SexStory2 » Enslaved By My Neighbors

     Enslaved By My Neighbors-part 1                           

     This story is intended as sexual fantasy        entertainment for adults only.

It was a normal saturday morning.  I sat watching a good sci fi movie, and sipped on a beer as I twittled my toes in front of the TV screen. I was one of the fortunate few who did not have to work each day for a living, since I had inherited a very generous  amount of money from an uncle with whom I had been close since childhood. I wasn't rich but I could live comfortably and never have to put up with the daily grind of a job.

I remained in the same home I had lived in for ten years, and redecorated and renovated on a piecemeal basis according to my whims. I had never married and my social life was abysmal.  I seldom dated at all, and only occasionally picked up a lady from a bar. I spent many hours in front of my computer each day stroking off, enjoying the countless sex sites on the net. My porn movie collection was large, and gave me a lot of enjoyment too.  I also watched TV much of the time and rented movies quite often for my entertainment. To put it simply I was a classic social misfit who struggled with a lack of emotional and interpersonal development. So what else is new.

I could afford to create my own lifestyle, and being horny most of the time and still viable sexually at forty,  just wanted to enjoy the good and simple things that life could bring. I had my hobbies and other interests to occupy me also, and kept busy each day enjoying my wonderful freedom.

I found that I liked to loaf, and never really felt guilty about it. I went out of town once or twice a month for a few days, to visit interesting vacation spots, riding in a charter bus with groups of people from the area, and enjoyed this tremendously. I had a car but used it only for necessary purposes and errands. My health had always been unusually good, and I seldom even visited a doctor.

My relatives were hundreds of miles away, and I rarely saw them. My parents had passed on but I had two sisters whom I didn't miss at all, since they had always been a pain in the ass. I tried vainly to stay in touch but never quite succeeded.

I lived at the end of a long street in a sparsely populated part of town, nestled against the woods, and there was only one  house near me. The Sutter mansion was the largest house on the street, right next to me.  It had become occupied three months ago by what appeared to be three couples in their early thirties. I didn't really pay much attention to them, and we never communicated.

I almost never had visitors, and was shocked when I heard a knock at my front door. I sat my beer can down and padded over, closing  my bathrobe as I walked. I opened the door and there stood the three ladies from the Sutter mansion. I was so shocked I was nearly speechless, and smiled uncomfortably at them.

The were wearing shorts and were quite impressive, and looked sweetly at me.

"Y...yes, can I help you?"

The blond one in the middle spoke as she noted my unkempt appearance.

"Mr. Milkens, we're very happy to meet you. I'm Julie, and this is Sally and Tanya. If you don't mind may we speak with you about an important matter?"

I was puzzled at her words, and could not imagine what she could be referring to.

"Why....y....yes....of course."

I opened the door widely for them and they came in and sat down on my couch, right across from my easy chair. I sat down easily and looked at them with interest.

The three must have been in their early thirties, but could have passed for younger.

Julie was a short and petite blond with flowing hair that reached only to the level of her chin. She had a mischievous and infectious smile, and her lips appeared to be shining from lip gloss or something similar that seemed to cover her lips as well as an unusually large area around them. She wore a tight set of white short shorts, and her perfect figure filled them out in the best possible way.

Her tank top revealed wonderful tits, large and pouting. Her nipples stood out firmly, and she was passing her fingers over them as I watched. The other two women were spectacular blond beauties also, and they wore similar outfits.

Tanya was a buxom blond with large green eyes and a generous mouth. She had a real nice body, and was fulsome and voluptuous. She had just the faintest sign of lipstick on her full lips, and she licked them often as she smiled at me. Her hair was shoulder length, tinged with brownish highlights. She sat leaning forward, staring intensely at me.

Though her face was beautiful, Sally had a wild look about her. Her dirty blond hair was a bit disheveled, and her upper lip bore a small wound of some kind, and it seemed to match her persona perfectly.She had her hand between her legs and gently rubbing near her crouch area. I quickly became aware of a distinctly female odor, and the origin was obvious to me.

There was an aura of sexuality in them that defied description, and was magnified by their combined presence.

"How can I help you?"

"Jim....I want you to listen to me carefully. While you were gone on your trips, we've been entering your house and doing things that are going to be very disturbing to you."

My mouth fell open and I grunted in disbelief and horror.

