found Mandy’s wet pussy and before long she was exploring deep between Mandy’s delicate sensitive labia.  Anna started to try to push two fingers into Mandy’s vagina, but the opening was very small and too tight for her fingers.  She pulled her hand back and inserted just her index finger.

     Mandy gasped and moaned as she became even more aroused.  She felt an orgasm close and often imminent, but Anna’s expert manipulations kept her just on the edge and not quite reaching the release she desperately sought.  Mandy’s smooth skin was soon slick with perspiration.  

     “Ok.  That’s enough, get up,” Anna said as she pulled her hands back.  “It’s time for me to go to bed,” she said with finality.  “I got up early this morning.”

     “Please! No, Anna! Not right now,” Mandy begged.  “Don’t make me get off yet.”

     “Why?” she asked innocently.

     “Pleezzee, Anna,” Mandy moaned.  “I’m so hot, I’ll do anything, jus’ don’t stop.”

     “If I agree to finish,” Anna rested her hands on Mandy’s upturned bottom.  “Will you do everything I ask?  Will you be my girl?”

     “Yes!  Yes I’ll do anything you want,” Mandy cried. 

     “Well-ll,,.  Ok,” Anna began to re-insert her index finger into Mandy. “Are you a virgin?” Anna’s voice sounded surprised.

     “Well, um, yes,” Mandy stuttered nervously.  “Is that ok?  Oh god, Please don’t stop.”

     “Yes, of course,” Anna chuckled slightly.  “I was just surprised.”  Anna changed the subject.  “As long as you’re good, I do this for your reward.”  Anna was serious.  “You’ll have to stay a virgin, I won’t have you out screwing.  Ok?”  Mandy didn’t answer she moaned and began to thrash around, but just a little so Anna wouldn’t want to stop. 

     As Mandy became more aroused and her orgasm closer Anna pressed her left thumb into Mandy’s tiny anus.  With Anna’s index finger in her pussy and thumb in her anus Mandy soon reached an orgasm.  She cried out, and then relaxed completely.  She was draped loosely over Anna’s lap while Anna removed her finger and thumb.

     “Ok time to get up, babe,” Anna ordered.  “I really do need to get ready for bed now.”  She pushed gently on Mandy’s hip.  Mandy rolled away and let herself drop to the floor while turning so she landed on her bottom and hands. 

     “Oh Anna, you made me feel so good,” she relaxed and lay back.  “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

     “No one has ever helped you like that before?”  Anna was incredulous.  “I grew up in the north woods too, but I at least had a few friends to play with.  Didn’t you have anybody?”  Mandy just sadly shook her head, with tiny motions.  Anna held up the key to unlock the ankle straps of Mandy’s shoes.  When they were unlocked Mandy scooted closer and lifted her chin for Anna to unlock the collar.

     “No, no sweetheart,” Anna said softly.  “You wear the collar all the time.”  Anna smiled and stood up to go into her room.

     “I’m going to go take a shower before bed,” she said as she stood, and started toward her bedroom suite.  “You can go take a shower in there, while I’m getting ready for bed,” she nodded toward the outer bathroom.  “Come on in when you’re done.”  She turned and walked to her room.

     When it was bedtime Anna had another surprise for Mandy, she made Mandy sleep on the floor beside her own bed, there was a small pad to lie on and Anna locked a short chain from a ring set into the floor to Mandy’s stainless steel collar.  The chain was too short for Mandy to stand so she could only kneel, or of course lie on her little pad.


     Although she didn’t like the restrictions, Mandy was constantly aroused.  When Anna forced her to remain naked Mandy’s latent exhibitionism surfaced.  Her nipples were constantly distended, and her pussy steadily lubricated.

     Anna’s salon sent two women three times a week to rid Mandy of the excess body and leg hair that Anna wanted removed.  Each performed electrolysis for an hour each time, working six hours a week, with that much electrolysis even Mandy’s excessive hair succumbed in three weeks.

     Mandy spent half an hour a day in Anna’s tanning bed, in two fifteen-minute sessions, one face up and the other face down.  Her brunette and brown-eyed complexion took a beautiful tan in just a few weeks.  When Mandy smiled her white teeth flashed in her darkly tanned face.  She unlocked Anna’s collar to get into the tanning bed and willingly replaced it after each session.

