SexStory1 » I Will Submit to You, Master

Authors Note:  This is a continuation from “I Will Submit to You, Master” out now from Renaissance E-books.

Jackie wanted to scream in frustration.  But she refused.  Outbursts like that were reserved for spoiled submissives, not for proud mistresses.

Still, she sat on the blanket outside in Collins large back yard, making sure to keep her distance from all three men. 

Scents from the various flowers planted in Julies garden drifted towards the foursome.  Violets and roses bloomed in full while a gentle breeze provided comfort from the warmth of the sun that hung high overhead. 

The picnic area Collin had selected was in a neat area just beneath a shaded oak tree.

Jackie was amazed at the size of their property considering she knew very little of what Collin and Julie actually did.  Well, she knew Julie was a professional dominatrix with a hefty client list that included politicians, publishers, priests and a few others who did not fall into any of those categories.  But even that couldnt afford the splendor of their mansion. 

Collin leaned back against a large tree, swirling a glass of white wine in one hand that Bowman had poured for him.  Bowman sat to his right, Jackies left.  He sat cross legged, leaning back on his hands. 

Brach sat across from Bowman, cutting various fruits into slices before setting them down on a plate. 

Jackie looked at each of the men, studying their faces briefly before moving onto the next one.  Bowman looked comfortable outside.  He did mention at one point that he did much of the gardening for Julie. 

Brachs kitchen skills werent perfect, or so he said earlier.  But the way hed sliced and peeled fruit showed otherwise.  Jackie looked at Collin; saw the complacent smile on his face.  Frowning, she decided it was time to start asking questions. “Where did you find these two?”

Collin took a sip of wine and set the glass to one side.  “They were both clients of Julies.  They have always been a pair, which we both found odd at first.  When they filled out a limits list, they were identical in every respect except for one trait.”

She cocked her head to one side. “What trait was that?”

Shrugging, Collin picked up the glass of wine and brought it to his mouth.  Taking a sip, he appeared to savor the wine before answering.  “I dont know.  Julie didnt show me.  She said they were to play together and I saw no reason to split them up.”

Nodding, Jackie reached for a piece of fruit.  Taking a bite into it, she slurped up the succulent juices that threatened to run down her chin before eyeing Collin.  “Interesting.”

He smiled, the wicked glint of mischief in his eyes.  “So is the way youre eating that fruit.”

Frowning, Jackie bit into the fruit vehemently to prove a point.  “I could do this with other things as well.” 

His smile widened.

The twinkle in his silver eyes annoyed her. “Youre incorrigible.”  She took another bite of fruit before setting it down on the plate that appeared before her.

“Wine?”  Bowman offered her a glass and had the bottle in hand.

“Yes, please.”  She had manners at least.

He poured her decent amount.

She swirled the wine, brought it to her nose and inhaled. The scent of pear, apple and fresh oak was an enticing aroma.  She took a sip, confirming her thoughts.  Setting her glass down, she looked at Collin.  “Youre a chardonnay drinker?”

He nodded. “I drink all types of wine, babe.  Im very open to new experiences and with wine, you certainly get that.”

Jackie paused to give thought about his choice of words before taking another sip.

“Here,” Collin moved closer, touching her bare calf.

Flinching at the contact, she hated feeling so naked beneath her clothes, but all she wore were the shorts, sandals and the top that emphasized her chest. 

He offered her a smile. “Im not going to bite, right now.  This is about feeling, Jackie.  Close your eyes.”

Hesitantly, Jackie did as she was asked. 

“Now pick up the glass.  Its not perfect; these arent my normal crystal glasses but swirl the wine around anyway.”

Jackie lifted the glass up and swirled it around, careful not to spill anything.

“Put your nose over the rim and into the glass, inhale.”

His words were so calm, sending signals of tranquility to her despite her stance to remain stolid.  She still obeyed, smelling the wine.  The floral scents along with other strong odors wafted towards her nose.  A little wine brushed against the tip of her nose and made her laugh.

Collin chuckled lightly.  “Happens to all of us. Now, what do you smell?”

Pulling the wine away, she concentrated on the flavors the nose picked up.  Deep green apple and pear weighed heavily just beneath her nose while the faint scent of oak could be detected.  She lifted her chin, keeping her eyes closed.  “Apple, pear.  If I had to guess, Id say French oak.”

“Open your eyes.”

