SexStory2 » Fate of an Illegal Mexican girl

Fate of an Illegal Mexican girl

By Sonya Esperanto

The Story:

“Hey guys,  let the good times roll!!”  screamed a guy named Barton.

“Let the goods time rolls!!”  screamed the other  nine guys with him.

All 10 high school male students banged their beer glasses towards on another,  then happily gobbling the alcohol down their thirsty uncontrollable throats. 

It was Saturday  late  afternoon,  on  the weekend,   and the guys retreated to this cabin,  where all of them were now happily drinking beer cans from ice boxes and listening  and  making  noises  to the  loud  MTV music  being  played  in the background.

The cabin belonged to the guy named Barton,  as this was his parents cabin.  The cabin was somewhere on the woods,  and the boys were from the town that woods adjoined with,  somewhere  in  New  Mexico,  not  far  from  the  Mexican  border. 

As for the Cabin itself,  it was a very large Cabin,  standing at two storeys high,  with  stairs leading up to an upper floor.  It had a large kitchen,  two bathrooms,  at least six bedrooms upstairs.   The largest part of the Cabin,  was its living room. 

The  10  guys  were  Barton,  Billy,  Rufus,  Seth,  Alex,  Dave,  Gilbert,  Sean,  Dirk,   and  Nick.

They were all tall well-built  athletic white boys,  with  their  height  ranging  from  6  foot  to  6  foot  2,  and  ranged  from  the  ages  of  14  to  15.   They were all classmates,  who were in a clique of football jocks.

Barton had  red hair and green eyes,  and more the less the team leader,  being football team captain.

Billy had black hair and brown eyes,  who looked like a cunning guy with a smart mouth.

Rufus  had  red  hair  and  green eyes,  and  looked  like  a  very  rough  guy. 

Seth  had  black  and  blue  eyes,  and  looked  malicious. 

Alex  had  brown  hair  and  blue  eyes,   and  looked  like  a  sex  maniac.

Dave  was  a  Blond  guy  with  cold  blue  eyes  and  looked  like  a  living  tank.

Gilbert  had  brown  hair  and  green  eyes,  and  looked  like  he hated foreigners and illegal undocumented immigrants.  At one point he even told the others that if it was not football,  he  would be a border patrol guard in Arizona,  shooting Mexicans downs.

Sean  was  a  Blond  haired  blue-grey  eyed  guy  who loved sex orgies.

Dirk  was  a  tanned  guy  with  short  black  hair  at  the  front  of  his  forehead  and  had  sky-colored  blue  eyes,  and  the  only  guy  to  be  tall  at  6  foot  5,   with  bulging  muscles.

Nick  had  brown-Blond  hair  with  blue  grey  eyes  and  looked like he was rough with people.

Right now all football jocks were “unwinding”,  as all their girlfriends (cheerleaders)  were  not available for the week,  since they were going on a cross-country cheerleader tournament of some sort.

As for the ten high school football jocks,  they kept on dancing around and drinking beer,  until Dirk cried to the others.

“Oh shit you guys!!!  We ran outta beer!!!”  panicked Dirk.

“Beer” was Dirks true god.

“Looks like someone has gotta go back into town and get some more!!”  Barton announced. 

All the guys murmured amongst themselves,   until Billy put up his hand.

“Ill go!!  I could use the fresh air!!  It is kinda stuffy in here!!”  offered Billy.

Alex  came to Billys side.

“Ill go with Billy!!!”  Alex offered to come.

Barton and the guys gave the two other guys some of their money,  for beer crates  and  even  some  potato  chip  bags. 

Since  they all came by Bartons van,  Barton gave Billy the keys to his van.  

“I want good American ones,  not those stupid Mexican imports!!  Buy American!!  And when you two go to a shop,  make sure the guy selling it to you is  a  white guy!!!”   Gilbert cried with emotion.

When Gilbert meant white guy,  he actually meant to say that they were not buying beer from a shop ran by some Mexican guy,  as Gilbert hated the fact that there were many Mexicans,  not just from Mexico but even ones who were American citizens,  having both the flags of the United States and Mexico,  with the Mexican flag always put being up much higher than the American Flag,  which is illegal and considered by many Republicans to be  a  “slap on the face”  to the United States.

As  for  Billy and  Alex,  they walked  out  of  the  cabin,  and  got into Bartons van.  Billy sat at the drivers seat and Alex next to him.

The sky was getting dusky.

“Its gonna be dark soon!!”  commented Billy.

“Too bad we dont have any chicks with us!!”  remarked Alex.

“Oh now what would our girlfriends say!!”  Billy sounded sarcastic.

“Not the first time we cheated on them!!”  Alex chuckling out the truth.

All 10 jocks slept around behind their cheerleader girlfriends back. They even had sex with prostitutes  normally white ones and normally Blonde.

