SexStory2 » The Naked Gardener

The Naked Gardener

by captv8td

Chapter 1

Kathleen Collins stabbed the trowel into the dirt again to get rid of another weed.  She had been working on her garden for most of the afternoon and she was almost finished with what she had set out to do for the day.  After evicting that weed from the bed, she stood up and walked over to the table to drink some lemonade.

“Not bad,” she said aloud to nobody as she surveyed the beds.  They were shaping up nicely thanks to her many hours of work on them.  She loved gardening.  She liked the way she was able to shape and form her yard to her liking.  She gained a lot of satisfaction from watching things grow.  And she loved being outdoors, especially on warm sunny days like this.

She wore cutoff jeans and a bikini top which showed off her shapely body.  She wore this skimpy outfit to get the most benefit from the sun rather than out of vanity.  In fact, nobody could see her if they wanted to.  The houses were spread far enough apart that nobody could see in her yard, thanks to thigh tall privacy fence.  She could work in her garden naked and no one would be any the wiser.  In fact, she had toyed with that idea many times.  It would be wickedly liberating to do that and she could get an all over tan.  But she always chickened out at the last minute.  “Maybe tomorrow,” she sighed.

Her husband had died in a car accident two years earlier and had left her with a sizable insurance settlement.  Between that and the inheritance that she would someday get from her wealthy parents, she would never have to work.  The twenty six year old did not live a flashy life.  She wasnt a party girl.  She didnt drive expensive cars.  Instead, she filled her days tending to her gardens and doing charity work.

“Im going to finally do it tomorrow,” she said aloud.  Why not get that all over tan she always wanted, she thought.

She did her charity work the following morning and was home by eleven.  She went out to the backyard to survey the gardens and plan her attack on them and then went back inside to change.  A few minutes later, she reemerged as naked as the day she was born other than for a strap around her left upper arm to hold her ipod.  She took a pitcher of lemonade out to the table where it would be sheltered from the sun by the umbrella.  Then she gathered her tools and headed for the far back corner where she would mold that bed into renewed glory.

She worked tirelessly and listened to her favorite songs.  She stopped occasionally to drink some lemonade and then went back to work.  Being naked made the job even more fun than usual.  She loved the feel of her full breasts swaying beneath her as she bent down and toiled in her beds.  The feel of the sun on her naked flesh was wonderful.  And everything seemed so wickedly exciting.

She always daydreamed while she gardened and today was no different.  But instead of daydreaming about being a glamorous actress or meeting a handsome prince, she dreamed of nudist colonies and of being a stripper or a slave.  It was amazing to her how simply being naked could affect her thoughts so drastically.

She paused again and went to the table for more refreshment.  She looked down at her body and then craned her head to look down at her backside.  She had to admit that she had a very attractive body.  Her legs wee shapely and her calves were perfect, even without heels.  Standing barefoot as she was, her calves and thighs were very nicely shaped.  Her bottom was firm and tight but soft at the same time.  She worked hard to keep her waist slender and her belly was taut with just the right amount of curve to it.  And her breasts were her pride and joy.  They were definitely ample.  She was very satisfied with the 36C mounds that adorned her chest.  And they stood proudly without even a hint of sagging.  She knew that gravity would someday take over but, in the meantime, she was the proud owner of some magnificent breasts.

She went to work and started daydreaming again, this time about being a slave.  She had angered her master and was being punished by being made to toil in the fields.  A strong burly task master stood over her with a whip in hand, ready to lash out at her for any mistake or infraction.  It sent a thrill through her body.

Tap, tap she felt on her shoulder.  She reached up and brushed the bug away.  Tap, tap she felt again.  She turned her head and saw Marge holding a file folder.  She immediately pulled her earplugs out.

“Oh my, you really are naked,” exclaimed Marge as Kathleen stood up with a look of shock on her face.

“Oh my gosh.  Im so sorry Marge.  I wasnt expecting company.”

“Obviously,” smiled Marge.  She looked Kathleen up and down and even with the naked girl trying to cover her private assets with her hands and arms, Marge could tell that the girl had a beautiful body.  “I tried the front door and when I didnt get an answer, I tried the back yard.”

“Ill be right back,” said Kathleen as she turned toward the house.  Marge caught her by the elbow and held her in place, though.

“Nonsense,” said Marge.  “This will only take a few minutes.  You left the meeting so quickly this morning that I didnt get a chance to get your signatures on these.”  She waved the file folder to identify what these were.

Marge and Kathleen were on the same committee together for the charity work.  Additionally, Marge lived next door to Kathleen.  That was how Kathleen first got involved with the organization.  Marge led her naked neighbor to the table and sat her down at one of the chairs.  Marge stood behind Kathleen and opened the folder on the table.

“Oh, Marge, Im so embarrassed.”

“I dont know why,” replied Marge.  “You are beautiful and you have nothing to be ashamed of.  Plus, you were in the privacy of your own back yard.  Youre allowed to be a little nudist.”

“Its just so weird sitting here naked.”

“I dont think so.  I think its lovely.  Im enjoying the view.”  This caused Kathleens face to turn crimson and once again her hands moved to cover herself.

“Stand up for me, Kat,” instructed Marge as she took Kathleens elbow again and helped her to her feet.  “Let me get a good look at you.”

Kathleens face continued to glow a bright red as she stood.  Marge placed her hands on the naked girls shoulders and turned her so she was facing Marge.  Then the hands were pried away from the girls body and placed at her sides.

“Dont move,” commanded Marge.  Marge was five years older than Kathleen and was every bit as attractive as the younger woman.  They were quite a contrast, however.  Marge was six feet tall to Kats five feet six inches.  Marge had long black hair and with a dark complexion reflecting her Mediterranean ancestry compared to Kats long blonde hair and fair skin.

Marge and Kat had become quite close in the two years since Kats tragic loss.  Immediately after the accident, Kat had been unable to cope with anything and Marge had taken her under her wings.  The relationship grew and Marge became a kind of big sister to Kathleen.

Once again, Marges eyes roamed up and down the naked form standing in front of her.  “This is amazing Kat.  We have known each other for three years and I knew you were beautiful but I had no idea how beautiful.  You are gorgeous.”

“Thank you, replied Kat sheepishly.  “I think you are gorgeous too.”

“Thank you to you too,” smiled Marge.  Im pretty but I dont hold a candle to you.”  She reached out and wrapped her hands around the younger womans waist and then let her fingers glide up and down the sides of her body.  This made Kat jump slightly and try to back up but Marge held her in place.

“So soft and yet so firm,” Marge went on.  She moved to the side and placed one hand on Kats belly, rubbing in slow circles while the other hand grasped a naked bottom cheek and squeezed.

“Uh, Marge?” said Kat uncomfortably.

“Yes dear?” replied Marge as her hand kept moving over the warm taut flesh.

“I dont think we should be doing this.”

“Were not doing anything, sweetie.  Im just admiring what youve been hiding from me all these years.  You are remarkable.  Exquisite, really.”  Marge continued to move around the girl and stood behind her.  Both hands gripped the naked bottom cheeks and squeezed.  Then she gathered the long blonde locks and draped them over Kats left shoulder so she could admire the naked back.  Her fingertips moved softly over the exposed flesh.

“Not a blemish or flaw anywhere,” observed Marge.  She gave one of the bottom cheeks a playful swat and then moved back in front of Kat.  She reached up with her hands and Kat instinctively reached up and grabbed her wrists.

“I told you not to move,” said Marge with a scowl.  “Hands at your sides, sweetie.”  Remarkably, Kat obeyed and Marge smiled at the newfound power that she had over her neighbor.  She continued to reach up and lifted the two breasts that just seemed to be begging to be held.

“They totally defy gravity.  They are amazing.”  She bounced the beautiful orbs a few times in her palms and then moved he hands to be able to capture the nipples.  The little buds were already stiff but became even more erect after Marge rolled them back and forth a few times.

“Marge, Im not really comfortable with this,” said Kat.

“Stop being so selfish, Kat,” admonished Marge with another scowl.  “Im enjoying your beauty and you want to take that away from me?”

“Sorry,” responded Kat with downcast eyes.  “I didnt mean to be so selfish.”

“Here I am, your best friend, and you would deny me a chance at a little happiness.”  Marge gave the sensitive nipples a pinch, eliciting a squeal out of her younger neighbor.

“Sorry again,” replied Kat.

“You should be,” said Marge with another pinch.  “You should be happy that your body makes me happy and that I think you are beautiful.”

Kathleen truly felt bad.  She had hurt her friends feelings just because she was so embarrassed.  And Marge had seen her in a swimsuit before so she had already seen her almost naked.

“I feel awful, Marge.  Im so, so sorry.  What can I do to make it up to you?  I never meant to hurt your feelings.”

Marge was elated but she kept her frown on for image purposes.  She had completely changed the focus of the conversation and put Kat on the defensive.  And now, here she was holding onto her beautiful neighbors nipples and there was not an ounce of protest.

“You did hurt my feelings, Kat,” said Marge as seriously as possible.  “I thought we were friends.”

“Oh we are, we are,” emphasized Kat.  She reached out and gave Marge a hug.  Marges fingers never lost their grip and she loved the feel of the delicious breasts molding around her fingers as Kat squashed them into her.