The world came into view.  Collin sat cross legged before her, one hand on her calf, the other holding his wine.  “Right.  This producer uses French oak barrels  to create a deeper taste that is less oaky than typical California chardonnay.  But do you see how closing your eyes makes the experience richer?”

Jackie shrugged.  “Whats your point?”

Tilting his head, Collin motioned to Bowman for more wine to be poured.

Bowman brought the bottle, pouring just enough to fill half the glass. 

“Thank you, Bowman.  Now,” he turned to Jackie, “swirl it again, close your eyes and take another smell before you taste the wine.”

Sighing, she decided to placate him.  It wouldnt hurt her.  Lifting the glass to her mouth level, she swirled it again.  The fruity scent mixed with oak seemed to drift towards her as though it were commanded. 

Tracing circles around her calf, Collin didnt move from where he sat while he kept his gaze fixed on her.

Thank god for the wine.  Her mouth felt bone dry at the moment from his soft touch.

She took one large breath of air through her nose, picking up even more nuances of wine before taking a sip. 

Once the liquid hit her tongue, the vision of an apple orchard and pear trees ripe with fruit came into her mind.  She swore she could smell the oak barrels being brought in to store the wine.  It did indeed taste a little more tart, a characteristic of the winemakers skill. 

The liquid ran down her throat, quenching the parched feeling she had from Collins earlier touch.  The lingering taste of tart apples reminded her of apple pie baked warm and left on the summer windowsill to cool while little girls and boys played double-dutch or baseball. 

Collins fingers remained where they were but shed swear his body had moved closer.  Opening her eyes, she saw him in the same position.  She lowered her head and whispered.  “Howd you…” 

He cocked a brow.  “You see how getting a full experience of smell, sight and taste makes for an interesting experience?”

Shed be lying if she said no.  “Yeah, I do.  What does this have to do with anything?”

He shrugged. “I figure a woman of your stature would understand the correlation between BDSM and wine.”

Her eyes widened and she sat up straight.  “Pardon?”

Collin leaned back on his hands and spread his legs apart.

Jackie hated the fact that her eyes zeroed in on the bulge in his shorts, but she tore herself from that appendage and looked at his face.  “I dont understand.”

His cocky smile returned.  “To just drink wine is to miss out on the experience of everything a skilled winemaker puts into his craft.  You miss the visuals, the olfactory sense and therefore do not truly taste the wine.  The same is true of crafting our BDSM scenes and relationships.”

She scoffed. “Relationships arent crafted and my scenes are always done the way they should be.”

Throwing his head back in laughter, Collin couldnt help but slap the ground.  Returning to meet her eyes, he smirked. “Youre truly a trip, Jackie.  The fact is, that the scenes are crafted not by you, nor your submissive.”

Her eyebrow rose.  “Then youre suggesting that theyre crafted by something else?”

“Perhaps,” he leaned forward and touched her calf again.  He kept his tone even with every word he spoke.  “The relationships we craft with others are enhanced by what we put in and take out.  If we put in an audible emotion, we get one back.  Or something else of equivalent value that hopefully enhances our lives.  The point isnt to be a dictator, but to control and guide.”

Her jaw ticked.  She gripped the cloth beneath her.  Her vice remained steady but held a note of hostility in it.  “I do just that.  What are you getting at?”

Collin laughed again, a rich hearty sound of a rumble that made Jackie wet between her thighs. 

She hated him at that moment. 

He narrowed his eyes, the twinkle sparkling brighter now in those silver irises.  “Youre assuming Im picking on you, Jackie.”

“Arent you?”

Collin shifted his weight.  “What purpose does that serve me?”

She didnt miss a beat.  “Vengeance through humiliation.”

Collins voice dropped in pitch.  “Have I once humiliated you while youve stayed here?”

Jackie knew she was being bated and even what the answer was to his question. “Yes, you have!”

Collin reclined on his arms again.  “Tell me when and Ill make amends for it.”

Crossing her arms, Jackie adjusted her posture so that she appeared taller.  Shaking her head back, she brushed strands of hair behind her ear.  “The first night I was here, you forced your dick down my throat and made me swallow without any sort of agreement, foreplay or idea of whether I could even take you in my mouth or not in front of your wife and these two.”  She spread her arms out to point at Bowman and Brach, both of whom remained silent. 

“Are you sure I humiliated you?  Or,” he narrowed his eyes and kept his voice low, “did I give you what you were expecting?”

She started to speak but stopped short. She had been expecting him to abuse her.  She didnt think hed brutalize her in front of an audience but she knew hed do something to offset her balance.

