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This is a variation on the NUDEP stories by Nialos Leaning found at  This story takes things another step further.  It includes overt sexual activities between teens.  If this will be offensive, DO NOT READ IT.  It is a fantasy.  The authors do NOT advocate sexual activities between teens.  On Earth, they are not emotionally able to handle it.  However...

Imagine, if you will, another universe, one in which all girls and women secretly long to be submissive slaves, spanked into submission.  It is a world where pregnancy is totally controlled and not an issue of concern and STDs do not exist but in which our conventional morality is still the norm.  However, that is changing.  A new program has been introduced into the schools, NUDEP.  This is described in detail in the stories of Nialos Leaning.

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Table of Contents

The Beginning........4



Chemistry Class........29

Lunch on Monday........33

English Class........37

After School........39



Ménage à Trois........76


Study Hall........87

Home Again........90

Morning on Wednesday........104

A New Beginning........111

The Patient........132

Betty on Top........140

Wednesdays Excitement........146

Threes a Crowd........160

Thursday Begins........183

Thursday at School........189

Lunch on Thursday........198

Jennifer Plots........202


The Teachers........217


Chapter One

The Beginning

Jennifer Marie Wilson had always been a trouble maker but more so recently that she used to be.  Everything had to be her way or no way, or so she thinks. The spreading talk of NUDEP going global, she just shifted aside as being rumors.  That couldnt be legal could it?  She also had a dislike for authority figures and lacked confidence in her own personal appearance.  She was tall for her age but not too tall.  She had long brown hair that went down past her shoulders.  She was well built and very “developed” for her age.  Because of this, she got a lot of attention from the boys.  She didnt really realize just how attractive and sexy she was.

Peter Wilson, her father, had just signed the permission form for the new NUDEP program at Fairless Hills High School.  Jennifer Marie, his daughter, who he adored, was going to start it today.  He knew he had been too lenient with her but she was the image of her mother who had died five years ago and he just couldnt manage to get control of her.

He knew she wasnt going to like it.  But that was just too bad.  It was really for her own good.  He went to her bedroom where she was getting ready for school.  “Jennifer,” he said, “I want to talk to you.”

“Im busy right now, daddy,” she replied crossly.

“What are you doing?”

She gave him a look as if he was a total idiot.  “Getting ready for school, of course.  What do you think?”  She went back to doing her hair.

“Well there is going to be a change today.”

She looked at him.  “What do you mean?”

“You are starting NUDEP today.”

“What!?  You cant do that.”

“I can and I did.  You are going to school today naked and you will be subject to the rules of NUDEP.”

“NO!  I wont do it.  Its illegal.  I refuse.  Ill, Ill, Ill run away.”

“If you dont cooperate, I will have the juvenile authorities get involved.”

“You wouldnt DARE.” she said breathlessly.

“You dont have a choice.  Ive already sent in the notice.”

“But Daddy...”

“Dont But Daddy me.  Its done and you are going to do it.  Now I will expect to see you downstairs in five minutes, naked and ready to go to school.”

Jennifer watched as her father turned around and went back downstairs. “Like hell Im going naked.”  She just rolled her eyes and continued getting ready for school.  It didnt take long since she was almost ready as it was.  She knew her father would be downstairs waiting for her.

She knew what she would do.  She picked up her backpack and headed towards the stairs, stopping to see she could hear him downstairs.  It was quiet so she slowly inched her way down the stairs to avoid detection.  Once down, she looked around to see if she could see him.  He wasnt in the room.

She smiled and walked towards the door.  In a low voice she said “Bye bye, father.” Before she could make it to the door, she heard a voice behind her.

“Where do you think youre going?”

“To school, where else would I be going?” she said in a smart tone.

“Not dressed like that.”

She rolled her eyes.  “It isnt like Im really in this NUDEP program or whatever.”  She continued opening the door to leave.  Suddenly she felt a hand grab her by the shoulder.

“You are in it and you will do as I say.”

“What are you going to do if I dont?”

“We are starting a new regime, young lady.  From now on, you are going to do as you are told.”

“Yeah, thats what YOU think,” she said and turned away to walk out.

Jennifers father grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back enough to put an arm around her waist.  She struggled but he had her in his grip.  He put both arms around her and actually lifted her off the ground.  She was so startled, all she could do was hammer on his back and scream, “Put me down.”

It did her no good.  He carried her back into the living room and sat down on the couch, still holding her wrist.  She immediately tried to pull away but he gave her a yank and she nearly lost her balance.  As she was trying to recover, he pulled her face-down over his lap.

“NO!” she shrieked.  “Let me go.”

“This is for your own good,” he told her.  He pulled up her skirt to above her waist and then put his fingers into the waistband of her panties.

“NO!  Dont you dare,” she shrieked again, frantically.

He ignored her and pulled her panties down, baring her bottom.

She tried to get up or roll off but it did her no good.  He had her firmly.

The first smack rang out and was greeted with a strangled gasp.  One smack followed another.

Jennifer was in shock. Her father had never been so assertive, especially with her.  She was angry but much more embarrassed than anything.  She was just glad no one was there to witness the incident.  After she stood up, she reached back to rub her butt, hoping to cool the raging embers.  She then reached down for her panties but was stopped by her father.

“You really did put me in it didnt you?  How can you betray me like that?”  Her anger rose but, at the same time, the fire raging in her bottom kept it from going over the top.  She knew he would do it again if she tried anything.

Jennifer sighed, knowing she had lost this time but she was nowhere near giving up.  She knew the rules, as all students were forced to learn them.  “How long am I in for, a day, week, month, what?”  She was using a very bitter, cold tone.  She turned her head from him.  “Youre just like everyone else.”

Her father was hurt but was not about to show it.  “You will be in it for a week to start.  Whether I keep you in longer than that will depend entirely on your behavior.  Now you are already going to be late for school and that means another spanking when you get there.  The longer you delay, the more severe the spanking.  I want you to take off the rest of your clothes so I can make sure you are ready to go.”

Peter knew that part of the program was to ensure that the young people in it were, and remained, sexually aroused.  There were two purposes for that.  One was to increase the endorphins and other brain chemicals that would allow them to cope with the multiple emotional and physical punishments and the other was that it had been found that in an aroused state, the brain was more plastic and amenable to learning and reinforcement.  So he had to make sure first that she was ready, as she would be checked on the bus and throughout the day.  If necessary, he had a vibrator ready but he strongly preferred not to use it.  She was his daughter, after all.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Paul Harding was talking to his parents at the same time.  “I dont know how they can legally put students into this program,” he was saying. 

“Well they can with the parents approval,” his father told him, “and regardless if the school petitions the court.”

“And the kids really have to go to school naked?” he asked in wonder.

“Totally.  But touching is very limited.  It IS allowed but no penetration is permitted.  And with the monitoring, there will be no disputes.  If anyone were to try it, they would end up in the program themselves.”

“You wouldnt put me in that, would you?”

“No, son, you are getting good grades, you are cooperative and you obey the rules for the most part.  I dont think you have to worry about it.  Besides, they almost never put boys in.  Its mostly for girls.”

“Has it started yet?”

“It starts this week and I heard a rumor that one girl was chosen by her father.”

“Oh yeah?”  Paul was interested.

“I guess you will find out in an hour or so anyway,” his father said.  “Jennifer starts today.”

“Jennifer?  Youre kidding.”  Paul had been dating Jennifer off and on for several months.

“Yes and I know you have been seeing her and now you will see a good deal more of her.  But I would like it if you would kind of act as her protector too.  Its going to be hard on her.”

“Sure Dad, I can do that.  Ill do what I can.”

“Thanks, son.  She may not be too happy with you or anyone else at first but if you can look out for her, Im sure it will be a good thing.”

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Jennifer really didnt know the program as well as she should have.  She had thought it was just a scare tactic used to scare kids and teens into being more controllable.  She wasnt going to let that happen, at least.  She wasnt going to comply easily, she knew that much although she knew if her father wanted, she could be in it for a month or more so she was going to have to at least act like she was obeying.

She started to turn and head towards the bathroom but was stopped.

“No more wasting time, you can undress right here.”

She knew everyone was going to see her birthday suit.

“Can you at least turn around?”

He shook his head.

“God, no relief for the tortured.”  She turned herself around with her back towards him.

She was slow undressing, still deeply embarrassed for even her father to see her this way. At least she thought her hair would allow some coverage though, if she had read the rules like she was supposed to, she would have learned differently.

She turned back around to face her father, using her arms to cover the vital areas.  “I cant go to school like this.  You know how I am.  I cant let anyone see me this way!”

A shiver ran down her spine at the thought of people being allowed to touch her.  She knew her complaints would get her nowhere, especially now.  “Im going to need years of therapy after this.”  She shook her head.

She could not quite shake the feeling that she was forgetting something, something the NUDEP assembly said.  Since she really didnt pay attention and threw the pamphlet they gave her in a trash can on the way out, she really couldnt remember.

Still not moving her arm that was covering her upper region, she lowered her other arm to pick up her backpack.  She slid one strap over her shoulder and headed toward the door once again but then stopped to turn around.  “I do go to school now, right?”

“No, dear.  I am not quite sure you are ready.  Put your backpack down and come back here.”

Jennifer reluctantly put down the backpack and came back to her father, still trying her best to cover up with her hands.

“I have to make sure you are ready.  Now put your hands on your head and spread your legs.”

“WHAT!  No, its bad enough that I have to go to school like this.”  She was thinking that perhaps the backpack would help a little once she moved it around to her front.

Peter looked grim.  He stood up, walked over to a drawer and pulled out a black, leather paddle.  He walked back to his daughter who was now backing away.

“Dont you DARE.  You cant hit me with that thing.”

Before she really knew what to do, he had grabbed her by the wrist, turned her around and smacked her bare bottom with the paddle.

“WHAT WAS THAT FOR?”  She was now totally pissed off.  She didnt care what he would do now.  “I was fine with this little school thing,  I could live with it.  But now youre hitting my ass for no reason!”  She had felt better after saying that but was still steaming.

She somehow felt that her little outburst would come back to bite her.  She took a deep breath and realized, in her fury, she had dropped the arm that was covering her. Then she said, almost to herself, “Its just not worth it.”  She put her hands on her head as he had asked.

She blushed when she realized what else he had asked her to do.  She reluctantly complied, not really spreading her legs but pushing them a little further apart than what they currently were.  “Now what?  I am already late because of all this and if youre right my homeroom will make a point to correct that.  Well at least I wont have to run into anybody on the way there.”

“That is probably true.  By the time I get done, you will have missed the bus.  Now let me explain.  You will be required to maintain a state of arousal.  Do you know what that means?”

Jennifer blushed.  “Uh huh.”

“Good, now let me check you.”

Her eyes got wide.  “NO!  You cant do that.  Its indecent.”

“I am your father and this is necessary.”  He reached out with his hand and just lightly touched her exposed slit.  Jennifer burned with mortification.

“Alright, I think that will do.  Im sure that a little help from the school will increase it.  Now one last thing before we get in the car.”  He took her wrist and once again dragged her over his lap.  With her face down over him, he said to her, “This is for giving me such a hard time.  From now on, you will behave.”  He began to smack her with the  paddle, quickly turning her bottom bright red.  She soon started to kick and squirm and plead with him to stop.

“When he finally quit, she was openly crying. 

“One more thing to keep in mind.  You are going to periodically have to cum.  Make sure you call it out ahead of time when you do because you will be spanked otherwise.  Now let me take you to school.”

Jennifer was wishing she would die right there.  “Is the whole world this perverted?”  First her father touched her most private area and now she was going to have to cum IN FRONT OF PEOPLE.  She couldnt see how it could get any worse.  Though she was wrong about that -- everything can get worse.

She picked up her bag, not wanting to anger her father anymore before school.  She walked to the door, peaking her head out first to see if anyone was around.  She was satisfied, no one was out.  She quickly ran over to the car hoping the door would be unlocked.

“He planned on me doing this.”  The car door was locked and now she was out in the open.  She slid down next to the car, waiting for him to come and unlock it.  It didnt take long for people to notice her exposed state.  Neighbors had begun appearing in their windows.  She blushed a fire engine red.  She felt like if someone wanted to, they could cook on her face.

It seemed like forever before he finally arrived.  She quickly stood up. “Can you please hurry and unlock the car, Im being watched.”

He took his time, making her fully endure her punishment.  Once he unlocked it, she flew in.  “You know this IS hell on earth, right?”

The car trip there was quiet.  She was too mad and afraid to say anything.  The thought of what she was soon to endure was making her sick at her stomach.  Once there, she realized she was a little late.  “I hope Paul doesnt have to see me like this.”

Chapter Two
Monday - School

She quickly got out of the car without telling her father goodbye, grabbed her bag and closed the door.  So far, so good, everyone was in their classrooms.  She knew she would have to check in.  She walked over to the check-in desk and signed her name. 

Then, from behind the counter, she heard “So our first official NUDEP student has arrived.”

Jennifer once again felt the heat in her face rising, about matching the heat in her rear. “Not willingly.”

She made her way down the hall to her homeroom.  She stopped at the door and took a long deep breath.  She then slid the door open. 

As she was entering, her teacher announced her presence. “Ah, and here is our guest of honor, late as usual, I see.” 

At this point she felt like lunging out of the nearest window. All eyes were on her and any self confidence she had had, dwindled away to nothing but ash.  She had to force her feet to move.

“Dont even go to your desk,  Drop your backpack right there and come up here to my desk.”

“Could this day get any worse?” she had to ask herself.  She complied with her teachers orders, knowing she couldnt blame it all on her father and get away with being late.

Before she knew what was going on, she had been pulled over her teachers lap.  “Paddle was just delivered today.  Looks like I get to break it in on you.”

Jennifer winced, knowing everyone in the entire class was getting a fine look at her less photogenic side.  Her body was betraying her.  With all the attention, her slit had become more wet.

“Looks like someone already did a job on you.  This is really going to smart over that.”

The paddling came quick and hard.  She didnt know how many times she had been hit but it hurt and left tears rolling down her face. “Now, are you going to be late anymore?”

“N-no, maam.”

“Go grab your bag and wait by the door, the bell will be sounding any minute.”

Jennifer quickly ran to the door and grabbed her bag.

“We are going to have to do something about that hair, its too long.  Ill be notifying your father this afternoon about that.”

What was just a few minutes seemed like an hour in her hell.  Finally the bell rang and she ran out the door, tears still on her face.  Her next class was math and in all the excitement, she had forgotten that Paul was in her next class.  He WOULD see her like this.

She didnt want to go to the classroom but she didnt want to remain in the hallway, either, since it was a touch zone.  She quickly made her way there with as few hands touching her as she could.  She took an unoccupied seat in the back of the room, hoping to go unnoticed.  “Yeah, right.  Unnoticed.”  She shook her head, knowing that would be next to impossible.

Before long, the class was about to begin and most of the eyes were on her.  Then Paul walked in.  He took the empty seat to the left of her.  He glanced at her and then sat down. 

“Could you do me a favor and dont look at me?”  She couldnt sit still in her seat.  “This is hell Paul.  I dont think I can make it.”

Paul gulped.  His throat was dry.  On the one hand, he was really sorry for Jennifers humiliation but on the other, seeing his girlfriend naked like this was giving him a tremendous hard-on.  He snuck a peek at her.  Her tits were magnificent.  They stood up firmly as she was so young but still very well developed.  He didnt know how he could resist copping a feel later when everyone was free to touch her.  He didnt like the idea of anyone else doing it though.  On impulse, he whispered to her, “I will walk with you between classes to keep the others away.”

She looked at him gratefully.  “Thank you,” she whispered back.  Unfortunately, just then the teacher happened to be looking her way.

“Jennifer, there is no talking in class.  Perhaps you had better come up here.”

Blushing once again, Jennifer was forced to come up to the front of the classroom with every eye focused on her.  She covered herself as best she could with her arms, knowing that the teacher would probably make her stop but wanting to postpone the awful moment as long as she could.

One of the boys called out, “Nice boobs.”

“Michael,” said the teacher, “perhaps you would like to be our next DUPEP student.”

The boy immediately shrank into his seat and kept quiet.

Jennifers blush deepened.  She was immensely self-conscious about her highly developed breasts and tried to minimize them whenever possible and here she was, every boys eyes fixed on what she was trying to cover.

“I can see you are very shy about your chest, Jennifer,” said the teacher.  “I can see no reason for that.  Lets just let everyone have a good look, shall we?  Stand up straight and put your hands behind your head.  Elbows back, chest out.  Now turn so everyone has a good look.”

Jennifer was ready to die and hoped the Earth would just open and swallow her up.  She closed her eyes so she couldnt see the stares. 

The teacher walked over and saw this.  “Open your eyes, dear.  Its time for you to cum for the first time.”

“What?  Please, Mrs. Brooks, not in front of everyone.”  Tears of shame were rolling down Jennifers face.

“Right now, Jennifer, or you will receive another spanking.”

“I cant. Not like this. Everyone is watching.”  The tears continued down her face and showed no signs of stopping.

Mrs. Brooks gave a quick double swat to Jennifers bottom end causing her to yelp.  It reignited the earlier pain and the students seemed to find it amusing to see someone cry out from a simple swat.  “You will cum.  Right here in front of anyone.  If you do not, you will get a more intense spanking with the ruler.”

At this point, she wanted spontaneous combustion to happen to her.  The idea of burning alive seemed better than the hell she was going to have to face.  “Now, Miss Jennifer!” Mrs. Brooks reached behind her desk and pulled out one of the implements that had been delivered to each classroom.  This one was an overly long ruler with dull edges.  It was made to hurt but not damage the skin.

Mrs. Brooks walked closer to Jennifer with this implement.  Jennifer couldnt stand the thought of getting hit any more, her bottom was already sore enough so she could barely sit quietly.  “Please dont hit me, Ill do it.  Just dont hit me with that.”

“Then you had better hurry.  I have given you plenty of time already.”

Jennifers tears had reached a climax but she couldnt disobey.  She was in so much pain as it was, physically and mentally.  She slowly moved her hand into position and began. All the attention on her had apparently affected her body subconsciously and it didnt take long for her to cum.

Just in time, she remembered what her father had told her. “Im...Im....I”M CUMMING!”

“Good girl Jennifer, you may take your seat.  Wait!  Stand there one more second and face the board.”

Jennifer was too humiliated to care what the class saw anymore.  She couldnt even speak in an audible tone anymore.

“Hands on your head and bend over the table.”

Jennifer knew where this was going and she didnt like it.  She wanted to scream out, to beg for mercy, but all that would come out when she tried was a squeak or a sniffle.  “This is for giving me so much trouble.”

The teacher quickly hit her across her bottom with the ruler. She gave it time for the impact to fully register and set in before she laid the second one on her.  Jennifers crying couldnt get any louder and her tears were about all gone.  Mrs. Brooks continued in the same fashion as the first two hits until she got up to eight. “It would have been an even dozen but you did comply.  Now go and sit down.”

She knew everyone was watching her, some even laughing at her.  No one would dare whisper though.  They knew Mrs. Brooks would gladly have them in the program and over her knee in a matter of minutes.  Jennifer made it back to her seat and her crying had somewhat subsided.  Mrs. Brooks had begun teaching the class, though Jennifer had no idea what she was talking about.  All she cared about was the fire raging in her butt. She thought maybe Paul could fill her in later on what was being taught.

The class seemed to fly by after that point, with stares, snickers and all.  Once the bell rang, Jennifer jumped up out of her seat.

“Sit back down, you can leave after everyone else has gone.”  The teacher knew it would just further her humiliation, having her out in the hall when all the other people were. “And remember class, this a touch time for anyone who cares.”

“NO, NO, NO!”  She knew she couldnt stop anyone who wanted to.  That would only further her punishment.  Before she knew what was happening, she was engulfed in a sea of hands.  She sealed her eyes shut, trying to withdraw into her own world.  Before she knew what happened, her seat was wet.

“Mrs. Brooks she didnt call it out.”

Jennifer blushed reddening to a crimson color, almost the color of her fiery bottom. 

Mrs. Brooks must have had some sympathy. “I will refer it to her father.  She has been through enough in this class today.  Now everyone leave the room.  Youre going to be late for class and that can be a NUDEP offence if your teachers wish to push it.”

She didnt have to say that twice. Almost all the kids who had been in the room darted out.  All that remained were Jennifer and Paul.

“Thank you for waiting and not touching me,. Paul.  At least I dont think you touched.”

They quickly walked out of the room. “I guess if you want to, you can.  You have more right than anyone who has, so far.”  She took a deep breath, knowing what she just said.  “This world has gone to hell and there is no going back.”

“No, I didnt.  I didnt want to add to your situation.”

Jennifer looked at him gratefully.  “Thank you, Paul.”

He looked a little sheepish.  “You were dealing with enough.  Now let me walk you to your next class.”

Jennifer got up and started out when Paul touched her shoulder.  She turned to see what he wanted and he clumsily put his arms around her.  It was so gentle and affectionate, she responded by hugging him back.  Having a naked girl in his arms was a dream come true for Paul.  His hand automatically dropped to her sore bottom and he pulled her in close.

She yelped when he squeezed a little but didnt try to draw back.

He was very conscious of her bare breasts pressing up against him and he longed to get his hands on them.  He let her go and as she stepped back, his eyes were drawn to them.

She saw him looking and she sighed.  “You might as well touch.  Everyone else did.”

He looked at her hopefully.  “Is it alright?”

“I cant really say no, can I?”

“I wont do anything you dont want.”

She smiled at him.  “Thank you Paul but if you did it, it would be OK.”

He didnt need any further invitation.  He immediately began to fondle her until he realized, “Well be late.  Lets hurry.”

Jennifer didnt want to get spanked again so they rushed out the door.

Jennifer was mixed up on the inside.  She actually felt better when Paul held her like that.  It was the best part of her hellish day so far.  She wanted to stay next to him.  At least there she felt safe and her present state wasnt on her mind.  Yet she would like to keep her bottom from getting a brighter shade of red.  At this point, it was a mad dash to their rooms. “Which class do you have next?”  She knew it didnt look good, time-wise, but they could still make it.

“I have math but its right next to yours.  Dont you have health next?”

“Yeah,” and she made a face.  And this semester its sex education.  “I just KNOW that the teacher there, Mr. Harvey, is going to make things simply awful for me.”  She began to cry again.

“You listen to me, young lady,” Paul said to her.

She looked at him in surprise.  Young lady?

“You are going to be fine.  You are going to come though this with your head held high, do you hear me?”

Jennifer wasnt used to Paul speaking to her like that.  Her father, maybe, but Paul?  Never.  But it did make her feel a little better that someone believed she could do it even though she didnt believe it herself.  She gave Paul a quick hug.  “Im off,” and she darted into the room just a matter of seconds before the bell rang.

She took her seat and waited for the class to begin.  Of course, she felt the stares from the students but nothing she hadnt already felt.  She got as low as possible in her seat, hoping Mr. Harvey would somehow overlook her.  He had yet to look up from the laptop on his desk.  Everyone always wondered what he was looking at, rumors had spread but no real fact.  Every time a student got close, he would close the lid.

He began calling roll.  One student at a time.  She knew her name was drawing closer and then the words she had been dreading arrived.

“Ah, Jennifer youre in this class.  Well students, today we will have a live specimen to examine instead of the normal videos.”

Jennifer knew what he meant and tried to sink lower into her seat.

“Jennifer, if you would please stand up and make your way to the front of the room.”

She didnt want to comply, she wanted to run.  At the same time, she didnt want another reminder to listen to her teachers.  She stood up and made her way to the front.

“Alright, just stand there facing the class until I get done with roll and we shall begin the presentation.”  Then he directed his attention at the class.  “As most of you already know, this class will be cut short today because of an assembly.  I believe it is another lecture on NUDEP.”  He quickly finished calling out the roll.

Then he handed Jennifer a stack of papers to pass out to the class. “Go to each desk and give every person a paper.”  He knew what he was doing and she hated him for that, forcing her to go next to each person, giving each of them an up close look.

After she was done, she returned to the front.

“That is all the information you will need for an upcoming test.  After todays demonstration, no one should fail.”

Those words seemed to choke her.  She now had an idea of what he was planning.  At least there was a no-penetration law which saved her from what he probably would have done otherwise. 

“Now bend over the table and spread your legs apart.”  Everyone in the class got to see her well spanked bottom.

She did her best to drown him out but she couldnt fully.  She could only catch a few words.

“As you can tell,” he said pointing to her exposed slit, “she is already in an aroused state.”

This made her blush very brightly.  She could feel her pulse throughout her face. It didnt take long but seemed like an eternity for Jennifer until they were done and she was allowed to stand up again.

“I received an email notice sent from you last teacher, Jennifer, so this next order should be easier to do.  I want you to cum for the class.” 

Jennifer couldnt hold it in any longer; she had to let it loose.  “YOURE A PERVERT!  THIS WHOLE TOWN IS FULL OF PERVERTS!”

Mr. Harvey just sat back in his chair and cracked a smile, not really surprised by her outburst.

“I could turn you in and extend your program time.  However. since this is your first day and are still adjusting, Ill let it slide.  Dont think by that Im letting it go, though.  Come over here right now and bend over my lap.”

She didnt want to but she had to because, before she knew it, she had been pulled over his lap.

“I am applying one dozen hand swats since I dont want to bruise or leave any marks.  Also I am writing a note to your father which you will give to him personally.” The swats began.  Unlike the one with the ruler, these came quickly and very hard.  It was done in under 30 seconds.  The force and the damage already done left her in tears once again.  “Now I want you to cum and, after that, you will go into the corner until the bell rings.  Am I understood?”

Jennifer nodded a “yes” and walked to the front of the room.

“Now, unless you want more from me...”

It took longer this time to bring herself to a climax because of her upset state, but it was done. “Im cumming,” she said quietly.

“Louder Jennifer, I could barely hear you.”

“I said Im cumming,” she said in a louder tone and did.

“Good, now go into the corner and wait.  Hands on your head, just like that.  Now stay in that position until the bell rings.”

She had to stay in the corner about ten minutes before the bell released her.  She quickly picked up her backpack and waited outside of Pauls door.  Tears were still streaming down her face.

Chapter Three


Paul came out of his class and saw Jennifer standing there crying.  He immediately went over and, ignoring all the looks he got, put his arms around Jennifer and gave her a hug.  Resisting temptation, he kept his hands on her back.  There were a few teasing catcalls from the assembled students but when he glared at them, they shut up.  There was a certain sympathy since they all knew they could be in that position.

“We have to go to the assembly,” she reminded him. 

He took her hand and they walked together down to the assembly hall.  As soon as they walked in, pretty much as she had expected, Jennifer was called up to the stage in the front of the room.  Then, to his astonishment, Paul was called up to join her.  Butterflies were fluttering in his stomach as he walked up and sat down next to her.

“Good morning boys and girls,” said the principal.  “As you all know, we have begun NUDEP in this school.  Jennifer here is our first participant.  Jennifer, would you please stand up and turn around so everyone can see you.”

Blushing all the way down to her navel, Jennifer stood up and turned around, keeping her arms close to her body but not daring to cover up.  The only thing worse than this, she thought, would be to be spanked in front of everyone.

“Although Jennifer is our first, she is by no means the only girl who will be involved.  In fact, I have a surprise for two more of you.  You will be joining Jennifer, too, as the request of your parents.  Marsha, would you please stand up.”

There was a pause as he looked around the room and then with the utmost reluctance, a senior who was dressed in pants and a man-style shirt stood blushing.  Her blonde hair fell nearly to her waist. 

“Come on up here,” she was told.

She struggled past her seated classmates until she got out to the aisle and then walked the last mile to the stage, head hanging.

“Annie, you are also invited to join us.”

There was a shriek and another girl with short black hair tried to make a dash for the exit.  Two of the teachers blocked her way and grabbed her arms.  Struggling and kicking and trying to get loose, she was half dragged, half carried up to the stage.  She was wearing a somewhat shapeless yellow sun dress and sneakers. 

“Well it seems that Annie is not going to cooperate so let this be a lesson to you all in what happens if you try to fight it.”

Two men dressed in the uniforms of the schools security guards took her from the teachers.  They dragged her to the back of the stage where some heavy scaffolding was set up.  Expertly they attached a set of handcuffs to each wrist and then attached the other cuff to one of the pipes of the scaffold.  She was soon pinned with her arms widely spread and high over her head.  She began to cry helplessly.

Marsha watched awestruck as did the rest of the audience, wondering what was next.

The two men walked away and returned in a few moments, each with a split strap, a tawse, dangling from their hands.

The principle turned back to the students.  “Understand that anyone who is in NUDEP can be spanked for lack of cooperation.  Normally this will consist of just a simple hand spanking or, at most, an application of the paddle.  But there are much worse things for full-scale rebellion.  The cane is the worst of all but we dont like to use that as it leaves some pretty severe injury.  Next to the cane is the Scottish tawse.  As Annie is about to discover, while the kiss of the tawse will not break the skin, it does cause a rather considerable amount of pain.  Let me assure you that none of you ladies wants to be closely acquainted with it.

“Now we are not totally heartless here, no matter what you may think.  Annie is about to receive a very stiff punishment and we want to give her a little bit of a break.  As you may know, when you are sexually aroused,”

As he said the words “sexually aroused,” Annie gave him a frantic look over her shoulder.

“your ability to tolerate pain goes up quite a lot.  So her parents tell me that she has been dating Dave for several months now.  Dave, would you come up here.”

A tall, handsome boy stood up and came up to the stage.  He too looked a bit embarrassed but he was clearly aroused as well.  His tight pants were bulging a bit in front. 

“We would like you to help us, if you would.  This is not really volunteer, I want you to understand, so you dont have to worry about Annie blaming you.  I am not giving you a choice.  Have you two had much contact?  Sexually, I mean?”

Dave stammered a bit.  “Sh-sh-shes still a virgin, if thats what you mean.”

“No, I expected that.  I know shes a good girl.  How far did you get with her?”

Dave looked at the floor.  “Heavy petting, I guess.  She let me put my had under her blouse but thats all.”

“OK, well you are going to be doing a bit more today.  “Miss Wilson, could you come up here.”  Miss Wilson, the school nurse, came up to the stage.  “Would you help Dave here get our pretty little Annie ready, please.”

Miss Wilson, dressed in her white uniform escorted Dave back to the scaffolding.  The two of them climbed underneath it to get close to the bound guest of honor.  “Shell have to be stripped,” Miss Wilson said.

“Gentlemen,” said the principal to the two security guards. 

There was another shriek of protest but, ignoring it, they pulled pairs of scissors out of their belts and began to efficiently cut the yellow dress off the girl.  To everyones surprise, she had a magnificent figure which the dress had been hiding.  They stopped a moment to admire the girl, clad only in a plain white bra and panties.  Then the scissors went to work again and in just a few seconds, she was naked.  The guards stepped back.

The nurse then began to instruct Dave on what to do to arouse Annie.

Jennifer knew what Annie was going through, partly.  For the moment, at least, the eyes were off of her and she was grateful for that.  She was also very worried.  Why had they called Paul up here?  She knew he most likely wasnt being added to the program, he never did anything wrong.  She was worried that the school had something else in mind.

A tear came to her face at the thought that she might get spanked again.  Her bottom couldnt take any more abuse.  She wanted Paul to embrace her but she wouldnt dare move now, not with that devilish device out in the open.  They could easily use it on her if they wanted.

She just sat there, horrified at what Annie was about to have done to her.  Far worse than anything she had received so far.  She was dying to move from her seat.  The pain that the pressure was causing was next to unbearable but when the alternative was a more abused butt, she managed to sit still.

Paul was watching Jennifer shift her weight, trying to take the sting out of her bottom.  He felt bad for her and hoped he wasnt up here on the stage to do anything more to her.  She did look so adorable sitting there naked.  He wished they were in private where he could touch her.

Annie started to yell,. “Let me go.  Im going to call the police when I get free if you dont let me go right now.”

The principal told the two security guards to give her 20 strokes.

Each of them drew a tawse back and then CRACK!  CRACK!  One, two the split straps landed on the girls bare bottom.  There was a strangled gasp as if she couldnt believe the pain and then a shriek that was nearly deafening.  She struggled frantically but vainly to get loose.  She jumped and squirmed and tried to turn around, all to no avail.  With her arms high over her head and wrists spread apart, all she could do was a dance of pain.

There was another CRACK!  CRACK!  as the guards alternated their strikes with rapid, successive strokes.

“AIEE!”  Another shriek of agony from the poor girl.  She burst into tears.  “Pleeeeeese!  Im sorry.  Ill behave.  No more. Youre killing me.  STOP!”

The guards looked at the principal but he nodded his head, “no.”  Again CRACK!  CRACK!  and the two wicked straps continued to torment her.

The shriek that followed was not as loud as if her strength was fading.  The principal stepped forward.  “Are you ready to behave now or do we finish?”

Annie could barely catch her breath.  “Yes, sir,” she said quietly.  “Please stop. Ill do anything you want.”

“Now thats more like it,” he said.  Just one more then.”

He stepped back and the guards each landed a final stroke with the accompanying shriek and pleas to stop once she could stop crying long enough.

The principal left her hanging there as he turned to face the audience of students and teachers.  “Let this be a lesson to you.  We are in charge and anyone who will not cooperate will be punished much more severely.”  Turning back to the rear, he told the guards to let her down.  “Hold her, she wont be able to stand right away,” he warned.

The two guards released her and then helped her to sit down.  She yelped as her crimson bottom hit the hard chair but she didnt have the strength left to try to get up and she knew what would happen if she did.

“Now let me continue,” said the principal.  “As you know the womens movement toward equality at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries was short lived.  It caused a number of unforeseen problems.  With the new legislation and changes in society, we are getting back to a different view of women.  While this is starting in the schools, we are seeing it also extended to the workplace.  Im sure all of you are aware of the success of the new Wal-Mart greeters who are now required to be naked.

“Also the restaurants that were requiring their waitresses to be topless have now extended that to require them to be naked and customers who have a problem with service are now encouraged to spank them.

“All of this helps to promote good male-female bonding.  The problems with the epidemic of obesity that swept the world and all of the health problems that came from that are now over too.  Plastic surgery is now covered by insurance and so everyone can look their best.  We want to do our part too.  As a result, we will be continuing the NUDEP program here but I also have a little surprise.  In six months, it is going to be extended to the female teachers as well.”

There was loud gasps coming from various places in the auditorium that greeted this announcement.

“Now as part of our continued commitment to this process, I am enlisting some help from our girls boyfriends.”  He turned to Paul.  “Paul, you have been doing a wonderful job looking after Jennifer.  I want to make that official for the next week.  You will be her chaperone and companion.  All of the usual requirements of NUDEP in school will continue but you will be there to help her.  In addition, to help you develop, you will be required to give her a spanking at least once a day.  Understand that if I am not satisfied with the severity of the spanking, she will be punished much worse by me so you wont be doing her any favors by taking it easy on her.”

Paul didnt know if he was thrilled or embarrassed.  A little of each he thought.  He looked at his naked girlfriend, sitting there looking at him, and wondered what she was thinking.

Jennifer was thrilled by the news.  She now had someone who she could count on, someone who would be there for her at all times.  Only thing she didnt like was the spanking part.  She wondered whose schedule would be changed, hers or his.  She quickly dismissed that idea.  It would be hers that changed.  He hadnt done anything wrong so they werent going to change his.

She had a strong suspicion about where the principle was going.  She looked down at the floor with contempt and the words that soon followed proved her instinct was right.

“Now, Paul, I want you to spank her right now to show me you can do it.  You must use your hand this time but the position is up to you, as is the number of smacks.  Just remember, if you go easy on her, I will take over personally to finish it.”  He then motioned over to the scaffolding.  “You can have her put into the rack or you can have her lay over your lap.  I will let you decide since youre in charge of her.”

“But Sir, my bottom really hurts already.”  Jennifer had gathered enough nerve to try and argue it.

“And it is going to get a lot sorer if you dont obey.  I can have the same thing done to you as I had done to Annie.”

Jennifer looked over at Annie who was still in tears and doubted she could walk.

“Yes, sir.  No more argument from me.”  She once again had been beaten.  Would her humiliation ever end, she wondered.  It seemed that they knew exactly how to torment each and every person. She looked over at Paul and wondered what he would decide to do.

Paul had been listening intently.  If the truth were known, he was really torn.  He liked Jennifer a lot and he really didnt want to add to her pain and embarrassment.  On the other hand, the idea of having her naked over his lap was thrilling.  He wondered what he could do with her once they were alone.  He would have enormous power over her.  He didnt want to misuse it but she was SUCH a beautiful girl and he so wanted to be intimate with her.  She really wouldnt have much say in whether or not to agree.  He was going to be in charge.

He stood up and went to the principal.  “She is really in a lot of pain already, sir.  Maybe we should wait.”

“Nonsense, son.  Listen, she is going to be required to cum for everyone in a bit anyway.  Tell you what.  Ill let you get her good and aroused and that will make it easier for her to cope, same as with Annie.  Then when she has to cum for everyone, it wont be as hard for her then either.”

Paul nodded.  “Yes, sir.”  He went over to Jennifer.  “Mr. Burns says that I have to arouse you.  Then I am going to have to spank you.  But Ill try not to make it too hard.”

Jennifer looked at him gratefully.  “Thank you,” she whispered.

Paul held out his arms and to the catcalls and whistles of the audience, took the naked girl into his arms and kissed her.  He wasted no time, beginning to run his hands gently over her body as she clung to him.  Knowing he had a job to do, he pushed her back gently and started to fondle her breasts. 

“Do her pussy, too,” said Mr. Burns, the principal.  “And use your mouth, boy.”

Thinking it was better if he did it then risk her being hurt more, Paul started to run his fingers clumsily over her softly furred mound.  Jennifer shuddered in pleasure although she was ready to die of embarrassment.  Emboldened by her reaction, Paul began to use his finger, accidentally finding her clit and rubbing it.

The teenager moaned and pushed against his hand.

Seeing this, Mr. Burns interfered and told Paul to get on with the spanking.  “Tie her to the rack,” he told the two security guards.

“Id rather do her over my lap,” Paul said, getting a grateful look from Jennifer.

“Oh very well,  But I want to see her spanked well,” he added.

Jennifer didnt have to be told, she already knew what she had to do.  She didnt want to but she had to.  She stood up and walked over to Paul and laid herself across his lap.

“Adjust her until youre comfortable.  And get that bum higher, its too low to get a good hit.”

Jennifer tried to do by herself but knew Paul would have to be the one.

She felt Paul tug at her until he was satisfied with her position. She knew he had to be as embarrassed as she was. Though she did have the right to be a little more. She had a few questions for the principle after the assembly, she knew she couldnt ask them now. She wanted to know if she would go to his classes today or if it would begin tomorrow. She also wanted to know how long was he to be with her. Would he have to go with her everywhere?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud smack. She could tell he wasnt using his full strength, she just hoped the others couldnt.

Jennifer didnt know it but Paul had a fair amount of experience spanking girls.  He knew how to do it so that it would hurt or just make noise but not sting too much.  He kept his hand loose to make a really loud smack but he kept the power down.  Still, she was pretty sore already and even the relatively light smacks were stinging and making her squirm.  The combination of the spanking and the squirming was really getting to him.  As he grew more aroused, his strength increased but then he stopped to rub some of the sting out, including letting his hand stray down between her legs.

The audience had grown quiet as it became obvious that both of the participants were being swept up in their desire.  Paul had begun to move his hips as his own need became overwhelming.

The principal finally said, “Thats enough Paul.”

Reluctantly, Paul stopped the spanking and gave her red bottom a final rub before he let her stand up.

Chapter Four


Turning to the audience, Mr. Burns said, “Paul did so well, shall we let him do Marsha and Annie as well?”

There were cheers and whistles.

“Alright Marsha, youre next.”

The girl stood and started to walk to Paul.

“Not so fast, dear,” said Mr. Burns.  First you have to get undressed.”

It didnt bother Marsha that badly to be undressed in front of the school, she rather liked all the attention.  She quickly stripped off all of her clothes and laid them in a neat pile in her chair.  She was blushing though, she didnt like the idea of being spanked.  She had never been spanked before, her parents had considered it too cruel.

Since it was coming from someone as cute as Paul, she could set the embarrassment aside. How bad could ONE spanking be anyways, she thought to herself as she set herself across Pauls lap.  Jennifer is such a drama queen.  It cant hurt as bad as she acted. 

She was determined to show it wasnt that bad of a punishment.

No one had to arouse her, all the attention and stares had done that already.  After Paul had her fixed where he needed her and had Mr. Burns ok to begin, she felt the first smack across her bottom.  She let out a loud yelp.  It didnt make as loud of a noise as Jennifers did but it stung, A LOT.  This was all but what she had expected.

Paul was already majorly turned on by spanking Jennifer.  To now get to spank Marsha was a dream come true.  He was surprised when she reacted so strongly to his first smack.  He wanted to rub her bottom a bit but he was afraid to do it.  Mr. Burns seemed to want her spanked.  He gave her another, experimentally a bit harder and was gratified by her reaction. He couldnt really help it.  He didnt WANT to hurt her but he knew if he didnt, it would go worse for her.

She too began squirming, hoping to get free, and she could feel his hits getting more and more powerful with each squirm.  She tried to stop but the pain wouldnt let her.  A tear started to roll down her face but nothing like Jennifer had done.  She could tell this was turning Paul on and she wished he was her companion.

Pauls cock was now rock hard as the naked girl squirmed and kicked.  What he really wanted to do was hold her tits and feel them jiggle in his hands as he spanked her.  Maybe he would get to do that with Jennifer later.  He wanted to make sure he had spanked her enough without overdoing it.

It lasted about as long as Jennifers did and Annie had hoped her bottom had already been dealt with the evil tawse.  But she feared it hadnt.

“Youre next Annie.  Guards, she may need some help walking over there.”

The two guards, who were still standing next to the rack, walked over to help her up out of her seat.

“I dont need your help.”  She pushed the guards arms away.

The guards started to forcefully take her over there but were interrupted by Mr. Burns. “If she wants to try and walk, let her.  It will only make the pain worse.”

She had no intention of showing any sign of weakness although her early performance already showed how helpless she really was.  She staggered over to Paul and laid across his lap.

Paul really admired Annies courage.  She had an amazing spirit.  It was obvious that she hated every minute of this but she was going to have to learn.  Society was changing and those who didnt change with it were not going to do well at all.  The days of womens equality were long gone.  It was an experiment that had failed.  Paul had read up on the background of NUDEP on the Net and they were starting to look at boys too, not to be spanked and naked but to be a part of it on the dominant end.  They found out that women were much happier when they were of service to men.  And men were happier, too. 

So many of the worlds problems turned out to be because women were not satisfied to be the receptive energy.  Instead, women envied men and wanted to experience what they experience.  Instead they should have been at home on their knees at a mans feet, keeping all the men sexually satisfied.  In some of the countries in Europe, the government started promoting that and the results were remarkable.  Crime rates began to drop and there was much less interest in going to war.  Productivity and economic growth skyrocketed.  The Arab countries started to see the results and with their control over woman anyway, they tried and were also successful.  It started to spread.

Mr. Burns then motioned for the two guards to go and hold Annies arms and legs so they couldnt move.  “Since she has already been properly tanned, we can expect more than a little resistance once you begin.  Now dont take it easy on her in any way.  She deserves just as much as the other two, if not more.”

Mr. Burns could tell Paul had some sympathy for her since she had already been whipped but he wasnt going to let him show it. 

Annie felt so hopeless and defenseless. She couldnt even squirm like the other two had because of the guards.  She had no intention of staying in the program.  If talking to her parents wouldnt get it done, she would take the matters into her own hands.

Jennifer couldnt watch what was about to happen, she turned her head and sealed her eyes shut.

Mr. Burns saw that.  “Jennifer, turn your head back around and watch.  Watch what will happen if you dont comply with the program.”

She didnt want to but she feared she would have another turn over his lap and knew she would, just not in front of the school.

Paul had the cooperation of the two guards as he moved Annie into place.  He wanted her bum higher and her head lower and the most convenient place to grab to do this was between her legs so he did.  He heard her squeal as he grabbed her and pushed.  Then when she was where he wanted her to be, he smacked her with the full strength of his arm.

Jennifer watched as the first smack was laid on Annie.  As Annie tried to move and couldnt, loud cries were erupting from her mouth.  That spanking went on longer than the other two.  The principle found a need to break her rebellious streak before it got out of hand.  If anything it fueled her rage more.

Paul was totally into spanking now.  This was his third girl and he thought he could go on forever.  He could feel her body pressing up against his erection and he decided if he could get her to squirm enough, perhaps he would cum.  He was no longer sympathetic but thinking with his cock.  He showed her no mercy as he smacked fire into her helpless, very red bottom.  She yelled and cried but he ignored it, no longer even bothering to make up excuses.  Finally he realized that he had spanked the poor girl enough.

This time the guards were ordered to take her back to her seat and she couldnt refuse.

“Now if this program goes as it is expected to, most of you girls can expect to be in at one point in time or another.”  With that, Mr. Burns ended the assembly and ordered everyone to their next assigned class.

He didnt allow Jennifer, Paul, Annie or Dave to leave. He did let Marsha leave since she did not yet have an assigned companion.  He ordered the two couples to sit beside each other.

Paul wondered what this was about.  He gave a questioning look to Dave and he didnt know either.  Paul really did enjoy spanking the other girls.  He suspected that perhaps Dave would be willing to exchange partners sometimes.

“I wanted to explain your new roles.  You boys now are in full charge of your NUDEP companion.  They will follow you to each of your classes and will be seated beside you.  You are encouraged to spank them whenever you feel they have crossed the line, no matter how slightly.  You will also make sure they stay aroused, that is one of your biggest duties. This is only designed for in-school purposes but, if your parents agree, we can extend it to out of school as well.  Now if you have any questions feel free to come up to my office.”

With that, he wrote each pair a note to give to their next teacher for being tardy and went back to his office duties.

Paul took the note and put an arm around Jennifer.  He gave her a reassuring hug.  There was something truly thrilling about being completely in charge of a beautiful young woman.  Although, he thought, she wasnt really a woman just yet but close enough.  After school was over, she was definitely going to take care of his rampant erection.  He might even spank her again.  In fact, the thought thrilled him and he decided that he would definitely find some excuse to do it but this time he was going to do it the way he wanted to.

As they were leaving the stage, Jennifer leaned over next to Paul.  “Im glad I get to stay with you.”  She was actually very frightened.  She now held no power of her own.  Paul would have to be with her at all times and she really couldnt refuse an order from him.  She just hoped he wouldnt abuse that control over her.

Paul said to her, “Dont worry.  I will take good care of you.”  He was torn between his desire to protect her and care of her and his desire to see her squirming in pain as he spanked her.  But to his surprise also, he was developing some very real feelings of affection for her.

Meanwhile, Dave had put his arm around Annie who was still tearful.  “Let me help you,” he said.  I have some lotion in my locker.  I use it for my hands when they hurt after handball.  I can put some on to take care of the lingering pain.  That Mr. Burns didnt have to be that hard on you.”  He enjoyed the look of gratitude she gave him but he also admired her naked charms.  He didnt miss Jennifers appeal either.  he wished he had been the one to spank them instead of Paul.  But he would make up for that, now that he was in charge.

