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Samantha in pain and love

Chapter 1. Chatting at work
Samantha had had a highly successful morning, that is it went to nearly 3 pm when she closed the deal, signed off and unusually for her, went out to have lunch in a nice street stall with tables under a shady tree. She finished her salad and coffee and, still feeling smug about her morning, had just decided to have a second cup when she saw Sarah coming along the footpath. “Well, hello there Samantha. You’re doing just what I was thinking of.” “Come and join me Sarah. I’d love to tell someone about this morning and you’re just about the only person apart from Bill that I can talk to about it.” 
Over all of her six years in the company Samantha had been mentored by Sarah and learnt a lot from her. In the last 3 years Samantha had been entirely independent and her success had given her a high status. She was quite good friends with Sarah at that professional come personal level where mutual professional respect is a large part of the relationship. Sarah and her husband Bill owned and were joint partners in the firm. These days Sarah worked mainly from home, sort of reviewing the firm’s activities for efficiency, quality control and for generally identifying new opportunities. She and Bill were the only ones who had full access to all the confidential files that the fund managers or analysts like Samantha worked on. 
Samantha Kerry was one of seventeen. After graduating she got a job as a junior research assistant. Within 3 years she had become a full analyst initially with a few workhorse accounts and then developed her own clients. She advised where money should be held, be moved, gave other investment advice and managed the process when a client agreed to a recommendation. With a grin she would describe it as sweaty work when someone asked what she did. The intensity of this morning for instance was breathtaking. Over seven million dollars went through 3 currencies, a property sale was confirmed, a factory started producing whatever it was and contracts signed. She would make 8-10,000 on that for maybe all together 10 days work over the last 7 weeks with the end point today. The base salary was not high but a system of bonuses like that could more than treble the steady income. This was her 6th big success in the last 12 months plus a lot of little ones. So Samantha enjoyed her success, she had quickly become one of the best 4 analysts with clients trying to get onto her books. She made quite a lot of money, lived well and enjoyed the work. 
Sarah said “I’d love to hear Samantha.” They ordered coffee and Samantha went through it, not showing off, just a professional account of the facts. “Samantha, that was a lovely bit of judgement and very nice work. Quite a detective you are. You have every right to feel pleased. That story could make me giggle with excitement and all the time keeping the key client’s backside covered. Can I tell Bill or do you want to.” Having now told the story Samantha was enough. Bill would want to build bits of what she had done into the routine practice used by others and that was OK. Samantha had often benefited from the team experience. They worked well together though accounts were ‘owned’ confidentially. She was just about to say that Sarah should tell him when the conversation was interrupted by Sarah’s mobile shrilling its tune. 
“Just a minute, Samantha. Yes Sarah Wilkinson here. Oh, hello Frank, what makes you call, nothing too serious I hope.” Samantha made a motion to ask if she should go away but Sarah shook her head. Sarah began to look serious. The one sided conversation then went like this. “Yes he hurt...that’s good...he is very naughty to fight and I am really glad it is only bruised egos... Ohhh...I see...of course I remember last time...but that was 4 months ago...Ahh, yes I know the rule, I was on the council last year...of course I agree, you knew I I have to... alright, alright.......I am Sarah Wilkinson and at 3:25 pm today, 21st of May, I give parental approval for my son Jeremy to be given 8 strokes of the school cane for fighting.....Frank I mean it, don’t spare him, he is thirteen so use the big cane and make it hard...yes I thought you I don’t need to talk to him, just do it.” She rang off. “You may well gasp Samantha, that’s just an example of the worries of parenting. Last year the school council decided to severely increase corporal punishment for fighting. Anything over 6 strokes needs a parent to say yes.” explained Sarah to an astonished looking Samantha. “I better get on my way so I can be home when he gets there. I’ll tell you about it some time.”
It was at an equally late lunch but in a deserted staff room three days later that they met again. “Oh Hello Sarah. How are things. Oh and how did Jimmy fare the other day?” “Wow Samantha, you should have seen him. Have you got a minute for the whole story.” Samantha nodded, “I have time, just waiting for some answers to come in later on. You can give me a blow by blow description” she giggled. She could not help thinking about 8 strokes of a cane on a little boy’s pert bottom and certainly she felt an immediate squirming fascination about how it would have hurt. Seeing that would be something. Hearing Sarah give an account would have to be juicy enough. 
“Blow by blow, Ehh!, very droll Samantha, very droll. Well what happened is this. In the first class after lunch he was rude to Miss Sampson, the history teacher. He does not like history or her but he had no excuse. He should have behaved better, and he was really silly because he knows she hits hard. Every teacher has a class room cane. That is 18 inches of bendy rattan. Some use it more often and hurt more than others. She has a reputation. Teachers are only allowed to hit on the hands. She gave him six, 3 on each hand, nice and slowly apparently. She does not hit across the palm like you would think. She has the kid point a hand at her and hits along the length of the hand, so the cane comes down on one or two finger tips and then sweeps across the fingers and palm. It must really hurt and she swings it with a great flick of the wrist. So he got alternating whacks starting on his right hand. I saw her once, punishing two girls they both screamed. Anyway, he told me he was crying by the time she came back to his right hand and after two more he howled, really blubbed. He said he could hardly hold his hands out for the third ones. She took her time to make him hold his hands very steady and flat and she hit across the lines of the first two so it would hurt more.” Samantha gasped “God that’s cruel.” “Well” continued Sarah, “She must have quite angry to hurt such a lot. But anyway that was the start.”
Sarah went on, “Then at recess some boys teased him about being a cry baby and all of a sudden there was a punch up and then he was in the headmasters office. Thats Frank Evans, you met him once at our place, remember? He is a golfing buddy of Bill’s.” “Of course, we met a couple more times, I thought he was nice”. “Well, after the phone call Frank told the boys to come to his office 10 minutes before the end of school. When they got there he did the other boy first, Jeremy tells me he only got 4, first offence, but the kid screamed after the third one. It is not over so quickly because Frank waits a good bit between strokes. Jeremy was really frightened by then. For his turn he had to lean over the back of a school desk, you know the old fashioned sort for 2 kids with the fold up bench seat. Frank has one in his office. He says it doubles as a museum piece and for bending boys over. Incidentally Mrs. Williams the head Mistress, also has one in her office and it gets a lot of use as well. So Jimmy found himself standing against the front of the desk, bending right over the top to stretch his pants tightly over his bottom and having to hold his head below the folded up seat.” 
“The first I saw of him was at the corner of the street. He was walking stiffly and you could see he was still sobbing. When he came in he rushed to me to hold him and cried and cried for minutes before I could quieten him a bit. I told him a bath might help and then I would put some moisturiser on his bottom. I ran a luke warm bath with him sobbing behind me. He could hardly undo his buttons because his fingers hurt. So I had to undress him and helped lower him slowly into the water. At first he cried more but then it did seem to help him calm down. When he got out I helped dry him and he went to lie on his bed. 
“Well you should have seen his bottom. Nine raised welts, each about half an inch across, purple red and blue. Three of them were diagonal, close together, crossing the straight across ones on both cheeks. It looked awful.” “How come there were 9, I thought you said eight.” “You are right.” Sarah smirked and grinned. “I asked him that and he said he got an extra for not holding still. Wait for this Samantha. He said watching the other boy and then bending over himself made his willie grow and he just had to move to get it out of the way.” Samantha’s hand flew to her mouth, she had to laugh at the thought. Sarah joined in. “It was pretty serious really you know.” Samantha nodded in sympathy. “He told me how he had cried on only the second one. Frank had stood well back and really thrashed it into him. I’ve seen the big cane, it is 30 inches of smooth yellow rattan and looks really bad. Only kids who are 13 and over get that one so he just qualified. Jeremy said he could not help begging not to be hit so hard and before it was half way over he was just howling. He did not even think about it when waiting for the fifth one he moved for his willie and when Frank told him he would get an extra one for not keeping still he said he screamed and begged. He could not help screaming for every stroke after that. Apparently Frank did it quite slowly even by his standards so it seemed to Jeremy it would never end. It hurt a lot.” 
 “The poor boy” said Samantha “Did you give him a pain killer?.” “No, Bill and I have talked about that before. When a punishment has happened they should have to bear it”. Samantha raised her eye brows. “So do you use corporal punishment at home, do you have a cane?” “Ha, no” said Sarah, “we decided not to get a cane. That is for school. But I do have a perfectly effective little paddle.” “Really, tell me Sarah”. Sarah looked around again to make sure that no one was in the room before confiding to Samantha. “You promise never to tell about this?” Samantha nodded. “Well, I do spank when needed. It sort of happens every 2 or 3 months. The paddle is only small but I can tell you it can hurt quite impressively. It is wooden, about 2 inches wide, just a bit longer than a foot ruler and a good half inch thick. I got Bill to make it 3 or 4 years ago, a hand on the bottom was not good enough anymore, at least for Jeremy, though now both get it. Bill does not really approve me using it much and he has never used it himself. It is quite wicked. One end is narrowed into a short handle, the front end has 3 holes drilled in it about 2 inches apart. That makes it smack harder and helps the bottom really feel it.” 
Samantha tried picturing the situation. “I can just imagine it Sarah but a foot sounds like it’s a bit small, it would hardly reach over even a little bottom”. “You are right. But I’ll tell you the way I use it. Both Jeremy and Alice really try not to come back for more. They always get it at bed time no matter when during the day they got into trouble. They spend the time knowing that it’s coming that night. I don’t let them watch each other getting it but I guess they hear the sound effects. I never listen to any pleading or change my mind. With Jeremy when he has gotten into his pyjamas he comes out to tell me. I take the paddle and we go to his room. He takes his pants right off, moves his pillow down to the middle of the bed and lies face down across it, along the right hand edge. His little round bottom sits up very nicely. I then stand next to his shoulders so my right arm is perfectly over him. I hit down the length of the cheeks one at a time. The paddle fits perfectly that way. One stroke on top of the cheek and the next on the lower curve. The whacks overlap in the middle. So he gets two whacks for each count, one on each cheek. I tell you I always hit fairly hard and do it nice and slowly. Each whack of the paddle leaves a lovely red streak at least 6 inches long. The standard is 8 whacks on each side. If he has been very naughty he gets up to 12 and sometimes I give him another lot the next night. Usually he really cries after only four or five no matter how hard he tries to be brave.” Samantha could not help but be fascinated at this picture of pain and a glimpse into Sarah’s family life. She pushed a bit for more of the story. “What is the most you have ever given him?” 
“Oh, just last January during the school holidays there was one really bad occasion. Bill was away for 10 days on a job. Elaine, Jeremy and I were alone at home on the Saturday. There was trouble with Jill, the girl next door. The 3 of them often play together with just the odd squabble up to then. I gave him 18 that time and a dozen the next night.” Samantha was amazed, what could a 13 year old do to the girl next door. “You don’t have to tell me but I am fascinated. What on earth did he do?” “I don’t mind telling you as long as you never let on to Bill or Jeremy that we talked about it.” To Samantha it seemed Sarah had really been looking for a chance to talk about it to someone. “Well, Jill’s mother Janice and I were just having a chat and coffee. The kids were outside. Suddenly we heard Jill screaming. We rushed out to the garden. Jeremy had grabbed and squeezed Jill’s breasts. His dirty hand prints were all over the front of her shirt. We just about caught him in the act. He made it worse then by saying it was her fault, that she made him. I could not understand why he would lie so obviously. Alice said she had seen him do it. Well Janice calmed Jill down and told Jeremy he was very naughty. She looked to me to see what I would do. So I told her that I would give him the most severe spanking he had ever had.” 
“Jeremy just kept on saying it was not his fault. That made me decide not to wait until bed time. I told Janice I would spank him right now and when she nodded and got up to leave I said she should stay and watch to see that he got it properly. He started crying right there and then. I could not let him get away with it. I told him to go and get the paddle. He came in bawling and gave it to me and I let Janice hold it till I had him ready. Janice was telling Jill to go home but I said she could stay too if Janice did not mind. So Jill stayed to watch and so did Alice, though I did not notice her at first. I don’t think the girls had ever seen anyone let alone a boy getting spanked before. I know Janice gives Jill the strap because I have heard it landing on what sounded like a bare bottom and her howling. 
“I told Jeremy to stand against the right side of an armchair and told him to take off his pants and undies and then lean over the arm rest with his face on the seat and arms folded under him. I remember thinking the chair did a better job of stretching his bottom nice and tightly than lying over a pillow”. Sarah stopped for a moment and then went on. “I told him that this time he would get 18 and another dozen the next night. You should have heard him howl and plead at that but I just went ahead. I hit him quite a bit harder than normal. The first whack left a wide red stripe. The holes made 3 dark red rings that really sting. You should have seen and heard him. He howled really loudly and after just 3 he kicked his legs like anything. Jill and Alice went around behind him to get a better look. I guess they must have had a good sight of his bottom and when he kicked so wildly, his little bag as well. I can tell you he screamed that day. I made it last quite a while, a good pause in between each whack. Afterwards I made him stand up with his hands on his head and lectured him. He danced from foot to foot, bending over and wriggling backwards and forwards to try and ease the pain. I said that was enough for the moment. Janice told him she hoped that it would hurt even more the next night. On that day at least his willie stayed very small and the girls made sure they had a good look as it flopped up and down” she added with a grin. 
“Wow” said Samantha, “there is something about a good spanking on a boy’s bare bottom, isn’t there. I would not have minded being there myself. I can see why you’ve asked me to never tell. Did you really hit him again” she added fishing for a bit more of the story. “Sure. At bed time the next night. He howled already when he was pulling his pants off before I even started. I know it was probably too cruel but he deserved it. I hit really hard again right on top of the bruises. He could not help kicking his legs and his whole body jerked around with trying to get away from the paddle.” “Do you whack Elaine too.” “Yes but being only 11 she gets no more than six or eight and it does not happen very often. She is a real cry baby and howls before I start but she gets it hard all the same. Don’t get the wrong impression. I don’t have to spank very often. What he gets at school is another thing. I have to go now, see you later.” That left Samantha pressing her thighs together feeling quite hot. 
Chapter. Not all is right
Samantha’s professional success kept on growing. She did not have a boyfriend at that time. The previous relationship with Bob had lasted a sexy 8 months but after a while all he wanFrank to do was get married and start a family. At 29 she felt she was not ready for that. So when they broke up she did not get into any other steady relationship though after the odd party she found herself in bed for the night. She usually enjoyed that but it was not the main thing in her life and none of those men made her want to look for anything more from them. Getting screwed was certainly nice even though she would only orgasm ever now and then. She did not mind, it was just how she was. She liked the excitement, anticipation and tension of working up to it and the feel of the guys inside her. Most of the guys were not all that good at fucking. Having them play with her body was nice but once she started working on their cocks with her finger nails they just wanted to push into her. 
It was in this non-boyfriend phase that she had met Frank Evans, at a staff and friends party that Bill and Sarah gave. Apparently he played golf with Bill. She and Frank started talking and they got on really well. They went out again twice but did not end up in bed. She liked him but at the time he had to go away for the school summer holidays and then she got sent to the States by Bill on what he called “Work experience in a friendly company”. That was about 4 months ago and neither of them had taken up the contact again. Still, one day, Samantha had thought and now he was suddenly brought to her attention. 
It was some weeks later, a normal Monday afternoon, Samantha was just shutting down and getting ready to go home when a shivering thought stabbed through her mind. The Bartholomew  transaction. The moment the thought hit she knew it was bad, real bad. She started up her computer again and in less than 5 minutes she had the whole debacle in front of her. Last Thursday she should have moved his funds. He had told her to go ahead at the right moment early that week. She had simply forgotten. The pressure of some other nice moves had played tricks on her infallible memory and now she had made a terrible mistake. The numbers on the screen showed the painful facts. Bartholomew had lost out on something approaching 700,000. It was a windfall that she had predicted, he had told her to go for it. “Oh gawd, what a shit.” she mumbled to herself. And Bartholomew of all people. He was a good client but so particular and she had always thought him a nasty piece of work. His business was their largest client, quiet apart from the investment work he did for himself through Samantha. She shuddered at the trouble this blunder might cause. Bartholomew owned and managed a large factory and as a sideline he personally managed the odd bit of loose cash that the factory had from time to time. Like on average 3-4 million in short term investments and Samantha looked after most of it. She had pointed out the opportunity, he had agreed and sent extra funds to her and then she had not acted on it. If she had never discovered the opportunity in the first place no one would have ever become aware of it. What a mess. Would he be nice about it, about maybe $800,000 all up? No way, shit was going to fly. The light was still on in Bills office. 
She told Bill. He immediately saw the seriousness. “Alright” he said, “Give me a list of all the files. Sarah will have a look through tonight and do a double check. We meet at 8:30 tomorrow. Be here.” There was no need to remind her to be there. It just showed how tense he was. Could it be worse than she realised.