“Tell me, Jackie.”  He cleared his throat.  “Do you feel shame for what you did and how you behaved that first night?”

Her breath hitched. 

His smile turned into a wicked grin.  “I thought you wouldnt.  Youre predictable, Jackie. The problem isnt with what you do, its how you do it.”

The vehemence in her tone increased.  “Oh, am I?  It seems I have no complaints by any of the submissives who have served me.  What if we asked these two about grievances with you?  What would they say?”

Collin swept an arm across his chest and pointed to both of men.  “Go ahead.  Boys, answer the pretty lady.”

She smirked. 

Straightening, Bowman spoke first with his soft voice.  “Hes a little overbearing and sometimes an asshole.”

Jackie twitched nervously before looking at Brach.  “And you?”

Brach lifted his head and stopped peeling fruit.  “Master Collin is not entirely to my taste as a submissive one hundred per cent of the time, and he is overbearing.  But he has his reasons just like any man does and those usually involve our protection or whats best for us.”

Jackie made an agitated sound before glaring at Collin.  “How much punishment is at stake if he didnt answer that way?”

Collin tucked his legs beneath one another.  “None.  These two are allowed to speak their minds when called upon to do so.  Theyre both highly intelligent men who for whatever reason dont seem to fit into the roles society has for many males, but they fit in here perfectly.  The reason they stay is very simple.”

Jackie narrowed her eyes.  “Because they dont fit out in the real world.”

“Wrong.”  Collin took another sip of wine before setting his glass down.  He held the glass by the stem between two fingers to steady it.

A breeze blew past them, stirring tendrils of Jackies hair.  She brushed those strands back and snorted.  “Then why do they stay?”

Collins expression changed, softening his features.  He blinked, dark eye lashes sweeping down over his eyes before he met Jackies stare dead on.  “Aside from the fact that theyve managed to find a special place in our hearts as do all who serve us, the fact is, we guide them to the best of our ability.  We dont abuse that trust but we set firm groundwork for them to become comfortable in being who they are.”

Jackie spoke dryly.  “And who they are happens to be male submissives.”

“Partially, yes. That is their nature. It is the essence of what they are, but not who they are.”

“What the fucks the difference?”  By now Jackie was gripping the cloth beneath her so hard that her nails were digging into her skin. She couldnt rationalize between what Collin was saying and how she treated her submissives in the past.  It didnt make sense to her to guide someone on any other level than a sexual one and even then that was only half the reward if the mistress deemed it so.

Collin straightened.  “The difference is that I dont know who these two men are.  I dont know who they were meant to be, or where theyll end up. They, like you are welcome to stay here until the journey is finished, or as needed.  I can only answer what I see in them because my wife sees the same thing.  The will to submit.  It comes from their hearts and marks them to those of us who recognize that desire.”

Jackie kept a close eye on the two men who seemed to glow with admiration for the things Collin just said.  It irritated her and reminded her of their earlier incident when Collin choked her.

Collin continued. “Weve given them a very special thing in return for their gift of submission.  Men arent entirely my thing but Im not above receiving the gifts that come into my life and being thankful for them.”

Jackie smirked.  “So youve fucked them?”

Collin shot her a wry grin.  “Thats for me to know and you not to worry about.  But I do intend to do more fucking while were out.  It is a lovely day,” he stretched his arms high above his head.  The shirt crept up a tad, baring a slight band of his muscled abdomen.

Jackie licked her lips and cursed herself for the unconscious motion. 

Narrowing his gaze on her, he pursed his lips into a thin line.

How she hated the fact that she wanted to kiss him.


Collin lowered his head, keeping his eyes focused on Jackie. “In fact, Id say its a lovely day for fucking right here.  To prove a point, I think you should strip, Jackie.”

She looked around, her eyes moving from side to side. “Out here?  In the open?”

“Yes, in the open.  Weve all seen you naked and youve practically seen the two males nude.  You did agree to submit to my will.  Off with the clothing then.”

Gritting her teeth, Jackie picked up her glass and slammed the last of the wine down her throat, annoyed that it still tasted so good. She put the glass down and reached for the hem of her top.  Pulling it over her head, she removed the top, letting her breasts just out and bob up and down.  Her nipples were instantly hard at the sight of his mouth and the cool breeze that caressed her skin.

“Now your shorts. You may keep the sandals on.”  Collin snickered, keeping his eyes glued to her body.

Jackie stood, careful to keep her eyes on Collins reaction.  She hated doing this out in public.  Anticipation of being caught at any moment annoyed her, but she was determined to prove she could follow orders.

