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21st Century Subterranean Slavery Part VIII


      Back in the lineup

One-eight-six felt wild and untamed on her first day back in the lineup. She deliberately stumbled within the chain gang next to the board walk. She stopped now and then defiantly yanking the chain in front of her, forcing the slave behind her to crash into her back. When the guard lashed her she spat in her face leading to more lashes. By the time she got to the display section her ass and thighs were well striped. She resisted being dragged up the steps spitting and kicking the two guards trying to handle her. When they had her chained and locked to the ring she got five more hard lashes while she turned and backhanded one in the face and then spat on the other. More lashed followed and her tears began to flow. Looking up at the balcony, she noticed at least twenty sets of binoculars focused on her. Almost instantly someone on the balcony raised his paddle pointing at her. She was then dragged kicking and screaming up the stairs and delivered to her master for the evening.

He just sat for a while sipping wine arrogantly ogling her body while the crowd around them watched for more fireworks. He palmed her cunt and she spat in his face calling him a pig. He then threw a glass of wine in her face blinding her for a moment to the amusement of the surrounding crowd, many of them laughing out loud and even applauding. Then while getting another glass from a waiter, he ordered her to turn around and bend over. She obeyed encouraging the crowd. He watched her crotch for a while as some of the crowd challenged him to fondle her cunt again, instead he spat in her crack. She called him a pig again but didn’t move even when he jammed the top of a vine bottle into her anus He then forced her to rotate her hips by working the bottles in circles. She went along and exaggerated her movement pretending she was turned on. This guy was really looking for a bitch to punish and fuck she thought.

“Listen to the bitch,” one bystander said. “Look at her relishing that bottle in her asshole; she’s as horny as a barnyard dog.” Every one laughed and she began to moan to encourage the insults. “She claims to be a captured slave, a lady of high rank; she’s nothing but a cheap whore dragged out of a muddy ditch.” There were many other insulting remarks until her master pulled out the bottle, grasped her chain and dragged her kicking and spitting to the door. Inside he signed for her with the usual compliments and kisses from the clerk and then dragged her along to his room.

He was a good looking Caucasian about fifty with that distinguished gray at the sides. The surprise came in the room. There, waiting in a chair was a very handsome young man appearing to be about twenty.

“Well darling” he said “you got me quit a beauty there, just what the doctor ordered.”

“Alright she’s yours for the night; I hope you’re happy now.” He unlocked her chains and made her face the wall. He then picked a riding crop off the wall and prepared to lash her.

“Do you have to do that darling, you know I loathe violence and look at her she’s already been lashed hard.”

“You want a female slut you’ll get her my way pretty boy.” She arched her back obediently and got five hard lashes.

“Oh George…look at her now, you made her cry.”

“She’ll get more after you fuck her dear. I’ll be in the Casino for a while…so get on with your filthy act.” He left, slamming the door behind him.

“Oh dear he gets so emotional about women, he doesn’t like them at all. Would you like to undress me now please?” Be careful with my clothing and hang them neatly dear.”

She undressed him and hung everything neatly in a closet and folded his underwear placing them on a shelf. He was just beautiful, obviously some one who spend a lot of time working out, just what she used to look for on the bar circuit. He turned on some slow dance music and they danced while he caressed her body.

“You’re not allowed to kiss me on the lips dear, George doesn’t permit that but we can do most everything else including coitus. Do you like having cunnilingus performed on you?”

“I like anything you want to do sir.”

“Oh call me Paul sweety, I like to be informal when having sexual intercourse and how about fellatio do you like doing that?”

“I love it…Paul…very much.”

“Hm…do you swallow,” he asked almost in a whisper?”

“That’s my favorite part Paul, I love the stuff.”

“That’s wonderful, George likes that too but me not so much, and he always makes me swallow.” He sounded hurt. They danced for a while and she wondered about this obviously gay individual caressing her body passionately while his penis rose and poked in between her thighs. Everything about his personality screamed gay stereotype and in her experience that type did not like women. He obviously had a few male cells lurking somewhere in his brain.

“I think I’m ready; I would really like to have mutual oral sex now. Would you be kind enough to accommodate me?”