Samantha did not sleep well. After Bill’s reaction she had got even more worried. When she drove into the car park before 8 Bill’s car was already there. She had great difficulty in controlling her mind. Panic was very close. She had had plenty of ups and downs in her trading and business scheming but never had she experienced any crisis like this. She new she could get rubbed out. If this went to the Association Tribunal she would spend the rest of her life doing some low level accounting job. Bill must have heard her come into the office because she had hardly sat down when her phone rang and he told her to come in right away.
“Sit down Samantha, Sarah will go over the mess and see if you agree.” Sarah went straight into it. Her assessment of the damage was closer to 850,000  but even worse she told Samantha how the Bartholomew account was really important for the whole company in ways she did not explain. The 850,000 would only be part of the damage if he withdrew his business, let alone if he publicly sued for damages. “To make sure you see the importance of what this mistake could precipitate, Samantha, let me tell you that you could possibly loose your registration and your job. The money having to be paid in compensation is just the start. It is nothing directly to do with you, except that your mistake has brought on the crisis, but our circumstances at the moment are such that if Bartholomew got nasty we would be in deep trouble. The business may have to restructure and downsize. Five years of growth could be reversed.” Samantha thought she could see that she was going to be offered up as the first sacrifice. Bill saw the look on her face. “Let me get this straight Samantha. Sarah and I have agreed that the main objective is to negotiate with Bartholomew to save both your carrier with us and our business. We are not throwing you away. Depending on his attitude the amount of cash could be a bigger problem just now than it would be normally. I am afraid the fact that you having made several million for him in the last 2 years will count for little. Anyway, be clear that what we do will be designed to save you and your position with this company. That of course includes the other staff that would get sacked if this went badly. The problem is we do not have a strong position.” Samantha nodded. “Thank you both for seeing it that way. I don’t want to be responsible for ruining other peoples jobs. I will do anything I can.” Bartholomew was going to come for a meeting at 6pm. By 7 she would know just how bad it was going to be. 
She did nothing all day except sit and stare at her screen and went for a walk three times just to be out of the place. After five the office emptied quickly and no one thought it strange that she was staying. Just after 6 Bartholomew walked in and went straight to Bill’s office with that ratty faced PA of his, Lyn Jackson. Samantha had met her twice and there was a mutual feeling of dislike.  Two minutes later Bill called Samantha in. She took deep breaths, wiped a tissue over her face and went. 
There was no introduction. Bill said they all knew what had happened and asked Bartholomew to speak. “Well young lady” he said, “You have stuffed up and this whole firm did nothing about it. What has happened is unprofessional on all your parts, a complete breakdown of authority, duty of care and quality control. Lyn has taken the time to go over the figures and the damage could be as high as 1.1 million. The circumstances are clearly such that I could sue, there is no doubt about a successful outcome. Lyn’s professional advice was not to come here at all but to put the case in the hands of the company lawyers. I know she is right and that is probably the most likely outcome but we have worked together for some years and I thought it was correct to come and let you have your say.” Lyn was good, she kept a straight professional face right through this.
Bill had expected a slower start but he did not show it. He also saw an opening because Bartholomew’s words suggested that no one other than those in the room knew about it. 
Bill said, “We also know exactly how this stands and what it looks like. We do not want a court case for obvious reasons. We want to use your coming here to explore any possibility of compensation to you that would stop you from pursuing legal action and accept an alternative. Incidentally our figure for the damage is 850,000 but that detail would be worked out jointly if we came to a potential arrangement.” Bartholomew said to go ahead. Bill and Sarah had decided to be completely open about the failure of their business though Samantha noticed there was no mention of anything relating to why this had happened at such a bad time. Bill spoke for nearly 10 minutes. Samantha’s role and fault was clearly admitted but there was also a company breakdown of checks and controls. He outlined what they had already decided to do about this and how this could never happen again. With regards to compensation he did not name a figure but made it clear that he would not let that stand in the way of any agreement. He also made it clear that if they did agree that a binding confidentiality clause would have to be included so his company could continue to trade and grow as it had been doing. There was silence for 2 minutes. Neither Bill nor Sarah tried to further explain or embellish.  
Bartholomew nodded his head. “I like it when people bite the bullet. I appreciate what you have laid out before me and believe me, I know enough about all the circumstances to understand fully what you are offering. I am inclined to give this favorable consideration and we can talk about some moderate financial adjustment” Lyn looked pained at this development and Samantha was just thinking that she might get out of it all with barely a mention. Bartholomew continued to speak, he turned to Samantha and shattered her world without raising his voice. “That leaves Miss Kerry, the immediate cause of this problem. She needs to be dealt with. This is a quite separate issue from that of settling questions between the companies. She has to suffer the consequences of her carelessness and I admit that in cases like this I feel that a form of punishment has to be applied. I want you to sack her and in a couple of days I will lodge malpractice papers against her personally so that your company does not officially enter into the case with the complaints tribunal which takes a particularly hard line with cases like these. That will see her registration cancelled, have a personal compensation figure of perhaps 2-300,000 awarded to me and get her blackballed for at least 10 years. I think you can see that given the evidence all of this would happen without much question, all I have to do is ask for the judgment.” This was it. Samantha saw her life fly away. She was going to be sacked, humiliated in front of the tribunal and never get another job in this unforgiving profession. She felt totally flattened by his simple, unbending destruction of her life. He could even get her savings for compensation.
 He continued. “In terms of satisfaction and money the tribunal pathway is the best option for me. However I am prepared to listen to other ideas. Do not even try to persuade me to change the severity of what I would demand from the tribunal or I will just walk out. But as I said I will listen to other ideas. On the way over here, Lyn suggested what I have just said is too severe and long term. She thought a real life experience might do Miss Kerry a lot of good but she should be able to reestablish herself in time. So, at her suggestion, the second option I put to you and which would satisfy my sense of justice, is that Miss Kerry would take a binding contract to work for 6 months as a cleaner in the canteen at our Morningtown factory. We have trouble getting people to stay in that job, particularly women, and we have a current vacancy. Ten hour night shifts with physically demanding work in a canteen of over 400 men on the minimum wage. If you chose this alternative but did not complete the contract I will simply go back to the tribunal.” Turning to Bill he said “You could give her 6 months leave and not have to sack her. What you do afterwards is your business.” Samantha thought that Lyn now looked particularly smug. There must be a terrible trick to that job. It must be even worse than it seemed. Maybe all the night shift workers get raped. In any case being away for 6 months meant she would loose all her clients. Even if Bill kept her on she would have to start at the bottom. But all that was a better option than the tribunal where she had no chance and her carrier would be wrecked in 30 minutes. “I am quite prepared to listen to any other option for dealing with this. If anyone can think of something that would add to the choices available to Miss Kerry, please say so. I have presented two. It is her choice. I want her decision by 5pm tomorrow or I will proceed with preparing the papers for the tribunal option. If you wish to select the cleaning job come into the office before 4pm and Lyn will have a contract ready for you to sign.” He sat back.
There was total silence. Samantha felt almost irrelevant to proceedings. She was just the life and body being discussed. After 2 or 3 minutes Bartholomew picked up his pen and looked as though he was getting ready to leave. Then Sarah spoke for the first time, “I have a third suggestion to put to you. What if Samantha accepted corporal punishment, could that meet your need for justice?” The earlier silence was relatively noisy compared to this one, everyone seemed to have stopped breathing. Samantha’s hands flew over her mouth, some gasps later she managed to get out a vague protest. “You can’t be serious”. However Bartholomew did not reject the idea. Quite seriously he said “You mean something like that nurse in the Middle East who is half way through getting five lots of 80 lashes with a 4 foot cane”.  Samantha was shaking without even realising it but Sarah kept a level head and was thinking on her feet. “Certainly nothing so inhuman. The manner and intensity of a punishment could be discussed later. Let’s see if we can agree on the principle. You would have to agree to write a letter stating that you make no claim against Samantha over this issue and in no way hold the events of the past week against  her. We would not sack her, in fact she would stay in her present position and you would be prepared to continue as one of her clients because overwhelmingly you have had a profitable outcome,” she said looking from face to face, “Everyone would be sworn to secrecy so that the financial and personal events would never be known by anyone else. Any agreed punishment would not be mentioned in your letter”. Again a long silence. Samantha could think of nothing to say. Her mind and tongue seemed locked up. Bartholomew no longer looked like he was going to walk out, in fact his eyes were on Samantha as though thinking of what she would look like getting the cane. 
Then he spoke, “I agree in principle. If Miss Kerry selects this option you should ring before 10am tomorrow and then meet Lyn to work out the details. It has to be all settled by 5pm. I think it more appropriate that details be discussed without us men being around. I also have some conditions. If you call to say Miss Kerry wants to use the corporal punishment option I will then give Lyn an outline of the severity I would accept as enough justice. You can negotiate and I will listen to your opinion but you will have to accept my final say. However, Miss Kerry must in turn agree to take the punishment of her own free will, she must be allowed to back out at any time, perhaps until the moment when it starts. Secondly the punishment must be administered by a competent person so as to ensure it to be satisfactorily painful but also that there is no chance of accidental long term damage to her body. She is not to be forced into this choice in any way. I await you phone call tomorrow morning”. He got up, shook hands with Bill and Sarah and walked out. Lyn tagged behind with a sideways look at Samantha, smirking at the sight of her wet eyes.
When they were gone Sarah turned to Samantha. “Well, I promised to try and save your carrier. The corporal punishment thought just came to me in that terrible silence when he finished speaking and it looked as though it was all over. I can see you are shocked but think about it. It would be very awful while it lasted but a few days later you would be as good as new, going on with your life and getting more successful day by day as you have been, except for this. The other options are both a disaster, I don’t have to explain that. Go home and think about it. Obviously you don’t know the details at this stage but as he said you can back out later if it sounds too bad, when you find out what punishment he is going to insist on. I hope you take it because Samantha, when its all over I want you back here.”  Samantha left with just a mumbled goodnight.
Chapter. There was no choice
She got home safely in light traffic, hardly knowing what her car was doing. She sat down at the kitchen table, lay her head on her arms and cried her eyes out. After a long while she blindly reached for a tissue to dry her face and wipe the pool off the table. She was still sobbing heavily. Suddenly she giggled then she burst into hysterical laughter, imagining herself bent over the table with her pants down and a 4 foot long cane crashing into her behind. How much would it hurt? She calmed down a bit and suddenly felt totally exhausted. She lay down on her bed in all her clothes, curled up into a ball and surprisingly fell into a deep sleep. Some time during the night she woke up, got undressed and climbed between the sheets. She cried some more, from relieve rather than concern about the beating and slept till morning. Looking into the mirror she saw a total red eyed wreck. After a very long shower and attention to her body and face she felt better and looked better. An hour later she was off to work to tell Sarah that she would do it. After it was done, she would again be on top of her life again getting over a humiliating few minutes being caned. Probably it would really hurt so she would scream and her bottom would keep on hurting afterwards. She actually felt thankful it was not a lot worse.
“You have made the right decision Samantha. It is the best for you but Bill and I want to thank you for being so brave because either of the other options, while not directed at the business intentionally, would still have had repercussions and would have badly affected us and other staff.” 
Sarah and Lyn met over lunch. “So she has gone for the getting thrashed option.” “Thats right, thank goodness” said Sarah. “You know Sarah, I get the impression that you quite like the thought of her getting beaten and you being there, seeing it and making sure its really bad. Maybe she was just getting a bit too high and mighty and this experience will serve her well while being quite delicious for you to dish out.” “If you can see all that Lyn, I better never play poker for money. You are right, I am going to love her getting it.” What Sarah did not say was that if this mismanagement story got out their whole business would be threatened. She really wanted revenge, not just punishment. She was hiding these feelings as carefully as she could particularly from Bill. 
Lyn laughed, “Let’s get started on the details. The boss actually looked up a web site describing what that poor nurse was getting. He showed me, it’s awful. She gets tied naked face down onto a narrow sloped board, head down to help keep her from blacking out, arms out in front, feet fixed to the high end, a loose strap around her waist. Then a woman officer stands sort of at her knees and whacks her real slow like 10 times with the 4 foot cane along her back, 5 on each side of her backbone with a couple curling around her ribs. Then she stands to one side and does 10 across her bum and thighs. With each stroke the girl screams and her body contorts and bows upwards. They give her a break to recover her strength from all that contorting and screaming. Then another woman gives the next 20, carefully crossing over the first lot of welts to make it hurt more. They do it very slowly, more than half a minute between strokes, so the whole thing takes an hour and a half. There is a photo of her, back arched up on rigid arms, floppy tits swung sideways, her face distorted in a sort of catatonic scream. It shows the parallel tracks of welts up her back and her bum and thighs look raw. There were 3 or 4 welts that curled around each side over the base of her breasts. Cant tell if they did that on purpose. Apparently she howls and wails for more than an hour after it is finished.” Lyn’s voice was hot and tense describing this picture.
Sarah thought of how the poor woman would feel a couple of weeks later, knowing just what to expect as the next flogging got closer and closer. Lyn continued, “Well, he wants us to do it like that. She should be tied down, she is to be hit hard enough to scream all the time for 90 minutes. If she faints take your time to wake her up and just add the minutes onto the end. He is a typical man pig actually. He wants to go one better, he said she should get 50 strokes on her buttocks and thighs, then she should be turned over and get 30 on her breasts. Could you believe he actually said they looked big enough to take it.  He wants her hurt a good deal more, so that she wont be able to lie on her front or her back for the next 3 days. The cane has to be 3 foot long. ” “Wow” said Sarah, she liked this, she just managed to stop herself from licking her lips. But the severity needed to be a bit less. “Can I suggest making it a bit more moderate. I agree with the aim to have her scream continually but not for so long, say 60 minutes”. Lyn nodded, but said that was outside her zone of negotiation. Sarah went on, “I think 3 dozen on the bum is all she can take without too much damage” “I agree with you. I will try to get him to change on that but you will have to wait and see. He does have the last word you remember.” “Then,” Sarah went on “I like the idea about punishing her breasts but even though he would like it, he can’t have cane strokes like she’ll get on the bum because that would damage her. But the pain options are very wide on tities, aren’t they. Any suggestions?”. Lyn grinned “You could squash them hard, that would be pretty bad. You kept it up for 10 minutes or so”. Sarah nodded and went on, “I need to think about it. In any case you can assure him that I agree about doing her breasts and I will guarantee the level of pain and screams. Let’s say the intension is that when her breasts get it she will hurt so much that she forgets all about the cane strokes across her bum. How does that sound.” 
Lyn said “ He will like that idea. It sounds good. I think he will give the OK, though I am not so sure about coming down to 36 or about the total time. Also, I don’t know how to put this but I got the impression he would quite like to have her fucked to humiliate her a bit more, you know how men get hot on that. Also he wants evidence that it has been done properly. I know now that you will really hurt her, probably more than needed, but he has to have proof. He would like to be present but realises that can’t be, so he wants me there recording events. I would not touch her or participate in any way.” Lyn’s eyes betrayed her eagerness at this prospect. This problem had occurred to Sarah. He would want to be sure it was not pretense like in some film set. Lyn’s hopes would have to be dashed. “We can’t have you there or any other witnesses for legal reasons. What I suggest is that I will supervise whoever we get to do the job, so if a stroke is not hard enough I will have it repeated immediately”. She smiled at Lyn, “At a guess I think that might happen at least 6 times. Then I will take photos. You will get to view the photos but will not get copies. They will be deleted except for one copy that Samantha can have to help remind her of the lesson. We should also have a tape recorder so you can hear everything, the swish and crack of the cane, my instructions and comments and of course her begging and screaming. You will get a copy of the tape with any reference of names wiped out.” “I like all that, he will probably agree. You are going to have a lovely time. I wish I could be there.” “The last thing is the letter. I want to see a draft of the letter to make sure it is as needed. You rightly think I am looking forward to having her thrashed till she is demented but make no mistake, I am determined to have her interests, other than the sore bum and tits, well looked after.” Lyn nodded and handed over a prepared draft. Sarah studied it, read it several times and said “Good, That’s fine.” “Sarah, you have to trust him until you bring the evidence. Then he will sign.” That was a risk but there was no way around it. She agreed. They then tucked in to the sandwiches and orange juice. On the way out Lyn said she would ring as soon as she could get confirmation from him. Sarah said Samantha would then ring Lyn and confirm her decision and when that happened Lyn should just say yes and not talk about any details. 
The call came at 2.30. “It’s almost as planned. Though I am afraid he did not agree with three dozen, he wants 42 strokes. He said if her bum can’t take any more use her back and ribs. Also it has to be for 75 minutes. As part of the deal he wants you to make her take a stimulant capsule. Our drivers take them illegally to stay awake on long shifts. For this purpose he says it will stop her from passing out and make her more alert and feel the pain more acutely. I think he is drooling over the picture of Samantha stretched out throwing herself around in agony, like we were saying.” “OK Lyn, I will tell Samantha and she will call you back. I will get her to say yes. Remember, when she calls don’t talk about the details. I need to break that to her slowly. And I will find a way to get her to take the medicine.” “Oh, one other thing” added Lyn. “Make the evidence good, really good. Make it quite clear about how much she is suffering. He would like to hear that she got fucked. See what you can do”.