She undid the snap quickly, letting her hands linger over her stomach for just a moment before pushing the fabric down her slender thighs.  She knew she giving Collin a show would make him hard, distracting him from whatever plans he had previously for her.

Collin cleared his throat.

His stare burned her flesh, made her ache to have his hands on her.  She pushed the shorts down farter until they slipped from her fingers and hit the ground with a thud. 

Collins eyes remained fixed on her bared body.  He said nothing.

Jackie took a step back from the shorts and stood with her chin held high, breasts jutting out and hands on her hips.

Tilting his head down, Collins lips pursed together in a thin line.  He spoke casually.  “I like the pose.  Reminds me of a naked wonder woman.  Proud, buxom, a leader.  But are you really, a wonder woman?”

Jackie arched a brow.  She knew this was headed somewhere she didnt want it to go.  “Whatever do you mean?”

Collin settled back on his hands.  His head tilted to the side.  “I mean, can you perform like a wonder woman?”

She glared at him with the intensity shed saved for those who annoyed her with stupid questions. “Of course I can.  You should know that by now.”

A wicked smile crossed Collins lips. “I thought so.  Now…lets test this theory.  Get on your hands and knees, facing Bowman.”

Tension flooded her nerves. Both eyebrows rose and her mouth opened wider.  “What?”

“You heard me.”

Sex out in the open didnt bother her except that she was used to being the clothed one.  The world now could see her ass just as plainly as the faint breeze whispered caresses over her skin.

The delicate breeze touching her private regions aroused her.  She felt dampness between her thighs. Swallowing a lump in her throat, she stepped over her shorts and top and turned to face Bowman. 

His weak smile seemed to reassure her. 

Bending down, she settled on her hands and knees, keeping her back straight.  Perfect posture from the perfect Mistress playing the role of the submissive.

She felt beads of sweat form along her brow.  Another set of eyes joined Collins in looking at her.


She exhaled slowly so as not to disrupt her form.  Gritting her teeth, she hissed out another breath.  The look in Bowmans dark eyes was intense, proving to her that he was still a man. 

Her heart sped up just a touch at the sight of Bowmans gaze meeting hers.

He smiled faintly, almost like he was uncertain of what to do. He remained still.

Collins gruff voice interrupted the stillness between them.  “Bowman, lean forward and kiss Jackie.”


Bowman cleared his throat. “Yes Master.” 

Tensing up, Jackies gaze lingered on Bowmans mouth moving towards her until their lips touched.

He pressed against her with the sweetest of caresses before leaning inward and touching her full on.  His tongue licked her bottom lip.

She sucked in a breath, felt his very soft yet masculine mouth against hers.  Shuddering at the contact, wetness dampened her pussy lips. 

His eyes held onto hers, capturing the only sentiment he seemed to know.


Arching her hips up, she leaned towards Bowman.  Thrusting her tongue into his mouth, she tasted dark roasted coffee swirling around her nostrils. 

He sucked her tongue further into his mouth. 

Eyes widening, Jackie let him control the kiss to give Collin a show.  She only hoped it was enough because the demands of her body were beginning to fill her mind.

Clearing his throat, Collin drew their attention back to him.

They parted from the kiss.

Jackie let out a breath and set a hand to her forehead.  She resumed her position on all fours in hopes that Collin would drop this stupid game and fuck her.

“Very well,” Collin rubbed his chin and leaned backwards. “Now I want Brach to kiss you as well.”

Heaving a sigh, Jackie started to turn towards Brach.

Collin shook his head.  “No.  Not there.  There.”  He pointed at her rump.

Jackie swallowed the lump in her throat. Her wet cunt yearned for  contact but she hoped he meant her ass cheek and not her pussy.

Brach crawled forward, setting a hand on the very spot Collin pointed to.  “Her ass, Master?”

Collin flipped a hand wayward in the air.  “Wherever. Get creative.  Make her whimper like shes my wife if you feel like it.  “

Jackie shuddered visibly.  The light breeze carried her scent to her nose.  If Brach touched her, hed know she was fully aroused.

Not that anyone with half a brain couldnt tell since her nipples were the hardest of peaks right now.  But at least she could say it was from the weather that her nipples pebbled, and not the kiss Bowman gave her earlier, or the thrill of being completely naked before three men.

She closed her eyes and waited for contact. 

Brachs lips brushed over the curve of her ass, his tongue sweeping into the valley of her flesh.