“It will be right after next period.  We do the chem stuff now and then we can eat.”

Chapter Five

Chemistry Class

The two of them went into the classroom.  All of the students were donning aprons.  Jennifer wasnt sure if she was supposed to but Paul saw her hesitate and told her to go ahead.  She smiled at him in thanks.

The teacher, Mr. Wagner, said, “What do you think you are doing, Jennifer?  NUDEP students arent allowed to cover themselves.”

“I told her to do it, Mr. Wagner,” said Paul.  “She cant risk getting anything on her skin.”

“Well, I guess that makes sense but she will have to have a spanking to make up for it.”

“Can I take care of that later, sir?”

“Well, its bit irregular but I suppose so.  She can be your lab partner.”

The two of them sat down at one work area and Paul got to work, setting up the experiment for the day.  Paul liked working with Jennifer and, to his surprise, now that she was covered, it made her even more attractive to him.  He wanted to see her breasts again.  He would have to have her pose for him later.  Just the thought that she was his to make her do whatever he enjoyed was thrilling him.  He knew he would have to take it easy on her bottom but he didnt intend to let her get away with nothing at all.

“None of the teachers like me.”  It was hard for her to sit on the stool, she keep wanting to get up to relieve some of the pain.  She knew Paul must have noticed her squirming.

“You can stand if you like.”

Jennifer glanced over at the teacher. “No thanks, hes probably just looking for a reason to spank me and I dont want to give him one.  What exactly are we doing anyways?”  She looked over the table; this class seemed to be ahead of her own.  She was rather clueless as to what was going on.  “What can I do to help?”

“Well, we are supposed to be making sodium tangratini which is a chemical used in manufacturing.  The teacher will measure how much we produce so we want to measure everything very carefully.  If the proportions arent right, then we wont get the right product.”  He looked at her and smiled.  “Sort of like love and discipline.  They have to be in the right mix too.  And you need heat to make the chemical reaction work.”  Paul was thinking about the heat to be applied to his girls bottom.

The two of them got to work with Paul directing and Jennifer assisting.  The only problem Paul had was that every time Jennifer bent forward, her breasts would swing against the apron and draw his attention.  Unfortunately, Mr. Wagoner just happened to come by and saw what was going on.

“Paul, you cant concentrate on what youre doing when you are busy staring at Jennifers chest.  Lets take a short break and let everyone have a good look.  Jennifer, I have these handouts.  Id like you to take off your apron and take these around the room and give every student one.  And give everyone a chance to have a good look, too, while youre at it.”

“Yes sir.”  She fumbled around with the bow tie she had done with the straps behind the apron.  It wasnt long before it was off and she placed it down on her chair folded.  She wasnt one to leave things in a mess.  She picked up the papers and walked towards the front of the class.

It wasnt as bad as the first time and she knew it wouldnt be the last time.  Teachers always seemed to find a way to prey on the weak, the weak now being Jennifer, especially since she couldnt really argue with anything they said without some type of repercussions.

She still didnt like the idea of having to give everyone a look though she knew they could if they wanted.  She started to pass out the papers and decided, since he didnt say how long a look, she could hurry through it and get her apron back on.

“Jennifer, slow down and stay at each table five seconds before going to the next one.”

Jennifer just blushed.  He had caught on.  It seemed like forever before she was done.  She was at least glad that he hadnt told them it was OK to touch.

She walked back to her seat and started to pick up the apron.

“Now it seems two spankings will be in order.  Im guessing Paul will want to take control of those as well.”

She quickly put her apron back on as the teacher twisted his chair back around.

“After you read the handout you may resume the experiment.”

Most of the kids didnt even bother with the handout and shoved it in their backpacks, Jennifer noticed.

Jennifer turned back around to face Paul again.  She was hoping no one could hear her, so she looked around to make sure no one was close enough.  “Im sorry if I made you lose you focus.  I didnt mean to.  I cant really control them.”  Then she got to what she really wanted to say.  She lowered her voice.  “Youre not really going to spank me are you?  I mean it says in the pamphlet that participants in the program are allowed to wear protective gear when required.  Hes just being a smart-ass about it.”

Paul looked at her.  “Well, Jen, Im really going to have to spank you.  They will know if I dont and then you will get spanked by one of the teachers in front of everyone, anyway, and that will be worse.”

“But how will they know?” she asked in a pleading tone.

“I think they can tell from the way you act.  Besides, they may want to check your bottom.  No matter what, I think I had better spank you.  And to be sure, I guess I better do one at lunch just to show them Im on top of it.”

This took Jennifer by surprise.  “At lunch?  NO!  Not in front of everyone.”

“Is there a problem?” Mr. Wagner asked.  “Jennifer, as I understand the rules, Paul can spank you any time he sees fit.  And if you give him any trouble about it, I am sure we can arrange another spanking in front of the whole school.  You did look pretty cute squirming around at the assembly this morning.  Now what do you have to say?”

Jennifer was still horrified from Paul response and almost didnt even hear the teacher. “Umm... No sir.  I understand.  I just thought...”

“Thought what exactly?  That you could get away without a spanking?  Well, no you cant.  You were put in the program for a reason and you WILL learn your lesson.”

“Sorry, I didnt mean anything by it.”  Jennifer knew she would be in for another one.  With that, Mr. Wagner walked back over to his desk.

Jennifer was a little mad at Paul.  He couldnt LIKE doing this to her could he?  He offered to spank me in front of the school, well lunch actually, knowing how self conscious I am.  Then the thought hit her, he was in charge of her now.

She reached down for her backpack and took out the note that was meant for her father. “Since youre in control, here is this note from an earlier teacher I yelled at and called a pervert.  Might as well spank me for that too while you up there.”  She said that last part in a rather miffed tone.  “And my homeroom teacher said my hair is too long.”  She stroked her hair.  “But I cant cut it.  I love it like this.”

Paul looked at her in surprise.  “Are you mad at me?  Im not trying to hurt you.”  Forgetting all about everyone else in the room, Paul reached out and stroked her hair.  “I love your hair.  Ill tell you what.  Suppose we just put it up?  That way it wont hide anything for the week and you wont have to cut it.

“And Im NOT your father.  Its not up to me to punish you for everything.  If you want to be left alone, you can deal with this on your own.  I thought I was helping to protect you.  But Ill tell you this.  I care about you.  I like you Jennifer Wilson.  I like you a lot.  This is about you learning your place.  Now if you want to let me take over, you had better apologize for your attitude or I wont do this anymore.  As my Dad says, from here on out, its my way or the highway.”

She wanted to tell him to go ahead and leave if this is how she was going to get treated but she had the feeling things would get real bad, real quick with him gone.  She mumbled in a low voice “Im sorry.”

“What was that?  I couldnt hear you.”

“I said Im sorry, OK?  What do you want of me?  Im still trying to adjust to this.  It isnt like Im used to having my butt beat and now, even having someone else in control of me.  Its going to take some time.  But Im sorry.  Now...”

She stroked her hair again  “You really like it?  I dont have any scrungees but maybe we can stop by the store.”  She then had a second thought about that as she remembered the program lasted outside of school.  “Or maybe I can find something else that will work.”

“I might have something,” Paul said.  He rummaged in his backpack for a minute and came out with a blue ribbon.  “Let me tie your hair back with this.”  He gathered her hair up in a pony tail and tied the ribbon around it.

“Now I know this is a big adjustment for you.  I understand that but you have given in now and I expect you to keep to that.  I am going to be your boss for the rest of the week.  That means that you get spanked whether you like it or not.  Now I think its easier for you to take if we do it in private.”

Not to mention that he could do it however he wanted, he thought to himself.  Paul took her by the shoulders and turned her to face him.  Just then, Mr. Wagner came up and reminded them to get back to work.  Paul handed her the apron again and she was able to cover up.  The two of them worked without incident until the bell rang at the end of the class.

As they started to leave, the chemistry teacher reminded Paul that Jennifer was due for a spanking.  “Ill take care of it, sir,” said Paul.

“Very well, see that you do.  If Im not satisfied with the results, I will show you how its done.”

Paul wondered how he would know but something in his assured manner told Paul that he would.  Paul took Jennifers apron off and led her naked out of the classroom.

Chapter Si x

Lunch on Monday

“Im just glad its lunch time.  Im starving.  I skipped breakfast and I can feel it now.”  She knew Paul said he was going to spank her at lunch but she wasnt going to think about it.  She moved closer to Paul before they reached the lunchroom.  She knew it would be crowded and a lot of hands would be ready.

“What are you going to get?”  She looked around for what she might like, then she decided she would just get whatever he did, she didnt feel like splitting up.

As they walked into the cafeteria, a number of students, mostly boys, started reaching for Jennifer.  She pressed up close to him and he put his arm around her shoulders.  “Back off,” he snarled. 

“Hey man, this is a touching zone,” one boy said.

“Shes with me.  Its in the rules.”  Paul knew there was no such rule but he didnt think anyone would challenge him.  He turned back to Jennifer.  “Lets get some hot dogs.  It will be easier.” 

The two of them got in line and asked for the alternative meal of hot dogs.  They got their trays and helped themselves to the condiments they wanted.  Then Paul led them to a table in the corner.  Both his friends and Jennifers came up quickly and sat down, taking up all the seats and keeping the others who would annoy them away.

As they ate, Paul said calmly, “I think it would be a good idea to spank you here.  That way everyone can see Im doing my job and there wont be any question.  So when you are finished eating, I will attend to that.  Not too hard, I dont want you to throw up.”

“Thanks.  Well, about the throw up part I mean.”  She was in no hurry to finish her meal.  She took her time with each bite, but she was so hungry she really could not take too long.  “I guess getting spanked really makes you hungry.”  She finished off her hot dog and sat her tray aside.

She didnt want to get spanked but she promised she would obey him and she really didnt want him to leave her.  “So where do you want to do it at and you said we could do it in private?  When will that start?  It will be a lot easier on me cause its really embarrassing.”  She finished and thought back on what she said.  “Not that Im complaining or anything, just wondering.”

She just hoped she didnt throw up.  That really would raise the embarrassment meter up a few levels.

“I meant the after school spanking would be in private.  The whole point of this one is for everyone to know Im doing my job.  Look, youre naked anyway and youve already been spanked in front of the school at the assembly.  Ill take care of it here in the lunchroom and then the one after school can be in private.”

It was going to be VERY private, he thought.  He intended to enjoy himself with that one even if Jennifer didnt although he would do his best to make it up to her afterward.

He saw she was obviously reluctant but clearly had no choice.  He tried not to make too big a deal about it but there were a lot of people watching.

“I think I want you over my lap,” he told her.

Jennifer signed and stood up.  Then she draped herself over his lap once he had pushed himself back from the table.  There was a hush from the room as every eye watched.

Paul suppressed a moan as he felt her weight on his lap.  His cock was throbbing and we wanted desperately to have Jennifer take care of him but he couldnt do that until they were alone.  He put his left arm around her waist, holding her tightly.  Her skin was soft and he was dying to run his hands all over but didnt dare in public.  Then it dawned on him.  She was required to stay aroused all the time and he hadnt checked her.  He would do that after the spanking was done.

She had felt something against her side but then Paul quickly altered his position. She had a good idea what it was and now it finally fit together for her.  He DID enjoy giving spankings and this would seem like a dream to him.  She knew she had something she wanted to ask him but wanted to wait until they were in private. She was afraid it might embarrass him.

Though she would never admit it to anyone, she liked the attention she was getting from Paul.  Even when he had her like this, she still knew he cared.  She wanted to repay him somehow but she had the feeling Paul would think of something when they were alone.

She nodded at Paul, acknowledging she was ready and he began.  There was something different about this one, other than it hurting more.  That was just a side effect of the spankings she had received throughout the day.  He seemed more into it.

She had remembered at the assembly that the principle had made it very clear that one of their main jobs was to made sure make sure their partner stayed aroused.  Though at the moment she didnt need any help, the thought of her making Paul aroused made her aroused as well but she was curious to why Paul hadnt been checking. She was praying he had forgotten and that would be one less thing she would have to worry about.

Paul began by running his hand gently over her bottom, assessing the lay of the land, so to speak.  Then he raised his hand and gave her a swat.  He felt her give a little jerk but it was more surprise than pain.  He hadnt hit her that hard.  Idly he ran a finger lightly down the crack in her ass and felt her respond.  Then he smacked her again, harder.  She bucked and he resumed the gentle rubbing.  For a few smacks, he alternated the gentle caresses with sharp smacks of his hand.

He gave her a series of hard smacks on the lower under curves of her ass, causing her to wriggle and begin to kick.  He took advantage of that by sliding his hand up the inside of her thigh but felt her close her legs when he got too close.  That annoyed him so he smacked her again several times, harder.  She was starting to react more strongly now and he again slid a hand up her thigh, trying to touch her slit.  Still she resisted.  Yet again he smacked her, their silent conversation being closely observed by the rest of the students.

Her increasingly frantic wriggling was getting to him.  He was increasingly aroused. He didnt know if she noticed with her bottom getting redder and redder

The pain was starting to get to her.  She had no idea how this was turning Paul on, well other than having a naked teen over his lap.  She had no intention of letting him feel her in that spot while they were in public.  They both had a point to make and he was in the lead.

“I thought you said you werent going to make me throw up?  If you keep this up I am.” She knew she wasnt going to, she just hoped she could maybe fake him out.  Her bottom was growing more and more sore.  The hand spanking was awakening the earlier spankings she had received and it didnt feel good.

Paul immediately felt guilty and stopped.  He just began to rub her bottom.  When he tried to slip his hand between her legs, she closed them.  He slapped her bottom hard and she got the message and relaxed.  He touched her but again couldnt bring himself to continue so he stopped and let her stand up.

She was glad her guilt trip had worked.  Maybe there was a chance for her after all.  She didnt like him touching her there, at least in public.  It wouldnt be so bad if he did it in private but she knew he had the right to make all the calls.

After she was up, she could tell Paul still felt guilty over the incident. She thought about sitting down and decided it best not to and crouched down beside Paul.  She decided to change the subject.  “You think your dad will agree to you continuing to take charge of me after school lets out?  Im not so sure about mine, especially after this morning.  He seems different, though Im sure if your dad talks to him he might come around.”

She smiled and took his hand. “I know your trying to help me and, in a sense, I believe Im helping you.”  She wondered if he got where she was going with that last part.  She knew the eyes were still on her.  She leaned in close to his ear.  “Dont get mad but I really wasnt sick.”  Before he could reply, she gave him a quick kiss on his cheek and stood back up.

Paul was torn.  He really liked the kiss.  It made him feel wonderful but he was mad that she had outsmarted him.  He decided to let it go for now.  Just then the bell rang.  It was time for their next class.  “I have English next.  But frankly I think you need a break from the spanking.  So if any of the teachers want to do it, I will object and tell them that it is taken care of.  You just have to behave.  Youre probably going to have to cum once more though at some point.  But I will leave that to the teachers.  If they dont ask, I wont either.

Chapter Seven

English Class

As they walked to the next class, Paul continued, “I want to go with you back to your house after school and talk to your parents about what they want to do.  If they dont want it to continue after school, then thats fine with me.  If they do though ...”  His voice trailed off and he started to think about being alone with her at last.

She noticed his mind had wandered somewhere else.  Jennifer stopped and waved her hand in front of his face to regain his attention.  “Well, its going to be you who has the most say.  Right now, me and him arent on the best of terms.”

She sighed and kept walking next to Paul, staying close.  “If he does agree, I will finally have a little private time.  Meaning, well, you and me.”  If her thoughts were correct, what would he do when they were alone?   She didnt know if it would hurt or be memorable.

She pushed the thought aside.  She knew she had already agreed to trust him and obey him.  She knew he had the power to make things worse for her or make them better.  Right now he was using it for her own good and she wanted to keep it that way.  She did wonder how far his power went.  Where was the line drawn?

She figured she would know once she crossed it.  She had a lot on her mind and was still having trouble dealing with her current position, though she was getting more used to it.  She really couldnt explain her feeling.  She wasnt really upset that he held all this power over her though she didnt like the thought of him owning her in a sense.

English class turned out to be unmemorable.  Once again Jennifer was asked to pass out papers so everyone got a good, close-up view but that was all.  Then the last class of the day was history.  The whole class was drawn into a discussion and Jennifer made the mistake of arguing a point.  The teacher told her that she was out of line and was about to spank her and, to Jennifers surprise and delight, Paul stood up for her.  He objected and the teacher backed down.  The teacher said that he understood that Paul was in charge and that he would go along with that.

Paul was thrilled.  He felt about 10 feet tall after old Mr. Windsor had backed down.  He was beginning to get the feeling that Jennifer belonged to him and he was responsible for her.  He looked at her as she sat in the next desk.  Somehow he never got tired of seeing her sitting there naked but he really wanted to do more than look.  He hoped her father would let him continue to do this after they got out of school.

When the last bell rang, he and Jennifer headed out but were stopped by the principal.  Mr. Burns was smiling.  To their surprise, he handed her a robe.  As she put it on, he said, “Jennifer, you have done very well.  You have cooperated and I am going to recommend, if you continue, that your involvement end at the end of this week.  We will move on to the next girl.  Now you only have to be naked in school and I know you came to school today undressed so I am giving you this robe to wear home.  Paul may still be in charge though but thats up to your parents.”

“Thank you, Mr. Burns. I really appreciate it.” She wasnt going to turn down such a generous gift.  She quickly slipped into it and noticed it was a little small and rather tight.  It didnt really matter; hopefully she would be able to change once she got home.

She hadnt thought to ask Paul if it was OK, she was just happy to be able to cover herself once again.  She didnt know if her father would let her keep it on but she was glad to wear it home.

Chapter Eight

After School

The walk home was rather uneventful.  Other than the stares from the kids who recognized her from school, Jennifer hadnt spoken much on the way, still a little afraid of what her father was going to do next.

Once they arrived at the house, she got closer to Paul, hoping maybe him being with her would make it easier.  She was afraid he would be mad about the morning events, not to mention the letter she still had to give him.

They walked up to the front door, which was normally left unlocked at this time of day so she could go straight inside.  Today, though, the door was locked.  She grunted in frustration.  “He meant to have it locked.  He thought I was still be nude and I would have to wait until he opened the door.”

She rang the doorbell several times. She could hear him on his way. She leaned closer to Paul “Are you ready?”

“I guess so.”  Paul was a little nervous, actually.  He didnt know what Mr. Wilson would actually have to say.

Peter Wilson came to the door and unlocked it.  “What are you doing wearing a robe, Jennifer?” he asked, surprised.  When she explained, he told the two kids to come into the house.

“Sir, the principal, Mr. Burns, wanted me to ask you about whether you wanted to continue with this after school,” said Paul.

“Wanted YOU to ask me.  Why you?”

Paul explained about being chosen as Jennifers partner.

“Hmmmm, thats a change.”  He looked at Paul appraisingly.  “Do you think you can handle that?”

“I think so, sir.”

“So you just keep the others away from her?  Thats not supposed to be the way the program works.”

“No, I handle some of the punishments.”

“You SPANK my daughter?”

“Uh, yes sir.  When she needs it.”

“Jennifer, go upstairs and get changed.  Put your clothes on.”

She wasnt going to argue with that.  She had considered all kinds of ideas on what he might have done and this definitely was not one of them.  She had even thought as far as he might have hidden all her clothes from her.  Him telling her to get dressed was like a blessing from God.

She quickly jogged up the steps, still wearing the robe she had gotten from school. She thought ahead and stopped by the bathroom. He hadnt said that she couldnt get a little creative. She walked over to where all the medicine and lotions were kept.

“Lets see, that one should do just fine.”  It was a pain relief cream with a numbing factor that said would also speed the healing process of bruises.  No one had said she couldnt use it so she was going to use the unspoken rule to her advantage.

She squeezed the bottle and smeared some of the cream on each cheek.  Its effect was near instant as she felt her bottom begin to tingle.  It felt really, really good. She washed her hands and slipped back into her robe.  Then she walked over to the toilet.  In case either one of them had seen her go into the bathroom, she flushed the toilet.

Off to her room now.  She didnt want to put on anything that was too time consuming, that would be a waste of time just for around the house.  She rummaged through her closet and picked out some of her lazy clothes, a pair of jeans, faded from use, and a rather form fitting blouse.

The jeans were rather tight but the lotion had already taken effect and she could no longer feel any pain from the spanking.  She laid the old robe on her bed and decided she would pack it into her backpack for tomorrows use as well.

Paul felt terrible.  He really was looking forward to continuing this in private but it appeared that he would just be allowed to do this in school.

After Jennifer had gone, Peter turned back to Paul who was getting ready to leave.  “Not so fast, boy.  I can tell from that look of disappointment that you were expecting to continue and now you think you cant.”

“I guess so, sir.”

“Well thats not the idea.  I sent the girl upstairs to get dressed so she could have a break.  It will be much more effective then when you have her undress for you a little later.”

Paul looked at him in surprise.

Peter laughed.  Jennifer has been a bit spoiled.  But shes 16 and its time for her to develop.  I talked to Mr. Burns earlier today.  I know exactly whats been going on.  You are going to continue to be Jens guardian and she will be under your care for at least the next week.  Now I want to spring it on her as a surprise so lets hold off on it for a bit.  From the look on her face, she hasnt gotten a real spanking yet, has she?”

Paul looked sheepish.  “I was taking it easy on her.”

“Well tonight you are going to do the following.”  He began to explain just what Paul was to do.

Jennifer closed her door and started walking back downstairs.  She had heard her father telling Paul something but the moment her foot hit the first step and it made a squeaking noise he stopped.  She knew it didnt sound good for her; there was something he was hiding from her.

She walked into the living room and sat in the floor “Indian style” in between her father, who was on the couch, and Paul, who had taken residence in the armchair.  “So what were you guys talking about?”  She posed the question to both of them, though she doubted she would get an honest answer.

Peter looked at his daughter.  In her casual clothes she managed to look younger than her 16 years.  He saw her almost as a child but he knew Paul had a different view entirely.  “Jennifer, I know you think that your naked in school experience is now over for the day but it isnt.  I let you have a break but Paul is going to continue to be in charge of you.  He tells me that you still have a spanking coming and I have authorized him to give it to you.

“Now, young lady, there is also the matter of the report from the school you were supposed to give me.  I want to know how you are doing in the program.”  He held out his hand to get the report.

Paul was listening and he was in heaven.  He was in charge of the girl he really liked.  Peter had made it very clear that he was to go ahead and totally indulge in his desires.  He had also given Paul a few things that would be very helpful in dealing with Jennifer.  He was to take her up to her room and there he would be able to finally let loose and deal with her the way he really wanted to.  He had been told that undressing her again in private would be a whole new experience.  He looked forward to it.

She stood up and walked over to her backpack.  “I think I did OK, it being my first day and all.”  She shuffled through the papers until she found the envelope addressed to her father.  “Here it is.”  She handed it over.  She didnt know if she would like what it said or if it would just mean more punishment for her.  Though right now, a spanking wouldnt have too much of an effect since the cream still had a hold on her bottom.  She wouldnt openly admit to it, though.

Peter quickly read though the note from the school.  “It appears you are adjusting very well to the program.  They wanted to know if I want to keep it going after school and I think as long as you are under Pauls supervision, you will be fine.  You do not have to go naked the rest of the time.  However, Paul has total authority over you for the rest of the week while you are in the program.  After that, we will see further.

“Paul, I want to make sure discipline is a part of this experience for Jennifer.  She is to be spanked any time you decide to do so and she is to receive at least one spanking every day.  It is up to you to decide if it is to be in public or not.  And that is in addition to any punishment she receives from the school authorities.”

“I understand, sir.  But I just cant do this unless Jennifer agrees to let me.  I really care about her and I want to do whats right for her.”

“Well Jennifer,” said her father.  “What will it be?”

“Oh, ummm... well...” Jennifer had a feeling she was damned if she did and damned if she didnt.  “Well, yes. I do want him to stay with me.”

Paul inwardly gave a sigh of relief.  His feelings for Jennifer rose 10 points.

She had the feeling she would have a much better chance with him than without.  On the one hand she wouldnt have any time alone but, on the other hand, he would probably have more sympathy for her than her father would.

“So if Im getting this right, over the next week Paul is going to have more control over me than I do?”

Paul started to say something and then caught himself.  It wasnt his place to say.

She already knew that was the case but she wanted to hear it from her father.  She knew the idea didnt sound good but she couldnt help but feel strange.  Not bad, it was hard for her to explain.  She hadnt experienced anything like it before.

“And I know you said something about another spanking, how long until I have to face that one?”

“Not long,” said Peter.  “I already told Paul I want you spanked tonight.  And this time I want him to go all the way.  He has been taking it much too easy on you.  Its high time you found out what a real spanking is like.  I want tears and plenty of them. If he cant do it, I will.”

“No sir, you dont have to do that.  I will make sure she gets a proper spanking.”  He looked at Jennifer, trying to tell her silently that he wouldnt overdo it.

Paul liked the way she looked but he was going to like even more, taking those clothes off her.  He was going to do that himself.  It suddenly occurred to him that with what Peter had told him in private, for the next week, Jennifer was really his to do with as he pleased.  He had very mixed feelings about it.  He certainly didnt want her to feel tortured but on the other hand, she was going to submit to him.

He had read a book once where the women were slaves and were made to kneel before their Masters.  He wondered what that would be like.  Perhaps in a day or so, he would try it.  Tonight, though, he wanted to hold her and touch her and other things of a more personal nature.  Her father had told him to indulge.  He said it would be good for both of them.  He didnt want to push himself on her, though.  She sure was a good looking girl.

“Well, since I dont have long, I think Ill pass on any snacks.” She was getting a little hungry but nothing unbearable.  She stood up and dusted off the back of her jeans.  “If no one has any objections I think Im going to head to my room.  Im going to read over some of todays notes.”

She walked over to her backpack and slung it across her shoulder.  “You can join me whenever you feel like it Paul.”  She made the walk back to her room and gave her father and Paul a little more time to talk if they needed it.  She didnt really plan on reading her notes; she thought this might give her and Paul a little alone time before he had to punish her.

Paul watched her leave and looked at Peter for guidance. 

“Go on, son.  You know what to do.  Take this with you.”  He handed Paul a leather briefcase.

Paul took it and went upstairs after Jennifer.  He knocked on her door and went in when he heard her tell him to come in.

He tried to act self-assured but he was nervous.  She looked at him and he took a deep breath.  “Your dad told me what he expected but there is no hurry.  Let me lay it out for you.  Im going to spend the night here.  Your dad is going to let my folks know Im needed here.  Then we can go to school tomorrow together.

“Now I do want to talk a little and then I will give you your spanking but first I want to undress you myself.  Thats part of what I have to do.”  He walked over to where she was sitting and asked her to get up.  Then he put his arms around her and drew her in close to him.  He put his mouth on hers and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. 

She looked up at him, wondering what was next.

He didnt wait.  He gave her another, more demanding, kiss this time and let his hands start to wander over her young body.  He pulled her shirt out of her pants so that he could reach underneath and run his fingers over her skin.  He slipped into her pants and reached in as far as he could go without actually removing anything.  Then he kissed her lips again and moved to kiss the side of her neck.  His hands moved boldly to her breasts, fondling them through her top.

Jennifer was surprised by how fast Paul had come on to her.  She loved his hands running across her, it felt so warm and wonderful.  She couldnt help but feel guilty.  She started to try and back away.  Paul must have gotten the idea about what she was doing and stopped.

“Are you sure about this?  I mean it just doesnt feel right.  Does my Father know about this?”

She felt emotionally torn.  Part of her wanted to continue and see how far Paul would go and the other part felt like she was betraying her Father.  He had always told her since she had started dating to be safe and be sure she was ready.  She knew things hadnt gotten that far but she knew they easily could.

Then it came to her.  Her Father had technically given her away for the next week.  Paul was the one who now made the calls.  She knew if it was what Paul wanted, she would have to give it to him one way or another.  She also had the feeling her father more than just knew about it but had planned on it.

She looked over at Paul and gave him a look that expressed she was sorry.  “I had my priorities out of whack.  Im sorry.”  She didnt feel like calling him Paul was appropriate at the moment.  “What would you like me to call you when we are alone?”

Paul was taken aback at first.  Then he remembered that Peter had made it very clear that he was to go ahead and make her a woman.  Starting with her first question, he said, “Jen, your father made it very clear that you belong to me for the week.  Im supposed to do a lot with you.  And, to be frank, its what Ive wanted to do for a long time.  Ive always liked you and you are so beautiful...”  He blushed a little.  “This is a dream come true for me.  I know you wont like all of it but I can make it a lot better or a lot worse for you.  Now you know I wont make it worse than I have to but I confess, I do enjoy spanking you.  And I am going to do that again in a few minutes.

“But as to what you call me in private...”  His mind suddenly flashed to the stories he had read and found so thrilling.  He wondered if he dared to...  “You can call me Master.  But only in private,” he hastened to add.

He put his arms around her and gave her a hug.  He loved the feel of her body against his and wanted to feel it even more when she wasnt wearing clothes.  He thought about what was in the bag and couldnt wait to try it.

Jennifer was shocked for a second but quickly came to terms with it.  Master.  It seemed so strange to call anyone that. It reminded her of the medieval ages, the way names were given back then but she knew her experience would be much different.

She also had a growing curiosity to what was in the suitcase.  She hadnt seen it out in a long time.  It had been lying in her fathers room for a while but she never really cared what was in it.  Now, though, was a different situation.  Since it was now going to have something to do with her she knew she would need to know.

She hugged him back, released him and slid off the bed.  She walked over to the suitcase and lifted it up.  “I would rather not see, until after you see it.”  She placed it down on the bed and turned it so it was facing Paul when it opened but the lid would be facing her.  “Do want me to open it...”  She almost choked on the next word but it seemed to flow out more naturally than she thought it would have. “Master?”  She blushed after saying it, knowing she had just admitted he now held all the power.

Paul felt a rush go through him when she called him Master.  He had no idea what it was but it was incredible.  Master.  He was totally in charge of a beautiful girl that he had strong and growing feelings for.  “No, dont open it yet.  I will get to it but I want to have you naked first.”  He walked over to her and began to confidently unbutton her shirt.  He was glad to see that she didnt resist.  He decided that she knew he had already seen her naked and would again tomorrow so it really didnt matter.

He took his time undressing her.  This was different because he could touch her to his hearts content as he removed her clothing.  As he drew off her shirt, he ran his hands down her arms, feeling her shudder as he did.  She wasnt wearing a bra so he then indulged himself with fondling her breasts.  Then he leaned down and took one of her nipples in his mouth.  He sucked on it and felt it grow hard.  He turned to the other one and did the same.  Then he undid and drew down her pants, leaving her in just her panties.  He stepped back and took a good, hard look at her, staring until she started to fidget and blush.

Jennifer didnt know if she should move forward and climb into his embrace or stand still and let him look. She had a feeling she was doing what he wanted from the looks he was giving her.  She could feel her face getting brighter the more he stared but she didnt want him to stop.

Paul knew what he was doing and Jennifer couldnt help but wonder if he had done this to any other girls before.  He wasnt an amateur at what he was doing and she recognized that.  Finally she was able to break free of his gaze and lurched forward into his arms. She wrapped her arms firmly around his neck, her breasts pressed against his chest.

She didnt know what he would want her to do next.  She could never have predicted the change of events that had unfolded since she arrived home.  She had the feeling that her decisions had opened a door in her life she would never be able to close again.  “Dont let go,” she whispered into his ear and enjoyed every moment she had until he gave her his next order.

When Paul heard what she said, he was stunned.  He dropped his hand to her ass to pull her in closer and just stood there with her in his arms.  Her father had told him she would react this way and he hadnt believed him.  He knew his daughter well.

Finally he let her go and pushed her away.  “Time to get on with your spanking,” he told her.  “First, though, Im supposed to get you ready.”

She looked at him puzzled.

He went to the briefcase and opened it.  Dying of curiosity, she peeked over his shoulder to see.  Then she gasped.  Inside was a leather paddle and a big assortment of ropes, straps and buckles.  There was a pair of handcuffs and things she didnt recognize.  There was also a blue rubber thing that caught her eye immediately.  It looked sort of like an electric penis.  She couldnt imagine what it was.

Paul rummaged in the box and came out with a few short straps.  “Give me your hands,” he told her. 

Obediently, she complied and he quickly attached a leather cuff to each wrist.  Then he took two more out of the bag and knelt down to attach one to each ankle.  Finally he took one more and brushed her long hair aside so he could put it around her neck.  Each of them had rings attached and it wasnt hard for her to figure out what they were for.

“Lie down on the bed, on your back,” came the next order.

Once again, she complied.

He stopped for a minute to admire her.  Then he took short lengths of rope and began to tie them to the rings on her wrist cuffs.  The other ends he tied around the legs of the bed, pulling the ropes taut so that she had to stretch her arms above her head.  She wasnt in the least surprised when he did the same to her ankles and she was tied down, spread-eagled, to the bed.

She lifted her head a bit to see him get out the rubber thing that looked like a penis.  She was still a virgin and hoped he wouldnt try to put it inside her but there was nothing she could do.

“Your dad told me to do this first,” he told her.  There was a box attached by a wire to the device and he pressed a button.  She heard a low hum.  Paul took the device and began to gently stroke her pussy lips with the tip.

She grunted at first, trying her best not to speak.  She knew there was probably something in that bag he could gag her with if she got too noisy so she tried to keep it down but she couldnt help it.  She had never felt anything like that before.  The vibrations seemed to grow stronger with each touch. Before  long, her grunts turned into moans.

She didnt like the fact that her first time was with some kind of machine she had never seen before but she knew she couldnt argue about it.  Right now, Paul was just teasing her with it.  Stroking her with it then removing it.  She didnt know how long she could go on like that.

With each stroke, she would try to push toward it but would get caught by the cuffs. Finally she just couldnt take it anymore.  “Master, please dont tease me like that.”  She felt so exposed and helpless.  She couldnt move and knew Paul could do anything he wanted.  She wondered what all her father had planned for her and, in that same matter, what Paul had planned for her.

Paul was fascinated with her reactions.  She was obviously very aroused and it was setting him off as well.  But now she was ready.  He turned the vibrator off and gave her a kiss before releasing the bonds that held her to the bed.

She stretched and wriggled to loosen her muscles.

“OK, I was supposed to get you ready for your spanking.”

She made a moue and reluctantly got up.  He went back to the suitcase and took out a leather paddle to set down on the bed.  Then he sat down on the edge and reached for her.  He took her over his lap so that her upper body was on the bed and her bare bottom was well placed to spank.  He began to gently rub her bottom with his right hand as his left reached under her to take a firm grip on her breast.

The cream she had smeared on her bottom earlier to relieve some of the pain had begun to wear off and she could feel the growing burning sensation in her butt.  Him rubbing it felt good until he would run his hand into a sore spot and caused her to jump a little.  The paddle he was going to use was the same one, or at least looked similar to, the one her father had used on her that morning.  She knew, if he hit hard enough, it would cause a good sting and reignite the embers.

Jennifer felt his hand indulging on her breast.  At first he fondled her already erect nipple then took a firm grip on her breast.  She didnt know if he was doing it for his enjoyment or if he planned on holding on it while he spanked her.  She couldnt turn around to look at him because she was already in position.  “How many do I have to get?”

Paul didnt have the experience to know if he should set an exact number or not.  Her dad had told him to spank her until she was in tears.  He really didnt know how many that would take.  He guessed it depended on how hard he smacked her.  He really didnt want to bruise her, just create a good sting.

“I am going to give you fifty smacks with the paddle.”  He didnt know if that was a lot or not but he thought it was a good number.  “Now get ready.”  He raised the paddle and gave her a good, hard first swat, keeping a firm grip on her breast as he did.  He wanted to feel her reaction.

She let out a low grunt when she heard the word fifty in the same sentence as the word paddle though she didnt have long to think about it before the first swat came into contact with her already sore bottom.  She let out a cry and jumped.  As she jumped, she could feel the hand that gripped her breast tighten and that got her to settle back down quicker.

This spanking felt nothing like the ones she had received earlier, excluding the one she had received from her father that morning.  She was glad he wasnt someone who would make her count each blow.  With each hit, the paddle was reigniting her already sore bottom and intensifying it.  A few tears rolled down her face but nothing that would be counted as major crying.

Paul was getting more and more aroused as he continued to spank Jennifer.  Every time she jerked and wriggled in pain, it thrilled him more.   It crossed his mind that he should feel guilty about it but he didnt.  He was thrilled and he could hardly hold back.  He tried to keep track of how many spanks he was giving her but, after a while, he lost count and didnt even care anymore.

He stopped spanking her.  “Get up,” he told her in a husky voice.

With some difficulty she managed to get off his lap.

He took her by her hips, drew her in close and began to use his mouth on her breasts.  He kissed and sucked and lightly nibbled.  He was absolutely frantic and was desperate in his raging need.  He moved to her belly and down toward her now very wet pussy.  He couldnt quite bring himself to kiss her there so he drew her back to the bed next to him and made her sit.

She squealed in pain as her blazing bottom hit even the soft bed but he pulled her back until she was again on her back with her legs still dangling over the edge.  Then he got up and lifted her legs up on the bed.  He climbed on her and knelt between her legs.  He pushed her legs farther apart.  Then he realized there was nothing he could do.  He hesitated a minute and then reluctantly got up.  Ignoring her for a moment, he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants.  His underwear followed but when he tried to take the pants off, they got caught on his shoes.  He sat down on the edge of the bed and tore off his shoes and socks.  Then his pants followed along with his shirt.  Finally, naked, he climbed back on top of her, kneeling between her legs, looking down into her face.

Jennifer had been expecting him to act this way but not so soon.  She had expected him to build up the courage over the next few days but it seemed he didnt need the time.  She didnt know what to do.  She knew he had his call of anything he wanted done.

She took in a deep breath and held it for a second then slowly released it.  She looked him straight in the eye.  “Im sorry, but I dont know what you want me to do.”  It was her first time with a man in this fashion and she was clueless on even how to act.  All she knew was that she had a growing urge to please Paul.

Paul came down lower and kissed her.  “Guide me in,” he told her.

At first she didnt quite get what he meant but she soon caught on as he clasped her hands with his.  She now knew what he meant for her to do.  He guided her hands down to their destination.  She leaned forward now that Paul had given her room to.  She gently grasped it in her hand and held it for a second, feeling it pulse.  She then guided him in as Paul had put it.

Once the contact was made, she let go and leaned back against the bed.  It hurt at first, since she wasnt use to something penetrating her.  She let out a muffled groan.

Paul felt his cock at the entrance and pushed.  It was hard at first and he pushed harder.  He heard her groan but he was too aroused to hold back.  Finally he felt himself slide inside her and there was a jolt of pleasure that ran through him that was unbelievable.  He hesitated for just a second or two and then started a slow rhythm.  He didnt want to cum too soon.  This was too good and he wanted to make it last.  He looked at her face, looking up at him, and he kissed her again.  As his desire soared, he pumped faster and faster.  It wasnt nearly long enough before he felt himself squirting into her. 

He felt himself soften a bit but he was so aroused that he didnt lose his erection.  He kept on thrusting as he felt her respond.  He held himself up on his elbows so he could watch her.  He saw her close her eyes and begin to breathe faster.  Now that he could think again, he thought of the spanking and how much he enjoyed that kind of control.  It was beginning to arouse him again but he doubted he could cum again.  Still he enjoyed the sensation of being inside her and wanted to keep that going.

She had felt the warm substance when he released in her.  The feeling was overwhelming her.  As he got faster, she could no longer control herself.  She closed her eyes tight and started having more rapid, shallow breaths.  She had never before in her life had the same feeling she was having now.  The pain she had felt at the first was now just a dull pounding.  She had never felt the way she felt for Paul now.  It was more than love, she thought.  It was more of a need to have him.

She was doing her best not to let out much sound other than grunts or moans.  She started feeling the same sensation she had felt when she was forced to cum in front of the class and it was getting stronger.  She didnt know how much longer she could keep from it.

Paul felt her response and it thrilled him.  He began to thrust more enthusiastically.  He wanted to make her cum.  He wanted to give her the same pleasure that she had given him.  But more than that, he wanted her to know that she belonged to him, that he could bring her ultimate pleasure as well as pain.  He started whispering to her, “Cum for me Jen.  Come on, let it go.  Cum for me.”

She didnt know whether it was his words or if the pressure finally got to her.  About that time she lost control.  She could no longer keep from it.  It was longer and more explosive than the one at school.  She knew why too.  This one was through pleasure and not force.

Paul could feel her response.  He loved it and he finally stopped his own thrusts and eased out of her.  He didnt have the experience to try for another.

She knew he was turned on by the power he held over her.  “I did Master.  It was all you.”  She had regained control of herself and she felt more alive now than she had in her entire life.

Paul rolled off her and lay beside her.  He put his arms around her.  He was feeling a thrill of power and sheer delight that he had never experienced.  It was wonderful.  “I like it when you call me Master.  You belong to me now.  I own you.”  he said it with a sense of wonder.  The words seemed strange.  But it was what he wanted.   He owned her.  She would do whatever he wanted.

He leaned on top of her without putting too much weight on her and kissed her again.  He smiled down at her.  He couldnt believe his fortune.

She heard his words and felt his kiss.  “Yes Master.  I am yours in every way.”  If she had felt any doubts about it before they were all removed now.  She knew no matter what anyone said, she did belong to Paul.  She kissed him back, slid across the bed and got up to stand by his side.

Her mind was racing.  So much had happened to her and so much more would happen before her time ended in one week.  She wondered if Paul would let it go when the time was up or if it would still continue.  She figured only time could tell.

She could feel Paul watching her.  She turned around to meet his gaze.  “What do you want me to do now, Master?”  Since he told her that he loved being called Master she tried to squeeze it in almost every sentence to him.

Paul felt a jolt of pure, unadulterated pleasure.  He smiled at Jennifer.  A wave of love and tenderness swept over him.  “Turn out the light and come to bed,” he told her.

She did as she was told and snuggled up against him.  He put his arms around her and in moments he was asleep.

Paul was dreaming.  Jennifer was kneeling before him.  She was semi-dressed in an incredibly erotic costume of small bits of leather that didnt cover so much as accentuate.  He was holding a whip and cracking it in the air to get her to perform for him.  Then instantly the scene shifted and she was over his lap, being spanked and kicking and squirming delightfully as he reddened her bottom.  Then they were in a house that somehow he knew was theirs.  She was walking around in a garter-belt, stockings and high heels.  He bottom was red from having just been spanked.  She kneeled before him.  “How can I serve you, Master?” she asked.

Jennifer had a harder time falling asleep. She knew todays excitement must have gotten to Paul. She couldnt move for Pauls arm being around her so she just held still. She waited until she knew he had fallen in deep sleep before moving.

She gently lifted his arm and placed it to his side. She was careful not to wake him. She slid off the bed and silently walked around to her clothes that were now lying on the floor.  She put them on and looked over to make sure Paul was still asleep.  With her right hand, she slowly opened the door and walked out into the hall.

She wanted to speak to her father.  She walked down the stairs and into the living room.  He wasnt there.  She then made her way into the study, again he wasnt there.  She sighed and looked up at the clock.  She didnt know how long she and Paul had been in there but it was apparently a lot longer than she expected.

She made her way back up the stairs.  She slid open the door to her fathers room and peered in.  As she had figured, he was asleep.  She then silently walked through the door and into his room.  She picked up a pen that was on his desk and a piece of paper.

She folded it into a note style and wrote “To my Father.” on the front.  She then unfolded it and wrote a simple two word letter to her father, “Thank you.”  She laid it down on his dresser where he would see it in the morning and turned around to leave the room.

She made her way back to her bedroom and slipped back inside.  Once the door was closed, she slipped her clothes back off and placed them back on the floor.  She snuggled back into Pauls grip and was soon asleep.

The scenes in Pauls dreams were jumbled but they all centered around her serving him.  He sighed in delight and finally the emptiness of deep sleep overcame him.  He tightened his grip on the sleeping girl.  He was never going to let her go.

Her dreams were not ones of such happiness but not ones of sadness either.

She could see herself.  She was not in control of her own actions but rather a witness to the events.  She was in the school auditorium where she had been the previous day during the assembly.  But this time it was different, it was just Paul and her up on stage and she was not naked.  Her time must have ended in the program but she didnt understand why everyone was staring at them.  The entire school was there.  She watched herself bend down next to Paul and he whispered something into her ear.  She didnt know what he said but the next thing she heard was, “Yes Master,” coming from her mouth.  With that, she dropped her jeans and soon followed with her panties.  She turned around to show the school her bottom which, to her surprise, was a bright red.  At that time the lights flickered and went out and she could hear thunder outside the school.

Before the dream could finish she woke up.  She looked over at the clock.  It wasnt time for school, she still had a few hours.  She didnt feel the need to go back to sleep, the dream was lost.  She shifted out of bed and squatted down next to it so she was eye level with Paul.  She just stayed there looking at him.  How appearances could deceive anyone. By just looking at him, you wouldnt expect he would enjoy the type of power he does over women.  She just smiled, knowing she was his and he was hers.

She watched as he began to crack open his eyes.  She just kept watching him.  “Good morning, Master. How was your sleep?”

Paul blinked at her and then he smiled.  “I thought it was all a dream.”  He sat up and swung his feet over the side of the bed.  His cock was hard and he wanted release but first, “It was wonderful.  Now its time for your good morning spanking, slave.”  He couldnt believe the thrill that he got from saying that and knowing that she would obey.  His need to pee just enhanced his sexual desire.  He was going to give her a light spanking and then enjoy something different.  It was just a question of what to do first.

Chapter Nine


Jennifer wasnt going to speak of last nights events unless asked.  She knew she couldnt lie to Paul but she knew she didnt have to volunteer the truth.  She already knew what Paul was expecting her to do.  She stood up and walked over to him and laid herself across his lap.  She gave him enough to room to adjust her as he pleased.

She wondered if her father had found the letter but knew he probably had, since he was an early riser. She would have to ask Paul, once he finished, to go and see him. “Im ready, Master.”

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

The radio alarm went off and Peter started listening to the news.  He lay there for a minute and then sat up.  He glanced at his night table and saw the note there.  Picking it up, he immediately recognized Jennis handwriting and got a bit nervous.  He was afraid to open it.  She must have snuck in while he was sleeping.  He didnt know if he would call the police or just let her go.  Bracing himself, he opened the note.  The two words stunned him.  He felt tears come to his eyes.  His little girl was a woman now.  He didnt know if he was happier or sadder.  It was such a big moment.  She didnt belong to him anymore but she would know a joy that not all women did.  She was indeed a woman now.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Paul pulled Jennifer further across his lap, still leaving her upper body supported by the bed but allowing her legs to hang free.  He once again took a firm but not hurtful grip on her breast and patted her bottom lightly.  Then he delivered a vigorous smack to her right cheek.  She obligingly squirmed and he followed it up with another to her other bottom cheek.  He didnt take long to get into a regular rhythm of alternating on first one side and then the other.  He wasnt doing it very hard.  When she kicked and squirmed, he smacked her more lightly, hoping she would learn to respond the way he wanted her to.

As soon as her bottom was pink, he stopped.  He knew she would get some real spankings in school and he didnt want to overdo it at the very start.  He followed it up with rubbing her bottom gently and then expanding his efforts to her thighs and back  Meanwhile, he began to fondle her breasts as them pressed against the bed.  He had to make an effort to get under her but she responded by pushing herself up with her arms to give him easier access.