Sarah called in Samantha and told her. She said she would explain all the stipulated punishment but only got as far as mentioning the 42 strokes on the bare bottom before Samantha said, “Sarah, don’t tell me any more. I am going to lie down and take this, whatever it is that I have coming, however bad it is. I have to, it is the only choice. I don’t want to know the details because I might get so frightened I will back out. I need to do this, even though it is not fair that I have to. It is the best I can do for me and for you and a lot of other people. It was my fault and I will suffer for it. The thought that a few days later my life will be back to normal is what I focus on.” Sarah nodded. This was far easier than she had thought. ‘You are being very brave Samantha. I need you to ring Lyn and tell her you agree. Just say that you do. You don’t have to talk to her.” “OK”  “Take off whatever time you want between now and you know, and afterwards take at least a week. We will tell people you have 2 weeks off.”
Chapter. The mental agony
Frank was in his office when the call was put through. “Hello Frank, this is Sarah. Could I
come in and see you about a matter late this afternoon?” They agreed on 6pm and Frank thought that yet another parent was going to complain about changes to the school uniform. 
Sarah knew where to go, found his open office door, knocked and walked in and ominously shut the door behind her. “Ah, is this not about the school uniform?.” “Sit down Frank. This is going to stun you. We need your help on a very important and sensitive matter.” “Shoot Sarah, anything I can do” he said having no idea how the next 5 minutes would shock and astound him. Sarah’s approach was that they all needed his help, she and Bill did and Samantha did. She did not tell him the business background though that was obviously very serious and she stressed the confidentiality.
Frank really looked stunned. “Well I hear what your saying. Let me think about it. I suppose in principle I agree but it is all based on her convincing me that she comes to this willingly and so to speak that it is for her own good. I’ll ring you tonight or tomorrow morning.” “OK Frank. Oh by the way how long is the severe cane?” He replied it was about 30 inches and when she looked doubtful he said he had a longer one at home from his previous school that was about 34 inches. She nodded. “That one would do. Also if you will do this for us start thinking about the practical details. We have to get this done quickly.”
Frank’s concentration was shattered. She had said 42 strokes, bum and possibly back, pain for 75 minutes. He locked up his office and went home. He had been trying to think of a way to get to talk to Samantha again and see more of her but could not quite get himself to do it. After what Sarah was talking about she would never want to see him again. By the time he walked through his front door the thought of Samantha stretched out, screaming with the pain from just the first few welts across her bum had taken over his mind, not to mention his dick. She would have to agree to take her clothes off. Her nude, getting it on the bare bum would be great. It had only taken him only half the 20 minutes on the way home to conclude that he would do it and do it very hard indeed just like Sarah wanted it. He thought he would wait till half past seven to ring Sarah so that he did not show unseemly haste. In the meantime he could consider the possible details.
His cellar was perfect, almost completely sound proof. He had his wine collection down there and workshop stuff. He had checked the noise once when concerned about disturbing the neighbors when using a terribly loud grinder that needed heavy ear muffs late at night. That and even really loud music and screeching songs could not be heard outside unless you held your ear against the one small thick glass window. So she would not have to be gagged, they could let her scream and beg. His cock stiffened so much it was painful. He looked around. There was quite a choice of things to fix her to, the coffee table and arm chair at the wine end and in the workshop end the saw horse, heavy wooden stool and a work bench against the wall. He got the cane out from the back corner of the cupboard. He slashed it down across the back of the armchair. That’s how it would sound. His mind pictured all the details of Samantha he could remember. Very pretty face with a beautiful smile, well shaped body with modest breasts though it was hard to be sure, a good waist with just a touch of too much weight and a very round bottom. That night wearing a rather short skirt she had shown smoothly rounded but quite muscular thighs. She looked strong which was good for her beating. Gawd, she would look good naked and stretched out over the saw horse and the bench or stool. Her breasts dangling underneath and flying around as she flung herself around with the pain of each stroke. He could feel the vibration of the cane biting into her bottom. He was actually quite shocked at his reaction, at how he turned so cruel at the prospect of having Samantha naked and in his power. 
Sarah had only mentioned 42 strokes on the buttocks, thighs and back. He thought some more about her body bent over the saw horse, legs fastened down, arms forward maybe onto the stool which would put her head a bit lower than her bum, giving great access to her rear, back and sides. Hips on the horse, he could have her lifted up a few inches with a cushion or something, making her back slope downwards a little more. Should her legs be spread or together, either way he thought with her bum up in the air like that she would show her puss out the back when she kicked and contorted.  The head and shoulders on the stool, hands tied somehow to its front. The cane could go across or along her back. Of course he would have to obey Sarah and he did not know what she would allow. The caning would not take the full 75 minutes. She must have something else in mind.
He rang Sarah and said he would do it. It was Wednesday, two nights later on Friday would be best. She agreed. He then explained that he needed Samantha to put in writing that she agreed to take this of her own free will. He wanted to talk to her and make sure. Then, on Friday he would pick her up at say 7.30 and show her what would happen in the cellar. If she still agreed she could use the spare bedroom to take off her clothes and put on a gown. Her walking into the cellar naked would be the last evidence needed to show it was voluntary. Sarah should arrive at 8 pm. “That’s good thinking Frank. When you talk to her don’t frighten her unnecessarily with details. She knows about the 42 strokes and being tied down. Just keep to that. After you have spoken to her tomorrow I want you to show me the set up”. He understood and agreed. “I’ll give you a ring and you can come around”. Sarah would let her know to expect a call from him tomorrow afternoon to arrange to speak with her.
Next morning Samantha came in to work late and went straight to see Sarah. “Are you still going to do it?” Samantha nodded. “Well Samantha I have arranged for Frank Evans to do the caning. He will do it well and has enough experience so we don’t have to worry about you getting any damage we don’t want.” Frank, Oh Gawd thought Samantha. But it made sense, he obviously knows about using a cane. She had wanted to see him again but not like this. It took her a little while to say that she agreed to have Frank do the canning. “Well, he wants to speak to you tonight Samantha, he want to hear from you that you are doing this voluntarily. He will ring your mobile this afternoon to arrange it. One other thing Samantha. I am going to be there. Bartholomew says I have to guarantee to him that it was done properly” Samantha nodded and went out. Sarah would see her and watch her bare bum getting striped. Gawd oh Gawd, why had she ever gotten herself into this. 
At about 5 her phone rang. “Hello, This is Frank. You know why I am ringing. Could I come and see you to discuss this at 7.” She said yes and gave him her address and hung up. What will he want. Will he want to touch her. Frank then rang Sarah and told her. She would come to his place afterwards at half past eight to consider the details with him.
Samantha opened the door for Frank and they sat down at the kitchen table. “I am sorry we have to meet again under these circumstances, Samantha. I would have wished for something nicer.” She nodded, she felt quite calm at the moment. “I will say what has to be said and get your response and I will go. Samantha, to do this I want a hand written letter from you saying you have agreed of your own free will to take the punishment. That you will take your clothes off for the punishment. I have been asked to give you 42 strokes. The letter and voluntarily coming nude to be punished will show that you have not been forced. As for the rest.....” and he skipped over the painful facts quickly. “Just a moment I will write it now” She got a sheet of paper out of her printer and sat down again. She wrote:
‘I have willingly agreed to present myself at the house of Frank Evans and to submit myself to corporal punishment as organised by Sarah and I agree to fully take whatever this involves. The punishment will take place in the cellar of the house. The punishment will include 42 strokes with a cane given by Frank Evans. I will present myself naked for punishment and I expect to be tied down. I will be shown the details before my final agreement. I understand that when I lie down to be tied the decision becomes irrevocable and the punishment will proceed.’
Signed and dated, Samantha Kerry
“Samantha, I will come and pick you up tomorrow night at 7.30. When we get there I will first show you the cellar and the cane. If you then still decide to go ahead there is a spare bed room, you can take off your clothes and put on a gown. Afterwards I can bring you home or if you want to, you can stay in the spare room, either lock yourself in or I can help look after you. It has an en-suite. You may feel too bad to want to go in the car and be better off being looked after. It will be up to you.” She nodded not trusting herself to speak. While her head was down he could not help but give her an appraising look. Definitely a very nice body, not too thin so the cane would have something to land on. When she stood up in tight jeans the round bum stood out, definitely good for many strokes straight across let alone angled. The breasts definitely looked good, plump but not all that big and he would soon see how much they sagged when hanging down. He took the letter and left to go. In the hallway was a squash racquet, so that’s how she trimmed up. 
Behind him Samantha sobbed with fear, frustration and shame. Sarah would see her naked. Maybe she would tell Frank which bits of her to hit and to do it harder. Samantha calmed down a bit. Perhaps it was better to have a woman there. Her thoughts were turning morbid. She went into her bedroom, stared at herself in the mirror for a long minute and then suddenly started taking off her clothes. Sandals, jeans got wriggled out of, pants, top and bra. As they came free she rubbed her hands over her breasts. She was always pleased at how they stood out and not too large like some poor women had to put up with. She could not help but look herself over, this is what they would see. At least she looked OK. She had always wished her bum was not so big and round, now they were going to make use of it, the only thing a big bum was good for she thought grimly. On the spur of the moment she stood at the foot of her bed. It had a rail a foot higher than the mattress. She bent over and laid herself down. They would have her somehow like this or maybe bent and tied to a table. Her hands moved back and felt the smooth and beautiful curves of her bottom, that’s where it would hurt and it would not look beautiful afterwards.
Frank drove home and half an hour later Sarah came. He took her down to the cellar and showed her his idea. The saw horse had now got a thin sand bag taped on top giving a nice firm and rounded surface 6 inches higher than before. She would lie across it with her bottom on the highest point. Two seat belts he had bought from a car wrecker were fixed to the horse. One set near the bottom of the 2 legs towards the stool, the other set half way down the legs on the other side.  “This pair goes over the small of her back just above the bum and holds her down on the horse and stool. It wont get in the way much of any stroke along her back either. The other one goes behind her knees, trapping her legs and making it quite impossible to get up.” Sarah approved. “Now I thought she would look best if we just had her head and shoulders on the stool, leave her breasts hanging free.” “That’s good and actually it is necessary” said Sarah without explaining why. “But Frank, have the stool close to the horse at first. It might make her feel too insecure if she sees that she is going to be stretched out. Let her think her whole front will be on the stool. Then you can pull it out after you have got the belts fastened and she is committed. I like the belt idea, quick to fasten and so adjustable. How will her hands end up?”. Frank had not really worked that out. “Let me try it Frank.” and she hopped over the horse and lay down over the stool. In a flash Franks fastened the belts and pulled them tight to lock her in place. “Don’t you dare, undo me”. “Just making it realistic Sarah. Now I’ll pull the stool forward. What do you think.” Automatically as the support was pulled forward Sarah crossed her fore arms to get more secure. “Thats it Sarah. Give me your wrists.” He had picked up two strips of torn sheet, quite strong, and tied one to each wrist. “No rope chafing you see” Then before she realised he pulled her wrists forward until her elbows were level with her ears and tied the strips onto the crossbar on the stool legs. He picked up a cushion and stuffed it between her arms, under her face. “Comfy, how much can you move.?” “Frank that’s dreadful, I feel so exposed. Now undo me.” She did manage to prop up on her arms and lift her shoulders above the stool but that was all. Her bum was locked in place though that depended on how he tightened the belts. Frank noticed her tits were nearly 6 inches clear of the stool. He picked up the cane, “Now lets make this even more realistic. How about a sample.” He swung it wickedly, swishing through the air. She shrieked “Don’t you dare. Let me up. Damn you Frank.” He swung the cane twice into the armchair seat. “No Frank, NO, NO.” Sarah shrieked at the sound and nearly panicked. Then he grinned and untied her. “That was a good test. You were totally stuck.” 
She recovered quickly. “Let me see the cane.” He handed her the cane to examine. Sarah swished it back and forth flicking her wrist, making a keen whistling noise. “Nice and long and flexible. A good thickness. Should hurt really well on her bare fat bottom. I see you oil it. Its got good flex for following the curves. Frank, I know a bit about canes. I want to do one other thing with it. I want to suck hot water up through the rattan. It will make it heavier, increase the flex and that will all make it hurt quite a lot more. The bruises will go deeper and she will be in pain for at least an extra day, quite apart from screaming more loudly on the night”. “Christ Sarah, I am not having anything to do with that. There is a basin with a hot water tap on the wall”. Sarah went straight to turn on the hot tap and put the plug in. She dipped the business end of the cane into the basin and put the handle end to her mouth and sucked. Frank shook his head. Her head snap back as she got some dirty water and she spat in the basin. “Now wrap it in a wet towel and some plastic. By tomorrow night it will be really vicious.” She also told him that to complete the 75 minute pain contract she had decided that hurting her breasts would be the easiest and best thing to do but had not worked out what exactly. He would have to follow her instructions. She also said that before the caning started she would explain all the details to Samantha to make her panic before she even got hurt. “I’ll frighten the wits out of her”. She told him about the photos and tape recorder. All that would persuade Bartholomew that Samantha had suffered really badly.
“Oh, one other thing Frank. When she gets here get her to take this capsule, it’s from Bartholomew. He says it will stop her from passing out and make her more aware of the pain. Hurt more without needing to risk serious damage.” With everything settled she went home. Once on the car she hugged herself, pressed her crotch and shivered at the fear she had felt when Frank had tied her down and hit the chair. This was going to be better than she had hoped.
The next day passed uneventfully for all of them. Samantha alternately wished it was already 7.30 or that it was not going to happen till next week. Sarah got a courier delivered parcel from Lyn. The note said, “have a practice go before you need to use it”. It was a small digital tape recorder, maximum continuous run time 3 hours. She read the booklet, no problem. It was perfect. It showed the minutes since being turned on and could be pause if she fainted. Frank went home early, had a light snack and waited till quarter past 7 and went to get her. When he pulled up in front of Samantha’s house the front door opened immediately and she got into the car. A loose skirt and blouse he noticed. “Lets go. I don’t want to wait around.”
Once they started moving she suddenly seemed to relax a bit and got more talkative. 
"I have to do it. I am frightened Frank, really frightened of being caned by you, how much it will hurt and the humiliation I am going to feel. Being naked in front of Sarah and you. What if you make me scream and beg. Having to be completely nude for you to do it and her to watch is really bad but I’m not going before the tribunal, is just impossible. I am clearly at fault and would probably never get a money controlling job again.” Frank also chatted about what would happen. Well, sort of mentioning a mild version, leaving out the bits that she would not have thought of herself, the bits that might make her run away. “Afterwards I will help you get over it as well as possible or just take you home, which ever you wish.” Worry about what would happen afterwards flashed through her mind but Samantha’s consciousness was all on the pain to come. She did not really think of herself as being at Frank’s mercy and it did not occur to her at that time that each new fact about what was to happen to her was making it look worse than she had imagined at the start. "Will you be doing it really hard?"
"I will have to do it hard. Sarah obviously knows about using a cane and I think she would love to do it herself. I intend to do it properly or you don’t know what she will report to Mr Bartholomew and what he will do if not satisfied. She is taking this very seriously. She wants to make sure your suffering is adequate for him, be thankful they have not agreed to let him come and watch. Also Sarah will be counting strokes and that puts her in a powerful position to make me do it hard. I will not allow her to have you get more than 42 proper strokes.” Samantha did not understand why Sarah counting to 42 should be important or the reference to a ‘proper’ stroke but she did not ask. “When we get there I will show you the cellar and how you will be tied down. You have to be tied down you realise?” She nodded, she knew that she could never hold still for that sort of punishment. Anyway she had already agreed to that. “I will strap you down across a saw horse with your head and shoulders on a stout stool. It will place your bottom perfectly for the swing of the cane. Your hands will be fixed to the stool and a belt passed over your back to keep you in place. I also want you to take a tablet to help calm you down.” Again Samantha was so panicked and preoccupied that she did not see the whole picture. She did not give the tablet a second thought or think through what he had said or make any mental picture of what it would look like. “Up to the moment you bend over and are tied down you can change your mind and walk out. No one will hold or force you. But once I start to tie you down there will be no changing your mind.”  “I am going to go through with it Frank. There is no choice for me. I will lie down for you to cane me and I trust you to look after me so that apart from getting hurt nothing really bad happens.”
He nodded, barely able to conceal his lust for what he was about to do. “You don’t have to be gagged because the cellar is pretty sound proof. We can let you scream and howl. It will give me a good indication of how much the cane is getting through to you. Even if you beg and try and call it off, once you are tied down you cant stop it anymore. You will get the full 42. I think Sarah will enjoy hearing you howl and scream and beg as well as looking after Bartholomew’s interests. You have to realise Samantha, you will react, the caning will really get to you. You wont be able to control your voice or movements. Here we are."