“I hope so,” said Marge.  “But my guess is that tomorrow youll be wearing clothes just so I cant see your body.”

“I wont, I wont,” exclaimed Kat trying to regain her friends affection.  “Ill stay naked today and Ill be naked the next time you stop by.”

Marge finally smiled and released the nipples to hug Kathleen.  She reached around and gripped the bottom cheeks again, pulling the smaller girl to her.  “I would like that.”

Marge stayed for most of the afternoon, just watching her naked neighbor toil in the garden.  At first, Kat was careful to keep her legs together out of modesty but, after awhile, she seemed to forget that she had an audience and Marge was able to look at the heavenly delights between the girls thighs.  What surprised Marge the most was the glistening that she saw on the girls petals.  Unless she was very mistaken, Kat was quite aroused by this situation.  This was something to explore.

Marge was not a lesbian.  The thirty one year old divorcee had had her share of male lovers in the five years since her divorce.  But she had also had a number of female lovers and had even considered trying to seduce Kathleen but did not want to risk their relationship.

Now Kat had bypassed the need for seduction and possibly awkward situations.  Marge could jump beyond seduction and could move directly into capture mode.

Marge liked her lovers a bit on the wild side.  She had thrilled at being bound or dominated by some of her past lovers but liked it even more when she was able to do the dominating.  Now she was on her way to have her own private plaything and needed to figure out a way to capture her pert little neighbor.

“Thank you for forgiving me,” said Kat as she finally plopped down in one of the chairs.  Marge loved the way the luscious breasts jiggled and bounced as she fell into the chair and noticed that the girls sex was readily displayed with her legs splayed the way they were.

“You are welcome, sweetie,” smiled Marge.  “Im just glad were okay now.”

“Me too,” smiled Kat.  “And Im happy to see you whenever you want.  All of me.”  Marge just smiled.

Chapter 2

True to her word, Kathleen was naked in her backyard again when Marge arrived the next day.  Kat smiled brightly and hugged Marge when she saw her.  She was afraid that the incident from the day before might have chilled their friendship.  Seeing Marge in her backyard told her that all was fine.

She did feel uncomfortable being naked, though.  Just as Marge had walked in on her yesterday, anyone could do the same thing.  She was worried about being discovered by a delivery man or a utilities worker or another neighbor.  She was mortified at being discovered by one of the children in the neighborhood.  She knew that it would be traumatic for the child.  It would be traumatic for her too if the child ran home and told the parents who would likely call the police and she would end up in jail.  Despite her misgivings, however, there was no way that she was going to be wearing clothing when Marge arrived.  She could not risk damaging the relationship further.

“Hi, sweetie,” said Marge as she hugged the naked form.  “You are looking as beautiful as ever.  I just think your body is so marvelous.”

Kat blushed again at the compliment.  “Thank you again.”

“Come and sit with me for a bit.  Tell me what you have been working on today.”

Kat sat down in the chair and Marge was treated to the wiggle of breast flesh again.  “Well, today I have been planting my impatiens,” she said as she waved to the sea of pink along one of the fences.

“They look lovely.  I think I need a naked gardener for my backyard.  Do you hire out?”

Another blush appeared on Kats face but she did manage to laugh.  “Oh I dont think that you could afford me.  Im pretty pricey.”

Marge didnt know anything about slavery but she did know hat Kat would be very expensive to buy if she were sold as a slave.  She couldnt imagine anyone being worth more than this naked beauty.  “Im sure you would be worth whatever I had to pay to buy you.  Oh, sweetie, come here.  You have some dirt on you.”  Kat did not even catch the comment about buying her.

“Where?” asked Kathleen as she looked down at her naked body.

“Just come here.  Ill take care of it.  I always take care of you, dont I?”

“Yes,” agreed the little nudist.  She arose and stood in front of Marge.  Marge reached out and tapped the insides of the finely formed thighs.

“Open up.”

Fresh waves of pink spread through Kathleens cheeks and across her chest but she complied with the instructions.  Marge reached between Kats legs and brushed a finger over one of Kathleens labia, brushing off a speck of dirt.  Then she pulled a tiny twig off of the other one.  She was amazed at how wet and juicy Kat was.  Her sex was positively dripping and Marge had just arrived.  Just being naked must arouse her, thought Marge.

Finally, Marge plucked another twig out of Kathleens pubic hair and flicked it away.  “We might need to shave this off since you are gardening in the nude from now on.  It will only keep catching things and you dont want that, do you?”

“Oh,” replied Kathleen.  “No, I suppose not.”  Her blush intensified.  Mage had just touched her sex!!!  And it had excited her!!!  Why did her body react like this?  How could she get aroused by her best friend, a woman no less, touching her petals?

“You may sit,” said Marge.  She was delighted with the way things were going.  She could command the girl and she would obey.  Marge knew not to move too fast or too fa but she was confident that she would eventually own this girl.

“How does it make you feel to be out here naked, little one?”

Kats eyes flew wide open.  Marge had never called her that before.  And in many of the erotic stories that she read, masters called their slaves little one.  It sent another wild thrill through her body.

“I asked you a question, Kat,” said Marge after Kathleen failed to respond.

“Oh, Im sorry, Marge.  What did you ask me again?”

“I asked you how it made you feel to be naked out here.”

“Oh.  Embarrassed.  Ashamed.  Naughty,” replied Kathleen.

“Naughty is fine.  I like naughty girls.  But why embarrassed and ashamed?  I would think it would feel liberating.  Maybe even sexy.”

“I dont know.  It just doesnt feel right,” she replied.

“I dont understand why its not right.  It seems very right to me.  That body shouldnt be covered up.  It should be enjoyed.”

“Thank you,” murmured Kathleen as she cast her eyes down.

“Come, lets sit where its more comfortable.”  Marge arose and crossed the little stretch of the lawn to sit in a lounger.  Kathleen started to move toward the other lounger.

“No, sit here with me,” said Marge as she spread her legs to make room and patted the seat in front of her.  His prompted fresh blushing but the naked girl complied.  Marge wrapped her arms around her neighbor and held her, pulling Kat back until the naked body rested against her.

“This is nice, isnt it?” asked Marge as she nestled her nose in Kathleens lush blonde tresses and let one hand rub slow circles over the tight little belly.

“Yes,” lied Kathleen.  She felt very uneasy about this but did not want to hurt Marges feelings again.  After all, Marge was like a big sister to her.

“What do you think about when you are out here naked?”

“All kinds of things, I guess,” replied Kathleen.  “Errands I have to run, people I have to call, chores I have to do.  All kinds of things.”

“Dont you ever daydream?” asked Marge.  This caught Kat by surprise and caused her to stiffen.  Marge noticed the reaction and knew she was on the right track.  “What do you dream about?” she asked without even giving Kat a chance to deny that she daydreamt.

“Sometimes I relay incidents in my mind.  Like the meeting yesterday.  I wish I had said something else when Bev asked that question.  So I play it over and over in my mind.”

“What else?” Marge was widening the circle on Kats belly and was now brushing against the lower swells of the girls magnificent breasts.  Kathleen seemed not to notice.

“Oh, like being on a date with some celebrity.  Just typical girl stuff.

“Are you ever naked in your daydreams?”  Kathleen stiffened slightly again.

“Yes,” whispered Kathleen.

“Tell me about them.”  The hand was now focusing on the breasts.  The fingertips brushed along the base of one and then the other.

“Do we have to talk about this?”

“Tell your big sister,” replied Marge.  The fingers of her left hand were now tracing a circle around the base of Kats left breast and the right hand started rubbing the firm belly.

“Sometimes,” Kathleen started hesitatingly, “I am a harem girl tending a garden for the sultan.”

“Oooo, a slave girl.  How does that make you feel?”

“A little wicked,” replied Kat.  “A little submissive.”

“does it arouse you?”  Marge knew she was pushing but so far it had been working.

“Yes, a little, I suppose,” replied a very embarrassed Kathleen.

“Let me see,” said Marge.  Before Kat knew what was happening, Marges right hand was between her thighs and was stroking the slick petals.  “Oh yes, that must have been what you were dreaming about earlier.”

“Marge!” protested Kat.  Her hands immediately flew to grasp Marges wrist.

“Dont freak out on me, little one,” said Marge calmly.  “I was just checking.  Were just friends here.  Now put you hands down.”

Slowly, the grip loosened and then Kat reluctantly lowered her hands.  Marge started stroking Kathleens labia again and the naked girl closed her eyes tightly and bit her lower lip.  “How do I stop this?” she wondered.  “And why is my body betraying me?”

Now that Marge had gotten this far, she was not about to retreat.  Her fingers kept gliding up and down the girls petals, feeling them getting even wetter if that was possible.  Her left hand cupped Kathleens left breast and she squeezed it, feeling the warm flesh bulging between her fingers.

“It feels so nice to hold you like this,” she cooed into Kathleens ear.  “Thank you for giving me so much pleasure, little one.”

“You are welcome,” whispered Kathleen.  Strange sensations were surging through her body, being caused by the intimate way she was being touched and fondled.  It felt so odd to have her best friends fingers sliding up and down her labia and it felt so wicked.  But it also felt so good.

