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Jeannie, my Jeannie

Part I

Wakeup Call!!

I was lying in bed half awake, half asleep.   My mind was wondering when I became aware of a strange sensation.  I awoke to see my thirteen year old daughter Jeannie in bed beside me.  Her right hand was wrapped around my erect cock which she held tightly. “ BABY!  What are you doing?  You have to stop!!”

“Dad, it is OK, I have been dreaming of this.   I know how you have been looking at me since Mom left.”

“You have to stop!!”  I did nothing to stop her, I couldnt.  It felt so good.  Looking at her beautiful smile and lovely hair, I just wanted her to keep it up.   Whats a Dad to do?  Five foot five, she was developing perfectly.   She already had pert small breasts and the firm cute ass of a young girl. How could I turn that down?

She changed hands and started pumping my cock with her left hand.  Her right started massaging and lightly scratching my balls.   Then her right middle finger entered my anus and she started to gently finger fuck my ass.   Jeannie ran her fingers over the head of my cock.  “Honey, where did you learn to do this”?  “Daddy, I AM Thirteen.  What do you think I do after school, study???” She kept up a steady pressure, letting up when she felt me ready to cum.   Jeannie kept me at the edge for at least 15 minutes.  Finally I shot my load.   Jeannie wasted no time with the cleanup licking up the cum off my belly, my arm and my cock.   I got up and knelt facing her in bed.  We started to kiss swapping the load of cum she had cleaned up.   I didnt need to be told.  My hand reached down and started rubbing her pussy.  Jeannie would drool a load of cum and spit over my face and then lick it up.  Then I would do the same on her face.

“Daddy, I am ready for two fingers, NO, three fingers.   Finger fuck me with three fingers” First one, then two and finally I pushed three fingers in her.   “AHHHH, Daddy, faster, faster, finger fuck me hard.”

I kept pumping her fast and hard.   I couldnt believe it.  I was finger fucking my own little girl.  My own little girl fuck toy.   Her mom was never like this.  Jeannie was going to be my little teen whore. I was hard as rock thinking about my little teen fucking sex maniac.  Jeannie reached down and started to pump my cock.  “Dad, I love this. I love you so.  I have dreamed of this, I want to be your little bitch whore.”

Jeanie screamed with joy as she reached her fulfillment, her first climax with dad.

I could help thinking of my good luck.   I must have the best little bitch whore daughter around.

8th Grader BJ

Jeanie wasted no time for her follow up.   I put a pillow under my butt and Jeanie lay down between my legs on her stomach.  She looked up at me with her baby blues and then went down on my cock. Her lips felt so good massaging my cock shaft.   Then she pulled her head off and began to lick around the head moving quickly to sucking on the balls while her left hand stroked the cock shaft.  Then her right middle finger slipped into my asshole.  What a talented little 8th grade slut daughter I had, stroking my cock with one hand, sucking my balls with her mouth and finger fucking my ass all at the same time.

Jeanie then switched the cock back into her mouth.  She began to hum.  Only 8th grade and she knew all the tricks.  Up and down with her head, stroking faster and faster and all the time keeping her eyes up looking at me.   Finally I came loosing my load on her nose, eyes and forehead.   Jeanie crawled up along side me in bed.  We curled together and hugged.  “Dad I love you so much, but….”  “What Honey”  “Dad I hate Mom, she is such a bitch.  I have to go back with her Monday and I hate her.  I wish she were dead”

“I know honey, I Know”


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