Chapter 4. Understanding Sarah’s betrayal - the mental agony
He took her down into the cellar. She thought it was surprisingly large. The lights were very bright. One end had shelves with wine bottles against the wall and the rest was a storeroom and workshop. There was a comfortable low arm chair and a heavy solid timber coffee table for wine tasting no doubt, a solid looking work bench against a wall and a builders saw horse standing in the middle of the open space. That was what he had said she would be tied to, bent over and held by the seat belts and her front on the heavy stool standing next to it. Her bottom would be on top of the saw horse, lying on that bag to lift it up for better punishment. He told her that at that height the swing of the cane could come straight down on her skin. That way it would hurt more than if he had to apply half horizontal strokes. She sort of nodded, her mind in a daze. It made sense that if they were going to do it to her she should be tied down so that the caning could take place in the proper way. Hurting her badly was part of that. She knew she had agreed to this it was just that she had not thought of these details. She would rather have something tying her down than Sarah holding her down. She shuddered. In the same daze she took the tablet that Frank held out and swallowed it with water from a cup.
From the wet towel in the cupboard Frank fetched the cane to show her what he would use. "Hold it if you like". Samantha shook her head and refused to touch it so she did not notice that it was wet. The cane was one of the smooth rattan ones, solid looking, about three feet long with six inches bound in a leather grip at one end. It was about as thick as her middle finger, half an inch or so. Samantha had only ever seen a cane at school, once in particular when she was a senior prefect. A teacher had called on her to take three junior boys from her class to the office for some serious offence. The headmaster had told her to wait and take the boys back afterwards. She had watched them get 2 across each hand. Now it was herself looking at the cane and thinking that this one looked a lot thicker and particularly vicious. 
Frank saw her eyes stare. “Yes, its a better cane than the ones issued at school. Its nearly 3 foot long, quite a bit thicker and has excellent whip. Designed to hurt seriously I am afraid. I have never used a cane on a bare bottom before. It is going to hurt you more than when I cane at school, quite apart from the fact that Sarah will make me do it harder than I do there”. Samantha sobbed, started crying and had to wiped tears from her eyes. “Please Frank, don’t hit really hard, promise me please, please, I know you have to punish me and I promise to lie down for you to do it but please don’t make it really hard, you could wreck me completely with all those strokes”. “Samantha, this will only be as hard as she makes me do it. It’s the only way to keep Bartholomew quiet.” He was not being quite truthful. He was being overcome with an intensely vicious feeling about the imminent prospect of caning Samantha on the bare bottom. He could not help himself. The picture of her strapped down on the saw horse and chair with her breasts swinging free, helpless, the feeling of the cane, the bare bottom presented for him to stripe, her writhing and pleas and her begging. He could feel the rod in his hand, ready to inflict agony again and again. He knew he could control the cane to a fine degree. He could make it hurt far more than normal and he knew that he was going to do exactly that. Samantha was beautiful and he liked her very much, very much indeed but he had already decided to thrash her mercilessly. These where feelings of power and sex, making her feel ‘wrecked’ was just the expected outcome. 
He said "Samantha, its time to get ready. I will take you to the spare room. Go to the toilet and then undress and put on the gown.  As we agreed you have to have come for the punishment nude to signify that you came here of your own free will and that you agreed to be caned." Samantha still wasn't keen on the nude idea but he had warned her. He would see her. The thought of Sarah looking her over made her skin creep. However, in her stress induced half trance she thought he might be right. She had no resistance to any of his suggestion and so she went off to the bedroom.
Sarah arrived. Samantha was still in the bedroom. "Where is she?"
" She is getting ready, taking her clothes off and putting on a gown. She will be here in a minute or two. She is sort of in a trance. She is frightened out of her wits and is not thinking at all. She just accepts everything. She took the tablet, she looked at the saw horse and chair and did not object to the humiliating position or to the sand bag so that her bottom will be at the perfect height for the cane" he said. “That’s good about the tablet. I want her at full attention focused on what is happening to her and what every moment feels like.” Frank nodded and they both went down stairs. 
The saw horse was standing just in front of the stool. “That’s just right Frank, let her think her whole front will be on the stool.”  “Like you said, I will pull the stool away after her bottom and legs are fixed. Looking at you in that position yesterday I am sure her breasts will hang free.” “Don’t you dare mention that again” retorted Sarah with mock ferocity. 
Frank went on, “Plenty of room to swing the cane and I can hit across her from either side. This will help make her feel it better” he added patting the small sand bag some 4 inches high across the 5’’ timber that made the top of the horse. “Here is the cane. Feel its weight and flex now that its soaked  through.” He handed her the cane to examine. She swished it several times, “Thats great Frank. Just how I imagined. Go and get her. She should be here by now.” 
Frank found Samantha sitting on the edge of the bed in her gown, head in her hands, softly sobbing, shoulders shaking a little, eyes already red with tears running down her cheeks. Frank looked at her for a few moments. His eyes were caught by the top of her bare breasts showing through the slightly open gown. Her heap of clothing lay on the bed with her bra on top. His breathing was shallow and excited. He then grabbed a thick towel from a draw, took her hand and with a half strangled “Come on, its time” he led her slowly down the stairs. Sarah was sitting in the arm chair holding the cane. She started the recorder when she heard them coming down the stairs.
He showed Samantha the saw horse again and placed her at one side opposite the stool saying softly, "Samantha, you know what is going to happen to you and you have accepted it. You will get 42 good strokes. You have seen the cane. You have taken your clothes off. That means you agree to take the punishment. This is your last chance to change your mind. It could be over in a little while but if you decide not to go through with it now, then you can go back upstairs and dress and I will drive you home. If you have decided to take the punishment then take the gown off and bend over the sand bag and lie yourself on the stool." 
At first Samantha did not move. Then Sarah said quietly, "You know the alternative." Samantha stared at her, gulped, took a deep breath, wiped her tears on the sleeve and allowed the gown to fall open. She slipped it off and turned to put it over the bench against the wall. Both Sarah and Frank stared at her body. A full and slightly plump body. She could take the cane in several different places thought Sarah. Those round breasts sticking out like that looked just right for what she wanted to do to them. Samantha made no attempt to cover herself, she felt a greater need to wipe away more tears. The first look at her body was something Frank would never forget. Her breasts were a round shape, not so big but the tips were a good 4 inches from her chest. At the front, large pink aureoles covered the blunt rounded ends, sort of sitting on their own little pedestals of pouting breast with small pink nipples pointing slightly upwards. Two big handfuls, jutting slightly down and out, not sagging. Her stomach just had a bit too much swell for her age. The dark triangular bush was neatly trimmed. Her bottom was round, firmly muscled and smooth, a distinct crease separating the curves from the top of well shaped thighs with good muscle tone. At that moment they both saw Samantha just as a body ready for them to hurt. Sarah lifted her camera and got a good front shot. 
Samantha was staring at the horse not knowing what to do. “Stand up against it, put your bottom over the top” Frank said. She stood hard against the side of the horse. Another nice shot. She then bent her hips over and squashed her breasts down on the stool with her head and hands hanging over the far side. Frank quickly clipped the seat belt over the small of her back and tightened it. Then the other belt, tight across behind her knees pushing her thighs forward a little. The effect was as if she was on her hands and knees with her head down and shoulders on the floor except that over the saw horse her bum was available at a better height. At that point she could not have gotten up and they could easily have caned her without being fixed to the stool. However, he tied the cloth strips around each wrist and loosely to the bottom of the stool legs. Then he stood in front of her and grabbed the stool on both sides. “Arch your back up a bit Samantha while I adjust the stool” She did and in a swift movement he dragged it forward. As the back edge moved past her breasts they pointed straight down.  He quickly tied the hands firmly. “No, NOOOHHHH what are you doing. I don’t want to be held like this. Put the stool back under me please.” But all he did was put the folded towel below her face and neck so she would not get bruised there when she was throwing herself around.
"You've made your decision Samantha. However much you plead or beg won't make any difference now. You are now going to get 42 of the best strokes I can give you with this severe cane. I am going to thrash you really hard. You can scream at the top of your voice and no one will hear you. We wont mind listening to you squeal. I know I will make you hurt and hurt like hell. Now get ready for the first one." Samantha sobbed. She seemed to think saying “Please please” would make a difference.
“Before you start Frank I want to make sure Samantha understands what is happening to her. This is going to take a few minutes before the official time count starts. Give the tablet a chance to start working. I want her to know in advance what will happen and she can anticipate it in full. Samantha, you know that the outline of your punishment has been set by Mr Bartholomew.  In return for you having received adequate corporal punishment, he will sign the letter that guarantees your mistake will never be mentioned again and he will consider you have fully paid. He will offer to have you manage his funds as in the past. So that part of our agreement meets your requirement to save your carrier and your job.” Apart from being really serious Sarah was going to put on a good show for Bartholomew to hear on the recorder.
She went and stood beside Samantha’s head. “Samantha, you have a beautiful body and we are going to use it to cause you the most incredible pain, more pain than you have ever imagined possible.” She took a step and reached forward to pat the right bottom cheek and ran her hand down to mid thigh. “Here on your bottom and thighs”. Samantha shrieked in panic, “Don’t touch me Sarah. You can’t touch me. Nooohhhhh, Nooohhhhh please don’t” as Sarah ran her fingers onto the left thigh and up past her cleft to the left cheek which got a couple of light smacks. “That’s where the cane is going to start, there and maybe a few along your back here” as she slid her hand slowly from the bottom to the shoulders. “But that’s not going to be enough Samantha. There is also going to be some nice unbearable pain here in these beautiful round breasts of yours” Sarah’s hand slid down and cupped the left breast. “Don’t touch my breasts. Please don’t hurt me there. Noooohhhh, Oh god no, please Oh please Noooohh Nooohhhh, Oh please don’t do that. Just cane me”, as Sarah rubbed her finger nails over the aureole that capped the ends and scratched lightly at the little nipple that had become rigid with fright. She gave the breast a light slap and went on. “He has insisted that I will be responsible for the quality of your punishment. I have a sort of verbal contract to ensure the severity which I will explain to you now. I intend to do that job particularly well.”
She stepped back a bit. “You asked me not to tell you exactly what was going to happen when I spoke to you 2 days ago so that you would not get too frightened and back out. But now that you are tied down you have to hear all the details. Your punishment will go on for 75 minutes. You will get 42 strokes of the cane. That will be done nice and slowly but I doubt if the caning can be made to last more than 50 minutes even with a couple of minutes for a rest so you recover your strength and stay fully alert. So that left me with the problem of what to do to fill in the rest of the time. One of Bartholomew’s conditions is that your breasts have to be included in your punishment”. 
“To help me decide how to do that I found a web site and downloaded a few pages that explain a lot of possibilities, it is called ‘Corporal punishment for women. There was a section for men too. The title caught my eye and it proved ideal for this purpose. There were useful hints on how to make a cane hurt more than usual which I have passed on to Frank. The book has several sections, on things which I decided not to use such as the soles of your feet, where incidentally it recommends a piece of garden hose rather than the cane. Also the cane on your finger tips and your arm pits of all things. There are also special little methods for using parts of you I wont mention because I do not want to embarrass Frank but they did seem to have delightful possibilities. Out of all of that I have decided that whatever time is left after the caning will be used to hurt your breasts by....” Samantha had remained fairly quiet but now she screamed. “Ohhh Pleasssseeeee don’t do anything to my breasts, pleassssssseee. Please Frank don’t let her. Please don’t. I beg you. Oh god, I beg you.” But Sarah simply stepped forward again and took the left breast in both hands. “As the book explains breasts are ideal for punishment. Yours look perfect for that purpose sticking down there all exposed for squeezing and the cane, yes squeezed really hard.” and she gave a quick light squeeze. “It says breasts hurt so much when some quite simple and harmless things are done to them that you can keep on doing it for hours. Though we don’t have that much time. Apparently one breast at a time will make you feel all the pain you can stand and when we finish with that one there is the other, in pristine condition, waiting to take its turn at bringing you unimaginable agony.” At this Samantha lost it, she babbled like she had already been hurt. 
“So Samantha, when its time to start on your breasts we will give you10 minutes of crushing, twisting and pulling, generally one of your tits at a time but just for interest sake, every now and then we will do both together. You will then deserve a couple of minutes of rest. After that we will use the cane on your breasts.” Frank raised his arm and started to protest. “Don’t worry Frank, its will be nothing like your strokes. In fact Samantha, I am going to use it to Tap, Tap, Tap your breast just as lightly as this” and she tapped the cane rapidly into her own hand a few times. “On your left breast there, hanging down so nicely just right for the cane to hit across the underside.” said Sarah, stepping up to the left side of Samantha’s head. She reached down and held the breast with her left hand while running the tips of two fingernails diagonally from the outside edge across the under curve to the far side. “There, could you feel my nails across your titty, that’s where the cane will go. I will Tap you every couple of seconds. Now I am not sure what that will feel like but what the book says is that at first it wont even hurt. By the time you get to 20 or 30 though, the little bit of pain you get with each Tap begins to build up and up. By 50 its real agony and it quickly gets even worse and worse so that you think each tap hurts more than any of the hard strokes across your bum. But really the Taps are so light they don’t damage you at all. That means I can keep on tapping you for as long as we have time. The book says if this is kept up more than 3 or 4 minutes it causes the most extreme pain because of the way all the little shock waves from the Taps build up and stimulate every single nerve ending in your whole breast flesh, interesting Ehh?. They say 5 or 6 minutes are all a woman can stand and that it’s best on firm small or middle sized breasts just like yours, rather than on big floppy ones. We will see how well that really works. We should have more than 6 minutes, perhaps up to 10 minutes for you to feel it properly.” and Sarah ran her fingers over the back of the left breast again, dragging her nails up and down and around the blunt end brushing lightly over the nipple. “Apparently the nipple here” she said rolling it gently between her finger and thumb, “also joins in causing you pain even though it won’t have been touched. Isn’t that all so interesting.” At first Frank felt sorry for Samantha and thought Sarah had gone off her head. But by half way through the description he moved to Samantha’s right side and held that breast. It was firm, good solid flesh and the nipple felt delightful. His erection hurt even though he had positioned it for the best comfort.   
Samantha was bawling her eyes out and pleading, begging not to have those things done to her. Sarah was pleased with the effect, her moaning would come over well on the tape. “Now Samantha, to get back to telling you about your caning. I am the one to decide how hard the strokes have to be and where they will go. I want Frank to hurt you a lot more and for it to last a lot longer than you thought. Frank, if I think one of your strokes was not hard enough, I will tell you to repeat it. And I mean immediately, no point in wasting time on extras.” That was news to Frank and Samantha howled just at the thought. How many extras would she end up with. Suddenly Samantha was beginning to see things more clearly, now that it was too late. Sarah was inventing new rules to hurt her more. Sarah was enjoying it and was going to enjoy her suffering and her howling.
Sarah knew that the best she could do was to get the strokes applied really hard right from the start, get at least 4 or 5 doubled up and have a long pause in between strokes to make the agony last a lot longer. She could tell she had been right about Frank. She had seen him reach for Samantha’s breast. He would do as she told him quite apart from enjoying it himself. 
“I want you to get really thrashed Samantha. Now you are fully committed I can explain the details you did not want to know the other day. I want to make sure that the cane makes you experience as much pain as possible with each stroke but it must not cut or tear your skin. Frank, you will swing the cane as hard as you can. Stand well back, I want to see the tip 12 inches or so strike across her bottom. The tip is the part that moves fastest and will hurt the most. Use your body movement, arm and wrist together to make the maximum amount of impact. You will do this with every stroke, right from the very first. You must hit straight down and do not follow through because while that would make it hurt delightfully more it also tears the skin and we don’t want that to happen any more than can be helped. You will give Samantha a good break in between strokes so she has time to really appreciate how much each one hurts and to think about the next one.” Samantha could not believe what she was hearing. How she had let herself be led into being tied down and let Sarah do with her what she likes. She pulled against her tied arms but to no avail. Then she begged. “Oh god Sarah, please no, don’t have him do it like that, please no, no, nooohhhhhh. Don’t have me hurt that much. You never said you would get it done like this. You’re just being too cruel. Please don’t hurt my breast. Please just make him give me strokes like at school.” Sarah ignored her. “Give her some light taps and press the cane down each time so she knows exactly where it’s going to hurt. We have plenty of time, Frank. Samantha will be seriously disappoinFrank I assure you, if the canning takes less than 50 minutes because that would give us so much time on both her breasts.”  
Samantha was now really panicking, she kept on pleading “Please Sarah, don’t do this to me, you will destroy me”. “No it won’t Samantha but after a little while you will feel like each stroke is destroying you. In fact I want you to feel like you are being totally wrecked. Like you will end up a broken, demented screaming body but you will survive the caning and what will happen to your breasts. You are going to hurt for the next few days which will be really good for you. I want revenge for what you did and I am going to insist on your thrashing being every bit as hard as I have said.”