Billy was sat at the drivers seat,  and Alex was sat down next to him.  As Billy started turning the key ignition on, and putting his hand on the pedal and foot on the brakes,  while  Alex  turned up the radio.

Billys  car drove away from the Cabin and kept on driving on the woods   ground,  until its  wheels  had hit the main highway  road.

“Gilbert is too much sometimes!!!”  Billy shook his head.

“Yeah man!!!  Ok he hates the spics!!  But doesnt he know that it these same people whom he hate are the same ones who dont ask for our  ID!!!   I mean they just want our money but  the white guys are always the ones to give us too much unnecessary trouble!!!”   agreed Alex.

Basically they bought beers ran by people of Mexican backgrounds and they often got away buying beer,  without the guy at the counter ever asking them for further ID or  proof of  identification of age,  or that they wont sell to them because they were underage.

They  also never thought if whether the guy selling them the beer was  legal or illegal  resident.

They drove until they saw a shop off the side of the highway road.  It was already so dark and probably somewhere after 7PM in the evening,  that they didnt know if this shop had a flag.

Billy parked his car at the car park and both white teenage boys got off the car.

They walked into the shop,  grabbed themselves a basket and trail around the aisles,  finally going to the beer aisle and grabbing themselves six crates of beer and then to the aisle with the bags of chips,  grabbing themselves 15 bags of chips. 

They went to the counter.  The cashier behind the counter was a dark-skinned Mexican guy with balding black hair,  friendly  dark eyes,  a  warm smile   and a moustache. 

The two white boys placed their basket on the counter and the Mexican cashier happily took their stuff out and happily scanned them,   and even putting their beer crates and bags of chips,   inside  white  plastic  bags.

“Thatll be $80.45 cents please!!!”  the  cashier said to them in a strong Mexican accent  (not an American one).

Billy happily paid the man.

“That is a lotta money!! Couldnt you give us a discount or something!! Were students!!”  protested Alex.

Billy quickly hit his friend on the tummy.

“Shut the fuck up!!”  Billy whispered to him,  in a warning annoyed tone.

The Mexican cashier never asked for their ID and Alex, with his big mouth, was going to give the cashier some ideas.

“What was that sir??  I didnt hear you!!”  smiled the cashier.

“Nothing man!! He is just joking!!”  Billy smiled back.

Billy grabbed some of the bags and told Alex to grab the rest,  and to hurry up.

When they walked out of the shop,  Alex expressed his anger.

“You let him get away with that!!  That was highway robbery!!”  whined Alex.

“Hey you wanna  have  a  good time tonight or what???  Do you want to drink alcohol tonight or what???   Because if they start asking us for IDs,  next time we have to go all the way to Canada just to drink beer!!!  You wanna travel all the way up there!!”  taunted Billy.

They put the plastic bags at the back  of  the  van  and then got into the front seat.  Billy drove away, and hit the highway road.  They were heading back to the cabin.

“Hey maybe we could tell him hes an illegal immigrant and that we know cos he does not have an American accent!!!  We could pressure him…”  Alex getting carried,  away,  until Billy cut him off.

“….blackmail him you mean!!  If he was legal and even gave the cops our description, that would be bad for us!!!!   We would be the ones in hot water,  and the cops would tell our parents!!!  That is a fucking risk man!!!  Sometimes you gotta use that fucking head of yours!!  I mean I know you are just a fucking jock,  but use common sense man!!  Think like a fucking businessman!!!  God I know for a fact you wont make a good businessman or CEO material!!”  Billy lectured his friend.

“Ok dude!!!  Chill out!!!  I get the message!!!  Just too bad we dont have chicks with us!!”  commented Alex.

“I think you spoke too soon!!  Check that out!!”  Billy interrupted his friend.

Something had caught Billys eyes on the road.

Billy pointed towards the side of the road.  Alex looked at where his friend was pointing at.

On the side of the road,  there was something very tantalizing walking. 

“Is that a girl???”  asked an excited Alex.

“Let me drive slower and closer!!”   Billy suggested.

Billy drove the car on the same speed as the person walking alongside the road. 

“My God,  it is a girl!!!”  Alex cried with joy.

Both boys could see,  under the moonlight,  that she was a pretty girl who stood only at  5  foot,  and quiet skinny.

On a closer look,  they could tell she was a short Mexican girl,  about their age,  at  15.  She was very attractive looking,  nice enough to have sex with.   She was as brown as the average Mexican,   had  average size breasts  and  looked like she had a tiny ass.  She had long black hair.

She looked like a teenage version of  Eva Longoria. 

“My God she is Mexican!!”  Alex cried with joy.

Billy rolled down the car window,  on  Alexs side,  since it was his side that faced the side of the road. 

“Excuse me!!”   Billy  called out to her.

The teenage Mexican girl kept on waling,  not paying attention to what went on around her.