Marge felt the petals opening as if Kathleens sex was a beautiful flower just starting to blossom.  She used her fingers to part them even more as more lubrication was secreted.  Her hand released the breast and then her fingers captured the nipple, squeezing it lightly.

“I could hold you like this all day,” Marge said.  She craned her neck forward and kissed Kathleens cheek as she placed one finger into the valley between the slick petals.  She did not penetrate Kat, however.  She simply tapped the entrance to the girls love canal over and over.

Kathleen groaned at the frustration of being so aroused and yet not wanting the sexual fondling to go on.  Her body was on fire and part of her wished Marge would leave so she could masturbate herself to relief.

“Marge, Im sorry.  But this isnt right.”

“What isnt right, sweetie?”

“Us having sex,” replied Kathleen.

“Sweetie,” said Marge as she continued to tap at Kathleens sex,” we arent having sex.  Im just enjoying holding you.  Thank you for letting me do that.”

Kathleen groaned again.  There was no way to get out of this situation, it seemed.  If this wasnt sex, then what was it?  It sure felt like sex to her.  And she could feel her body continuing to get more and more aroused.  She knew that soon she would climax.  And that sounded a lot like sex to her.

Marge lifted her right hand, giving Kats sex some relief.  She raised he hand to her face and then licked her fingers.  “Mmmmm,” she cooed.  “You are delicious.”

Fresh waves of shame washed over Kathleen as she realized what Marge had just done.  She was masturbating her and licking her juices.  That was sex just as surely as if she had used her tongue on Kathleens sex.  The right hand went back between Kats thighs and resumed its tapping with the thumb starting to touch and caress her sensitive clit.

The other hand toyed with the girls nipple, first rolling it back and forth and then stretching it away from Kats chest.  Kathleen felt he belly quivering as the arousal built up in her.  Finally, she reached the edge.  She bit down hard on her lower lip and emitted a groan as she stiffened and an amazing orgasm wracked her body.

“Oh my god, I cant believe that just happened,” exclaimed Kathleen after she recovered.

“I was beautiful,” smiled Marge.  “Thank you.”

“Beautiful?” replied a confused Kathleen.  “Im so embarrassed.”

“Why are you so embarrassed?  Because I was here?”

“Well, yes.”

“Do you think that Im bothered by witnessing you orgasm?”  Marge knew that she had done more than just witness it.  She had caused it.  “Because if you do, you are wrong.  It was so lovely.  So precious.  It was a wonderful gift that you gave me.”

“Oh.”  Kathleen was still shaken by the whole experience.  And Marges words just made her confusion worse.  How could Marge have enjoyed watching her climax?  And how could she have behaved so wantonly?

Marge kept he finger wedged between the two juicy labia and stroked lightly.  Her other hand had gone back to cupping and holding the glorious breast.  She leaned forward and again kissed Kathleen on the cheek.  “I hope that you will do that again for me.  I loved it.”

Chapter 3

Marge found the naked gardener again the next day.  The routine went much the same as the day before.  They chatted for a bit and then Marge held Kathleen where she masturbated her to orgasm.  Kat, again, protested that it did not seem right.  But Marge prevailed again and Kathleen ended up with another explosive orgasm.

By the fifth day, Kathleen had stopped protesting.  Marge hoped that it was because Kat was now starting to see the intimate touching as part of normal life although Marge knew that it could just be that her neighbor just realized the futility of protesting.

Marge held both breasts and toyed with the stiff nipples as Kat leaned back against her.  “Can you do yourself today, little one?  I want to play with these.”  She squeezed the two breasts for emphasis.

Kats eyes flew open wide in surprise.  Marge had just asked her to masturbate.  Crimson streaked across her cheeks at the thought of being so wanton.  But despite the embarrassment, she moved her hand between her thighs and started stroking herself.

“Am I ever in any of your daydreams?” asked Marge as she manipulated the firm breasts.  She bounced them and then gripped the nipples, stretching them away from Kats chest.

Kat tensed at the question.  Marge had been an occasional actor in her dreams before.  Most of the time, it was innocent fun like shopping or skiing together.  Once she remembered a steamy little dream sequence in which she and Marge had been in a threesome with a hunky guy.

For the past few days, however, her dreams were almost monopolized by Marge.  And the dreams were far from innocent.  Marge was the mistress and Kat was the sub.  She served her mistress in every possible way, including sexually, and her mistress bound her and punished her and used her.  But she could never tell Marge about those dreams.

“Sometimes.  You have been in my dreams occasionally for as long as I have known you.”

“Thats sweet.  Thank you.”  She gave each nipple an extra tug.  “Tell me about the most recent one.”

Kathleen gasped.  She couldnt describe that one.  It was too lurid.  In that dream, Marge had Kat tied spread eagle between two poles.  Nipple clamps were pinching her tender little buds.  And Marge alternated between whipping her and pushing a huge dildo deep inside her.

“Dreams are so hard to remember,” said Kathleen safely.

Marge pinched the two nipples, eliciting a squeal.  “Hey!” complained Kat.

“Think,” commanded Marge.

“Okay.  Thinking.”  Kat wracked her brain trying to come up with something.  Finally, she decided on a partial truth.  “In my most recent one, you were my mistress and I was your sub.”

Marge smiled at the response, knowing there must be more to it that she could pry out of Kat.  She looked down across the naked body seeing the breasts cradled in her hands and seeing the fingers stroking the dewy petals.  Marge knew her pet-to-be was highly aroused because the fingers were glistening with her juices.

“Were you my sub or my slave?” asked Marge.

“I dont know the difference.”

“Im not an expert, by any means.  But I think its more of a game with subs.   Its a temporary relationship that can be stopped by the sub at any point.  With a slave, I think its permanent or at least long-term.  And I think that the mistress holds all of the power.  The slave is owned.”

“I think I was more of a slave, then,” admitted Kat.  The whole situation was becoming more and more embarrassing by the minute.  First the nudity.  Then the masturbating herself in front of another.  Now, disclosing her darkest secrets.

“What was I doing with my slave?” pressed Marge.

Kat closed her eyes and shook he head.  This was unbelievable.

“Tell me,” commanded Marge as she pinched the nipples again, eliciting another squeal.

“You were whipping me.”


Kat groaned.  “You were pushing dildo into me.”


“You had me spread eagle between two posts.”


“You had clamped my nipples.”


“Thats all I remember, Mistress…. Oops, I mean Marge.”  Kathleen silently cursed herself for that slip.  She didnt want to encourage Marge any more than she already was.

“Mistress will be fine for today,” replied Marge.  “Keep doing yourself but dont climax until I give you permission.”  Marge was more than thrilled.  This was all turning out even better than she could have hoped.  Kat was almost captured.

“Yes, Mistress,” replied  a very embarrassed Kathleen.  She closed her eyes to block out the situation as best she could but her roving fingers toying with her sex and Marges hands claiming her breasts were constant reminders that she was sliding down a slippery slope.

Marge loved Kats breasts.  They begged to be kissed and suckled and nipped and bitten.  For the time being, she would settle for simply holding them and teasing them with her fingers.  Soon, though, she hoped to be devouring them.

The nipple clamps in Kats dream were an interesting twist.  Marge never would have thought about that.  But they would be delicious torment for the girl.  And Marge could envision connecting the clamps with a rope or chain which would make a good handle for controlling or leading the girl.

Marge fingered the rubbery nipples and looked down at them, studying them.  She rolled them back and forth and then stretched them away from Kathleen again, letting them eventually slip from her grasp.  The breasts seemed to bounce back into shape almost immediately.  The breasts were so, so very firm, marveled Marge.

Marge saw the telltale quivering of Kathleens belly and knew the girl was getting close to an orgasm.  She wondered if Kat would be able to control herself and postpone the climax until she had  permission.  The belly rippled and Kat let out little whimpering sounds.

“Please, may I climax?”

“Please what?” responded Marge.

Please, may I climax?” she repeated.  “Oops, please Mistress, may I climax?”

“Not just yet, little one.”  This drew a groan from the girl.

Marge was enjoying the view.  The tight belly quivered and twitched as the marvelous breasts jiggled.  This girl is an erotic dream, thought Marge.  She reached down and placed her hand over the one Kat was using to masturbate herself with.  She didnt try to change or influence any of the actions.  She simply rested her hand there, feeling the girl moving her fingers to pleasure herself.

“Now, little one.  Cum for me now.”  The words were barely out of her mouth when Kat tensed and let out a combination sigh and groan.  She stopped moving he fingers and became limp but Marge took over, toying with the sopping sex and prolonging the orgasm.  Kat tensed up again and was whimpering incoherently by the time the last of the orgasm subsided.

“You are beautiful, little one,” smiled Marge.  “Just beautiful.”

Chapter 4

Kathleen sat at her kitchen table the following morning.  She wore a white cotton blouse and a khaki skirt.  At the moment, her feet were bare but she had sandals waiting by the door to wear when she decided to leave.  She just gazed out the window at her back yard.

She would have preferred to be outside in her gardens but she was afraid to.  Things were spinning out of control and she had no way to stop it.  She felt that Marge was becoming more and more controlling with her and she was feeling more and more submissive.  And being outside meant being naked.  While it was exciting to be free and naked in some ways, she always seemed to end up being masturbated in Marges lap and that left her feeling guilty and confused.  At least she could wear her clothes inside and that provided he with some measure of protection and modesty.