She mostly knew where he was wanting to go with this and she knew they had plenty of time before school started and she so knew she would get to speak with her father.  She lifted herself up with her arms and moved up.  She swung her legs around so she was centered on Pauls lap.  Then she wrapped her legs around his back and sat there.  She gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.  She knew from the way she was sitting he could put her into any position he wanted her in.

Paul moaned.  Having her in such proximity was almost more than he could bear.  He put his arms around her and pulled her in close for a moment and then relaxed enough for her to lean back.  He gave her another kiss on her lips, tenderly, conveying his deep affection. 

“I want you to kneel before me.”  His voice was hoarse and there was a bit of a tremor.

She obediently got off his lap and knelt between his legs.

“Suck on my cock,” he ordered and then held his breath, waiting to see what she would do.

She looked up at him.  She knew she couldnt tell him no but she didnt know how to do it.  She gave up because she knew everyone had to start somewhere.  She fixed herself into a more comfortable position and started to lower her head.  She stopped just before she put her mouth on it and looked back up at him.

“I dont think I can do it.  I mean I have never tried before.”  She smiled.  “But if you really want me to Master, I will do it.”

“Good girl.  Go ahead, put it in your mouth.”  Paul didnt want to tell her he didnt have much more idea than she did since he had never had it done, either.  She was his first just as he was hers.  They would learn together.

She took a little of his cock in her mouth, tentatively, not knowing what to do.  As soon as he felt her, he instinctively pushed forward but she pulled back.  He realized that she would choke if he pushed too far.  He took her head in his hands and pushed forward gently.  She was able to take a little more of him.  It was an unbelievable sensation.

He managed to gasp out, “Use your tongue.”

She started to lick him and he thought he was going to explode.  He drew out and pushed in again and started to cum.   She immediately began to choke and gag and pulled back but he wouldnt let he go completely.  She started to lick him with his cock outside her mouth and it was enough.  He continued to shudder until the spasms finally subsided.

She was shocked that she was able to bring him so much pleasure her first time.  She wasnt sure if he wanted her to continue or if he had something else in mind.  She figured one more go couldnt hurt.

She lowered her head on it again this time not having to be reminded to use her tongue.  She knew she wouldnt be able to make him cum again but he would at least get some pleasure out of it.  She also made sure to go slow to avoid gagging herself again.

This time she didnt need him to help her keep rhythm; she was able to do it herself.  She would never have guessed a week ago that she would be doing this.

Paul couldnt believe what Jennifer was doing to him.   He wanted to cum again but he couldnt.   Finally he stopped her and had her stand.   It was such a wonderful experience, he decided he wanted to reciprocate.  He glanced at the clock and decided if they were a few minutes late to school, he would just spank her when they got there and take whatever detention he would get for himself.

“Lie on the bed,” he ordered.  Obediently she got back in bed next to him.  He climbed over her, and knelt between her legs.  He pushed her thighs further apart and began to kiss the insides of her thighs, gradually working his way higher.  Finally he hesitated and then very gingerly put his mouth against her moist slit.  He didnt really know what to do but he figured that what would work for him would work for her.  He started to lick her and, though he was still a bit queasy about it, she didnt taste bad.  Then she started to respond which encouraged him all the more.

Jennifer was in heaven, she couldnt believe Paul was doing that.  It was the most pleasure she had ever had and it was all she could do to keep from moving.  She kept shifting her upper body but kept her lower half still.  She didnt want to force him to quit, she wanted it to keep going.

She didnt care what time it was, all she cared about was here and now. It didnt take long before he had her on the verge.  He knew because her moans were getting more frequent and louder.  She tried to keep from it, to keep the pleasure going but she couldnt control it.  With a final moan she exploded.

Paul felt like he was getting drenched in her fluids as he felt her cum.  He redoubled his efforts to maximize her pleasure.  She had been holding still and now she was wriggling like crazy.  Finally she calmed down and he looked up at her and smiled.  They were both covered with fluids and sweat but he glanced at the clock and realized there wasnt enough time to take a shower.  Then he realized that they really didnt have a choice.  He couldnt go to school smelling like this.

“Quick, lets go get showered and dressed.  Were late enough as it is.”

“Getting dressed only applies to one of us.”  She winked at Paul and walked over to her closet.  This time she was going to take some clothes with her so she could get dressed at the end of the day. She stuffed a set of clothes in her backpack.

“Go ahead and get the shower started, Ill be there in a second.”  She walked over to the pile of clothes and picked up the robe Mr. Burns had given her the day before.  She slipped it on and walked out the door.

She only had a few minutes so she had to make it quick.  She walked downstairs to where her father was normally seated in the mornings.  He was there as she had guessed.  She came up and sat down beside him.  “Did you get the note?”

Peter looked at her and smiled.  “Yes I did and from the healthy glow on your cheeks, I can see that your new life agrees with you.”  A shadow passed over his face.  “Jennifer your mother was the love of my life.  But she also needed a firm hand and I was pretty sure you did too.  You are young yet and Paul is likely to be just the first.  But he is good for you.  You have excellent taste in boys.”  He grinned.  “And speak of the devil, here he is.”

Paul came into the room looking a bit embarrassed.  “Sir we are too late for the bus.  Can you give us a lift?”

Peter gave him a sly look.  “And just what made you late?”

Both Paul and Jennifer looked at each other and turned red.

“Never mind.”  He laughed again.  “I will take you to school.  When you get there, give Jennifer a spanking for making you late.  Im sure it was her fault.”

Paul started to protest and Peter told him, “Son, its ALWAYS her fault.  And when its your fault, she gets the punishment anyway.”

Paul looked confused.

“Youll learn.  Now lets get going.”  Peter gave Jennifer a swat on her bottom through the robe as she headed for the door.

Jennifer squealed much more than the swat would warrant except that her bottom was already sore.

“I see Paul has already given you a morning spanking.  Good work, Paul”

Paul didnt know what to say so he just smiled.  “Thank you for your support, sir.”

Peter told them, “OK, kids, lets get going.”

Jennifer ran back to her room quickly and picked up her backpack.  She couldnt afford to forget it now, being in the program.  She hurried back downstairs and met them in the car.

She sat in the backseat and gave Paul the front seat.  She was less likely to be seen in the back.  “Why exactly do I have to always take the blame?  What if I havent done anything wrong?”

Paul started to answer, “Well you dont really have to take the blame if you havent...”

Just then Peter interrupted.  “Jennifer, do you know what a slave is?”

“Sure, its somebody who is owned by someone and has to work and doesnt get paid.”

“Thats the old way of looking at a slave.  Today we have a little bit different way of viewing it.  Did you know your mother was my slave?”

Jennifer didnt know what to say.  Her mother?

Jennifer was confused. Her mom a slave? All she could picture in her head was pre-civil war slavery. “What do you mean a slave? She was your wife.” Then it occurred to her she wasnt asking the right question. “How do you define slave?”

“I am giving you to Paul for a week.  I was the one who told Mr. Burns to do that.  I want you to experience it.  I think it will do something to you that will affect you for the rest of your life.  I wasnt so sure about Paul but it seems that this is a case of a duck being tossed ruthlessly into a pond and left to sink or swim.”  He turned and winked at Paul who grinned back at him.

“You can be used however Paul wishes.  Your job is to please him.  You dont get to make decisions about whether or not you are to blame.  You get punished any time it pleases Paul.  You get to do whatever he doesnt want to be bothered with.  Thats what slaves are for.  And in return?  You are going to find out that in slavery you will find a freedom to be yourself which is more than most people, hemmed in by rules, ever discover.”

She mumbled to herself but she did so louder than she thought.  The two passengers in the front could hear her.  “But Paul wouldnt punish me for his own pleasure, he loves me.  Paul wouldnt treat me like that, I just know it.”  But she did feel a growing need to please him.  No matter what he asked, she felt like she could find a way to do it.  She felt two identities dwelling within her, one that needed to please Paul and one who told her she didnt need to please any man, he was meant to please her.

Peter looked at Paul meaningfully and a clear but unspoken communication passed between them.

Paul said, “Jen, you are right, I do love you.  I would rather have told you in private for the first time but so be it.  You ARE going to please me.  You are going to do whatever I want you to do.  I love the idea of owning you.  It is SUCH a rush.  And I dont know how I know, but I know that you feel the same thing.  And yes, I am going to punish you sometimes just for my own pleasure and because I can.  I am going to hurt you but I will never harm you.”

They pulled up before the school.  “All right you two, better get moving.  Jennifer, give me a kiss and go,” said her father.

Jennifer reached up into the driver seat and gave her father a kiss on the cheek. She was stunned by what Paul had said but she knew what he meant.  He wouldnt harm her, he would give her what she needed and he was right.  She did like the idea of being owned.  She stepped out of the car and stretched.  “I guess I leave this here.”  She slipped off the robe and placed it in the car.  She reached in and lifted her backpack up.  She took the ribbon out of her bag.

“Here Paul, can you put this on for me?”  She handed the ribbon to him and turned around.  “Were already late, a few more minutes shouldnt hurt.”

Paul got out behind her and laughed.  “It probably wont hurt ME.”  He tied her hair up and then they walked into the school.  Mr. Burns, the principal, was there looking dower.

“You are late!  You know this is going to call for punishment.”

“Yes, sir,” Paul said.  “A spanking for Jennifer, of course.  And for me?”

“Well I am sure you are not at fault, Paul.  You have been very cooperative.”  He then leaned in and whispered, “Besides, Mr. Wilson called me as he left.”

“Alright, young lady.  Peter will take you to your homeroom and administer your spanking there for the class.”

Peter said, “Thank you, Mr. Burns.  I will take care of it.”  He took Jennifer by the arm and led her off.  “Youre going to have to cum for the class, too.  I dont want to interfere with that.  Do you want any help to get you ready?”

She thought about the mornings events and blushed.  “I think Im covered there.”  Jennifer hadnt fully recovered from Pauls job earlier.  “It shouldnt be too big of a problem for me.  The spanking on the other hand is going to hurt since my bottom is already sore.”

They soon reached their homeroom.  “You can go in first.”  She followed Paul into the classroom.  She wasnt even able to sit down before being called to the front of the class.

“Now Jennifer, I would at least expect you to be on time.  And it seems you made Paul here late as well.”  Mrs. Carter shook her head.  “Someone is going to have to pay for you two being late and I dont think its Paul.”  She motioned for Paul to come to the front of the class.

“Mr. Burns has already called and informed me that you will be spanking Jennifer.  Now I want you to spank her not only for herself being late but for making you late as well.  Mr. Burns is holding the bell for next period until I call in and tell him you have completed your job so feel free to take your time.”

There was chatter in the class, they knew they would get to see Jennifer get a spanking up close and, if they were lucky, would get to touch her between bells.

Paul led Jennifer up to the front of the room where their teacher had placed a straight back chair for Paul.  Paul placed Jennifer standing to one side of the chair and turned to the class.  “Jennifer has been spanked quite a bit lately,” he said, “and shes getting kind of sore.  What Im really hoping is to be able to teach her to accept the punishment and change it to pleasure.”

The class murmured softly, confused.  Jennifer looked a bit confused too. 

“I read about it.  Isnt that true Mr. Sanford?”

The teacher stood up and told him, “Thats very good, Paul.  You are absolutely right.  She can learn to process the sensation differently.”

Paul turned back to the class, still ignoring Jennifer.  “I thought so and I thought perhaps some of you can help me.  Shes going to be spanked, I will do that, but perhaps some of you could touch her very gently and help to take her focus off the spanking.  I heard that if you get other sensations, they all tend to get scrambled.”

“Ill do it.  Ill help,” said Josh, one of Pauls friends.  That opened the floodgates and half the class started calling eagerly to help.

Mr. Sanford intervened.  “You cant all do it.  I will get a few people to help Paul with his experiment.”  He proceeded to pick out four of the boys and two girls.  “Girls will know another girls body better and will know how to touch her.  Now Paul, take Jennifer over your lap and we can position the others so they can reach.”

Paul took Jennifers arm and drew her over his lap.  Then the teacher had the others position themselves all around so that they could easily reach out to touch.  They wasted no time trying it out even before Paul had a chance to begin the spanking.

Jennifer didnt fully understand what he was planning.  She didnt understand how she could turn pain into pleasure.  She knew Paul was making the calls so she didnt argue with him about it but she did plan on asking him about it later.

She could feel the hands moving over her.  She could tell the difference between the boys and the girls.  The boys were moving along the lines of exploring for their pleasure and the two girls were starting to get down to business.

She felt the first few hits and squirmed but soon the hands had settled into their places.  Each was finding a spot that either pleasured her or pleasured them.  The next few swats she couldnt actually feel that much.  She was too concerned with the hands that were moving across her.

She had two hands on each breast with another hand playing with each nipple.  She felt another hand starting to slip between her legs.  She knew it wasnt Pauls so she tightened her legs together to try and stop them.  When she did, she felt Paul give her a harder than normally smack and she loosened her legs.

Once the hand made its way in, she could no longer actually feel the hits.  The overwhelming power of the hands was a much more powerful force.  She felt the urge building again and she couldnt help it.  Just like that morning with Paul.

“Please, Ma....”  She caught herself before she said it.  She knew it would be embarrassing to explain that to a group of students and a teacher.  “...Paul.  Get them to stop.  I dont think I can stop it.”

She was squirming, but it wasnt from the swats anymore.

Paul felt a rush go through him such as he had never experienced.  He didnt really think it would work.  He knew how much he enjoyed spanking her but he didnt think she would ever learn to enjoy being spanked.  He had read on line that it was possible to teach submissive girls to be deeply masochistic by just giving them pleasure while they experienced mild pain.  Some guys thought it just awakened what was already there.  Clearly it was working.

He increased the strength of his swats as he saw her begin to get closer to orgasm.  He wanted the sensations to mingle until she couldnt tell what was pleasure and what was pain.

The kids were in awe.  The boys started to back off but the girls seemed to know what she needed and intensified their efforts.

She gave Paul one last warning.  “Get them to stop.”  She knew it was a futile effort but had to try.  She couldnt hold it, she had to release the tension that was building up. Without any further words she let it go.

She was deeply embarrassed for it to happen while she was getting spanked, even if he did have help.  She hadnt called it out like the rules said she had to.  She was too caught up in the hands so that she had forgotten.

She was hoping they would make an exception to the rule this one time.  “She turned her head towards Paul.  “Am I going to get spanked again for that?”

Paul was just about to say no, that he understood, when their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Carter, intervened.  “You know the rules, Jennifer.  Not announcing it means another spanking.  And this time I think I better handle it myself.”

“Mrs. Carter, I thought I was supposed to handle all of Jennifers punishments,” said Paul.

“The rules say that it is up to the teacher to decide that.”

“I really think I should do it,” Paul said, standing up to her

Mrs. Carters eyes flashed.  “Let me check this with Mr. Burns.  If you are wrong, we will have a talk about your attitude, young man.”  She called the principal and after some discussion that the students couldnt quite hear, she came back looking like she had just eaten a lemon.  “It seems that the word is to let you handle it.  But if I dont see a proper spanking given, I AM going to do it myself and then YOU will get one too.”

Jennifer looked over her shoulder at Paul to reassure him and saw a little smirk of satisfaction on his face.

Paul thought to himself, Jennifer is MINE and I am going to deal with her, no one else.  He looked down at her reddened bottom, took a firm grasp on her waist and landed another hard smack.  When the others started reaching for Jennifer again, Paul said nothing so, emboldened, they started the process once again.

This time it felt different. The hands were no longer the leading force on her body.  She could feel each smack and with each hit she felt more pain.  She couldnt complain, it was her forgetfulness that had got her in this mess.

“Im sorry. I wont do it again.”  She was now in tears, the girls had started to be more careless and the boys had backed away to watch.  She couldnt imagine how she had felt pleasure before but she wished she could feel it again.  Anything to get her mind off of the pain.

She hoped the teacher saw what she wanted because she was going through hell.  She no longer liked the idea of the girls touching her.  It made her more embarrassed and her cumming while being spanked only increased it.

Paul saw her distress and stopped the spanking.  He looked at Mrs. Carter and saw that she was watching with great interest.  He told Jennifer to get up and helped her stand.  Mrs. Carter looked disapproving but Paul ignored her.  He saw Jennifer frantically rubbing her blazing bottom and couldnt help a small smile.

The teacher told everyone to get back to their seats.  Jennifer had obvious difficulty sitting down on the hard seat but she managed.  A few minutes later the bell rang and she accompanied Paul into the hallway to go to their next class.

Jennifer looked over at Paul. “I know youre in charge and everything and that Im not suppose to question you but that was embarrassing.”  She didnt know if that comment would come back to bite her later or not.

Paul smiled at that.  He liked the idea of her being embarrassed.  It gave him a further sense of his own power and control.  At the same time, he felt responsible and wanted to watch over her.

She saw a group of boys ahead and she really didnt feel like getting touched.  She put Pauls arm around her shoulder and snuggled in close.  “Get them back, please.”

That gave him the chance that he wanted.  When they reached out for her, he put his arm around her.  “Back off guys, shes mine.”  They obeyed, grumbling, as the two of them walked into Mrs. Brooks class.

“Thank you.”  Jennifer snuggled in closer.  She was glad Paul felt the way he did about her, that gave her some comfort.  She didnt know Pauls schedule that well and didnt know what class he had next.  She figured if she just keep walking Paul would tug her in the direction she needed to go.

Chapter Ten


Paul led her into their next class.  It was history with Mrs. Brooks.  The teacher began by announcing that today they were going to talk about slavery.  “What does slavery make you think of?” she asked.  She got the usual answer about slavery of Africans in the U.S. and slavery in the ancient world.  “What about slavery in the modern world?” she asked.

Most of the students didnt know.  She continued by asking them what it meant to be a slave.  Then she called on Jennifer.  “Jennifer, come up to the front of the room and tell the class what you think it means to be a slave.”

At first Jennifer didnt know what to say. She knew Mrs. Brooks had a reason in calling her.  Jennifer made her way to front replaying the question in her head each step of the way.  What does it mean to be a slave?

Jennifer couldnt decide if she wanted a book definition of a modern slave or a more first person definition.  She gave in and let her instincts take over.  She let the definition come from her heart rather than her mind.

“To be a slave is to be secure.  To know that someone will always show you the way.  To know that someone out there cares enough about you to take care of you and in return you do what you can to make them happy and making them happy in return makes you that much happier.  To know you will never be alone.  To set yourself free from the world and live in your own.  To be free, thats what it means to be a slave.”

She didnt know if that was what the teacher had been hoping for but she hadnt given that definition for her.  She had said it for Paul.  She wanted Paul to know how she truly felt and that was her perfect chance to do so without anyone other than them really know what she was talking about.

Paul was stunned.  He blinked back tears and tried not to let anyone see how moved he was.  The rest of the class was divided.  There was a hushed silence and then whispers.  The girls were mostly smiling and then one of them started to applaud.  The other girls soon joined in and then the boys, some of whom clearly had no idea what they were applauding.

Mrs. Brooks cleared her throat and then said, “Alright boys and girls, calm down.”  She turned to Jennifer and said, “That wasnt quite what I had in mind but it was OK.”  She turned to another girl and told her to come up and try.

When Jennifer had returned to her seat next to Paul, he reached out and squeezed her hand.

She was glad Paul had gotten the message.  She leaned over so she could whisper into Pauls ear without being heard.  She waited until the teacher had her back turned.  “I meant every word. Im yours.”  She finally had come to terms with it in her mind.  She needed Paul.

Paul was once again deeply touched.  He started to let his mind drift.  The idea of Jennifer in chains, kneeling at his feet, was wonderful.  He turned to look at her.  She had accepted that he was truly her Master.  There were many things he wanted to try but, as the teacher droned on, he realized that he couldnt just be a king, he also had to deal with getting through school.

She didnt even hear what the next girls definition was but she knew it had more than likely been what the teacher was looking for.  “Whose house are we staying at tonight, your dads or mine?”  She didnt know what Paul wanted to do.

Paul continued to remain silent as he thought about it.  He wondered what his parents would think if he brought her home with him.  His mother hadnt said anything about him staying with her last night.  “Well go to my house tonight after school.  Its not like you need clothes or anything.”  He smiled at her.  “I think well keep you naked.”  Paul was getting hard just thinking about having her available for him to use any way he wanted.  He decided to take it very easy on her spankings for the rest of the day in school.  He wanted to really let her have it later and he didnt want to risk any injury.

Then the class was ended.  Once again the kids waited to touch her when she left the classroom but Paul stopped them.  They had music appreciation next which was a class that Paul really liked.  They both went in and sat down.

The teacher announced that he would like them to listen to some music but as Jennifer was supposed to appear before the class from time to time, he would like her to dance to the music in any way she wished.

The first time she went up she was nervous. She had never really danced, she was never big into it like most girls.  She merely tried to move to the beat but that wasnt what the teacher wanted.

“Jennifer, I told you to dance to the music not walk to it.”  She was embarrassed but knew she was going to be made to dance one way or another.

“I know, Sir but I dont actually know how to.”  This confused the teacher, everyone knew how in some form or another.

“You have to know how.  Do you need a reminder?”  She got what he meant and she didnt feel like being spanked.

“No, Sir but I do have an idea. If someone could dance with me I could try and follow along with them.”

The teacher turned his attention to the rest of the class. “You heard her, Im sure there is a volunteer out there.  Who would like to dance with Jennifer and give her a helping hand?

Jennifer waited to see how many hands would go up.

Paul raised his hand.  “Mr. Rushworth?  I have a suggestion.”  When the teacher invited him to go ahead, Paul said, “In our history class, we were talking about slavery.  I was reading on the Net about a dance called the whip dance that was used with slaves.  They didnt really use a whip, just a piece of something soft to symbolize it and then the slaves would dance to emulate being under the lash.  Suppose you have the girls undress and join Jennifer and the boys can all make lashes out of string and rulers and the girls can dance for us?”

There was a breathless silence as the entire class waited for the answer.  Then Mr. Rushworth said, “I think that is a capital idea, Paul.  Girls, you have a choice.  You do not have to participate in this project but if you do not, I will consider it lack of initiative and any girl who does not will be spanked and put to the head of the list for NUDEP.  So its up to you.”

The girls looked at each other absolutely horrified.  A few had accepted the likelihood that they would be enrolled in NUDEP eventually but hoped to put it off as long as possible.  Some of the others were ready to fight but as they saw their peers begin to stand up and unbutton and unzip, they sighed in resignation and decided it was much better to do it in a group than to be singled out the way Jennifer had been.  At least this way, the “whip” would be only pretend.

“Come on, girls, lets get going,” said Mr. Rushworth.

Dresses, tops and skirts began to come off as the boys watched, their mouths open and their eyes everywhere.  One girl asked if she had to remove her shoes and was told, “Everything off.”  The girls got down to just bras and panties and then there was a general hesitation.  Mr. Rushworth said, “The last girl to be naked will receive a spanking.”

Now the hesitation stopped for nearly all the girls except Betty.  She was bright red with embarrassment and couldnt bring herself to remove the bra from her very well developed chest.  She had the biggest pair of boobs in the class and was very self-conscious about them.  The last of the other girls slipped out of her panties and stood naked next to her desk and poor Betty was still in her bra and panties.

“Well,” said Mr. Rushworth, “it appears we have a reluctant young lady here.  I think that a bit of motivation will be good for you, especially since I am going to recommend you for NUDEP next week.  Now come over here.”

Jennifer was surprised by Pauls idea.  Jennifer looked around the room.  Most of the girls had complied with the teacher, mainly out of fear, she could tell.  She added up the number of kids in the room and it about came out even.  There were fourteen boys and seventeen girls.  It was a fairly large class but that would at least take the attention off her for awhile.

She knew the boys wouldnt mind having a few extra girls.  She didnt quite know how the dance went but hoped she could learn fast.  Jennifer glanced around the class as the rest of the girls finished undressing.  Some were more developed than she was and that she was happy about.  It would mean more eyes on them and less eyes on her.

She stopped looking around when she came across Betty.  They had once been good friends but with time came new friends.  Still, she didnt want to see her get spanked but knew now there was nothing she could do.

Jennifer made her way back to Bettys desk.  “You know, you should have just done as everyone else did.  It would have been a lot easier in the long run.”  She gave her silent friend a pat on the back.  “You need to go on up to the front before you make him more angry.”  Jennifer stepped back giving Betty a clear way to the front.

Betty couldnt stop wondering, Why me?   She was glad her old friend did show some concern about her situation.  Betty had stage fright.  She knew everyone was watching and waiting for her to move but she couldnt even feel her feet.

Betty wasnt moving fast enough for Mr. Rushworths taste.  “Jennifer, would you please help Betty down here.”

Jennifer looked from Mr. Rushworth to Paul then back to Betty.

“Yes, Sir”  Jennifer took Betty by her arm.  With a gentle push, she was able to get Betty moving.

Betty had finally gotten to the point where she was able to talk again.  She turned her head toward Jennifer, who was still leading her toward the front.  “Why are you taking me down there?  I thought we were friends!”

Jennifer felt hurt when she heard her friends angry tone.  “We were friends.  Not that we arent now, just we separated.  As for why Im taking you down there, I have to.  I cant disobey an order from a teacher or from Paul.  That would only lead me into more trouble.  If I hadnt done it then we both would have been in more trouble.”

Once at the front, Jennifer let go of Bettys arm.  “Here she is, Sir.” and she stepped back, walking toward where Paul sat.

Betty could feel her eyes starting to swell.  She knew what she had done to herself by not doing what Mr. Rushworth said.  “Please dont turn me in to the program.  Please!  I promise, it wont happen again.”  Even as she said those words. she knew it was a lie.  She couldnt fully undress in front of all these people.

“Now, Betty,” said Mr. Rushmore.  “Take off your bra and panties so you can get your spanking.”

Bettys eyes filled with tears.  She just couldnt bring herself to strip naked in front of the class.  All of the boys were watching and she could feel their eyes on her.  She tried to cover up even more, covering herself with her arms.

“Betty,” said Mr. Rushmore, “if you dont do as I say, right now, I am going to ask the boys in the class to help me.”

Betty yelled, “NO!  No, you cant do that.”  She started to dash out of the classroom but the rest of the class moved in the way of the door and she couldnt get out.  She started to panic and tried to push through the crowd but the teacher was insisting that the boys in the class hold her.  Betty struggled and found herself in the grip of a dozen enthusiastic adolescent boys who were pulling on her skimpy undergarments, eager to see her stripped.  A final shriek greeted the loss of her bra and panties as they were pulled off in shreds.  Naked, she was handed back to Mr. Rushmore.

The teacher got a good grip on her arms and pulled her, still struggling, over his lap.

“NO!” Betty yelled again as she tried to put a hand up to ward off the impending spanking but Mr. Rushmore simply grabbed both of her wrists in his strong hands and pulled them up on her back.  Then he started to spank as the poor girl kicked her legs and squirmed.

Jennifer just stood back and shook her head.  She leaned her head towards Paul so she could whisper without being heard.  “If she had given in, it would have been so much easier on her.  Now she is going to have a week of what would have only lasted a little while.”  She turned back towards Betty and watched as she got what Jennifer had received several times already.

Betty was at a loss for words. She no longer knew what to say.  Everything she had believed about school rules and policies had just been torn to shreds.  She had resorted to trying to kick or hit her way off of his lap.  She couldnt do much, though, with her hands being held, but she was doing the most she could.

She knew she would be laughed at for the rest of her school life, or at least that is how she felt.  She had never been so humiliated in her life.  “Stop it!  You have no right to hit me!”  Tears had started to run down her face as she could no longer fight back.

“No right?” said Mr. Rushworth.  “Well Betty, I think this has just moved up to the level of defiance.  I am going to deal with you tomorrow.  I want you to think about that.”  With that, the teacher smacked the paddle down hard on the students quickly reddening bottom.

Betty thought her bottom was on fire.  Tears were flowing freely now as she tried to cope.  She no longer cared about being seen naked.  All she wanted was for the spanking to stop.  She started to apologize but it didnt do any good.  She was totally helpless.  Then a miraculous transformation started to occur.  She had no idea why but her very helplessness seemed to be putting her in another place and time.

She no longer could feel the students around her.  The emotions she had been feeling seemed to fade away.  Even the noise the class was producing seem to quiet down in her mind. She didnt know what it was but it felt strange.  On the one hand, she wanted the spanking to end but on the very dominant other hand, she wanted it to continue, she wanted to keep the feeling she now had.

Then, as if a shock occurred, she came back into reality.  She knew the spanking would soon end but she didnt care.  She tried to think of a way to make him continue without really getting herself in trouble but was coming up empty.  She knew, if she did something really bad or even a little bad, he would refer her to the program.

Mr. Rushworth could sense Betty responding to his spanking.  He was a bit stunned.  Her reaction wasnt at all what he expected.  He gave her a few final swats but then he stopped.  She looked at him strangely as he helped her to stand.  “Betty, I will see you after school, is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now that you are ready to cooperate... You ARE ready to cooperate?”  he asked.

Betty had no idea what was taking over in her mind but she was ready.  Then as she thought about dancing for the boys watching, she felt a blush come over her but at the same time she found herself tremendously aroused.  And then her very arousal embarrassed her and that aroused her even more.  But what could she do? she thought.

“Yes sir, I will cooperate.”  She felt tears come again and she had absolutely no idea why.

She joined the other girls and Mr. Rushmore put on some music with a strong, pounding beat.

“Girls,” said Mr. Rushworth, “you will dance and you will keep your hands above the level of your shoulders at all times.”

The girls began to dance as best they could.

Jennifer really didnt know how the dance was meant to look, but, as she looked around, she realized all the girls were as clueless as she was.  All had their hands above their head doing whatever they thought would get the most, or least, attention, depending on who it was.

She noticed Betty was really getting into the spirit of it.  She drew in most of the attention and, for some odd reason, that made Jennifers stomach twist.  She wanted some attention as well.  She was so used to having it now, she was afraid of losing it.

Jennifer was at a huge disadvantage from not knowing any dances but knew she had to do something to draw the attention back to her.  She threw together a random concoction of different dance moves that she hoped would draw her more attention.

She had lost track of Paul.  She didnt know what he was doing or where he was.  It was now a battle.  She wanted the boys watching her but knew that would be a challenge with Betty giving it her all.

Paul was fascinated by watching all the girls struggling.  None of them had any idea what to do but it was still fascinating to see the girls he had gone to class with now standing there showing their all.

Mr. Rushmore let things go on like this for only a couple of minutes.  Then he said, “Alright guys, now this is the whip dance.  Paul, I know about this so let me instruct.  You boys arent going to use real whips, just the props that you have.  What I want you to do is move around and use the whips liberally to get the girls to move how you want them to.

“Girls, when you feel the stoke of the mock whip, just react to it as if it were a real whip.  Writhe in pain and try harder to please the one who is guiding you.”

The boys quickly got the idea and began to enthusiastically flail their harmless whips.  The girls, realizing they were not actually going to be hurt, responded by acting as if they were being tortured.  At first the whips fell on the girls backs but then the boys got smarter and began to focus on other areas.  The girls then responded by rubbing the areas hit and things progressed from there.

Paul was moving around until he saw Jennifer looking at him.  Something clicked when she caught his eye.  They looked at each other and then moved together.  Jennifer started to dance as erotically as she could to hold Pauls attention and Paul was caught in her spell, not paying any more attention to anyone else.

Jennifer gave up the fight with Betty and focused her sight back on Paul.  She knew Betty was the sure winner in the battle but knew she still had one fan and she wasnt about to lose him.  She kept her sights set on Paul and what he wanted.  She reacted to each strike much more dramatically and it gave it that much more pull.

She began to pick up the pace of her moves. She only let her hands fall when she was hit by the “whip”. She knew the idea behind this wasnt so much music appreciation as it was entertainment. She really didnt care though. She was having the time of her life.

Meanwhile, Betty found herself copying the others.  Two boys struck her breasts and she began to rub them as if they were sore.  She started to draw more attention and the others became jealous.  The girls tried to outdo each other in drawing attention from the boys.  Betty had never experienced anything like this and it was arousing her.  To her surprise, she started to imagine what it would be like if the whips were real.  She really had no idea why but the idea was intriguing her.  She realized she was getting wet.

She had only felt this way one other time in her life.  She remembered back when she and her boyfriend almost went the full mile.  She was so turned on by him that she couldnt refuse him.  At the same time, she couldnt allow him to go the whole way.  Then she felt she would be living a lie, that she would no longer be the angel her parents pictured her to be.

The memory of that night aroused her further and she was reaching the breaking point.  She had to get out of the room before she embarrassed herself.  She looked over at the door and knew she couldnt just run out, she had already tried that.

She turned her sights to the teacher. “Mr. Rushmore, can I please go to the bathroom.  Its an emergency.”

Mr. Rushmore had been keeping an eye on her and knew why she wanted to leave and he knew a way to make it happen.  “If you have to go that bad I will allow you under one condition.”

Jennifers eyes widened; she had a gut feeling she wasnt going to like this.

“You will come over my knee right now and receive another spanking.”

“Mr. Rushmore, I dont think I can hold it that long.”

“You better.  Wet my floor and we will both be having some problems to deal with.”  He patted his knee for her to come over.

She knew if this spanking did anything to her like the last one did, she was going to explode.

The teacher took the naked girl over his lap.  Paul watched closely, riveted on the scene.  Mr. Rushmore knew how aroused the girl was.  He adjusted her a bit higher on his lap.  The whip dance had come to an end as everyone focused on the spanking about to begin.  Jennifer, to her surprise and confusion, was upset that she was no longer the focus of attention.

Mr. Rushmore began by gently rubbing Jennifers sensitive ass.  She whimpered because it was further adding to her arousal.  Boldly, the teacher put his hand between her legs, pushing her right leg out to separate them.  In doing so, he brushed against her already wet pussy.  Jennifer managed to suppress a moan.  He raised his hand and slapped it smartly against one cheek.  She braced herself but the teacher went back to rubbing her gently.  This made it worse.  She knew she couldnt hold out much longer.

Jennifer tried to put herself somewhere else.  She couldnt go on like this and she didnt know any way out of it.  She held her breath and tried to picture herself in her room, by herself, laying on her bed.  It didnt work, the feelings were too strong for her to ignore them. What made it worst was the mixture of pain and pleasure.

She played it over in her mind.  She knew it would be so much easier if he just did one or the other.  If he spanked her she would feel the pain and be done with it but what he was doing was making her feel both the pain and the pleasure of the situation.

She could no longer really tell the difference between him rubbing her or him hitting her.  She had fallen so deeply into it that the feelings were running together, just giving her one steady stream of pleasure rather than jolts of both.

Mr. Rushmore continue to carefully and delicately mix pain and pleasure, hoping that they would run together and the girl would lose the ability to discern the difference.  He knew this would not only intensify the experience for her but would very likely be so addictive that it would carry over for Paul as well.  After all, he was a teacher and his job was to help his students grow.

She had to find a way to calm herself down.  She knew deep down there wasnt a way but her conscious mind had to find a way.  With one last smack from his hand, Jennifer grabbed onto his leg.  She held on as tightly as she could, not caring if it was uncomfortable for him or not.

The teacher felt her suddenly grip his leg with a tremendous strength.  It hurt and in retaliation, he smacked her even harder, trying to make her let go.

After several deep, short, breaths she gave in.  It was not as powerful as the one Paul had given her that morning but was a rival nonetheless.  She had learned from her earlier mistake and knew this time not to fail in her job.  Between breaths she called out what everyone already knew to be true.  “Im cumming.”

Mr. Rushmore heard her announce her climax.  He had been hoping she would forget but she remembered just in time.  As she relaxed her grip on his leg, he gave her a few final, lighter swats.

The teacher kept her over his lap for a few moments, letting her breathing slow and then he helped her up.  When she rose, he saw that his pants were now soaked with her fluids.

She didnt know if Mr. Rushmore considered that wetting his floor but thought it couldnt hurt to offer an apology to him.  “Im sorry. I didnt mean to.  I mean I had to.

She was surprised.  She couldnt really remember a spanking from a teacher that didnt leave her in tears, this one just made her ready for the rest of the day.  It restored her energy.

Betty watched but she wanted to have her share too.  Boldly she exclaimed, “You cant do that to her.  It isnt fair.”  Everyone turned to look at her.

Mr. Rushmore stared at her.  He knew what was going on.  “Paul,” he said, “Since I am dealing with Jennifer and, you might say, my lap is full, would you please take care of Betty?”  He hesitated a moment and then added, “And the rest of you boys might as well introduce the girls to what the experience is like.”

Betty witnessed the mass scramble as the room divided. The chosen were led back to desks in the back, so they thought they could get away with more than just a spanking if they wanted to. The few girls that were left over huddled in the corner with each other.

 Mr. Rushmore had an idea that might just work. He had meant for the entire class to be spanked or do the spanking. He didnt plan on anyone missing out. He didnt want to single anyone out but was going to make an indirect statement that would be directed at them.

 ”Anyone who is not picked for the boy/girl match up may pair with whoever is left. And by may I mean will.” He didnt leave much room for choice. The few that werent chosen formed into two pairs. Mr. Rushmore once again had an idea. He pointed his finger at the two double girls groups and motioned for them to come to his desk. “All of you will be spanked but you will have the privilege of giving a spanking. I want each of you to spank your partner and, once you have completed that, I want you to switch places and give the spanked a chance to get their revenge. Now this only applies to you two groups, no one else.”

 Betty watched as the two groups walked back to their corner, deciding who would go first. She was drawn back to Paul with a quick smack on her bottom. He had meant to regain her attention since she had seemed to wonder off.

 ”Sorry.” She saw he was already lying down in position. She had laid herself across his lap. She was more aroused by this spanking than she had ever been in her life. The idea of someone her own age behind the wheel just thrilled her. She braced herself and waited for his first move.

Jennifer really didnt know what was going on with the rest of the class.  She apparently hadnt heard Mr. Rushmores mass spanking order.  She was too caught up in her own events.  She was still over his lap but was looking around the room.  Half the faces were faces of pain and joy.  More pain than joy for it was there first time and most of them, more than likely, had never been spanked in their life.

There was a mad scramble and then all of the girls in the class found themselves over male laps.  The few girls who were not chosen were mortified.  Tears streamed down their cheeks.  They, too, longed to find themselves over a male lap, having their bottoms smacked.  None of them really understood why.  They just knew something in them had been awakened and they all wanted to fit in with the group even as they were simultaneously horrified and embarrassed to death.

As Jennifer looked across the room, her eyes landed squarely on Paul and the bouncing package in his lap.  She felt a strong rush of jealousy, seeing Betty across his lap.  She felt that was not her place to be there.  She felt betrayed.  She knew Paul was doing what he was supposed to do but that didnt help anything.

She felt as if it should be her over Pauls lap, not Betty.  With all of her emotions mixing, she felt herself start to cry.  She wiped the tears away, to keep anyone from seeing.  She turned her head away from Paul.  She felt as if her heart had broken.

Paul saw Jennifer start to cry again and knew what she was feeling.  A surge of anger went though him as he tried to decide what to do about it.

“Jennifer,” he called.  “Come over here.”

Jennifer looked startled but obediently came over.

Paul looked at her intently.  “Do you belong to me?”

She nodded.

“Then just stay here, youre next.”

Paul turned his attention to the girl who was over his lap.  Just as he had seen Mr. Rushmore do, he began by rubbing the girls bottom.  He was immensely gratified by her low moan.  Then he smacked her sharply.

She jerked and said, “Ow!”

The reaction delighted Paul.  Experimentally, he smacked her again a couple of times.  Then, once again copying his teacher, he began to rub her bottom.  He saw Jennifer watching him intently, not sure how she was taking all this.  Then he returned to his task of spanking Betty.  He began a slow but steady rhythm of slaps but didnt go too long without stopping and rubbing her now pink bottom.  He glanced up again at Jennifer.

As Paul was spanking Betty, Jennifer was trying to think of new ways to try and please Paul.  She was happy he had taken notice of her and was glad he had called her to be by his side.  Then the same idea came that had crossed her mind already once this morning but she hadnt really considered it.

She knew Paul liked to give spankings but wondered if he would enjoy watching one.  She knew she wouldnt be good at it but figured she had enough first-hand experience to do it if Paul was interested.

Jennifer looked down at Betty who really seemed to be enjoying herself.  She lowered herself close to Pauls ear so only he could hear her and, maybe Betty, if she tried hard enough to listen.  “Do you want me to try Master?”  She knew he had told her only to call him that in private but knew no one was around who could really hear.

Paul paused in his spanking of Betty and thought about it for a few seconds.  He decided that he loved the idea but he wanted to finish first himself.  “Yes,” he said, “that would be great.  Let me do a little more and then its your turn.”

Betty heard and turned back frantically.  “NO!” she cried.

“You have nothing to say about it,” Paul told her.  He glanced around the room and saw that everyone was either spanking or being spanked.  His cock was hard and he wanted a release himself.  He wondered if he could get Betty to squirm enough on his lap to get him to cum.  He decided to try.  He picked up both the pace and the strength of the smacks he was giving to her bottom.  His hand was starting to hurt but he didnt care anymore.

Betty didnt understand it at all but she was enjoying this.  She just didnt want to be spanked by anyone else, just Paul.  He liked the idea that she had taken Paul away from Jennifer even if it was only for a few minutes.  Then he started to spank her much harder and faster and all she wanted to do was get away.  It was too hard.  She started to cry and kick and squirm but Paul was holding her too tightly.  Then something happened.  The pain started to become an intense sensation that was building her desire.  She was already aroused and she knew if he kept this up, she was going to cum just as Jennifer had but she no longer cared.

Betty began making gurgling gasps and cries as Paul began to reach his own climax.  The spasms and hip thrusting for them both came at the same time as each of them was wracked by spasms of pleasure.  Paul stopped spanking as their breathing returned to normal but Betty wanted more.  She continued to squirm over his lap, frustrated that she couldnt have another one.  Paul gave her an annoyed smack and told her to stand up.

Crossly, Betty did as she was told and then threw her arms around Paul, ignoring Jennifer.  Paul pushed her back and said, “You arent done yet.  Jennifer is going to spank you.”

“NO!” Betty said again.  “She cant do that.”

“Oh yes she can.  I said so,” Paul ordered.

Just then the bell rang, signaling the end of the class.

Betty stamped her foot, in frustration, making her large breasts jiggle enticingly.

Most of the class started to dress as quickly as they could.

“Mr. Rushmore,: Paul called.  “Can I keep Betty for the rest of the day?”

Once again there was an anguished “NO!” from Betty.

“I think thats an excellent idea.  Betty, you are in Pauls care for the rest of the day.  You are not in NUDEP, at least today, so you are not subject to the rules but it will be a good experience for you.”

“You cant, you dont have my parents permission,” she protested.

“You are absolutely right,” came the reply.  “Now I can call them in which case you go into NUDEP immediately, if they agree, or you can just do the rest of the day and see.  What do you want to do?”

Betty didnt know what to really say.  The thought of Paul spanking her more today thrilled her to no end, but the thought of Jennifer even laying a hand on her repulsed her.  She knew if he called her parents and explained the situation, she would be entered in NUDEP immediately.  She gave a brief mental sigh when she knew she would have to agree.

At least, she thought, it wouldnt be as bad as being in NUDEP.  With a quick nod she agreed to follow Paul.  “Ill go with him under one condition, Jennifer is not allowed to even touch me.”

Mr. Rushmore had already seen that one coming from her earlier reactions.  “Thats not your call to make.  Since you just agreed Paul now has control over you, if he sees it fit for you to be spanked, he can do it in any manner that pleases him.  Am I understood?”

She stomped her foot again, this time with more force.  “Ok, whatever.  Do I at least get to get dressed again?”

“Again thats not my call.  As I said, Paul has control of you until school ends.”

Betty was beginning to hate the idea of losing so much power, even for a day.  She had spent her life controlling herself, she didnt want to give it up.  At the same time, a strange, subconscious urge drove to her do as she was told.  With that, she turned to Paul.

“So can I or not?”

Paul was beginning to ride a crest of delight.  To have one girl, Jennifer, who he was growing more and more fond of, totally in his power was wonderful but to have Betty, with her wonderfully delicious body, also under his authority was beyond belief.  “No you can NOT get dressed,” he said firmly.  “And you are going to do as I say.  Jennifer is going to spank you later.  You have it coming.”

“Why?” she whined.  “Cant you do it?”

“Oh I am going to do it, too.  Count on it.  But first you are going to be spanked by Jennifer.”

Betty was horrified.  She turned around and made a face at Jennifer and stuck her tongue out.  Paul saw it and gave her bottom a smack.  Betty jumped and squealed and put her hands back to protect her sore bottom.  Jennifer just smiled.  She realized how much Paul was going to enjoy this and she found herself more and more drawn into doing whatever her Master wanted.

Betty was in a turmoil.  She just didnt know what had gotten into her.  It was like hidden desires had been stirred up and were taking over.  She wanted desperately to get dressed and she envied Jennifers calm acceptance of her nudity.  Betty tried to cover herself with her arms but it was doing very little good.  Paul started to tell her to put her arms down and then decided it would be more fun to watch her useless struggle.

Chapter Eleven

Ménage à Trois

Paul led his two charges into the hall.  Jennifer asked him what class was next and he told them it was math.  Betty made another face.  She hated math.  Paul told them that after math they had lunch and then study hall.  He intended to take care of Bettys spanking by Jennifer in study hall but she didnt have to know that yet.  He wondered what her parents would say when they found out.

The three of them headed off for the next class.

Jennifer let Paul take lead, lost in his thoughts of all the possibilities he had available to him.  Jennifer slowed down, letting Paul get a still greater lead.  She wanted to have a word or two with Betty and would rather Paul not hear.  She pulled on Bettys arm rather hard and forced her to slow down with her.

She waited until she could talk without Paul hearing her.  She knew it wouldnt be long before Paul realized they had slowed down.  Still walking, Jennifer started talking to Betty.  “I wanted to get a few things clear.  I was here first.  That means I WILL hold authority over you.  Not only will you do what Paul says but, when he isnt around, you will do as I say.”

Betty opened her mouth to protest but Jennifer quickly covered it with her own hand.  “Dont even think about biting me, I will see to it youre in the program today.  If you are put into the program tomorrow, I already know youre going to ask for Paul as your buddy.  I also know he will accept.  Now if you breathe a word of this to Paul, I can and will make your life a living hell.”  Jennifer released her hand and started walking faster to catch up with Paul.

Betty was fuming.  She didnt know what Jennifer could do to make her life worse that wouldnt make Jennifers own life worse.  She was thinking if she should tell Paul what Jennifer said.  She decided she would wait until she could get Paul alone.  She hoped it would pull him more towards her and less towards Jennifer.  She wanted all the attention she could get from Paul.

As the three of them walked into the math class, Mr. Baxter looked up in surprise at two naked girls walking in.  “Betty?  I didnt know you were in NUDEP, too?”

Betty made a sour face.  “Im not.  That Mr. Rushmore made me spend the rest of today like this.”

Mr. Baxter laughed.  “Good idea.  Well you can help Jennifer out today.  I was going to use her as a model for geometry review.”