     There was only the two of them so Anna’s house was not hard to clean, but she didn’t require Mandy do any work at all.  So Anna hired “Bianca’s Maid Service” to come each Thursday to clean for the weekend.  Mandy was a bit apprehensive at first, but Bianca and her helper didn’t take notice of her and just cleaned the house and went to their next location.  Bianca Santos had taken her abilities and made a good living.  She was in numerous homes and carefully didn’t see things in many of them, so she didn’t see Mandy.  Actually Anna and Mandy were rather tame to her.  Bianca’s helper was her daughter Yasmin Garcia-Santos, Mandy didn’t notice, but Yasmin looked carefully at her each time they came in to clean.   She appreciated Mandy’s long sleek lines each time she had a chance.

     The collar had come to mean security to Mandy and gave her a sense of belonging that was lacking before.  She knew that Anna loved her and wanted her so she willingly complied with Anna’s orders, and knew that they were given to help her be her best.  She enjoyed the intense arousal and extreme feelings that Anna’s forced exhibitionism brought to her. 

     There were some rules that gave her concern though; she was often lubricating and very wet.  Anna did not allow her to sit on any of the beautiful beige brocade covered furniture in the formally decorated living room.  She was required to kneel or lounge on a small thick pile carpet pad.

     “Lots of people don’t let their pets on the furniture,”         Anna just smiled when she brought it up. 

     “Annaa, I’m not your pet,” Mandy whined.

     “I take care of you, and you have no responsibilities,” Anna said thoughtfully.  “I handle everything, for you.  All you have to do is look good and not stray, for now,” Anna gently plucked at Mandy’s collar.  “You are definitely my pet,” she smiled widely at Mandy.  “Come on, I’ll take you for a walk little pet,” she held up the snap end of her braided, black leather leash. 

     Mandy smiled even though she tried to suppress it, and stepped forward lifting her chin to give Anna access to the ring on the front of her collar.

     Anna’s home and property was secluded, but nearby there were several miles of trails for them to walk on where they were unlikely to meet anyone else, especially late. They walked together through many summer nights, chatting casually and having a good fun time, the sort that Mandy had missed growing up.


Chapter 2


      “Mandy, I have a surprise for you,” Anna said as she came home on a Thursday evening.  “Close your eyes,” she said as she snapped her leash to Mandy’s collar and led her to the large sliding glass patio door.  She opened the door and led Mandy out onto the tiled patio and swimming pool enclosure.  Mandy had heard Bianca and Yasmin working on the patio earlier, but she didn’t get outside to see what they were doing. 

     This morning before she left Anna had locked a long chain leash to Mandy’s collar.  The lead was long enough for Mandy to reach from the bedroom into the bathroom to use the toilet and washing facilities, but she could not get out of the bedroom. 

     Anna had given Mandy a light breakfast, but left no other food for the rest of the day.  She had been reducing the amount of food she gave to Mandy over the last few weeks, and today she left nothing for her to eat while she was out.  Mandy had lost some weight and her small waist was even leaner, the squares of her abs pushed out against her brown skin.

     “Ok.  You can open your eyes,” she gushed when they got out onto the patio and stopped.  When Mandy finally looked she was standing in front of a very large black wire kennel.  One of two sitting side-by-side under the over hanging roof.

     “Oh,” was all Mandy said, as she looked at the two kennels.  Anna pulled down on her leash and Mandy understood what was expected.  She slowly crouched and stepped into the kennel. 

     “Good girl Mandy,” Anna praised as she tossed the end of the leash in and closed the gate behind Mandy.  Anna had a small padlock that she used to secure the kennel door closed and turned to leave.

     “Anna?” Mandy called.  “How long will I have to stay in here?”

     “Just a little bit,” she said over her shoulder.  “I’ll get you out to eat.”  Anna went inside and closed the door, leaving Mandy alone in the kennel on the patio.

     “I hope so,” she thought to herself.  “I’m so hungry.”  Mandy scooted around in the kennel trying to get as comfortable as she could.  She sat on her hip with her long legs were curled to the side.

     “Are you ready to come out and eat your dinner?” Anna asked condescendingly.  She opened the gate but didn’t step out of the way until Mandy handed over the end of her leash.  They went inside to have their dinner meal, and for Mandy’s next ‘little’ surprise.

     The table was set nicely, for one.  Mandy’s food was in a large red plastic bowl on the floor.  It was dog kibble and some pieces of broccoli with tiny bits of meat.  Mandy stopped and looked at it, and then at Anna’s setting on the table and back.  She didn’t want to eat like that, but she was so hungry.

     “If you don’t want to eat, you don’t have to,” Anna warned ominously.  “It’s a long time ‘til morning.”  Just then Mandy’s flat stomach groaned, loudly. 

     “I guess that settles it,” Anna smiled.  “Go ahead.”  Mandy nodded with tiny motions of her head, and stepped toward her ‘dinner’ cautiously.  Her high-heeled shoes clicked loudly in the quiet room, she looked around as though she was surprised by the sound.