"You w...what?"

"We've downloaded everything from your computer, and I mean everything. All of your life information has been copied and is known to us."

"All of your correspondence and credit card information is safe in our files now."

"We installed video cameras all over your house, so that we have all your daily activities recorded on tape. Every single thing that you've done during the past three months has been taped."

"Your masturbation habits are fascinating, and we've been enjoying them immensely.  We've studied your life information thoroughly online by use of special data services, and we know everything there is to know about you."

I almost choked as I tried to speak and the women were finding this quite entertaining.

" did you get in can't be serious.......I'm going to call the police right now?"

Julie jerked forward, and looked sternly at me....."I wouldn't do that Jim, if you do we will turn all of your life information over to predators on the Internet and your tapes over to all of your friends and relatives."

"I guarantee you will be ruined, and I promise you we've done it before. We've trashed the lives of three men prior to you, who were not cooperative with our desires.

"Wh....what do you want.....why on earth would you do this?"

I was shaking in horror by now, barely able to speak coherently. "Oh please why would you do that?"

"Calm down Jim, and listen. We did it because they did not obey us, and our commands. Here's the setup......You will become our complete sex slave for the next four months. You will do exactly what we say, and everything we say without reservation. You will leave your back door unlocked at all times, twenty four hours a day, so that we may enter at will. We will use you sexually in ways that will be abhorrent to you, and any way we please. You will perform for us with great enthusiasm at all times, and in all ways."

"In four months we will move away, and you will never be bothered with this again. I can promise you this."

"We've done this successfully with eight men over the past several years and they are completely free of threat now.....their information will never be released."

"The only record of their activities is locked in, shall I say, 'special archives', and in the hands of certain collectors worldwide."

"We are part of a large web of such activity, and believe me we are backed by some of the wealthiest and most powerful individuals in the world.

"If you refuse us now we will leave and immediately release all your information, you have my promise. Now you've got to make a must know we're not bluffing."

"Oh my.....oh shit.....why did you pick me....why did you pick me?"

"We have our reasons Jim, just leave it at that.  Now......look at me......"

"Do you agree to our terms or not?"

I stared at her blankly, and was quickly becoming nauseous....."How can I make a decision like''s impossible!"

Julia got up quickly and started to leave, the other two women followed, and I stared in horror as she opened the door.

"No! please.........please come back in........alright.....alright.....I agree.....but you've got to tell're not going to hurt me are you?"

They sat again....."Mostly your pride", giggled Julia, and Sally and Tanya smiled broadly.

"Our husbands are part of this too and will use you anyway they want. We know you fantasize about sucking cock and you can suck all the dick you want now for real."

"We don't suck cock do we girls?"

The two other women nodded their heads......"Not for anything" they said  together....."it's not our style."

"I'll be sick to my stomach most of the time", I whimpered........"it will never work."

"No you won't, not after we give you our special drugs and supplements. Believe me you'll get used to it faster than you think."

"You will cooperate fully, obey each command, and take what we give you each day."

"Now, since you're naked most of the time anyway Jim,  take the robe off. From now on you will remain nude at all times."

I let the scruffy robe slide from me and fall to the floor. I stood there feeling like an idiot, and my cock betrayed me and became fully erect at once.

They looked at me in a pleased way.........

"Nice dick Jim, even for a forty year old man....nice big pecker."

Julie flipped it a few times and gripped my balls firmly.  Nice fucking nuts too girls.

"Stroke it Jim,  we see you do it everyday anyway."

I ran my hand up and down my cock, and slowly peeled back the foreskin. Precum was oozing out of my pisshole. I jacked it a few times as I stared at them.

"Ok, on your knees!, " she demanded.

I dropped down and kneeled before them and played with my swollen penis.

"We know you fantasize about eating ass Jim so I've got a treat for you."

"You've fantasized about it extensively and sniffed your shit covered finger a lot but about the real thing."

She pulled down her panties and kneeled on the couch so that my face was near her rear crack.

Her damp butthole opened for me revealing a moist brown sphincter muscle that widened and closed intermittently.  I moved in and smelled it and put my nose against it.  The aroma was highly erotic and I took in a deep breath and sniffed it as I moved my nose all around the outer rim.

It was nasty and I stroked off as I began to lick it.