“I said excuse me!!”  shouted Billy.

“Maybe she can understand a word youre saying man!!!   I dont think she speaks English and I also think she is probably some illegal alien who is scared of being spotted by the cops!!!”   Alex  spoke.

Bill y decided to speak Spanish. He knew the language and got angry that Mexicans in the US refuse to learn or speak English.

“Hello!!!  Are you alright!!  Can we give you a lift!!”  Billy shouted at the girl this time in Mexican-Spanish.

The Mexican girl stopped walking and faced them.  Billy stopped his car at that spot. The Mexican girl smiled and then walked closer to the window.

“I am lost!!!  But I think I can find my way!!  Thank you!!”   the Mexican girl spoke.

Billy and the Mexican girl continued conversing in Mexican-Spanish.

“Do you know where youre going??  I mean we can drop you off, to wherever it is that youre going to!!!”  Billy offered.

Deep down both white boys thought of fucking this Mexican girls holes.

On a closer look,  they saw what kind of clothes she had on.  She only had a long red  dress on and  looked like a poor peasant,   the kind that was shown on US television.

“I think shes illegal man!!  Check her clothes out!!!”  commented Alex.

“I think youre right!!  I think this is why she is scared!!!  She does not want us to bring her straight to the cops!!!  I mean as American citizens, it is our God-given legitimate legal duty to report her to the cops!!”  commented  Alex.

“Maybe that is what we should do Alex!!!  Maybe we should call the cops and tell them we spotted an illegal immigrant!!!”  Billy was speaking sarcastically.

“What???  Are you outta your mind!!!”  Alex was shocked.

“Just shut the fuck up and let me do the talking!!!”  Billy expressed his annoyance.

Billy turned to the Mexican girl.

“You look like you are lost!!!  You know bad things do happen and people do go missing around these parts!!!  You are better off with us,  giving you a lift!!!  I mean I would hate it if I read in tomorrows papers,  that a beautiful girl like yourself,   ending up dead somewhere!!!  There are a lot of crazy rednecks around here and they go crazy at night,  drinking too much alcohol and even kill people!!  If not the rednecks,  then you have to worry about serial killers who run from the north and hide in the south!!!  Trust me!!!”   Billy talking smoothly to the Mexican girl.

The Mexican girl looked hesitant,  since she did not know these guys.  To her, they were Anglo/Gringo  (white  Northern European type) strangers.

“I dont know!!!”  the Mexican girl sighed.

“I dont mean to be rude but are you from a legal or an illegal undocumented migrant???”  Billy asking her in a nice sympathising tone.

The Mexican girls eyes shot up.  She gulped.

“Hey listen!!  I am not going to report you to the police!!  Believe me,  I dont want a nice looking girl like yourself having it rough!!!  If the cops catch you out here,  they are going to deport you,  that is, if you are an illegal!!  But they wont deport you straightaway!!  You will be spending many nights in jail,  with very dangerous criminals!!!   And there are people out here who hate illegal Mexican immigrants!!!  If they catch you and think you are one,  they will beat you to death!!”   Billy talking emotionally.

The Mexican girl looked terrified.

“We are going nowhere with her man!!  Lets go!!”  Alex whined.

“Alright!!  Listen,  me and my friend have somewhere to go!!  We are gonna leave you here now but before we go,  I just wanna say that this is  a very long highway,  full of crazy people,  and that you are a beautiful girl!!”  Billy cried.

Billy started rolling up the window by Alexs side,  until the Mexican girl cried again.

“Wait!!  Wait!!!”  she cried.

Billy rolled down his window again.

“You are right!!!  I am lost!!!”  the Mexican girl said.

“That was why I offered you  a lift!!  Look I just wanted to ask you, if youre ok and are you scared?? It is ok to be scared!!!”  Billy warming up to her.

“Yes you are right!!!  I am scared!!!  I..I..I…was with a group of people!!  We crossed from the other side,  from Mexico!!  I got lost!!  I….I….I…..need to get…to….the……!!”  she confessed. 

The Mexican girl confessed she was an illegal Mexican immigrant.

“Hey dont worry!!!  We will give you a lift to the next town!!!”  Billy said.

Billy then turned to Alex,  saying to him, 

“Get out  and let her come and  sit  inside  and  have  her  sit  between  us!!!”  Billy told Alex.

Alex smiled.  Alex opened the car door and got out,  letting the Mexican girl go inside the van and he sat next to the door,  closing it. 

Billy drove off.

Billy continued talking to the Mexican girl in Mexican-Spanish.  He learned that the group  she  was  with,   had crossed over the border,  through an underground tunnel.  But she got lost,  since she got separated from them,  at one point.

The girl said her name was Maria,   and that she thought both Billy and Alex were nice guys.