“ Frank, put the first dozen straight across her bottom and thighs. There should be room, she has got a big fat bum and you can easily go several inches down her thighs. The second dozen will crisscross the first 12 welts. When that happens Samantha, you will really hear the angles singing in hell and there will be a bit of blood here and there.” Samantha screamed in despair, she begged and begged, her bottom clenched and her whole body shook in mid air between the horse and stool. Frank thought her breasts giggled delightfully. Tears streamed down her face in anticipation of what was about to be done to her. Just listening to this had made her lose control. Frank could hardly breath.  Sarah went on. “With this cane a good stroke will leave a welt that will become nearly an inch wide so you can work out the need to put strokes on top of each other for yourself. Think about how that’s going to feel.” Samantha screeched and sobbed “Please Noohhhhhh, please. I did not know it was going to be like this. I don’t want to do it, I want to go home. You have to let me go. Its not fair to do it like your saying”. “Too late for that Samantha. You’re going to get it. Don’t ever endanger our company again. Anyway so that your bum does not get too many skin breaks some of the third dozen may go on your back. Straight up and down on either side of your backbone. On the right hand side, Frank, you should be able to put a couple on her side, onto the ribs, from the armpit to her waist.” More and more howling from Samantha. 
“Just so that you know, I have soaked the cane in water to make it heavier and hurt you more. Its a trick I read about in that book and it said the effect is quite spectacular. You are going to feel it and we will see and hear the result. The wet cane is heavier and more flexible. It will hurt more deeply so it will take you a couple of days longer to recover. The book recommends wet canes only for the most severe beatings”. 
Sarah patted Samantha’s face, patted her shoulder and then her hand followed the contour of the draped body, over the swelling side of the left breast, the small of the back and over the white smooth bottom to the back of her sex tucked between the thighs. This time she tapped the lips a few times with her finger tips. “Maybe the cane can touch you here”. Completely panicked Samantha howled. Frank could not believe it but he was hooked on delivering the pain. 
Sarah had one shot left to fire. “Samantha, when I think you might be suffering too much I will give you some respite by asking Frank to fuck you.” The response was instantaneous. “No, NNNOOOOhhhhhhhhh Sarah, I don’t want to be raped. You can’t do that. Its rape. Please don’t, please don’t.” She blubbered and cried and only just heard Frank say, “No Sarah, that is going too far. I am here to punish her not to rape her. I will not do that.” Dam thought Sarah, she should have warned him to keep quiet. He did not have to do it though looking at his bulging cock she could not understand why he was not already up Samantha so that he could be more comfortable. Excited as she was Sarah’s mind worked quickly. “Well Samantha, you are lucky that he is so nice to you. Anyway, if you find the pain just a bit too much for you I suggest you get it to stop by begging him to fuck you, he might do it for you if you ask nicely enough. You are in a perfect position after all. So just remember when it hurts more than you can bear ask Frank to stop for a fuck.” All of this made Samantha blubber even more. She was already a wreck before the first stroke went on. “Frank, now that her hands are tied loosen the belts. I am sure she will want to wriggle once it hurts”. 
Chapter. The real agony
“Now Frank, no hurry but you can start whenever you like. I will turn the timer to 75 minutes with the crack of the first stroke. Remember” she said turning more to Samantha so she would be sure to hear, “any stroke I deem not hard enough I will tell you to repeat immediately, right on top of the previous stroke. That will produce a monster welt every time it happens and hurt much more than if you had done it properly the first time. You will remember any doubled up ones particularly well Samantha. I will keep count. So” said Sarah with a laugh “my advice to you Samantha is to beg Frank to hit you as hard as possible so I do not have to get him to double up on too many of your strokes”. Samantha’s mind was shredded. She shrieked “Nooohhhh, Nooohhhh. Please Frank don’t do it so hard, pleeeaaaaassee, please. Please let me go. I want to go home” and she broke down into more hysterical sobbing. “OK Frank, give her the first dozen.”
Positioning herself so she could see the delivery and effect of every stroke Sarah waited breathlessly for the canning to start. She stood almost level with Frank but to the right side of Samantha’s body. The impact of the cane would be 4 foot away, there was a good view along the girl’s side. So when her body arched in agony, as Sarah was sure it would, she would see the tensed muscles and her breasts flying all over the place. She would take lots of great photos. Her camera was set to a really fast speed and to take 6 frames a second. So for the action shots one of each set should absolutely perfectly capture the lightening fast image of the cane on Samantha’s hide.
Frank flicked the cane through the air. Samantha clenched her buttocks and gasped a strangled Nooohhhh in anticipation but the stroke did not come just yet. He did it a couple more times to build up her anticipation. “Please, please don’t make it go on so long, just get it over with”. Frank thought Samantha must have forgotten what was going to come. He felt the difference in swing with the extra weight of the water. This was going to be really bad. He could not but help to stare at the dark triangle at the top of Samantha’s closed thighs that showed the back bit of her sex lips. He would take off her leg belt completely later on and she would give better views of her whole slit. The poor girl had no idea how much he was going to hurt her and make her body contort uncontrollably.
Samantha got worse by the second, she was bawling loudly in fear and anticipation of the pain. He had thought about how to place the strokes and was going to start in the middle and then go low. He tapped and pressed the cane firmly against the highest point of her bum. She clenched and wriggled, her legs shaking. He kept the cane pressing on her for a good 10 seconds. She whimpered fearfully. Then Thwiissshhhh, THWAAAAACKKKKKKK!! The cane swung just as Sarah had said it should. The end 12 inches bit deep into the luscious centre of the cheeks. A wave like ripple passed through the flesh of her bottom. There was an instant thin white line that rapidly turned dark red. Immediately Samantha let out a shrill squeal, totally surprised by the how much it hurt. “Oh god, It hurts, it hurts so much. Ohhh, Please, please Frank, please not so hard please. AAARRHhhhhhhh, NNnnnnooooooohh. Oh god oh god how much it hurts”. What little was left of her determination not to beg evaporated in one instant. The pain was far beyond what she expected and had steeled herself for. How could it hurt so much. It was not just as the cane whacked into her but the waves of pain that kept on coming. Frank was pleased with the response. The vibration of the cane in his hand had felt great. He had made it sink right in even though her cheeks were clenched and stretched tight. It was just the right stroke with which to start a total thrashing. Sarah said “There, I have set the timer. Only 75 minutes to go Samantha.”
Samantha kept on pleading and begging saying that she couldn't take it. Perhaps half a minute later she felt the press of the cane again, about two inches below the first
though she could not quite work out where it was.  Thwiiisshh THWAAAAACKKKK, the second one landed. Despite her clenched muscles her cheeks quivered on impact. Her body twitched and bucked, her buttocks clenched rigidly tight, her arms quivered as she strained against her bonds but only a stifled groan escaped from her mouth as she managed to control herself just a bit and gather some self respect. Sarah knew what was happening. She was not going to let Samantha get away with that. She wanted to have her broken straight away. Frank lifted the cane and tapped again, this time right on the crease between her cheeks and thighs, just at the back of her pussy lips. With the way her bum was propped up, even here he would be able to hit almost straight down on her. He kept her pleading for mercy for a while and then the cane came up behind his back and whacked into her exactly on the right line. On that softer skin the stroke sounded muted compared to the first two. This time her body bucked in the air two or three times, straining upwards for several seconds at a time. Arms and legs shook. Her teeth were clenched tight, her face grimaced. She kept a bit of control and only a sharp hiss escaped through her teeth.  When she dropped back down her toes drummed helplessly on the floor. This was the moment. Sarah told Frank the stroke had not been hard enough and to repeat it at once. Frank grinned. Samantha screamed “NNNooooohh, NNNoooohh Please NNoooohhh Sarah. It is not true. You’ve made a mistake. It really hurt, honestly, please it really hurt me, more than the others, it hurts terribly just there, there’s no need to repeat it, please, don’t do that to me, you don’t have to do that, please, please NNNooohhhhh. Don’t hurt me that much more.....”. The repeat stroke cut into her pleading, no warning and almost on the same bright red line, just at a slight angle. That really got her. Her bottom and legs bucked against the belts. All her self control vanished. Wild animal screams shrilled from Samantha, body bucking and head shaking, breasts flying. Unconsciously Sarah licked her lips as she took in the sight of the straining body, the breasts shaking backwards and forwards. Samantha’s head shook, her mouth wide open, still squealing pitifully. She had never imagined it could hurt so much. Her pain contorted face flashed into Sarah’s view again and again. The doubled stripe ran vividly across the white flesh. Samantha’s will was broken. From now on she would just suffer and scream.
Frank was now going to work up towards the first welt. Samantha pleaded and pleaded for mercy. Frank now took even more time to further slow and lengthen the process. He waited for the agonised struggles to slow down and for Samantha to hold her bottom almost still. Her legs continued to wriggle, her feet twisted over each other. The two earlier strokes and the repeated stroke in particular had turned vivid dark red with a purplish red centre and crimson edges. Swelling ridges were rising above the smooth curves of the white cheeks. 
To make it hurt more he was aiming to land the rod a little more on the near cheek. That applied more pressure and pain on that side than if he had landed the cane evenly. The natural flex, made much more vicious by the soaked up water, then flicked a dreadful contact onto the farther cheek with the tip of the cane just beyond the side of her buttock so that the skin would not get broken. Sarah had noticed and approved the perfect placement of the cane. Frank was good at this, he knew how to really hurt. The extra stroke had served its purpose but she would get some more just for fun, just when she was least expecting it. “Frank, loosen the belts a little”.
Frank was now tapping the rod a bit higher than the rapidly swelling double welt. To get Samantha’s attention he pressed it down firmly for what seemed a long while. Samantha shrieked and pleaded for mercy. “Please Sarah, please stop him, Oh stop him, please, please. Its hurting its hurting so much. I have had enough to punish me. I’m so afraid of what you are going to do to me. I won’t be able to stand any more, please, please”. Samantha recognised she would never be able to stand 10 let alone 40 odd. She would go berserk with the pain. She would go to pieces. She had to plead for mercy, there was nothing else to do. But there was no mercy coming. 
Thwiiiiissssh, THWAAAACKKKKK!! Another scream and incoherent words this time. Her legs twisted over each other, first one way then the other. Samantha had not realised that the pain would keep on getting worse like this, but it did, even between strokes. That did not stop her from babbled begging and pleading continuously. Sarah just loved to hear this, loved the gyrations of Samantha’s agonized body. With the belt loosened Samantha had stood on straightened legs this time, her bottom up as far as the waist tie would allow, her feet apart, her bum was gyrating and Frank was openly staring at her displayed sex. Samantha was not even aware of any of this. Her wild movements were involuntary as her body’s nerves tried to cope with the pain. She did register how long it took between strokes. She did not want them to come but every moment of waiting for the next one just increased her fear of the new stroke and its blazing agony. Why don’t they just get it over with.  When Frank tapped and pressed on the line of the next stroke Samantha’s reaction was blind fear and desperate panic.
Slowly Frank continued. He was actually surprised how much she was reacting. He was deliberately hitting as hard as he could but he thought it must be that the water soaking was making a big difference. The fourth was again just above the third, he would fit in 5 below the first one. This time after the initial screams Samantha howled insanely again and again. Tears just streamed down her face. She was sweating all over. Sarah was panting. Each impact of the cane burnt into her mind. She stared at the rising welts alongside the dark red lines.  She had taken 10 photos already. The rod each time seemed to dip into the flesh. Between the first few strokes Frank had paused for about 10 breaths, now he was taking a bit longer. Samantha’s body continued to convulse. Her tied hands and belt over her back kept her in place but her back and bottom arched up and down as she continued to howl. Again and again her breasts lifted as she straightened her arms, they swung around. Her face contorted in scream and pain. Her legs kicking up and down from the knees and sometimes scissoring as much as she could from the hips. Sarah had had no idea that it would hurt so much so quickly. It was much better than she had hoped.
Samantha must have been watching Frank because as he lifted his arm to tap her for the next one she screamed in anticipation. Sarah made a strangled gasping noise in anticipation of the thrill. Thwish ThwAAAACKKKKKK. That stroke was as good as he could do. He switched it down, half an inch higher on the bottom than the edge of the last welt. Samantha had gone wild, throwing herself about as much as the bonds allowed, shrieking, screaming and slowly settling down to desperate howling and begging. “Slow down Frank, give her time to appreciate how it feels. That was a good one, more like that” Frank waited now until Samantha’s bottom settled. The next was going to be near the top of her cheeks and then he would work back down. He loosened the leg belt some more. He tapped and pressed on the next line. He lifted his arm. Samantha screamed and sobbed piteously. He waited, drawing out the anticipation. He was doing everything he could to hurt her as much as possible. He had lost control. She screamed again waiting for the raised cane to fall. It took ages. Then he stepped forward as his body bent into the stroke, his arm flashed and wrist flicked. Totally frantic convulsions, screams roaring from Samantha’s mouth, the contorted body played in front of Sarah’s eyes. Her legs scissored wildly. The screams just kept on going, just pausing for a moment to gasp some new breath. In her brain the pain of each stroke was simply adding to the accumulating agony. The pain completely enveloped her, she had lost it all, she just screamed and howled. The pain never seemed to decrease. She hurt all through her body, not just on her burning bum. Two more on her bum and three high on her thighs finished the dozen. Sarah had made him repeat the first one across the top of the thighs. She had kicked and the cane had caught only the right thigh. He waited a moment so that Samantha’s legs had been stretched rigid in her reaction to the stroke and he cut the repeat into her. By the time the dozen plus two had been delivered she was twitching more than bucking, her screams and wails slurring. “Stop for a breather Frank.”
Sarah was enjoying the sight of Samantha suffering and knew she was going to be able to make it even worse. Frank knew that the dozen she had taken were far worse than anything he had ever given before yet nothing would make him be lenient with her. She was already clearly broken but he was feeling too hot. The poor creature was shaking and sobbing uncontrollably. She was already far beyond her limit with the strokes he had given her but that would not make any difference to what he would do next. 
“Well Frank that took just on 10 minutes. I suppose they will need to be slower as you go on. For the next dozen end up with 2 more high up on her thighs and 2 in the crease, right on top of the three she has already got there. Put the first 8 at an angle across her bottom so that each one crosses at least several of the welts from the first dozen on each cheek. Go over to her other side for 4 of those 8 so the tip of the cane comes down her left side. I want to see you really flick your wrist. She needs to scream a lot more for me to be satisfied. Got it?. Give her a rest for another minute and then do them nice and slowly so she can really feel how this next lot is worse. Anyway she will need extra rest in between strokes when you are crossing those welts.” 
Frank waited a bit more. Samantha quieted down to groaning whimpers in between chocking sobs. In the break Sarah ran her hand over Samantha’s bottom, lightly feeling the welts and pleased with the purple, blue black colour developing rapidly on the first strokes and more so on that doubled up second stroke. She wanted to pinch and poke but had just enough self control not to display her inner self completely. She did though move her hand along to Samantha’s breast, cup it and squeeze. Samantha babble, fearing pain in her breasts as much as from the next stroke on her bum. She was still wriggling and kicking her legs spasmodically, writhing and shaking her head in a futile attempt to get some easing of the throbbing agony. 
Sarah nodded to Frank “Time to give her the next lot. Remember this lot is to hurt a lot more”. Samantha’s body went rigid, her cheeks tensed and she screamed pitifully as she saw him move “Please not yet. No more. Please, please no more. You have hurt me so much already. Please nnnoooohhhhhh”. He released the leg belt completely. He picked the angle for the first diagonal stroke across the welted bum. She was really going to show her puss when she arched and kicked for this one. Frank tapped, adjusted his position, Samantha screamed for mercy as the cane rose. He waited for an eternity that gave her time for more screams and babbled begging, and then in a flash he made the cane rip through her body and senses. It was a great stroke exactly on the planned line, cutting across five of the swelling purple red lines. The top two on the near cheek and the lower three, including the doubled up welt, in the crease of the opposite cheek. The cane flattened the flesh and flexed down along the curve perfectly. After her rest she reacFrank with renewed and extreme vigour, in voice and bodily contortions. He did 4 diagonals from this side and then 4 from the other. He was just lining up a stoke on her thighs when Sarah reached forward and pointed to the doubled welt in the crease. He nodded. Two would go there first. He did his very best on each one. Samantha showed that she was still capable of greater reaction and shrill screaming whenever it hurt even more. There seemed to be no danger of her fainting so far. The time taken between strokes made her seem fully sensitive to each new one. Sarah was quite right about that. She was also right about the diagonal stroke lifting the poor girl to a new and higher plane of agony. With the help of the stimulant she had taken her nerves and brain were still fully alert. She registered each new throbbing wave of pain that swept through her whole body and dumped in her head. The last of the dozen he simply put across her thighs, high up on top of the earlier ones. Sarah was not satisfied because that one had crossed only one welt, “Not good enough. Double up on that.” Then she lent forward to inspect the skin closely for damage.