She clenched her fists, digging into the ground beneath the blanket. 

Brachs tongue delved deeper into her cleft, snaking around, wetting her asshole.

The muscles puckered in response.

Brach pushed further into her asshole.

Squirming slightly, Jackie parted her legs. Course whiskers grazed against her delicate skin, irritating her.  She started to turn her head to say something but caught the funny look in Collins eyes.

Collin lifted his chin and peered down his nose at her.  “The idea is that you submit to my will, regardless of external circumstances.  I didnt foresee the dear boy wouldnt have shaved this morning.  He does just about every morning.” 

The caress of that sweet tongue slid around her asshole, exploring her before sliding down over the folds of her soaked pussy. 

“My,” the bemused look on his face annoyed Jackie more, “he knows how to kiss a womans privates.”

Heat flushed through her, warming her skin and causing it to turn a shade red.  Her hair fell before her eyes, blocking out a great deal of the world. She started to brush strands away from her face but a hand caught her by the wrist. 

Collin had moved forward and captured her.  “Let Bowman.  He has a surprise for you too, my good little submissive.”

Jackie gritted her teeth but the anger that built had begun to fade the moment Brachs tongue thrust inside her cunt.

Her breath caught in her throat.  Warm, hard and demanding strokes lapped at her lips, exciting her to the point of distraction.  Her mouth fell open and her eyes closed partially.

Collin stroked Jackies shoulder.  “Strip, take out your cock and let the good woman suck it, Bowman.”

Shuddering from his touch, she turned her head and heard the zipper slide down and bodies shift. Shorts dropped in a pool before Jackies face. 

She looked up at a pair of tanned calves that led up the line of thick thighs and an even thicker cock.  Bowman was shaved smooth, balls hanging heavily from beneath the girth of his erection.

Already slick with precum, he stepped forward just a few inches.

Opening her mouth to take him inside was difficult.  She had to concentrate on not letting go completely and remaining in control of her body or shed be begging all three men to fuck her.  Sweat broke out on her brow.  It became hard to hold her position with Brachs tongue swirling around her heat and that beautiful dick in front of her.

Her mouth salivated.  She cursed herself. 

The first touch of her mouth to his cock was cautious. 

He didnt shove himself inside like Collin had the night of her arrival.

Bowman took gentle care to slide himelf in and then stop.

She opened her mouth wider to get around the thickness.  She slid her tongue along the underside of his cock, tasting satiny smooth skin and salty precum while the scent of fresh soap mingled with his natural aroma. 

His hands went to his hips. 

Sealing her mouth around him, she peered up and saw patient eyes staring back at her.  His lips curled upwards in a reassuring smile. 

She wriggled her ass.

The lips kissing her pussy hadnt let up, they only pushed harder against her, forcing a tongue and two fingers deeper inside her.

Jackie couldnt help the moan that escaped her, sending vibrations along the length of Bowmans cock.

He let out a slow, controlled breath.

She began pumping Bowman, the head of his cock brushing against the back of her throat.  She coughed and had to remind herself to breath just to take him in on her own, but she kept her composure. 

Fingers walked up and down her spine.

Goose bumps appeared over her sweat covered skin.  Jackie closed her eyes and focused on the dick in her mouth, proving to herself she could fake this ordeal for Collin.

The thing was, it felt all so real to her, all so right to have this break from the constant demands her mind put on her to succeed and control her life.

Wisps of hair moved from her ear before a mouth covered her lobe.  Collins voice rumbled against her ear.  “I love that youre subjugating like this for me. It makes me so hard.”

Tremors worked through her body, reaching out like long silky fingers and caressing her inner parts.

Fingernails slid along the underside of her stomach.

Those muscles tensed.

Said fingers skittered along until reaching her breast.  Cupping one, weighing it in the palm of his hand, Collin moved closer, rubbing the nipple between thumb and forefinger until it became taut.

Jackie cried, her mouth still holding tightly onto the throbbing dick.

Fingers buried deep in her asshole wriggled while a tongue worked over her clit.

Her breasts swung back and forth while the two submissives pumped and licked at her mouth and core.

Collins mouth curled upwards in a smile.  “Youre enjoying this.  Arent you?”

Slowly, Jackie lifted her head while the cock slid out of her mouth more than she intended.  With her eyes wide open, she nodded and returned to Bowmans cock. 

Brachs thick finger worked into her tight asshole.

She had to let out a breath to relax the muscles in her ass but she was determined to get hers before the two men came.