Maria said that they all wanted to start a new life in America,  making lots of money,  enjoying its financial welfare and that she was lucky that the local population already could speak her language.  She even said that there were already many other illegals all over the country and that she was proud of that.

She was even proud,  when someone told her that Mexican-Spanish would eventually replace English as Americas main language and that since most of the young people in the US are of Mexican descent  and who have the highest birth rate,  from a demographic point of view,  Mexicans will become  the  majority  in  the   US  by  the  year  2050,  ( 40  years  from  now )  and  take over the entire  US  of  A.

While  Maria was smiling about it,  Billy switched back to Alex.

Fortunately for both boys,  and  unfortunately for Maria,  she  spoke no English nor understood the language.

Billy told Alex  everything Maria had just  told him,  in American-English.

“My God!!!  The fucking bitch wants us to lose our country!!”  Alex chuckled cynically.

“It seems like it!!!  Just play it cool!!!”  Billy told him.

“So why is this bitch with us in the car??”  asked Alex.

“I told her that we were gonna drop off at the next town,  to meet with the other fucking illegal spics!!”  Billy replied.

“Well,  are you really gonna drop her off???”  asked Alex.

“What the fuck do you think???  Cops, unemployed Americans,  and politicians have been trying to discourage the fucking bastards from sneaking over the border!!!  I am bringing her back to the Cabin,  not that I am gonna tell her that!!  Bet you cops and other whites would be happy if this bitch had been taught a lesson,  for coming over,  and infiltrating our land and disrupting our way of life!!!  I mean bitches like her give even good Hispanic Americans a bad name!!!  Why should they have to pay for her actions!!”  Billy spoke in a sarcastic tone.

“Is everything ok???  I mean I hope I am not giving you any trouble!!”  Maria spoke to Billy,  back in Spanish.

“No,  things  are ok!!   Hey listen Maria,  before we drop you off at the next town,  we have to stop somewhere first!!!  It wont take too long!!”  Billy assured her.

Billys car kept on driving,  until they finally reached the cabin. 

“Hey why dont you come out and I am sure my friends can offer you….Tequila!!”  lied  Billy.

“That would…be…nice!!!”   Maria smiled.

Billy turned to Alex next.

“Alex would you be a dear and carry all the bags back into the house!!”  Billy said to him.

Alex made a pissed-off  sound.

Billy,  Maria  and  Alex  got  out of the van,  with Alex having the task of carrying everything  from the back of  the van  into the house.

As they all walked towards the cabins front door,   Billy took out his cell phone and rang Bartons  cell phone number.

Barton picked up.

“Hey Barton listen to me carefully!!  We are outside the door but we arent alone!!  We have an illegal Mexican girl,   about  our  age!!  Shes very hot looking!!  Kinda like a teenage younger version of Eva Longoria,  you know,  from that show Desperate Housewives,  or  from many other shows!!!  Send someone to open the door!!  Tell the guys to play it nice!! She cant understand a word of English and you know I am fluent in Spanish!!  I am hanging up now!!  Bye!!”   Billy talked to Barton.

Billy hung up,  after the conversation ended.

One minute later, the Cabin door opened.  It was Rufus who opened the front door.

“Wow you brought back something nice for a change!!”  joked Rufus.

Maria followed Billy and Alex through the doorway,  all the way into the Cabin living room.  Maria saw the seven other guys,  and they were all as tall or taller than Billy and Alex,  and she of course,  was merely 5 foot.

She saw seven tall guys,  drinking beer cans and English music playing at the background.

“Hey look what Billy and Alex brought back!!”  chuckled  Nick.

All the guys,  except  for  Dave  and  Gilbert,  chuckled. 

Alex ripped the beer packages and put them on the ice boxes.  The guys happily grabbed themselves beer  cans.

Billy pretended to look if there was any Tequila in the ice box. He only lied to Maria that they had any,  just to get her into the house,  thinking that she must be thirsty as she had been walking too long.

“Sorry Maria we ruin out of tequila!! Is beer ok??”  Billy offering her beer instead.

Billy grabbed beer from the ice box and handed it to her.

Maria actually felt uncomfortable with all these tall guys around her.

“Hey I said I will drive you to the next  town!!  Just  have a beer  on  us!!”  winked  Billy.

Maria knew she had no choice!!  If Billy wanted to, he could easily have reported her to the police.  But he didnt. He did seem like a nice guy,  offering to take her all the way to the next town.

Maria opened her beer can,  and trying not to offend Billy and the host of this Cabin,  she also started sipping from her beer can.

“Thats the spirit!!!”  Alex cheered her on.

Barton came closer to Billy and asked him about the girl.  Billy told him everything in English,  and that perhaps,  the could  all have some fun with her.

“I dont know why I dont promote you to assistant football  team captain!!!”  commented Barton,  with a wicked smile.

“Because you got Dirk as your second-in-command!!  You two are the best in football but I just got my cunning wits with me!!”   Billy said.