“Of course Paul I would love to.”

They got on the bed in the sixty-nine position locking their bodies together in a passionate embrace. She started sucking him slowly while he gently tongued and kissed her vagina. He was good at it and she came several times before he blew a large load in her mouth. She swallowed with her usual loud smacks and um sounds.

He made her turn and then embraced her. “That was very good dear; you really seem to enjoy the taste.” She kissed his neck and told him that she was like a kid in a candy store when it came to semen. “It sure sounded like it. We’ll rest for a while I would very much like to have coitus after a while.

“I can’t wait Paul, she whispered as she snuggled into his body. He was a hugger, rare with most men and she really enjoyed him. They both fell to sleep and were awakened by his lover.

“Wake up Paul; aren’t you done with the whore yet?”

“No George we were about to have coitus.”

“Well get on with it, I’m horny darling. I’ll take a shower don’t be all night fucking the bitch.”

He turned to her and asked if the missionary position would be suitable. She just rolled over on her back and spread her thighs wide, smiling at him like a teenager in love. He fingered her vagina while sucking her breasts until she was wet and then got on top of her penetrating her very gently before beginning to move. She wanted this experience to last so she did not use vaginal contraction to start but wrapped her arms and legs around him moving her pelvis in time with his thrusts. He began to breathe heavily and she started contractions until he blew his load.

He rolled off and told her that he she was extremely good at it, just as his lover came back in the room. He was naked and ordered her up against the wall and took hold of a riding crop.

“So…slut did you enjoy my lover boy?”

“Yes sir very much.” He landed three lashes as she presented her ass rotating it invitingly.

“Did you enjoy sucking him off bitch?”

“Yes sir it was delicious.” She got three more on her thighs.

“And of course he fucked your whore cunt didn’t he?”

“Yes sir he’s very good at it, I came three times,”

“Good, now reach your ass for the crop whore.” She arched her back to the maximum presenting her gyrating multicolored globes to the riding crop and got four more stripes.

“Alright slut, get in the bathroom and shower that filthy body; stay there until I call you.” She did as ordered while he got in bed with his young lover. It must have been an hour and then he didn’t call her but entered the bathroom ordering her to wash and dry him. He then told her to wait until Paul called for her. She heard him ordering Paul to dress him and then say that he was going back to the casino.

Paul entered the bathroom and asked her if she’d be kind enough to bathe him. After she was done he wanted a straight massage on the bed. She took her time without making it erotic and when done they crawled under the covers. He wanted to sleep for a while.

He woke her later in the night and wanted to fuck her doggie style asking her to finish by blowing him at the proper moment. She worked her pelvis, hips and vaginal orifice until he began to grunt. She then turned quickly and caught his load, eagerly gulping it down.

He rolled over crashing on the bed groaning with pleasure closing his eyes while she went to the bathroom and returned with a damp towel. She wiped his sweaty body and covered him up just as George returned.

“Ah…he looks very satisfied bitch, take up the position; I think you have earned another ten.” She rose and got up facing the wall arching her back for maximum ass protrusion with her hands on top of her head. “Well you certainly know how to present your ass for a well deserved lashing. Do you know how to count to ten…bitch!”

She counted slowly and received a hard lash for each number. At ten he told her that she’d been a good whore and deserved another three. He then ordered her to turn around and said “well…bitch!”

She fell to her knees and kissed his feet thanking him profusely for the lashing. He then ordered her to undress him after which he pointed at the floor near the door. He crawled into bed with his lover while she curled up on the carpet waiting for the guard to arrive to reconnect her chains and lead her to the reporting office.

Her lashes were counted there and since they had a report from the lineup guards, accounting for about twenty five, the client was charged with twenty. The clerk told her that the guards were impressed with her performance during the lineup and on the balcony with the client; they would both verify her performance in the lineup, on the balcony and the number of lashes by signing her report.

While being led back to her cell she reflected on her first time with a young and hot looking client. Somehow it no longer mattered; she had satisfied him with her sexual skills and in a way his lover by receiving about twenty lashes. Even though he was extremely polite and a great lover, she missed the passionate adulation she always received from older men.