He handed both girls papers and asked them to pass them out.  Jennifer was used to the procedure and let each of the students get a good, close-up look at her but Betty was very upset.  She tried to turn away as she passed out the papers but Mr. Baxter intervened.  “Betty, you will let each of the students have a good close look or you are going over my knee.”

“I am NOT in DUDEP.  I TOLD YOU THAT.  Its not fair,” she shouted at him.

“Young lady, I decide whats fair in my class.  Now come up here.”

Reluctantly, Betty walked up to him as slowly as she could.  The teacher wasted no time.  She found herself drawn over his lap and in seconds her bottom stuck up and his hand was coming down hard and fast.

“OW!  OW! OUCH!  Stop!  Not so hard!”

She soon found a big difference between the erotic spanking she had been given before and the punishment spanking she was getting now.  She tried to reach back and cover up but he took her wrist and held it on her back.  He continued to smack her until she dissolved into tears.  “Now, are you ready to behave?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” she managed to sob out.

He let her stand up and she resumed passing out the papers but she made no attempt to hide.  When one of the boys reached for a feel, the teacher intervened.  “No touching,” he ordered.

The two girls were then told to stand in the front of the room where they were told to put their hands on their heads.  Mr. Baxter then took one of Bettys large breasts, pulling it out slightly by grasping her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  “Note the approximate size of this breast,” he told the class.  Then he did the same thing with Jennifers much smaller breast.  Now class, assume that each breast is a perfect cone.  How would you determine the difference in size?”

The rest of the class wrote down the formulas as the teacher used various parts of the girls bodies to illustrate both different geometric shapes and the differences between them.  Bettys face flamed with embarrassment and, to her horror, she also found herself getting aroused.  When the teacher talked about depth and stuck a finger in her pussy she shuddered and the class burst out in laughter as they recognized her reaction.

Jennifer was having fun with this experience.  Since Betty was more developed than she was, Betty was the one to be picked.  This left Jennifer with a good source of entertainment.  She had grown used to all the stares and the teachers actions but knew Betty was going to have it harder than she did.  Her figure just begged for it.

While Bettys face was turning a dark red from embarrassment and pleasure, Jennifer was doing her best to keep her face from turning red from laughter. She wanted to just let loose and laugh her heart out but knew that wouldnt go over well. Betty was proving to be the best source of entertainment Jennifer had had in a while.

Jennifer was beginning to realize that embarrassment turned Betty on. She had a weakness for it. Jennifer played over in her head how she could use that to her advantage in the future.

What Jennifer wasnt willing to admit was that Bettys actions and embarrassment, to her own embarrassment, was starting to arouse her.  She didnt know how that was possible and chose to ignore it.

Jennifer began questioning herself.  If asked she would deny it, of course, but she tried to figure out what exactly was arousing her.  All she knew was that it was happening.  She wondered it Betty was feeling the same thing.

She took her mind off Betty and decided to look around the room.  She knew everyone was enjoying the show.  Mr. Baxter must have realized he had lost her attention and she felt a hard smack against her sore bottom.  Jennifer jumped forward a bit but moved back in place.

The class seemed to find that amusing.  “Jennifer, this is your second day right?  You should know better by now, you always pay attention to the teacher.”

Jennifer got the blunt force of his point and put her attention back on him.

Pauls attention was riveted on what was going on.  Both girls attracted him but in very different ways.  Jennifer was much more elegant and smarter than Betty but Betty was so sensitive and so obviously embarrassed that he just loved it.  Plus she had an incredible figure.  He decided that he would set up a hierarchical arrangement with him in charge, of course, and then let Jennifer be  in charge of Betty.  Plus, it would be all the more humiliating for Jen to let Betty occasionally get her revenge.

Then he realized that at the end of the day, it would all end.  A surge of disappointment went through him.  Well, he would enjoy it while he could.  Lunch was next.  Paul smiled.  He knew just how he wanted to handle lunch.

Mr. Baxter saw the smile and asked him, “Paul?  Whats on your mind?”

Just then the bell rang and the teacher said, “Never mind.  Class dismissed.”

Chapter Twelve


Paul gathered up his charges and had them carry his books and supplies.  The students were more used to the girls with him now and no one attempted to molest either girl but there was a lot of ogling going on.

They headed down to the lunchroom where Paul found his best friend Jerry.  “Hey Jer,” he called.  “How about a really special lunch?”

“Sure,” the boy replied.  “What did you have in mind?”

Paul called Jennifer and Betty over.  “Hands on your heads, girls.  Now turn slowly and show Jerry what youve got.”

Betty blushed again and, try as she might, could not help the bolt of pure lust that flashed through her.  She put her hands on her head and the movement made her breasts jiggle.  That got Jerrys attention. 

Seeing this, Jennifer decided to give a little wriggle as she turned slowly and heard a gasp from everyone watching.  Betty caught it too and shimmied so that the jiggling increased.  There was a hushed silence in the lunchroom as more and more students came to witness the silent, unspoken competition.

Paul realized what was going on and was about to stop it when he had a stroke of brilliance.  “Sexiest girl gets a kiss and the loser gets a spanking from the winner.”  He smiled triumphantly.

Jennifer made a silent vow that she would not lose to Betty.  Noticing Betty was picking up her stride, Jennifer knew she would have to do something more to attract their attention.  Betty was a sure win if this continued.

Remembering the slave dance she knew she could win if she tried. Since Betty could give more of a jiggle for the boys she knew she would have to add more action.  Jennifer started rotating her hips as she turned, trying to induce more people to watch her.

Betty was confident she could win as this, she knew her figure outdid Jennifers.  She decided there wasnt any need for her to try and dance, just add more of a jiggle to her turns.

Jennifer kept her dance up, making it as seductive as she could, hoping that would draw more attention.  After about five minutes, she heard Paul call their competition to an end. Jennifer and Betty stood completely still.

Almost in unison they asked “Who won?”  They both wanted to be the winner and neither wanted to be the loser.

Paul looked at them both, savoring the moment.  This was real power.  “Betty,” he hesitated again and continued, “you cant be sexy unless you put yourself into it.  You have a gorgeous body but you dont know how to use it.”

Bettys mouth dropped open in outrage.  She started to sputter but Paul didnt give her a chance. 

“Jennifer has won and she gets the hug,”  Paul said.  He stood up and took Jennifer in his arms.  She melted against him, thrilled not only that she had pleased him but that she had won over Betty.  Paul held her close for a long enough moment that she relaxed with her head against his shoulder.  Then she turned with a spiteful smile and looked at Betty expectantly.

As she was wont to do, Betty stamped her foot and pouted.  She had no idea how much that was thrilling Paul.  He could hardly wait to see her over Jennifers lap.

Betty grumbled but she didnt dare object openly.  Finally she just hung her head and waited to be told what to do.

Paul took over.  “Jen, sit over here and take this naughty little girl over your lap for a very sound spanking.  First with your hand, and dont hold back, and then with something else.”  He tried to figure out what to use when he spotted a big serving spatula.  He went over, snatched it and returned.  “You can use this to finish.  Ill hold it for you until you are ready.”

The kids in the lunchroom gathered around closer to watch the fun.  Many of the girls were surprised at how much they envied Jennifer and Betty.  A few looked questioningly at their own boyfriends.

This was the moment Jennifer had been waiting for.  She looked straight into Bettys eyes and gave her a smug smile of satisfaction.  They had their unspoken conversation and then Jennifer broke the silence.  “I told you, didnt I?”  She took her seat and patted her lap.  “Remember what I said and remember it to the last word.  Now come over here.”

Jennifer knew her words were only making Betty more and more frustrated and angry.  That would only make what came next that much sweeter.  She saw Betty wasnt moving. “Now!”

That made Betty angrier but she knew that delaying would only make it worse.

She again stomped her foot.  “Why does everyone get to watch?”

“Because thats what Paul chose.  If you havent already figured it out, your choice doesnt matter.  Last time Im telling you.  Over here!”

Betty was furious.  Now that Jennifer was her rival, she couldnt stand the thought of her having any authority over her but she knew Paul told her she would get to.  With a last defiant stomp, she moved her way to Jennifer.

Jennifer wasnt going to force her over her lap; she was going to make it that much harder on Betty.  She was going to force her to lay herself down and accept it.

Betty saw this and knew every action so far was intended to upset her.  She wasnt going to give Jennifer the satisfaction of seeing her mad.  She complied and lay down over Jennifers lap.

Jennifer wanted her to feel her control.  She thought for a second on how she could do that.  If she asked Paul to hold her arms, that wouldnt do it.  Then she had an idea.

She knew Paul would go along with it as long as it didnt affect her spanking.  “Anyone want to volunteer to hold her hands and feet.”  Of course, as she expected, several male hands went up. “Im looking for two girls, no offence.”

It just so happened there were two girls who were willing to do it who werent far away. They both took their positions and Jennifer once again loved the feeling of control it gave her.

“Hold her still, this is going to hurt.”  Jennifer began her assault with her bare hand.  She didnt plan on going easy.  She wanted Betty to know she meant every word she said and was going to keep to it.

Jennifer could feel Betty starting to squirm.  “A little tighter, shes moving up here,” she instructed the two girls.

Betty was squirming harder and harder.  She didnt like this spanking.  It was pain, not pleasure.  She wanted it to end.  Her not even able to move her legs or her arms only added to her helplessness.  Strangely, all of this was starting to arouse her further.  She liked the feeling of helplessness.

Jennifer continued until her hand was sore and her palm almost as red as Bettys bottom.

Bettys ass was on fire and she could no longer choke back the tears.  “OWWWW!  Please!  Im sorry.  Ouch!  Please stop.  Pleeeeese!  Youre killing me.”  She started crying more and more.  “It hurts!”  She tried desperately to pull her hands away but the girls were holding on too tight.  Worse, the more Jennifer spanked, the more it was arousing her.  She hoped Paul wouldnt notice, she would die of embarrassment.

Finally Paul said, “Betty, are you ready to behave?”

Jennifer stopped the spanking long enough to give her a chance to answer.

“Yes, sir.  Please stop.”

Jennifer smacked her again, hard and whispered in her ear, “Call him Master.”

“OW!!!  OW, OW, OW!  Yes, Master.  Ill behave.”

Paul motioned for the girls to let her go.  Jennifer couldnt resist giving her one last smack and Paul told her to stop.  Betty got up painfully.  Paul told her to thank Jennifer for spanking her.

Betty was about to refuse when she realized what that would cost her and she said to Jennifer, “Thank you for spanking me.”

“Now give her a hug,” Paul ordered.

There were whistles and catcalls as Betty put her arms around Jennifer and gave her a hug.  To Jennifers surprise, it was genuine.

“Now me,” said Paul.

This time Betty hesitated.  Then she threw her arms around him with complete abandon and Paul had to push her gently to let go.

Paul turned to Jerry.  “The girls are going to serve us.”  Then he said to Jennifer and Betty, “You girls are going to get us lunch and serve it.  You can eat when we are done.  Any time we are not completely satisfied, you will get a smack on the bottom.”  he looked at them standing there listening.  “Go on, go get it.”  Then he and Jerry sat down.

The crowd started to drift away but to his surprise, Paul saw a number of other couples where the boys sat down and the girls, while still clothed, went off to fetch lunch.

Jennifer knew things were changing the school.  They were crossing boundaries that no one before would have dared even to think of.  Jennifer loved the idea.  They were the trend setters for their generation.  They had unlocked so many hidden doors in so many people that things would never be the same.

Jennifer played with that idea in her mind.  She knew each day, more and more people would succumb to their hidden desires and become as she now felt.  Jennifer then looked over at Betty.  She made the whole thing even better.  She not only had a Master but a fellow slave.

Now that Jennifer knew how things stood between her and Betty had been mostly settled and knowing how Paul also stood on the position, she could do more things with Betty without as much force.  She knew Betty was looking for the same kind of acceptance from Paul that Jennifer already had.

“You can serve Paul, she said to Betty.  “This is a one time thing, so you better not screw it up.”

Betty loved the idea.  She thought for-sure she was going to be forced to serve Jerry.  “I wonder what they would like to have?”

Jennifer looked at all the choices.  There were several stands still open.  “Ummm... do-da-do.... Lets try that line, it usually has good food.”  Jennifer led the way to the line.  The crowd had mostly passed and there wasnt much of a wait.

Betty looked over the different options.  “What does Paul like?”

Jennifer blushed as she thought about that morning and last night.  “A lot of things but you know as much about the food as I do.  Im going to get Jerry the chili.  Hopefully hell like it.”

Betty once again looked it over.  “Chili, hot dog, or chicken?”  She ended up picking the chili as well, hoping if one liked it they both would.

They gathered the needed utensils and made their way back to the table.  Before they got there, Jennifer stopped, and, in response, Betty stopped as well.  “Youre enjoying every minute of this arent you?  You dont understand why yet and, truly, even I dont.  I might have a better understanding but neither one of us truly knows why we do.  We just do because thats what feels natural to us.”

Bettys face turned a bright red.  She didnt know if she was supposed to answer or remain silent.  She chose the easy way out and continued her way to the table.  “Here...” She paused for a minute and looked back at Jennifer.  She didnt feel comfortable but Jennifer gave her a nod to go ahead and do it.  “Here...”  She lowered her voice so less people could hear her “Master.”

Jennifer was proud.  Betty was catching on fast, but still had many things she needed to learn.  “Here you go...”  Jennifer tried to think of what to call Jerry and was coming up empty.  She decided to leave it without a name.

As Jennifer leaned slightly over the table, her breasts dangling, Jerry desperately wanted to feel her.  He glanced at Paul for permission with a pleading look and Paul, knowing exactly what was going on in his mind, motioned for him to go ahead.  Jerry immediately reached out and very gently fondled Jennifer.  Meanwhile, Paul was doing the same thing with Betty.

The boys soon tore themselves away to eat.  Paul ordered Betty to get them another soda and Jerry wanted more napkins.  Both boys immensely enjoyed being catered to and the girls found themselves enjoying it as well.  As Jennifer stepped away, one of the girls she knew, Joan, came up to her.

“Jen,” she said in a low voice.  “I dont know whats gotten into Scott lately.  We had a date last night and he spanked me.”  Then she smiled with an embarrassed look.  “I liked it.  I fought but I really wanted him to pull my skirt up and take my panties down.  I just wanted you to know that most of the girls are really behind you all the way.  We know its embarrassing as anything to have to walk around naked but a lot of us are secretly looking forward to having our chance.”

Joan patted her on the shoulder.  “I just wanted you to know.”

Betty, meanwhile, was drawing stares from most of the males.  She could feel her face turning red again and worse, she could feel herself getting wet, too.  If she started to drip, she would just die of embarrassment.  She put her hand over her pussy but when she went back with the drink, she realized she was calling more attention to herself than if she just acted normally.  She decided to stand up straight and just march back.  When she did this, however, she thrust out her chest and started to walk with a wriggle that caused a momentary silence in the room as she caught every eye.

Paul couldnt resist.  He reached out and grabbed Betty between the legs and squeezed.  While it didnt hurt, it still surprised and outraged her and in reflex, she tossed the soda at Paul.  He just looked at her, soda dripping from his face.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was glad Joan and a lot of other girls were behind her. That helped reinforce the thoughts that were passing through her mind, that THEY were reforming the school.  The program wasnt reforming her, she was reforming the school with the help of Paul.  Then she thought, without Paul none of this would have ever happened.  She would still be in the program but just as a spanking doll for the teachers and whoever needed to remove some anger during the day.

Jennifer quickly swiped the napkins and made her way back to the table.  She stopped and saw Betty back at the soda machine.  It didnt take a genius to tell she was trying to hide something and Jennifer had a pretty good idea what that something was.

Jennifer looked over at Paul then back down at the napkins.  “I think Im going to need more.”  She turned back around to grab some more to prevent a second trip later.  On her way back to the stand, she passed by Betty, who was still acting strangely.  Jennifer knew she would have to talk with her later, give her some tips on how to go MOSTLY undetected.

After grabbing another handful of napkins, she turned around to head back to the table.  Jennifer turned around just in time to see Pauls face covered in soda.  Jennifer couldnt help but laugh at his surprised expression.  She started laughing so hard it made her stomach start hurting.

For Betty, on the other hand, what first started as anger had morphed into fear.  She hadnt really meant to throw it, it was an instant reaction to the situation.  She wanted to say she was sorry but couldnt force herself to say it.  She just stood there, not truly knowing what Paul would do next.

By the time Betty even got the courage up to move, Jennifer had arrived at the table. “Youre going to need these.”  Jennifer handed half the napkins to Betty and handed the other half to Jerry.

Betty accepted the napkins and just stood there gripping them in her hand.  She set them down on the table and picked up the now empty soda can and set it on the table, too.  She then picked up one of the napkins and started drying off Pauls face, all the while remaining silent.

Paul wasnt really mad but he decided not to let Betty know.  He was a little embarrassed and he wanted to push Betty.  “Well?” he asked.  “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Betty kept frantically trying to dry him off.  “Im sorry, Master,” she said in a small voice.

“Youre sorry?  All I did was this.”  Paul reached out and again gently squeezed the girls pussy.  But this time he accidentally pressed his thumb in and felt how wet she was.  “So, thats it,” he added.  He pushed her away.  “Ill get myself cleaned up.  I think you deserve a spanking and then something to make up for what happened.”

He stood up and moved his chair out from the table.  He finished with the extra napkins that Jennifer brought and took Betty by the wrist, drawing her, unresisting, over his lap.  She put her hands on the floor to hold herself steady.  Paul wasted no time in starting a rapid-fire staccato of smacks on Bettys bare bottom. 

She was soon squirming and pleading with him but worse than the spanking was the way it was increasing her desire.  He couldnt even imagine the humiliation if she started to cum.  The spanking didnt last long and, perversely, she was sorry that it stopped so soon.

“Get up,” Paul told her.  Then he also stood up and moved the chair close to the table.  “Stand on the chair,” he told Betty.  When she had complied, he ordered, “Now get up on the table.”

By the time Betty had climbed up on the lunch table, everyone was staring.  Her bottom was red from the spankings and she was trying to hide her pussy, now glistening and swollen. 

“Now I want to see you cum,” said Paul.

A look of utter horror came over Bettys face. At the same time, she felt a surge of desire so strong she almost came on the spot.  Tears came to her eyes from the intensity of her sensations and emotions.

“Right now!” Paul ordered.

As if she no longer had control over her own actions, her right hand began to massage her clit.  She looked at everyone watching and turned red but that only fueled the fire.  She began to moan and soon surrendered to a desire so powerful that she was helpless.  She began to shudder as her orgasm overwhelmed her.  It was all she could do not to fall off her feet.  She lost track of everything except the spasms of pleasure that went through her.  Finally she returned to awareness and a wave of applause washed over her.  That embarrassed her even more but it also lit the fire again.  Before she even knew what she was doing, her hand was stroking her again.  She was panting but Paul had other ideas.

“Thats enough.  You come on back down.”  As he helped her down, Paul looked to see what Jennifers reaction was.  He had seen her laughing at him and he was going to take care of that too.

Jennifer had decided not to watch, she knew it could have been her up there.  She could imagine the embarrassment that ran through Betty.  She knew it had to be similar to the assembly she had to go through.  At least Betty didnt get the punishment involved.

Jennifer saw Paul now watching her and wondered what he wanted.  She made her way through the crowd to stand next to him.  “Yes? Do you need something or just admiring the view.”  She winked as she said the last part.

“Yes,” said Paul.  “Youd better get me another drink.  I seem to have spilled mine.”  he smiled at her and winked back.  Then he turned back to Betty.

“You did very well.  I am pleased with you.”

Betty looked at him and her jaw dropped.  She wanted to drop to her knees and just worship him.  She didnt have any idea why.  He had just humiliated her beyond belief but it had also given her so much pleasure that she didnt know how she could live without more of it.  She dropped her head and whispered, “Thank you, Master.”

Jennifer brought the drinks back and the boys were able to finish their meal in peace.

Jerry said to Paul, “How about giving me one of the girls for the afternoon?”

Both girls held their breath, waiting for the answer.  “Sorry Jer,” Paul said, “they belong to me.  But I think it wont be long before you get one of your own the way things are going.”

When Paul and Jerry were done, they gave Betty and Jennifer a chance to quickly get their own lunch.

Chapter Thirteen

Study Hall

Then it was time to head for their study hall.  When they got there, Miss Wilks, the proctor, announced that the principle had decided that another special assembly was being called.  Classes were canceled for the rest of the day.”

They all walked to the auditorium and sat down.  Both girls were extremely nervous.  They were sure they had to be the feature attraction and they werent disappointed.  They were told to go backstage.

Mr. Burns came out first and made a surprise announcement.  “Boys and girls, there is going to be a change in the NUDEP program.  It is being canceled in this school.”

Paul was crushed.  He was getting a lot out of it and he didnt want to stop.  In fact, from what he saw, the whole sophomore class was getting a lot out of it.

“We have observed what has been happening with the sophomore class.  And I would like to thank Jennifer Wilson, our first pioneer.”  He motioned and Jennifer came out wearing the clothes she had worn to school that morning.  Betty came out a moment later, also dressed but not looking as happy about it as one might have expected.

Mr. Burns turned back to the students.  “Let me explain.  The experiment succeeded beyond our wildest expectations.  Now you might wonder why it has been canceled.  It has been replaced with something new.  It has become obvious that you ladies are responding extremely well to a strong male influence and the boys are ready to take this up.  So beginning tomorrow, each young lady in the school will be given to one of our boys.  We have more girls than boys so some of the boys will have to handle more than one girl.

“Unless your parents excuse you, you girls will belong to your new owner until this weekend when we will reevaluate the program.  It will be up to your owner to decide how and if you are to be dressed and when and how you are to be punished.  We know that being young and horny,” he laughed, “you will all need relief from time to time so we will make sure you have a chance at the beginning and end of the day.  Girls will need permission from their owners before being allowed to orgasm.”

He began to read out the assignments.  Both Jennifer and Betty were relieved that they still belonged to Paul.  All the students then got a chance to meet with and talk to the owner or slave they had been assigned.  Finally they were again called to their seats.

Mr. Burns continued.  “We are going to be teaching you the formalities of slavery.”  he turned to the side.  “Miss Waters, could you come out here, please?”

The beautiful, young teacher who had long been the object of the boys fantasies came out on the stage.  Instead of the loose pants and baggy tops she favored, she was dressed in nothing but high heels, a garter belt to hold up her stockings and a seriously embarrassed look that Betty recognized.  On each nipple was a painful looking clamp and a thin chain hung down between them.  She also wore a leather collar around her neck, leather ankle and wrist cuffs with rings on them.  When she walked, the chain swayed.  The stiletto heels make her wriggle when she walked.  She was spectacular.

“Miss Waters is dressed in the usual fashion for a slave.”  He turned to her.  “Put your hands on your head, slave.”

She did with obvious reluctance, knowing what was coming.

Mr.  Burns picked up a leather paddle from behind the lectern and gave her a smack that caused her to wriggle.  “Kneel” he ordered.

She immediately got down on her knees, her feet behind her and her hands resting palms up on her thighs.  Her knees were spread wide.

“This is the basic position of submission.  All of you girls, pay attention.  You will be expected to practice it.”

The principal went on to demonstrate other positions, enforcing each with smacks from the paddle.  Every student was paying close attention.  Then he demonstrated a variety of other spanking implements and bondage tools.  He assured them that there would be a selection put in each classroom for use.

Finally he dismissed them and told them that they could start immediately or begin in the morning.  Most of the girls went out meekly with their new owners.

Paul rounded up both girls and told them he wanted them to go home, talk to their parents and then come to his house for dinner and the evening.

Without another word, Jennifer gave Paul a hug and turned around.  She made her way to the door and decided to walk home.  It was a nice day.  Before she made it fully out the door, Betty came running up beside her.

“Need a ride?”  Betty twirled her keys in the air.

“Thanks.” Jennifer accepted the ride.  Even with it being a nice day, she would accept the ride.

Betty led Jennifer to her car and unlocked the doors.  “Hop in.  Still live where you used to?”

“Lived there all my life, too much history to leave.”  She opened the door and slid in.

Betty started the car and pulled out of the school parking lot.

“What are you going to tell your parents?” asked Jennifer.

Betty had to think about it.  “I dont know yet.  I guess Ill wing it and see how it goes.  It isnt like they can refuse unless they decide to remove me from school.  What about you?”

Jennifer blushed.  “I wont have to say much.  We covered a lot of it already.  What do you think your parents will say?”

“I really dont know.  They think of me as this perfect person.  I try to be but it never seems to be what they want.  This is probably going to cause some turmoil but I figure well see tonight.  Ill find a way to get there even if I have to sneak out.”

“I was already going to have to go to his house tonight.  We stayed at my house last night, so everything should already be settled.  Just, now I need to pack some clothes since Im out of the program.”

Betty got a surprised look on her face.  “You mean you and him actually stayed together last night!  What did you do?  What did your father have to say?  Were you in the same room?”

Jennifer smiled.  “Slow down, one thing at a time please.  We did whatever he wanted to do.  He was the Master and I was the slave.  My father had planned the whole thing and had more than one activity planned for us.  Lets just say it was memorable.  We were more than just in the same room, we were in the same bed.”

Betty was speechless. “Did you... you know?”

“Yes we did.  And several other things.”  Jennifer wondered what Paul had planned for them all tonight.

Betty almost bit her own tongue.  She was jealous.  She wanted to have that experience with Paul but knowing Jennifer had it first made it seem like she was second best.

“Thank for the ride.  I guess Ill see you tonight.”

“See ya, Co-Master.”  Betty shut her door before Jennifer had a chance to say anything back.

Chapter Fourteen

Home Again

Jennifer took hold of her bag and walked up to the door.  Today it was unlocked like it normally was.  That meant he wasnt mad at her.

“Dad, Im home.”  She slung her backpack down and made a lunge for the couch and waited for her father to show.

Henry Wilson came in to see his daughter.  He smiled at her and said, “How did it go?”  Then he looked at her glowing face and said, “Never mind.  I can see that this is agreeing with you.  I havent seen you look quite this happy since your mother was here.  Slavery obviously agrees with you.  He grew a bit pensive.  “And I guess you will be heading over to see Paul too, soon.  Im going to miss you but this is very good for you.”  Then he brightened up.  “Ill tell you what.  Why dont we just get you fixed up for Paul.  I know just what to do.  Well surprise him.”

When Jennifer agreed, he led her upstairs.  “Strip naked, I want everything off.”

He came in a few minutes later to find her nude, sitting on her bed waiting for him.  “Lie down on your back,” he told her.  “Now spread your legs just a little.”

Jennifer, by this time, was no longer shy about her body.  She did as she was told.

Henry impersonally squirted some shaving cream on her sex and took out a safety razor from a small bag and began to shave her pubic area.  Jennifers eyes grew wide at his ministrations but something had changed.  She was obedient even though embarrassed.  In a few minutes it was over and he wiped the remaining foam off with a towel, causing her to squirm.  Henry examined her and was satisfied.

Next he told her to stand up.  He picked up what looked like a strange collection of straps and buckles and dropped it over her head.  As he began to pull and fasten them, she realized it was a kind of harness much like a dog would wear but it had more straps.  The bottom ones went around her thighs with straps running up the outside of her legs to the one around her waist.  Then two more straps ran up her sides to a set that criss-crossed her belly up to the straps that outlined her breasts and supported them from underneath.

After Henry got everything just right, he let Jennifer look in the mirror.  She looked terrific.  The straps emphasized her figure.  Henry added a pair of matching black shoes with heels so high, she could barely walk in them.  Then he sat her down at her mothers dressing table and started to put on heavy make-up.  She couldnt believe the transformation.  From being a fresh-faced high school girl, she now looked ravishing and exotic.  He added a ribbon in her hair and brushed it as well. 

He had her stand up and looked her over.  They were both pleased.  “Now, one last thing before I drive you over to Paul.”

She looked at him expectantly.  “I think giving you to him with a bright red bottom would be a perfect touch,” he said as he picked up a leather strap.

Jennifer flinched at the thought of getting spanked but agreed with her father.  She made her way over to him and examined the paddle. She wasnt afraid of it, she accepted it.

She laid down across his lap and gave him room to adjust her. “Mind if I wear a robe over this, I would like to spring it on him as a surprise.”  She wondered how shocked Paul would be when he saw her dressed like this.

She braced herself for the paddle.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Betty didnt live too far away.  She only lived about five blocks down.  She pulled into her driveway, sure her parents had already been called about the earlier events and wondered if they had been notified that the program was no longer in effect.

She pressed the garage button and parked the car inside.  She turned it off and stepped out of the door.  She didnt bother locking the car back up.

She walked over to the garage door and unlocked it.  Then she slipped in and waited to hear any angry voices coming from her parents but didnt hear anyone.

“Mom, Dad, Im home.  We need to talk.  Something happened at school today.”

Bettys parents were in the kitchen getting dinner together.  “What happened, dear?  Are you OK?” asked her mother.

She didnt even know how to tell them.  She hemmed and hawed a bit and then her father got impatient.  “Spit it out, girl.  What happened?”

“Well, Mr. Rushworth kind of got mad at me.”

Her mother looked at her.  “Yes?  Were you punished?”

“Well, he spanked me.”

“Its about time.  Im sure that straightened things out.”

“Yeah, well, thats not all.”

Little by little the story came out.  When she finally finished up with the new program and being given to Paul, her parents looked at each other.  “I dont think we can have that,” her father said.  “We had better get you to another school.”

To her parents surprise, Betty protested.  “NO!  I dont want to go to another school.”

“What?” said her mother in surprise.  “I thought youd be traumatized.  I mean NUPEP is one thing but this slave thing, I dont know.”

Betty said, “I cant explain it.  I dont understand whats going on myself.  I just know that I have to do this.”

Her father said, “Are you sure?  Paul is a teenage boy.  He is going to want everything from you.”  He looked at her meaningfully.

“I sure hope so,” was Bettys reply.  Then she blushed.  “He has me and Jennifer.”

“Two girls?” asked her mother, shocked.

“Yes,” Betty told her.  “There arent enough boys to go around anyway and besides, I like Paul.  He has experience.”

“Are you sure?” said her father, again.

Betty got a determined look.  “Yes, I have to do this.  I just have to.”  She thought about being in Pauls control, of being helpless to do anything but whatever he wanted.  Suddenly she missed him and wanted to be with him no matter what.  “I just have to throw a few things together.  Can you drive me over?”

It was arranged and she went upstairs to pack.

Betty didnt really know what to take, she didnt know what to expect.  She decided simple would be the key.  She took two sets of clothing, one for if she got to wear any tomorrow and one if something happened to the other.  You always need a backup, she thought

She placed those in her bag and then walked into the bathroom. She gathered the necessaries.  She picked up her toothbrush, a comb, some body bath and an assortment of other things she called “essential”.

She placed the bag back on her bed, reexamined everything her bag and was satisfied.  She closed her door and planted herself in front of the mirror.  “I hope he does take what he wants.”  She twirled around, trying to make sure everything looked ok.

The clothes she was wearing werent going to do.  She wanted Paul to like what he saw.  She rummaged through her closet and tried to find something.  She really didnt have anything that exposed her body, her parents didnt like that.  She found an old pair of jeans and a snug pink blouse.

After slipping it on, she picked up her bag and made her way downstairs.  She took her car key out of her pocket and laid it on the table, she wouldnt be needing it tonight.  “Im ready.”

“Your father will take you over, dear,” said her mother.  “You look very nice.”

Not as nice as Paul thinks I look with less on, she thought to herself.

The two cars arrived at Pauls house at almost the same time.  “Hi Tom,” said Jennifers dad.

“Hi Henry,” replied Bettys father.  “Im guessing we are both here for the same reason.”

“I guess so.  Sure wasnt like this when I was in school.  Paul is a lucky kid.”

“He sure is.”

Each of the fathers gave their impatient daughters a finally kiss, got back in the car and drove off.  The girls looked at each other awkwardly.  Then Betty smiled.  “Well co-Master?  Shall we go in?”

Jennifer gave her a big smile and impulsively reached out and hugged her.  “No hard feelings?”

“We give our Master whatever he wants,” replied Betty.

They went up to the house and knocked.  Paul answered.  “Come on in girls.  My parents went out for the evening so we have the house to ourselves for a few hours.  So?  Whats the deal?  Do I get to keep you?”

“Yes, Master,” said both girls at the same time, then they all laughed.

“I kind of figured that,” said Paul.  “I didnt think youd be here otherwise.  “Whats with the robe, Jen?  I take it youre not dressed underneath?”

Jennifer suddenly found herself shy.  She took a deep breath.  She hoped her father was right and Paul liked it.  Without a word, she opened the robe and let it slid off her shoulders.  She just stood there posing, desperately hoping that Paul would like it.

Paul gasped and his eyes got wide.  Betty looked at her with naked envy in her eyes.  “Holy moley” said Paul staring at her.

Jennifer smiled and pirouetted slowly, raising her hands above her head.

Paul took in her red bottom and her shaved, bare pussy.  His cock threatened to burst through his tight jeans.  The leather straps, criss-crossing her white skin just emphasized her slender figure.  Betty looked at her, open-mouthed.  She couldnt imagine how Jennifer could stand up, much less walk, in those heels.

Jennifer saw the two of them just staring at her and she didnt know what they were looking at so intently.  “Master, if you dont like this, I can take it off.”

“Take it off?” said Paul in shocked tones.  “I may not let you take it off to take a bath.  You are too gorgeous.  I want to get another one for Betty.”  He turned to Betty.  “Take those clothes off this minute.  Ive been waiting all day to give both of you the spanking I want to give you and I am going to do that right now.”

Jennifer was glad Paul liked what he saw.  “Ill ask dad when I go back home where he got this and Ill see if we can arrange for Betty to get one.”

“Thanks, that would be great”  Paul looked over at Betty.

Betty didnt even hesitate.  She was waiting for this moment.  She quickly stripped off her clothes and left them in an unorganized pile on the floor.  “Who goes first?”  Betty was praying he would choose her, she wanted the pleasure she felt again.

Paul felt a thrill run through him.  Both of them looked so sexy.  The harness Jennifer was wearing was incredibly erotic but Betty had a body to die for.

Jennifer stayed in position, she had gotten used to the high heels now but it was still rather challenging to walk or even turn.  She did, however, turn around so Paul could see her bright butt.  “My father told me to tell you he found me naughty and in need of a spanking before I left.”

Paul was just about to answer.

Jennifer paused for a second. “Where are we going to sleep tonight?  All three of us cant fit in your bed can we?”

“Oh damn!  I didnt think of that.”  He looked at his bed.  “Thats way too small.”  He thought for a second.  “We do a lot of camping.  Well go down to the basement and Ill get out the air mattresses.  Then we can just line them up next to each other and well have plenty of room.  But first...” he paused meaningfully.  “I want to give each of you a really good spanking.”  He looked at Jennifers red bottom.

“Im sorry if youre already sore but that was up to your dad.  I want to have my turn.”  He felt himself getting harder and harder with anticipation.  The girls saw his reaction as his jeans shifted and it triggered their own.

On impulse he moved both girls to stand next to each other and then he leaned forward and began to suck on Bettys nipple.  Then he moved to the next breast to do the same thing with Jennifers.  Finally he backed off and said, “OK, lets get on with your spanking.”  He looked at both girls, trying to decide who he wanted to do first.  He decided to begin with Jennifer.  He wasnt aware of it consciously but it was because there was an emotional connection with her that he hadnt achieved yet with Betty.  It would come but it wasnt there yet.

He moved out an armless chair to the center of the room and sat down.  Then he motioned to Jennifer to come forward.  She obediently walked over to him and he was fascinated by watching her move.  He told her to go back and do it again.

Obediently, Jennifer walked back.  She was still not used to walking on her toes and had no real understanding of how the shoes and her natural grace combined to give her the incredibly sexy wriggle that so captivated her new owner.  Betty watched Paul and grew jealous.  She wanted to capture him that way.  “I can walk that way,” she said.

Paul said, “OK, let me see you.”

Betty tried to walk, throwing her hips from side to side in an exaggerated movement but she just looked silly.  Jennifer smiled at her.

Paul said, “Well get you some shoes too.  I think its the shoes.”

Betty pouted and, without realizing it at all, delighted Paul.  He realized that each of them offered him their own delights.

He patted his lap and Jennifer knew it was time.

Jennifer made her way to his lap.  She looked over at Betty, who she saw, was pouting once again.  “It will be your turn soon, I promise.”  With that, she laid herself over Pauls lap.  She smiled.  “Master, youre going to have to help me stand when were done.  I dont think Ill be able to get back up.”

Betty stamped her foot.  She was beginning to realize that Paul liked it when she had her tantrums.  “Its just not fair though.  Youve had him longer.  I want to experience it too.”  She stamped her foot again.

Jennifer started to tell here why but thought it best to let it go over her.  She would let Paul say anything that he wanted said, or, if he wanted, to just ignore it.

Paul then turned his attention to the incredibly sexy girl over his lap.  She wasnt naked, she was more than naked.  The straps set off her body beautifully.  Her bottom was already pink and he knew it would be sensitive but this time he wanted to go all the way.  He intended to have Jennifer in tears before he was done.  Paul was in for a surprise though.  Jennifer was ready for him and hoped he would push her.  Something deep inside told her that things were about to change for good.

Paul started with a warm up spanking.  He started out slow but with no fondling.  He would smack and wait to see what her reaction was.  Then he would smack her again.  At first she squirmed and kicked a little but then it just started to hurt and she surrendered to the pain.  She just lay there, unresisting, letting him do with her as he would.  Paul got frustrated because he wanted to see a reaction.  So he kept on smacking her, expecting to get more of a reaction.  He speeded it up and Jennifer started to feel totally helpless.  Paul pulled her in tight to him and smacked harder.  Then Jennifer started to squirm restlessly.

Paul was getting incredibly turned on.  His hand was starting to hurt but he wasnt about to stop.  He took her more firmly in his grasp and kept on smacking her now scarlet bottom.

Betty looked on with very mixed feelings.  She saw Jennifer getting a really terrible spanking and she was at once afraid and drawn to it.   As usual, she really didnt know why.

Jennifer could feel the pain building.  Paul was giving her the hardest spanking he had ever given her, but she found it odd -- she wasnt willingly resisting.  She, of course, squirmed out of pain but she wasnt trying to pull away.  She took each hit and waited for the next one.  She didnt feel the need for tears, she wasnt truly feeling pain or joy, she was feeling only what Paul meant for her to feel.

Betty just watched as he continued hitting Jennifer.  She wondered what made this spanking so different from the one she had received from the teacher.  There was no pleasure, from what she could tell, just pain.  She didnt know how Jennifer could go so long without tears.  She knew she couldnt have.

She watched as he continued with each blow, now dreading when it was going to be her turn but always wanting it to be her turn so she could feel what Jennifer was feeling.  She stood there, with her eyes on Jennifer and Paul.

Paul could tell there was something different.  He was totally into this spanking but Jennifer wasnt reacting the way he expected.  Finally, with a flurry of smacks, he stopped and wordlessly urged her to get up.  As she did, he felt coolness on his jeans and looked down to see the front of his pants were soaked.

Jennifer looked at his with her eyes slits.  He took her into his arms and began to comfort her.  She was gasping.  “Please,” she begged.

He stood and dropped his jeans and then pulled down his underpants, freeing his rampant cock.  Batty had never seen an erect cock before and she stared.  It was bigger and more threatening than she expected.  She wondered what it would feel like inside her.  She desperately wanted to know but it was obvious Jennifer was going to get it this time. 

Paul sat back on the couch and Jennifer stared at the object of her desire.  Paul still didnt say a word.  He pulled Jennifer toward him but she didnt know what he wanted.  He finally got her to put a knee on the sofa next to him and she immediately realized what he had in mind.  He didnt want to say anything to break the mood.  She put her hands on his shoulders and knelt straddled with one knee on each side.  Then, with both of them working together, she managed to slowly lower herself onto his erection.

He felt his cock slip into her wet, slick passage and nearly came.  He gasped and managed to hold on as Jennifer began bobbing up and down.  She arched her back and pushed in to get more friction against her clitoris.  That was too much for Paul and he started to orgasm.  Jennifer reacted to that and she started to cum too.  Betty just watched open-mouthed as the two of them panted and moaned.  Finally the spasms ceased slowly and Jennifer started to cry.

“Whats the matter,” asked Paul, concerned.

Jennifer laughed.  “Nothing, you silly.  It was wonderful.  Now hold me.”

Paul put his arms around her, still kneeling on his lap, and nestled his head between her small breasts.  Then he looked up and called to Betty.  Shyly she moved closer until he reached out and pulled her in close for a hug.  “Youre next,” he whispered to her.

Betty had believed she was ready but now she was unsure of herself.  She thought she could do whatever Jennifer did, she refused to accept she couldnt, but now she was unsure.  She hugged him back and knew it was her time.  “I...I dont know if I can.”

Jennifer reached out and put her hand under Bettys chin and raised her head to meet her eyes.  “You can, I know you can.  I didnt think I could at first but you will be surprised how instinctive it is once you begin.  Youll know what to do.” With that she let go and released Pauls hug on them.

Jennifer went back and sat down on the floor. She watched as Betty hesitated.  Betty shook her head, making her hair ruffle in the air.  She let go of Paul and stood in front of him with her head down.  Jennifer stood up and walked over to Betty.  She put her hand up to cover and whispered into her ear.  Betty blushed at hearing what she said and shook her head.

“Say it.” She gave Betty a quick, soft, swat.

“Ok, I will.”

“Then do it.” Jennifer drew back and sat back down where she had been just a minute ago.

Betty blushed again and down at the floor. “Im yours, Master,” she whispered

Pauls first impulse was just to say “of course” but he realized this was hard for Betty.  He took her by the shoulders and looked her in the eye.  Her eyes were cast down so he said, “Look at me.”  When she obeyed, he went on, “I know this is hard for you but its for the best.  You belong to me now and I am going to use you.”  He could feel his cock getting hard again.  “I am going to spank you now.  Its going to hurt but its OK because I will enjoy it.”

Betty blinked at the incongruity in that statement and then she realized how right he was.  Her suffering didnt matter; all that counted was her Masters desires.  “Yes, Master,” she whispered.

Paul took her over his knee in his favorite position.  He wasted no time but immediately began smacking her hard.

Without a warm up or a chance to adjust, Betty started to struggle to get away because it hurt too much but Paul was too strong.  He held her down as she kicked and squirmed.  “OW!  Let me up.  OUTCH!  STOP THAT!” she yelled but Paul was ignoring her.  The more she resisted, the more aroused he got.  Finally he eased off and began to rub her bottom.  Like a switch being flipped, the pain that had shot through her was converted to pleasure and out of her mouth, with no conscious volition came one word, “More.”

Paul was shocked but he smacked her again, lightly.

“Harder.”  Betty had no idea why she was asking for this.  It was like she was watching someone else.  She had a momentary shock as she realized what she was doing and then she was lost as Paul resumed the spanking.

Once again she kicked and squirmed and wriggled frantically but Paul knew better and kept going until her entire ass was crimson.  Then he resumed the gentle rubbing and Betty started to rub herself against his leg, desperate to cum.  By this time, Pauls cock was once again hard and he wanted to feel it inside her.  He helped her stand and found it exciting that Betty immediately focused her gaze on his erect cock.  He told her to lie down on the sofa but she hesitated.

Jennifer said, “Go on, it will be alright.”

Nervously, fully aware of what was coming next, Betty lay down on her back as instructed.  Paul climbed on top and tried to get into her but it was cumbersome with her one leg up on the back of the sofa and her other pushed over the edge.  “Jen, help me,” he ordered.

Jennifer didnt move for a second.  She knew Betty wanted this experience to count, just like Jennifer did when it was her first time.  She didnt want to interfere with anything but the urge to serve Paul was greater than her own personal feelings.

Betty was still nervous, unsure what she was suppose to do and how it was suppose to feel.  She was terrified she would do something wrong.  When Paul asked Jennifer to help him, she was clueless to what he meant.  Jennifer got the idea.

“Want me to guide you in like I did the first time?”  Jennifer was already on her knees next to Betty and Paul, waiting for her masters next order.

“Yes, NOW!” said Paul, frantic to seek the pleasure he wanted.

Almost instantly he felt Jennifers fingers and then he was at Bettys entrance.  His impulse was to thrust but he held back.  He pushed gently and found his way blocked.  He pushed harder and Betty grunted in pain.  Then he couldnt hold back any more and he just thrust and tore through her barrier.

Bettys eyes went wide.  She could feel him filling her and yet she was sore.  But Paul was back to being gentle, again trying to make the sensation last.  Slowly he drew out and thrust again.  This time Betty could feel the intense pleasure of him sliding inside her.  She put her arms around him and just held on.

Paul continued to proceed slowly and gently with her and she responded with gasps and moans as her arousal soared.  She began to make her own coital movements, trying to bounce up against him.  Her pleasure rose and she scratched his back with her fingernails.  It made him arch and that brought more pressure against her clitoris.  She started to cum.

Paul continued to thrust but it was taking him longer and Betty reached for another orgasm.  Then Paul felt his own orgasm approach and he thrust faster until he was able to cum also.  He slumped down on her, exhausted.  Then he kissed her but was in no hurry to get up.  He could feel himself getting harder again.  He tried to repeat but slipped out so he rolled off her.  He gently caressed her and then reached out for Jennifer as well.

Betty was as high as her mental capacity would let her go. Everything was different now. She was no longer the person she was just hours ago. She was some way different and she liked the new her so much better.  She was oblivious to any actions outside of just her and Paul.  She didnt know where or what Jennifer was doing and, at the moment, had forgotten Jennifer was in the house altogether.

Jennifer, seeing Paul reach out for her, quickly made her way into his reach.  She felt him take hold and draw her closer in to the two.  Right now, though, she felt like the odd one out, the third wheel, as some would call it.  She crouched down next to the couch, with Pauls arm still on her, and just sat there, wordless.

Jennifer tapped on Bettys shoulder to gain her attention.  Betty lazily rolled her head around to face Jennifer.  “Is it what you expected?” Jennifer asked.

“That and so much more.”  Betty had a huge smile on her face and Jennifer knew the feeling that was flowing through Betty right now,

Jennifer put her hand in Bettys hair and combed her fingers through it.  She let go after her second stroke and stared at Paul.  “You have every mans dream.  Two beautiful women who do whatever you tell them to do and youre living that dream to the fullest.”  That thought even put a smile on Jennifers face.  “How may I serve you?”

Paul was almost too far gone in the afterglow to realize what Jennifer was saying.  Then it dawned on him how true that was.  Two beautiful women.  Two!  There was so much more that he wanted to do.  And with two of them it would be a dream come true.  He struggled to sit up.  “Both of you kneel.”

Jennifer immediately knelt as she had been taught.  Betty looked at her and then copied the position.

Paul just took a moment to look at them.  “Will you both faithfully serve me; do anything I want without question or complaint?”

“Yes, Master,” said Jennifer without hesitation.

Betty hesitated for just a moment.  Somehow she realized that this was truly the point of no return.  She didnt know why, she just knew if she agreed, it would change everything.  “Yes, Master,” she said firmly.