Marge was next door plotting her next move.  Kathleen had already admitted her submissive fantasies.  Now, she simply had to leverage that knowledge.  But she couldnt figure out whether to do it quickly or slowly.  Should she make it seem like a game or should she be more serious?  She knew that the next step was important.

Several times, she walked to the fence separating the yards but Kat was not out in her gardens.  She had not seen Kat drive away, which meant that her prey was still in the house.  Marge decided to surf the internet for ideas until the girl emerged.

Marge was amazed at how much stuff she found.  There were very erotic stories about women being captured or claimed by other women.  There were pictures of women in bondage.  Marge even found some pictures of women bound the way Kat had described.  That looked delicious and Marge started to think about how she could accomplish that spread eagle effect.  It would make Kat so exposed and vulnerable.  Every part of her would be on display and available.

She also found sites advertising equipment.  She spent time studying the various types of clamps and made a list of the ones she would buy.  One set looked like tweezers with a slide ring for tightening.  This looked like a good pair to use as a starter set or when she wanted to simply decorate the girls nipples.  They could be attached without inflicting pain.  There were also cruel looking clamps that could be used for punishment.  She loved them all.

Another item that made it onto her list was a dildo mounted on a pole.  The pole could be adjusted up or down depending on whether she wanted Kat to be able to fuck herself on it or she wanted to punish Kat by mounting her on it with the dildo pressing against her cervis.

Marge was completely worked up by the time she finished with her list.  She went back to the stories and took off her clothes.  She stroked herself as she read the erotic tales.  She kept herself on the edge of orgasm for over an hour as she read a half dozen of the most exciting stories.  Finally, she pushed herself over the edge and enjoyed a wonderfully gratifying orgasm.  “Soon, Ill have a velvety tongue that can do that for me,” she said aloud to the walls.

Kat had been fretting at the table for hours when she finally heard a knock at the door.  She got up and padded through the house, opening the door to find Marge smiling and holding a bouquet of flowers. 

“I was cutting some of my roses and I thought you might like some,” Marge said.

“Thank you,” smiled Kat unsurely.  “They are beautiful.  Come on in and Ill get a vase.”

Marge followed Kat into the kitchen and put the roses into the vase that Kat filled with water.  She primped and arranged them into a beautiful display and then turned to Kathleen.

“You arent naked, little one,” she observed.

Kathleen nodded.  “I havent been out to my gardens yet today.”

“Oh,” replied Marge.  “What have you been up to?”

“A little of this and a little of that.  Just now I was having a cup of coffee.  Would you like some?”

“Coffee would be nice,” responded Marge.  “But you dont need clothes for that.”

Kathleen tensed at the words.  She had thought that her home might be her sanctuary.  But now Marge was trying to expand her authority beyond the backyard.

“Marge, Im not comfortable with this,” she started.

Marge quickly interrupted her.  “I dont see why not.  Its warm enough in here.”

“But I cant be naked all the time.  Its immoral.”

“You let me be the judge of hat.  If I dont find it offensive, then how can it be wrong?  In fact, its almost immoral to hide that body.  Now, off with the clothes.”

“But,” Kathleen started to protest.

Again, Marge interrupted her.  “But nothing.  Off with your clothes and then you may get me my coffee.”

Kathleen shrugged her shoulders in defeat.  Why did she always give in to Marge so easily?  She had no backbone these days.  Reluctantly, she removed her blouse and draped it over the back of a chair.  Then she slid her skirt down her legs and placed it on the chair.  She turned to get the coffee but was stopped short by Marge.

“Arent you missing something?”

“Please, Marge.”

“All of it,” instructed Marge, sternly.  Reluctantly, Kathleen reached behind her back and unsnapped the delicate, lacy bra she was wearing.  The bra and the panties quickly joined the skirt in the chair.  She trembled slightly as she saw Marge smiling and looking over her nudity.

“My coffee, little one,” said Marge as she admired the perfect form in front of her.  Kathleen poured a cup and then set it in front of Marge.

“You may be seated, little one,” allowed Marge as she patted the chair next to her.  Kat sat down, feeling the wicker of the seat pressing into her flesh.

“I think I have found a solution,” said Marge after a few moments.

“A solution to what?” asked Kathleen.

“A solution to your frustrations and fantasies,” Marge continued.  “You have a deep desire to be a naked slave.  Its only natural.  You are a very desirable young lady with a normal, healthy libido.  You want to explore your sexuality but are frustrated because you dont have a partner to explore it with.  So my solution is that I will be your mistress.”


“I know.  Its not really my fantasy,” Marge lied.  “But you are my closest friend and its the least I can do for you.  Besides, I cant bear to think of the trouble you could get into if your frustrations became too great and you explored your fantasies with the wrong type of person.  So from now on, you will be my slave.”

“Oh god,” whispered Kathleen.  “A slave.”  She had to figure out a way to stop this insanity.  Marge had totally misunderstood her.  Now things were escalating beyond what either of them could feel comfortable with.

“Thank you, Marge,” she started.  “But…”

“You are welcome, pet,” Marge interrupted again.  “But its Mistress from now on.  Remember?”

Kathleen blushed.  “Yes, Mistress.  But…”

“And good slaves kneel.  You want to be a good slave, dont you?  Because bad slaves get punished.”

“Yes, Mistress,” responded Kathleen.  She automatically slid out of her chair and knelt, facing Marge.  “But…”

Marge reached down and held the beautiful breasts in her hands and kissed Kathleens forehead.  “I am new to this,” she lied again, “but I promise I will do my best.  Nothing is too good for my little Kat.  Now, the first thing we need to do is get my pet a collar.”

“A collar, Mistress?” Kathleen gulped.

“Yes, pet,” replied Marge as she gave the full breasts a squeeze.  These were so magnificent and now they practically belonged to her.  “I have been doing some research and it seems that its normal for a mistress to collar her slave.  Its a mark of ownership and one that makes the slave feel proud.  I want you to be very proud of being my pet.”

“Yes, Mistress.  Thank you, Mistress.”

“Now get dressed and well go shopping together.”

Kat groaned but got back to her feet and started dressing.  “Leave the underwear.  My slave wont need that.  Ever.”

Kat groaned again but complied with the command.  She put on her blouse and buttoned it.  “Mistress, I might get arrested like this,” she said as she turned to Marge and pointed to her breasts.  The pink nipples were clearly visible beneath the think white cotton.  And even if the color had not been visible, the stiff nipples poking out under the material would have shown that she was not wearing a bra.

“I think you look adorable.  You wont get arrested.  You will turn a lot of heads but you wont get arrested.  You do have too many buttons buttoned, though.”  Marge reached out and unfastened two more buttons, providing a better view of the beautiful cleavage.  Kathleen groaned but then pulled her skirt up and tucked in her blouse.

Marge drove and led the conversation.  She kept it away from slavery and sex to keep Kathleen off balance.  It was just like two girls going on a shopping trip.  Part of Marges plan was to provide periods of normalcy, punctuated by plunges into slavery.  Kathleen rode along and eventually started to relax somewhat.  This was more like the Marge she knew and loved.

Despite the apparent normalcy, Kathleen couldnt relax too much.  She knew that this trip was to shop for her collar and that knowledge was more than a little unsettling.  At least they were driving for a long time.  Kathleen knew that the longer they drove, the further they would be from home and from anyone who knew her.  Finally, they pulled into a parking lot and, before them, stood “Adult Emporium,” a discount store sized building filled with novelties.

“Come, pet,” instructed Marge as she got out of the car.  Kathleen reluctantly opened her own door and then followed Marge into the store.

“Were looking for a collar for my pet,” announced Marge to the shopping assistant inside the store.  Kathleen felt her face turn crimson as she heard Marges words and saw several heads turning in their direction.  He shopping assistants nametag identified her as Julie.  She was cute and maybe twenty years old.  She was naked other than some kind of leather harness that wrapped around her torso and hips, framing her bald sex and circling her breasts tightly at the base.  The nametag was affixed to one of the straps across her chest.  Chains attached her wrist cuffs to her waist band but were long enough to allow her the free use of her hands.

“Please follow me, Mistress,” said Julie.  “We have a large assortment to choose from.”  Julie led them through the store and Kathleen saw the assistants bottom cheeks were bright pink with paddle marks and welts across them.  She led them to a far corner where collars of every type hung from the wall and were displayed on mannequins.

“What type of collar are you looking for?” asked Julie.

“Oh,” replied Marge.  “I didnt know there were different types.”

“Oh yes, Mistress,” said Julie.  “There are formal ones versus everyday ones.  There are show collars, training collars, posture collars.  There are different collars for different occasions.”

“I see.  Well, Ill let you recommend.  Im looking for a collar that can be worn in the privacy of our play and that clearly indicates my ownership of her.”  Kats cheeks turned crimson again.

“So you will want one that can accommodate an ID tag.  We can do the engraving here too, if you wish.”

“That would be nice,” replied Marge.

Julie led them over to a section of the wall with mostly leather collars.  In another setting, Kathleen would have taken them as pet collars.  Then she realized that Marge seemed to view her as just a human pet and she blushed again.