"Good boy're such a good ass licker, you really are. Lick it clean now."

I moved my tongue rapidly and cleaned off the rank surface brown, and soon my mouth and face smelled of fecal dew.

"Hmmmm.....I can tell you like the taste of shit James."

"Kiss my ass ......kiss it all over!"

"Atta boy.....kissie kissie."

I moved all around her well formed butt cheeks and she wiggled her behind in pleasure as I smooched her nice rear.

"It's a little different than fantasy ain't it Jim......a lot more intense, and a whole lot nastier and satisfying."

The two other women were laughing by now, and I was nearly faint from the pungent  and erotic smell.

Finally she got up and put her panties back on and sat again.

"I'm bringing my husband Bobby over tonight to get his cock sucked and I want to watch. He gets really pissed because I won't suck him off. He really likes cocksuckers. He's gonna like you a lot Jim.

She opened a bag she had brought with her and took out a small thermos and several pills.

"Drink it all, now and take the pills," she grunted. "hurry it up!"

I looked at her in desperation and opened the thermos, I tipped it back and drank down the thick cream inside. It tasted funky and I washed down several large horse pills she handed me.

"This'll make your pecker hard all the time're going to need it because you'll be very busy, I promise."

When I had finished she packed the thermos back in and looked carefully at me.

"I know this is almost more than you can handle Milkens,  but these drugs will take care of that problem believe me. One of them will also have a profound effect on your free will. Sort of a sophisticated date rape drug. Not obvious, yet powerful inside you.

Now Jim, one more thing."

She massaged my penis and balls expertly.

"Several months back our hubbies went on a fishing trip and got hold of some kind of dangerous alcoholic drink in the backwoods. The got deathly sick for two weeks and when they recovered we found out later that they had become impotent.  That is, unable to produce viable sperm for their wives."

"We all desperately want babies now but we sure as fuck don't want to go to some dam doctor to get refrigerated sperm. So what it boils down to boy is that we're going to fuck you until we become pregnant. By the end of four months that should be no problem. You're going to give each of us good healthy babies."

I looked at her with bulging eyes and tried to assimilate what she had said.

"Oh couldn't do that", I stammered.

"You've got no fucking choice Jim.....but just think of all the pussy you're going to get. We like to fuck don't we ladies?"

The all hummed in agreement......"Um..hmmmmmmmm!"

"Now get your ass in there and jack off in front of your computer for awhile until I get back with Bob. He's really been needing some good head, and you're going to have to swallow too. Won' t that be fun.  You'll be taking care of all three of our men.

Sally's Richard, and Tanya's Joe will be needing suck work too. You're going to love it James!"

"Let's go ladies."

The left and I stood there shaking from the stress. I recovered and slowly walked around the house in a daze......then thinking for a moment, unlocked the back door. I would have no privacy now, and I could just not imagine what would be coming in the next weeks. I lay down and slept, and awoke a few hours later when I heard the back door open and shut. I knew it must be Julie and Bob.

How could I ever do this?

I was sweating as though I had just been through a nightmare. My penis was rock hard and draining and I was very horny. Much more so than I had been in a long time. I thought about what I would be expected to do and cringed from the idea. I heard them walking around the house and Julia called out.


"In the bedroom", I yelled.

Soon they clomped in and I saw her hubbie Bob smiling widely at me.

"Well hello asshole.........I hear you've agreed to our little fun and games thing."

I looked at him warily as Julia sat down on the bed. I was naked still and would be from now on.

Julia stroked my hard pecker and precum coated her hand. Dam boy I thought you'd have got your nuts off in front of the computer by now. Anyway get on your knees, Bobby needs a blowjob, ain't that right sweetie?"

"Bet you ass girl, you sure won't do it for me."

I kneeled down and Bob dropped his pants and shorts. His large dick and balls hung by my face and he hardened up quickly. He grabbed my hair and rubbed his penis all over my mouth.

Julie sat and watched closely as he forced my lips open. I was feeling a deep disgust as I looked at her, and his large dick slid to the back of my throat.

She giggled as he began to fuck my virgin mouth, and as he bulged out my cheeks enjoying himself she massaged his large balls as she grinned at me.

He began to pump faster and I grunted in horror as he degraded me.

"Dam Julie this cocksucker has a real talent. Let's see how he swallows."