Then shed rub the fact in Collins face.

A tongue licked along the crack of her ass, delving back into her pussy before flicking along the thin line between both orifices.

Jackie moaned, feeling the heat from her pussy travel up the length of her body.  Her core tightened.

Collins hands continued caressing her breasts, pinching the nipples into tight peaks.  He tweaked them.

Crying out, Jackie sucked harder on Bowmans cock.

His balls swung back and forth, brushing against her chin.

She almost liked his gentle rhythm. 

A mouth sealed over her asshole and sucked hard while a wet tongue slid inside.

Arching her back in response, Jackie parted her legs further.  The rough feel of Brachs unshaved face against her skin irritated her but not so much that she wanted him to stop.  She had submissives eat her ass before, choosing only those who could take care to shave themselves and honor her.

Of course the fact that only she came when they rimmed her was sad reinforcement of what Collin had told her.

She scowled.

Heated kisses scorched a path up and down her spine.


His touch drew her from her thoughts and centered her focus on feeling everything around her.  The sensual feel of the tongue sliding up and down her ass crack, the warmth of hands that teased her nipples and the oh so hot moth that touched her back tenderly had managed to ramp up her hormones so much that she felt her core pulsating between her legs.

Closing her eyes, she started to pant.  Sucking harder, she resisted the urge to grab Bowmans cock with a hand while pumping him. She could get him off with her mouth, she was that gifted.

Collins mouth at the base of her ear startled her.  “Make him cum, Jackie.” 

His voice vibrated along her skin so that any acknowledgement she had planned simply slipped away with the humming vibrations that finally met her pussy.

Fingers dug into her hips. 

She cried from the pain that seared her but kept her lips locked tightly around the meat in her mouth.  Continuing to pump Bowman, she heard his breath come in raspy pants.  Peering up at him, she saw the rise and fall of his chest.  He was nearing orgasm.

She was close, but not sure that she was as close as he was.

His balls drew up against him. 

She continued to pump him while forcing her body to relax into the fingers that worked in and out of her ass.  A tongue lapped at her clit.

By now she was so wet she could smell the mixture of wanton, heady pussy and his fresh soapy scent.  The sucking sound drew her away from Bowmans cock with every flick of tongue or finger inside her.

The coil inside her had drawn even tighter.

Her breasts continued to sway back and forth in Collins hands while his body pressed against hers. 

The warmth from him alone was hot enough to start a fire if she werent already hot. 

Laughter emitted softly from Collin in a warm breeze against her skin.

Jackie shivered, feeling release draw even nearer.  Goose bumps appeared on her skin along with the sensation of throbbing cock deep in her mouth.

By now Bowman had begun to thrust his dick in and out of her mouth with a rhythm that started off gentle but had picked up to a faster pace.  Hands gripped her head and held on while balls bounced off her chin. 

Her eyes widened when his cock quivered inside her mouth and she realized she was being face fucked.  Part of her enjoyed the sensation, the fact that she could make this near stranger come from her own oral skills, still another part of her was disgusted that she was being used.

A moment later, hands dug into her hips, fingers into her skull.  Her flesh spread apart and something else long and thick slid inside her asshole, causing her to cry out.

Bowman exploded inside her mouth with a loud grunt, jerking his body against her head. 

The slap on her ass was sharp as was the command.  “Dont spill. Swallow it all. And then take mine and Brachs.”

A thick body slid between her thighs, giving her a view of powerful calves and bare feet.  Something brushed her swollen pussy lips. 

She tried to peer down but with Bowmans dick in her mouth she couldnt move.  The thighs belonged to Brach, for certain.  Collins naked thighs were more toned.  Not as pale.

Hands gripped her hips and slid them down onto the waiting cock. 

She groaned. 

Thighs straddled hers. 

She jerked. 

Collins cockhead pressed against her asshole.

She started to protest but hands shoved her head forward into Bowmans body, forcing his cock down her throat. 

She cried out.  Her body tensed. 

Collins dick slid into her tight hole.  He groaned.  “Good girl, youre so damn tight for me.”

Pain from being filled with another cock in her pussy made her cry out but the sensation of flesh rubbing against her swollen clit made her writhe pleasurably.

Both dicks worked in and out of her holes, burning around her asshole had increased despite her bodys attempts to relax the muscles for whomever had the sick desire to fuck her.

“Youll come when Im done,” Collin called out.  “Brach and I are going to mark you as mine.”  His breath came in ragged pants.