     Anna had even brought her a pad to kneel on, but there was no silverware.  Mandy knew this was because she was expected to just eat directly from the bowl, which she did.

     After she was finished Anna took her back to the kennel on the patio and closed her in again, but this time she removed the leash.  Before she closed the door she unlocked the ankle straps securing Mandy’s shoes on her feet.  Anna reached in and gently petted Mandy’s head. 

     “You’re doing real well Mandy,” she said as she stroked the side of Mandy’s head and softly fondled her shell-like ear.  “I’ll be back in a little bit, sweetheart.”


     The sun had gone down by the time Anna came back, and she had Colleen with her.  Colleen had Aurora on a leash, too.  Mandy expected Colleen to put Aurora in the other kennel, but she just had Aurora kneel beside her lounge-chair.

     Colleen absently petted Aurora’s head and neck, but soon she was gently stroking Aurora’s full right breast and lightly pinching her firm nipple.  Mandy was surprised, but seeing this was causing her to get aroused, and soon her pussy started to lubricate.  When her right hand slowly stole over her hard, tanned belly and her index finger slid between her moist labia, Anna made her stop.

     “Mandy, stop that,” Anna scolded.  Mandy quickly pulled her hand away, but she didn’t really want to stop.  In a few minutes she was moving her hand toward her pussy again.

     “MANDY,” Anna sighed.  “I told you to stop that.  I mean it, now quit playin’ with yourself.”  Anna bent over to look at Mandy in the face, “I’ll punish you if I catch you doin’ that again.”  Anna quickly put her finger to her lips and “Sshhushed” when Mandy started to apologize.

     “Don’t be too rough on her,” Colleen said.  “You’ve been takin’ away all her responsibilities.”

     “I suppose,” Anna admitted.  “But she has to do what I order, too.”  She stood and walked back to her chair.  “I’ve ordered her not to play with herself.”  Anna dropped into her chair, with finality.

     “So she’d better not,” Anna looked directly at Mandy’s face.  Mandy lifted both hands and slowly shook her head.

     Anna and Colleen went inside and Colleen took Aurora with her, leaving Mandy alone on the patio in her kennel.  She could hear them talking and assembling something in the family room, just inside the patio doors.  When they were done Anna came out to Mandy’s kennel and opened the door.

     When they got inside Mandy could see what they were assembling.  Aurora was secured in some sort of framework that kept her down on her hands and knees.  Her wrists were locked in place and her thighs were spread apart.  The framework had a wide padded cross brace under Aurora’s belly that held her in place as her knees were up and spread apart.  With her knees up and thighs apart, Aurora’s pussy and anus were splayed open.

     “Mandy,” Anna said as she gently squeezed Mandy’s right shoulder.  “You see how she’s in there?”  Mandy could only stare as she nodded.  “When she’s out, I want you to get in there just like that.”

     “Do I have to, Anna?” Mandy’s voice was a hoarse whisper, and she shuffled uncomfortably.

     “Yes, you do,” she answered, seriously.  Mandy swallowed and then nodded. 

     While they were talking Colleen released the bands around Aurora’s wrists and ankles.  When Aurora could put her legs down, Colleen pulled the padded middle brace out and assisted Aurora as she backed out of the framework.

     “It’s kinda fun,” Aurora said after she was clear and turned to Mandy with a smile.  “You get to be a dirty girl,” she put her small white hand on Mandy’s darkly tanned arm.  “Like you always wanted, but weren’t allowed.”

     “Come on, Mandy,” Anna stood by the open end of the framework.  “It’s your turn.”  Mandy looked toward Aurora, as she smiled and nodded.  Mandy turned and slowly approached the frame.  She was a bit apprehensive, but also a bit excited and starting to become stimulated.  The idea that she had to get into the frame and Anna could spread her thighs and leave her shamelessly spread and completely vulnerable, excited her.

     Mandy knelt in front of the frame and then slowly crawled into position.  She had to advance slowly so Anna could adjust the frame for her longer arms and legs.  Finally she was completely in place in the framework, and Anna slid the padded cross brace in place under her belly.  With a few turns of a wheel on the side Mandy felt her legs slowly lifting and spreading apart. 

     Mandy was surprised to find that she was not uncomfortable, the framework held her horizontally approximately 1 meter from the dark tile of the sitting room.  Her knees were spread apart and lifted about 6 inches from the floor, this position caused her pussy to spread open too. 

     She felt so vulnerable and exposed and deliciously aroused.  Mandy began to breath heavily and moan softly. 