“I just want to make sure you understand.  You are giving yourselves to me, to use in any way I see fit.  That means ANYTHING.  Any kind of sex I want, you give it to me.  If I want to spank you, you get spanked.  You do whatever I tell you.  You belong to me totally.  Capiche?”

Jennifer loved the 1940s slang. It made it feel more, as an only option, rather than leaving it open to debate.  Jennifer bowed her head.  “I understand.  You can do what you please, when you please, no matter how I feel about it.”  Just saying that aroused Jennifer.  The same helplessness she had felt before was on the surface again and she was loving every second of it.  She lived for the next order Paul would give her.

Betty was more torn.  She knew she had already vowed her body and soul to him and this was just reinforcing it.  She listened as Jennifer spoke and thought it over in her mind.  She was already past the point of no return, she was drawn in by both curiosity and the sensations that she felt running through her body.

She smiled, the answer was clear.  “Capiche.”

Paul was satisfied.  He owned two lovely slaves.  “OK girls, as of this moment, you both belong to me.  I will make up rules for you to obey.  But know that I can and will use you for sex any way I want.  You have agreed to that.  And for my own enjoyment, any time I try something new with either of you, both of you will get spanked first to celebrate.

“Its getting late so lets go down to the basement and get some sleep.  We have a big day tomorrow.  Jen, I want you to wear your strap-thing to school tomorrow.  Betty, I will find something for you or you can just go naked.”

The three teens went down to the basement where they had set up the air mattresses.  After their preparations, they turned out the lights.  Paul went ahead and lay down on the middle one and had the two girls lay down next to him, one on each side.  He lay on his back and told Jennifer to lean over him and kiss him good night.  She did, holding herself up by her arms as she kissed her Master gently and then, before she could move away, he told her to move further up so he could give a final kiss to each dangling breast.  When he finally let her go, he did the same thing with Betty.

It wasnt long before the trio were asleep, at least two of the three.  Jennifer was finding it hard to rest, she was tired and sleepy but couldnt bring herself to actually sleep. Her mind couldnt calm down, there were so many things pounding her on the inside that she couldnt really think straight.  She didnt like showing her doubts in the open, she kept things like that bottled up so only she herself knew her true feelings.

Jennifer sat up and looked over at Betty and Paul.  Paul, in his sleep, had rolled over and his arm was lying across Bettys upper chest.  They were both sound asleep, so she knew she could slip out without being heard.

She slipped out and once again paused and looked down at the other two.  She couldnt help but smile, they looked so happy.  Betty was in heaven with her new Master and Paul was having the time of his life.  Jennifer was unsure how she truly felt about anything right now, she needed to think.

Jennifer walked up the stairs from the basement and cracked the door open. She was unsure if Pauls parents had ever come home but wasnt going to risk freaking them out.  She stopped by her backpack and picked up the school robe she had stuffed inside and slipped in on.

Everything was dark, so she had to feel her way through the house.  She knew the overall layout, she had been there a few times before.  She made her way to the back door that opened out onto the porch.  She cracked it open and stepped outside.  It was a chilly night and stars tried to light up the sky.

She thought this was the perfect night to actually just sit and watch the heavens.  She noticed a set of swings, maybe from when Paul was younger.  She hoped the swing would hold her and she sat down, slowly at first, to listen for any creaking noises.  Nothing sounded and she sat more comfortably, rocking back in forth in the swing.

Jennifer just sat there, pondering everything that had happened to her over the past few days.  Her life had gone from the average and had been turned upside down and shaken.  Nothing was the same and would never be the same again.

In some ways, she missed her old life, the innocence she once had but had now been stripped from her. On the other hand, her new life was everything she had dreamed of.  She was under the control of a handsome man who she did truly love and he truly cared for her.  She wasnt sure if he loved her as much as she did him but that didnt really matter to her.

Jennifer was lost deep in thought and must have missed the sound of the door opening and the sound of feet walking across the grass.  She was too busy watching the stars and the clouds gently surround the moon and suppress its light in their toxic grip then just as quickly releasing it and moving on their way into the dark night.

It was a dark night; it wasnt clear and wasnt bright, it represented her mood.

“Sometimes I wish I was like a star.”

Jennifer didnt turn her head.  She recognized the voice and knew Betty had followed her out.

“Never have to worry, your only job is to float there, day in and day out, watching over the earth and other planets, shining, so people can see in the night and be admired by all.  Thats what I have always wanted and partly that seems to be coming true.”

Jennifer knew Betty knew what Jennifer was thinking about and was trying to ease her mind.  “I thought you were asleep?”

“I was.  I woke as you were going up the stairs.  You do know the creak as you go up, right?”

Jennifer didnt actually know that. “Well, why did you follow me?”

“I wanted to see what you were doing, why are you out here.”

“Thinking.  I needed some time.”

“I understand.  We all have our times.  Whats on your mind?”

This was a welcome sign for Jennifer.  Someone she could talk to without it changing their opinion of her.  “Everything.  Me, you, Paul, everything.”

“Want to tell me?”

“Guess it couldnt hurt.”  She started with the biggest thing on her mind, Paul.  “Do you think Paul will change?”

“What do you mean exactly, Jen?”

“I mean power changes people.  Almost everyone who gets it wants more.  It changes people.  Do you think it will change Paul like that?”

“I cant tell you for sure, you know him better than me.”

“I know, I know, but I cant help it.  Things change.”

Betty felt bad for Jennifer, she obviously had something that only she could deal with.  “Just remember, Ill always be there to help you if you ever want me to.”

Jennifer felt a little better, knowing someone knew how she felt.  “Dont tell Paul anything I said, OK?”

Betty smiled and got up off the swing. “Youre the one in charge.  If you dont want me to, I promise I wont.”

Jennifer smiled and gave Betty a hug.  “You go on back in.  I think Ill stay out here a while longer.”

Betty accepted the hug and followed Jennifers order.  “See you in the morning.”

Jennifer watched as Betty walked back to the house.  Jennifer watched for a second then changed her mind.  “Hold up.”  Jennifer made a dash to catch up.  She put her arm around her shoulder.  “We are a team.”

With that Jennifer went back into the house with Betty and drifted to sleep on her own mattress.

Chapter Fifteen

Morning on Wednesday

Paul woke first.  It took him a minute to remember where he was.  Then he looked at the clock on the wall and saw the alarm would be going on in 5 minutes anyway.  He thought about having two beautiful, naked slaves sleeping by his side and decided he was probably the luckiest kid in the world.  His cock was already hard but he had to go to the bathroom.

He got up, knowing it would waken the girls but they had to be up in a few minutes anyway and he went to the small powder room in the basement.  By the time he came back, they were both up waiting to do the same thing.  Once everyone was done they both looked at him uncertainly.

“I want you to kneel and be ready to serve me when you dont have anything else to do,” he ordered.

Both girls immediately obeyed.  There was something very comfortable to all of them in having him just take over and tell them what to do.  It somehow just seemed very right. 

Paul looked at them and decided that he wanted immediate service.  He walked over to Jennifer, intending to have her take his cock in her mouth when he remembered his rule.  He took a step back and explained.  “I want both of you to take turns sucking on my cock.  But this will be new for Betty and the rule is that we dont do anything new until both of you get a spanking.  So Jennifer is first and then Betty.”

Jennifer nodded and stood up as Paul took his seat.  He sat down in an old wooden chair that looked like it had been down in the basement for ages.  She wasnt even sure if it could hold both their weight but she knew Paul would know best.

Her conversation with Betty was still fresh on her mind and things were progressing faster.  She could tell there was a change in Paul.  He was growing more confident in his role and raising his expectations for his girls.

She couldnt help but remember what Betty had told her.  That she would know Paul better than anyone.  She didnt feel that to be fully true but she did have a feeling that her worries werent something that she should take so seriously right now.  Deep down, she didnt truly believe it would change Paul.  She knew he would be able to handle the responsibility that had been given to him.

Jennifer leaned over his lap, preparing herself for the spanking.  She planned on trying to remain emotionless throughout it, trying not to show pain, just as she had done the last time.

Paul took her over his lap and saw her brace herself.  His first impulse was to see how far he could push her but then he relaxed.  There would be plenty of time for that.  He started off easy, smacking her just hard enough to generate a nice pink glow.  He loved seeing her reactions, her squirming and the way she crossed her legs to brace herself.  He stopped spanking her long enough to insist on insinuating his hand between her legs to rub her pussy gently.  Then he made her spread her legs and went back to a gentle spanking.

Betty waited nervously.  She saw Jennifer beginning to enjoy it and she knew she would also, even if it hurt.  She wondered what Paul had in store for her later.  If it was to be something new?

Jennifer was surprised that Paul was going so easy on her.  She had expected a much more aggressive treatment, like last nights, but he had a different intent in mind.  He was going too easy on her.  That only made her think that he had something planned for later.  She also wondered how far his control went.  She knew, referring to her and him and to Betty and him, that it went as far as he wished but she wondered how far it went between him ordering her and Betty.  She didnt want to think about it.

The spanking lasted for a few minutes and it was over.  Not much more than a bottom warmer in comparison to her other experiences.  After it was done, Jennifer stood up, put her hand against her bottom to feel the slight heat, gave Paul a quick kiss on his cheek and walked over to sit beside Betty.

“Its your turn.”

Betty wasnt too worried after seeing what he had done to Jennifer.  She stood up, confident she could take it, and laid across Pauls lap.

Paul was just giving Jennifer a light spanking to include her.  He liked the rule and intended to apply it.  But Betty was a different story.  He was going to do something different to her and he wanted her to feel it first.  Just as he had with Jennifer, he started with a light warm up but he gradually got harder.

Betty began to get uncomfortable and she started to squirm.  She knew from experience that this would encourage Paul but she couldnt help it.  “OW!  Not so hard,” she complained.

Paul stopped and suddenly Betty felt guilty.  “Im sorry, Master.  It was just so hard.”  She just lay there waiting for instructions.

“I am going to finish and this is going to be a real spanking,” he told her.  Then he resumed and it quickly became obvious to both girls that he meant it.  Her bottom started to turn red and then began to blaze.  She started to kick and wriggle and try in vain to escape even one stinging smack but Paul went right on spanking.  His hand started to hurt but not as badly as Bettys ass.  Still he smacked her.  She started to get frantic and tears appeared in her eyes.

At long, long last, Paul told her, “Just a few more and were done.  Brace yourself.”

Betty took in a breath but before she could do anything, Paul hit her three times in a hurry, as hard as he could.  Betty howled and started to cry.  Her bottom was crimson.  “Im sorry,” she pleaded.

Paul offered her no sympathy.  He told her to stand up and kneel on the mattress.  She managed to get up and tried to rub the pain out of her bottom but Paul was having none of it.  He was in total control and Jennifer, watching him, was drawn like a moth to a flame.  She sympathized with Betty but Paul was totally in charge.

Betty knelt on the mattress and Paul told her to turn around and put her head down.  She did and he still wasnt satisfied.  He told her to stick her ass up in the air.  She got the idea and got down on hands and knees and then put her head down and raised her red bottom.  She thought he was going to spank her more but Jennifer had a hunch that she knew what he had in mind.

Paul reached into his little bag by the side of the mattress and pulled out a tube of lubricant.

Jennifer watched with amusement.  She didnt know how Betty would react but knew she was about to get a surprise.  She had to give her a little warning since she was in a position that she couldnt turn her head around to see.  “Betty, brace yourself.”  Jennifer had to leave it a surprise.

Betty was unsure what she meant.  Brace herself for what?  What was Paul about to do?  She started to turn her head and see but was abruptly stopped.

“Dont do it, youll see soon enough.”  Jennifer wanted it to be a surprise for Betty as well.

She placed her head back down and waited.

Jennifer watched as Paul unscrewed the top of the bottle.  “Master, do you want some help with Betty?”

Betty didnt like the way that sounded.  She was starting to get scared.  Why would Jennifer offer to help?  She no longer wanted to see what was coming and clenched her eyes shut.

Paul looked at her and smiled.  Having Jennifer offer that way was incredibly erotic.  There was a deep and profound submission and a willingness to serve him that he liked a lot.  “I can handle it.”

He squeezed out some jelly into his hand and reached out for Bettys anus.  As soon as he touched her, she jumped.

“What are you doing?”  she asked fearfully.

“Just getting you ready.”

“Ready for what?  Oh no!  Youre not going to put it there?” she asked nervously.

“Oh yes I am.  Now hold still.”

Betty didnt know what to say.  She was really scared but at the same time, her fear was making her aroused.  She didnt understand herself.  Every time Paul did something like this, she found herself so aroused and so drawn to him that she didnt know what came over her.  She was sure this was going to hurt and it was disgusting and perverted but she couldnt move.

Paul tried to push in but got nowhere.  Betty was terrified and her muscles were tight.

“Put a finger in first,” ordered Jennifer.

Paul backed off and tried that.  It was hard but he managed as Betty grunted and tried to relax.

“Now try two,” Jennifer told him.  “Try to relax, Betty.” she added to her sister slave.

Paul obediently managed to insert two fingers.  Betty whimpered a little but pushed against him.  In a strange way it was very erotic.

“Now three,” came Jennifers next instruction.”

“OW!  No, thats too much,” complained Betty.  Paul ignored her and tried to push in but only got a little way in.

“OK, Master, I think shes as ready as shell ever be,” said Jennifer with an uneasy smile, knowing that next time it might be her.

Paul repositioned himself and eagerly began to push.

“Slowly, Master,” cautioned Jennifer.

“OW!  Take it out, take it out!” screamed Betty but Paul ignored her.  He pushed in anyway, now too aroused by both what he was doing and by her cries of pain to stop.  Her sphincter gripped him tightly and he began to plunge in and out as Betty moaned.  He reached underneath her and began to play with her clit.

Betty felt at first like she was being torn in two but gradually she began to relax more.  The sensation was beginning to arouse her and having Paul playing with her the way he was began to drive her toward a climax.  For a fleeting moment she wondered what it would feel like with a cock inside her pussy and another in her ass.  She started to feel herself being drawn closer and closer to cumming.

Jennifer didnt feel quite right watching the actions taking place in front of her but amusement keep her eyes on cue. She couldnt help but feel aroused and didnt know why. She was watching something she had always thought of as a desperate act of a nasty person but somewhere deep down in her subconscious these actions were turning her on at an extreme level.

She also couldnt help but play in her head how she had affected a future in some ways contrary to her own desires but with her help.  She knew Betty wasnt going to like it and when could would seek her revenge.  She would mostly accept it when it came, but she couldnt help but wonder what Betty might do that she counted equal.

Betty wasnt aware of Jennifer watching, she was caught up in her climax and not caring.  But as Jennifer had feared, Betty did plan on her revenge when Paul gave her a chance.  That wasnt something for her to think about at the moment as she was growing closer to her climax.

Jennifer watched, now more relaxed with Bettys whimpers and cries, as she began to buck forward.  Jennifer knew the signs about what was coming.  Her actions were all too obvious.

Betty had finally hit the top.  She was about to explode and was now moving her hips forward and back.

Paul felt her thrust and he just held still and let her milk him.  He kept manipulating her clit and she went wild.  He stopped as he went into his own climax but it didnt matter.  Betty thought she was going to lose her mind.  This was the most powerful orgasm she had experienced yet.  It wasnt only in her pussy but all over.  There was an explosion and everything went black.

Paul felt Betty go limp as he slid out of her but he thought she had just relaxed.  Then when she didnt move, he was terrified.  “Betty?” he said quietly.  “Are you alright?”  Again there was no response.  She seemed to be breathing but Jennifer rushed in to help.  Neither of them had any idea what to do.

In a few seconds, however, that seemed like hours, Betty moaned, smiled broadly and opened her eyes.  Then she rolled over and reached for Paul.

“What happened?” he asked her anxiously.

“Huh?  I dont know.  But whatever it was, you can do it to me any time.”  She smiled again and stretched, then winced.  “Ooo, Im sore.  But it was worth it.  God that was incredible.”

Suddenly Paul remembered, “We have to get ready for school.”

“Im not going,” said Betty, lazily.

“You HAVE TO,” replied Paul.

“UT UH.  Im sick.”

“Oh no you dont.  Get dressed or else.”

“Or else what?” she enquired.

“Or else no more ... you know.”

Betty frowned.  “All right,” she said grumbling.  “At least I dont have to get dressed.”  She smiled.

The three kids frantically got ready and Paul had to really hurry since he had to dress.  Jennifer asked if she should dress and Paul told her not to bother except for her straps.  He gave her a smack on the bottom and they had a hurried breakfast as they rushed out to just make the school bus.

Jennifer was relieved that she had time to get a shower, no matter how quick it was, this morning.  She didnt like the way she had gone yesterday with that odor from her.  Any kid who got close would have known what they had been up to that morning.

After swallowing her breakfast, which she almost ate whole because of the rush, she slung her backpack across her back and made a dash for the bus, along with Paul and Betty.

Once on the bus, Jennifer and Betty could see a huge difference.  The kids had taken yesterdays assembly to heart.  Some phone calls must have been made after hours, the bus was paired off.  It was different from the usual, girls in the front talking about their morning and afternoon and the latest news and the boys in the back discussing whatever they felt like.  Almost every seat had one boy and one or two girls, depending on how many they had undertaken.

As Paul got on the bus, he saw the difference.  Most of the girls were wearing very little.  Many were down to just a bra and panties.  Betty and Jennifer were the only ones completely naked, though.  Paul looked the girls over with a critical eye.  He suspected that with them having to appear in public this way, many of them would get serious fast about shaping up.

Jennifer couldnt seen any who were stripped down like Betty and herself but there were several down to just the basics.  She figured either their boyfriends decided not to make them go out completely naked on their first day or they were waiting to see if anyone else would.  Or maybe they just planned to spring it on them during class, Jennifer wasnt sure.

When the three of them got on the bus, the commotion hushed, all eyes were focused on them.  You could see several of the boys nudging the girls next to them . Betty knew, more than likely, what they meant and hearing the conversations as they walked back only furthered her idea.

“Yeah, but they HAVE to be like that.”  The girl was cut off as her boyfriend spoke.

“Did you pay attention at all during the assembly?  The one was taken off NUDEP and the other was never in it.  They have as much right as you do but they listened to what their owner said.”

The girl gave a heavy sigh and that was the last Jennifer heard as she continued walking to the back.

Paul stopped briefly to listen.  He saw the girl reluctantly start to remove her bra and smiled, then he moved on also.  She may have been the first but obviously others were following in her footsteps.

Jennifer spotted an empty seat, more than likely saved for them.  She sat down and scooted against the window.  She let Paul sit down next, followed by Betty.

Paul liked sitting between his two slaves.  He thought of them that way, now.  He examined his own emotions and was surprised at how much he had come to care for each of them.  He had been smitten by Jennifer for a long while but Betty had been mostly an object of his lust.  Now he found himself falling for her as well.  He wanted to take care of them both.

Jennifer propped her arm on the window, laid her chin in the palm of her hand and gazed out as the bus moved off again. “I wonder if there will be another assembly today?  They havent had one for the past two days.”

Betty quickly added her opinion.  “I dont know but I hope so.  Being up on stage gives me a funny feeling and I like it.  Especially if they had a reason for us to be up there.”  She was referring to punishment.  The embarrassment aroused her so much and nothing would do it more than the entire school watching her.

Chapter Sixteen

A New Beginning

By the time they got to school, many of the girls were stripped and nearly all of the rest were wearing nothing more than underwear.  The few who were still clothed were distinctly uncomfortable.

Mr. Burns was waiting for the kids as they filed into the school and he was pleasantly surprised at the changes.  He stopped Paul as they walked in.  “Do you have the report that was due today, Paul?”

Paul slapped his head.  “Oh no!  I forgot.  I was almost late and I ran out without it.  I can bring it tomorrow.”

“Late?  Why were you late?”

Paul looked a bit flustered and Betty saw her opportunity.  “It was Jennifers fault, not Pauls.”

Pauls mind immediately flashed back to the real reason they were held up.  “Thats not really true...” he started to tell the principal.

“Jennifer.” said Mr. Burns, “your job is to help Paul, not interfere.”

“I WAS helping him Mr. Burns,” she said.

“You were not if it was making him late.  What is it you were doing?”

Jennifer opened her mouth but she didnt know what to say.  No matter what, she wasnt about to tell him the truth.  “Never mind, Mr. Burns, youre right, I did make us almost miss the school bus.”  And Betty got her revenge on me for doing it, she thought.

“Well we are having another assembly this morning to talk about the changes that are happening here at Fairless Hills.  It appears that you will be spanked then.

“But thats not fair,” Jennifer protested, knowing even as she said it that it would be useless.

Betty was thinking that this was great.  Not only would she get sweet revenge on Jennifer but with any luck, she would get spanked too in front of the whole school.  She started to get that quivery feeling just thinking about it.

Unlike Betty, Jennifer didnt particularly like being spanked in public or really even in private either.  Unless of course it was one of Pauls special ones that mixed both pain and pleasure.  She wouldnt fight it, though, not anymore at least.  If Paul wanted to use her for his pleasure, that aroused her.

Jennifer knew Betty had gotten what she wanted and would get to see what she planned.  Only thing she now wondered was how seriously Paul would take it.  She knew, since the school would be watching, he wouldnt be able to take it too lightly.

Mr. Burns, without Jennifers knowledge, was still watching her.  Soon, he once again broke the silence that had settled.  “What do you have to say to Paul?”

Jennifer dropped her attention from Mr. Burns and looked at Paul.  “Im sorry for almost making us late.”

Mr. Burns smiled.  Jennifer was beginning to understand her place and soon Betty would fall in.  “Now explain to me what you did.”

This made Jennifer give off a bright red blush.  She couldnt tell him the truth, she had to think up something on the spot.  “I... Umm... He.... He had to give me a reminder.  I had forgotten to do my homework and tried to finish it this morning but it was taking longer than I had expected.”

Mr. Burns nodded his head in disapproval.  “You should know better Jennifer.  I hope you were able to finish it or the teacher may decide to pass a reminder on to you again.”

Jennifer shook her head.  “Yes, sir. It will not happen again.”

Mr. Burn patted Jennifer on her shoulder.  “I will expect you three in the gym in ten minutes.”  He then turned around and walked into the school and out of sight.

Jennifer turned around and looked at Betty.  “Looks like you did it.”

Betty had a broad smile on her face.  “I know.”  She smirked.

Jennifer then extended her hand out for Paul to take it.  “Lets get going.”

Paul took Jennifers hand and turned to face Betty.  “That was not a nice thing to do,” he said.

Betty tried to look innocent.  “Well it WAS her fault.”

“Now you KNOW better than that.  And YOU are going to get spanked, too.”

Betty felt the thrill of anticipation.  “Thats not fair!  If she hadnt helped, we would have stopped.”

“She is supposed to help.  Thats what slaves do.”

“Humph!”  Betty did her best to pout but Jennifer was not fooled in the least.  She could see the tell-tale signs of how aroused Betty was becoming.

Another couple passed them with the girl now naked and the boy sternly lecturing her.  He gave her a swat on her bottom for emphasis.

The world they were in was changing.  The three teens headed off for the gym.

Jennifer stayed next to Paul, not wanting to pass him or get left behind.  She couldnt help but smile when she thought about Betty.  She definitely knew how to manipulate someone.  She had gotten what she wanted and got revenge.  She was going to be hard to compete with in the coming weeks when Paul started to develop a closer bond with her.

This was the first time since this all started that she didnt have everyones eyes on her when walking into the school.  Now the boys either had their own slaves or a wide selection to look at.  No longer were they so concerned about Jennifer, though Betty still drew a lot of attention.

Jennifer wasnt jealous as long as she could still draw Pauls attention when she wanted but if she ever lost that ability then she would have to rethink her perspective.  Now, in the time it would take them to walk to the gym, Jennifer decided to see if she could get Betty going.  “You know Betty likes getting spanked in front of an audience, she said.

Betty stopped and her face turned a crimson red.  Her sudden halt made all three of them stop.  “NO I DONT!”

Jennifers smiled broadened. “Yes you do, dont lie.”

Bettys tone got louder and more nervous. “Dont say that.  Its not true.”

Jennifer knew the embarrassment was arousing Betty.  “Thats not what you told me last night.”  She knew at that point they had gained Pauls attention.”

“At least I trust Paul,” was Bettys reply.

That made Jennifer stop.  She was not even able to say another word.  Right now she felt the extreme embarrassment from that being said in front of Paul and anger at Betty for breaking her promise.  “I NEVER SAID I DIDNT TRUST HIM.”  Jennifer had to stop and take a deep breath.  If she didnt, what happened next wouldnt be so nice.

Betty was satisfied.  She had once again gotten revenge for something Jennifer did.  “Then what did you say?”

Jennifer knew she would have to answer the question.  “I didnt say anything.  I just told you my thoughts THAT you promised not to tell.”

“You told on me so I told on you.”  Betty stuck her tongue out for a brief second and drew it back in.

Paul listened to the interchange and didnt know what to say.  It was really his first experience with dealing with women and these girls were rapidly become women.  Then a sudden rush of affection overwhelmed him.  He put his arms out and drew both girls into his embrace.  “I want you both to know something.  I dont know how it happened but I think I am falling in love with both of you.  You are both wonderful and I love having you as slaves.  I dont mind that you fight with each other.  I actually think its kind of cute but I dont want either of you to worry about me or what I think of you. 

“Now BOTH of you are going to get a spanking and I want you to know that its not punishment, its me just enjoying myself and, in a strange way that I dont really understand, its also me expressing how I feel about you just as when I make love to you.  Now Jennifer, you are the First Girl and Betty, you remember that.  Do you both understand?”

Each girl nodded and agreed, saying, “Yes Master.”  It just seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

Then Paul took each of them by the hand and they walked on into the gym.

As they walked up on the stage, they looked around and they were amazed.  It was almost like being at a costume party.  Many, but still a small minority, of the girls were dressed in fetish costumes.  Most were naked or wearing just underwear.  The boys were clearly in charge.  A few already had girls over their laps and were spanking them enthusiastically. 

The sight overwhelmed Betty and Jennifer.  They had felt so different and so out of place, thinking that no one else could possible share their secret desires.  Now they were suddenly in the majority, it seemed.  Then they saw some of the school custodians wheeling out big pieces of equipment onto the stage.  It was obviously for holding girls in bondage and it sent a shiver of fear and delight through them.

It wasnt like the devices they had seen at the first assembly.  These had a different aura to them, something that set them apart in their minds.  They were something Paul could use on them other than for punishment.

Jennifer looked nervously at Paul.  She wasnt quite sure what he was going to do or how this assembly was going to go but she knew at the end both Betty and she would be feeling it  .It didnt take long before they were motioned to sit down and Mr. Burns took center stage.

“Boys and girls,” said Mr. Burns, “you may not realize this but we are in the middle of a revolution.  You have probably been too concerned with just getting through school but your parents and the community have been seeing a tremendous increase in the use of anti-depressant drugs, divorces, and all manner of ills.  How many of you were taking anti-depressants?”

Jennifer and Betty looked around.  Half of the students had their hands raised.

“How many of you come from a home where there was a divorce?”

Almost three quarters of the students now raised their hands.

“This is shocking.  We have decided that we have to deal with this.  Since the NUPEP program was begun, in the schools that tried it, the number of students still taking medication for emotional problems has dropped enormously.  The new program we have started here has swept through the school faster than anyone believed possible.  How many of you are now either owned or own someone?”

Almost every hand in the room went up.

“Are you embarrassed by it?”

There were sheepish grins all around and a few murmurs of agreement.

“How many of you want to give it up?”

Not a single hand was raised.

“We know that this is something that has been long needed.  We are trying it in the school and in the community.  The female teachers here will be taking part.”

The students looked to where the teachers were sitting and saw the blushes on the part of the women who were still dressed but everyone realized that would not last.

“Theres much that you still have to learn and today Jennifer and Betty and their owner, Paul, have volunteered to help me demonstrate some of this.”

Jennifer and Betty both blushed, knowing that they were being volunteered and a glance at Pauls surprised expression told them that he didnt know either.

“We are going to start off with a spanking demonstration because spanking is the basis for all discipline.  Miss Ternsley, if you would please come up here.”

The teacher, who was another one who was just in her first year of teaching, turned red and started to dash away.  Two of the men grabbed her and carried her struggling up to the stage. 

“You are not setting a very good example for the children,” Mr. Burns said.

“Let me go!  I quit.  You cant do this to me.”

Ignoring her, Mr. Burns addressed the students.  “As you can see, Miss Ternsley is not cooperating very willingly.  What we have found is that often it is necessary to overcome the initial reluctance in some women and help them to see the light, so to speak.”  He turned to the two men holding the struggling woman.  “If you would kindly tie her to the triangle,” he ordered.

The men began to fasten the teacher to a huge, upright, steel triangle, mounted into a heavy stand.  It stood about seven feet high.  They quickly attached her wrists to cuffs hanging from the pinnacle and then her ankles were drawn apart and fastened to the other corners at the base.

“This is called involuntary bondage,” he explained.  “Jennifer, come up here.”

Nervously, Jennifer climbed up on the stage.  She was dressed in the straps that her father had bought as Paul had ordered.  It set off her nubile young body in the most lascivious way imaginable.

“Stand straight, dear.  Feet spread apart, hands on your head.”

Jennifer did as she was told.

“Both of these girls are going to be spanked but Jennifer is going to be required to remain in position.  This is called voluntary bondage.  Bondage is another major part of discipline.”  Again he turned back to the two men teachers who were standing next to the still squirming woman.  “Please remove her clothing as sensuously as possible.”

This was greeted with a shriek of protest but the two of them went to work.  They began to very slowly remove her outer clothing.  They made sure that at the same time, they were fondling her everywhere they could reach.

Betty watched this absolutely rapt.  It was making her so horny she could hardly hold still.  She wanted to be on the triangle having that done to her by Paul and maybe the two teachers too.

“Sexual arousal is also very important in this process,” Mr. Burns explained.  Now while we are doing this, why dont all of you boys see if you can get your girls as aroused as you can without letting them cum.  If any of them have an orgasm, spank them and try again.

Paul reached immediately for Betty.

Jennifer wondered who was to try and arouse her but didnt care.  She didnt know if anyone would but knew Mr. Burns would have something in mind.  Her focus was more on Betty, who had the pleasure of Paul getting her aroused past the point she already was.

Mr. Burns once again spoke up.  “It seems we have a bit of a problem here.  While Paul is dealing with Betty, who are we going to get to deal with Jennifer?  I would do it but...”  He gave a smile that revealed his teeth.  “I dont want anyone else to feel left out.”

Mr. Burns looked out across the audience, trying to pick out any male that didnt have a partner.  A loner, maybe, who didnt have anyone to take control of yet.  “Ah yes, you.  Boy in the back, red and black striped shirt.  Come up on stage.”

The boy looked around and then pointed at himself.  “Me?  Are you sure?”

“Yes boy,  now come up here.  I have a job for you.”

The boy pushed away from the other boys, enjoying their own new toys which he hadnt had the pleasure of obtaining yet.  “What do you want me to do?”

“Jennifer here needs a little help.  We need you to make sure she gets aroused and make sure she doesnt cum.  If she does, I assure you, you will have her Masters permission to administer any punishments you please.”

The boy got red in the face.  “But Sir, I dont think I can do it.  I mean it just doesnt seem right,  I dont even know her.”

Mr. Burns shook his head.  “Whats your name, son?”

“Its Zach.”

“Well Zach, say hi to Jennifer.  Jennifer greet Zach.”

Jennifer raised her gaze to meet Zachs.  “Hey Zach, Im Jennifer.  You can call me Jen if you like.”

“Hey Jen.”

Mr. Burns interrupted there.  “Now you know each other so get to work.”

Zachs face turned a brighter red.  “I dont even know where to begin.  Im still innocent in a sense.”

“Look, everyone starts somewhere and youre lucky to start with Jennifer.  Shes a good catch.   She will give you a nice warm up.”

“Yes, sir.”

With that, Mr. Burns made his way backstage to see to everything they would need for next act.

“So Jen, how do I even begin,” Zach asked.

“What do you like?  About my body, I mean.”

He wasnt sure how to answer.  A girl had never been so straightforward about that  before.  “Umm... well... I guess your breasts.  They are what catch my eye first.  They arent too big but theyre not small either.  They are perfect in my eyes.”

“Looks like we have a starting point,” she said.  “Try there and work your way around.  Before you ask, you can do whatever you want, its your call.  Youre in charge, not me.”

Zach had to try and think of what he wanted.  He reached out and took her breast in his hand.  He started feeling it and massaging it, rubbing the nibble with his thumb until it started to harden.  Luckily for him, that was one of Jennifers weaknesses, her breasts.

She suppressed a moan as he intensified his efforts.  He saw her reactions and was pleased he was doing something right. He used his other hand and doubled the experience.  This time, her moans were louder and he could hear the effects of what he did.  He released left breast but kept contact with the right one as he lowered his mouth onto her now hardened nipple.  He began to nibble and suck on it.  It was starting to put her over the top.

With his now open hand, he worked his way between her legs.  It all seemed so natural now.  He could feel what to do next.  It felt as he should be doing it.  He met no resistance as he inserted his hand into her wet tunnel.

Jennifer had become used to hands entering as they pleased.  She wasnt going to be able to hold out much longer.  He was good for a first timer; she could only think how good he would become with his own slave.  She would have to keep in contact with him and see.

He began to slowly push his tongue around her nipple and the feeling pushed her nearly over the top.  If it didnt end now, she was going to lose it.  As if her thoughts had been heard, she heard Mr. Burns make his way back front stage.

“Hope everyone had some fun and got to get at least one spanking done.  If not, you will get your chance again later.”  Mr. Burns motioned to the two girls who were still in position.  “Now it is time for the first showing.  Paul, if you would step up please.  Zach, since you have been such a good sport, you can go and sit beside Betty while Paul deals with Jennifer.”

Zach did as he was told and tool a seat next to Betty.  Her breasts were more out there and made him want to reach out and grab on but he controlled himself.

“Now Paul, we need you to spank both girls.  This will show how well you have trained Jennifer.  She has to remain in position throughout the same number of hits as this lovely woman does being tied.  Do you think she can do it?”

Paul looked at Jennifer and smiled.  He was so proud of her he could burst.  She was HIS.  “I know she can, sir.”  Then he looked at the beautiful teacher who had tears running down her cheeks.  The idea of being spanked by a student obviously was too much for her.

“Mr. Burns.  I really think I should use a paddle.”

Both girls were startled.  Jennifer was already extremely aroused.  She knew with Paul wielding a paddle it was going to be too much.  She really didnt want to cum in front of everyone.  It was too embarrassing but she suspected, quite correctly, it would delight her Master and that would make it inevitable.

Meanwhile, Marilyn Ternsley was clinging to the thought that she would have Mr. Burns arrested although she had a suspicion that things had changed and that wouldnt work.  When the brat said he was going to use a paddle on her, she was horrified.  Worse, she could feel herself getting wet at the thought.  This nightmare was getting worse and worse.

The principal handed Paul a leather paddle.  “Now the way this is going to work is that you will give Miss Ternsley 10 swats and then you will give Jennifer 10 swats.  Then you will go back to Miss Ternsley and give her another 10 swats until each of them has had... let me see.  Lets say each has had 100 swats.  If Jennifer gets out of position, however, we will tie Jennifer down and double it for both of them.”

Marilyn groaned.  A hundred swats with a paddle?  How could she bear it?  It would be too much.

Jennifer was thinking much the same thing but she knew that she would end up cumming before it got to that point.  She was already rubbing her legs together in anticipation.

Marilyn just grunted.  She couldnt even bear the thought of getting spanked by a child who she could be teaching.  At this point she was glad she hadnt been his teacher, if she had made him mad now would be his time to get even.

She felt the first hit land squarely on her left cheek.  She jerked forward.  “Dont hit me, you cant!  Hitting a teacher is AGAINST THE LAW!”

Mr. Burns looked at her and shook his head.  “Not if I have given permission to him.  And since times are changing, I doubt that law will hold much longer, for female faculty anyways.  As for the idea that he cant, he can.  Now if you cant be quiet, I will be forced to further restrain you until this is over.”

“I will not be quiet, this is immoral!  I deserve the same rights as anyone else here.”

Mr. Burns once again shook his head.  “This is coming from the same person who STRONGLY approved the spanking of students and was disappointed when the government made it illegal to spank the male children.  Did you not also approve of Jennifer being put into NUDEP?”

Miss Ternsleys words got caught in her throat.  “I didnt mean it like that, I...I...”

“No?  Did you approve or didnt you approve of NUDEP?”

She could feel tears starting to come into her eyes.  “Yes, I did.  She needed to be corrected.”

“Look at her now and what do you see?”

She had to fight for the words.  “A different person.”

“Thats the point Im trying to get across to you.  Soon the punishment you were so eager to give will be issued to you and, just as Jennifer has found out, you will learn to love the new life.  It does change you, lets you be who you truly are.  Now Paul, begin.”

The whole audience quieted.  The teacher could feel the smacks but she couldnt do anything but cry.  Mr. Burns words had struck her hard and she didnt know what to say or do.  The only thing she could do was take it.  The first ten smacks of the paddle could not have been over quickly enough but, oddly, she wanted more.

Now it was Jennifers turn.  She thought she could maybe take ten but she honestly doubted she could hold it that long.  After the first four, her self control was gone.  Still used to the NUDEP rules, she called out clearly, “Im cumming!”

Paul was taken by surprise by Jennifers announcement and the audience erupted into cheers which embarrassed him further.  Still, he continued to smack Jennifer although he knew enough to ease up on the strength sufficiently to help her without distracting her.  He lost track of the number of swats he was giving her but kept it going until her spasms of pleasure abated.  He was surprised that she had the discipline to maintain her position.

Marilyn watched the whole thing with utter amazement.  She had felt a few stirrings herself but she couldnt imagine cumming from a spanking, especially not in public like this.  Besides, she thought, it would hurt her case when she sued the school.  She was certainly going to take them to court over this.  They couldnt DO this to a teacher.  She would take Mr. Burns for everything he had to pay for this mortification.

Paul rubbed Jennifers bottom, causing her to shudder in delight at the gentle feel of his hand on her blazing ass.  She moaned in pleasure.  Then he moved back to the teacher for her next installment.  He wondered if Mr. Burns would mind if he felt her a bit.  He decided, what the hell?  If the principal objected, he would stop.  He started by feeling her bottom as if apprising it.

“Get your hands off me, you little twerp,” Marilyn screamed.

When no one else objected, Paul decided to move to her breasts.  He heard her gasp and he decided to go another step.  He took one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed, hard.

“OW!  Quit that!”

Still there was no objection from Mr. Burns.  In fact, when Paul looked at him, he was smiling.  Paul did the same with the other helpless boob and got another shriek of protest.   Curiously, he felt her pussy between her widely stretched legs and discovered, to his surprise, that she was wet.

“No, please, dont do that.”

He ignored her and slipped a finger in to rub her clit. She moaned and tried in vain to wriggle away but there was nothing she could do.

“Paul, lets get on with it, shall we,” said Mr. Burns.  He fully intended to have a private discussion with Miss Ternsley in his office when this was over.

Paul stopped the fondling and stepped in back.  He smacked the paddle hard against her red ass.

“YOWCH!  OW!  Not so hard.”

He took his time and smacked her again.”

She shrieked and carried on.  But to her horror, she could feel her arousal build.  NO!  Please, not that, she was thinking to herself.  She couldnt bear the humiliation if she reacted the way the girl had.  She would never be able to teach again.  She tried again helplessly to put her legs together but the straps held.

Paul continued to smack the leather paddle against her increasingly red bottom as she screamed and carried on.  When he finally reached ten, he turned and walked back to where Jennifer was standing there, trembling.

Jennifer eagerly awaited him.  She wanted it to continue, right now the rush was still strong and she could take as many as he had to deal out.  Her position wouldnt be a problem.  She felt the smacks, not speaking and not breaking position.  Once the last smack of this ten was dealt, she found her voice.

“Continue, please continue.  I want you to finish it.  I need you, too.”

Jennifer didnt know if Mr. Burns would agree but she hoped he would let Paul give her the rest of the spanking.

Paul looked at Jennifer in surprise.  Her bottom was crimson; he hadnt been light with her.  Still, he could see something in her breathing and demeanor that told him she was in the zone.  He looked questioningly at Mr. Burns who nodded for him to go ahead.  There was a murmur in the room as everyone looked at the tableau. Paul knew there were 80 smacks to go.  She had already had one orgasm.  He wondered how she would react as he continued.  Still, he trusted her.  If this is what she wanted and needed, it was his job to give it to her.  The program had changed her in very fundamental ways.  Paul began to massage her bottom and she moaned with pleasure.  Then he began the spanking again.

Marilyn watched all this in horror.  What was the MATTER with that stupid girl?  It was bad enough to be spanked with some intermittent relief but to get all the rest at once with no rest?  She couldnt handle it.  And if the girl moved, they would get double.  She couldnt handle it.  she knew she couldnt.  She moaned in utter despair.  She tried in vain to get loose once again.  She knew she couldnt but she had to try.  It was so mortifying to be naked in front of the whole school.  Her bottom blazed.  Worse, as she watched Jennifer being paddled, something deep within her, something perverse, wanted to feel it herself.

Jennifer wasn't quite sure if she herself could take it but the feeling she had, made her want it.  She needed to feel Paul's touch, Paul's love.  Each smack made her feel the love Paul held for her.  She didn't know the total she could take before another outburst would occur but it wouldnt be long and the position shouldnt be too hard to keep.

Jennifer couldn't help but feel badly for Marilyn.  Not being used to being spanked would be a real disadvantage.  This was most likely her first spanking and a severe one at that.  She would have to hang through either 80 smacks or 180 smacks depending how long Jennifer could hold it.

“I'm sorry Marilyn, it will hurt,” she called over to the teacher.

Paul heard what she said but he was too caught up in the moment to care.  He wasnt sure if he wanted Jennifer to move or not.  He gave her another set of ten and made them hard enough to give her trouble but then he just stopped and started to rub her flaming bottom with one hand while he fondled her pussy with the other.

Jennifer trembled and twisted as she had another orgasm.  She no longer cared who was watching.  Her lust had reached a white heat.  She didnt move her hands because she didnt want to disappoint her Master but she could barely stand up.

Paul made sure she was done before he grabbed a breast firmly and proceeded to continue with the next set of ten.  Jennifer could no longer tell what was pain and what was pleasure.  Her mind had gone to somewhere else.

Marilyn was so aroused herself that she could hardly stand it and she had no idea why.  Mr. Burns heard her moan and decided to have a little fun with her

Jennifer didnt know what to think, her feelings, her emotions were jumbled inside her head.  What had once been pain was feeling like the joy she had once felt and the joy that had once been pure joy, now had spikes of pain.  Her mind could not keep track of which was what and was mixing them together into a feeling she couldnt even comprehend.

When Paul took a grip on her breast, she felt all her muscles tighten.  She knew what was coming and couldnt wait.  This was the first time she actually put herself on the line for Pauls pleasure.  She knew something was changing in her and it was mirrored in everyone in the school.  But it wasnt only for Paul she was doing it.  When he spanked her, it made her feel more loved than she had felt in her entire life.  He made her feel someone cared enough to take care of her; that was the feeling she couldnt forget.

Paul looked at his Jennifer.  Thats how he thought of her now, his Jennifer.  She belonged to him in some deep and abiding way.  He didnt know why but this was the way he expressed his love for her.  He knew she would cum again and he wanted her to.  He gripped the paddle and smacked it hard against her bare bottom.  He kept track of the spanks in each set as he continued through.

She had lost count of how many.  In truth she didnt care how many.  She knew it would be hard to sit for awhile afterward but she would endure.  She could feel the tell-tale signs of her pleasure mounting but she couldnt push herself over the top.  “Harder, Master.”  She knew Paul could push it if he tried.

There were murmurs in the audience at that.  Even Mr. Burns turned around, looked at them and smiled.  Paul knew what she wanted.  He thought to himself, To hell with it.  She belonged to him and it was his responsibility to do what was right for her.  He stopped spanking and began to rub her bottom.  Her eyes got wide in surprise.  She wasnt expecting it and it completely threw her off.  But her desire soared.  Then, when he started the spanking again, Marilyn was different.  She was new in this world.  Jennifer didnt think badly about what she had just heard.  She knew, soon enough, the teacher would enjoy the change.

Marilyn could feel someone feeling down her back.  She tried to jump forward as whoever it was made their way down but she couldnt get anywhere.  “STOP THAT!  DONT PUT YOUR HANDS THERE!”

She could feel a hand squeezing its way toward her anal hole.  She felt a tear run down her face. “Please, not there, please,” she begged.

Mr. Burns continued to move his hand.  He could sense her panic as he moved closer.  He slid his hand between her cheeks and pried them gently apart.  Marilyns frantic pleas and threats became shrill but he had no intention of paying them any heed.  He gave her bottom a pinch and then slipped his finger towards her anus.  When he touched her there she shrieked at if he had stuck her with a hot poker.  He leaned in close and whispered, “What are you going to do when I put my cock there?”

He reached around with the other hand to pinch her nipple and then dropped his hand to her pussy.  For the first time he was the one who got a shock.  He felt her and when he tried to slip inside, he realized she was a virgin.

Her tears were steady now.  “Please no, I beg you.  Please dont do it.”  She didnt want to lose it here and now.  Not like this in front of all these people.  She wanted it to be something special, something she would remember.  Well, this was something she would remember and it was something special but it wasnt what she wanted.

“Please just let me go.”

Sidney Burns was moved.  He didnt know why he felt this way but he wasnt in the business of harming people.  Somehow he knew to continue at this time wasnt right.  He caught sight of Paul out of the corner of his eye and saw what he was doing, rubbing Jennifers bottom.

“I will deal with you later in my office,” he told her quietly and then told the guards to let her down easy.

In the audience, Zach was focused on Betty.  She wasnt sure this was right but Paul seemed to be OK with it.  It dawned on her that she was being treated like a commodity but instead of upsetting her, strangely, it felt good.  She just relaxed into it.  It was an extension of having no power and no responsibility.  She smiled at him.

He took a deep breath and pressed her breasts into his hands.  His sigh of delight turned her on even more.  Some of the other couples had begun to imitate the action on the stage and began spanking.  Zach saw this and got up the nerve to tell Betty to bend over and put her hands on the chair seat.  She did so obediently, spreading her legs and arching her back to stick out her bottom.  Zach moaned in delight.  Eagerly, he started to spank her with his hand.

Betty could tell from her experience, Zach was an amateur.  Unlike Paul, who, through recent experience, had developed his skill, Zach was afraid to hit her too hard but his emotions wouldnt let him hit softly.  Betty wanted him to pick it up.  “Show me what you got, Im not going to break.”

Zach took a firm grip on Bettys waist and let loose.  He started to smack her ass full force and, when he did, she couldnt help but start to squirm.  He suppressed his own moan of pleasure and kept on smacking, trying to get her to wriggle more.  Betty realized how much she was exciting him and that set her off.  It was like a fire in an ammunition dump.  They kept getting hotter until they both groaned in orgasmic ecstasy.

The scenes were being repeated in various ways all around the assembly hall.  The girls were being swept up in the passion and the guys were pushing them onward.  The air was filled with moans and cries.

Finally it died off to just a few moans and an occasional smack as a latecomer finished up.  Mr. Burns allowed Paul and Jennifer to finish and then announced that the assembly was over and that the students should move on to their next scheduled classes.