“You should have your pet remove her blouse to try them on, Mistress,” advised Julie.  “You will get a better sense of how they look.”

Kathleen gasped at the advice and then groaned as she saw Marge looking at her and nodding.  With trembling fingers, she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it.  Julie took it from her and placed it on a hanger.

“Shes exquisite, Mistress,” admired Julie.  “You must be very proud of her.”

“Thank you,” smiled Marge.  “And yes, I am.  Shes my most valued treasure.”

Kathleen stood still as collar after collar was fitted around her slender neck.  She noticed that they were not the same as pet collars.  Many of them had a lining on the inside to prevent chafing.  And they had extra rings sewn into them. 

Other people meandered through the collar section as they shopped.  Kathleen wished she could crawl out of her skin and hide but she remained in place and closed her eyes tightly.  She even heard some of the people talking about her.  “Such a pretty shade of pink.  I just love a blushing slavegirl.”  “Are those breasts natural?  They look too good to be true.”  “What a delightful pet you have.  Do you ever consider loaning her out?”  Nobody touched her other than Marge and Julie but she kept cringing in anticipation of a strange hand taking liberties with he.

“I think these two will do,” Marge announced finally.  Kathleen finally opened her eyes and saw that Marge was holding a pair of leather collars.  One was black with a silver colored buckle and silver rings.  The other was white with a gold buckle and gold rings.  Both were larger than Kathleen expected and were about an inch wide.  “You said that you can do the engraving here.  Will it take long?”

“It wont take long at all.  You can look around while we engrave them.”  Julie picked up a phone and spoke a few words.  Moments later, a man arrived.  Kathleen again blushed at being so exposed to another stranger.  Marge told him what she wanted on the tag and he disappeared again with collars in hand.

“Lets look around, pet,” said Marge.

“Yes, Mistress.  Let me get my blouse.”

“No, leave it off for now.  Youll just have to take it off again to try on the collars again.”  Kathleen just groaned and nodded, following Marge as Julie led them through the store.

“Do you have all of the clamps that you need?” asked Julie.

“Actually, I dont have any yet.  But I do need some,” said Marge.  Julie led them to what Kathleen thought was a horrifying display of cruel looking objects.

“You may try on any that you like,” said Julie.  “You may wish to test them on me, however, if your slave is not used to them.   We like to keep screaming to a minimum here.”

“Thank you,” smiled Marge.  “Thats very kind of you.”

Marge selected a pair of clamps and then tweaked each of Julies nipples, stiffening them.  “You have very lovely breasts, dear,” she said as she raised the first clamp to a nipple.

“Thank you, Mistress,” grimaced Julie as the cruel jaws flattened her sensitive bud.

“And you seem quite responsive.  Im sure your owner must take great delight in you.”

“Thank you again, Mistress,” she winced as her other nipple was flattened.  “But Im not owned at the moment.  My mistress ran off with a man and married him.  I was abandoned.”

“Oh, you poor baby,” sympathized Marge as she lifted Julies breasts to examine her handiwork.  “I may need to claim you as my own, at least occasionally.”  She flicked the clamps and could see that they were indeed quite painful.

“Thank you, Mistress,” gasped Julie.  Kathleen watched in utter amazement.  Marge seemed to be getting pleasure from hurting the beautiful little redheaded Julie.  And she was acting as if Julie might become her slave sister.

Marge selected a couple of sets of clamps and even tried them on Kathleen but did not tighten them very much.  Even still, they sent jolts of pain through Kathleens body.

Kathleen lost her skirt at the next stop and finished the rest of the shopping excursion naked except for the sandals.  Marge had described the pole that she had seen on the internet and Julie led them to a selection of them.  This is where Kathleen was instructed to lose her skirt and she ended up being impaled on the device.

“We normally need lubricant for this,” commented Julie.  “But your girl is so juicy, we wont need it at all.”  Julie was demonstrating how it worked and had knelt to part Kats labia and insert the dildo.  Again, Kat wished she could just disappear as the huge dildo slid deeper and deeper into her body.  A small audience had gathered to watch the demonstration and they applauded as the dildo reached the top of its travel.

They finished the shopping trip by going back to the collar department.  Their order was waiting for them and Marge held them up for Kathleen to read.  The black one read “Marges pet Kat.”  The white one was engraved with “Kathleen Collins, property of Margaret Mayfield.”

The white one was fitted around Kathleens neck and she was allowed to dress for the ride home.  She was not allowed to button her blouse and, instead, Marge simply knotted the shirt tails beneath Kats breasts which left her belly bare and her cleavage very exposed.

Chapter 5

Kathleen knew she had to stop this.  The episode of the adult novelty store made it even clearer in her mind.  She had been paraded around naked and exposed to total strangers.  Not only that, but she had been essentially raped with that dildo in front of a crowd of people she had never seen before and hoped to never see again.

She sat at the kitchen table and idly ran her finger around the edge of her collar.  She had been instructed to wear it at all times in the house.  She was to wear the black one for gardening.  She was naked other than for the collar.

She concentrated on her task of freeing herself from the tightening grasp of her neighbor.  So far, nothing had worked.  She had tried protesting but that had hurt Marges feelings.  She had tried to use logic but Marge had always been able to twist the argument in a way that made slavery seem very logical, even to Kathleen.  Maybe she should try acting happy to be a slave and eager to please her mistress.  Maybe Marge would lose interest once the seduction and capture was complete.

She did have to admit that some aspects of her current condition were not all that bad.  She liked the all over tan that she was developing.  She had always hated tan lines but had never been bold enough to do anything about it.  Now, she was forced into nudity and one of the benefits was the elimination of those horrid tan lines.

The other benefit was the orgasms.  She had not climaxed in the two years since her husbands death.  Even when he was still alive, she had not experienced orgasms like the ones she was having these days.  It sometimes made her wonder if she was just protesting her situation to assuage her guilt.  Maybe she really was meant to be a slave.  She had to admit that she seemed to be constantly aroused.  She couldnt even sit in her own furniture without first placing a towel down to soak up her juices.

But she knew that it all had to stop.  It just wasnt right.

She was instructed to be at Marges house at 1:00, which was only five minutes away.  She was told to wear nothing but the sarong that Marge had given her.  She held it up again and looked at it.  The brightly colored floral print seemed so tiny.  She wasnt sure that it could be arrange to provide her with much modesty.

She stood up and went to the mirror.  She turned in profile and lifted her breasts, admiring how they glowed with the sunshine they had been receiving.  She patted her belly and smiled at how tight it was.  She really did have a nice body.

She spread the sarong in her arms and wrapped it around her body, arranging it as best she could.  The upper swell of her breasts were clearly on display but at least her nipples were covered.  Her sex was also protected but she knew that the slightest hint of a breeze would expose her for all to see.  She took a deep breath and then went into the backyard to head to her neighbors house.  She managed to get to Marges back door without being seen.  At least she didnt think she had been spotted.  Marges fence was not nearly as tall as hers so a neighbor might be able to see her in the tiny garment.  At least it was a calm day so she wasnt flashing anyone.

“Come in, sweetie,” smiled Marge.

“Thank you, Mistress,” replied Kathleen as she stepped into the house.

“Im so glad you could come.  I thought I should host you for a change.  You have always so graciously hosted me.  Come into the living room with me.”

Kathleen was surprised that she had not lost the garment.  She expected Marge to untie the knot between her breasts as soon as she arrived.  Instead, she had been allowed to remain clothed.  She followed Marge into the living room and then stopped dead in her tracks.  Sitting on the sofa was Marges younger sister, Mandy.

Mandy was almost a carbon copy of Marge.  Tall with long black hair, she had a beautiful face and a stunning figure.  The only difference was that Mandy was ten years younger than Marge, although nobody would ever guess it.  Marge was so beautiful that they looked like identical twins.

“See what I have?” smiled Marge.

“Oh my,” replied Mandy.  “You werent kidding.”

Marge had been telling Mandy about her new slave but Mandy had a hard time believing he.  Marge told her to just wait and see.  Her pet would be arriving at one oclock wearing a tiny sarong and a white collar.  True enough, thats how the pet arrived.

“Oh my gosh,” uttered Kathleen.  She was dumbstruck that Marge would involved her little sister in this.  Mandy just smiled at Kat from the couch.

“May I?” asked Mandy as she arose from the couch.

“Please be my guest,” replied Marge.  And then she added to Kathleen, “Be a good girl.”

Kathleen watched with dread as Mandy closed the distance between them and then stood in front of her.  She reached up and ran a delicate finger along the lower edge of the collar and read aloud.  “Kathleen Collins, property of Margaret Mayfield.”

“Are you really my sisters property, Kat?”

“Yes, I think so,” Kathleen responded.  Then, she wanted to kick herself for the response.  This was a chance to slow things down and maybe even stop the insanity.  Instead, she had just affirmed her status as a slave.  How could she be so foolish.

“You know,” Mandy went on, “my sister and I share everything.”  Mandy lowered her hands to the knot holding her sarong in place.  Kathleen trembled slightly and lowered her eyes.

It was true that the two girls shared everything.  Despite the difference in their ages, they were very close.  They shared clothes and cosmetics.  They shared cars and appliances.  They had shared boys, both together and separately.  They had even shared their bed.