     “Colleen, look at this,” Anna nodded toward Mandy’s pussy.  Colleen looked to see the lubrication dripping from the sensitive pink tissue.

     “She’s quite something Anna,” Colleen told her.  “This whole thing should work well.” 

     “She doesn’t know anything about it yet,” Anna said as she gently urged Colleen away from Mandy and the frame shaking her head.

     Mandy was in the frame for no more than 2 minutes after it was adjusted for her long and tall stature, Anna began releasing Mandy.  She helped Mandy out and back to her feet. 

     “Do you want my shoes back on?” Mandy asked looking around.

     “No not now, we’ll leave them off for the next few days, baby,” she answered softly.  “Let’s go back to your kennel now.”  Mandy made a sour face, but followed Anna out onto the patio.  She slumped along slowly, obviously not pleased with the restriction.  Mandy did as Anna ordered.  When she got out to the patio she saw that Anna had gotten a fitted pad for the kennel floor.


     During the next few weeks Anna put Mandy in the frame and left her there for a few minutes longer each time until she was spending ½ hour secured in place at a time.  She also left Mandy in the kennel longer at a time.  Mandy even had to spend an entire night.  Anna took Mandy outside in the morning after her night in the kennel.

     “Go ahead and pee on the ground Mandy,” she ordered.  Mandy looked toward the house, she wanted to go inside.

     “No, not anymore,” Anna shook her head.  “It’s out here from now on, Mandy.”  Mandy squatted and tried to urinate.  She shifted her feet and waited some more, soon she was rewarded with a fast yellow  stream.

     “That’s a good girl,” Anna patted her head as she squatted on the lawn.

     Anna had also stopped putting the high-heeled platform shoes on Mandy’s feet, leaving her barefooted.  Anna gave Mandy a heavy gold chain ankle bracelet, which locked around her left ankle with a tiny gold padlock.  The heavy links looked beautiful against Mandy’s dark tanned skin.  The next day after she locked the anklet in place she presented Mandy with a matching chain collar, which also locked.

     “Come on sweetheart,” she said after dinner, she put Mandy in her kennel.  “I’ll only be gone about half an hour,” with that she turned and left.  Mandy had become accustomed to spending time alone in her kennel.

     “Hi Mandy,” Aurora said brightly as she stepped closer.  She was wearing a very short red silk dress, and red platform shoes.  Aurora was leading the biggest Great Dane Mandy had ever seen.  The dog came nearly to her waist as they walked along.

     “Carter sit,” Aurora said to the huge brindle brown dog.  She opened the door to the other kennel and removed the leash from his wide black leather collar.

     “Go on in, Carter.”  The dog obediently stepped into the kennel and lay down while Aurora closed the gate.

     “I have to get going, but I’ll be back to see you in a while,” Aurora said quickly as she hurried across the patio and left through the outside door.

     “Wow, you’re a big boy, aren’t you?” Mandy said to the dog.  He sat up and leaned closer to smell the air.  Mandy could see his black nose and muzzle wrinkle while he sniffed. 

     “Wish I could do that,” Mandy muttered as the dog bent forward and licked his bright red penis.


     Mandy could hear Anna and Colleen in the house, but neither came out to the patio.  They were talking and laughing and seemed to be preparing something.  Mandy heard the doorbell, and Anna sent Aurora to answer it.  The bell sounded again in just a few minutes, and soon Anna had several guests.

     “Hi sweetheart,” Anna said as she opened Mandy’s kennel door.  “Come on with me,” she snapped her leash to the ring on the front of Mandy’s collar.  Mandy looked quickly at the dog lying in his kennel, he perked up a bit when Anna came out to get Mandy.  Anna led Mandy into the sitting room.

     “Oh Anna,” a short heavy woman sitting near the door spoke out as Anna led Mandy in.  “She’s beautiful.”

     “Do you want to sell her,” from a very slender Asian woman standing by the frame.  Anna just smiled and shook her head.

     “I could come up with a lot for her,” she offered again.

     “No, I’m keeping her,” Anna finally said.

     Mandy looked around, the frame was in the center of the room and had several chairs in a semi-circle around the open end.  Anna led Mandy to the frame and stopped.  Mandy knew what Anna wanted, without a word.  She knelt by the end and looked around as she waited for Anna to unsnap her leash.  When it was off Mandy turned and slowly eased herself into the framework. 

     When she was positioned properly, Anna latched her wrists in place.  Next she fastened Mandy’s legs in, and slid the padded crossbar through, under Mandy’s tight belly.  Anna adjusted the leg attachments until Mandy’s sleek legs were spread apart and her pussy was splayed open. 

     “No,” Mandy whispered as she realized the purpose.  Aurora was right there and gently stroked Mandy’s face.