Suddenly my eyes bulged wide open as he quickened his pace and spit his huge load of hot seminal fluid into my mouth. He obviously had a large capacity and as the gusher of wet spunk filled my oral cavity it oozed out and dripped from my lips.  He groaned in pleasure.

"Cocksucker!!!", he yelled, "fucking dirty cocksucker!"

I gagged and my vomit reflex started to kick in but Julie grabbed my balls angrily and squeezed.

"Don't you dare puke you stupid bastard, or I'll rip them off!"

I regained control and swallowed several large mouthfuls of thick, salty semen.

Julie grinned in satisfaction as I continued to eat the disgusting mess, and Bob pumped my open mouth until he was completely drained.

His thick pecker fell from my face and a gusher of cum spilled from my lips.

Julie squeezed my balls until I screeched, and yelled at me as though I were a dog.

"That's a no no Jim", she wheezed......"never let that happen again. You eat all of the cum, and I mean it. If it's good enough for my asshole, it's good enough for your stomach!"

She forced my head down to the floor and made me lick up the puddle of dickwad accumulated there.

"That's a good boy. Now get your ass back to your computer and beat your meat.....the cameras are waiting. You better keep up your same pathetic habits for our cams or we will become very displeased. Ok?"

"Yes....I....I'll go there now."

I got up and thick globs of spunk dripped from my face. I was mortified beyond words, and was sick to my stomach over the whole incredible situation.

"Clean off your face and eat it all", she said....."never waste any cum."

I took my finger and did as she said, and wobbled to my computer room and sat down in my easy chair there. I really didn't feel like jacking off now, but on the other hand I was feeling horny and stressed. I brought up some nasty porn and slowing serviced my hard member as they stood watching me by the door.

"That's a good with yourself but don't ejaculate....just give the camera a good show.  Oh, I forgot to tell've been on the Internet on our special worldwide network for three months now. Hard telling who's watching at this moment."

"The girls and I will be back tonight to fuck you."

I was stunned and degraded beyond words at this.....and stared blankly at the screen as I slowly wanked off. It was hard telling how many people had seen me doing my thing and now I would have to continue my show every day.

After an hour of intermittent stroking, I eased off since I was unable to control myself any further. The cum inside my balls was bursting to get out, and I knew I must save it for the girls and their strange demand that I make them pregnant. I rubbed my finger over my pisshole and captured a blob of precum and ate it, as was my custom.


I slept for several hours and was awakened by the ladies sitting on my bed. I had not even heard them come in.

"Look at him, sleeping like a stone", chuckled Tanya, "Good......we need you fully rested now."

She produced four sets of handcuffs and they cuffed my wrists and feet to my bed. Julie pushed a pillow under my ass so that I was raised upward, and my dick stood out hard as rock and bouncing from the strain. She fastened a cock ring at the base of my stiff penis and it accentuated my raging hardon even more.

They stripped off and their thick vaginal hair was wet with juice.

Sally looked at me with a strange expression of passion on her face as Julie reached under my butt and inserted a suppository up my anus.

"High card gets first fuck and so on', Julie said, as she brought out a deck of cards.

She shuffled them well as she grinned at me, and the three picked a card at random.

Tanya drew and ace......Sally a ten, and Julie a three.

"You're first Tanya.....don't do him too hard, leave some for us."

Tanya put her face down to mine and kissed me passionately......."Ok Jim, let's have some fun."

She took some lube and smeared it up and down my dick and stroked it gently.

She straddled my waist and lowered herself down over my draining penis. Sally held my dick and guided it into Tanya's hairy vagina, and Tanya slid down easily as my hard cock shoved into her. I was amazed how snug she was, and her wet pussy gripped my large pecker tightly.

She half squatted and began to fuck me....slowly at first and then picked up the pace. Julie squeezed my balls and kneaded the nerve bundles around my testes.

She massaged my nuts as Tanya speeded up her movements.

I began to grunt in pleasure and the sound of Tanya's cunt slapping against my pubic hair made them laugh as I neared orgasm.

I could feel my balls exploding and the hot semen rushing up my penis into her hot pussy. I jerked uncontrollably and pumped hard five or six times as my thick spunk gushed out filling her soggy vagina.

She held until I stopped ejaculating and pulled off me with a wet slurping sound.

Tanya sat on the bed and rested as she massaged my balls.