They had been frequent lovers since Mandy was sixteen.  Even though they both dated boys and other girls, they kept drifting back to each others arms.  They sometimes made warm and tender love to one another but mostly it was wild, adventurous sex.  They had even tried domination and submission but found it difficult since they both had dominant tendencies.  They finally fell into an arrangement of alternating dominant and submissive roles.  Today was to be a day for Mandy to dominate but Marge had surprised her by telling her that she had captured a new slavegirl for them to play with.

Mandy had known Kathleen since Kat had moved in five years earlier.  At the age of sixteen when she was first starting to have sex with her older sister, she was also attracted to the beautiful housewife next door.  In fact, if truth be told, she had a crush on Kathleen.

Mandy lifted Kathleens chin with a fingertip and gazed into her beautiful blue eyes.  She returned that hand to the knot and started to slowly untie it as she continued to stare at Kathleen.  She noticed the blush spread across the slavegirls cheeks and also noticed that her actions were causing gooseflesh to form across the girls chest and arms.  Finally, she got the knot undone and spread the sarong by extending her arms.

“Oh my,” exclaimed Mandy.  “Shes beautiful.  Shes perfect.”

Kat wanted to avert her eyes but felt that she couldnt.  Instead, she watched as Mandys eyes roamed over her nudity as if studying every curve.  Mandy dropped the sarong to the floor and reached up, running a finger tip from each hand around the two nipples, smiling as she saw them stiffening.

Mandy leaned forward and kissed Kathleen on the lips.  “Welcome to the family, little Kat.”  Again, Kathleen wanted to avert her eyes but felt compelled to keep her eyes locked on Mandys.  Again, Kathleen trembled.

“Shell provide us with hours of fun,” Mandy remarked to her sister.

“Oh she will,” agreed Marge.  She is so responsive to everything.  Youll just love her.”

“Oh, Ive loved her for years,” confessed Mandy.  “I just couldnt act on it until today.”  She leaned down and fluttered her tongue over Kathleens left nipple causing it to stiffen even more.  Then she wrapped her lips around the little bud and drew it into her mouth.  She suckled for a few moments and then drew her head back, letting her teeth rake lightly along the stiff nubbin before it popped free.

“Mmmm, delicious,” she said.

Marge, in the meantime, had taken a seat on the sofa.  She loved her sister dearly and took joy in watching Mandy discover and explore the new toy.  She watched as Mandy bounced and suckled each of the wondrous breasts.  She saw Kathleen turn crimson when Mandy slid a finger into the girls sex and then used her sex as a handle to lift her onto her toes.

Mandy raised the finger to her lips and, again, gazed into Kathleens eyes as she licked he finger like a lollipop and then sucked it into her mouth to clean it.  Marge admired her sisters form.  Her younger sister had very ample breasts that were enhanced by the tight fitting top she had on.  The top also showed off the waspish narrow waist and her jeans rode low on her delicious hips.

Mandy reinserted a finger into the slave and then turned her, facing away from Marge, and bent her over at the waist.  Kathleen whimpered as she felt Mandy parting her bottom cheeks with one hand while plunging the finger that she had just lubricated into the girls rectum.

“Im going to enjoy this new toy, sis,” smiled Mandy as she sawed her finger in and out of Kathleens bottom.  “Thank you.”

“Well both enjoy her.  Shes such a delightful little pet.  And she has accepted her new role so readily.  Havent you, sweetie?”

Kathleen was panting now at the violation of her bottom.  The finger was sending strange, unwanted thrills though her body and she felt her sex actually dripping with her juices, coating her inner thighs.  She heard the question but decided to ignore it for fear that her words would plunge her deeper into slavery.

“Your mistress asked you a question,” exclaimed Mandy.  She punctuated her sentence with a loud slap to Kathleens bottom.

“Owww,” cried Kathleen.  “That hurt!”

“It was supposed to hurt.  Now answer the question.”

Kathleen thought it best to act like she did not hear the question rather than proving that she had ignored it.  “Im sorry, Mistress.  What was your question?”

She was rewarded with another spank, this time much harder than the first.  “Pay attention to your mistress.”

“I was telling Mandy how quickly you have accepted your new life as my slave.  Our slave.  And I asked if you agreed.”

Kathleen felt shame rush through her body as she answered the question, realizing that she was sealing her fate even more thoroughly.  “Yes, Mistress, I am your total slave.”

“And am I your mistress too?” asked Mandy as she continued to pump her finger in and out of Kathleens rectum.

“Yes, Mistress,” panted Kathleen.  “I am your total slave too.”

“Oh they are going to just love her at the house,” remarked Mandy.  “I can show her there, cant I?”

“I dont see why not,” replied Marge.  Mandy was still in college and had another year to go.  She belonged to a sorority that had gained a reputation for some pretty wild behavior.  All of the sisters and pledges had been selected for their beauty and were generally viewed as the most desirable on campus.  While they did date guys there, they mostly kept to themselves.

The sorority culture was based on a domination and submission theme.  Freshmen pledges were the slaves and could be used by any of the sisters.  The sophomores were ladies in waiting and had some authority over the pledges but were still controlled by the upper class girls.  The juniors were the mistresses and took responsibility for training and punishing the pledges.  Mandy was looking forward to being a senior next year.  The seniors were referred to as goddesses.  They were cared for by the pledges and sometimes the sophomores who bathed them and pampered them and served them sexually. But in that environment, nobody took their roles too seriously.  Pledges served their time but knew that their time as a slave was limited.  Seniors enjoyed the tongues and lithe bodies of the freshmen but knew that they would be graduating and would soon be out in the real world.

Mandy looked forward to returning to school with a real live slave.  She would be the envy of everyone.  Not only because she had a slave but because the slave was so beautiful and was so much older than anyone in the sorority.  She thought how wickedly humiliated Kathleen would be when she was displayed to the sisterhood and forced to perform depraved acts for them

Kathleen did not know much about the sorority but she had rumors and little tidbits from Marge.  If only half of what she had heard was true, it would be an awful time for her.  She would have to figure out a way to break the bonds of slavery before then.  Hopefully, she would escape much sooner.

Chapter 6

Mandy spent most of her time at her sisters house during the summer.  As a result, Kathleen had a mistress present on an almost constant basis.  Both of the sisters were quite dominant although Mandy had a cruel streak about her whereas Marge was demanding but loving.

By a month into the new arrangement, Kathleen had pretty much resigned herself to her current lot in life.  She still hoped to return to her previous life soon, but having two mistresses wore her down.  Every protest was met with confounding logic by Marge or punishment by Mandy.  She would have to wait to get things right again.

Over time, Kathleen became a sexual plaything for Marge.  Marge taught her slave how to use her tongue and Kathleen spent many hours kneeling between her mistress legs with her face buried between the shapely thighs.  Marge would frequently reciprocate, although Kathleen was typically bound while Marge licked her to remind her that she was a slave.  Kathleen was quickly getting to a point where she did not need to be reminded.  She was even starting to see herself as a slave.

Marge loved to fuck her girl too.  She had bought strap-on harness with a selection of dildos in different shapes and sizes.  Marge seemed to prefer the missionary position and Kathleen learned to enjoy the feel of Marges full, soft breasts pressing against her own.

Mandy, on the other hand, enjoyed humiliation and pain.  The clamps were frequently used and were tightly applied.  She also loved hanging weights from the crushed little buds and hearing the shrieks of pain as the nipples were pulled down or bitten cruelly with toothed jaws of a clamp.

She fucked the slavegirl but, more often than not, the dildo would impale Kathleens bottom instead of her sex.  It had been extremely painful at first but now, as she adjusted to having her bottom filled, it was just humiliating.  Marge had rigged a frame in her basement and Mandy loved to tie the slave into it, stretching her limbs to the four corners of the frame.  Paddles and whips were used interchangeably and all surfaces of the slaves body were fair game.

The first time that her breasts had been whipped, Kathleen thought she would die.  The long leathery tail snapped against her glorious orbs, sending pain jolting through her stretched body and leaving mean looking welts behind.  But the whipping of her breasts was nothing compared to having her sex tortured.  One day, Mandy saw to it that Kathleen was shaved and smooth.  Then the slave was put into the frame.  Mandy produced a paddle which punished the beautiful bottom and thighs.  Before concluding, however, she gave the girl five hard strokes to her bald and vulnerable sex which caused her to scream at several octaves higher than ever before.

Mandy was not all cruelty.  She would masturbate or lick the slave during intermissions in the torture.  She was always careful not to let the girl climax until the end, however.  Then, right after the grand finale of punishment, she would push Kathleen over the edge into an explosive orgasm which frequently caused her to pass out.

On this day, Kathleen was experiencing a different form of punishment.  She was riding he dildo pole as the two sisters made love.  The pole was positioned beside Marges bed and had been raised as high as possible, pressing painfully against Kathleens cervix.  Mandy was lying on the bed with Marge on top in a sixty nine position.  Kathleen had to witness the incestuous coupling and felt her face crimson with shame.  It was humiliating because it was two beautiful sisters licking each others pussies.  But it was also shameful because of how her body was reacting.  She was lubricating freely because of the lewd scene before her and wished that it was her tongue servicing the two mistresses.