     “Sshh,” Aurora whispered and gently kissed Mandy’s lips.  “It’ll be all right Mandy,” she rubbed her cheek against Mandy’s cheek. 

     “This is what all of this has been about,” Anna announced.  She stood in front of the little group of guests.  “I’ve been training Mandy in the frame.”  She went to her chair and sat down while Colleen brought the huge Great Dane in from the patio.

     Mandy could feel the dog’s breath as Colleen directed his head between her thighs.  She jumped when the dog’s big tongue slowly tasted her delicate flesh. 

     “Go ahead, Carter,” Colleen said. “Mount up.”

     Mandy tried to struggle, but the framework was well planned and constructed.  Her struggling and jerking around were futile.  The dog moved between Mandy’s thighs and stepped with his front feet onto built-in steps.  Aurora moved along the side and gently grasped the dogs red penis to help direct him into Mandy’s wet pussy.  Her help was unnecessary, as the dog’s penis was starting to enter Mandy.

     The dog’s penis was slender, but to Mandy’s tiny canal it felt huge.  It’s length was also excessive to her, she could feel the end as it rammed hard inside her.  The sensations quickly overwhelmed her and she started to gasp for air and she sobbed loudly. 

     “Oh my…Oh god,” Mandy cried out.  “Please stop.”  She was afraid and thrilled, and horrified at the intensity of her sensations.  She was surprised when the sensations escalated and became an orgasm.  The intensity made her temples throb and her breath come quicker.  Mandy’s vision darkened she was afraid she would faint, but she didn’t and soon things brightened.  She realized Carter was done and had been pulled back.

     Aurora had moved back to the front of the frame and stopped directly in front of Mandy, she cradled Mandy’s cheeks in her hands and pressed her lips against Mandy’s.  Aurora slowly pushed her tongue into Mandy’s mouth and licked all around Mandy’s gums.  She continued to lick inside Mandy’s mouth, when she pulled her tongue back, Mandy’s tongue followed.  Aurora closed her lips tightly around Mandy’s tongue and sucked firmly.  When Mandy moaned Aurora released her tongue.

     Anna released Mandy and stepped back so Aurora could help her out of the frame.  She didn’t snap her leash to Mandy’s collar; she just walked to the patio door and waited there for Mandy. 

     Mandy didn’t want to go back out on the patio alone, she wanted to stay with Aurora.  She took one last look around and walked slowly to the door where Anna was waiting.  She could feel the sperm leaking from her pussy, and her thighs rubbed together slickly.

     When she took the last look around she saw Yasmin sitting in a chair well away from the frame.  When they saw each other, Mandy looked away quickly and hurried out the door.

     La perra bonita,” she heard Yasmin talking to someone, but didn’t try to see who it might have been.

     “The pretty bitch,” Yasmin’s words rang in her ears as she hurried to the relative safety of her kennel.  She pushed by Anna and quickly ducked into her ‘tiny room.’  Anna closed the door and slid the bolts in place.

     “I trust that you’ll stay in there, even if I don’t lock it.”  Mandy closed her eyes and nodded soundlessly.  Anna turned and left to return to her guests, Mandy heard them chatting and laughing when Anna opened the door to go inside.      Tears streamed down her face as she sobbed in the quiet, lonely darkness.


Chapter 2


     Mandy knelt in the kitchen and finished her breakfast, a bland and grainy mixture of brown kibble and unsweetened oatmeal.  When she was done she sat back and waited for Anna.  She was still hungry, but she knew better than to tell Anna that she wanted more to eat. She did that last month.  Anna’s words remained on her mind yet.  Still hungry, I’ll show still hungry.  Anna didn’t feed her for 2 days.  When she was finally given a little food she was grateful. 

     Mandy’s slender body now looked skinny, her weight was down over 15 pounds.  At 5’9” she weighed 132 pounds when she moved in with Anna, now she weighed 115 pounds.  Each muscle and tendon stood out starkly, and her small breasts became nearly non-existent.  She had 2 firm nipples on a flat chest.  Mandy had lived in her kennel for 2 months, since the night she had been bred to the Great Dane.

     Anna had her bred again several times, Mandy no longer needed the frame.  She was now a willing participant, Carter’s bitch.  She got excited whenever she heard that Colleen was bringing him to visit.  Tonight was the next scheduled visit, and she was anxious to see him again.  Anna placed Mandy in her kennel and put a padlock on the door to keep her inside. 


     She was beside herself with excitement when Aurora brought Carter to the patio and put him in the kennel right next to her.  Aurora wore her usual red silk mini-dress and red shoes.  It was so short that Mandy could easily see Aurora’s bare pussy while she knelt in her kennel. 