"Ok Sally, your turn."

Sally's pussy was already wet and fragrant, and when she squatted over me her juices dripped over my still hard penis. She made a squishing sound as her tight cunt slipped down over my erect prick, and she quickly went into motion, looking at me with a lusty grin on her face. As Tanya kneaded my balls Sally began to fuck me, and she moved her wonderful body rapidly up and down as I stared glassy eyed at her and grunted. I had never experienced so much pleasure before, and I was sweating now as Sally had her way with me.

My poor dick knew what it must do, and obligingly began to throb to her tight and vicious screwing.

She let a dribble of saliva fall from her lips onto my face as she pumped with a high speed grunting sound, and as I reached climax again I yelled outloud, and shook all over as more of my seed squirted into her. I injected three or four spurts of cum into her sucking cunt, and she groaned and speeded up the pace making my poor dick hurt from the strain of forced ejaculation.

Finally she stopped and fell off, and sat wearily on the bed beside me.

Now it was Julie's turn and I didn't think I would have any left for her.

Sally lubricated my penis again and Julie carefully positioned herself over me and forced my still erect cock into her. She was wet also and her juices slavered down and mixed with the rest of the mess. My dick was still hard despite my two pieces of ass, and Julie hugged my chest and put her pretty face next to mine. She started slowly and increased her pace, pumping up and down on my sore pecker.

She whispered in my ear as she quickened her coital movements.

"You be a good boy and get your nuts off again Jim.....I want all you've got left."

She kissed me and shoved her tongue deep in my mouth as she fucked me....

This drove me wild and I pushed upward against her, feeling her tight, wonderful cunt suction my penis.

Tanya reached under me and inserted her finger up my ass, shoving it in all the way. As she wiggled it around I went ballistic and groaned loudly.

Julie was fucking fast and grunting obscenely now and suddenly jerked in orgasm and tightened up on my captured weiner.

I moaned and sighed at the same time as the pleasure rolled over me. I jerked upward involuntarily feeling my seed squirt up into her. I injected three or four dollops of love cream up her tunnel, and she pumped until I lay there quivering, unable to move.

She fell off and rested as the other two began to dress. She took off the dick clamp and cuffs, and dressed quickly. She kissed me on the cheek and they all left out the back door. I lay there stunned and shaking, and rested for quite some time trying to regain my strength. I suspected that if they were in a condition to become pregnant, that one had a pretty good shot.


I slept soundly the rest of the night and when I awoke in the morning the horror of my situation came over me again, and I lay there in terror.

'I must go through with this and do anything they want', I thought to myself.....'I really have no other alternative. I'll be ok if I stay cool and obey them for a few months.'

I heard the back door open and close and the sound of footsteps coming to my room. It was about ten in the morning and the sun was shining brightly through the curtains.

The women came into my room and all smiled broadly at me.

"Have a good night's sleep Jimmy boy?", said Julie.....sitting on the side of the bed.

"Yes I......uh.....slept good."

"The drugs will transform you stud and you'll be sleeping pretty good from now on."

She produced a small pillbox and lay it on the small table beside the bed. She looked seriously at me as though I must pay special attention.

"You will take one of these each night just before bedtime. They are special sleeping pills that will let you rest very deeply. They will also make your dreams very interesting....Ok?"

"Yes mam."

"Now....get your ass up and come into the kitchen."

I arose and followed them, padding barefoot and naked through the house.

Tanya followed close behind me and slapped my ass playfully. I wondered where all the video cameras were located and had not been able to detect any of them. I had no doubt whatever that they were there, however.

When we arrived in the kitchen Julie opened her bag and took out two dog bowls. She sat them on the floor and pulled out a jar of some unknown kind of brown mush. She opened it and the odor was atrocious. She lathered out a large glob of it into the food bowl.

Next she took a bottle of what appeared to be apple juice and poured from it into the other bowl. I could tell from the odor however, that it was not apple juice, but urine.

She took out a large dog collar and fastened it around my neck, fastening it with a small lock. Then she fastened a leash to it and pushed down on my shoulder.

"On your fucking knees slave!"

My heart sank to the lowest level since they had taken over my life, and I dropped down, near tears, as the three grinned at me.

"We will bring over your food twice a day", she beamed...."you will be well nourished, believe me, but it's not very tasty. You'll get used to it though, believe me."