“Yeah well it is a good thing you brought this illegal to us!!  You are doing both us and the good ol US of A a favor!!  Deterrence is the only way to  stop  people from  doing things!!  Criminal things,  if you know what I mean!!”   Seth  leaned in on the conversation.

“Well Seth you know what Im all about!!  Except that for this deterrence to work,  we would need to have it broadcasted to a live audience and unfortunately, the Human Rights group in this country would give us Hell for that and you know what pressure often does to the American government!!”  Billy enlightened his more aggressive friend.

“I  knew  that  Einstein!!!  I know what we imagine what we can do,  has its limits!!”  Seth defending himself.

As all these boys were very close, the often thought the same way and the “deterrence” Seth had in mind,  was that they were gonna have fun with Maria in such a vicious way,  ie beat her up and rape her and assault her sexually,  that they would discourage future illegal immigrants,  crossing over the border.  

Especially if the American people and government approve of it  ( deep down they may,  as many Americans are fed up with illegals coming and taking advantage and stealing jobs,  committing  crimes   and  dealing  in  criminal  activities  and drugs,  but  publicly,  they would give in to international pressure ).

“Billy I dont know why you brought her here??  If you ask me,  better to put a bullet in her head!!”  grumbled  Gilbert.

“Well dont you wanna have fun with her first??”  Barton was puzzled.

Gilbert shrugged.

Apart from Gilbert,  the nine other guys wanted to fuck the daylights out of her,  regardless if she was legal or illegal.  In fact they didnt have a problem having sex with Mexican girls  and  have  nothing  really  against them.  But they did hate the fact that illegal immigration was not just breaking the law,  but also hurting American jobs,  insulted America on its face  and  that  criminals  exploited  this to their advantage.

They kept on drinking and they were on their third already,  when Maria was still on her first.

When Maria finished her first beer can,  she looked at Billy  uncomfortably.

He  offered her a second one.

“Im ok!!”  Maria refusing the beer,  and shaking her head.

“Come on Maria!!  Why cant you just chill out!!!  I mean didnt I just save your sexy Mexican butt from the police!!”  Billy responded to her in English.

The nine other guys broke out in drunken laughter.

“Please talk to me in Spanish!!  You know I dont speak your language!!”  Maria sounded frightened.

She could see that all 10 of them were drunk. 

“Well were in fucking America!!  Why do I have to speak your fucking language!!”  Billy making fun of her,  in  American  English.

Maria looked as if she was about to cry.  The 9 other guys broke out in louder and more frightening laughter.

Maria looked  all around her. The drunken Anglo-American football jocks were surrounding her.

“Hey I was just joking!!  Dont look so scared!!  You know,  you are making me,  and  everyone else  here,   upset when you are not trying to have  a  good time with the rest of us!!!”  Billy said in Spanish this time.

“Look,  maybe I should get going!!  I think I can find my own way back to the highway!!”  Maria retorted.

“Yeah you go do that!!  Go away from us!!! Go back to Mexico where you belong!!!”  Billy cried back in English.

As Maria tried walking away from Billy,   Sean  grabbed her from behind,  moving  one  hand  very  quickly  up  her  shirt,  and  another  onto  her  crotch.

“What the……”  Maria screamed in Spanish.

Sean kissed her neck,  while pulling her underwear down and shoving his white cock up her tiny Mexican ass. 


,   Maria  screamed,  as the cock was breaking her asshole.

The guys started licking their lips. 

“Let go of me!!”  begged Maria  (in Spanish).

Sean started fingering her pussy,  beneath her underwear. 

Barton moved closer to her,  touching her breasts,   squeezing on them,  underneath her dress.

“Please stop!!”  Please stop!!!”  Maria cried,  with tears coming down her Mexican eyes.

“Hey lets go take her upstairs  to one of the bedrooms!!!”  suggested  Barton.

Sean retracted his white cock off Marias brown ass,  leaving his sperm dripping down her asshole.

Sean then put the poor short Mexican girl over his shoulder,  walking up the stairs,  with the rest of the guys cheering violently,  and making nasty jokes,  laughing maliciously.

Maria cried,  very scared that these 10 tall white guys were going to take turns raping her.

Sean carried her all the way to a bedroom,  where Barton had opened the bedroom door and turned on the lights. 

Sean dropped Maria on the bed.  Just as Maria was about to run away,  Sean slapped her very hard on the ace.


Maria landed back on the bed.

All 10 guys were inside the room,  with Billy closing the bedroom door behind them.

“Ok since I am football captain and this is my parents cabin and that it was my van that picked her up,  I think I should go first!!”   announced Barton.

All the 9 guys cheered on Barton.

Barton was undressing.  Maria stood herself on the bed,  crying and so afraid of her fate.