Sarah was hot, sopping wet in her crutch and gasping in her depth of enjoyment. Frank was little better. He was now totally devoted to reducing Samantha to a heap of screaming flesh. He knew he had 18 strokes left and guessed that Sarah would get at least a couple more doubled up. That would have nothing to do with how hard he hit in the first place. He did not even notice his bulging erection any more. He watched Samantha’s breasts, gyrating bottom, her slit with the flashes of bright pink inner lips, her flailing legs and patiently waited for her to settle. It must have taken 3 minutes at least before Sarah said. “OK now 4 on each side of her back. Then cross the last 4 on her bum, over the top of the others, here and here.” Frank moved around trying to work out the best angle for her back. He actually said that standing in front of her might be best but Sarah said no. The tip of the cane would dig into her that way, he had to stand behind and get the cane to reach past her shoulder.
He was planning the line of the stroke carefully. Her contortions and kicking were less. He was surprised how well the stroke worked. It contacted perfectly from her shoulder to the dip in her back with the bottom of the cane just landing fairly lightly on the upper edge of her bum. The reaction was great. A new tone seemed to come into her screams. He had to go really slowly because of how she was throwing her back around. The tits seemed to have a life of their own. He kept on. He had never realised the back was so good for the cane. She had stopped begging, she just screamed and wailed. For the fourth on both sides of her back Sarah said to cross over the first three. He waited just a moment. Samantha made the normal animal howls when she saw his arm move, some noises that sounded like pleas and he was ready. Swishhh, Waaaaackkkkkkkk. It seemed to make a softer noise, more difficult angle, and then AAAArrhhhhhhh, NNNOOOOO, Nnnnoooooohhh, NNnnnnooooooohhh and more non stop, pulsating shrill howling. Her bottom jerked up and down, then her legs scissored then she bobbed up and strained with all her might against her bonds. That had been a good one. Sarahs voice cut through the squealing. “Repeat that one Frank, you need to put more whip into your stroke. That one did not sound hard enough.”  That was incredible. Samantha’s screaming babble was already completely incoherent. Frank was in automatic. He immediately lifted the cane, waited for a good moment during her shaking and struck ferociously. The repeat stroke made her totally demented. They had to wait for Samantha to endure and her reactions to slow. He took his time with the last on her back. Four crossing her bum followed quickly. “Not bad timing Frank. Forty two minutes with 6 to go. We have to give her a 3 minute rest.”
She took some more photos. Close up studies rather than action shots. She inspected the damage. “For the last 6 put the first right in her crease to warm her up again. And then Frank, just for me with the last five make them reach right down her middle.” Frank did not know what she meant until she pointed at the back of Sarah’s slit, moving her fingers onto the lips. Samantha had understood, she screamed like mad. She knew what Sarah meant. She screamed again. NNNOOOOHHHHHHH. You cant. PLeasssseeee. Not there. Not there”  “I’ll hold her open to give you a clear stroke across the best bits up her centre.” said Sarah pulling the legs apart to display the bright pink inner bits as Sarah had put it. She started moving in between the girls knees to push them further. Frank saw that with Sarah pushing the knees apart and leaning back that would give a fine line for the tip of the cane but then something stopped him. He was not going to put the cane right down the girls wide open sex, down her exposed inner lips and vaginal opening and right over her clit. He shook his head. In a loud voice he said “No Sarah, that is not going to be done. We will not hurt her there.” 
Instead, he put all the 6 diagonally on the bottom of her cheeks and the top 2 inches of her thighs, slowly. Samantha was a total wreck. If it had gone on any longer she would have fainted. Her convulsions had been reduced to a continuous shuddering with a rigid upward jerking of her body on each new impact, then she just lay there shaking and howling pitifully. Sarah seemed to think it was enough for the moment also. She had been going to double up on the last one but didn’t.  
“OK, Its just on 49 minutes. You can have 4 minutes rest Samantha.”
"What are you going to do to her for the next 20 minutes" Sarah ignored him, she moved her hand over the swollen welts again, gently not trying to cause more pain just now, just lingering on the red hot blackening bottom and thighs, almost like petting while Samantha quieted down. The strokes on her back had really hurt but did not look as good as the criss crossing welts on her bum and thighs. Frank just watched, he had stopped protesting. Sarah was gentle and soothing for a while. Then she roamed higher. Frank stared, transfixed. As Sarah’s hand moved along Samantha’s side, the girl involuntarily lifFrank herself slightly as if to get away. Sarah’s hand slid underneath, cupping the right breast, fondling gently for a minute or two while Samantha whimpered. Then suddenly Sarah squeezed hard, digging in her nails. That produced a sickening glandular pain that sent Samantha into a higher level of piercing scream, Sarah just twisted and pressed harder. Demented, shrill screams and pathetic begging. Samantha’s body involuntarily contorted upwards giving Sarah better access for both her hands on the breast and she applied more pressure still. She had been right about the breasts being a good place to fill in punishment time and she knew just what she was going to do. This would really get to her. 
“Do the other one Frank, make it hard.” Frank did not hesitate, he went down on one knee and caught the dangling cone at its base in both hands. For a bit he held her firmly and then pushed in two fingers and thumbs. He let go and then pushed in harder and longer. He squeezed and twisted the flesh. He crushed her breast at its widest, close to her ribs. He adjusted the position of his hands, one making a ring close to the base against the ribs the other higher up, so he could increase the pressure over the whole body of her breast. Then he twisted his hands in opposite directions by half a turn. Samantha shrieked and screamed, it hurt too much for her to beg or say any words, she was wrecked and demented making keening, wailing animal noises. She arched her back in a useless and involuntary attempt to escape the pain and instead gave them both better leverage on her breasts. Together they played Samantha’s screams like a musical instrument with her breasts as the keyboard. For a while they took turns in applying pressure, easing off and then suddenly ripping in with both hands. Then they both combined for a minute, twisting in opposite directions, then they did it in turns again. Neither made use of her nipples. It was all pressing on the full flesh of the breasts, close to the chest, crunching, twisting and pulling. Neither of them knew exactly for how long they did this to her. When Sarah stopped to look at the clock it had been over 7 minutes. Long enough for the excruciating glandular agony to have driven Samantha sickeningly and totally over the edge. They stopped when her struggles weakened. 
“Breasts are really handy, aren’t they” said Sarah when they both pulled back and let her go. “They just sort of stick out and ask for that sort of thing to be done to them. Time for a rest, about 4 minutes. That will leave about 9 for the last really good bit”. They just looked at her, shaking, muscles spasms running over her body, her feet lifted off the floor and twisting over each other, toes curling. 
Sarah took photos and gave her an extra minute. “Now Frank, before I decide on the next bit, are you sure you would not like to put some hard cane strokes on her tits as well. Look how they have swollen up. They are nice and tight for the cane. You could give her say 20 hard ones, on each breast that is, you know doing them one at a time. Crossing welts to make a neat ring around each nipple, that would look good. It would not take much to change her position. Those globes are so tightly swollen already that you would not have to hit too hard to really make her scream the house down.” She sighed when Frank shook his head and gave an emphatic “No”. “OK I will do the next bit myself then.”  She pushed Frank away and reached for the cane.
“Now Samantha, are you listening?. I’m going to beat the undersides of your breasts starting with the left one where I have the best angle. Not really hard, just lots of quick firm taps. No welts like Frank put on your bottom. You will hardly feel the first 20 or so but let me tell you with them already being swollen tight the pain quickly builds up. By 50 every tap will send a shock wave through the whole breast so that it will feel as if it is being crunched by an axe handle. You are going to have an out of this world experience. There is no need to do both breasts together. One will hurt you enough. They say the pain is incredibly bad but that a women does not normally faint so you will feel every bit of it. You should be able to get about 400 taps in 9 minutes. I’ll give Frank a turn at some stage, maybe on your other tit. Wont that be lovely.” Samantha sobbed and groaned, her words were slurred pathetically, “Please let me go, Pppplllllleeeeeeeese. Don’t you see how much it’s hurting me. You don’t have to do anymore, it is still hurting so much deep inside. Please don’t. I’ll die if you hurt me anymore”.
Sarah took no notice. She stood beside Samantha’s head on the left side. She hit at an angle holding the cane further down for better control. She smacked it half into the side of the breast and diagonally across the underside curve. Frank watched.  The taps were not really light. They thumped into the swollen tit quite hard. This was pretty good. Sarah tried to time each tap so that the cane hit just as the breast was swinging outwards, either bouncing back from the last tap or just swinging from Samantha shaking. The taps were really quick, every second at times. It was all from the wrist and fingers. The rod seemed to be alive on the end of Sarah’s hand. As she had said the pleading did not start till about 30 taps and changed to begging and moaning after 50 and to highly active and berserk screaming a short time later. Samantha threw herself around in her bonds, her head shook, her body muscles strained in spasms, her legs twisted over each other first one way then the other, she threw her head back and around, spittle and snot drooled down her chin again, her breasts swung stiffly in small gyrating circles because they had become almost rigid with swelling. She babbled and screamed as Sarah kept the rod thumping into the jutting flesh. 
Sarah looked like she would keep it up it for ever. Not that Frank was feeling sorry for the girl, far from it, he really wanted a go himself. “Franks, reach underneath and grab her breast and hold it out sideways so I can tap the nipple” Samantha must have been coherent enough despite the blinding agony to understand what Sarah said and she incredibly screamed even more loudly “Nooohhhhh, don’t do that   Pllleeeeeaaaaassseeee No No Plleeeaassee, please no. Not on the nipple. Noohhhh. You can’t do my nipple. Please not on the nipple. Pllleeeaaaasseee.” She gasped for breath but Frank said, “Its hurting enough Sarah, you don’t need to use her nipple.” “Very well then Frank, I’ll just hit harder here instead. Have a look at the time for me.” It was 4 minutes to go. “I will just stay here then, hurting this one. Not really enough time to warm up the other one. Tell you what Frank, you take the rod and I will get some photos.” She had been hogging it Frank had thought. He may have had some decency left about her nipple but this was different. He took the rod and, holding it slightly longer than Sarah had, he kept on tapping with barely a break in the rhythm. Sarah got into position. “That’s great Frank, just make them a bit harder to dig more into her tight flesh, it makes a better shot.” He had to make it fairly hard because her breast was so swollen now that the rod looked as though it was just bouncing off. But inside the tight breast the little shock waves from each tap made every single nerve ending fire hell into her brain. Her screaming was getting worn out but she again made a special effort when he started sinking the rod into the tight flesh. “Got it. That’s great.” 
Samantha started babbling as the new sharper pain continued to cut through the sickening agony that had enveloped her whole chest and guts. “I cant stand it, I cant stand it, Ohhhh pleaseeee stop pleaseeee. Sarah pleasssseeeee”. Then “Please, please  I want to be fucked, please anything, anything, get him to stop and fuck me” Then she just howled again. “Too late for that Samantha. You can ease off if you like Frank but keep her squealing.” He did ease off, a bit. Samantha was just groaning and moaning. She managed to get out a couple more pleas, “Please fuck me, pleeeaaaasseeee fuck me”. She was not moving all that much any more but she had spread her legs wide open. “Please stop and fuck me. Please”. With the breast holding fairly steady Frank managed to keep tapping at almost one a second. The breast had become stretched to a rigid blunt mound with a shiny crimson red and blue skin. The nipple was a towering dark red cylinder with a square end sitting in a shiny smooth sea of dark red areole stretched to more than 3 inches across the rounded end of her swollen breast. The last minute seemed to go on for ever. She was getting weaker and weaker but still being noisy enough to make a good sound track. Eventually the bell rang. Frank gave her a couple of hard strokes to show what it could have been like and then it was over.
 "Well that went better than I hoped” Sarah said putting the timer and camera in her bag.  With the recorder still running in her hand she said “I'll see myself out. Good night - and thanks. Now you can have your fun Frank. She is in a great position for it. Get in her, grab her sore tits and hump her hard. No need to let her up straight away. Come back and take her a few times. You’ve waited for it so long I’m sure you could manage it 3 or 4 times before the end of the night. You’ve got the cane in case you want to give her a bit more later on." This parting gesture produced a weak wail of despair. Frank stared at the shuddering, whimpering girl bound across the horse before him, Sarah’s words echoing in his head. He was as stiff as a bull but he would not rape Samantha.
Chapter. Afterwards
Frank heard the front door shut, she was gone. Thank goodness. Samantha was alternately howling and whimpering and shaking with wracking sobs. She had not thought of getting raped afterwards. He stared at her discoloured breast that was now jutting rigidly into space rather than swaying as her body continued to be wracked by surges of sharp pain and crushing glandular agony. She shook with fear and pain. She did not know what he would do to her. 
Frank stared at her not knowing how to start. Anything he did even untying her would make her move and probably hurt her more. He knelt down besides her head and said “Samantha, I am going to look after you. Don’t worry, I am not going to hurt you any more. I am not going to rape you. I am going to untie your hands and help you now. Try not to move too quickly or it might hurt more.” He seemed to be getting through to her. He untied her wrists. She slowly gathered her forearms besides her head and started raising herself. Suddenly she seemed to slip and her face fell back on the towel and she  gave an almighty howl as her breasts bumped into her elbows. It was going to be quite awkward getting her off the horse. He undid the seatbelt over her back. “Please just let me lie for a bit.” He wetted a towel and gently wiped her snotty face, pulled out the tear and snot saturated towel and put a soft cushion under her. He wriggled the horse forward a little all the time talking soothingly, telling her what he was doing. Then he got a good idea. He grabbed the thick seat cushion off the easy chair and pushed it under the saw horse below her knees. “Now Samantha, are you ready to try to get up. I will lift your shoulders and raise you back. First of all kneel on this cushion and hang onto the horse, OK?. She hesitated for ages and then said “Go on, please do it slowly”. He lifted her under her tummy, a foot above the sand bag and eased her back to be kneeling in front of the horse. He relaxed an instant too soon and she fell forwards pressing her breasts into the sand bag and screamed like the punishment was still going on. Frank realised just how hard this was going to be. She was a wreck. Apart from the obvious damage and hurt areas she was totally exhausted.
She stayed resting and leaning on the horse with her arms for five minutes while Frank wiped her face again and held a soft towel dipped in cold water over her battered bottom. He brought her warm sweet tea to sip. He wiped the wet towel over her arms and legs where she was not damaged. He could not get his eyes off her breasts. The left nipple was now a hard distended purple even though it had not been touched and the right one was also looking quite bad. Both breasts looked shiny and smooth, tight stretched and cruel shades of dark red and black and purple. It must have been the crushing and twisting because the left one looked only a little worse than the right one, for all it suffered from the rod. Her bum looked in a far worse state. Purple, red and blackening welts running across and along the cheeks. Overall there was not as much blood as he feared. Down the sides of her cheeks where the tip of the cane had bitten in a few times there were seeping red spots. Same in 3 or 4 places on top. The worst was the line of her crease between her thighs and bum where Sarah had gotten him to put five strokes on top of each other. There was a wide, seeping welted ridge running right across there.
It was almost 10 minutes later before he had her on her feet. “Put your gown on.” “No, No, don’t touch me with anything”.  She grimly grasped his shirt and he supported her carefully not touching her near any sore parts. She sagged down on the steps. A while later he managed to get her to go up on her hands and knees. They got as far as the kitchen where she stood shaking and sobbing, leaning on the table while he made her another lot of tea sweetened with spoons of honey. When she had had that he said “I’ll take you up to the bed” and she nodded. This lot of stairs was easier but it still took some minutes to get up. He left her leaning on the door and took her clothes and the bed covers off and folded back the sheet. As they neared the bed she fell forwards and just caught herself, propping up on her arms, legs almost collapsing and she screamed again, piercing Franks senses as she howled, “My breasts, my breasts.”  They stayed like that for a couple of minutes, her blubbering and both slowly recovering. He pulled the covers back. “Come on Samantha, crawl up and lie on your side.” Inch by inch she managed that, ending up in a slight fetal position, her knees drawn up a bit without stretching the damaged skin on her bum too much. She again burst into tears. He gently pulled just the sheet over her. He tried to step back but she would not release his hand. “Please don’t leave me, please, please stay. I don’t want to be alone.” “Alright Samantha, let me lie down next to you” He saw it was nearly 11 o’clock. She let go, staring as if frightened he would desert her. He turned off the light and went around the other side and lay carefully next to her. Her knees against him, her hand clutching his hand and his other arm around her head nestling her face against his chest. He spoke soothing meaningless words. She sobbed herself to sleep but never stopped grasping his hand. She woke up after a few minutes, whimpering and sobbing, pushing her head harder against him. This happened again and again. He was totally exhausted and when she next woke up he said “Let me take off my shirt and trousers. I will come back and hold you. She stared at him in the light from the hall way while he took off his things. Immediately when he was back lying next to her she grasped his hand and pushed her head against his chest.   