Her cot in the cell block did not have her number on it which was not unusual. She found her cot in the rear which were occupied mostly by older full-bosomed slaves. Her neighbor smiled at her, “Have a good night One-eight-six?”

“Well you could say that; I rarely get a client under fifty and this one was hot, you know with a six pack, maybe twenty-two. He had a partner about fifty who decorated my ass as a reward for doing his boy toy.”

“Wow that rarely happens in this cell block.” One-eight-six asked her neighbor about her night. She had been the mother to a white spoiled brat midget. “You know the usual, dressing-undressing, changing her diapers, washing and breast feeding with the client watching and participating.”

“Breast feeding her…how!?”  Her neighbor’s huge breasts reminded her off large perfectly round salami’s

“Five of us in this cell block lactate, sometimes mothering a spoiled brat midget but mostly with men who are turned on by suckling. There are more in other cell blocks, blacks, Orientals, midgets lady-boys etc.”

“But you are not pregnant so…how is that possible?”

“Most women can suckle with a little training but men prefer sucking heavy hangers.”

“How do you train for that?”

“It’s simple, once you are selected for lactation, someone…in my case the motivation super or his assistant, sucks your nipples about eight or ten times a day. In my case and yours,” she nodded at one-eight-six’s large breasts; “we could do it ourselves but they don’t allow that.

In order to maintain milk production we are suckled four to six times a day before our evening appointment. This is done by various supervisors, assistants or guards. After my initial training and my milk production was found to be adequate, I was photographed being suckled and using my hands to squirt it into a man’s mouth, the syndicate then updated my photo spread. We seldom appear in the lineup since the clients select us from the library; they must have us in a separate suckling section there”

“Is that why I’m back here now”

“I doubt it, men prefer suckling more mature females, not teenagers; to some of them even though they’re older than us; it’s probably a mother fetish. I’ve been a sex slave for about six years, so have most of the other lactation slaves. Since I began being suckled, I’ve never been lashed by a client. I even experience orgasms sometimes when being suckled it’s a great feeling.”

“Really…do they fuck you too?”

“Most of the time they want to be sucked off after they’re satiated and some ejaculate quickly. Some of them suck a little and then want to be blown before suckling you again. It’s a great turn on for most of them, some cum four or five times during the night. With my hangers it’s actually possible for me to blow them while being suckled at the same time.”

“I’m trying to picture that.”

“The client has to sit on a couch while I lie on my side across that couch while blowing him, usually with one hand under his thigh so I can fondle his balls. He can then with a little effort grasp my boob and suckle it. Some also suckle while fucking me in the regular missionary style or with me on top. That usually takes a long time…I think because the warm milk soothes them, sometimes so much  that, they go soft or even fall to sleep.

“So now I know what to look forward too.”

“Yes with your knockers in about five years they’ll slowly over a year or so supplement your diet, adding twenty or twenty five pounds to your frame getting you in suckling shape. My breasts almost doubled in size while my ass and thighs got bigger as well. My exercise routine increased though, to maintain my rubenesque appearance without increasing my waistline. Love-handles as you know are not allowed here, so it’s a tricky business for them to strike a fine balance between diet and exercises.

The guards began calling out numbers. Two were called first to be punished, she was called for the third bunch to go. Since they had started wearing bra’s they also had their breasts treated with various oils and creams which was supposed to improve firmness. They wore the bras about half the day now but always during long walks in the hall ways, gym exercises and wrestling training. They were also encouraged to sleep on their backs; that was thought to be better to avoid that inevitable sagging.

They entered a room where a supervisor handed each of them the cream to be used. They were paired off and creamed each others breasts under the watchful eyes and guidance of the super and her assistants.


She arrived in the lineup, grudgingly turning as required to display every side of her statuesque flesh, her bowed head and face reflecting deliberate resentment for being on display. The guard lashes her ass six times over about ten minutes, pacing behind her and about twelve other sex slaves. She promptly lashed any slave failing to display even the faintest lack of enthusiasm for the clients viewing them. With each lash like her sister slaves, she gradually put on a better, eager to be chosen expression.