There were a few muttered questions about why Miss Ternsley hadnt gotten the rest of her spanking but the others told the doubters that she had.  There had been so much attention on their own affairs, nearly everyone just assumed that the spanking had been meted out fully to both participants.

Miss Ternsley was still standing on the stage, trembling, held by the two guards.  Sidney Burns went over to her and took her by the arm.  “Ill take you to my office,” he said, quietly.  Shaken, she was actually grateful to him to have spared her the ordeal and she was still in the grip of a raging lust.  Her absolute mortification at having to walk naked through the halls was just further arousing her.

At last they entered Sidney Burns private office.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Meanwhile, Jennifer let go of the position and fell to the floor.  The pain was considerable and she wasnt sure if she could walk.  She was hurting too much and nothing she could do would stop it.  What was odd though was that the pain was getting her aroused and she loved it.

“Master, can you lift me?  I dont think I can get up on my own.”

Betty and Zach came over and stood next to them.  Betty bent down next to Jennifer.

“You dont look so good.” 

Jennifer quickly brushed that off.  “Im fine, just hurting a little.”

She actually hadnt felt well at all since last night.  Her stomach had been bothering her but she didnt want to bring the mood down for anyone else because of her illness.

Paul took a closer look at Jennifer.  “I dont like the way you look.  Im taking you to the school nurse.”

“But Im fine,” protested Jennifer.  “Im just sore.”

Paul ignored her.  To her shock and delight, he picked her up with one arm behind her back and another under her legs and carried her into the hall.  She put her arms around his neck and rested her head against his chest.  Betty, Zach now forgotten, followed along behind.

She was glad to be carried; walking just wouldnt have been her thing right now. Luckily for Paul, the nurses office wasnt too far away.  Once inside, the nurse looked up from her desk.  Now with all the kids having partners, there was less of an epidemic of fake sicknesses.

“How can I help you?”

Jennifer looked up at Paul.  He had the right to speak before she did.

“I dont think shes feeling well.”

The nurse took a hard look at her.  “Are you having trouble with the adjustment?”

Jennifer nodded her head, no.  She looked at Paul and smiled.

The nurse didnt have to ask any more about that.  She began to check her vital signs.  “You have a low fever, young lady.”  She turned to Paul.  “Take her home, put her to bed and let her rest for a while.  No play until she feels better,” she added.

Betty looked on from the waiting area.  “Well take good care of her,” she interjected.

The nurse looked at her.  She turned back to Paul.  “Two slaves?” she asked in a slightly amused tone.  “OK, just take good care of this one and amuse yourself with the other.”

Betty was genuinely concerned about Jennifer but she couldnt help feeling a secret flush as she thought about having Paul all to herself for a day or so.

“I will make sure she gets rest and care,” said Paul.

The nurse gave him a wheelchair and, when Jennifer tried to protest, one look from Paul shut her up.

Jennifer couldnt help but feel like she was letting Paul down. She was supposed to care for him, not the other way around.  She didnt want to be a burden to him and didnt want to down the mood between Paul and Betty.

“I can care for myself.  Im OK.  I just have a bug or something.  You can drop me off at my Dads house and I can stay there until Im better.  If I cant care for myself, Im sure Dad wouldnt mind helping his daughter.”  She was just trying to find a way to show Paul she didnt want to weigh him down.  She lowered her head.  “But that call is up to you, not me, Master.”

Paul took Bettys hand and squeezed it.  “Little girl, when you are better, I am going to give you a spanking that will not let you sit again for a week.  You are coming back with me where Betty and I will take very good care of you until you are well enough to be put over my knee.  Is that clear?”

Betty leaned over too and patted Jennifer.  A surge of affection came over her for her under the weather sister slave.

Jennifer placed her hand on top of Bettys.  “Im going to hold you to that.”  She smiled.  She truly did feel loved in her new family.  “I think all I need is a little rest.  I havent slept well in the past few nights.  That will give you and Betty some private time.”  Jennifer gave Betty a nudge.  “Now how are we getting home?”

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Meanwhile, back in Mr. Burns office, the principal was saying, “Miss Ternsley, close my door.”  She did so and sat down, still naked, in the chair next to his desk.

“No one can hear in here, its soundproof.  Now, what I would like to know is how a woman such as yourself is still a virgin?”

She blushed at the question.  She had never directly told anyone she was.  Everyone just assumed she wasnt.  “I never met the right person.  Im kind of picky when it comes to men.”

Mr. Burns shook his head.  “That may need to change when the new laws come into effect.  As for now, you are my slave.  Just as the students have slaves, I am extending the program to the faculty.  Each male member will have their choice of a female slave among the school faculty.  I get first pick and Im choosing you.  You have potential and I like it.”

Marilyn was shocked but at the same time, deep down, she was drawn like a moth to a flame.  “You cant do that!  You cant just make me a slave.”  Then she added in a small voice, “Can you?”

Sidney just smiled.  “I already did.”  Then he stood up, went over to her and boldly felt her crotch.  She was dripping with excitement.  “I see you approve of this.”

She blushed.

He went back and told her to stand up and he sat down in the chair.  “Come over here, he said sternly.”

As if in a trance, the naked teacher stepped over to her boss where she was pulled face down over his lap.  She had already been aroused by her previous treatment and this kindled the flames all over again.

“You still have that spanking to get done, but now we can do it my way. Depending on how willing you are, I can either double or halve it. Im going to give you half and then we are going to see how experienced you truly are.”

Mr. Burns reached into a drawer in his desk and pulled out a leather paddle. “Fifty to start you out with.”

“Fifty!?” Marilyn squeaked. 

Sidney Burns didnt bother to answer.  He just smacked her with the paddle.

“OW!” yelled Marilyn.  “Not so hard.”

“Count them,” said Sidney.  “Im going to start over.  Any you dont count, I wont either.”

Marilyn could hardly catch her breath.  Being naked over her boss lap and having to count out her punishment was so humiliating and, at the same time, she was so aroused that she could hardly stand it.

The principal brought the paddle down again.

“Ouch!  O-o-one,” stammered Marilyn.

Mr. Burns broad smile grew even bigger. She was now a willing subject in this and the fun was unimaginable. He brought the paddle down hard and rapidly.  Her counting was getting more difficult as the pain spiked.

“Keep it up and you will make an excellent slave.”

One spank followed another.  As the pain built, Marilyn was increasingly having trouble keeping track of the count.  She tried to move her hands back to cover up but Mr. Burns threatened to tie her hands if she did. 

They reached 10 and the principal took a rest as Marilyn tried to cope with the pain.  She had tears in her eyes already and as soon as he started up again, they burst in a flood.  She cried but he insisted that she count as well.  It was all she could do to get the count out between sobs.  There was another pause at 20.

“I cant stand it anymore.  Stop, please, Ill do anything.  Just stop.”

The answer was another smack and Marilyn gave up.  She relaxed, helpless, resigned to endure the pain.  But as she felt more and more helpless, something magical was happening.  It still hurt but it was starting to arouse her again.  She began to lift her bottom to meet the paddle.  She was beginning to think she had lost her mind but she no longer cared.  The pain was becoming a raging need.  She began to moan and gasp in an inextricable mix of pain and pleasure.

Fifty came soon enough and he laid the paddle on the desk and rubbed Marilyns ass, deepening, soothing and transforming the pain.  He worked his way down her back before sitting her up.  “Now comes your test.”

Marilyn looked at him puzzled but grateful to be up.  “What do you want me to do?”

“Whatever I want.”

The words came out of her mouth as if she heard someone else saying them.  “Yes, Master.”  She blushed bright red.  She couldnt quite believe it.

Sidney looked at her and smiled.  “On your knees slave.”

Marilyn dropped to her knees, feeling the heat in her bottom moving to her pussy.  Her eyes were drawn to the tent in her boss pants.

“Take it out” he told her.

She knew what he meant.  She unzipped his pants and reached inside with her soft, gentle hands.  She had never touched a man this way before and she was clumsy.  She didnt really know what to do.  She spread his pants and his erect cock sprang free.

“Take it all out,” he said.

She tried to separate his pants more but she still didnt understand what he wanted.

Irritated, Sidney said, “Take my balls out, you stupid bitch.”

Marilyn flushed, embarrassed but her body reacted with even more arousal.  She didnt understand why at all.  Still, she reached in and gently pulled out his hairy testicles.  She heard him take a breath as she drew him out.  With her face just inches away, she waited for instructions.

“Lick it, like you were tasting an ice cream cone.”

She could no longer resist.  It was like her will was no longer her own.  She touched him with her tongue and heard him gasp again.

“Use your tongue!”

She began to lick him, tentatively at first and then with increasing confidence and enthusiasm.

“Now take it in your mouth,” he managed to get out.

She opened her mouth and drew it in.  As she did, he took her head firmly and shoved himself into her.  She gagged and choked but managed not to bite him.

“Keep using your tongue.”

She obeyed and, as she felt his desire rise, her own matched his.  Her pussy was dripping as she began to lick and suck on his cock.  He controlled her head as he moved back and forth, wanting her to bring him all the way.

Suddenly she began to choke as he erupted into her mouth and filled it with his salty cum.  She couldnt pull back and so she just kept licking.

“YES!  YES!  THATS IT!”  He lapsed into strangled moans as he finally achieved satisfaction.

Marilyn kept slurping until he finally told her to stop.  As his breathing slowed, he told her to stand up and then to sit on the edge of his desk.  He swept everything onto the floor, intending to have her clean it up later.  He told her to lie back which she did, her legs still dangling over the edge.  Finally he made her put her feet up with her knees spread.  She had to push back a bit further and then, still sitting on the chair, Sidney leaned in between her widespread legs and began to use his tongue and lips on her eager sex.

She began to try and pull back at first.  The feeling came as a surprise but the excitement kept her still.  The pleasure was mounting at an ever increasing rate.  “Come on, more, please more...”  She was wanting to reach the top, a place she had never before been.

Sidney began to suck on her hard, pulling her most sensitive flesh right into his mouth and rubbing his tongue on her clitoris.

“OH GOD!!!!!!!!!” she screamed as she was overwhelmed.

It was too much for her to bear.  Her heart was flying, she could barely breathe for all the excitement.  “No more, YES!!  No more, please, please.”  She was so confused,  She wanted it but she couldnt handle it.  She didnt know what to do or what to say.

Sidney kept it up as Marilyns first-ever orgasm overwhelmed her.   She had no idea it could be like this.

“The first thing you will learn is that slavery is not fair.   Ever.   I am your Master.  I don't have to be fair.  You just have to please me and you will find a pleasure you have never known.  And you will be moving in with me tomorrow so you are available to please me.  Do you understand?”

 What he said was already coming true.  She already felt an intense inner pleasure growing and surfacing in her words and actions.  She nodded her head.  “Yes I do.  May I ask what I am to do with my house and my possessions?”

“May I ask, Master?” he snapped.  “You will always address me as Master.  Slaves can own nothing.  Everything you have now belongs to me.  But for now, you will keep them in trust for me until we work out what is to be your future.  He looked at her and saw the concern.  “You belong to me.  I will take care of you from here on out.”

She felt the rush as he said that.  She didnt have any idea what was going on but there was a sense of relief and joy that surged through her.  A smile came across her face.  “If I belong to you, what do YOU have planned for me?  Are you just going to keep me around until you grow bored with me or is it more than that?”  She needed to know just for her peace of mind.

Sidney Burns hadnt really thought that far.  He looked at the beautiful, naked woman lying on the desk before him.  His heart went out to her.  “Get up,” he ordered.  “Now kneel.”

Obediently, she did as she was told.

“You belong to me.  It is your responsibility to please me but it is also my responsibility to take care of you and make you thrive.  As of now you are mine and I will keep you.  If there is ever a time when we are not happy with each other, then we will see.  In the meantime, put your mind at ease.  You are not a paper plate to be used and discarded.  You are my slave.”

Marilyn felt her heart rush. “You really mean that?  Youre going to care for me and, in return all I have to do is keep you pleased?  I think I can learn to like that.”  She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.  She could feel tears coming to her eyes again.

Sidney Burns had no way of knowing it but what had happened to his star pupil, Paul, was happening to him as well.  He was in absolute, total charge.  He owned this woman.  He could do with her as he pleased but as powerful as he was, she had just stolen something from him -- his heart.  He put his arms around her and pulled her in close.  He felt her press her naked body against him and the connection was made.  He put his cheek against hers and whispered in her ear, “You belong to me.  I will never let you go.  I found you fair and square and I get to keep you.”

Chapter Seventeen

The Patient

Jennifer sat in the back seat of her fathers car between Paul and Betty.  Paul had called him with his cell phone and he had left work to come and get them.  They were on their way back to her house.  Paul had let his own parents know and Bettys as well that they would be with Jennifer.  The nurse had used her authority to dismiss them all from school for the rest of the day.

Mr. Wilson left them all off and told them he had to return to work but that Paul was to make sure Jennifer got proper rest.  With her arms around the other two, Jennifer managed to walk into the house and up to her bedroom.  They tucked her into bed and she insisted that she needed some sleep so they left her there. 

Paul warned her to call if she needed anything and then he and Betty went downstairs.  “Do you realize this is the first time weve been alone together?” Betty said.

Jennifer listened as she heard the two of them leave her room.  Once they were clear and downstairs, she sat up in the bed.  She knew it was going as she had planned it.  Even if she hadnt gotten sick, she had intended to get them alone together somehow.

She wanted to see what they were talking about but knew better than to get up.  Instead, she just picked up a book she had been reading and decided to relax and let nature take its course.

Betty watched as Paul thought about her question.  “Its true, you know.  I came home with you and Jennifer and its been us three since then.  It feels a little empty without her, dont you think?”

Paul started to answer and then thought a minute.  “It does but Im glad we have some time together.  Being thrown together like this has been very intense but it has also been very wonderful.”  He looked a bit embarrassed.  “You know I used to fantasize about you.”

Betty looked at him in surprise.  “You did?”

“Uh huh.  You have such a delicious figure it really got to me but I never in a million years thought Id get to see it this way,” he said, indicating her nakedness. 

Betty laughed.  She was used to it by now.  “I know how all the boys looked at me.  I guess they all got their fill now.”

“Well I still like to look.  Stand up and put your hands on your head.”  Betty did as she was told.  Paul got more serious as he said, “I was always attracted to Jennifer as a person but having come to know you this way has changed my perceptions of you.  You are not anything like what I thought.  You are really very brave.”

“Brave?” said Betty, surprised.  “What makes you say that?”

“I dont know that I could handle this.  Being taken over and controlled this way,” said Paul.

Betty laughed.  “Of course, not silly.  Youre a Master.”

Paul smiled.  “I guess youre right.  But in doing this, what I wanted to say was, I feel a closeness to you.  You have become very special to me.”  He stood up, put his arms around the naked girl and gave her a hug and a kiss that took her breath away.

“What are we doing, Master?  What do you want me to do?  Ill do anything you want me to and maybe you could do me a favor.”  A smile spread across her face.  Now was the time for her to really get her way with Jennifer -- when she got better that was.

Paul looked at her.  He knew he was going to spank her again.  That was a joy for him.  And then he would decide how to use her body.  Suddenly he had an idea.  “Lets go into her fathers room.  He wont be home for hours.”  He led her into the other room to let Jennifer rest.  “Lie down on the bed on your stomach.  Im going to brush your hair.  You can tell me what you want as a favor while I do that.”

Betty didnt know why he wanted to brush her hair but she was OK with anything he said.  Naked, she lay down on the bed as Paul got Jennifers mothers heavy wooden hairbrush.  He had seen it on the dresser.  “I want you up on your elbows,” Paul corrected.  Again Betty obeyed.  Paul gathered back Bettys long, silken blonde hair and lay it on her back.  “Now what did you want me to do for you?” he asked her.  As he did, he drew the hairbrush over her head, down through her long locks and then swept it off her hair, through the air, and landed it with a smack on her round, upturned rump.

She yelped a bit when it first hit.  Not from the pain, it didn't hurt that much, but from the surprise.  “Well, I remember you saying Jennifer was second-in-command in a sense but I was thinking, what if I changed roles with her for just one day?  Thats all I ask, one day.  Let me have control over her.  Pretty please.”

Betty turned over to look him in the eyes and hoped to use her body to persuade him to answer the way she wanted.  “I'm just asking for one day, let me use her.”  She wasn't sure how well this would go over with Paul but then it hit her, make it worth his while.

“I'll pay for it.  I mean Ill willingly give myself to you in any way you want right now.”  As she said it, she thought about how even if she hadn't said that, she would have given herself to him at his whim, anyway. 

Without realizing it, Paul reflected his principles attitude in his own as he said, “You belong to me.  You will give yourself to me willingly in any way I want, ALL THE TIME.”

“Yes, Master,” came the subdued response.

“But I kind of like the idea anyway.  We will see.  Ill think about it.  Ill see what Jennifer has to say.”

Betty gasped.  “You wont tell her, will you?”

“Oh yes I will.  I told you, right now she is in charge of you after me.”

Betty stuck her lower lip out and pouted.

Paul said, “I think you were offering me something.  I am going to take you up on it.  There is something I wanted to try.”  He got up and went back to Jennifers bedroom where all their stuff was.  He found her asleep and very quietly he went to the bag of toys her father had given him.  He pulled out what he wanted and snuck back out without waking her.

Betty was lying on her back, waiting for him to return.  She had been worrying and scheming, trying to figure a way to get what she wanted.  She smiled at him as he came over to her.  “What do you have behind your back, Master?”

“This,” he said as he slapped it down on the bed next to her.  It made a swishing noise as it cut though the air.  Bettys eyes got wide as she looked at the thin, whippy cane in his hands.

Betty knew what was next; it wasnt a surprise or a shock.  “How many, Master?  I keep my word.  What about if Jennifer doesn't accept?  Do we just drop the idea?  If Jennifer wanted to do something like that would you let her?”  She was trying to use guilt on her side.  “Where do you want me?”

Paul told her, “Stretch out on the bed.”  After she had done so, he gathered some pillows and had her lift up so he could tuck them under her middle.  It pushed her bottom up a bit.  He looked at how she was and wished he could have access to her breasts as well.  They were squashed into the bed.  He put her wrist and ankle cuffs on and then attached ropes to each of them.  Finally he attached the other ends of the ropes to the legs of the bed so it held her comfortably spread-eagled to the bed.

Once she was secure, he said to her, “I said I would talk to Jennifer about you being in charge for a day, I didnt say that I would let her decide.  I am the Master here.  I make the decisions.  Now get ready, here comes the first.”

He tapped her plump bottom a couple of times lightly and then lifted the cane and swept it down hard across her bottom.

At first she just gasped and then she howled.  It was like a thin bar of hot iron had just been laid across her ass. It was MUCH worse than anything that had been done to her before.  It really hurt.  She struggled but the ropes held her tight.  She didnt know how much of this she could take.  Tears sprang to her eyes.  It felt like she was being cut in two.  Paul saw a red weal appear where the cane had struck.  He hesitated and then decided to try again, a little lower.

Swish, THAWCK!  “AIIIIIEEEEEEEE!”  Betty let out a full-throated scream of agony which brought a sleepy Jennifer running in to see what was going on.

“Whats the matter?” she asked breathlessly.

“Just trying something new,” Paul said nonchalantly.

Jennifer looked at Betty, worried.  “Dont hurt her TOO much,” she said.

“Well, she actually offered me this in return for letting you be in charge of her for a day.”

“What?!” said Jennifer in a tone of outrage.  She looked at Paul.  “You arent going to DO that, are you, Master?”

“Actually I might.  I havent decided.  But how are you feeling?”

She was a little shocked.  Losing her place of power, however limited it was, would hurt.  “I'm feeling better, the medicine the nurse gave me helped my fever.  I would feel better still if I didn't know that I might actually be demoted for a day.”  She sighed.  “But I know you know what's best, Master.”  She stretched her arms and looked at the sight of the whippy cane and Betty.  “If youre busy here, I think Ill take a bath.  If that is OK with you.”

Betty looked down at the bed and fought to suppress her smile.  At this rate she would get to be in charge.  She just had to keep Paul on her side.

“Well, why dont you wait a bit while I finish up with Betty?  You can help me and then Betty and I will help you with your bath.  She can wash you.”

Betty frowned at this.  That wasnt what she had in mind.

Jennifer smiled.  “Yes, Master, if that is your wish.”

Paul turned back to the bound blonde.  He raised the cane.  Swish, THAWCK!  Another stroke brought another howl of pain.  The ropes creaked as Betty squirmed involuntarily.  It really hurt but it took her mind off her plans.  Another stoke and strangely, in the midst of the pain was a growing fire in her pussy.  Betty purred.  With the next stroke, she was already beginning to want more as her desire rose.  Then as yet another landed on her striped ass, she actually began to moan in desire. 

Jennifer watched in fascination, recognizing what Bettys reactions were and wondering if she was reacting similarly.  Boldly she walked over to Paul and stroked his erect cock through his pants.  Paul moaned and Betty heard it and was outraged.  She wriggled her bare bottom furiously, both to rid herself of the terrible sting and to attract his attention.  She succeeded as Paul brought the cane down again.  It was almost enough to push her over the edge. 

Paul got concerned at the series of bright red stripes on Bettys rear.  “Maybe I should stop?” he asked Jennifer. 

Jennifer looked at Bettys bottom.  It was apparent that she wanted more but her bottom didnt look like it could take more.  “I think you should, Master.  What do you think Betty?”

Betty cried out.  “Keep going.”

Jennifer looked at Paul.  “She wants it but do you think her bottom can take it?  That is your call Master.”

Paul didnt know for sure but he saw Bettys pleading look.  He smiled and brought the cane down again and Betty shrieked in pain and her body spasmed.  Paul did it yet another time and it was enough.  There was a long howl and a series of convulsive movements as her orgasm ripped through her body.  It was the most intense she had ever experienced.  She was still breathing hard as they gradually subsided.

Paul was a bit surprised and concerned.  He looked at Jennifer who shrugged.  He left Betty tied and said, “Ill be right back.”  Then he went and got some soothing lotion from the bathroom and came back.  He poured it into his hand and started to smooth is gently on Bettys welted bottom.  She started to gasp and squirm and he realized she was getting aroused again.  He smiled and continued as her breathing became more and more ragged.  Soon she was moaning and when he slipped his finger between her widespread legs and rubbed her pussy, she convulsed into another orgasm.

Jennifer watched as Paul continued. “Take it easy on her,” said Jennifer.  She smiled in a way that showed she was just playing around.  “It seems you have more toys than you know what to do with.”

Betty leaned around and glared at Jennifer.

“Take it easy, I was just kidding.”  She sighed.  “Temper, temper.”  She then sat down on the floor to watch.

Paul looked at the red lines on Bettys ass and decided that she had had enough.  Betty was panting and out of breath but she had finally had enough, at least for now.  She was very glad when Paul released her bonds.  “So when do I get to be in charge of her?” she asked him.

“When and if I decide.  Just remember whos the boss around here.”

“You Master,” said Betty.  “of course.”  She darted a venomous glare at Jennifer who stuck her tongue out.

“I have a use for that tongue,” Paul told her.  He walked over to where Jennifer was sitting and dropped his pants.

Jennifer bit down on her tongue.  She had hoped Paul wouldnt see her stick her tongue out.  She released the grip on her tongue and let out a small grunt but that was as far as she took it.  “Yes, Master.”  She finished lowering his pants and his boxers to reveal what he had planned.

She moved her mouth onto the head, not putting it fully in her mouth.  She was trying something different.  She was going to tease him like he had her on the first day with that machine.  She ran her tongue along the head of his cock, not following it down just glistening the top with her saliva.  She felt a firm grip on the back of her head and she pulled back.  She resisted being having it pushed in her mouth.  “Can I do it my way?” she asked him.

Betty was watching in awe.  She was trying to learn from Jennifer so she would know what to do when it was her turn.  She wanted to know what Paul liked and what he didnt.

The question made Paul hesitate and then he realized how selfish he was being.  “Im sorry, Jen.  I forgot you were sick and you are supposed to be resting.

Jennifer looked up at him and smiled.  “Ill be alright for a little while.  Ill go back to bed in a few minutes.”

“OK,” said Paul.  “Then let me lie down and you can do it your way.”  He kicked off his pants and shorts and walked over to the bed.  He lay down on his back and smiled at his two slaves.  “Come on Jen.  You take your time and do this your way but I want you back in bed to rest afterward.”

“Yes, sir.”  She crawled between his legs.  She looked up at Betty and gave a wink. 

Betty replied with a nod, she knew what to do.

Jennifer began her slow work.  She wanted to bring him to the brink, then stop, then try to do it again but then let him loose.  Betty knew her role.

Jennifer lowered her lips onto the head of his erect cock once again.  Slowly, she submerged it into her mouth, rolling her tongue across his scrotum then back up.  Each time she went a little further.  She wanted him to feel every second of it and want more as she started to lay off and then go back again.

Betty had taken her place.  She sat on Paul's chest for a few seconds before scooting herself down to his stomach and leaning forward.  She placed her lips gently on his.  While Jennifer was working his lower half, she was in charge of his upper half.

With the two girls on top of him, Paul felt like he was losing his mind.  Bettys full breasts were pressed into his chest and he put his arms around her.  He didnt know what to do.  Bettys weight kept him helpless and Jennifer was teasing him and driving him wild.  He wanted to be in charge and at this moment, he wasnt.  He slid his hands under Betty and somehow she understood and lifted up enough to let him play with her breasts as they dangled down.  It gave him the opportunity to push his hips up but Jennifer just continued to tease.  Betty grabbed his wrists and put them to his sides, holding them in place next to his shoulders.  Her tongue darted into his mouth and he loved it.

Finally he couldnt take any more and he began to moan. He knew his climax was coming no matter what.  Jennifer sensed the change and began to suck and lick him in earnest.  Betty pressed herself in tight, wanting to be a part of it.  Paul felt waves of the most intensely incredible orgasm of his life start to sweep over him.  He struggled to free his arms but Betty just chuckled and held him.  It was being sucked out of him whether he liked it or not.  It was so intense, he thought he was going to pass out.  Finally, after what seemed like a hundred years, the spasms began to fade and his body relaxed.  Jennifer gave a final lick and let him go.  Betty kissed him gently and rolled off.  Both girls looked at him and smiled at each other.  Paul felt like a limp rag.

A wave of emotion swept over him.  “I love you both,” he whispered.

A broad smile spread across both of their faces as they glanced at each other and back to Paul.  “And we love you Master,” they both said at the same time.  They did make a good team.  Jennifer would learn to use this to her advantage in the future.

As Jennifer stood up, Betty began to giggle.  “What is it?”

She pointed up at Jennifer.

“You have something on your lip.”

Jennifer smiled and ran her tongue across her lips.  “Is it gone?”

“All clean.”

“Good, now I think Ill do as ordered and head back to bed.”  Jennifer turned and left the room, once again leaving the two of them alone.

Betty leaned against Paul.  “Did you really like that?  We played off of each other, We each did what the other couldnt; we had fun.”

“I loved it,” said Paul.  “And I want to see more interaction between you.  I cant wait to watch the two of you spank each other and then be spanked by me.  And I want to watch the two of you do sexy things, too.”  Paul could feel himself getting aroused again just thinking about all this.

Betty saw him stir and reached for his cock.

“Not right now,” he told her.  He realized anew as he said that that he was truly in charge.

Paul and Betty spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and enjoying one anothers company.  Periodically, Paul would send Betty in to check on Jennifer and she did it carefully and diligently.  She got Jennifer whatever she wanted to make her feel as comfortable as possible with no shenanigans. 

When Jennifers father finally returned, Paul was happy that he was impressed with the care they were giving her.  Jennifer assured all of them that she was feeling better and would be fine by the morning.

Betty dressed and made dinner for all of them with some minimal assistance from Henry.  The men was thrilled with her efforts.  She had a little trouble sitting on the stripes from the cane but that just encouraged her to be more attentive.

She cleaned up and finally got to relax with Paul for a while.  Jennifer begged to join them but her father refused.  At last the evening was over and they all went to bed.  Paul and Betty stayed in the guest room and Jennifer reluctantly slept in her own bed.

Chapter Eighteen

Betty on Top

The next morning, Jennifer awoke totally recovered.  She got up and didnt even bother getting dressed.  She did her necessaries and went to see Paul.  The news was not welcome.

“Jen,” said Paul, “I have decided that today, just for the one day, Betty will be in charge of you.  You will do everything she says and since she is still healing, you will be the one to be spanked today.”

Jennifer was startled by the news.  She never thought he would actually go along with it.  She just thought the chain of command had already been set and nothing could change that.  She nodded as she looked over at Paul.  “If that is what you want I have no need to argue.”

Betty was just as surprised at Pauls choice.  She had never thought he would agree to it so soon.  At the same time she was gloating over her victory.  Now she was in charge of Jennifer and she HAD to do what she said.  She couldnt help but think back to what Paul had said the night before.

He wanted to see them spank each other; she could arrange that.  He wanted to see them do things on a more sexy level together.  She let loose a broad smile.  She had already thought of the perfect way to get back at Jennifer for the final revenge that she would leave as a last surprise for Paul.  She sensed he would like it when they got back home.  She was already planning the evening.  She couldnt do it in school but in private ... there was going to be some fun tonight.

“Master, do you think I can give her a good morning spanking?  So she can remember who is in charge for the day?”

Jennifer just looked down, she knew she was at the bottom of the pile now and nothing she could do would change that for twenty-four hours.

Paul could feel his cock stir.  This was the ultimate in power.  Not only was he totally in charge of these two girls but he could even put one of them in charge of the other.  He looked at Bettys sparkling eyes and the little hint of a smirk on her face.  He knew she would enjoy this and he didnt think she would stop to consider that tomorrow she would be back on the bottom again.  Besides, he longed to see them with each other.  That would be SO erotic.

“Yes, I think that would be a very good idea.  But since I will be watching, I would like to see both of you dressed in something sexy.  Do you have anything Jen?”

Jennifer thought about it.  She really didnt have anything that would qualify.  “Ill ask my dad,” she said.

She went out and came back a few minutes later with two bundles of nylon.  She handed one to Betty.

“Ill let you two change and come back in a few minutes so I can see what you got,” Paul told them.

Betty followed Jennifer to the bathroom.  “Which one do you want, this one...” Jennifer held up the red one. “or this one?” She held up the black one.

Betty looked at them both.  “Why dont you choose first?”

Jennifer sighed.  “You know why I dont.”

Betty smiled, her first admission that she was no longer in control.  “I'll take the red one.  Now youre going to put it on me.”

Jennifer shook her head.  “Cant you put it on yourself?  I really dont want to.”

Betty put her hand up.  “That wasnt a choice.”

“Fine.  Hold still.”  Jennifer began to slip the skin tight, nylon dress onto Bettys figure.  She disliked having to run her hands over Bettys front to slip the dress up but that was what she knew Betty had intended and she knew only worse was to come.

“How do I look?”

Jennifer giggled.  “Kinda like Santas sexy helper.”

Jennifer then began to pull the black one on herself.  It was far more revealing and had less fabric to cover her.  It left her chest and lower back open for any hands that wandered.

Betty smiled.  Jennifer was now hers.  “Lets get back to Paul.  Hurry.”

Pauls eyes bugged out.  He had been getting used to the sight of them naked but the way they were dressed now was even better.  Rather than hiding their charms, it emphasized them.  Betty wore a skin tight dress that was short, very low cut and hugged every luscious curve.  It was not quite short enough to expose the tops of her stockings but it really set off her legs.  It just begged for her to be naked again.

Jennifer wore a teddy nightgown that was braless.  It was cut around her smaller breasts and just as Bettys emphasized her legs, the black one offered Jens breasts.  Together they were a walking feast of lustful attraction.

Paul didnt bother to stifle a moan.  The girls giggled, pleased with his reaction.  “You two are too sexy for your own good.  You know what that means, dont you?”

Betty wriggled in delight.  “Spankings, Master?” she asked coquettishly.

“Yes indeed.  Jen, go and get the paddle.”

Jennifer obediently went and picked up a small ping pong paddle.

Betty looked at it and sniffed.  “Isnt that too little, Master?”

Paul smiled.  “I think that will do for now.  Now Jen, kneel and ask Betty for your spanking.”

Betty interrupted.  “Master, can I get her to smooth my dress first?  Its wrinkled.”

Paul licked his lips.  “Thats a very good idea.  In fact Ill help.  Jen you do the front and Ill do the back and then well switch.”

Betty looked at her triumphantly.  Jennifer knew she had to do it so, reluctantly, she stood in front of Betty and began to run her hands over the other girls body.  While she was doing Bettys front, Paul had started on her back.  He was in close, resting his cheek on her bare back above the dress and massaging her round ass.  He let a hand come around to fondle her breasts as well and Bettys breathing picked up as she became aroused.  Then Paul decided it was time to switch.

Jennifer came around the back and went to work.  Paul, of course, focused on Bettys breasts, pinching her hardening nipples through the thin material.  Then he told her, “Put your hands on your head.”  When she did so, he told Jennifer, “While youre back there, smack her bottom.”

Jennifer smiled and smacked Betty delightedly.  Betty moaned as her level of arousal skyrocketed.  Then Paul called a halt.  “OK, Jen, time for your spanking.  On your knees and beg Betty to spank you good and hard.”

Jennifer was happy to have been able to relieve her hands of their duty but now came the part she hated worse, complete submission to Betty.  There were no limits to Bettys powers, the same powers Jennifer would hold over her and had held but it was the way they decided to use them that would set them apart.

Jennifer fell to her knees, she couldn't disobey an order from her Master.  “Betty, please give me a nice hard spanking.”

Betty was proud to see her power in full bloom.  She looked over at Paul to see what he wanted her to do now that she had Jennifers submission.

Paul felt the thrill of this drug.  The power to have two beautiful girls do anything he wanted.  He almost held back but something inside him said to do that would be to deny what was happening.  “You heard what she said.  Spank her and make it good.  I want to see her cry.”

Jennifer gasped and looked at him.  Deep down in her soul, something responded.  This was her Master. 

Betty sat down on a chair.  Jennifer handed her the dreaded paddle and placed herself over Bettys lap, hands on the floor.  Betty looked at her sometime rival and smiled.  She looked at Paul.  “Master?  When Im done, can I have Jen use her mouth on me?”

Paul couldnt resist.  He licked his lips.  Lets see if she wants to do that.  He winked at Betty.

“Im sure she will when I get done, wont you, Jen?”

Jennifer was horrified.  She couldnt do that.  Shed rather die.

Betty couldnt stand to wait for an answer.  She raised the paddle and smacked it down, full force, on Jennifers bottom.  Her position, bent over Bettys lap, made the short hem of the teddy pull up so her bottom was bare anyway.  She jumped in pain.

Jennifer didn't know Betty could hit so hard.  She had always thought she was a light hitter but her new experience was showing Jen otherwise.  “Ow!  Betty.... I mean Mistress...”  She looked questionably at Paul.  “I do call her Mistress don't I?”  She was confused by being at the bottom of the triangle, she wasn't quite sure how she was suppose to address Betty.

Betty continued her assault with one swing after another.  Jennifer was crying out; Betty wasn't holding back.  She was enjoying every swing.

Paul was watching, fascinated.  “For today, yes, you will call me, Master and Betty, Mistress.”

Betty looked at Paul, not sure if she was still supposed to continue.  She could see that Paul was pleased however, so she just went on with the paddling.  Jennifer was really squirming so Betty held on tight.  She started to kick her legs as the heat in her bottom reached scorching proportions.  Paul was just rapt.  He wanted to see Jennifer pushed over the edge.

Finally the tears started.  Jennifer couldnt hold back any more and began to cry.  Betty gave her a few more smacks and looked at Paul again.  He shook his head and Betty stopped. 

“Now soothe her bottom for me,” Paul told Betty.

Betty knew what to do.  She set down the paddle and began to gently soothe out the pain in Jennifers flaming, crimson ass.  Jennifer stopped sniffling and soon began to moan.  She was mortified by her reaction but had no defense.

Jennifer tried everything to get her to stop without being openly defiant in front of her Master.  “Thank you Mistress, it... it feels... feels better.”  She was losing her breath.

Betty knew what she was doing and she was working on Jennifer the best she could.  Jennifer felt a finger slip between her legs as Betty moved further, trying to push Jennifer over the edge before she was allowed up.  She continued to work her hands over Jennifer's ass.  When Jennifer started to buck, Betty knew she was getting close.  Betty let a smile creep over her face.  She wanted to reach forward and take hold of Jennifers hanging breast as Paul had done to her but hesitated because of her orders to sooth Jennifers bottom.  She didn't want to lose her privileges for disobedience.

 Jennifer was lost.  She couldn't make Betty stop and she didn't want her to continue but by the time the thought crossed her mind, it was already too late.  She lost control.  She couldnt even turn to look Betty in the face, her humiliation was too great.

Paul saw Jennifer begin to respond and found it thrilling.  He could hear her breathing become rapid and she began to softly moan as Betty, with an evil smile on her face, brought her closer and closer to an orgasm.  Then, although it was quite obvious that she was resisting, she moaned softly and began to cum.

“That was absolutely wonderful, Betty.  Magnificent,” said Paul.

Betty smiled broadly.  “Thank you Master.”

“Alright Jennifer,” said Paul, “get down on your knees on the floor and say thank you to Mistress Betty for helping you cum.”

Jennifer got up blushing and knelt.  “Thank you Mistress for helping me cum.”

“That is not the proper way to do that.  Say it again, right.”

Jennifer wished the floor would open and swallow her up.  At the same time, she couldnt help but enjoy her own discomfort.  “Thank you Mistress for helping this slave cum.”

“Now come over here and thank me and give me your titties to suck.”

This time she was eager.  She stood up and walked over to Paul.  She again knelt and said, “Thank you Master for having Mistress help your slave cum.”  Then she stood up, grasped her breast and fed it to Paul who sucked on it enthusiastically.

Paul was about to do more when he suddenly noticed the clock.  “Oh my God.  We are late for school again.  Ill have to get dressed.”

As quickly as he could, Paul put on his clothes.  Without instructions to the contrary, the girls stayed naked.  Then the three of them went running out without breakfast.  They saw the school bus just coming down the street as they ran to the stop.

Betty and Jennifer followed closely behind Paul.  Jennifer whispered to Betty while they were running, “Today is going to be hell isn't it?”

Betty smiled and nodded her head.  “More than you yet know.  Consider it payback for everything that has happened and will happen.  This may be my only chance and I'm taking the fullest opportunity of it.”  Betty sped up and caught up with Paul.

Jennifer stayed back and thought about what Betty meant.  She had something planned that Jennifer couldn't put her finger on yet.  She caught up with the two.  “What's the schedule for today?”

Chapter Nineteen

Wednesdays Excitement

Before Paul could answer, the bus came and the three of them got on.  The girls went first and Paul followed.  Since the girls were naked, they got some friendly pats as they walked down the aisle but Paul didnt interfere this time.  No one was hurting them and it was just friendliness.

They sat down with Paul across the aisle.  There was a girl sitting next to him, fully dressed, who looked at the naked girls with open astonishment and curiosity. 

Paul turned his attention to his two slaves.  “As far as I know, we dont have anything special in school other than the usual classes.  But I imagine that Betty will want to have a little fun.”  He grinned at her.  “Just remember that I am in charge.”

“Yes, Master,” said both girls at the same time.

Paul turned back to the girl sitting next to him.  “I dont recognize you,” he said.  “Are you new?”

“Yes,” she replied.  “We just moved here.  Im Marsha Mason.”

“Paul Harding.  Im glad to meet you.”  He held out his hand but when she reached to shake it, he reached over and squeezed her breast.

She shrieked in outrage and slapped him.  Then she called out to the bus driver, “He touched me!”

The driver looked back in his mirror and said, “Tell it to the principal when we get to school.”

Paul didnt know if what he did was OK or not.  He had just grown accustomed to treating girls in this manner.  He wondered what Mr. Burns would say.

Meanwhile, Betty and Jennifer had started to talk.

“You know what Betty?  You think the girl would have noticed something was up when she saw the two of us.”

Betty tried to keep from laughing.  “I guess some people are as thick-headed as you.”  Betty knocked on Jennifers head.

“Hey, dont do that!”  Jennifer didnt like being made fun of, even if it was in a fun manner.

“Or what?  Remember who is in charge here.  And you do NOT call me Betty for the day.  To you I am Mistress, understand?”

Jennifer looked toward the floor.  “Yes Maam....  Sergeant Hardass.”

Betty just took the insult in stride.  “Ill deal with you soon enough.”

Jennifer and Betty continued back and forth until the bus came a halt in front of the school.

When the trio got off the bus, Marsha went running up to Mr. Burns who was standing at the door, waiting for everyone to arrive.  “Principal Burns,” she said excitedly.  Remember me?  Im Marsha Mason.  You met me with my parents when you interviewed us.”

“Yes, dear, I remember.  Welcome to Fairless Hills.  This is your first day, isnt it?”

“Yes and its been awful.”  Her lip trembled.  “That boy,” she pointed at Paul, “touched me,” she said with a sense of horror.

“He did?  Where?”

“On my br-br-breast.”  Marsha was ready to cry.

“I see.  Well I think you and Paul had better come with me.”

Marsha shot Paul a triumphant look.  Now he was going to get it, she thought.

Paul followed the principal and Marsha with his two naked companions in a small parade into the school, down the hall and to the principals office.

As they went in, they could hear a voice say, “Oh good Master, I wanted to tell you...”  Then it cut off as Marilyn Ternsley, dressed only in stockings, high heels and a garter belt realized he was not alone.

Sidney Burns gave her a look that promised more later.  “You are to call me Mr. Burns, here, Marilyn.

“Yes sir, your slave is sorry.”

Marsha acted like she couldnt believe her ears.  Your slave? She thought.  She decided to ignore it.  “Mr. Burns, I want to press charges.”

“Just a moment, Marsha.  Let me hear from Paul.  What happened, Paul?”

“Well sir, I did feel her.  She reached out to shake hands and I just gave in to temptation.”

“I see.  Well done, son.”

Marshas jaw dropped.  Well done?  Your slave?  Naked students?  What kind of lunatic asylum were they running here?  “Principal Burns, this is outrageous.  If you wont do anything, I am calling the police.”

“Young lady, first of all, Paul did nothing at all wrong.  The laws you are referring to are long since gone here.  The police will laugh at you.  Furthermore, you are in this school for a reason.  I have discussed this with your parents and you may call them right now to confirm.”  He handed her a phone.

She called home and started to complain but before she got more than a few words out, she stopped.  There was a quiet pause of a few minutes as she listened to her mother and father and then she put the phone down in shock.

“I see you were told to do whatever I tell you.”

The girl looked at him in stunned shock. 

“Paul was within his rights to be friendly.  Now you are going to give him the opportunity to finish.  Remove your clothing, this instant.”  The principal looked at her and waited.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was rapt.  She had just been though this herself and knew what the poor girl was going through.  So did Betty.  But both girls also knew the joy that awaited her at the end of this journey.  Betty reached out and took Jennifers hand and squeezed it.  Jennifer started to pull away and for just an instant realized that whatever was there between them, they were sisters now.  She squeezed back and patted Bettys shoulder.

Marsha very slowly began to removed her blouse.  “Do I HAVE to?” she whined.

“Yes you do,” said Mr. Burns.

She took off the blouse and then removed her skirt, standing there in just her bra, panties, pantyhose, socks and shoes.

“Go on,” said Mr. Burns.

She took a breath and then started to take off her shoes and socks.  Then came her pantyhose.  Standing in just her bra and panties she stopped.  “Please dont make me take this off too.  Ill be all naked.”

Betty stepped in.  “It will be OK.  Really.”

Marsha looked at her.  “I am not a whore,” she said.

Betty looked like shed been slapped.

Mr. Burns stepped in.  “Dont worry about it Betty.  She is new.  Give her a chance.”  Turning back to the girl, he said, “I suggest you watch your mouth, young lady.  That remark is going to cost you more than you think.  Now take the rest of that off or I will for you.”

Marsha reached back and unhooked her bra.  She had large, firm breasts.  Not as big as Bettys but very nice.  Both Mr. Burns and Paul were staring avidly.  Marsha blushed bright red.  She immediately covered them with her hands.

Mr. Burns sighed.  “Take off your panties,” he ordered.

She put her hands down and drew down her panties and stepped out of them, now totally naked.

“Alright Paul,” said Mr. Burns.  You go ahead and feel anything youd like.”

Marsha gasped and tried to cover herself.

Mr. Burns said, “Betty, Jennifer, please hold her arms for me.”

The two girls stepped forward eagerly to each grab an arm.

Paul then walked up to the restrained girl and began to fondle her quite freely.

Jennifer held tightly to one arm and Betty did as well with the other.  Betty could tell what she was going to try to do.  She slammed her foot down on Marshas.  She leaned her head over near Marshas ear.  “Don't even consider trying to hurt my Master.  Then you would have the two of us to deal with.”  She meant every word and Marsha could tell.  She was frozen with fear.

 Jennifer then twisted Marshas arm behind her back to keep her from moving while Paul had his pleasure with her.  Between Jennifer and Betty, there was no way Marsha was going to get away with anything they didn't approve of.

 Marsha felt all sorts of pain flowing through her.  Her foot was pounding and her arm hurt.  Paul's hands embarrassed her without limit.  Tears started to stream down her face and Paul stopped touching her.

“Thank you Mr. Burns.  Thats enough,” said Paul as he stopped.

“You can let her go, girls,” said the principal.

Jennifer and Betty let the girl go.

Marsha just rubbed her sore shoulder.

Marilyn stepped over and put her arms around Marsha.  “Take it easy.  We will get you a boy to look after you.”

“Thank you for your help, Paul.  You and your girls can go on to class now.”

The three of them turned and went on out of the office.

Mr. Burns told Marilyn, “Why dont you look after her and I will check my list and get someone to take care of her.  And after she goes, we will deal with you.”

The teacher looked at her owner with a mix of dread and anticipation.

Paul led Betty and Jennifer to their first class of the day.  “I appreciate your help this morning,” he told them.  “Both of you get a kiss.”  Paul stopped just outside the classroom and took Betty in his arms for a deep and passionate kiss.  She threw her arms around him and kissed him back, pressing up against him.

Letting Betty go, he took Jennifer in his arms.  She also kissed him passionately, trying to outdo Betty.  Betty watched and then said, “Thats long enough, Jen.”

Paul let Jen go and then smiled at Betty.  “Keeping a close rein on her, huh Betty?”

“Yes, Master.”  The girls glared at each other.

The classes went pretty much as expected.  Then it was time for physical education.  Paul changed into his gym uniform and the girls eagerly helped.  The new rules required a co-ed locker room so they kept their eyes open, watching the other boys change too.

The only thing Betty and Jennifer were required to put on were gym shoes, and that was just for safety reasons.  After Paul was dressed and they each had a good pair of shoes on, Paul lead the other two into the main gym for the warm up.  Betty had an evil smirk on her face and Jennifer couldnt figure out why.

When Jennifer started to sit down in line, Betty put her hand out.  “Not so fast.  You know the instructor always asks for someone to demonstrate each stretch and today YOU will be volunteering.”