Head bowed, her pulse raced and the feeling of being full of both men while swallowing and nearly choking on the large amount of semen shooting into her mouth still caused her to cough around it. But she remembered his words, dont spill a drop.

Or else what?  How would he know?  It wasnt something she cared to ponder right now.  Both dicks pulsed inside her, spreading her open more.

Her body grew weak but the urge to orgasm was so close…so fucking close!

Sweat dripped down her brow into her eyes. Her hair had become plastered to her face.  Still, her body opened up, taking both men inside.  She almost swore she knew Collin was inside her cunt, the amount of wetness she felt between her thighs coating his large prick. 

Bowman pulled out of her mouth.

She lunged forward, partially on her own, partially from the thrusting behind her shoving her, to capture the last little dribble of come from Bowmans semi erect cock.

Extending her tongue, she caught the tip of him and licked the few drops off before grunting and shoving her face into his hips.

Fingers gripping her head released her. 

Shutting her eyes partially, her hair fell in front of her face and blocked out the rest of the world.  All she could feel were the two dicks splitting her open, thrusting alternating between in and out.

Sheer pain from her asshole made her clench her fists in the cloth and ground beneath her.  Still, her sex wept and the pungent aroma filled her nose. 

Closing her eyes all the way, she threw her head back and felt hands grip her red mane. 

Yanking her head back, she felt the warmth of another sweaty body against her back, strong muscles pressing into her soft back while that thick cock worked its way inside her. “Relax and work with me, not against me, Jackie.”

The thrusting stopped. 

Wound tighter than a stopwatch, Jackie bucked back against them in frustration. 

Collins hand slapped her rump.  He chuckled.  “Youre a demanding little slut, arent you?  Get one of us off and then think you can get yourself off?  I havent given you permission yet.”

Jackie groaned.  “Damnit!” 

“Now, Brach.” 

“Yes Master,” Brachs hips rolled against Jackies in a steady motion.

She arched herself against him to meet his thrust, her hips mimicking his movements.

The pair worked into a rhythm but not before Collin resumed thrusting.  “Breath,” he commanded.

Sensation swirled around Jackies belly, pleasurable mixed with just enough pain to keep her from going over the orgasmic cliff.  Her nipples were so tight, pussy soaked so that Brachs cock had easy access to fill her.  Her ass stung but the full sensation of Collins cock inside her brought her that much closer to coming.

By now Bowman had sat down in front of her, his eyes focused on hers.  His lips curled upwards in a slow smile while she rode his master and mate. 

Their eyes locked for a moment and she became lost in the stimulation each man had given her.

Bowman reached out, stroking her hair away from her eyes with a thumb and forefinger.

Rocking her hips in tune with the two men plundering her gave her just enough control over her body that she could choose the pace.  Her hips moved up and down, back and forth faster and faster until hands clenched around her and nails cut into her flesh.

Collins large cock quivered inside her, his balls slapping hard against the small space of skin between her asshole and cunt.

Grunting, “You may come next, Brach but only if she milks you!”  Collins body slammed into Jackies franticly. 

Sweat dripped down Jackies brows into her eyes and along her chin.  The heat outside was nothing compared to the internal heat she felt from the way Collins hot seed shot into her ass. 

Still not having got hers, Jackie seized her chance.  Moving up and down with Collins cock buried in her ass, she squeezed the precious dick inside her pussy. 

Moans followed by the tensing of arms around her knees before another hot load filled her pussy.

Crying out, Jackie threw her head back in agony!  Pumping the last of Brachs seed into her had brushed his cock against her clit.  Collins rock hard prick had pressed against her sensitive areas from the other side of her pussy, stimulating her in an entirely different manner, but he denied her release all the same.

Brach had slid out from under Jackie while Collin remained inside her. 

She looked over her shoulder, glaring at Collin.  “Damn you! 

He snickered.  “Does my lovely female submissive want hers too?  Has she been a good girl?”

Narrowing her eyes, Jackie sneered.  She couldnt believe she was still being denied.  Her body was tired but the lust that drove her seemed to cloud her mind. 


Collin leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her waist.  Leaning back, he pulled her on top of him, his hard cock still buried in her ass. 

The movement shifted his dick against her so that a little tremor of pleasure rippled through her.

A hand caressed her breast, teasing the puckered nipple.  Another hand smoothed back her hair from her face so she saw the tree they were sitting in front of.  The wind blew past them, carrying her scent and the aroma of sandalwood and masculinity past her nose. 