Once Barton was totally naked,  Maria gulped,  seeing how big his cock was. 

“You are going to be making a lot of gringos happy today!!”  Billy taunted Maria  (in Spanish).

Maria shook her head,  dropping down to her knees and clasping her hands together.

“Please dont do this!!  I beg you!!  For the love of God,  dont do this!!!”  Maria begged.

Barton moved up on the bed,  pushing Marias body down the bed.  No matter how hard Maria struggled,  it made no difference to Barton.  He was a strong wealthy powerful muscular white guy and she was a short poor Mexican girl,  who made the mistake of coming to his country illegally.

With one strong grip on Marias dress,  Barton easily destroys it completely,  by pulling and tearing it away from her.  Her dress was not of strong quality, as it was made in Mexico and of poor quality. 

The other none white guys cocks stiffened as they saw Maria in just her sot white bra and  soft white   panty. 

Barton tosses the ripped Mexican dress onto the floor.

“Well that is what you get for using poor Mexican-made shirts!!  They dont last long!!”  chuckled  Rufus.

Barton puts a strong grip on her bra and with one pull,  the bra snaps off.  Maria instantly covers her breast.

Everyone could see that Maria had average size tits.

Barton then put a grip on her white panty and with one pull, the panty snaps off. 

Everyone could see Marias black pubic hair.

Once Barton dumps both bra and panty,  of weak fabric,   he pins both of Marias wrist on the bed,  with just one hand. 

Maria never had sex with anyone before and she was a virgin.  But tonight,  that was going to change.

Barton thrust his cock into Marias cunt.


,  Maria screamed at the top of her lungs.

Bartons cock was breaking her small pussy.  Maria cried really hard.  His cock was giving her so much pain.

“Hey you guys!!!  I just broke her virginity!!  Her pussy feels really nice!!”  commented Barton.

“Just like her ass!!”  commented Sean,  the  first guy to sexually assault her with his cock.

Bartons giant cock kept on hammering Marias  pussy,  shooting white American sperm down into her small  brown  Mexican  pussy.  Maria could only helplessly cry and scream and shake her head frantically.

As  Barton kept on hammering her pussy,  he was sucking very hard on her right breasts nipple.


,   Maria groaned in pain.

Barton was sucking “too hard” on her right  nipple.  When he was done sucking with her right nipple,  he then started sucking on her left one.

When Barton was done sucking her left nipple,  he retracted his cock and himself away from her.

Maria was gasping for air. 

“She was a fucking virgin but I took that away from her!!”  Barton breathed heavily.

The next guy to climb on the bed was Seth.  Seth saw Bartons cum on her black pubic hair. 

Seth  sat on her tummy,  grabbing hold of her black hair. 

“Open your fucking mouth!!  I said open it!!”  Seth scolded Maria.

Maria did not understand a word he said.

Seth got angry and slapped her very hard on the face.


“I said open your God-damned fucking mouth!!”  Seth yelled at her.

“She dont understand English man!!”  Alex joked.

“Ok!!  Look at me you stupid brown bitch!! Open you mouth,  like this!!”  Seth telling Maria.

Seth demonstrated to Maria,  by opening his mouth wide.  Maria knew what he wanted her to do and so,  opened her mouth.

“Dont think she ever gave a blowjob in her life!!”  commented Barton.

As Maria kept her mouth open,  Seth thrust his cock into her mouth,  fucking it as if it was a pussy.

Seth hammered her mouth,  causing it to ache,  and shooting down his sperm down her throat. 

Maria was drinking his sperm but it hurt her entire head that Seth was fucking her head.

“Take that you fucking spic!!”  Seth happily fucking her head.

Seth wasnt really racist but that he needed an excuse to justify fucking her head like this,  saying “spic” as she was an illegal supposedly making him angry.

When Seth had enough of hammering her head,   he pulled out his cock and his sperm dripped down from her mouth onto the bed.

Seth gave her a tight slap on the face


Seth yanking her by her hair,  forced her to turn around.  Once Maria faced the bed,  Seth thrust his cock into her asshole,   sending her screaming,


Seth kept on hammering her ass,  breaking it further apart and causing it to ache,   and kissing and biting on her neck at the same time.

The nine guys were enjoying the show. 

Seth  finally retracted from her body.

“Im next!!”  screamed Rufus. 

Rufus climbed onto the bed,  making the abused Mexican girl turn around.  He forced his lips on her,  forcing her to French-kiss him while groping on both her brown breasts.

Then  Rufus thrust his cock into the very same vagina that had its virginity destroyed forever,  by Bartons cock.


,  Maria cried at the top of her voice.

“Man I love it when she screams!!”  commented  Alex.

The rest of the guys laughed.

“Hey guys while I am fucking her pussy,  how about some of you come up here and make her give you blowjobs!!”  suggested Rufus.