Jennifer just froze.  She looked at Paul and knew she couldnt argue.  “Yes, Mistress.”  Jennifer walked to the front of the class and sat down in front of everyone.  The way she was sitting, the class was facing her and she was facing them.  She just wondered what Betty would have planned for her for the rest of the day.

Paul was actually wondering the same thing.  Betty was taking to her new role like a duck to water and Paul was getting a tremendous kick out of it.  He wouldnt ever let Jennifer actually be hurt and besides, tomorrow she would be in charge again.  He thought that with a few reversals like this, they would learn to respect each other, never knowing when the other would have the upper hand.  But he would enjoy watching Betty get her licks in.

Mr. Bizby, the gym teacher, was getting the class ready.  Although Jennifer was in front, most of the girls were naked.  “Now that so many of you are going bare,” he explained, “it is going to be more important than ever that you have a healthy, well-toned body.  We always start with stretching.  Jennifer, would you care to demonstrate for the class the proper way to stretch?”

Jennifer began to stretch out her lithe, well-toned body.  She was always embarrassed about being the center of attention.  Then she caught Paul looking and smiled.  She started to gracefully entice him with her movements.  She saw him get increasingly engrossed in what she was doing and felt really good.

Meanwhile, Betty saw it too and was jealous.  This wasnt at all what she had in mind.

Betty didnt know what to do to get his eyes on her and off of Jennifer.  She had done this to herself and now she was going to have to deal with it.  She had a lot to learn and little time to learn it in.  She watched Jennifer, taking in all she did so she could one day try and use it herself.

Jennifer ignored all the attention she was getting except for that from Paul.  She was now just doing her stretching for Paul, almost ignoring the teacher.  She hadnt heard her name called.  Soon she felt a swift smack on her bottom and she snapped out of her narrow view and looked at the teacher.  “Yes, sir?”

“You seemed fascinated with something.  Normally I would make you share it with the class but Im not sure I even want to know.  Now stand up and line up against the wall.  Today I have decided to mix it up.  Instead of making all of you run, we are going to have a nice game of dodge ball.  Only thing is, the losing team will feel more than just the shame of defeat.”

Mr. Bizby smiled, he liked what was coming next.  “The winning team gets to spank the losing team, the female members that is.  The males will get to spank one girl of their choosing and then I will get to spank the worst player on the field regardless of which team they were on.

“Now, as for team captains, Paul you will be the captain of team A.  Now who wants to be captain of team B?”

A handsome, athletic boy named Jeff put up his hand.  “I will Mr. Bizby.”  Helen, his girl, stood next to him with shining eyes, admiring her Master.

“Thats good.  Choose your team, gentlemen.  Guys, your girls will automatically be on the other team.  If the numbers are uneven, I will move some girls back at random.”

The two captains chose the players they wanted.  Finally they were ready.  They began to play, taking turns throwing and dodging the ball.  The girls were, of course, the favorite targets but the boys got their share too, especially when the girls were throwing.  Finally Team A was judged the winner.

“Just to be fair,” said Mr. Bizby, “the boys cannot spank their own slaves.  Each of you will pick a different girl to spank.  Paul, you go first.”

Both Jennifer and Betty were watching closely to see who Paul picked.

Jennifer wondered who would be judged as the worst player and would get spanked by the teacher himself, but that was going to be the grand finale. Right now, all she could think about was who the lucky girl on the other team would be who Paul got a hold of.  Jennifer sat back on her heels and waited.

Betty was much more anxious, she hadnt done so well in that game.  She was never very good at sports.  She wanted to know who Paul was going to pick so she waited and prayed it would not be her name called by the teacher.

Paul looked over the girls on the other team.  This was such a thrill for him.  “Ill take Josie,” he said, indicating a very pretty girl with long blonde hair.  The girl blushed and walked over to him.  Betty looked at her with a poisonous glare.  Josie smiled at Paul and submissively went over his lap.

Meanwhile, other boys on the team were picking the girls they wanted to spank.  When one tried to pick Betty, the teacher stopped him.  “Ill be dealing with Betty, myself,” said Mr. Bizby.  “She didnt play well at all.  I am going to make an example of her.”

Jennifer looked at Josie and felt a bit of envy for her; she wanted to be in her place.  Then, as Betty took a step forward, an evil grin spread across her face.  “Mr. Bizby, I know one player who did worse than me but she will never admit it.”  Betty knew it was a lie but Jennifer couldn't say so.

“Jennifer, wouldn't you agree I did better than you?”

Jennifer glared at Betty then took a deep breath.  “Yes, sir, Betty is right.”

Mr. Bizby was taken aback.  “Well then, I think that I will have to deal with this in a special way.”  He gave the girls a penetrating look.  “I think its only proper for me to spank BOTH of you.”  Betty gave Jennifer a triumphant look.  Then the gym teacher went on, “And in addition, I think it would also be proper for each of you to give the other a sound spanking also.”

Betty looked horrified and it was Jennifers turn to smile.  It would be worth it.

Most of the boys already had their chosen girls positioned for the spanking and Mr. Bizby told them to begin.  There was a chorus of slaps and high pitched shrieks of pain as the exercise began.  Josie started to immediately kick and squirm vigorously under Pauls punishing palm.

Betty and Jennifer looked at each other and the teacher and waited for his instructions.

Mr. Bizby motioned for Betty first.  “Since I noticed you first, I will give you the first spanking.”  He then turned his attention to Jennifer.  “Now, I want you to sit right there on the floor with your legs spread apart while I spank her.  A little more over so Betty can see you too.”

Jennifer felt the color leave her face; she didn't want to but she did it anyway.

Betty smirked at Jennifer from her position over the teacher's lap, enjoying the humiliation Jennifer was feeling at being so exposed.  She eyed the other girl, seeing that she was already moist from her entertainment of Paul.

“Good, now I will begin.”  He began a rapid assault on Betty's bum while Jen watched.

Betty sucked in her breath with the first blow, not having thought the teacher would be so hard on her.  Her attention snapped off of Jennifer's humiliation on to her burning bottom.  Wiggling and kicking, she cried out,  “Please Mr. Bizby, not so hard!”

Oliver Bizby was in heaven.  He had secretly longed to do this.  Betty was such a luscious little girl.  Only she wasnt so little.  Her large boobs bounced as she kicked and squirmed under the rapid-fire assault.  He knew Jennifer was just caught up in Bettys machinations but he couldnt resist falling for her transparent plan.  He would take it a lot easier on Jennifer.  Betty needed a lesson.  Her bottom was turning red and would be crimson before he was done.  He was just using his hand but he was strong and used to it from his favorite sport of handball.  Hed much rather smack a girls bottom than a handball, though.

Betty wiggled her bottom to try and evade the punishing hand, but it found its target again and again.  Her legs worked hard, pumping and kicking but to no avail, her bottom was on fire from the punishing smacks, worse after the caning she had gotten last night.

The gym teacher glanced over at Paul to see how he was faring.

Paul had already taken a break from spanking Josies plump bottom.  He had reached underneath to grasp a firm breast and was rubbing her wriggling ass as she squirmed in delight.  The other boys, too, had selected a girl to spank as well and the gym rang with the sounds of smacks and squeals as well as a few gasps and moans of pleasure.

Mr. Bixby announced in a loud voice, “Boys, if any of you are over-stimulated by this when you are done, have the girls relieve you.  If any of them need encouragement to get over any shyness, there are paddles in the equipment lockers.”

The announcement was greeted with a new burst of enthusiastic spanking and a few moans from the shyer girls followed by exclamations of pain.

Betty wailed at the news of the paddles, hoping Mr. Bizby wouldn't use one on her.  She could see Jennifer was getting more and more excited watching Betty's spanking,. Betty herself was wiggling and squirming from the spanking as much as she was from the tingling in her pussy.

Jennifer kept her legs wide apart, enjoying seeing Betty get really punished for once.  Her bottom was a tomato red and Mr. Bizby still showed no signs of stopping.  Since Betty was in charge of Jennifer today, that made Betty's punishment doubly enjoyable to Jennifer.

Soon Jennifer was squirming on the hard gym floor, her juices moistening the spot under her as she kept her legs wide apart and she became increasingly aroused by not only Betty's spanking, but the sight and sounds of the spankings all around her.

From the moans and sighs of the other girls, she wasn't the only one feeling particularly excited, either.

Oliver Bixby was a bit embarrassed by just how aroused he was.  Bettys squirming was getting to him in no small way.  Worse, he could smell her arousal but he was a teacher and these girls were much too young for him.  Still, his cock was hard and her wriggling was sending jolts of pleasure through him.  He knew the girls were to relive the other students but he didnt think it was appropriate for one of them to do that for him.   He looked over to see how Paul was faring.

Betty could feel how aroused Mr. Bixby was getting and felt proud, even as her bottom was throbbing and burning from his hand.  She felt like she had some power even as she was forced to submit.  She made sure to kick her legs so that they fell open, revealing her moist pussy to the teacher's eyes, teasing him even more.

Paul had thought he was finished with Josie but when he told her to relive him, she looked at him in disgust.  He was hurt and angry.  He told her in no uncertain terms to stay there and he walked away to the equipment locker and came back with a ping pong paddle.  When Josie saw it, she started to run but the gym was too crowded with people for her to get far.  The boys saw what was going on and stopped long enough to slow her down.

In a couple of seconds, Paul was on her.  He took her back over his knee and began using the paddle.  The loud pops were followed by enthusiastic screams of pain and threats that he had better stop because it hurt too much and she couldnt stand it.  Paul paid no attention and soon other boys followed his lead.

Josie cried and begged him to stop when her threats had no effect.  She wailed and promised, “Please Paul!  Stop!  I'll do what you want, just don't spank me anymore!”  She kicked her legs, squirming over his lap as the paddle cracked against her plump bottom cheeks, her breasts bouncing as her bottom did under the pressure from the blows.  Even though she had never given oral sex to a male before, she was more than willing to try at that point, anything to stop this pain.

Jennifer, meanwhile, was one of the few girls who was not being spanked.  She wanted to be.  She knew what kind of a thrill it was and really wanted to feel it again.  Without realizing what she was doing, her fingers had strayed to her pussy and she was starting to rub herself.

Betty saw Jennifer and wanted to tell on her, but the spanking she was getting was too much for her and she couldn't put the words together.  She was beyond anything but crying out and making noises.

Mr. Bixby knew Betty had had enough.  He stopped the spanking and began to rub her bottom gently to relieve the pain.  As sensitive as Betty was at this point, the new stimulation was all she needed.  She began to moan as her desire roared.  The gym teacher knew what the reaction was but he couldnt do anything.  He told her to stand up and called Jennifer over.

Betty stood, trying to rub her thighs together to relieve some of the feelings between her legs.  She glared at Jennifer as she got up and came over.  Taking her arm before she could lay over Mr. Bixby's lap, she told Jennifer, “I saw you playing with yourself.  When Mr. Bixby's done, you go get a paddle and we'll see if Paul wants to paddle you or if I will be.”

She intended to really lay in to Jennifer if she got a chance.  She was so aroused herself that if she thought she could get away with it, her fingers would be rubbing her clit.

Jennifer swallowed hard and lay over Mr. Bixby's lap.  She hoped Paul would paddle her, he had never punished her too much so far.  She wiggled a little, still aroused and trying to discreetly rub against Mr. Bixby's thigh.

Oliver Bixby was struggling.  Jennifer was turning him on all over again.  He really didn't want to give her too hard a spanking since it was Betty who deserved it but the wriggling was driving him out of his mind.  He started out too hard and observed the squeals and pleas.  He slowed down a bit and began a firm but not too vigorous series of smacks with his hand.

Jennifer responded to the lighter smacks by raising her bottom to meet his hand, spreading her legs to display herself to him fully.  She cried and wiggled her bottom enticingly, feeling him rock hard beneath her.  “Please!” she moaned, begging for release.

Paul, too, was ready to stop spanking Josie and he let her wriggle off his lap.  She fell on the floor with a thud.  Glaring at him, she said accusingly, “That hurt!” 

“It didnt have to hurt that much if you had been a good girl,” Paul told her.  “Now you heard what Mr. Bixby said.  You are supposed to take care of me.”

A quick glance around the room left no doubt in her mind what was expected of her.  She knelt down before him and took a deep breath.

She opened his pants and gasped as his fully aroused cock sprang out.  She shook her head, unable to even think of how to start.

“I don't know...” she began.  Paul, looked around and saw Betty.

“Betty, come over here and teach this girl how to do her job properly.  If she doesn't learn fast enough, use this paddle on her.”

He sprawled back on the chair, ready to be pleasured and entertained at the same time.

Betty came hurrying over.  She took the paddle from Paul and immediately smacked Josie.  “Get busy,” she told her sternly.  Paul was about to remind her to take it easy when Josie very gingerly took his cock into her mouth and the sensation was incredible.  Paul's eyes got wide.  Then the girl didn't know what to do.  She gave a tentative suck which did little for him.

“Use your tongue,” Paul said and that was all the excuse Betty needed to smack her again.  “Yeah, use your tongue.” she ordered officiously, although she herself had exactly one experience with it.

When Josie felt the smack, she got very enthusiastic and did anything she could to please Paul.  What was strange to her was that the more aroused Paul got, the more aroused she got.  Betty saw that and didn't like it so she smacked her again.  Paul gasped, “That's enough, let her finish.”

Betty frowned.  She wanted relief herself.

Mr. Bixby knew very well what she wanted and he had also seen that she was pleasuring herself without permission before.  He looked around and saw Betty fidgeting, trying to relief herself while she stood over Josie's bright red bottom with a paddle.

“Betty, if Paul is finished with you, come over here and bring that paddle please.”

Paul nodded his permission, about ready to release his load into Josie's busy mouth.

Betty went over to Mr. Bixby and handed him the paddle.

“No dear, you hold onto it,” he told her.  “Stand here and spread your legs, I think Jennifer will be happy to give you pleasure.  Then you may put her over your lap and use the paddle to teach her what happens to slaves who act without permission.”

Betty smiled and spread her legs in front of Jennifer.  Mr. Bixby had not said whether Jennifer should use her tongue or her fingers, but either way, Jennifer was being humiliated while Betty was being pleasured so she was happy.

Jennifer begged, “Please Mr. Bixby, Im sorry.  I wont anymore, I promise.  Betty is a slave too!”

Mr. Bixby just brought his hand down in the pristine white area she was displaying so unwilling to his eyes, her tender inner thighs, which he slapped and spanked until they were a ruby red.

“Get it done now!” he ordered, ignoring her wails and struggles.  He was aware everyone in the gym was now watching the little drama being played out and knew from the smirk on her face that Betty was also.

Betty thought she had died and gone to heaven.  She was getting to smack Jennifer in front of everybody.  She drew back the paddle and at the very last possible instant, realized that if she got too carried away, that would be her ass on the firing line next.  She held back just enough to make it a stinging but not brutal smack.

The paddle made a satisfying crack as it landed, covering both Jennifer's cheeks and painting them a solid red color.

Betty made sure her bottom and thighs were covered with the paddle as Jennifer lay over Mr. Bixby's lap.

Paul was watching too and so was Josie, on her knees before him, cum still drooling down her chin.  Paul wasnt sure how he felt about his girls being taken over but he couldnt interfere.  He watched with great interest, not missing how much Mr. Bixby was in control of both girls.

Paul noticed how much Jennifer loved the attention of everyone in the gym and how upset Betty was by not getting the same attention  she did.

Josie, wiping her face with her hand, turned to watch also, before Paul pulled her over his lap and buried one hand between her legs, smacking her bottom while he played with her clit.  He wanted to see if he could control her as well as Mr. Bixby was controlling Jennifer.

Josie bucked and wailed while over his lap, trying to close her legs.  He simply began smacking her thighs until she spread them open again, then teased her clit lightly with his fingers, bringing her to the edge but not allowing her to go over, his other hand working over her bottom briskly.

Jennifer began to use her lips and tongue on Betty who pushed in harder and smacked her with the paddle.  Every time the paddle landed, Jennifer became more enthusiastic in her oral ministrations.  Betty wasnt smacking her too hard, just enough to motivate her.

Betty's blows slowed as her pleasure mounted; she spread her legs further apart and pushed up against Jennifer's mouth as hard as she could.

Jennifers ass was on fire but something strange was happening.  Betty was taking her time and it gave Jennifer a chance to process the pain and somehow the heat was going straight to her pussy.  She was starting to get even more aroused.  She was worried that she wouldnt be able to hold back.  Worse, Mr. Bixby felt badly for her and he was surreptitiously rubbing a finger against her as he held her leg.  He was trying not to let anyone see but the action was just enough to push Jennifer over the edge.

With a strangled gasp as the next swat hit her bottom, Jennifer lost all control and began to orgasm.  Everyone could see the coital bucking as she rubbed desperately against the gym teachers leg.  The next swat simply enhanced it even more and her whole body convulsed in an incredibly intense orgasm.

Betty squealed with frustration as Jennifer came.  She herself had not yet.  She insistently pushed her pussy against Jennifer's mouth, but Jennifer was too busy climaxing to pay her any attention.

Paul watched closely, not missing a thing.  He saw the reaction and understood why.  Betty saw it too and she became even more jealous.  She was getting ready to really lay into her sister slave when Mr. Bixby stopped her.

“That's enough Betty,” he told her, “You may go to your Master and ask him if you may be pleasured to finish.”

Betty pouted and stomped over to Paul.  It wasn't fair!  *She* was supposed to be in charge of Jennifer.  And here Jennifer not only didn't get spanked as much as Betty did, but she also got to come while Betty herself was still frustrated and soaking wet, trying to rub her thighs together as she stomped off.

Paul pushed Josie off his lap, not letting her finish, telling her, “When you get a Master, maybe he will teach you how to pleasure him properly and then you may be permitted to receive pleasure yourself.”

He looked at Betty who was still sulking in front of him.  He loved her little brat ways, but he wasn't sure if he should punish her or not.

“Turn around and let me see your bottom,” he ordered.  Betty turned around and he saw that her ass was crimson with a few purplish bruises appearing and the faint striations still left from last night.  She had really been spanked.  “Come closer,” he told her.  When she did, he leaned in and began to lick her pussy.

Betty gave a strangled gasp and pushed as hard as she could against Pauls face, desperate to cum.  In just seconds she began to convulse in ecstasy.  She felt him continue to pleasure her as she spasmed in delight.

Josie watched this with mixed feelings.  She was embarrassed at the whole thing  but she was desperate to cum herself.  Paul finally finished with Betty and saw Josie looking at him with tears in her eyes.  He relented and beckoned her to come over, too.  She ran over to him and pushed a still panting Betty aside.

Betty gripped the paddle and thought about “accidentally” bringing it down hard across Josie's bottom, but Paul caught her eye as he bent to take care of Josie and she reluctantly lowered it.

Paul began to pleasure his second girl.  Meanwhile, Jennifer had been released and she was also hoping to get her turn as well.

Jennifer hovered behind Josie, wanting Paul to pleasure her as well.  She was still shaken by her orgasm over Mr. Bixby's lap and wanted more.

Josie had never had anyone touch her private area, let alone use their tongue and mouth on her.  But after being teased and spanked by Paul, she was more than ready to cum and cried out, grabbing his head and pushing it to her pussy as her hips bucked, cumming violently.

Paul looked up at Jennifer when Josie finally released him and smiled.  The bell rang and he shook his head mock ruefully at her.  “Guess you don't get a turn,” he told her as the other boys tucked and zipped themselves up and the girls groaned as they rubbed their sore bottoms and walked out of the class.

Mr. Bixby had watched all this and couldn't wait until he could find himself a slave among the teachers he could use.

Chapter Twenty

Threes a Crowd

Betty and Jennifer, one on each side, accompanied Paul as they headed toward their next class.  With their schedule, it was to be history.  But then they heard running footsteps and Josie came up behind them.  “Master Paul, Master Paul, wait for me.”  Paul turned around.  “What are you doing with us?”

“I want to be your slave too.”

“But dont you have someone already?”

“No, I was out when they assigned the boys and they ran short.  They said Ill get one in a few days.  But can I be with you, at least until then?”

Betty and Jennifer gave each other a look.  For once they were on the same page.  It was enough that they were rivals.  They didnt need someone else complicating things.

Josie could read those two like a book, but she was entranced with Paul and had no intention of giving him up.  She had an inflated sense of her own beauty, feeling that once she was Pauls slave, he would dump these other two and keep her for his own.

She smirked at them when Paul looked away to check for the principal to make sure the arrangement was acceptable.

“What do you think you are doing?” Betty hissed, always ready to get into a tussle when she felt someone was trying to put one over on her.

“We are going to be Pauls slaves,” Jennifer added, “But I guess it wouldnt hurt for Josie to be here for a day or two.”

She had no intention of Josie staying any longer than that, her eyes met Bettys in perfect agreement once again.

Josie shrugged.  “Well see what Master Paul has to say about it,” she said confidently.  Because the other two girls suffered from low self-esteem, they were quick to buy into her implied assurance that they would be replaced by her.

They stirred uneasily, trying to pretend they thought she was not right.

Unknown to them, Paul had no intention of keeping Josie.  Still, his ego was flattered to have yet another girl just for a day.  He spotted Mr. Burns in the hall and told the girls to wait while he checked.  The principal was aware of a very few of the students not having partners and was agreeable to Paul taking Josie for the day.  When he returned, he told the girls that Josie would be his slave too.  He neglected to mention it was just until tomorrow.

They headed for history class.  When they got there, Mr. Windsor explained that they were going to be talking about the history of slavery and how it was changed.  He said, “Economic slavery is not the same as modern female slavery.”  He explained, “Deep in the belly of every woman is a desire more ancient than the caves, to be forced to yield to the ruthless domination of a magnificent, uncompromising male, a Master.  Deep within them all, they wish to submit to total enslavement.  This is completely clear in their fantasies.  Our previous culture, of course, gave little scope to the blood needs of the beauties of our race; accordingly, these needs, frustrated, tended to express themselves in neurosis, hysteria and hostility.  Now things are changing.  Women are being made into what they really want to be, slaves to men.  Only the woman who has utterly surrendered -- and can utterly surrender -- losing herself in a man's touch --can be truly a woman, and being what she is, is then free.

“You girls are not yet fully women but you are close enough and so you are here to learn to be slaves.  You boys are not yet fully men but it is time for you to learn to be Masters.”

The students listened, rapt with attention.  They had a sense that they were in the forefront of a social revolution, which they were.

Mr. Windsor asked, “Which of you young men would like to talk about your experience now with your slave and how it relates to history?”

Paul volunteered.  He stood up and said, “I have three slaves now.  You three, come up and kneel in the front of the room.”

Jennifer and Betty looked at each other and quietly went up and knelt by Paul.  They were both more subdued than they had been, something Paul didnt seem to pick up on at all.  Mr. Burns saw trouble brewing however, and resolved to say something to the boy.

Josie waited until the other two girls were settled then slowly went up to the front, wiggling her bottom as she walked slowly past the staring boys.

She stood in front of Paul then slowly lowered herself to her knees, sliding down his front suggestively before kneeling with her head level with his crotch.

“Yes Master,” she breathed in her best sexpot voice.

Jennifer and Betty both lowered their heads, sure they would be sent to some other boy to be his slave, knowing they could never compete with Josie.  For someone who had just given her first blowjob, she was very adept at playing experienced.  But then again, the word around school was the Josie was all show and no action.

Paul looked at Mr. Burns, unsure what to do now.  Should he punish her for doing what he had told her to do?  Suddenly, he didnt feel like the experienced Master he had felt like 5 minutes before.  He looked at Jennifer, the one who usually propped him up when he needed it, only she wasnt meeting his eyes.  Betty wasnt either.  He didnt know what was going on.  Only 5 minutes ago he had been in charge.

Dammit, he thought.  What was going on?  He took his time, looking at all three girls.  He was beginning to feel like a smacked ass himself.  He wanted to blame Josie but he knew he couldnt.  She was just doing what he told her.  They all were.  This wasnt fair.  What was he supposed to do?

“These girls are mine,” he started.  Then he had an inspiration.  “I am responsible for them.”  He looked back at Jennifer and Betty.  “And in accepting that responsibility, I also love them.”  His voice got softer as he continued, “Jennifer was first.  She is First Girl.  I read about that.  I made Betty First Girl just for today because I think its important to keep any girl from getting too secure.  I read that too.

“Jennifer has been incredibly wonderful to me.  I dont think that historically, slaves were the way they are today.  They were taken to do the work that had to be done but today slavery is more about service.”  Pauls voice trailed off. 

Mr. Burns happened to be in the classroom observing and saw Paul struggle.  He stepped up.  “Mr. Windsor, do you mind if I help out?”

“Certainly not,” replied the teacher.

“Paul,” said the principal, “we are getting a bit overcrowded here so we may not be able to let you stay in the school.”

Paul looked at him shocked.

“How does that make you feel?”

“Very uncomfortable.  I was really getting into what you were teaching me.”

“Do you think your slaves feel the same way?”

Paul turned to his girls and the proverbial light dawned.  He drew Jennifer up to him by her arms and put his arms around her.  “I love you and I will never let you go.”

Jennifer smiled and returned his hug, feeling better but far from secure in her place in his life.  It would take more than a few words to do that, but she did love Paul and wanted what was best for him.

She didn't embarrass him by speaking about her feelings though, knowing there would be time later at home when it was just them, and maybe Betty.

Then he turned to Betty and drew her to him as well.  “I dont know how I could get along any more without you too.  I know it gets difficult sometimes but you are so special to me and so wonderful, I want you too.”

Betty of course noticed he didn't say he loved her like he had told Jennifer. But she could live with what he was willing to give.  She loved him and as much as she was reluctant to admit it, she was coming to love Jennifer as well.  But it was more than loving them, it was like she loved the combination of them, the Master Paul/slave Jennifer unit that was her focus and had won her heart.

She returned his hug and knelt back down, her thoughts whirling in her head.  The realization that she really wanted this, that she would be devastated if either Paul or Jennifer left the relationship was a huge thing to wrap her mind around.

Finally he turned to Josie.  He smiled at her.  “You are with us for a day and then I promise we will find you a Master who can appreciate you and give you the love and security you deserve as well.”  He turned back to the class.  “I cant be too greedy and hog all the wonderful slaves.”

Josie smiled graciously, although inwardly she was gritting her teeth.  She wanted Paul to herself.  She wanted those two cows gone and herself installed as the slave to the best Master in the school.  She didn't want to be played with and then handed off like an old shoe.

She knelt with the others, her head bowed submissively, her mind whirling with plots and schemes.

The class cheered.

Paul continued on thoughtfully.  “My mother told me that love is like a candle.  You dont lose any light by lighting another one, you get more.  She said the more people you love, the more love you have.  I want my girls to welcome someone else in, just for a short time, knowing that she will take nothing away but our love.”

“The addition of another candle will also strengthen the flame from the others,” Mr. Burns added, when Paul was done.

Paul looked at Josie and for just a second it was as if she had a pane of glass that let him see inside her head.  He realized that he just might have gotten in over his head.  But then he thought of having three lovely girls waiting on him hand and foot, doing whatever he wanted and he decided that whatever happened, happened.  It was too delicious to resist for just one night.  Paul had never heard of the male problem of not enough blood flowing at once to supply both the big head and the little head.

Jennifer felt like her heart was breaking.  Paul had seemed like a knight in shining armor at first, wanting to protect her and take care of her against the world; or at least the world of their high school.  But now he seemed to be more interested in being recognized as the number one Master in the school.  It was like the number of slaves he had and the number of girls who were gazing at Jennifer and the other two jealously had made him forget everything about why he had wanted this in the first place.

Even though he had just said he loved her, that adulation from the boys in the class seemed to put a window between her and Paul.  It was like he saw her, but didn't see her; he saw something that made him look good, like a new shirt or Paulet, not as a person who wanted to make his world perfect for him.

Jennifer bowed her head and waited for the class to be over.  She just wanted to go home now, she had no interest in school or anything at the moment.

Betty noticed that Jennifer was upset.  In her new state of awareness about her feelings for the duo of Paul and Jennifer, she moved closer to Jennifer and put her hand on her arm, offering her silent support for whatever was bothering her.  Josie was oblivious, covertly raising her head to look around the room, trying to find a boy who she could manipulate as her Master.

Mr. Windsor stepped in.  “Why dont we add a touch of historical accuracy to this?”  He rummaged in the storage closet in the classroom and came out with some strange hardware.  He had been saving it for a class project but now was a perfect time for it.  He held up one piece.  “This is a reproduction of a slave collar.  Slaves used to wear them to be transported.”  He motioned to Jennifer and when she came over, he put the metal collar around her neck.  Closing it, he put an old fashioned looking lock on to hold it shut.  Then he got another one and put it on Betty.  Finally he put one on Josie.  Then he took out what appeared to be a heavy iron chain and ran it through a ring on each girls collar.  He clasped another lock that fastened each collar to a link on the chain.  The girls realized the chain was a mockup and made of some light metal.  Still, it was an eerie feeling to be locked together on the chain.

Jennifer felt like the actual weight of real chains were pulling her down.  She only had to look at the delighted smile on Paul's face to realize that he was completely taken with the chains.

Betty didn't care one way or the other about the chain and collar.  She was naked, she had been spanked, fondled and made to come in front of everyone in the school; what was a collar compared to that?

Josie posed demurely in her collar, pulling the chain so it suggestively rubbed between her legs, entertaining the boys in the room with her antics.

Mr. Windsor then gave one end to Paul.  “There, you now have what is called a slave coffle.  At one time, slaves would have been taken to be sold this way.  Here is the key for the locks.  You can unlock them as you wish or keep them locked up until tomorrow.

He turned back to the girls.  “Your assignment is going to be talking about what it is like to spend time on a coffle.  Share it with the class tomorrow.”

Paul looked at them and felt a thrill.  Then the bell rang and he headed out with the three girls in tow.

Jennifer didn't know what her report would be about.  She barely registered being led by Paul, who was reveling in the attention his line of chained slaves was garnering him in the hallway.

Betty stood protectively near Jennifer, taking the touches and pinches meant for her onto her own body.  Something was bothering Jennifer, that much was obvious, and it was equally obvious that Paul was totally oblivious.

Josie pranced at the end of the chain, accepting the caresses and strokes of the boys in the hall as a tribute to her beauty and charm.  She still had hopes of being Paul's only slave, just look how mopey Jennifer was!

Paul was having the time of his life until he noticed how subdued Jennifer was.  He had no idea what was wrong but hoped he could find out.  They had English next but perhaps he could get away with being late.  “Jennifer, I dont think you are looking well.  I want you to come with me to the nurses office.  Josie, Betty, you go on to English without me.  I will be there in a few minutes.”

Betty was glad to see Paul had gotten himself at least a little bit together.  She took the chain that still held her and Josie together and gave it a yank.

“Come on you,” she said harshly.  “Play your games some other time.”

Josie glared at her, then had a brilliant idea.  She would get Betty in trouble while Paul and Jennifer were gone so she herself couldnt get blamed!

As they went into the classroom, Josie squeaked and her hands flew to her collar.  “Not so hard Betty,” she wailed, making sure her voice could be heard over the buzz of talk from the other students.  “I cant breathe when you pull like that!”

Betty turned to look at her and Josie used the slight tug on the chain to throw herself forward and fall to the ground.

The teacher stood up and frowned.  “What is going on here?  And where is Paul?  Why isnt he controlling you Betty?”

Meanwhile, Paul led Jennifer off toward the nurses office.  As the halls emptied and the kids went into the classrooms, he ducked aside, gently dragging Jennifer with him.  He went down the steps to the basement.  He knew of a place where the janitor kept supplies that was rarely visited.

He took Jennifer by her upper arms and held her before him.  “OK, tell me the truth, whats going on?”

Jennifer looked around the supply room with distaste.  “This is where you want to talk?  In this dirty room, late for class, without Betty to share in the discussion?”

She shook her head and told him, “Nothings wrong that I am going to talk about here.  I dont care that you are my Master and Im the slave, my thoughts are my own and they are my own until we are at an appropriate place to discuss them.  Im not having this conversation in a quick 2 minutes.”

And, she realized, especially when every minute they were late was more stripes across her bottom while he got off scot-free.

Paul gritted his teeth and growled in frustration.  Then he turned without a word and headed back to the class with Jennifer following him.  He decided the only thing he could do was talk to the principal as soon as the class was over.

As he walked into English, late, the teacher, Mr. Windsor, asked why they were late.  Paul told him, truthfully, that Jennifer hadnt been feeling well and he wanted to see if she was alright. 

Mr. Windsor asked Jennifer if she was OK and Jennifer sullenly replied that she was.  The teacher silently debated a moment and then let it go.  With half the girls in the class naked, Jennifer found she wasnt the object of attention and the class, while a bit dull, was uneventful.

Josie found herself forgotten when Jennifer and Paul returned and she sat and stewed.  She was going to get what she wanted.  She was afraid to act up while the class was in session so she schemed about how to get Betty in trouble.  Then it dawned on her.  She now had a history of Betty abusing her.  Mr. Windsor would back her up the next time.  She grinned.  Just wait.

As the class ended, Paul picked the chain up from under his seat.  Somehow, all the fun of leading a chain of slaves through the hallway had disappeared.  He looked at the three girls; Jennifer quietly waiting for him to tell them to get up, Betty anxiously looking from him to Jennifer and Josie, plotting something from the look on her pretty little face.

He sighed and decided not the chain them up again.  He had to remove the chain so they could sit in the chairs for class.  He had a quick thought of them sitting on the floor but then remembered they were naked and the school floors were filthy so he changed his mind.

“Paul,” the English teacher called, as he stood and gestured for the girls to rise, “Mr. Burns wants to see you in his office.”

Paul nodded and thanked the teacher, turning to the girls.  He had to admit, having them naked with the collar on was quite a sight.  It was something he would keep up, even if he never used the chain again.

Maybe he could get them fancy collars for when they had pleased him.  He headed to the office, deep in thought.

Jennifer followed along, just wanting to go home.  At that point, she didnt care if Mr. Burns was going to put her up on that horrible cross to be whipped, she just wanted it over with.  She wanted the special feeling she had when Paul was first picked to be her Master, back when taking care of her was the most important thing to him.

Betty chewed on her thumb anxiously.  Something was wrong and she couldnt fix it.  Of course, she was sure it was something to do with her, thats the way she was wired.  She wanted to be part of the threesome, not someone to be discarded and sent to some other boy.

Josie managed to trip going into the office, saying, “Im sorry Betty, please dont be mad!”

She was a little ticked that Betty didnt even pay her any attention, in fact no one seemed to notice but the secretary, who merely shook her head and called back to Mr. Burns that they were here.

Mr. Burns came out and was very cordial.  He immediately assured them that no one was in any trouble and asked them to come into his office.  They followed the principal in, getting a surprise.  Kneeling by his desk was Miss Ternsley, dressed only in a body harness with collar and cuffs.  Paul admired the pretty young teacher.

Mr. Burns took his seat behind his desk.  He told the girls to kneel beside Miss Ternsley and offered Paul a seat.  He looked at Paul thoughtfully.  “Paul, you are doing spectacularly well at this new experiment.  But you are young and have a lot to learn.  You seem to have acquired three slaves now.”

Paul stammered and said, “No sir, Josie is just with us for overnight.  Only until tomorrow morning.”

The principal glanced at Jennifer.  “Jennifer, let me ask you something.  You have had a bit of time to experience slavery.  What do you think about it?”

Jennifer looked at him and decided that she would tell him what she thought.  It was time that Paul heard a few home truths anyway.  ”In general,” she began, “I think the Master/slave idea is a better one than the NUDEP plan.  It has more depth to it and more interaction between two people instead of a group of people.”

“I can see that I was a spoiled brat when I first started in the NUDEP program.  It took a lot of discipline and soul searching on my part, but I realize the experience was a good one for me.  And I loved the fact that Paul was ready to be my protector, even before I was assigned to him.”

Paul smiled when he heard that.  He was proud of her and of their relationship.

“When I became his slave, I was happy.  It was a relief, to be honest, to forget about the stress and problems of the outside world and focus all my attention and being on one thing --­ Paul.  Even though I wasnt pleased when Betty was added, I adapted and now find her a welcome addition that I could not do without in our group.”

Now it was Bettys turn to smile proudly.  She wanted to say she felt the same but didnt want to interrupt.

“But I think that the boys are not ready for the responsibilities being thrust upon them.  They are still boys, instinctively programmed for this or not.  Baby turtles are instinctively programmed to find the water after they hatch from their eggs, but nothing protects them from the predators waiting for them to emerge.  There is a danger in simply putting boys with girls and not doing any kind of psychological profiling to see who needs what and who can give what.  Some people need more and some need less as slaves.”  Her eyes flickered to Josie at this point, but she continued talking.

Josie didnt miss the look and she flushed.  She started to say something when Mr. Burns told her to hush.

Jennifer continued, “Real damage could be done to both the boys and the girls if some kind of program isnt implemented,” she said then added, “if it hasnt been already.  And I am not counting Paul, Betty and myself out of those who might have been harmed.”

Betty was nodding during most of Jennifers speech, knowing she felt the same way about things but unable to put it as clearly as Jennifer was.

Josie was busy trying to catch Pauls eye while Jennifer droned on, trying to let him know without words that she would never bore him to tears by lecturing him.

“I agree with you, Jennifer.  Thats why I called you all in here.”  He hesitated and looked thoughtful.  “I want you to understand something about slavery.  It is about being selfless.  You are growing and developing because you are putting your Master first.  I know it is uncomfortable for you to share him with other girls but this is his choice.  You are not yet bound to him for longer than a few days.”

Jennifers heart sank.  She hadnt really thought about what would happen when the program ended.

“Nevertheless,” said the principal, “while you are his slave, it is your job to please him. 

“Marilyn, I want you to help me here.”

The submissive teacher said, “Yes Master.  Girls, this is an experience which will change you.  It is difficult for a girl not to esteem a man who does as he pleases, even though it is to her that it be done.  A woman admires strength, especially if it is used to dominate and control her.”  She smiled.  “And you are women now.  It is, it seems, for men to command and women to obey, for men to dominate and women to submit, for men to claim and for women to yield.  It is, it seems, the way of primate nature.  Its test is enactment; its proof is joy; its evidence is love.  We cannot afford to lose this part of ourselves any more.  We must accept and embrace it.”

“Thank you, dear,” said Mr. Burns.  “Now girls, I know I am asking a lot of you.  I want to see you work together on one thing and one thing only.  You are to make Paul as happy as you can.  Tomorrow Josie will be given to someone else.  For tonight, however, you all belong to Paul.

“Jennifer, he wants to see you focus on him.  If you can do that, nothing else will matter, right Marilyn?

Miss Ternsley said, “Yes, Master.”

The principal next turned to Paul.  “You have three slaves for now.  Think about what you would most like to do with them.  Dont hold back at all.  They will respect you for it more if you push them to their limits.”

Paul looked serious and said, “Yes Sir.  I do understand and I will do my best.  And thank you for your help.”

Then he turned to the girls.  “I am taking you all home on a chain.  So line up and I will chain you together again.”

Jennifer felt her eyes fill with tears.  Not only had Mr. Burns totally disregarded what she had said, all anyone cared about was Paul.  She wanted to scream out, “What about me?”

But she stood quietly and let Paul chain her up.  She did not feel special, she did not feel protected, she did not feel anything but discouraged.  She could see herself being Pauls slave for the rest of her life but not if nobody wanted to listen to her.

The problem was not that Paul had more than one slave.  It was not that she did not put Paul first in everything.  It was that Paul was a boy, and acting like a boy.  He was not a man.  Girls matured faster and earlier than boys, and to put someone who wasnt mentally and emotionally ready to handle the responsibility of a slave was just wrong.  But what she thought didnt matter apparently.

“How long is this program going to last Mr. Burns?” she asked while Paul chained her up again.  She didnt think she could handle waiting for him to grow up.

The principal looked at her in surprise.  “It is over for you at the end of the day after tomorrow if you dont wish to continue.”  He looked at Paul.  “You need to have a talk with her.”

“I will as soon as we get home,” Paul promised.  He knew something was wrong but he had no idea what.

Josie was not happy.  She was determined to get Paul for herself.  She would make him want her so much, he wouldnt give her up.  She felt herself get wet as Pauls fingers brushed her, putting on the chain.  She would have him eating out of her hand when she was done.

Paul led his little coffle out of the school toward the bus.  He got envious looks from the other boys.  He was sure that he could deal with whatever was bothering Jennifer.  Now he was starting to think about the four of them and what he wanted to do.  Josie needed to be spanked, long and hard.  And so did Jennifer.  He didnt like her moody attitude.  What was wrong with her anyway?  He would find out when they got home.

The bus ride was uneventful.  As before, they went back to Jennifers home.  Paul thought she would be more comfortable there and he could get to the bottom of things.  Besides, her father was really supportive.  He led them all in and released them.  Then he told Josie and Betty to stay in the living room and he went with Jennifer up to her bedroom. 

Paul said to Jennifer, “OK, now this is the most comfortable place I can think of for you to tell me what is going on with you.  Why are you acting like this?  If you want Betty to join us, I will call her.  Just tell me whats going on.”

Jennifer hesitated.  “I want Betty here,” she admitted, “But I dont want to leave Josie alone.  Is my Dad home?  Hell know how to handle her.”

Jennifers father might have let her get away with a lot growing up, but once he had decided enough was enough, his natural dominant tendencies had sprung forth again.

Paul nodded and said, “Thats a good idea.  Ill go get him and fill him in.”

Paul went downstairs, leaving Jennifer in her room.  He waved to Betty and Josie as he went into the den to find Mr. Wilson.  “Sir?  Excuse me, could I talk to you?”

Mr. Wilson looked up.  “Sure,” he said, “Come on in.”

“Im having a problem with Jennifer.  She seems very moody and down and I have no idea why.”

Jennifers father smiled and said, “She is developing into a young woman, I see.  Did you ask her?”

“Yes but she wants Betty there and she doesnt want Josie left alone.”


Paul explained.

“Send Josie in here and she can stay with me.”

“Thank you, sir.”  Paul left and went back to Betty and Josie.  “Josie, Mr. Wilson wants to talk to you.  Betty, come upstairs with me.”

Josie went into the den alone, as directed by Paul, and Betty eagerly went upstairs with him.  When the two of them got back into the bedroom, Paul said, “OK, Josie is with your father, Betty is here, youre in your own room.  Now please tell me what is going on.”

Jennifer had been sitting in her room, trying to get her thoughts in order for when Paul came back.

She was upset that Mr. Burns hadnt even listened to her; instead he just gave her the stupid “this is for your own good” speech and had Miss Waters tell her about women being naturally submissive to men.  She sighed, wondering why they had ignored her.

She would have felt better if she could have known what was really going on and seen Mr. Burns and Miss Waters sitting in his house, her at his feet, working on student interviews and questionnaires designed to bring a Master and slave together who would be compatible with each other.

Betty came into the room, followed by Paul.  She took a seat at Jennifers feet, rubbing her leg in comfort.

Paul continued, “Start talking Jennifer, Im not going to put up with this attitude much longer.”

Jennifer sighed and said, “Yes, Paul.”  She supposed she was lucky, Paul at least was willing to listen, some boys would have just punished her until she had stopped acting so gloomy.

“First,” she said, “I understand the role of the Master and slave.  I have no problem with being a slave.  I dont need more lectures on that from anyone, I get it already.”  She couldnt help the little snap irritation had added to her tone.  But she was tired of everyone assuming her problem was she didnt understand the natural order of things.

“Its always the girl is submissive and the boy gets to be the boss,” she said, “No one talks about what the boy has to do.”

Paul looked thoughtful.  “It is not easy being a Master any more than it is easy being a slave.  My job is to help you become ... selfless, I guess you could say.  I am supposed to take care of you and protect you but I cant really let you be a slave unless I focus on having you do what I want you to do.”

“Thats bullshit!” Jennifer burst out, and then covered her mouth in horror.  Betty closed her eyes and shook her head.

Paul stiffened and but then said, “Lets finish the talk before dealing with your behavior, okay?”

Jennifer nodded, grateful again he was willing to listen to her.  “Im sorry Paul,” she said, “But that is exactly whats bothering me!  I love you, I love Betty, I love being your slave, but I dont love the way youve been acting.”

She hung her head at the admission while Paul looked at Betty.  Betty said tentatively, “The way he acted?  You mean in the hallways and stuff?”  She had noticed Paul playing at being the big man on campus of course, but that was the way boys were, wasnt it?

Paul looked confused, not knowing what he had done.

Jennifer nodded starting to cry.  “The way you strut around like youre so cool, having three naked girls following after you on a chain.  Like I was a piece of meat or something, a cool new leather Paulet you just got or something like that.”

Betty shook her head at Paul saying, “You were strutting around a bit.”

Paul flushed, but still he put his arm around Jennifer as she cried. “I didnt realize,” he said.  “I had no idea.”

“Youre a boy,” Jennifer sniffed.  “Thats how boys are.  Thats what I was trying to say, but everyone thinks Im just saying that I dont understand or want to be a slave.”

Paul hugged her, telling her, “I think you probably know more about being a slave after just a few days then most grown women know in a lifetime of being one.”

He put a hand on Bettys head and added, “You too Betty, you both are wonderful slaves.”

“And I can see what you are trying to say I think,” he told Jennifer. “You are worried about the maturity of the boys who are being made Masters.  I know that a slaves bond can be a fragile thing, it would be a horrible thing to have a boy ruin it because he was just playing and having sex all the time instead of taking care of his girl like he was supposed to be doing.”

Jennifer nodded; glad he was starting to see things she was saying. Betty was nodding also, happy that Jennifer was happier.

Paul said, “Its good we are talking about this, but it shouldnt have gotten so far out of hand.  I dont keep you subjugated to the point that you cant tell me that we need to talk Jennifer.”

Jennifer shook her head and told him, “You dont Paul, but finding a place at school to talk …” Her voice trailed off.

Paul shook his head at her and said firmly, “You dont need to worry about that, that is my job as Master to worry about that.  Your job is to let me know there is a problem I need to fix, isnt it?”

Jennifer hung her head and nodded.  She knew he was right, but she had just fallen into her old behavior and sulked instead of talking.

“I think we need to set a time to discuss our relationship,” Paul told the girls.  “Maybe every night at supper we can discuss us and the whole Master/slave thing.”  Both girls nodded, that sounded good to them.

“But we have to deal with your behavior Jennifer” he told her.  “You know that, dont you?”

Jennifer smiled at him softly and nodded.  Then she looked at Betty, and took a deep breath, saying,  “Master I have been difficult today. Punish your slave,” as she knelt down before him.  Betty joined her on the floor at Pauls feet, on her knees also.

Paul felt his own desire soar.  “I want to have all three of you line up for a spanking but we can do that later.  Its only fair that all of you start off with red bottoms.  Jennifer, Ill start with you.

The three of them looked at the door as a loud screech of pain came from downstairs.  Betty grinned.  “Its about time.  I guess your father decided to take a hand with Josie,” she said to Jennifer.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Meanwhile Josie was sitting down with Mr. Wilson.  “I understand you are new to this program,” he said.  “Its a shame they didnt pair you up with someone right from the start.”

“It really isnt fair,” she complained.  “I should have been given a Master like Paul.” 