Perhaps the cruelest thing that Mandy did was to loan the slavegirl to someone else.  One of the sorority sisters who had recently graduated called Mandy with a request.  She had been invited to an event but needed to bring a slavegirl with her.  She wanted to know if Mandy would mind acting as her slave for the day.  Mandy thought seriously about accepting because it sounded exciting and fun.  Despite her dominant nature, she enjoyed being submissive occasionally and she adored Allison.  But she decided that it might send mixed messages to the sorority if there were any other sisters at the event.

“Id love to, but I cant,” she told Allison.  “But I have the perfect solution.  You can take my slave for the day.”

“You have a slave?” asked a surprised Allison.

“Yes.  Well, Marge and I share a slave.  But she can be all yours for that day if you want her.”

“Wow,” remarked Allison.  “Is she trained?  Is she pretty?”

“Shes absolutely beautiful.  And a natural blonde, although you cant tell it right now.  She has a bald pussy.  I know how much you like blondes.  And I wouldnt say that shes trained.  Shes obedient but we havent spent any time teaching her slave etiquette or anything like that.”

“How old is she?” Allison was worried that the wild Mandy might have enslaved some underage teenager and she didnt want to get herself arrested.

“Twenty six.”

“Wow,” she said again.  She would be showing up with a mature woman who was four years her elder as her slave.  That certainly wouldnt hurt her image.  She did not know why, but having an older slave seemed so much more exciting to her.  She could just imagine what must be going through a slaves mind when she knew that her mistress was younger than her.

“Have you loaned her out before?”

“No, youll be the first.”

“Ill take her,” said Allison.

“Do you want to get to know her at all first?”

“No.  Ill take your word for it.  But do me a favor and dont tell her about this until I come to pick her up.  It should be delicious to watch her reaction when she learns that you have given her to someone else.”

“Okay.  But I can tell Marge, cant I?”

“Sure.  Just let her know to keep it a secret.”

Chapter 7

On Saturday, Allison arrived early.  She wanted to spend some time with Mandy before collecting the slavegirl.  For over an hour, Mandy and Allison made love.  When Marge arrived home, she joined the coupling pair and the three of them made love for another hour.  They rested together in Marges bed until it was close to the time when Allison should leave.

“Her name is Kathleen,” Mandy informed Allison.  “But we call her Kat.”  Kathleen had arrived a few minutes earlier wearing a new sarong.  It seemed that the only thing she wore these days were sarongs, or nothing at all.  Again, Kathleen had been horrified when she saw that she was being exposed as a slave to yet another new person, but she was reluctant to say anything.  It would just give Mandy another excuse to punish her again.

“You were right,” commented Allison.  “Shes lovely.  Ill be the envy of everyone at the party.”  This comment confused Kathleen.  She was not sure what to make of it.

“Just be sure to return her by tomorrow morning,” said Marge.  These words sent panic through Kathleen.  All of a sudden, Allisons remark became clear and it terrified her.  She was being given to someone, just like any other belonging.  She was being loaned to another girl as if she were a blouse or a hair dryer.  It was just not right!

“Wait!” Kathleen said frantically.  “Whats going on here?”

“Oh, were just helping out one of Mandys friends,” explained Marge.  “She needs a slave for a party and we said she could take you.”

“Wait!” she protested.  “I cant do this.  You cant do this.  Its just not right!”

“She gets so worried sometimes,” said Mandy to Allison as she stroked Kathleens cheek with the backs of her fingers, trying to calm her.  “She really is such a good girl for us.  But she frets too much.  We hope that she will calm down over time.”

Neither Mandy nor Marge responded to Kathleens protest.  They both just carried on their conversation with Allison as if they knew that debating with their property was unnecessary.  Kathleen just looked at the three women in disbelief.

“Can we get her changed here?” asked Allison.  “I brought her outfit.”

“Sure,” replied Marge.  “Pet, be a good girl and take off your sarong.”

“But…” sputtered Kathleen.

“Be a good girl,” advised Mandy.  Kathleen saw the serious look in Mandys face and decided it would be best to comply rather than risk punishment.  She reached between her breasts and untied the knot, reluctantly letting her sarong fall to the floor.

Allison smiled when she saw the beauty naked for the first time and opened the box she had brought.  She pulled out a couple of articles of clothing, if they could be called that.

Mandy helped dress Kathleen, although with such little clothing, that was a quick process.  Gauzy white pantaloons were pulled up the shapely legs and secured on Kathleens hips.  A soft length of rope served as a belt.  The pantaloons were sheer and seemed almost transparent as they allowed the observer to clearly see Kathleens sex and bottom.  Kathleen thought they looked obscene.

The other article of clothing was a tiny maroon vest.  It did conceal the outer swells of the sizeable breasts but left the lower and inner swells available to be admired and offered occasional peeks at the cute, pink nipples.  Kathleen thought that she looked like a pornographic version of a harem girl.

The remaining items in the box consisted of cuffs and jewelry.  Leather cuffs that matched the color of the vest and which were elaborately embossed circled each wrist and each ankle.  A slender gold chain was wrapped around Kathleens waist and allowed to drape over her hips.  Allison asked if she could replace the collar for the night and the two sisters granted her permission.  The white leather collar was replaced by a solid gold one with intricate engravings and that was hinged.  When the two sides were drawn together and locked, the collar fit snugly around Kathleens neck but was not too tight.  It actually looked more like a beautiful choker than a collar.  Two additional gold chains remained.  One would hobble her and the other would connect her wrists together but Allison decided she would save those for later.

Kathleen tried to protest a few more times.  She argued that it wasnt right to be given away.  She argued that she couldnt go to a party dressed like this because someone she knew might recognize her.  Finally, she argued that she couldnt go outside dressed the way she was or she might get arrested.  All of her arguments were ignored and, in short order, she found herself in the passenger seat of Allisons car, speeding down the highway.

“Oh, were going to have so much fun,” said an excited Allison.  “Have you ever been to one of these?”

“I dont even know what one of these is,” replied a frustrated and increasingly angry Kathleen.

“Well think of it as a costume party.  Only the roles are for real for most of the people there.  I attended once a couple of years ago but as a slave.  This year, I was invited as a mistress.  I thought about taking Mandy as my slave but she offered you instead.”

“Oh, how nice of her,” replied a disgruntled slavegirl.

“Cheer up,” said Allison.  “It really will be fun.  I had a blast the last time I was there.”

The drive was short, much to Kathleens chagrin.  Twenty minutes later, Allison steered her car into a long tree-lined driveway.  Kathleen would not have minded if they had to drive four hours away from home to get to the party.  Nobody could possibly recognize her four hours away.  When they finally reached the house, a valet was there to assist them and park the car.  Reluctantly, Kathleen stepped out of the car, reaching up to tug the tiny vest over her breasts as best she could, and then was led into the house.

The host greeted them and then led the pair to the ballroom.  This was no ordinary home.  This was a palatial estate and there must have been a hundred people already inside.  Kathleen groaned as she looked around at all of the other guests.  About half were dressed in semiformal attire with suits and long dresses being the norm.  The other half, which Kathleen took to be the slaves, were in some form of undress.  She noticed that she actually had on more clothes than most and was thankful for that small blessing.

Naked breasts abounded.  Most of the slaves were female.  Some were completely naked but for little adornments like collars and cuffs.  Some had skimpy loin clothes.  A few wore chastity belts.  She saw one that even wore a veil and wished she had one of those.

The male slaves also were mostly naked.  A few were completely naked and she saw that a couple of them were sporting erections.  Others had some kind of covering over their genitalia.  And a couple of them had what looked like male versions of chastity belts.  Their cocks and balls were trapped inside of little cages.

Allison attached a fine gold chain to Kathleens collar and led her around to meet people.  She knew quite a few already and introduced herself to the ones she did not know.  Kathleen was mostly ignored.  She was only introduced if another dominant asked about her.  Other than that, she was just decorative background.

It was during this mingling that disaster struck.  “Kathy?” she heard.  She felt a knot in her stomach.  Only one person on earth ever called her Kathy.  Everyone else referred to her as Kat.  Reluctantly, she turned in the direction of the voice.

“Dad?  What are you doing here?”

“I might ask the same thing of you, young lady,” he replied with a chuckle.  At the age of fifty two, he was still in great condition.  His black hair was now sprinkled with touches of silver but that only served to make him look distinguished.

“Oh, Im so sorry Dad.  I dont know how I got myself into this.  This is so embarrassing.  I dont know what to do.”

“Well, you can start by introducing me to your mistress.”  He noticed the beautiful young lady holding the other end of his daughters leash.

“Oh sorry, Dad.  Allison, this is my father, Joseph Collins.  Dad, this is Allison…  Oh, Im sorry.  I dont even know your last name.”  This caused Joe to raise his eyebrows.

Allison extended her hand.  “Allison Cartwright, Mr. Collins.  Its a pleasure to meet you.  And its not as strange as it seems.  Kats not my slave.  I just borrowed her for the day.”

“Call me Joe.  Borrowed, huh?”  He raised his eyebrows again.

Kathleen felt her face turn new shades of crimson.  She wished she could just evaporate.