They slept fitfully next to each other. He lost count of how often he woke up sometimes because she was sobbing and shaking again. Then suddenly it was morning. She was asleep lying against him just as before and still holding his hand. He could see her breasts badly discoloured but not looking so tightly swollen, his prick was hard yet again, there was no way he could help it.  He had to move a bit and she woke up but stayed still. After a long while a muffled voice came from against his chest “I’m not feeling so bad this morning. I’m not burning up any more. It just aches terribly badly and it hurts when I move.” He could not help himself. He felt so bad about what he had done. That he had enjoyed it made him fell so guilty he got tears in his eyes and she heard it in his voice.
“Frank” she said “I don’t blame you. Don’t feel bad about what happened. You just did what you had to do and I agreed to take it. I did not think Sarah would be so vicious and cruel. She did far more than was needed. She loved seeing me hurt. I don’t blame you for it at all.” Frank could not believe what he heard. Did he still had a chance with Samantha.  He felt terribly guilty. “Samantha, I have to tell you” “No you don’t Frank, I understand” “Samantha I need to tell you” he blurted out. “You might want to hate me. I used all the tricks I know to hurt you more. When we talked at your place yesterday I did not tell you the whole story about how it was going to hurt. When I saw you again I just lusted for you to be tied naked in front of me so I did not want you to change your mind. Soaking the cane in water like she wanted made it hurt deeper. The way I hit down on you all the time made it hurt more. I used my body, arm and flicked my wrist so you would get deeper welts. And when I was twisting your breast I used all my strength to twist it in opposite directions. I am so sorry, so sorry.” “Don’t blame yourself Frank. I don’t hate you. I would never hate you. I knew you would hurt me lots. You did what I expected you would do. I have always liked you. There were only two times when I was truly frightened and you did not do those things to me. You did not cane my pussy when she held my legs apart and you did not rape me. I am very thankful for both of those things. She really frightened me at those moments and I did not know what you would do.”
She kept on in a hoarse whisper. “Also at the end when she took the cane and kept on hitting the under side of my swollen breast it hurt more than you did on my bottom. I wanted to die it hurt so much. After she had been going for a while each time the cane touched me my whole breast exploded with pain. It kept on getting worse and worse, it hurt more than a stroke on my bum and it just kept on happening. It was even worse when she made you do it.” She lifted her head from his chest, slowly wriggling back until she was looking at his face through bloodshot and gummy eyes. A weak smile and she sort of did a kiss in the air. He moved forward, kissed her forehead and then their lips met, gently touching and then moving a bit more. She was first to part her lips and push out her tongue tip. They kissed very gently, again and again. “I have to move a bit, I am getting cramps. Don’t you move, just stay where you are.” she said. Just straightening her legs a bit obviously caused pain. She supported her breasts with one hand and arm. He lifted the sheet to help her move and obviously to look at her. “Do I look as bad as I feel?.” You look like you have been hurt badly but you are very beautiful.” 
She did a weak smile and lying back on her side she drew up her knees. As she wriggled a bit he covered her with the sheet and suddenly her top knee bumped into his rampant cock. She really smiled. “Frank, how long have you had that. You are very nice not to have not touched me.” “Samantha, its been like that since I went to pick you up yesterday and stayed like that all night.” “Kiss” she said.  Gently their lips muzzled and tongues played. His arm supported her head and held her face to him. He felt her move her lower arm, down his belly till she touched his shaft through his underpants, fingers underneath, thumb on top. An electric thrill ran through him. Then her other hand moved down his side, over his flank until the fingers found his balls. Her hand wriggled around and pulled till she had him in her palm. His kiss became more urgent and he pressed into her only to be startled by a gasp of pain. “Careful, you just lie there.” Her top hand moved to the elastic around his waist and pulled down. “Lift your hip” It was a slow struggle, a careful movement of an inch here then there but then his underpants were out of the way. “Frank, let me help. Your penis feels like it is made of steel” He gasped and brought their lips back together. His bare cock was lying on her bottom hand. Thumb slowly spreading the dribble from his hole over the top of his glans. Her top hand rubbed up and down the length of his shaft, finger nails digging in and finding that spot just at the back of the head. As he groaned more into her mouth and his penis throbbed more and more the top hand let go and moved to his balls. She was not really gentle. She grasped and crushed, digging in the nails on one testicle and then the other and back again. It hurt quite a bit but he still spread his legs to give her more room. She held her fingers stiff and slapped them down from her wrist again and again. His bag was very floppy. She could feel the shape of the testicles against her fingers with every slap. She noticed that he raised his hips for more. She kept it up for ages until his testicles were aching enough to make his cock soften just a tiny bit. Then the hand came back up, finger nails up and down the back of his shaft, a dull ache in his balls, thumb circling the tip then the nail scraping over the edges of his pee hole. He hardened in no time at all and in less than a minute he did a groaning yelp, his whole body went rigid and he burst all over her hand. Three great gushing squirts that seemed to fill her palm. She held him in both hands feeling his throbbing get softer and his cock begin to shrink. She rubbed her hand over both their bellies.  “Next time you need that Frank, I will bring a little stick so that your testicles can really get it. Your penis too for that matter.  How would you like to be made to go soft and then hard again three times over before you go off.” He groaned, a groan she took to mean yes.
He looked after her all weekend. He gently washed her, brought food and wine, left her alone when she wanted and helped her in every way. By Sunday morning she looked less hurt. When he asked what she wanted for breakfast she said she wanted to try and make love. “I wont be able to do much Frank but would you let me lie on you without touching me with your hands. I think I will be able to do it” He lay flat on his back. A rigid penis sticking lying along his belly ready for insertion. She played with him, scraping nails, rubbing the tip, rolling his balls and again there were little bits of pressure that brought tiny stabs of exciting pain. Then slowly she got over him and grimaced as she eased her knees on either side of his hips. Her red purple and blotched breasts jutted painfully out. She picked up his penis and rubbed across his wee hole and up and down. Then she raised herself, lifted his cock in her fist and slid the head backwards and forwards in her very slippery groove. She rubbed it most of the time near the front, he could feel a little lump of what he thought her clit and the tightening ridges of her folds. “Samantha thats lovely but I will come in a moment if you keep doing that.” She grinned and pushed his cock back a bit further, he felt if go in the tight ring, stretching his foreskin back hard and in that one move they were coupled. She could only raise and lower herself slowly, leaning back and then forwards, as long as it was slow. She did manage to squeeze her vagina on him and that did it. He just could not help humping underneath her, she yelped when it hurt but by then he was coming. He wanted to bring her off with his finger but she said she could not bear it, having an orgasm would make her shake and hurt too much. She smiled at him and said “Next time Frank.” and he basked in the glow of what her words meant. “Oh yes, next time it’s you first and then both together.” She did the tiniest wiggle ever. “And then again and again”. That afternoon, quite late, he took her home and she managed that without looking as though she had just been thrashed only two days ago.
Chapter. Recovering at home
Samantha got through Sunday night on her own with difficulty. Three times she woke up sweat drenched, in the throws of all too real nightmares in which the dream of canes swinging into her stretched body were probably brought on by real pain in her deeply bruised bottom and still sore breasts. Recovery was happening and she felt less awful hour by hour. By Monday afternoon she could run her mind over the events but preferred to gloss over the punishment and think about what was happening between her and Frank. Wasn’t life strange.
She spent a lot of minutes looking at her body in the mirror. Her breasts were now blue and yellow rather than red and dark purple and they no longer looked swollen or hurt. But she thought they did not look as high, the left one in particular looked half an inch lower than she thought she had been. That made her shudder. Frank’s twisting and crushing could have caused that. Maybe she was wrong or they might still recover a bit more. It occurred to her that she did not have a good nude photo of herself from before, pity. She might never know for sure. Her bum still hurt if she bumped it but the welts were gone and the colour scheme was merely lurid. Looking at herself like this made her finger creep to her slit and several times over those days she spent a lovely hour playing thought games with images of Frank. Only once did she orgasm but it was a really nice way to spend recovery time.
By Tuesday night her thoughts turned to Sarah. How could they ever look at each other again. Sarah was a sadist. Maybe there was a bit of that in all of them. Was she a masochist to be accepting pain as just and to love Frank after what he had done. She thought probably not but there was no clear answer. Would she do the same to Sarah if there was a chance? Well probably yes. A moment later she was squirming down on the couch with her finger working her clit. Maybe the answer was yes, she had gotten very wet. Her thoughts made her go to her computer and look up the webpage Sarah had mentioned. It took a while to find and then she read screen after screen for over an hour. Most of that stuff was purely disgusting, torture from the middle ages that would leave you crippled or kill you. But there were also some bits that made her gasp and want to read more. She found the pages on canes and how to use them. There was the bit on water soaked rattan that Sarah had used on her. She shuddered at the descriptions and drawings, knowing exactly how it felt. There were five different descriptions of public canings, two of the victims being women and all of them stripped naked for their flogging. 
There were other sections. Flogging with whips, straps, flogging on the soles of the feet and there was a whole section on punishing breast by flogging, crushing and stretching. Nipples got a lot of attention. Included were instructions on how to make it hurt more by combining crushing with twisting and pulling and with sharp whacks of a rod and how to pace a punishment to increase the suffering to a maximum. Samantha realised Sarah could have made her hurt worse than she had. Perversely Samantha could not stop herself from reading each line. A myriad of images that could have been herself struck her mind. She could so easily imagined the pain that any of the women would have felt. 
Some of the stories were eye witness accounts of punishments seen in various countries and three in particular struck Samantha as viciously cruel. The simplest one was the punishment of a serving girl by her mistress for spilling hot tea on a visiting friend. The girl was made to lie naked and face down on a bed, ankles were tied at the corners feet sticking over the bottom rail. The visitor asked that the girl should be beaten for 1 hour. That was no problem for the mistress. There was nothing the girl could do apart from throw herself around, scream and beat her fists into the mattress. At first she was beaten for 10 minutes on her bum and her open thighs one at a time with an 18 inch length of thin rubber hose. Some of the lashes were put down the length of her, over her bottom and along the top of a thigh. No one counted the lashes. Then the sole of each foot was hit 36 times, lengthways and across. The punishment indeed took nearly an hour. 
The second story was of a whipping. Two women had been sentenced to 100 lashes to be given over 2 hours. The crowd in the court stood and cheered. The women were taken to a nearby horse yard, stripped naked and stood facing the rails. The top rail was at shoulder height and their wrists and elbows were tied to this. The middle rail passed in front of their bellies and the bottom one just above the knees leaving their breasts and furry bushes fully exposed. Simple loops of rope kept them fixed to the lower two rails at waist and knees. The crowd gathered behind them and some went in the yard. The whip was a 5 foot long platted leather one with 3 short tails. One man held the whip and four others lined up behind him. The whip flashed along the first woman’s back leaving a rapidly rising red weal from shoulder to buttock and four more followed quickly. He shifted position and whipped the second woman. Then the next man took the whip and the first one joined the end of the queue. In this way the women got the first 25 lashes in a few minutes. They were given a 15 minute rest to recover their strength, then the next 25 and so on. In the first break several women had called out to the men to make sure that the next 25 flicked around their bodied and cut their breasts. The screaming, pleading and restricted bucking of the victim’s bodies was great entertainment for the crowd. With the second 25 the whip was made to flick around the front cutting into breasts, stomach, sex and thighs. The first woman had high solid breasts that were caught by only some lashes but the breasts of the other woman hung flatly down to near her navel and got caught by the whip nearly every time. The whip tails opened cuts on the breasts with both women. The crowd cheered each new bleeding lash. The screams reached a new fever pitch. During the next rest a woman came forward with scissors and trimmed the pubic bushes to better show the sex lips that were already marked with several crossing welts. That encouraged a couple of girls to come forward and giggling madly they undid and retied the cords around the knees to spread the legs wide apart. The pink inner lips could be seen glistening in the slits. 
The third lot of 25 followed the same pattern with blood flowing freely from several places. The pendulous breasts on the second woman were bleeding a lot. On both women the nipples were badly bruised and cuts. Apparently the screaming and raving became subdued after about 15 but then the men aimed to curl the next 10 over the exposed sex lips and the screams got suddenly twice as bad.  The last 25 lashes were put on very slowly to try and last the distance but around 20 both women lost consciousness. Samantha shuddered and read it again.
The third story was said to be from 200 years ago, seen by a traveler in southern Asia. A woman was sentenced to jail for 10 months and in addition, to have her breasts clamped for all hours of daylight on the first and last day of her sentence. Next day just after dawn the woman was brought out to a small square in front of the jail and up on a raised platform. Quite a lot of people had gathered to watch and listen to events. The sentence was read out. She was made to strip to the waist. She was stood against a thin post and her hands were tied together behind it and a rope was passed around her waist and feet. Her wrists were lifted up and tied to the post up high so that her body leant forward, nearly horizontal. Her breasts hung down a good 6-7 inches, wide and thick against her chest, the nipples just above the broad rounded ends, pointing forwards. Her breast swung around together as she panicked and wailed. In front of her, a court officer took 2 pieces of green bamboo out of a bag, They were about 3 inches across and 2 foot long with rings close together. With a cleaver he split open approximately half the length of each. As these preparations were carried out in front of her the woman wailed more and more and was obviously pleading for mercy. Maybe she thought the bamboo was stronger or thicker than it should have been. One official opened the jaws of the bamboo using a lot of strength and the second man inserted a small wedge at the base of the jaw to leave them gaping open by about 4 inches at the ends. Then one man reached around the woman and held her steady by her left breast. She screamed and pleaded. The other carefully worked the bamboo jaw over the hanging breast, slightly diagonally so that one solid wooden edge ran across her nipple but the top end of the jaw was neatly centered over the base of her breast hard up against her chest. The wedge was wriggled out and the clamp bit in hard. Did she scream, high pitched screeching screams. She seemed to be trying to hold still possibly because the bamboo would have hurt her even more with every movement. The two men stood back and inspected their work and then did the right breast the same way. After that her hands were lowered and a cord tied around her elbows. She had to stand upright with the weight of the bamboo pulling down, no doubt adding to her agony as the clamped breasts stretched. She was left there all day and apparently the pressure increases as the bamboo dried out in the sun. A guard stayed all day but did nothing to stop children from pulling and twisting on the bamboo.
Samantha gasped often and sometimes held herself in sympathy. She read lots of other things as well. One in particular was how to use a kebab stick to flick a sensitive spot. That was so simple. She had to try it. She got one from the kitchen and opened her blouse and flicked it on her right nipple. She had no idea how hard to do it, so she went flick and got a perfectly direct hit on the tip. The pain was amazing. Thank god it was only one. In the story the woman got 100 on each, and the man she had run away with got 200 on the tip of his penis, nice and slowly over an hour or so. Samantha shuddered at such an easy way of hurting so sharply. What would it feel like for a man. Before she got any further the phone rang and it was Frank asking about how she was going. She had to make something up and hide the excited huskiness of her voice. They arranged that Frank would come after school on Wednesday and bring takeaway. She hung up, went to bed and slept without any dreams she could remember. 
Next afternoon she dressed up and for the first time since Friday she put on a bra. She wanted Frank. It amazed her how her feelings had developed since they parFrank on Sunday and after that terrible night on Friday. For his part Frank felt the same way and felt frightened that a new meeting may reverse what he was feeling. After all she had still been in shock on Sunday and might not have meant any of the loving. He arrived with food, wine and flowers. She pulled him into her arms and in just a moment they both knew that it was OK, they wanted to be together. Before they finished eating dinner Samantha simply said she wanted to make love. Until then they had both felt a bit unsure of themselves. She asked him to undress her and they fell into bed and made frantic love. The second time she took him in her mouth. He knew she had not gone off and so he trailed his tongue down her tummy and licked her long and softly until she had a shuddering climax and then he slipped again inside her. 
Next morning Frank had to leave early. Samantha paraded naked to show him how she was healing. They would spend the weekend together, from Friday after school. Samantha felt wonderful. She now knew she wanted this. Later in the morning she thought again about the punishments that were really tortures that she had read about. She went back to the site and followed some links but got bored and went into the garden. A thought she had been pushing into the background now came into focus and could no longer be ignored. In a few days she would have to see and work with Sarah. After all the pain had been to save her job. Sarah was a cruel bitch but now that the suffering had saved her carrier it would be stupid to let that stand in the way. Maybe they will each be so embarrassed they could never work together again. The idea of the next meeting with Sarah made Samantha very nervous.
It was that same afternoon. The phone rang and Samantha thought it might be Frank on a late lunch wanting to say hello. She picked up the phone and to her shock it was Sarah. Samantha could hardly speak. Sarah had obviously prepared herself. “ Samantha, I have to bring you the letter from Bartholomew and the evidence. Could I just come around for a moment after work?” Samantha grunted “OK Sarah, whenever.”
