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My first Electro torture

Hello to all. I am a male of 19 years from India. I am a real slave and owned by Mistress H. Now she is my owner and I am her pain slut, fuck toy and sissy slave.

I torture myself with my own every day, so my Mistress gets pleasure from my pain and discomforts. Its a real what I write their and if anyone of you feels that I can make it more painful or have some more ideas how I can torture and give me more pain then you are welcomed to contact with me and believe me I adopt it in my daily torture and send you mail about my torture, so you will also take pleasure from my pain and miseries. I know my writing skills are very bad but it does bother me because my Mistress understands what I write.

Please contact with me if you have any idea or suggestion how I can give more pain to myself at

This is the original mail which I send to the Mistress. Hope all of you like it.

Hello Mistress,

Mistress i tortured yesterday myself and waited for you 2 and half hour Mistress.

Mistress first i beat my balls and cock 300 times. Mistress as you know it give me pain but not Much

Mistress. Mistress after that i punches My each ball 5 times. Mistress due to punching my abdomen has

Very bad Pain Mistress. Mistress every blows feels that someone drops 5 kg's weight on my balls


Mistress after that i take wires and Mistress coated one end of wire with icy hot gel and put in my cock

Mistress. Mistress sorry this time i doesn't able to put is much deep But Mistress next time i will put it

Deep down to my balls Mistress. Mistress after putting it inside my cock i give one turn of that end

Around my cock head Mistress. Mistress after that i tie My balls in one sac with a rope and then

Mistress i start turning other end of wire on my balls and up to my cock Mistress and Mistress i loop it

Till it reaches near to first one mistress.

Mistress with charger i am facing a problem that it gives shock when it was off Mistress. Mistress it

means if i plug it on the board and doesn't one the power switch then also Mistress it gives shock

Mistress So mistress in this case i opened the power button permanently of the switch board and the i

Start giving shock by apply and removing the switch on the board Mistress.

Mistress after that i take one bucket with 8.5 kg's of water in it and then i tie it to my balls also

Mistress. And Mistress to my cock head i also tied 8.5 kg's weight in the bucket Mistress. Mistress it

Stretches my cock and balls mercilessly.  Mistress then i put the plug in the board and Mistress i get a

Shock and i jump Mistress. Mistress due to jumping both buckets swings and i feels pain mistress.

Mistress due to looping of wire around cock and balls was great because Mistress at the same time i

Am feeling shock on both my cock and balls Mistress. Mistress due to shock, my cock twitches.

Mistress i do it again and mistress again i am jump and get pain Mistress. Mistress due to this all

Jumping and weight My balls are stretches 4.3'' inches Mistress. Mistress the pressure was great and

My abdomen was on fire Mistress. Mistress my cock also stretched mercilessly but i does measure how

Long it stretches Mistress. Mistress i give shocks to me for a 3 second interval and for 45 minutes.

Mistress the pain after 45 minutes was horrible Mistress. Mistress the pain in abdomen was

Unbearable Mistress. And mistress my cock was also not enjoying it Mistress. Mistress i wishing that i

May be died Mistress. Mistress then i stop electro torture and Mistress i sit there for more 45 Minutes.

Mistress in this period the pain increases twice and Mistress my balls are sore. Mistress i forget to tell

You that i have clamps on my cock Mistress. Mistress during electro torture when my cock becomes hard

and the clamps presses it and give me pain Mistress. mistress due to this torture my skin of balls burn

From many places Mistress. Mistress after 1 and half hour passed and i am in the horrible pain

Mistress then i again started my electro torture. Mistress the same results but it increases my pain

And Mistress after two hours i am in pain. Mistress i waited for you two hours and when you not come

i untie my balls and cock Mistress as i untie them i fell to floor and lay there for 10 minutes because

Mistress pain was so much Mistress and when you message your nikkii his cell was not with him

Mistress. So mistress i am not able to be online Mistress. Mistress hope you understand and likes

My torture.

Mistress i am going to college because i already late. Mistress please forgives me. Mistress i am waiting

for your comments.

your slave,


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