     Carter was also excited to be there, his red penis extended from it’s sheath and he leaned down to lick the end.  Mandy decided to take it into her mouth if she got the chance tonight.  Aurora opened Mandy’s kennel and waited with the snap of the leash in her hand.  Mandy came to the door but didn’t try to come out until Aurora had the leash attached.

     “Come on babe,” Aurora said softly, when Mandy looked longingly toward Carter in his kennel.  Mandy raised her chin to give Aurora access to the end of her chain slip collar.  Mandy followed meekly behind Aurora, when they got to the door she turned to take a last look at Carter, another glance at her lover. 

     Aurora led her into the sitting room and took her to the large pad Anna had placed in the center of the floor for Mandy to kneel on.

     “Mandy down,” Aurora unsnapped the leash and turned away.  “Mandy stay.”  Mandy settled into the center of the pad to wait for Anna to arrive. 

     Anna  came in from work just a few minutes later.  She brought a chair and put it next to Mandy, she sat and petted Mandy’s head and shoulders.  Mandy moaned softly and leaned her brunette head against Anna’s thigh.

     Anna softly stroked Mandy’s neck and shoulder and over her slender chest.  She took Mandy’s right nipple between her fingers and rolled it between her thumb and index finger.  She pulled and rolled the sensitive nub of flesh, while Mandy gasped and moaned.

     Anna didn’t allow her to touch herself at all.  Anna took total intimate control of her body, but she wasn’t allowed to touch herself. 

     “Come Mandy,” Anna headed toward the bathroom.  “I’ll give you a nice bath before dinner.”  Mandy followed her into the bathroom and stood in front of the huge shower stall and waited while Anna adjusted the water.  The stall was easily big enough for two, tonight Anna was taking a shower too, and the water would be nice and hot.  Anna often just washed Mandy on the patio with the garden-hose and cold water.

     Anna stripped off her blue dress, and dropped it in the basket inside the closet door.  She didn’t care for pantyhose and wore stockings and garter-belt, today she had on an ivory-white satin with blue lace belt and brassiere and bikini panties.  The blue lace matched her dress.  She slipped these off next and turned to Mandy.

     “Come on girl, let’s get in the shower,” Anna said brightly.  She reached past Mandy and slid the frosted glass door open, she stepped back so Mandy could step into the steamy spray.  Anna stepped in behind and closed the door.  Mandy closed her eyes and luxuriated in the hot spray, she stood in the center of the water and tipped her head back. 

     Anna washed and rinsed herself first because it didn’t take her long.  She had dark brunette hair the same shade as Mandy’s but she kept her hair short, she didn’t have much time to care for long hair.  Anna kept Mandy’s hair very long, she loved the way it flowed over Mandy’s slender shoulders and down her sleek back to end just past the rounded butt.  She carefully and lovingly washed Mandy’s hair and worked coconut crème rinse though it.  Anna gathered all of Mandy’s hair and piled it up on top to let the crème rinse work.

     Anna soaped her hands thoroughly with liquid peppermint soap and began to wash Mandy’s shoulders and back.  Anna continued over Mandy’s butt and let her soapy fingers slip into the cleft to find the tight brown anus at the end. Mandy quickly arched her back even more, to give Anna better access.  She gasped quietly when Anna’s soapy, slick middle finger pushed in.  Anna soon pulled her finger out, leaving Mandy aching for more. 

     “Turn and get rinsed Mandy,” Anna said tenderly and stepped back.  Mandy turned to rinse her back while Anna poured more of the sweetly scented soap into her palm.  Anna began by washing Mandy’s upper arms then working down to lave each forearm and hand.  She moved on to do Mandy’s upper chest and shoulders.  She slowed as she bathed Mandy’s dark brown nipples, squeezing and pulling each firm nub of flesh.  She watched as Mandy closed her eyes and sighed softly.

     “Mmmm,” Mandy moaned, enjoying the delicious sensations Anna brought to her.       

     “Like that?” Anna asked salaciously.  “Does it feel good to you?”

     “Yes, I love it,” Mandy closed her eyes while she smiled and nodded.  “I love you too, Anna.”  Anna put her arms around Mandy and slid her left hand up the back of her neck to cradle Mandy’s head.  Anna pulled Mandy’s head down to her shoulder, and patted Mandy on the back with her right hand.

     “Let’s get your hair rinsed baby,” Anna released Mandy and stepped back.  Mandy stood up straight and tipped her hair back into the shower spray.  Anna lifted Mandy’s hair and slowly, languorously ran her fingers through.