Alex,  Dirk  and  Billy  came  onto  the  bed.  Billy  instructed  Maria  in  Spanish  how  to   open her mouth  and  how  to  suck  all  their  dicks,  while he held on to her hair.

Maria opened her mouth,  first taking in Alexs cock,  sucking it and drinking his juice,  while Billy held on to her black hair.

Marias pussy was being fucked Rufus,  while sucking Alexs cock.

“Man she gives a good blowjob!!”  commented Alex.

10  minutes  later,  Billy told her to stop sucking Alexs cock and then suck Dirks.  Maria opened her jaw towards Dirk,  talking in his cock.  As Dirks cock was the biggest of all of them,  sucking it was not just aching her beyond extreme,   but  that  she  felt  her  entire  head  was  gonna  explode.

Another  10  minutes  later,  she w as  made  to  suck  Billys  cock. 

While sucking Billys cock  and getting her pussy fucked by Rufus, Alex and Dirk were shaking their cocks on her body,  letting sperm drip down her breasts and tiny brown body.

When  Rufus  was  done  fucking  her  pussy,  Dirk  laid  on  the  bed  and  made  Maria  sit  her  ass  on his cock,  with  explanation  guide  from  Billy  of  course.

“I think  it is good that you are talking to her in her language,  explaining to her what she must do!!  Makes  it easier for us and her so cooperative!!”  commented Barton.

The only reason why Mario complied with their demands,  was because if she did what they said,  they wont kill her or report her to the police.   She thought if she gave them what they wanted,  they would be nicer to her.  If they were nicer to her they would trust her enough to let their guard down.  If they let their guard down,  she would have a better chance of getting away from them.

As  Marias ass was being hammered by Dirks cock,  Alex came on top of her.  He thrust his cock,  into her pussy.

Maria screamed,  as she had both a cock up her ass and up her cunt. 

“Hey Bill brother,  tell her to look me in the eye as I fuck her pussy!!”  Alex asked Billy for this favour.

Billy told Maria in Spanish,  to look Alex in the eye while he fucked her up front.

Maria stared her exhausted frightened brown eyes towards Alexs excited sex-hungry powerful lustful confident cocky blue eyes,  while screaming at the same time.

As  Alex kept on hammering her pussy,  and  Dirk hammering her ass,   he groped both her breasts,  squeezing them very very hard,  and enjoying it too.

“My God!!!  You are so beautiful!!!  Why would anyone wanna kick a beautiful little thing like  you out of this country,  only because you have no passport!!”  Alex spoke to Maria in English (which she does not understand of course).

Alex stopped groping her tits and grabbed her by the face,  pressing his lips towards hers,  hungrily and lovingly French-kissing her.

“Hey can we get a blow job from her??”  cried  Nick.

Nick,  Sean  and  Dave  came  up  on  the  bed.

While  Alex  retracted  his  cock  from  Marias  swollen  pussy,   Seans  cock  came  into  it  instead. 

Apart  from  getting fucked by both  Dirk  and  Sean,  Maria was made to take turns sucking Daves and Nicks cock.  Seth,  Alex and Rufus were still laying on the bed,  touching other parts of Marias flesh.

“It is nice to have three holes of her used up!!”  chuckled Gilbert.

“So you still want to put a bullet in her head!!”  Billy sounding sarcastic, as he joined both Barton and Gilbert on the bedroom floor.

Gilbert sighed in defeat.

“Admit it!!  You too want a piece of her ass!!”  Barton teased Gilbert.

“Admit it now!!!  Or we wont let you have any later!!”  Billy mucked about.

“Alright!!  Alright!!”  Gilbert giving up,  raising his arms in glorious self-defeat.

“Hey Billy come back here!!  We want you to tell her to do something for us!!”  Dave screamed at Billy.

“Excuse me your guys!!!  Billy smiled.

Billy came back and joined the other seven on bed.  They told him what they wanted him to tell Maria in Spanish.

Billy told Maria what the guys wanted from her.

On the bed,  they changed positions.  Dave laid his back on the bed while Marias cunt was impaled on his cock,  but she was in a doggy style position.  Her ass was take by Sean and she gave blowjob to Nick.

The other guys shook their cocks all over her back,  her black hair,  her neck and even on her skinny arms.

When the seven guys finished having their orgies  with  Maria,  they walked out of the bed.

“Ok Gilbert,  lets go have us some Mexicans style fun!!”  joked Barton. 

This time Maria was going to have sex with Billy, Barton and Gilbert.  Billy laid on the bed,  with his cock up Marias cunt and Marias ass being taken from behind by Barton,  while she was sucking Gilberts cock.

“Man this Mexican bitch is good in sucking cocks!!!”  commented Gilbert.

“Still want to put a bullet in her head!!”  Billy having fun with Gilbert.