"Your meals will be composed of dog food, high grade nutritional supplements, and our own microwaved shit. Don't worry, it won't hurt you, just your pride. The guys would have nothing to do with that. Their contribution will be loads of hot semen for you to feed on."

"You will eat only from these bowls from now on, and only what we feed you. All of your food will be removed and your water faucets disabled. If you want a drink of water you'll have to get it from your own toilet bowl, and not from the flush tank. We can see everything you do so don't disobey or it's all over."

"You must lap it up with your tongue and not use your hand or a container. You will soap and wash yourself completely each day from your toilet bowl and make sure you clean yourself well. You will shave each day with an electric razor."

"You will not leave the house for any reason whatever or answer your door when someone knocks. You will keep the blinds drawn at all times and the front door locked. The phones have been disabled and your cell phone removed, and we will know about any correspondence on your computer. If you violate any of these rules we will immediately release your information and it's all over."

"You'd better pray that you don't have any serious medical problems in the next four months that would require you to go to a doctor or the game is over and we release your info."

I sat on my haunches looking up at them with tears in my such a thing could happen to me was beyond my understanding. I vowed that I could, and would do anything they wanted until it was over. Maybe later I would find them and have them punished. Maybe not.

Julie scrunched up her cute nose and sniffed in displeasure at the odor......

"Eat your dinner and jackoff while you do it. When you finish,  ejaculate on the floor and lick it up."

These women were perverted beyond my understanding and totally ruthless too. I knew I had no choice. I slowly put my face down to the disgusting swill in the bowl and smelled it. My vomit reflex was in the background nudging me but I forced myself to put out my tongue and taste the goo. I lapped up a small amount into my mouth and carefully prepared to swallow. The smell was nasty and the flavor beyond description but I finally managed to get down a small amount.

I was slowly jacking myself and as I lapped up more of the sickening mess I tried to let the pleasure of masturbation relieve some of my nausea. I stroked faster now, and numbed my mind as I slurped up more of the raunchy meal.

Julie slapped my ass and encouraged me.

"Now see Milky, you'll get used to it....maybe even get to like it."

"Ain't it embarrassing?"

They laughed as I continued to eat, and Sally slapped my ass to speed me up.

"Drink the fucking piss's fresh piss so it won't hurt you."

I looked up momentarily, my lips stained with the unspeakable swill in the bowl, and put my head down and lapped urine from the other bowl. The smell was not that bad since it was evidently fresh urine, and I washed down the nasty paste as I ate more. Finally I had finished it all and kneeled looking up at them.

"That's a good dog....ain't he a good dog girls?"

"Finish up Milky."

I began to stroke off rapidly  and since my penis was hard and dripping already it didn't take long to empty my load. I looked up at them as I ejaculated, and grunted awkwardly as I jerked in pleasure.

Julie petted my head and pinched my ear.

I moved quickly down and licked all the semen up, and swallowed it. I looked up at them so mortified that I could barely think.

"Very good're an obedient doggie aren't you. We like obedient dogs."

Tanya and Sally petted my hair and looked at my upturned face.

"Jimmy dog knows his place don't you?"

I nodded lightly.

"Your place is on the floor doing nasty things isn't it."

Sally slapped my ass again and laughed. He don't know much about slavery yet so we'll have to teach him.....ain't that right Jimmy dog?"

Again I barely nodded and tried to prevent myself from sobbing....this being the most traumatic thing ever to happen in my life.

Julie pulled my hair a bit.

"You better be more into your food and drink next time need more enthusiasm, ok?"

They took the bowls and containers and left, and I knelt there trying to keep the putrid meal down. I went into the bathroom and having no other alternative, washed my face from my own toilet bowl. I broke open a large pack of paper towels, and cleaned myself. Then I had to piss in the bowl to relieve myself. I flushed the toilet and stood there in horrified disbelief at this whole nightmare.


I didn't feel like doing anything but sit and cry, but knew I must continue my usual activities as best I could. I sat down and turned on the TV, hoping for some entertainment relief from this horror. My mind reeled from the absurdity of it was an outrageous insult to my life, and to me personally.

I steeled myself and tried to enjoy the movie.

I just wanted my old life back.....desperately.....oh so desperately!

Four months.......I could do it.

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