For some reason the cell block Super’s hypnotic session before the lineup; had a powerful effect on her consciousness. Despite her initial defiant stance act in the lineup she was more than eager, almost desperate to serve someone; anyone at all regardless of age or gender, she even imagined serving someone homely and cruel.

Then her mind floated into a strange illusion of having been a sex slave from birth, raised to never question the right of any owner to use and abuse her at will. Slavery in this fantasy was a natural law; it was her inescapable responsibility to obey her owner.

She never before had masochistic tendencies but after months of being lashed by clients, the guards and especially the madam, she was beginning in the last while, to yearn for more of the same.

She shook her head trying to push those conflicting cobwebs out of her mind but to no avail. Her head began to hum a verse with only two words: pain pleasure, pain pleasure, pain pleasure,’ over and over again, followed by a chorus: fucking homely old men along with pain equals pure pleasure, She thought she was going insane but it didn’t matter. The song continued to play over and over again.

Despite the weird notions in her brain and after six lashes she was now obediently displaying her body, making eye contact with the crowd, hoping now to be picked by a homely old client. She desperately needed to submit her beautiful young body totally to her antithesis, someone on the lower end on the scale of beauty. She craved the utter adoration and excitement of an old man panting with lust while she obediently presented her nubile full figured flesh for his pleasure. She would match his panting with passionate moans as her flesh was groped, squeal now and then as her breasts were clutched and sucked while she in turn hugged and massaged her aged lover’s body. At some point lips would meet and her moans would grow desperate as one tongue vigorously probed another. Then she would present her ass while eyeing the riding crop on the wall using body language to plead for a lashing. After being lashed she would, while trembling and sobbing with pain reach for his cock jerking it erect and then obediently plead to have it inserted anywhere in her body.

A sharp lash across booth ass cheeks suddenly snapped her back to reality, but not quite. In her trancelike state and with the song still humming in her brain, the sting of each lash somehow transformed the throbbing pain into a deep erotic sensation centered in her crotch. Her pussy was soaking wet, primed for penetration; even her anus and nipples tingled. The pain of the riding crop kissing her ass flesh to that strange tune was now incredibly more like passionate foreplay.

Her number was called early over the PA system and she was led to a lower door. At the desk she found a handsome white male with that distinguished graying hair in his late fifties signing for her. She was extremely disappointed, not finding the old man of her reverie but she was a sex slave with no choice in the matter and had to serve the handsome whether she wanted too or not.

Once in the room he removed her chains and sat down, sighing deeply almost groaning while looking her over with a weary “who cares” expression. Obviously he was someone in the position to get or buy all the sex he wanted.

“Alright slut…what can you do for me?”

“Whatever my master wishes; I’m your sex slave just name it and I’ll obey.”

“Yea, yea any kind of sex I want; you whores are all the same; spreading your legs and pretending to enjoy it. And oh yes, I know… you really and truly love me Blah, blah, blah.” He rolled his eyes sighing again.

Please master I’m your obedient sex slave to be used and abused, a whore is a free woman.” He closed his eyes, staring at her with an intrigued expression and then raised his eyebrows nodding to himself.

“That’s true, I bought your body for the night but you don’t get a red cent.”

“No master I get nothing. I’m a chattel belonging to the syndicate, a pleasure provider, not a real person.”

This man was totally bored by sex but then… why was he here? Suddenly a peculiar notion flashed through her mind. “I could be your blowup doll master; you know like this.” She posed stiffly spreading her legs and curving her arms forward, forming a large cock sucking O with her lips while staring blankly.

His expression brightened somewhat as he held his chin nodding thoughtfully, and then cracked a wistful smile. She thought better of that idea, sex dolls were mostly for unattractive nerds with little chance of ever getting laid.

“Or master, I could be a futuristic robot, programmed to perform every imaginable sex act on command.” She jerked her arms while twisting her body sporadically, imitating what she’s seen in TV cartoons.

He seemed slightly perplexes and then smiled broadly. ”Alright, for now let’s pretend you’re human valet and undress me.” He rose and she carefully undressed him folding his clothing neatly on a chair. She then stood near him with the sex doll pose and waited while he sat down again.