“Yes,” continued Allison.  “I needed a slave for the party so her mistress loaned your daughter to me.  Well, mistresses really.”

“Oh this just keeps getting better and better.  And who, might I ask, are here mistresses?  Do I know them?”

Kathleen wished the ground would swallow her up.

“You might.  Marge, her neighbor, and Marges sister Mandy own your daughter.”

Joe nodded.  “Yes, I think I have met them both.  Well, this is a side of my daughter that I hadnt seen before.  May I?” he asked Allison.

“Please feel free,” replied Allison.

Joe reached up, to Kathleens horror, and grasped the edges of the vest, opening it to see his daughters bountiful breasts.  “And this is a front of my daughter that I have never seen before.  Delightful.”

“Dad!” hissed Kathleen.  She could not raise her voice for fear of attracting attention.  But she also couldnt idly stand by while her father ogled her chest.

“Hush, little one,” her father said calmly.  “Slaves is slaves.  And as long as your mistress allows, others may enjoy you, including me.  Youre all grown up now.”  His gaze returned to her breasts.  “And deliciously so, I might add.”

He continued to hold the vest open with one hand and ran the backs of his fingers over the soft upper swells of Kathleens right breast.  Then he placed his palm beneath it and lifted it, bouncing it several times.  “Simply priceless,” he smiled.  Then he stopped and looked over his shoulder.  “Id like you to meet my slave.”

He reached out and took the leash of a beautiful auburn haired girl and tugged her forward.  “Kim, Id like you to meet my daughter Kathleen and her mistress Allison Cartwright.  Kathy and Allison, this is my slave Kim.”

The girl was striking and looked to be about twenty years old.  The long auburn hair flowed freely across her shoulders and framed a gorgeous face.  Her perfect hourglass figure was adorned by large, full breasts and a shaved mound.  She was completely naked other than for a silver collar around her neck.  “Kim belongs to your mother and me,” her father explained.

“Wow!” was all that Kathleen could manage.

Joe dropped the leash, letting it fall between Kims luscious breasts.  Then he reached back up, this time holding both of Kathleens breasts in his hands.  He bounced them again, enjoying the weight of them in his palms, before brushing his thumbs back and forth across the nipples causing them to stiffen further.

“Dad!” Kathleen hissed.  “Im your daughter.  You shouldnt be doing that.”

Joe laughed.  “Yes, you are my daughter.  My very beautiful and very sexy daughter.  But you are also a slave.  I will have to talk to Marge about borrowing you myself some time.  This opens up so many exciting possibilities.”

“You may borrow her now, if youd like,” offered Allison.  “Im her mistress for today.  Or we could trade slaves for awhile.”

“Yes,” replied Joe.  “Lets trade for a bit.”  He reached out and took Kims leash in his hand, offering it to Allison.  Then he took Kathleens leash when it was offered to him.  Allison also gave him the two gold chains that could be used to hobble Kathleen or to secure her wrists together.  He tugged on the leash, drawing Kathleen to him as Allison tugged on Kims leash.  He led his daughter to a quieter part of the house.

Kathleen reluctantly followed her father.  This was not going well at all, she thought.  She had to figure out a way to get herself out of this mess.  Joe led Kathleen into the library and closed the door behind him.

“Wheres Mom?” asked Kathleen as she knelt in front of Joe who was seated on a leather sofa.  She had initially tried to sit on the sofa with him but he quickly corrected her.

“She was supposed to be here,” said Joe as he lifted the long blonde tresses off of Kathleens shoulders to let them drape down her back.  “But she had one of her migraines earlier and decided to stay home.  She told me to bring Kim and have fun.”

“I still cant believe that you and Mom have a slave.  How long has that been going on?”

“For years.  We had to do it discretely while you and your brother were growing up.  We even kept it hidden from you after you grew up because we werent sure that you would approve.  Your mother will be delighted when she learns that you are into the lifestyle also.”

Joes fingers went to the vest again.  This time, he opened it and slid the tiny garment down Kathleens arms, baring her torso.

“Dad,” pleaded Kathleen.  “This doesnt seem right.  Please.”

“Whats not right about me enjoying my slave?” he asked as he set the vest aside.  “Stand up for me.”

Kathleen bit her lower lip nervously but obediently stood up.  She watched in horror as she saw her father untie the knot and then slide her pantaloons down.  She was left naked, standing directly in front of her father.

“I knew you were a beautiful young lady but I had no idea how beautiful.  You are magnificent.  You are just the type of girl your mother likes to play with.  Young.  Ripe.”  He reached out and ran a finger up through Kathleens labia seeing how wet she was.  “And responsive.  Youre just the kind of girl I like to play with too, I might add.”

Kathleen just about jumped out of her skin when her father touched her sex.  She saw his fingers glistening with her juices and could not believe how her body was betraying her so badly.  “Dad,” she whimpered imploringly.

“Turn around,” he commanded.  She complied and felt his hands running up her thighs.  He stopped at her bottom and palpated the firm cheeks before prying them apart.  He used one of his thumbs to rub slowly around her little pucker, causing her to tremble.

Joe stood up and wrapped his arms around Kathleen, grasping one of the proud breasts in each hand and pulling her against him.  She closed her eyes in shame at being so intimately held by her father and then nervously bit her lower lip again as she could feel the hardness of his cock pressing against her through his pants.

He finally let go of her and she gulped as she heard the sound of his zipper.  “Just a little taste today,” he said.  “Ill sample you more fully when your mother is around.”

Kathleen felt him bending her over until her hands were on her knees and her torso was parallel with the floor.  She shuddered again as she felt his cock rubbing against her slick petals and then groaned as he pushed forward, impaling her with one long stroke.  She could not believe this.  She was being fucked by her own father!

“Mmmm, you are so tight,” he commented as he thrust deep.  “Its like being in a warm, wet vise.”

“Oh, Father,” moaned Kathleen.  “I hope this doesnt ruin our relationship.”

“No, sweetie, it wont,” he replied as he kept slicing his cock in and out of her.  “You will still be our daughter and we will treat you as a daughter.  But you have a mistress now and when she lets us borrow you, we will treat you as our slave.”

“Yes, Father,” she sighed and then yelped as she felt Joes cock plunge especially deep and bump against her cervix, sending a jolt of pain rushing through her body.

Joe raised his hand and brought it down with a loud slap to Kathleens bottom, eliciting another yelp from her.  “Thats yes Master,” he corrected.

“Yes, Master,” she quickly blurted out.  He leaned forward and reached under Kathleen, grasping her breasts in his hands again.  He used them as handles as he moved her on his cock and squeezed them tightly.

“These are absolutely delightful,” he commented as he gave each breast another squeeze.  “I had no idea.  I will have hours of fun with these.  What limits have you established with your mistress?”

“Limits, Master?” she moaned.

“I guess that means you have none.  That will make things so much more fun.  Kim has no limits either.”

Kathleen was torn between the guilt she felt at fucking her father and the increasing arousal that she felt as he fucked her.  She had never seen his cock before and still hadnt seen it since he unzipped and entered her while she was facing away.  But she could tell by the way that it filled her so completely that it must be massive.  And it must be especially long because it kept bumping into her cervix every few strokes.

“Has your ass ever been taken?” Joe asked.

Kathleen blushed at her father asking such an intimate question.  “No, Father.  Never.”  She tensed at the thought of her little rosebud being impaled by the huge shaft.  “I mean no, Master.”

“Well fix that.  But well save that for another day.”

Kathleen breathed a sigh of relief that she would be spared the sodomy, at least for today.  Joe was now gripping her nipples, stretching her breasts away from her body.  Kathleen lowered her head and saw the two cones stretching downward from her body.  She then gasped as she caught a glimpse of her fathers cock as it pulled out of her body only to disappear back inside of her slick tunnel.  The heavy balls swung between her thighs with each stroke and Kathleen groaned as she realized that they would soon empty their seed into her.

Joe placed his hands on Kathleens shoulders and pulled her back against him tightly, lodging his cock deep in he body.  He tensed and let out a gasp as he climaxed.  Kathleen shuddered as she realized she could actually feel the sperm spurting out of her father against the walls of her sex.  She had never felt the actual semen before during intercourse.  He held her against him until he finished emptying his balls into his daughter.  Then he withdrew and released her.

“You may clean me now,” he said.  Kathleen gulped but dutifully turned toward her father and knelt.  His pants were pooled around his ankles and her eyes grew wide as she saw how big the cock was, even as it slowly softened.

Kathleen leaned forward and tentatively touched the tip of the cock with her tongue.  She tasted the combination of his sperm and her own juices and then opened her mouth, drawing the massive spear in to bathe it with her tongue.  She realized at this point that she was not on any form of birth control and shuddered at the worry that her father may have impregnated her.

Joe pulled his pants back up and allowed Kathleen to put her pantaloons on.  He held onto the vest, however, stating that he thought the slave looked best without it.  He handed the vest to Allison when he returned Kathleen to her and he took Kims leash.

“Thank you for the use of your slave,” he said to Allison.  She was quite satisfying.”

Then he turned to Kathleen.  “Will we see you for dinner tomorrow night?”

“As daughter or slave?”

“Im not sure.  Ill talk to your mother and let you know.”

“Yes Daddy,” she responded in a small voice.

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