Samantha tried to prepare herself but she was shaking with fear when she thought of Sarah. It was nearly 7 when the bell rang. Samantha opened the door and stared at Sarah. She did not speak for fear she would burst into tears. As it happened there was no need. Sarah did not try to come in. After hesitating for a moment she suddenly blurFrank out “Samantha, I’m sorry, I really am. Here is the letter from Bartholomew. It’s got everything that was needed. It’s good. The tape and pictures are in the bag. He only got to see 8 pictures, you have a lot more here. I haven’t told Bill much about it. I told him a bit but not everything. He knows about canning your bottom and that you howled for the whole time.  He says I have to go to the States for several weeks and look after some joint work with the company you visited last year. I’m really sorry. I feel bad that I liked doing those things to you. I will try and talk to you when I get back. I’m sorry, please forgive me, I’m sorry. Bill is on your side. I’m going now”. She hastened to her car and drove off without looking back. Samantha shut the door. She went into the kitchen, dropped everything on the table and sat on a chair holding her head in her hands and cried for half an hour.
Chapter. Killing Ghosts
Frank and Samantha grew closer and closer. More special for every bit that her bruises faded over the next weeks. They went to shows, on bush walks, to a football match, visiFrank friends, went to a concert and had many quiet nights of company and loving. Many hours were spent learning about each others bodies and making love. Samantha only had occasional orgasms but that did not affect the vigour of her need and that she loved sex. She loved taking him in her mouth, just the top two inches, she loved feeling him inside and she loved them playing with each other. 
It was about 5 weeks after night zero. On a Friday night they had been out to a restaurant in a forest for dinner and they were relaxing at her place. Suddenly Samantha said “Frank, you know how the weekend after I got it you made me go down in the wine cellar to get a bottle when I did not want to go down there ever again, you said I had to, so that no ghosts would come to live in the place.?” Frank grunted a reply only slowly waking up to realise that something important was coming up. “There is another ghost to settle. Its been getting at me for nearly all these weeks.” He was alert now. “Tell me about the ghost Samantha and I will slay it for you”. “It is in me and I have to slay it myself but you can help.” She went on, “You know that Sarah brought me the letter from Bartholomew before she went overseas?” He nodded “Has some thing gone wrong Samantha?” “No, but she did not just bring the letter. She brought a disc of photos and a tape. I have tried to look and listen but each time I cry and have to stop it.  Then it gets harder next time. I did not want to ask you because all of that will make you feel bad again. But I just cant do it by myself. Will you please help me get through it.” Of course he would. He thought for a moment. “You go and take your clothes off and put on a gown like that night and sit here against me. I will come and get you when it’s ready.” She left. He put the disc in her computer and a full front on nude picture of Samantha standing by the saw horse just before bending over came on the screen. He listened to the start of the tape.
Then Frank put the computer on the small coffee table and the mouse he tucked into the corner of the lounge. In that first nude picture of Samantha standing in front of the saw horse she had a look of abject fear on her face, absolutely poignant. He flicked through quickly. Sarah had taken a closeup of her backside, it seemed about every few strokes. There were several action shots of her back arching backwards, head and shoulders propped up on rigid arms, face hideously distorted by her agonized screams. There were also several of the cane just having cracked into her bottom, the shaft bent and almost buried in the flesh of the near cheek and the tip end of the cane blurred in the instant of flicking over the other cheek and flexing around her hip. There were also closeups of his hands twisting her breasts, the ridges on the bits of breast pressing out between his fingers showing the twist in opposite directions, his arms intertwined to give a greater angle. The last lot were of him caning her left breast. This was why Sarah told him to take the cane for the last couple of minutes when she would have dearly loved to continue herself. Now he could see why she had told him to hit harder than the taps she had used to drive Samantha to near madness. The fist shot showed the cane completely buried in the breast flesh at an angle across the dangling underside as her struggling made it swing sideways to meet the cane. Her breast was a mess of darkening red and purple streaks and splotches, looking tightly shiny with swelling and sweat. The next shot was the opposite, the breast had gone the other way and was half out of sight with the blurred cane flexed through about 45 degrees following the breast around her body. He returned to the first slide. The tape he stopped when the first sound came through, the remote for the speaker next to the mouse.
He went to get Samantha carefully adjusting his rigid cock so as to be less noticeable and more bearable. She had the gown on, sitting on the edge of the bed sobbing a bit and eyes wet. “Come on Samantha dear, I will take you through this and kill the ghosts.”
He took her arm and led her to the couch. He sat against the armrest and she put her feet up and leant against him. “Put your arm around me and hold me tight please Frank”. “Photos first Samantha”. His left hand clicked the mouse and Samantha’s figure filled the screen, breasts standing out, her face haggard with worry, eyes red and a tear track down her cheek.  “Look at me. Ohh just look at me”. The next showed her before the first stroke with still a smooth bottom, head and shoulders tied to the stool and breasts hanging down, jutting underneath her. “She really lined me up for it all didn’t she” said Samantha more to herself. Then she really cried when the close ups of her bottom came on with the cane sinking into her flesh and how her body and face contorted grotesquely. When the picture showed Franks hands on her breasts she gasped and to his surprise said pushing his hand under her gown “Hold me please, this side, hold the left one”. He held her breast feeling the nipple stiffening and poking his hand. The next picture showing the cane buried in her breast made her turn away but Frank gently pushed her head back to make sure she looked. She clutched his hand more tightly to her breast. The next shot showed her with arched back, straining fiercely on rigid arms, head thrown back with the mouth wide open by her scream and a grimacing, agony distorted face as the cane followed the curve of the swinging breast. “Oh God, oh God.” The first picture came back.
“Alright, let’s listen to the tape now”. “Hold me Frank, please don’t let go”. He pressed the remote. It started with the sound of Frank explaining the options one last time and telling Samantha how to bend over the saw horse. Her first begging, squealing and howling came a few moments later when the stool had been pulled out and her breasts left hanging free. “Gawd, did I really beg and plead like that before it even began?” “It gets a lot worse Samantha”. She saw the truth of that in her reaction to Sarah explaining the reality of the punishment that would last for the next 75 minutes.
When the tape finished she was crying solidly, sobbing into his chest. He did not know what to say, he felt dreadfully guilty all over again. After a some minutes though she looked up. Having spent the previous hour and a half distraught she suddenly smiled and said “I don’t hurt at all any more. My ghost has gone.” He tried to smile but it was hard. “Frank, the ghost has gone into you, hasn’t.” He nodded feeling again his guilt. The thought of how he had enjoyed her punishment was the worst. She looked at him for a long couple of minutes. “I knew it would be like this. Don’t feel bad Frank. You did exactly what was needed, that’s all.” The guilt he felt was written in his face.  She took a deep breath. “I know what we have to do, you have to learn that it was OK. Just stay here, I’ll be back in a minute”. She got up and folded the robe tightly. “I know how to fix you. Just stay.” He heard her in the kitchen and going out the back door. Some minutes later she came back into the lounge room. She held out to him a 30 inch long switch, gleaming white where she had peeled off the bark, half an inch thick at the green handle end, a bit more than a quarter inch at the other end. “I cut it from the hazelnut bush. I think it will do quite well. Frank, I want you to give me six of the best, harder than you do at school, make it hurt as much as you can. Then rape me, fuck me hard no matter what I say, just push in and fuck. I want you to do that to me and then your ghost will be gone.” She dropped the robe from her shoulders and stood naked before him. “Tell me how you want me”. 
Frank was slow to react. He looked at her beautiful body, smooth, just a little plump, the bruises all gone. He got up slowly, lust beginning to swell him. “Have a practice swing on the cushion” she said. He did, after a few swings he was starting to get it together so that the swish and crack made Samantha wince. He looked at her. She could not back out of the offer now. “Right, stand hard against the back of that lounge chair, bend over and put your head on the seat. Quickly.” She did, fear creeping into her face but determined to see it through.  He turned to her placing the rod across the crown of her bum and tapping lightly. He would hit down directly on the near side of her bum leaving a good length of rod to curl around to bite into her hip on the far side. She would not have realised when she picked the hazelnut rod that it would behave more like a whip, it would streak over her skin as if she was being whipped with a length of rubbery electric flex. When he lifted his arm he took half a step back and on the down swing his body, arm and cocked wrist crashed the stroke into the centre of her round bum. There was a stunning Crrraaaaackkkkk against the tight skin and muscle of the sharply bent over bottom. Samantha had prepared for what she thought was the worst but she was overwhelmed by the instant agony blazing from the white line printed on her skin from one hip to the other by the sappy wet rod she had chosen. She screamed, straightened up clutching her bum with both hands and screamed again, dancing from foot to foot, sagging at the knees, her breasts bouncing around wildly. Her hands followed the reddening welt from hip to hip. “Get back down. That one will not count.” “Please, oh please Frank that’s too hard. Its gone right around me. It hurts more than I can stand.” Tears were streaming down her face already. In disbelieve she repeated, “It went all around me. I tried to stay down but I can’t help it. Oh Gawd it hurts”, her hands still clutching the reddening thin line across both cheeks and particularly the curl over her right hip. He just stood there pointing the switch at the chair. Slowly she bent over and put her head down. He gave her the end of a rolled up small towel to stuff in her mouth. “I’ll have to gag you if you don’t keep that in. Can’t take any chances with the neighbours here. If you cant control yourself and need to be really gagged you will get 3 extra strokes.” He tapped an inch below the swelling welt of the first stroke. Six to go. It was only a little thrashing but she was going to feel it. She screamed into the towel but stayed in position. With more strokes her weight sagged onto the top of the chair, her legs kicked and she howled on and on. He put the next 3 strokes viciously hard in his favorite spot just next to each other in the crease at the top of her thighs.
The seventh went straight on top of the first welt that had not counted. She propped, went stiff and threw herself around making wild noises into the gag, kicking her legs, propped rigid on straight arms, bum gyrating and her body shaking in her uncontrollable reaction to that stroke. She tried to get up but he pushed her down. Frank dropped the switch beside her on the chair. “Behave yourself or you will get another lot.”  He took his pants right off, stood between her knees and pushed her legs apart. He leant forward to push his cock into her slit. She froze and spat out the towel. “No, No, not like that please Frank Pleeessssseeee, don’t rape me like that, NOHHHHH, I’m not ready, please be nice about it, please take me to bed and come into me gently.” He took no notice, he grabbed his cock to adjust his position and pushed hard against the opening of her vagina. She wailed. She was practically dry. He had to ram into her to get in the first 2 inches or so. The video, tape and caning had certainly not turned her on. “No, please, you’re hurting me, please go slowly. It’s hurting.” He got in another 3 inches with his next heavy lunge and then just kept up the pressure till he slid in to his balls. That produced a wailing howl. Then he gave her some short in and outs so that she juiced and made it easier. She howled whenever he slammed in all the way and crashed himself hard into the welts on her bum. He reached under her to grab her breasts and pulled her up and back against him, wriggling his hips from side to side and making the welts on her bum scream into her brain all over again. He could not last long. He managed about 20 quick plunges, scraping her welts each time and then he burst deep inside her throwing his whole weight onto the injured  skin of her cheeks. He lay over her, recovering. His hands underneath holding her breasts gently now for a long while. Her bottom hurt and she was crying. When he had shriveled completely and slipped out of her he lifted her up. “There, there Samantha, its all over now”. He pulled her upright as he straightened himself.  She turned and put her arms around him, sobbing into his chest and they stood like that for several minutes. Eventually, she lifted her head and looked wetly into his eyes. She managed a weak smile on her tear stained face. “Frank, I think the ghost is really dead. I can see it in your face. You can now accept what you did last month. I love you. Please take me to bed and love me when I stop crying.” 
Looking at her welted bottom he got hard again almost immediately. He held her gently in bed until she stirred against him and then it was her turn. She slid over him, popped the head of his penis just a bit into her vagina and played with her clit, all slippery from the juices of her rape. He could tell she was making it last as long as possible. She came in a gentle but long orgasm, gasping in surprise as the spasms kept on coming. She brought him off in a couple of minutes as her vagina clamped and pulsed on his cock. 
They lay together afterwards hardly moving. His arm was around her shoulder holding her close, kissing the top of her head. She, on her side, clutched his other hand against her breasts. Her free hand loosely holding his slightly swollen penis and testicles. “Frank, I want to say something to you” She whispered in his ear. “You know, if you ever feel you want to punish me, like you did just now, if you feel that you want to cane my bum, promise you will just do it. All you have to do is tell me and I will lie down for you.” Frank kissed her and ran his hand gently over her sore bottom. He had never thought that she would offer herself in that way. She squeezed his balls but exhausted they both fell asleep. 
They were still wrapped in each other next morning. “I love you. How is your bottom?”. “Quite a bit sore you brute. You hit hard don’t you.” He rubbed her nipple and grinned at her. “You were lucky it was not a full dozen” he said talking tough and she squirmed in his arms. “Kids at school get 6 of the best, you should get at least double that.” “Frank, please promise you will never do anything like the night with Sarah ever again, I could not stand a second time like that.” “That won’t ever happen again Samantha, I promise you.  But what you might get is a well applied dozen. You know, in a way so that they make you feel it a lot more than normal.” She took a moment to let this sink in. What did he mean. “I think a dozen would be OK but what do you mean about making it hurt more, you worry me. How could the cane hurt more than the way you used it last night.?”  
“Well” said Frank, “its because you will not get tied down. You will have to take a position and hold it while I cane you. Being free to move but having to hold your position means you have to keep on concentrating, you cant just loose yourself in the pain. So, bending over a table or a chair and holding on like you did yesterday is relatively easy. More difficult is staying upright on hands and knees or more difficult still, standing up straight in one place holding your hands behind your head. If you don’t hold your position by letting a foot off the rug or a hands move from behind your head, even for just a second, the stroke won’t count, gets repeated or you get an extra at the end. You have to concentrate and use will power to keep your bottom in place while it gets hurt. That makes you feel the strokes more. Also of course if you fail to hold yourself in place or need to be gagged you get more strokes.”  “But not more than 15 or so? You said that I would not get a real lot.” 
“Well. Here’s an example, we start with 10 strokes and have you standing on a 18 inch carpet tile, hands behind your head. You are very brave but after the 7th you scream. So I stop and gag you and that increases the strokes to 13. I angle the 8th nicely across all the welts and you collapse, knee off the tile, hands holding your bum. You’ve lost it. I tell you that you to get up on the carpet and that you will get one extra for that. By the time we get to 11 your have 4 extras coming and you are refusing to get into position at all. You now have 4 extras plus the 2 strokes you have not had and two extras for them, that makes 8. I would not put that many on your bum. So now I make you kneel against the end of the bed, facing out, feet underneath, your arms over the bar behind your back, hands stretched down and tied to the bed legs, a pillow jammed in behind your back. Get the picture. Your breasts are pushed out and up.” “No Frank, nooohhhh, you would not hurt me on the breasts.” “You should have tried harder to take your strokes. The extras are converted into minutes of solid taps, hitting upwards on the underside of your breasts, one at a time of course. That would be 8 minutes, on each one.” Samantha gasped, “You wouldn’t, please, that hurts more than on my bum. Please, promise you would just tie me down and put double the strokes across my bottom. You could do it really hard. Please not on my breasts like that night with Sarah, Frank, please.” “Well Samantha, that’s up to you. To save your breasts just concentrate on holding your position, It’s simple really.” Just the thought made Samantha sob but half an hour later they made love again.
Later on Frank said, “Samantha, do you feel like you would ever want to punish me. You have to tell me you know.” “Well Frank, you’re too strong, you could hold me down if you had to but I could not make you do anything, you strong beast.” She thought about it, “Would you trust me to let me tie you to the bed?” He did not hesitate. “Yes Samantha I would trust you and then you could use the cane as much as you wanted”. “Oh Frank, you would let that happen” He nodded and kissed her shoulder. ”Frank I don’t think I would want to cane you like you do me, I think I would punish you here, on these sensitive bits for a man. On your testicles and penis with a little stick till you scream as much as I do. I would make you go hard and then make you scream till you shriveled and then make you hard again. Three times before you are allowed to spurt. It would take a long while. What do you think of that”. He kissed her, “Samantha you had better have me tied me down for that,” he said hugging her tightly.
When Frank had gone later that day Samantha could not wait to turn on the compute and look at those first two photos of he standing naked at the saw horse. She examined her breasts carefully. She took off her shirt and bra and stood in the same way, hips leaning against the table. After lengthy consideration she decided that both her breasts had gone back to their original shape. They had not sagged. That was a relief.
Time passed and both felt ever more strongly that they were right for each other. It was another 5 months later while sitting under a large pine tree near the top of a mountain they decided that Samantha would move into Frank’s house. She said she would keep her flat and rent it out when they both thought that living together would be really permanent. They hugged and kissed. Then Frank whispered in her ear. “Samantha, when we get home tonight I am going to take you into the cellar and give you a dozen of the best. You can go down on hands and knees”. Samantha drew in a long slow breath. “Will you soak it in water?” “No, not this time”. She shuddered a little and held him tight. The cellar was not mentioned again for the rest of a beautiful day. When they got home they unloaded the car and Frank went down into the cellar leaving the door open. A few minutes later Samantha came down, naked, clutching a pillow to her front. “Where do you want me?”

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