“Ok!! Enough already!! Look we all say stupid things when we are angry and emotional sometimes!!  Just let it fucking go already!!”  begged  Gilbert.

“Hey listen!!!  How about you to take your cock off her mouth and give her a kiss on the lips!!”  suggested  Barton.

Gilbert withdrew his cock from Marias lips and pressed his lips towards hers. 

All the guys laughed.

“And he says he hates Mexicans!!”  joked Dave.

Barton purposely told him to kiss her,  so that they can all have  a joke at Gilberts expense.

“Im outta here!!!  I am going to the toilet!!”  Gilbert cried.

Gilbert walked out of the bedroom.

Dave took Gilberts place,  in having Maria sucking his cock. 

When Billy, Barton and Dave had had enough fun with Maria,  they all took a break. 

But while all nine guys took a 20  minute  break  from fucking  Maria,  Billy had instructed Maria to  sit  her  ass  on the bed,  spread her legs wide open,  into fingering herself,  with one hand,  and using her other hand to fondle and play with her breasts,  even telling her to sometimes kiss and lick them,  right before their very eyes.

When  the  20  minutes  was  over,  they  all resumed taking turns fucking her pussy and ass,  sucking her tits and having their cocks sucked by her,  normally  having her service three to four persons at the same time.

They had all fucked Marias three holes,  since that entire Saturday Night,  up  till  Sunday  Morning. 

All  10  guys  and  Maria  dozed  off  inside  that  room,  but  with  Billys  cock  up  Marias  ass  and  Alexs  cock  up  her  cunt,  sandwiching  her between the two tall muscular guys.

Some of the guys had slept on that same bed but others slept on the other bedrooms. 

Everyone slept until 5PM in the afternoon.    As for  Billy  and  Alex,  when  they woke up,  feeling  their  cocks  inside  Marias  holes,  their  cocks  got  stimulated  and  excited,  that they  started  immediately  fucking  Maria.

The rest of the guys joined in and everyone had sex with Maria,  at least once with her pussy and her mouth. 

By the time it was 6PM,  Barton and the guys discussed amongst themselves what to do about Maria.  They did not want to report her and also that they decided that they would want to keep her as their sex slave.

They were all downstairs at the living room.  As Marias clothes had been totally torn off, she was always naked.  She sat on Alexs lap, and he would often kiss her on the neck.

“We got a problem!! Our parents expect us all to be home today, as you know tomorrow is school day and that we still got football practise!!  I mean we have to find a place where we can keep her!!! I am sure she is going to run away from us and no one wants to see her get caught by the police!!”  Barton sighed.

Everyone else was sat down except Barton.

“Cant we just keep her here??”  asked Sean.

“My parents use this Cabin!!! I dont want them finding out about her!!  We can all get in trouble if they do!!”  sighed Barton.

“Do we have any other retreat from this cabin??”  asked Dirk.

“Actually this is the only place we crash around in,  to have time to ourselves!! We dont have a fucking  tree house or anything!!  Bummer!!”  said  Billy.

“Hey I can keep her in my basement!! I mean it is just me and my mom!!  I am the only guy in my house who uses that basement!!! I can feed her!! She would be perfectly safe!! I dont think anyone would think of coming looking for her there!!!  I mean we all have our girlfriends to worry about too!!  Then on Saturday, w e can always bring her with us here for fun!!”  suggested Alex.

“Good idea  Alex!!  But the problem is communications!!  My place would have been ideal except I dont have as much privacy as you!! I am gonna have to teach you a few basic Spanish words!!”  spoke Billy.

“You guys ever still thought yet of how to prevent her running away??”  asked Gilbert.

“Oh there is a way!!  We all take pictures of her in our cell phones and I will tell her that if she runs away,  the police will know about her!!”  suggested  Billy.

“That is a good plan Billy!!!  Alex get here of you for a  while!!  And can you please give her your clothes to wear!!  I want to make this blackmailing look more convincing or that the police dont think we did something to her,  since she is completely naked!!”   spoke  Barton.

Alex made Maria get off him and started stripping off his own clothes,  except for his underwear,  with Billy instructing Maria to put on his clothes.  While she sat down,  all ten guys  (including a temporarily naked Alex)  used their cell phones and took a picture of her.

Billy told Maria in Spanish that if she ever tried running away from them,  they would send the police her picture. 

He also told her that she was going to be staying with Maria and that it was in her best interest to not leave Alexs basement,  unless accompanied by him or some of the other guys.

Maria was made to strip again.

When all the boys took their belongings and left the Cabin,  ushering Maria to get into the back of the van with some of them,  Maria had a temporary flashback of where her life was headed.

She was going to become a sex slave to these 10 white boys.

“If only I had not accepted a ride from those two boys”,  were Marias last thoughts in her head,  before Barton ( and Dirk and Gilbert stood next to him,  as they were all going to sit up front ) slams the vans back door. 


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