He watched her for a while and then stood up, grasped her waist and pushed her down on her knees. She maintained her plastic performance as he grasped her head and forced her open mouth onto his semi hard cock. He rocked her head back and forth and became fully erect in a few strokes. She flayed her arms until he grasped her one hand placing it on his balls and then rubbed her hand on them. He ejaculated in about twenty strokes flooding her mouth while groaning with pleasure. She spilled most of his semen on her chest.

“I’ll be dammed,” he groaned closing his eyes while leaning back in the couch. “A dumb plastic doll made me cum. Go clean yourself.”

She walked to the bathroom still pretending to be a plastic doll. When done she walked back out and faced him in her stiff dumb doll mode.

“Alright, let’s see this futuristic robot act.”

She struck a pose and jerked her arms and head in quick irregular moves while speaking in the stereotypical staccato speech of a robot.

“I am robot model F-186 Mark III, designed and manufactured to provide unlimited sexual pleasure to my owner master.

“My memory circuits have been uploaded with data including every sexual position and activity knows to man. That includes all sexual position listed in the Kama Sutra and all other sources of literature. Any order given, results in my taking up that position instantly or slowly if desired. I respond to Latin and common words and phrases such as blow job, suck my cock, fellatio, coitus, doggy style, kiss me, cunnilingus, eat pussy or cunt. Every word, phrase or slang expression pertaining to sexual intercourse is programmed into my circuits.

“I respond to my master’s touch to any part of my body with sounds of pleasure unless ordered not to by the words ‘be mute’. The word ‘sound on’ turns my vocalization circuits on.

“My lips, breasts, vagina, anus and my skin texture and surfaces are as natural as a human’s. The inside of my mouth, vagina and anus will also feel natural but somewhat enhanced to pleasure your penis.

“I am programmed to be whipped; every lash on my ass or any other part of my body will form a temporary red stripe, the hue intensifying to blue depending on the severity of the lash. The lashes in turn activate electronic and hydraulic circuits which lubricates my mouth, vagina and anal cavities for my master’s pleasure, unless the oral command ‘no lube’ is stated.

“The vaginal and anal lubrication can also be activated by fingering, licking or the oral command ‘lube on. That is some of my capabilities master I’m awaiting you orders.”

“Stand doggie style, lube on vagina, sound on.”

She turned and bent over using short quick motions while moaning expectantly. “I am positioned and lubricated for your pleasure master.”

He rammed her cunt and began fucking her as she moaned “oh master” repeatedly while shaking her ass in quick irregular moves as her vaginal orifice snapped several times during each stroke. He groaned in ecstasy after about thirty strokes, filling her cunt with juice. As he pulled out she fell to her knees in her robotic manner and sucked his cock clean, then spilling it down her chest, moaning with pleasure.

“Was my performance satisfactory master?”

“Yes robot I’m very satisfied, sound off, go wash yourself and return.”

When she came back he ordered her to stand and not move for a long time while he watched TV. It must have been an hour before he spoke again.

“I wish to beat your ass F-186. Fetch me the riding crop.”

“She obeyed, handing him the crop in her mechanical manner and then arched her back while bending over slightly. She then jerkily placed her hands behind her head. “My gluteus maximus is now in the optimum prominent and protruding position. I am prepared master to be lashed at your pleasure.”

He gave her ten hard lashes groping her ass between each stroke and then ordered her on her knees. “Thank me robot.”

“I thank you for the discipline master. I hope you enjoyed my tears, all orifices have been automatically lubricated for your convenience.”

“Suck me off now robot.” She immediately swallowed his cock, sucking it with the appropriate slurps and moans while fondling his balls. He exploded in her mouth in less than thirty seconds.” She spilled all of his semen on her chest.

“Swallow my juice robot!”

“Negative master, “I am very sorry I was not designed with a reservoir to contain . May I go and cleanse my skin.”

Negative F-186, become human and swallow every drop.”

She eagerly obeyed lifted her tits licking them clean, then fingered the remainder slurping it down noisily in the manner almost all male clients enjoyed. She then sucked his cock clean again with the appropriated moans.