     Anna finished washing Mandy and then gently caressed her delicate pussy; she carefully pressed her index finger between Mandy’s sensitive lips.  Anna squeezed Mandy’s tender clitoral hood between her thumb and curled index finger.  When Mandy started to gasp and moan she stopped.

     “Please Anna.”

     “No sweetheart.” Anna whispered hoarsely.  “I’m just making sure you’re ready for later.”

     “I’m ready,” Mandy assured her.  “Oh God, I’m ready.”  Mandy leaned back and smiled. 

     “Mandy stay,” Anna turned off the water and stepped from the stall.  Mandy stayed in the shower stall while Anna dried herself off and slipped her thick beige terry robe over her shoulders.  When she was done she selected a thick white bath towel. 

     Anna kept her pet things on a shelf under the sink; she had several old, shabby towels with a few holes, but fine for pet use.  For tonight though she chose a thick bright white towel.

     “Mandy come,” Anna called and Mandy hurried to her.  “Mandy stay.”  She dried Mandy’s hair and then gently patted, to dry her dark, sun-tanned skin.  She had 2 blow driers, they each took one and soon Mandy’s long, thick brunette hair was finished.  Anna gathered Mandy’s hair and tied it in a loose ponytail below the nape of Mandy’s neck.  Anna petted Mandy’s right cheek and seemed like she wanted to say something, but stopped. 

     “Mandy come,” Anna said as she went out through the door.  She led Mandy to the carpet pad in the sitting room.  Mandy knelt without instruction, Anna left to get dressed.  The door-sounded and Aurora went to answer.  She was back soon with Yasmin following.

     Yasmin wore a bright yellow mini-skirt and black leather vest, her high-heeled boots matched the vest.  She had a nearly transparent white silk blouse, with big puffy sleeves under the vest.  The vest was small and didn’t close in the front, so brief glimpses of her nearly black nipples peeked out as she walked across the floor.

     “Mandy come,” Yasmin said as she sat primly in an overstuffed chair.  She extended her hand as Mandy knelt beside the chair. 

     “Mmm,” Mandy put her head under Yasmin’s hand and closed her eyes while Yasmin caressed her gently.


     Mandy looked back over her shoulder impatiently as she crouched in the center of the carpet waiting for Aurora to bring Carter in from the patio.  She had started lubricating heavier as soon as Anna returned from changing.  Anna was dressed the same as Yasmin, but with the colors reversed.  She had on a black mini-skirt with a yellow vest and boots.  The tiny vest gave little peeks of her pale pink nipples as she walked too.

     Anna called her to the center of the room and ordered her to crouch on her hands and knees to wait for Aurora to bring Carter in. 

     Mandy could hardly breathe, she wanted him so much.  When she saw Aurora lead him in she wriggled her bottom.  Aurora released the leash and the huge dog hurried to Mandy.  She moved her knees farther apart to open for him and to ease his entry.  Carter towered over Mandy where she waited on the floor.  Mandy arched even more and wriggled, her anticipation was tangible. 

     “OOOHH! YES,” Mandy yelled when Carter’s long slender penis slid into her moist pussy.  Carter was not interested in foreplay, he climbed up and mounted immediately, and his penis snaked into Mandy.  She reached an orgasm quickly, her eagerness fueled by Anna’s manipulations and Carter’s earlier nearness was almost more than she could endure.  Carter flooded her with sperm almost immediately after she climaxed. 

     Aurora snapped a leash on and led Mandy out to her kennel, immediately after Carter finished and stepped away.  Mandy sat alone in her kennel, she could feel the dog’s sperm and ejaculate as it trickled from her pussy.  She did her best to see in through the window, but Anna had carefully placed the kennel so Mandy’s view inside was very limited.  She turned and raised as much as she could to try to see in through the window.  She heard Anna and Yasmin saying good-bye and saw their shadows as they gave Aurora hugs, they each bent and petted Carter too. 

     Mandy curled up tightly to keep warm, the nights were longer and cooler lately and Anna left her there so much lately. Mandy didn’t know yet but, her plan to cuddle with Carter was gone forever.


     “Mandy come,” Yasmin opened the door to her kennel and held out the end of her leash.  Mandy hurried to the door to comply with Yasmin’s order.  She stopped and held her chin up so Yasmin could snap the leash to the ring on the front of her slip collar. 

     Mandy stopped short in the doorway, she couldn’t take another step. 

Sitting in the center of the floor was a tall, red Doberman.  He was a gorgeous dog, with pointed ears held high.  His red-brown coat and bright orange markings shone in the light.  The dog shifted anxiously, his nose held high to sniff the air. 