Jackie turned her head away from Collin.

He placed a tender kiss on her neck.

Another little tremor rippled through her. 

His tongue flicked against her skin as though he were tasting her.

She shuddered. 

Collins hand slowly slid down over her belly.  Fingers skittered over skin.

She shook in his arms, hating the slow, painful buildup of orgasm that resumed once he started touching her.  With a huff, she turned her head.

Their eyes met.

Gone was the angry stare he normally wore.  Smoky passion and desire filled those dark eyes of his.  Her stare continued down the line of his face, remaining fixated on his sensual mouth.  She hated herself for falling into him.

Yet his mouth touched hers with such tenderness.

He closed his eyes and pressed his lips into hers with the faintest of touches.

Jackie saw her chance and took more control over the kiss, pushing into him with the need that drove her body. 

Fingers brushed against her swollen pussy.

Jackie spread her legs for him, aware of cum dripping between her ass cheeks.

Collins voice was low, a rough whisper against her ear that rumbled over her skin.  “You want this from me, dont you?”

The words came out but even she couldnt believe them.  “No I want this for me.”

His eyes twinkled. Lips curled up in a smile.  “Ride my cock again and youll get it if youre good enough to coax another orgasm from me.”

Her body was so tired from the up and down ride all three men had given her, she wasnt sure that she could perform again.

“This is about pushing limits, physically and in submission.  Brach and Bowman can not only give Mistress Julie multiple orgasms, but can achieve them as well.  However today…”  His fingers circled her clit, “today you will not have to suffer much longer.”

Jackie spread her thighs even wider in hopes of getting him inside her in any capacity.

Collins finger continued rubbing over her clit, using the juices from her pussy and Brachs cum as lubricant. 

Pressure swirled in that familiar way again while his fingers continued toying with her. 

His other hand cupped her breast, continued teasing the nipple.

The movement sent electricity arcing through her body straight to her clit. 

She bit her lip in an attempt to remain still while Collins hands explored her and teased her.  The bastard was toying with her.

Thrusting his hips upwards, he worked his cock in and out of her gently while her hips rocked in tune with his gyrations. 

A cell phone rang, distracting her from everything.

Collin stopped. Keeping a hand on her breast, he reached over into the pair of shorts beside them and found the ringing phone. The ringtone played some heavy metal tune that Jackie didnt recognize.

Flipping the phone open, he set it to his ear while his hands continued to stroke Jackies taut nipples.

She moaned loudly, exaggerating her orgasm for the benefit of whoever was on the other end of the phone.

Collin turned to her and chuckled.  Leaning back, letting go of her completely, he wore a bemused look.  “My wife says you have the loveliest moan and cant wait to see your new master pull multiple orgasms from you.”

Jackie started to stand, aware of the thick cock still in her ass.  She gripped Collins spread thighs, dug her nails in and slid herself off of him, instantly annoyed at from the lack of being full of cock.

Oh and there was the denial of orgasm.

A moment later the phone flipped shut and Collin stood, cock still jutting out proudly.  “Get dressed.  Looks like the Mistress is coming home early boys.  And I have a list of chores for you.”

Jackie started for her shorts but a hand on her wrist stopped her short. She spun around and glared at Collin. 

His tone held all the sarcasm and dry wit any Brit would be proud of. “I have something else in mind for you, Miss Jackie.”

Bowman and Brach nodded.  Both went to retrieve their clothing.  In moments the three men and a very naked and frustrated Jackie made their way back to the main house. 

At least the grass felt soft beneath her bare feet.  The sun warmed the patio just enough to be comfortable while leaves from the various flowers and fauna in the garden swayed delicately, letting off a mixture of perfumes any normal woman would be proud of.

An hour later, still with a sticky mess from earlier between her legs that reminded her of her of how deeply she was entrenched in this game.  She still hadnt made a move to find a place to live, the police hadnt been any help so far in catching the arsonist.  Collin said hed handle it but that only pissed her off more.

At least Jackie was able to wear a slip dress to cover up.  She felt cold, sitting on the edge of her bed with her knees drawn against her and arms wrapped around them.  Collin had forbid her to shower and wash the semen off her.  Said itd be a reminder of her place beneath him and even his wifes male subs for the time being.

Gritting her teeth, Jackie waited in silence, lights off.  Eyes closed, she inhaled a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

“All I can hope for is control over my will.”  She repeated the phrase slowly, focusing on annunciating each syllable in hopes that repetition would soothe her mind.

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