He watched her intently and then ordered her to wash and join him in bed.

She filled out her report in the morning noting every detail of her inventions.

The following evening someone picked her out of the lineup after about five minutes. Her reverie from the previous evening had come true. At the desk signing for her she found a white male looking at least seventy. To her six foot- two (188cm) he barely reached her chin. He was balding, with that nerdy but intelligent appearance of an accountant. He wasn’t really ugly but far from handsome. She felt good about this client; tonight she would give an old man her young totally submissive body and sincere passionate love.

In the room he removed her chains and then watched her pose for a while. She exhibited her flesh turning and twisting while smiling devotedly at her old man. He got up and began while panting excitedly to stroke and fondle every part of her body. He was breathing heavily and as he craned his neck looking in her eyes she craned hers and frenched him passionately. His one hand clutched her ass cheek while the other played with her tit. She could feel his erection through his pants and wanted to undress him on the spot.

“Oh my master may I undress you now; I can feel your hard penis against my body please I want it inside me.”

“Yes, yes,” he stammered and she tore his clothing off throwing them everywhere. When he was naked she threw her arms around him kissing him passionately.

“Master I can’t wait, my pussy is burning for your cock.” His hands were roaming her flesh feverishly.

“I…I love your body Miss, oh your so beautiful. I wish a woman like you could really love this old man.” She kissed him again squeezing his slight body into her flesh.

“I do love you master; I really…really do, on the outside I’d marry you.”

“Do you really mean that?”

“I do and why don’t we get married right now. I’ll be the preacher and the bride.”

“Why not.”

“Do you take this woman as you legal wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.”

“I do…do,”he stammered.

“Do you One-eight-six,”she was talking to herself, “swear to love this man, to have and hold, to honor him, to treasure him, to always to keep him sexually satisfied? Do you promise this from your heart, for all the days of your life?”

She answered herself, “I do.You may kiss the bride.” They kissed passionately

Now please dear husband make love to me I’m so hot my pussy is burning.” She really meant it and kissed him again sucking greedily on his mouth while her tongue rotated inside.

“Oh…Ok my dear wife lets go to bed. Oh…my love I want you on top.” He got on the bed and she nearly threw herself on him, kissing his face madly while using one hand to guide is penis into her orifice. She came almost immediately groaning I love you master into his ear. She took her time fucking her old man using her vaginal contracting technique sparingly at first. He was actually strong enough to match her moves and she increased her contractions until surprisingly for an old man he groaned his climax in less than a minute. She was going to pull off him and provide the usual almost mandatory oral cleaning but he held her tight.

“Would my beloved husband like me to suck his penis clean?”

“No…not now my dear wife…just hold me.” She was carrying part of her weight on her elbows in order not to crush him. “I want the full weight of your beautiful body on mine.” She let go and he moaned with pleasure. After about five minutes he told her to roll them over while his cock remained in her vagina. She stroked him gently kissing his forehead. He actually fell to sleep after a few minutes.

She had often wondered in the past about the trophy-wife thing. Did they have separate bedrooms or if not were there barf-bags by the bed? That wasn’t a nice thing to even think but that was her in the free world. Now she wondered about people in general. Sex was about looks out there, now she saw the folly in that. She had just made love to an old man now sleeping on top of her and truly enjoyed it, climaxing herself several times. She hugged him gently and kissed his forehead again while he snored lightly. This was love as it should be but he would be gone in the morning. She would still be here displaying her Six foot-two of gorgeous flesh to clients every evening except when her monthlies arrived. She was a slave but somehow in a strange way she was in love now. In love with performing sexual intercourse with anyone who bought her body for the night.

While writing her report, detailing the wedding ceremony she wondered again why she had enjoyed making love to this old man and had married him in a fake ceremony. In her life in the bars he would of course never had a chance with her. She always chose the lookers, male or female. Was it her training here, the constant rigorous hammering at her mind to serve anyone choosing her regardless of gender age or looks? She didn’t think so, maybe she was becoming a do-gooder, like a saint or something providing pleasure for the needy. She chuckled silently, that was ridiculous. Or was it? She finished her report and was led back to her cell block.

To be continued


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