     Mandy suddenly realized there were other people in the room.  People she didn’t know and didn’t appear to be friends of Anna’s.  Two women and a man were sitting uncomfortably in a semi-circle.  The two women looked in their mid-forties and the man sixty.  One of the women had a silver chain leash across her lap, the red leather wrist loop matched the Doberman’s wide leather collar. 

     “This is the bitch?” the second woman sounded surprised. 

     “Margaret, I told you what this was about,” the woman with the leash said cynically.

     “I know, doctor,” she stammered.  “But, um, I, well.  I’m not really sure I actually believed it.”  The man looked on without saying a word.

     When Mandy looked back to the dog she forgot all about them, he was gorgeous.  She had been without Carter’s attention for nearly a month, since Colleen had moved, to Cincinnati.  Of course she took Aurora and Carter with her.

     Mandy followed Yasmin onto the carpet to stop in front of the dog, he leaned forward and buried his nose between Mandy’s slender thighs. She stood submissively while he sniffed her pussy.  His huge tongue snaked out to lick her now moist slit.

     “Mandy this is Will,” Yasmin introduced them.  “His full name is Prinze Wilhelm der Sturmjaeger.  We just call him Will.” 

     “Turn around and get down in front of him, Mandy,” Yasmin ordered as she unsnapped the leash.  Mandy spun around quickly and dropped to her knees in one fluid motion.  She lowered her arms so her elbows touched the floor, and her pussy was high up for the dog’s easier access.  She anxiously wriggled her bottom, she wanted his penis inside her pussy as soon as possible. 

     The dog mounted her quickly and his slick penis entered her juicy pussy.  It felt different this time, thicker than Carter and it seemed to grow bigger inside.  She felt tightness and her inner tissues stretched, she had never felt anything like it.  It was breathtaking and wonderful.

     Mandy reached an orgasm in only a few minutes, she sobbed and buried her face in her arms.  The dogs release followed Mandy’s by only a few seconds.  The flood of semen was huge, Mandy felt it dripping out even while the dog’s penis was still in her.  She rose up to look as a second orgasm totally overwhelmed her senses.  Mandy moaned as blackness closed in around her.

     When her eyes opened in just a few minutes, the dog’s penis was still inside her pussy.  Yasmin was kneeling beside her and her head was resting on Yasmin’s blue jean covered knees. 

     “Wh-wha’s wrong,” Mandy gasped.

     “Sshh.  Everything’s ok mi amada,” Yasmin reassured her.  “Sometimes the dogs pene, his pekker, um, the end swell up a little.” Yasmin continued to caress Mandy’s head.  “You have to just wait a little and it will go down and you can get off.”

     “Oook,” Mandy moaned.  “Please…”

     “Just a little longer bebe,” she continued to stroke Mandy’s head.

     Mandy could feel his penis shrinking and becoming loose deep inside. 

     “Keep your bitch still, or it’ll take even longer.” Mandy heard when she shifted just a little. 

     “Stay still, Mandy,” Yasmin cautioned.  Soon she felt even more movement, and looseness.  Then she felt the penis slip completely out of her pussy.  Mandy slumped to the floor to rest and sighed hugely.

     “Mandy this is Dr. Oak,” Yasmin introduced the doctor.  “She’s your vet Mandy,” she didn’t see a need to introduce Mandy to the doctor.

     “Looks like we need to let her just rest a bit Yasmin,” the doctor observed.  “Oh, stop him, Margaret.”  Mandy jumped when she felt the cool end of Will’s nose on her bottom.

     “There’s a second kennel on the patio,” Yasmin offered.  Mandy heard the leash as it snapped onto the dog’s collar, soon she moaned petulantly as he was led away. 

     “You’ll see him again,” Yasmin assured and the doctor chuckled. 

     “Keep her still, for me Yasmin.”  Soon Mandy felt the vet moving the hair on the back of her neck to the side.  The smell of alcohol and cool pressure on the back of her neck was followed quickly by a sharp poke.  Mandy tried to move again.

     “Hold her still a little more.” The vet said softly.  “I’m almost done,” was followed quickly by “There, that’s it.”

     “Mandy stay,” Mandy sat up when Yasmin released her.  She walked the vet and her guests to the door and came right back.

     “I had the vet put a chip in you,” Yasmin spoke seriously.  “I don’t want anything to happen while Anna’s out of town.”  Mandy nodded seriously, she didn’t know Anna was away, but she hadn’t seen her since yesterday morning when Yasmin came in.


When Anna returned she had to spend much more time in the office.  She turned the care of Mandy over to Yasmin.  Anna also purchased a big, handsome Doberman as Mandy’s new mate.

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