“What do you want in a Master?”  Josie looked at him like he was crazy.  “I want Paul,” she said simply.  “He is the best Master at the school.  He is the one everyone pays attention to and he should have a slave like me because I will make him look better.”

Mr. Wilson frowned.  “That is not what being a slave is about Josie, being the center of attention.”  He sighed, seeing why Paul hadnt wanted to leave her alone.   She had no idea about Master and slave, to her it was a popularity contest.  “When you are a slave,” he told her, “Your Master is the center of your world.  You exist to please him, to make him a better person, to make him happy.”

“Whats in it for me?”  Josie asked pertly. “For you?”  Mr. Wilson frowned.  “For you is the security and comfort of being cared about, loved, taking care of.   Of being taught to be the best person you can be.”

Josie snorted.  “That doesnt sound fair at all,” she complained.

“Thats because you dont have a Master yet,” he told her, opening a drawer and reaching for his paddle.  “And thats too bad, because if you had a Master, then you would already have gotten what you clearly need so badly.”

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Paul looked thoughtful.  “You know it is not easy being a Master any more than it is easy being a slave.  My job is to help you become ... selfless, I guess you could say.  I am supposed to take care of you and protect you but I cant really let you be a slave unless I focus on having you do what I want you to do.  We only have two more days and then its over.”  He looked stricken.  “Jen, I dont want it to be over.  I want to keep you.”  Then he looked at Betty.  “And Betty too.  It isnt just that you are two of the most beautiful girls I know.  Its something inside.  You two complete me.”

Betty had thought that line was completely corny when she saw that stupid movie, but when Paul said it to her, she melted.

Exchanging looks with Jennifer, she smiled.  “Well, why stop?” she asked.  “I mean, we wont go around naked like we are now if the program is completely stopped, but we can still all be together after school and before school.  And its almost summertime now anyway, so well be together then.”

Paul nodded thoughtfully, he hadnt thought ahead to the summer.

“What if the program doesnt stop?” Jennifer asked, “What if they just expect us to change partners?”

Paul looked grim.  “This is not going to happen.  You two are with me or you are with no one.  They are not going to be playing with your emotions like that.”  Being male of course, he wouldnt admit to being just as hurt by them belonging to someone else as they would be.  And of course, he would be terribly jealous and unable to even concentrate at school, let alone on another slave.

“I guess well just have to wait and see then,” Betty said.  “See what the school decides, see what our parents have to say.”  She sighed, wishing they were considered old enough to know their own minds.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Paul Wilson brandished the leather paddle as Josies eyes got wide.   “You cant spank me with that.”

“Why not?”

“Well... because you cant.  Youre not my father.”

“Come over here,” he told her sternly.  Josie started to back away and his hand shot out and grabbed her.  He dragged her forcibly over his lap as she wailed in protest.  Then three times, as fast and hard as he could, the paddle slapped against the girls bare bottom.  There was an earthshaking scream of pain as Josie gave vent to her anguish. “You are a spoiled brat who should be paddled every morning and every night,” Mr. Wilson said firmly.  “Look at the way you are acting, like a little girl instead of a young woman!”

“Because youre hurting me!” Josie wailed.

“Those three little smacks?” he asked in disbelief.  “Your bottom is barely even pink!”

He gripped her around the waist and prepared himself for the verbal assault he was about to endure.

Bringing the paddle down across her full cheeks, he smacked and paddled her bouncing bottom until it was a ruby red.  Her shrieks and screams were making his head ring, but he ignored her as best he could, continuing the paddles assault on her bottom until he was satisfied.

Then he moved to her thighs, concentrating on the area from the bottom of her cheeks to mid thigh, wanting her pale skin to be just as red as her bottom was.

It was hard to aim the paddle the way she was kicking and squirming over his lap, but he was an expert at paddling girls who thought they didnt need to be paddled and he managed to get the paddle down with a crisp smack every time.

Josie fought as hard as she could, screaming and howling with pain and anger, until her anger faded and acceptance took its place.  She finally was just crying from pain and sorrow for being such an awful person that she needed to be punished so badly.

Mr. Wilson slowed down the paddle once she was lying over his lap sobbing, no longer howling or fighting him.

He put the paddle on his desk again and rubbed her back, gently murmuring comforting words as she sobbed, crying, “Im sorry!  Im sorry” over and over again.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

“Jen,” said Paul, “I understand you had a problem but you cant just be sulky and behave the way you did.  This is going to be a real punishment spanking so that you learn your lesson.”

“And it sounds like your father is doing the same to Josie,” said Betty.  She had mixed feelings.  In a way she was envious of Jennifer but she didnt know why.  She could feel her arousal and hoped there would be enough left for her.

“Im going to put on your collar and cuffs.”  He proceeded to quickly do just that.  Then he took a clip and fastened her wrists to the back of her neck, holding them up out of the way and leaving her defenseless.  “Bend over,” he told her.

She bent and braced herself.

Paul went to the bag where they kept the various instruments of punishment and other toys.  He pawed through it until he found the leather tawse.  It had a wooden handle and was about 18 inches long.  He had heard that it was very effective.

Jennifer didnt know what he was getting.  She was a little afraid to look but hoped he wouldnt be too hard on her.  She was really trying.

Paul brandished the twin tailed strap and then got worried about Jennifer being startled and falling.  “Betty, go around in front and hold Jennifer so she doesnt accidentally lose her balance.”

Once she was being held, Paul snapped the strap firmly against Jennifers bare and vulnerable bottom, so submissively offered to him.

Jennifer shrieked as the two leather fingers snapped across her bottom, the tips coming down in the middle of her cheek.  She suddenly recalled the screams of the poor girl who had been strapped with the tawse at the assembly and tried to get up, to beg Paul not to use the tawse.  Betty held her firmly, though, talking soothingly to her and trying to keep her as calm as possible for the punishment.

Betty also squirmed a little as she sat there holding her sister slave, wishing she had a punishment coming, wishing she were bent over, wiggling her bare bottom at Paul while he striped it with the tawse.  The thought was making her wet.

Jennifer nodded her thanks as she writhed under Pauls administration of the tawse.

Paul delivered a dozen stripes across her buttocks with the tawse, before stopping.  He intended to spank all three girls more than one time tonight, he didnt want Jennifer to miss out on it.  But at the same time, he wanted his displeasure with her actions today to be known.

Jennifer was sobbing hard by the time he paused; Bettys face was tight with the strain of holding her down.

“Have you learned your lesson then?” Paul asked, nodding to Betty to release Jennifer.

Jennifer fell to the floor, but crawled over and knelt at Pauls feet. “Yes Master,” she sobbed, “Ive learned.  I will tell you immediately when there is a problem.  I will always let you guide me on the right path to take when Im tempted to be led astray back to my old habits.”

Paul nodded, satisfied.  “You may go to the corner,” he told her, not intending her to have any pleasure until later.  “Stand with your nose against the wall until you are given leave to move.”

As Jennifer put her forehead on his feet in her gratitude to him for his correction, Paul looked at Betty.  She was busy wiggling on the bed, trying to scratch her itch without outright movement.

He smiled a little; she was such a brat who needed the spankings and the love.  He crooked a finger at her as Jennifer made her way to the corner, her hands still chained to her collar behind her head.

Betty blushed at being caught, but jumped up eagerly.  “I think a taste of leather across your ass is just what the doctor ordered for you, young lady,” Paul told her, sitting on the bed.  Betty smiled, eagerly lying over his lap, waving her plump bottom enticingly at him. Knowing the tawse would not be as fierce from this close, Paul brought it down right across the middle of her bottom.  He waited to watch her reaction.

Betty bucked and squirmed.  It hurt like the dickens but at the same time, it was also incredibly erotic.  She could feel Pauls own arousal under her belly as his stiff member pushed up.  She started to rub against him to both further arouse him and to see if she could get off but Paul slapped the strap down and Betty howled.

Jennifer was standing with her nose against the wall as instructed but she could hear Betty getting punished.  The sexual tension in the room was incredible and added to her own arousal.  She couldnt even imagine giving this up nor could she imagine having another Master.  Her bottom was sore and she wanted it rubbed and her arms were starting to get tired but she was helpless.  She just wanted Paul to fuck her brains out.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Paul Wilson now held the sobbing Josie in his arms.  She felt different.  All the bluster and defenses she had put up over the years had vanished.  She felt safe and loved to her core.  All she wanted now was to be held.

Mr. Wilson pushed her away and she let go reluctantly.  “Josie,” he said, “I know how you feel and Paul will take care of you for now but in the morning you will have to leave.  I know you dont want to but it will be for your own good.  I will call Mr. Burns myself and make sure you have the right Master.”

Josie looked at him, her eyes shining.  “You would do that for me?”

“Yes, I will take care of it, I promise.  Now you go upstairs and report back to Paul.”  He could hear the sounds of cries.  “He will take care of you.”

Josie turned reluctantly and headed up the stairs.

Paul discovered that by changing Bettys angle across his lap, he could bring the tawse down across each cheek of her bottom and have the ends snap sharply on the crease below her cheeks.  This caused a great deal of shrieking and bucking from Betty, who looked like she had changed her mind about enjoying this.

Then she discovered that spreading her legs would put her throbbing pussy directly on Pauls leg, and she began wiggling frantically, from something other than the tawse.

As the tawse came down and set her bottom on fire, another fire was beginning to start.  Betty began panting harshly, her hands holding tightly to the bed as she lay over Pauls lap, her legs spread and open to his gaze and the strikes of the tawse.  Finally with a shriek, she convulsed, the tawse whipping her into a release of epic proportions.

Paul stopped the tawse and began rubbing Bettys bottom and she sobbed over his lap, both from the pain and from the orgasm that rocked her so hard.

Looking at Jennifer squirming in the corner, trying to rub her legs together so she might come also, Paul said, “If only Jennifer had been a good girl like you Betty, then she might have had as much pleasure.”

Jennifer hung her head, knowing she deserved not only the strapping she had gotten, but also the denial of her pleasure.  Betty barely heard Paul; she was still lost in her haze.

Seeing that, Paul gave her bottom a brisk smack, eliciting a yelp from Betty.  “You get into the corner opposite Jennifer,” he told her, “I want to see both of your red bottoms on display.”

Betty shakily got to her feet and hurried to the corner, her hands on her head and her nose pressed against the wall.

“Both of you spread your legs and stick your bottoms out,” Paul said, going to Jennifer to release her arms.  “You may have your arms down for one minute,” Paul told her softly, as she got into the position he commanded them to be in.  “Then put them back up.”

She was grateful for the break, her arms felt like they were about to fall off.

Josie came into the room and Paul pointed to the third corner.  “Just like the other two,” he told her, “Nose on the wall, hands on your head, legs spread, ass out.”

Josie looked at him in bewilderment.  What had happened to the gentle boy in school?  She didnt even think twice about obeying.

Paul looked at his three slaves.  Then he realized that Josie hadnt been touched yet.  That wouldnt do at all.  He picked up the tawse and, without a word, smacked it across Josies bottom.  Josies hands came down to cover her bottom, she spun around and backed up against the wall.

“Betty, Jennifer, hold her arms,” ordered Paul.

“No,” Josie protested as the girls approached her.  “Dont!”

The two werent having any of it.  They grabbed her and held her arms tight, turning her to face the wall once again.

“Bend her down a little,” Paul said.

They immediately pulled her lower so that she had no choice but to sick out her bottom for the wicked strap.”

“Please,” she whimpered.  “That hurt.”

Paul smacked her with the tawse and she howled and tried to get away.  She danced around and wriggled her bottom but the girls had her firmly.  Another smack and another, each greeted with howls of agony.  Then, as smack followed smack, there was a change in her tone.  She was breathing quickly and it was almost as if she were pushing back to meet the strap.  Josie couldnt even imagine what had happened to her but as her climax approached, she could barely get her breath.

Then, just as she got close, Paul, having no idea what was going on, stopped.  Josie bounced up and down in pain and frustration.

Paul just ignored her as he told all of them to line up.  He was going to spank each one of them over his lap.  He wanted to make this an intimate moment.

The three of them obediently lined up, Betty in front so that the other two could hide their hands which were trying in vain to give them relief when Paul wasnt looking.  He was watching though and he rearranged them so he could take Josie first.  That was fine with her.  She was in a fog.  He took her over his lap and started to rub her bottom.  That was all she needed.  She started to moan with abandon.  Then he smacked her hard and went back to rubbing.

“Please...” she moaned.  Even she didnt know what she wanted any more.

Finally with that one word, the light dawned for Paul.  He realized she was about to come from being spanked and for a moment was envious of the Master who would have her.  He wondered if there was some way of training his girls to come as he spanked them; that was something hes give some thought to, maybe talk over with Mr. Burns or Jennifers father.

But right now, he had a girl over his lap looking for some attention.  “You like getting spanked then?” he asked her, slowing down his smacks and massaging her bottom between each one.

She couldnt even respond, her whole mind taken with the effort of raising her bottom higher and higher for his attention.

Then, suddenly, on one smack, her body stiffened and she began to convulse as she obtained her release.  She howled with pleasure and pain, not knowing which feeling was which at this point.

Betty and Jennifer were watching, jealous, of both the spanking and the orgasm.  Paul looked up at both of them and his hand continued to smack Josies quivering bottom as he told them, “You both are going to get your turn, dont worry.”

Josie hung limply over Pauls lap, unable to even muster the strength to protest the spanking she was still getting.

A couple more smacks and Paul stopped and helped her up.  Standing with her, he gave her a hug and a kiss and told her, “In your corner now,” and sent her off with a final smack on her bottom.  She squeaked but gave him a tremulous smile as she went to stand with her bottom thrust out, legs spread and nose against the wall.

Paul sat down on the bed again and said, “Jennifer, your turn.”

Jennifer grinned at Betty and practically threw herself over Pauls lap.  “Since you two are my slaves, Paul told them both, shifting Jennifer across his lap so her bottom was raised higher, “I dont have to go so easy on you.”

Jennifer turned her head quickly at that, feeling that he had not been that easy at all on Josie, but any comment she would have made was lost in the shriek she gave instead when Pauls hand came down hard in the middle of her cheek.

  Jennifer immediately put her hand back to cover her bottom.  She knew she wasnt supposed to but it was instinct.  Paul took her wrist and just moved it higher on her back, out of the way and smacked her again.  She shrieked and bucked and when she did, Paul gave a little moan as she rubbed against his rock hard cock.

When Jennifer realized how aroused Paul was, she began to squirm deliberately to see if she could distract him.  As she did, it also added to her own arousal and Paul stepped up the pace of the spanking.

Betty watched in awe as she saw the two of them squirming, rubbing against each other, seeking fulfillment.  Suddenly she wanted to be a part of it too.  She walked over and stood behind Paul, putting her arms around him and pressing her breasts against the back of his head, cradling his head between them.

Paul continued the rapid fire rain of spanks on Jennifers bare bottom but he was very conscious of Bettys soft, firm breasts cradling his head.  He could feel them against his ears as he looked down at Jennifers scarlet ass.  He reached between her legs which immediately spread open to allow him better access and discovered that she was sopping wet.  He put a finger in her and massaged her pussy clumsily but it didnt matter.  That was all it took.  She screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm overwhelmed her.  Paul tried to jerk against her but couldnt quite get the right sensation.

Somewhat impatiently, he helped Jennifer to get up and pushed her to stand against the wall near Josie.  Josie had turned to watch but quickly faced the wall again when she saw Paul get up.  Jennifer squealed when Paul gave her a final smack with instructions to, “Stay there.”

“Yes, Master,” she said.

Now it was Bettys turn and it was all Paul could do to keep from just telling her to suck on his cock.  Betty smiled at him and gently gave his cock a stroke through his pants.  “Would you like me to take care of that, Master?” she asked with a seductive smile.

“No, you get your spanking next,” he told her.

Betty pouted, slowly lying over his lap, making sure to rub up and down on him as she did so.  Paul grit his teeth against a wave of desire and brought his hand down sharply on her full cheek.

“Now youre going to get as much, if not more, than Jennifer,” he told her, raising his hand again and holding her firmly.  He quickly began spanking her, bringing her from rubbing him with her in delight to squirming and wiggling over his lap in genuine distress.  He was determined to make her feel his mastery.

Her wails echoed through the room as he smacked her wobbling ass cheeks and thighs as she kicked and tried to get away.  Suddenly, she shrieked a high-pitched squeal and he realized that she had cum by being spanked, just as Josie had.  He shook his head in amusement, wondering how much of a punishment a spanking was going to be now, and continued smacking her, much to Bettys wailing dismay.

Finally he could stand it no more.  The idea of three spankings was a good one, but it was killing him!  He quickly pulled her off his lap and took her with him as he picked up an armless chair sitting across the room.  He pulled her and the chair over to the bed and said firmly, “Sit here Betty.”  Ignoring her whimpers as she lowered herself into the chair, Paul went and got Jennifer, taking her by the arm and leading her to Betty, snagging the thick wooden hairbrush from a dresser as he did.

“This is your last chance to be the number one slave,” he reminded Betty, “And I want you to make sure Jennifer remembers this spanking for a long, long time.”

Jennifer tried to protest, but he pushed her over Bettys lap, arranging everything just so.  When he was satisfied, he sat on the bed and looked at the view of Jennifers red bottom and her pussy peeking out between her red thighs.

“Begin Betty,” he ordered, enjoying watching Jennifer kicking and wiggling as Betty obediently began paddling her with the brush.  Jennifers shrieks rang in his ears as he turned and called Josie.  “You attend to me,” he told her.  He leaned back on his elbows so she could have access to him and he could still keep an eye on Jennifers antics.

Josie knelt between his legs and slowly opened his pants, running her hand inside to caress the full length of his cock as she pulled it out.  She freed his balls and leaning forward, she sucked on them, causing Paul to spasm and gasp.

“You learn fast,” he managed to gasp, shakily, as she slowly made her way with her tongue up the length of his cock.  Jennifer was still wailing, the hairbrush was still cracking down and Pauls eyes were moving between the sight of Betty and Jennifer to Josie, now taking him in her mouth.

The only thing that kept him from cumming immediately was that Josie was still clumsy.  “Use your tongue more,” he ordered. 

Jennifer was crying and kicking and squirming, trying to get off Bettys lap but Betty had her arm around Jennifers waist and was not about to let her get up.  Jennifer was in too much pain to be aroused but Betty was almost ready to cum again.  When she heard Paul start to moan and convulse, it pushed her over the edge and she stopped spanking Jennifer and began to cum herself.

Paul was thrusting and Josie was having trouble coping as he pushed deeper toward the back of her throat.  She tried to back off but Paul pushed her head down and just ignored her gagging as he finally spurted into her soft mouth.

Paul was spent.  He wanted more but not right then.  He just lay back on the bed, his legs still dangling over the side.  Betty let Jennifer up to painfully try to soothe her blazing ass.  She looked at Jennifer apologetically, silently trying to offer her condolences and hoping that the other girl would not hold it against her.  Jennifer knew that Betty had only been doing what Paul wanted and gave her a tremulous smile.

Josie was still coughing and finally managed to recover.  She was glad that she hadnt been spanked at much as the others.  She wanted very much to stay but had the feeling deep inside that it wasnt going to happen.

Paul ordered, “Get a hot washcloth and clean me up.”

Josie went into the bathroom and came back as ordered.  She started to comply when Betty came over and said, “Ill do it,” and proceeded to gently wash her Master.

Then Paul said, “Lets sleep.”  The four of them started to get into bed when they realized it was impossible.  “Move another bed in here.”

The three girls, naked, went into the other room and managed to push back another mattress, spring and bed frame.  They moved it up to butt against the bed there and all of them crawled into bed together.  In moments they were asleep.

Chapter Twenty-One

Thursday Begins

Josie was the first one awake as a shaft of sunlight came in past the curtains.  She got up and went to the bathroom.  She was very sad knowing this was her last day.  She looked at Paul, Jennifer and Betty.  She didnt understand it but they had something special.  She hoped she could find it for herself.  She thought about her experience of the last evening and she felt herself stir.

Paul woke and gave Jennifer, lying next to him, a hug.  He caressed her gently.  Then he rolled over and did the same with Betty.  He saw Josie standing there looking at him.  “Come and give me a kiss,” he said.  She eagerly crawled into bed and reached for him.  Betty moved out of the way.  Paul gave her a hug and kiss and then sat up.  “Okay,” he said, “Lets get ready for school.”

He got out of the bed and looked at the room.  “Jennifer, as my first girl its your job every morning to wash me in the shower.  Betty and Josie, you can put the room back the way it was and go downstairs.  I think I remember some pancake mix downstairs.  Mix some of that up in a bowl and Jennifer will make me some pancakes when were done in the shower.  Then you two can shower up.”

He looked around again and grabbed some clothes.  Luckily Mr. Wilson had gotten the parents to drop off some clothes last night when he called around to let everyone know where the kids were.

“Come on,” he told Jennifer, “Lets go.”

They left the room as Betty and Josie started moving the bed back to where it had been and went into the bathroom.

Jennifer turned on the shower and waited for Paul to step in.  She followed him in and picked up the soap, working it in her hands to lather them up.

“Master,” she said, “what about tomorrow?”

“Well talk to Mr. Burns later,” Paul said, “We have to find out what the plan is before we do anything ourselves.”

He turned so Jennifer could reach all of his body, adding, “No point in starting something if it is going to turn out to be for nothing.”

Jennifer stroked his cock, enjoying seeing it grow long and hard in her hands.  “May I?” she asked, and Paul nodded.  “Yes, every morning you may,” he told her, “But the shower is for me, not for you, you will clean yourself after you dry me off and help me dress.”

Jennifer nodded, her attention on stroking and teasing him, as she worked the soap around his cock and balls.  “Yes, Master,” she said.

Paul started to breathe hard.  Jennifer looked at him coyly and kept going.  He found her hands soft and irresistible.  Soon he was making coital thrusts as she brought him closer and closer to orgasm.  It gave her a feeling of power to reduce her Master to a quivering mountain of Jell-O.  He tried to stop but he was too far gone and came in her hand.  He looked at her.  “You should be spanked for that.”

She looked at him innocently.  “For what, Master?”

“For getting me off before I was ready.”  He smiled at her, drew her up and kissed her passionately.  “I think Im going to take care of all of you before we go to school.”

She shivered in anticipation.  She didnt know what he had in mind and that very uncertainty, that helplessness, was delightful.

Paul rinsed off and stepped out of the shower, letting Jennifer dry him off.  Then he told her to get herself washed and went out to the bedroom to see how the others were making out.  He knew just what he wanted to do.

He found Josie and Betty waiting and sent them in to get their showers as well.  Some brisk morning wake-up spankings and a stack of pancakes would be a great way to start the day.

All three girls came back to the bedroom naked and Paul told them to line up.  “Heres what were going to do,” he ordered.  “I am going to spank Josie while Betty spanks Jennifer, then I will spank Betty while Jennifer spanks Josie and then I will spank Jennifer while Josie spanks Betty.  And when we are done, I expect to see three red bottoms.” 

As he was saying it, he could feel his arousal returning.  He didnt know if he could get off again so soon but he would enjoy it in the meantime.  “Hands only, this time.  Now each of you give me a kiss first.”

He took each girl in his arms and kissed her, letting his hands wander freely over her body and eliciting squirming and moans of desire.

Then he pulled up a chair and sat down, motioning to Josie to come over and lay across his lap.  He watched as Betty sat on the edge of the bed and took Jennifer over her lap.  Betty watched him for the signal to begin.  Instead, he started to fondle Josie and, following his lead, Betty started to do the same with Jennifer.

At first Jennifer was very stiff in surprise but she soon began to respond and found that Betty knew just what to do.  Pauls hands were on Josie but his eyes watched his two slaves grow steadily more aroused.  Then he turned his attention back to the girl across his lap and he smacked her bottom.  She squeaked in surprise and kicked and squirmed.  He went back to fondling her and alternated it with more smacks.  The pain and pleasure was, as expected, blending quickly and she was soon moaning in desire.

Josie didnt know what to do.  Her bottom was burning but so was her pussy.  She wiggled across Pauls lap, trying to encourage his teasing fingers and discourage his smacking hand.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was also wiggling across Bettys lap.  Betty was not taking it easy on her bottom, her hand was smacking it hard and fast, causing Jennifer to wail as her legs kicked wildly.  Just when Jennifer thought for sure she couldnt stand it anymore, Betty would slip her hand between Jennifers legs and slide into her soaking wet pussy.  Jennifers legs were spread as wide as possible as she lay over Bettys lap, her back arched to meet Bettys stroking fingers. Just as she was about to come, Betty began the spanking again, this time taking advantage of Jennifers spread legs to paint her inner thighs as bright a red as her bottom and thighs were.

Jennifers shrieks echoed through the room, causing Paul to look up. Seeing Jennifers wet cunt wiggling at him as she struggled to close her legs against Bettys punishing hand, he pushed Josies legs apart and began spanking her the same way.  Soon Josies screeches matched Jennifers in their intensity and pitch.

Paul was so aroused he could hardly stand it but he had two more girls to spank and he wasnt going to give that up.  He stopped spanking Josies tender inner thighs and stuck three fingers in her dripping pussy and began to rub her button with his thumb.  Josie began to cum more strongly than she ever had in her life.  She was practically going into convulsions.

Betty saw what was going on with Josie and her Master and knew she had better do the same.  She stopped the spanking and began to massage Jennifer the way she liked it herself.  Jennifer moaned in despair, thinking she was being teased but soon was overwhelmed and also began to gasp and moan as her orgasm overwhelmed her.  Betty wanted one too and couldnt wait for her turn.

Both girls wanted to keep going and have another orgasm but Paul stopped them.  “Betty, its your turn.”

Betty practically pushed Jennifer off her lap in her eagerness to get up.  She rushed over to Paul as he told Josie, now standing and rubbing her sore ass, “Jennifer is going to spank you again.”

Josie walked over to Jennifer who was looking at her with some glee as she anticipated spanking her.  “Master,” Jennifer said, “can I use the paddle?”

“NO!” yelped Josie.  “Thats not fair.”

It was not the thing to say.  Paul immediate replied, “I dont have to be fair.  Yes Jen, you can use the leather paddle.  This is her last morning with us, we might as well make it memorable.”

Jennifer got a big smile on her face as she walked over and picked up the paddle.  “Alright you little bitch.  Get over my lap this minute.”  Jennifer sat down and Josie reluctantly moved closer.  Jennifer grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over her lap.

Meanwhile, Paul had no problem with an eager blonde almost throwing herself over his lap.  He gasped as Betty deliberately wriggled around, trying to stimulate him.  Then she shrieked in pain as he grabbed a dangling breast and squeezed hard.  “Behave yourself,” he warned her.

There were two simultaneous smacks and two sharp cries of pain as Paul and Jennifer started the next spankings.  The paddle, coming down on her already sore bottom, made Josie burst into tears immediately.  Bettys bottom had been white but Pauls hand left a pink imprint on her cheek.  He kept his hand on her breast, just fondling it as he used his other hand to quickly turn her whole bottom pink.  Jennifer was taking it slower but the paddle was causing a ferocious heat to build in Josies helpless, naked ass.

Jennifer slipped her hand inside Josies pussy and began stroking her with two fingers.  Josie moaned and pushed harder against the fingers.  Jennifer continued to use the paddle as she found Josies clit and began an assault on that spot still tender from the last climax.  Josie was trying to concentrate on the pleasure but her mind kept bringing her back to the pain of the spanking.  She was becoming frustrated.  Jennifer knew this was a hard lesson to learn.  Mixing the pain with pleasure was the way to build Josies tolerance to the pain and increase her pleasure.  She stopped the spanking for a few strokes of her hand and, just as Josie was reaching the point of no return, she resumed with harder strokes of the paddle.  Josies body gave in and she released harder than ever before, her body convulsing as the waves of pleasure over came her entire being.  The only sounds coming from Josie now were moans of  deep pleasure.

Paul saw what was going on and almost forgot to spank Betty.  She looked back over her shoulder to see what was distracting him and didn't like it at all.  He grabbed his leg and pinched him as hard as she could.  Paul yelped and turned his attention to the girl over his lap.  He began to rain spanks on her naked bottom as fast as he could.  Betty started to wriggle and kick frantically and plead with him, "Not so hard, Master."

"Pinch me, will you?  This is just your warm up," Paul said.  He continued to smack her as hard and fast as he could as she cried and struggled but he kept her in place with an arm firmly around her waist.  Finally she broke into genuine tears and told him she was truly sorry.  From the way she said it, he could tell she was sincere and he relented and stopped.  She just lay across his lap and sobbed

Paul got impatient and told Betty to get up.  "You are going over Josie's knee now," he told her.  Betty looked horrified but it was all Josie could do not to drool.  She felt wonderful and couldn't wait to get at Betty who she thought was a snob.

"Jen, you're next over my lap."

Jennifer didn't mind at all.  She eagerly came to Paul and then, on impulse, dropped to her knees to look at him.  She bowed her head and kissed his foot.  Paul was just impatient and wanted her over his lap.  He pulled her up and over his knee to get her ready.  Then he looked over to see how Josie and Betty were faring.

Josie had an evil grin on her face, she was going to enjoy spanking Betty, the snob bitch who thought she was so much better than anyone else.  She positioned her and then wrapped her leg around Betty's legs in a tight grip so she couldn't move away easily.  The first smack was hard and instantly brought tears to Betty's eyes.  After several hard spanks, Betty was crying louder.  Her ass was still smarting from Paul's assault and now it seemed Josie was determined to continue his punishment.

Suddenly Josie lessened the severity of the blows and began a slower pace. She let her free hand slip beneath Betty and began to feel the wetness that  was between her legs.  She stroked Bettys clit firmly and the wetness began to run down her thighs.  Bettys cries became intermingled with soft moans of pleasure.

Josie slipped two fingers inside Betty's pussy and began to stroke her using her thumb on the girls clit with each stroke.  Once she achieved the tempo she wanted, she began the hand spanking again.  Josie was excited by Betty's reaction, her own juices flowing now within her thighs.  She squeezed them together and moved her body against the chair she was sitting on to enhance the feelings and wondered if she could reach her own climax while she brought Betty to hers.

Paul watched wide-eyed as Josie expertly blended pleasure and pain together.  He wasnt completely sure what she was doing or how she knew what to do but he was taken by it.  He turned his attention back to Jennifers beautiful bottom, turned up waiting for his attention.  He didnt know exactly what Josie was doing but he knew she was putting her fingers inside so, more clumsily, he started to do the same thing with Jennifer.  Jennifer twisted to get him to stroke her where she wanted and Paul tried to be accommodating.  On impulse he switched to using his thumb and that did the trick.  Jennifer stared to flood his hand.

He pulled it back and smacked her with his now wet palm.  The moisture made a loud smack that embarrassed Jennifer.  Paul was delighted, however, and continued to smack her, relaxing his hand to make the loudest possible noise.  Now, in addition to being embarrassing, it was also stinging and Jennifer began to kick in protest.  Again following Josie, Paul switched back to stroking and fondling and soon the kicks became squirms and moans of delight.

In close proximity, both Jennifer and Betty began to cum.  With all the moans, Josie was not far behind but Paul was not getting enough.  He waited impatiently until all the girls had climaxed and then he told them all to stand before him.  “I am your Master and you have all gotten yourselves off and I am still left like this.”  He pointed to his rampant erection.  “What are you going to do about it?  If I dont get some relief soon, there are going to be three VERY unhappy slaves, here.”

Jennifer was the first to kneel before Paul.  She loved the feel of his hard cock in her mouth.  After a few long strokes she stopped and looked up at Paul  "Master may I suggest?"

Paul nodded and took her hand as she reached for him.  She walked him over to the bed and lay him down, making sure that he was comfortable.  Jennifer then beckoned to the others. 

Betty took a place on one side of his thighs and Jennifer on the other.  Jennifer wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and held it there for Betty to run her tongue up and down the shaft. They begin alternating tonguing and sucking his hard cock down their throats as he moaned.

Josie, not to be left out, knelt near his face and held up a breast to his mouth.  Paul sucked hungrily, matching the tempo of the girls on his cock.  Josie used just the tips of her nails and ran them across his chest, catching his nipples just briskly enough.

Jennifer and Betty were gently fighting over whose mouth would bring him to climax.  The  double attention was all consuming and Paul forgot to suck at Josie's nipple from time to time.  She reminded him with a gentle nudge and a more firm scratch of her nails.  Paul was totally immersed in pleasure, he couldn't think rationally; he could only react to the extreme pleasure being dealt him by his slaves.

He strained and let out a deep lion's growl as he released his load into Jennifers mouth.  Josie sat back smiling contently and watched as Jennifer and Betty continued.  In the afterglow of their own orgasms, all rivalry was temporarily forgotten.  Jennifer kept her Masters milk and slowly opened her mouth to show it to Betty.  Betty smiled and leaned in close as she and Jennifer shared a kiss and the prize of Paul's freshly deposited milk.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Thursday at School

Paul and his three slave girls walked into Mr. Burns office.  Josie was fully dressed but both girls wore skimpy, tight-fitting clothing that showed their charms very clearly.  They also proudly sported new leather collars, courtesy of Mr. Wilson.  They waited in the outer office until the secretary told them that Mr. Burns could see them.  As they walked in, Josie was crying. 

Marilyn Ternsley was kneeling on the floor, naked but for a garter belt, stockings and high heels.  Her knees were spread wide, her back was straight and her breasts were thrust out.  Paul took one look at her and ordered Betty and Jennifer to assume the same position.  They did immediately but, dressed as they were, they couldnt match the incredibly sexy appearance of the teacher.

“Not very pleasing, are they?” asked Mr. Burns.

Paul shook his head.  “They would look better dressed the way Miss Ternsley is,” he replied.

“They need to be punished, then,” said Mr. Burns.  Paul looked at him confused.  “Paul, they are slaves.  They have an unwavering obligation to be pleasing at all times.  It doesnt matter whether you think its their fault or not.  If they dont please you, they are to be punished.  Even if they did exactly what you told them to do, if they fail to please, they are to be punished.  They are slaves.”

Paul nodded.  “Ill take care of it later, sir.”

Mr. Burns turned to the still tearful Josie.  “I know you are upset because of leaving Paul.”  He turned to the kneeling teacher.  “Miss Ternsley, I want you to explain to Josie what will happen to her.”  He turned back to Paul.  “Paul, I am helping you learn how to handle your slaves.  You are doing well.  Take them to class now and Miss Ternsley will help Josie and get her squared away.  And dont forget what I told you.”

Paul motioned to Jennifer and Betty and the three of them went out and headed for their first class of the day.

Miss Ternsley stood up and walked over to Josie.  “Kneel  like I was just doing.” Josie took a place beside the desk. “Josie we have found you a Master.  He is new in town and today is his first day here.  He has no experience but we have made arrangements for Paul to tutor him.”

Josie looked up at Miss Ternsley with tears streaming down her face.  “But I want Paul to be my Master.”

“Well that is not going to happen.  Now dry your eyes, you dont want to be an embarrassment to your Master, do you?”  Miss Ternsley walked over to the door and motioned the young man into the office.

“John, this is Josie your new slave.”

John stood there looking at Josie kneeling before him and then looked at Mr. Burns and Miss Ternsley,  “I am not sure what to do.”

Mr. Burns came around to the front of the desk and handed John a paddle.  “Spank her.” 

John took the paddle and sat down on the chair.  “Josie come here.”  Josie walked over and stood before him.  He  sat back in the chair and Josie positioned herself over his knees.  The first blow was soft and unsure.

“John if you dont spank her sufficiently, she will be spanked at the assembly in front of the entire school.”

John was still unsure but he was sure being spanked in front of the entire school was not something Josie wanted so he began again.  This time the paddle hit its mark hard.  Josie cried out.  John continued and, with each blow, he gained confidence.  He would be a natural Master.

In very little time, Josie was crying and begging for it to stop.  “Please Master, please stop.”

When Josies bottom was a nice shade of red, he stopped.  He stood up nearly dropping Josie to the floor. ”Come along, we are going to be late for class.”  John walked out with Josie following close behind.

“He is a natural, they will be fine,” said Mr. Burns.  “Miss Ternsley, it seems that little scene has caused a problem for me.  See what you can do about will you?”

Miss Ternsley knelt in front of Mr. Burns as he sat in his chair.  She began to unzip his pants and soon his problem was resolved.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

With their schedule, the first class of the day was math with Mrs. Brooks.  As they walked in, they were all surprised to see that the teacher was dressed much as the girls were.  There was some buzzing in the classroom until Mrs. Brooks said, “Quiet down, children.  As you can see, I am dressed a bit more ...”  She hesitated and then continued, “casually.  Mr. Brooks decided that with the changes in the school, it would be a good idea for me to set an example for you.

“Now, this does not mean I will not use discipline as needed.  So you will pay attention and we will continue.  And boys,” she added.  “I am NOT a student so keep that in mind.  You will be properly respectful to me.  Is that understood?”

In the age-old ritual, the class knew to say in unison, “Yes, Mrs. Brooks.”

“Good.”  She turned to the board to start writing the lesson and the class could clearly see the fading lines on her bare bottom where she had been spanked with something that left bruises.

She proceeded on a lesson on the volume of a cone and couldnt resist calling Betty up to the front of the room to show off her breasts as examples of the cone shape.  She handled them gently and observed Bettys nipples getting hard as she responded to the fondling.  Betty got embarrassed and tried to go back to her seat.

“Betty will now  hand out the homework assignments and as she passes by take a closer look at the shape as we discussed.”  Betty blushed and began to pass out the worksheets Mrs. Brooks handed her.  As she walked past, some of the boys  reached out and touched her breasts.  She painfully looked at Paul for help. She saw him nod her on. Suddenly she was angry.  How could he allow his slave to be  fondled by the other boys?  She would talk to him the first chance she got outside of class.  Jennifer had caught the look between the two.  She smiled inwardly and thought, Oh my dear sister you still have to learn that lesson.  Paul is Master and it is what he wants that matters.

Paul saw Betty frown and flush.  She was angry.  She didnt understand that she was a slave now and belonged to him.  He raised his hand.  When the teacher called on him, he said, “Mrs. Brooks, I know this isnt directly related but its obvious that Betty has a problem with this.”

Betty sighed in relief.  At last she was to be rescued.

“She belongs to me.  I want her to understand that.  I know there is normally a limited touch policy but could I waive it for the rest of the class?  I would like each of my fellow Masters,”  The teacher smiled at this.  “to have a chance to feel her as they wish.”

The color drained from Bettys face but Jennifer smiled.  She thought to herself, serves you right.

Mrs. Brooks replied, “I understand completely, Paul.  I will give permission for that but if you will allow me, I would like to send her around with a hot bottom.  May I spank your slave?”

“Of course, maam.  Please do.”

The teacher turned to Betty.  “Remove your panties so your bottom is completely bare.  Then come over here for your spanking.”

Betty was so outraged that she started to cry.

Betty moved slowly to the front of the class room where Mrs. Brooks was standing.  She had Betty lean over the front of her desk so the entire class could have a good view.  As Betty grabbed the corners of the desk, the paddle came down hard on her bare bottom.  She cried out as the first one struck hard.  Mrs. Brooks was relentless in turning Betty's bottom pink and then fiery red.  Soon Betty was crying and moving her ass away, fruitlessly trying to evade the blows.  Mrs. Brooks stopped for a moment.  “Paul, come up here and control your slave.”

Paul moved swiftly to the desk and took hold of Betty, holding her in place so she was unable to move and the spanking resumed.  He whispered in Betty's ear, “You have embarrassed me, slave, and I will remember this.”

Mrs., Brooks finally stopped.  Paul let Betty stand up and her hands flew to her blazing rear and rubbed frantically.  Paul then told her to go around the classroom and let the students feel her any way they wanted.  She started to protest but she looked at Paul and meekly turned around.

Betty walked over to the first row of the students and stopped in front of one of the boys who eagerly began to fondle her.  He almost immediately slipped a finger into her pussy causing her to moan and wriggle.  The girl sitting on the other side of the aisle reached out, too, to rub her blazing ass.  One of the other students, behind her, stood up and began to feel her back.  Soon other students began to touch her as well.

With her bottom still on fire, all the sensuous hands were enflaming her.  She began to breathe faster and Paul saw how aroused she was getting.  He wondered what she was thinking.

The bell rang to signal the end of class and the students began to make their way to the next class.  Paul made his way to Betty and put an arm around her.  She leaned into Him and looked into his eyes.  Her breathing was slowing and she shivered a bit.  Paul looked directly into her eyes.

“Betty you are not finished yet.  This is only the beginning of your punishment. It is very serious to question your Master.”

Jennifer walked up and Paul led them to the next class.  Betty's thoughts were filled with worry, what could possibly be worse than what had just happened?  What did Paul have in mind?

Jennifer grabbed Bettys arm as they walked down the hall and whispered, “You are in big trouble.”

Betty looked at her with tears in her eyes.  “What is Master going to do to me?”

“I dont know by you should know better than to question him.”

“I know,” Betty replied forlornly.  “I just did it without thinking.  Do you think he will get rid of me?”

That hadnt occurred to Jennifer and she thought about it for a minute.  “We are a family,” she said firmly and, as she said it, both girls realized it was so.  “My father says family is where when you knock on the door, they have to let you in.  I think Paul will do something but he wont get rid of you.”

Betty felt better as they walked into their next class which was art, today.  Their teacher was Mr. Davidson.  After the class settled down, he explained that he wanted to address all the changes that were occurring and the way they were expressed in art. 

“Boys and girls, as an exercise, today we are going to do some presentations of living art.  I am going to ask all of you to help me out.  Each of you will take a turn setting up a scene.  You can use any of your classmates and anything in the room.  I want you to pose people, if you use them, and any inanimate objects in a scene or arrangement that to you best expresses the concept of love.  It doesnt have to even have people in it but it can.  And it can move or be still but nothing can move for more than a total of 30 seconds to give everyone a chance to do theirs. 

“I want you to do a quick sketch of what you are going to do.  It can be realistic or just symbolic.”  He smiled.  “Since undoubtedly some of you are going to want to do something involving slavery, both the boys and the girls will be required to assist if asked.  Now get started.”

Paul thought for a moment and quickly began to sketch.   He raised his hand when he had finished and asked for permission to be first.  Mr. Davidson walked over and reviewed the sketch and nodded his approval.  Paul took a place at the front of the class and called Betty and Jennifer up to assist.

“Jennifer remove your clothes.”  Jennifer looked at Paul and immediately began to undress.  He showed them the sketch and the girls took their places.  When they were in place Paul signaled to Mr. Davidson they were ready.

Paul stood over both girls.  In his hand was a paddle.  Jennifer and Betty were lying down facing away from Paul.  Their arms were stretched before them with wrists crossed and their ankles were crossed as well.  Faces were inside their arms on the floor and he had pulled their hair around so their faces were covered completely.  They each had lifted their bottoms just a bit higher than the rest of the body.

When the class looked up from their own work there was a soft gasp that filled the room.  Mr. Davidson walked over and inspected the scene.  “Paul explain why this is your concept of love.”

Paul thought for a moment.  “Being a Master is lots of fun; being able to have the freedom to do what you want whenever you feel like it.  It also has responsibilities attached.  Being Master is loving your slaves enough to be willing to teach and guide them into being the best slaves they can become.  Punishment is sometimes distasteful, but a necessary part of that teaching.  A slave who does not accept that is not a slave.”

Betty felt his words touch her heart.

“OK girls, you may return to your seats.”

Paul extended a hand to each one as they rose.  Betty had tears running down her cheeks.  He wrapped an arm around her.

“Master, I am so ashamed and so sorry for my disobedience.”

Paul gave her a quick, one-handed hug.  “Betty you will learn.  I am going to make sure of that,” Paul answered.

Betty felt better but she knew there was more punishment to come, and that made her nervous. She wondered just what Paul had in mind?

The other students made their own living tableaus.  They all enjoyed the effort.  Then, toward the end, one of the girls had a melt-down.  Her appointed Master told her to strip and she just refused to do it.  The inexperienced boy didnt know what to do.  He just looked frustrated, embarrassed and helpless.  Mr. Davidson was about to interfere when Paul quietly told Betty and Jennifer to go over and see if they could help.

As they obediently went over to see what they could do, Paul began to think about a suitable punishment for Betty.  Then he realized that he had a perfect opportunity.  He knew that he couldnt let Betty get away with what she had done.  She wouldnt really want that.  And if she got punished with the other girl, it would be both more embarrassing and help both of the girls.  The one who rebelled would have the comfort of not being alone and Betty would pay without having it hanging over her head for the rest of the day the way he had originally intended.

Paul knew that Mr. Davidson would want to make an example of the other girl as a lesson for the class.  He would help out and punish Betty at the same time.  He looked over to see how Betty and Jennifer were doing with the other girl.

Betty and Jennifer were talking quietly to the girl and seemed to have calmed her down somewhat.  Paul raised his hand.  “Mr. Davidson, may I speak with you privately?”

After a brief conversation, Mr. Davidson addressed the class.  “Boys and girls, I have decided to allow Paul to demonstrate the correct course of action for a Master in this situation.  Betty and Jennifer, you will assist your Master.” 

Paul brought two chairs to the front of the classroom, sat down in one of them and had the other boy sit in the other.  “Jennifer, undress Gail and place her on her Masters lap.  Betty, you will take your position here over mine.”

Betty looked shocked.  He was going to punish her in front of the entire class.  She felt tears forming but did as she was told.

“Jennifer,” continued Paul, “you are to show Carl what to do and make sure he accomplishes the goal.”

Mr. Davidson handed each boy a wooden paddle.  Paul looked at Carl as the paddle came down on Bettys bottom really hard.  She moved as if to get away, but Paul held her firmly in place.  Carl swung his paddle and it landed rather softly on the bottom of his slave.  Paul nodded to Jennifer and she took a place behind Carl and guided his hand so the next blow was delivered with more strength than the first.  His slave screamed from the force of the blow.  Whether it was excitement or embarrassment was unclear but the next blow Carl delivered was forceful and it continued with each one following.

Jennifer had stepped back now and watched as Paul and Carl spanked their slaves bottoms.  Paul stopped and motioned for Carl to do the same. “Betty is being punished for serious disobedience.  Carl, I want you to continue Bettys punishment.”

The girls were quickly exchanged and the spankings continued.  Betty was crying from more than the pain.  The thought that Paul would hand her over to another Master for punishment was much harder to take.

After a few minutes, the spankings were over.  Both girls were crying.  Mr. Davidson made both girls kneel.  Then he said, “Betty, Gail, you are learning to be slaves.  Slaves MUST please their Masters.  Obedience is just a part of that.  Betty I dont know what you did but you displeased Paul.  You may be subject to further punishment, thats up to Paul. 

“Gail, you are brand new at this.  It is also important that you understand that slavery is about more than punishment.  Come up here to the front of the room.”

Trembling, The girl walked over to the teacher.  He took her wrist and fastened a leather cuff around it and then did the same with the other.  He next brought over a rolling step stool and mounted it to pull her wrists up where he fastened them to a short chain coming down from the ceiling.  Climbing down, he announced to the class that he would like their help. 

“I am going to continue with Gails spanking but this time it is not for punishment.  It is a lesson.  I want the rest of you to come up and do the best you can to arouse Gail as much as possible.  You can take turns in small groups and do whatever you think will do the job.  No limits as long as it is gentle.”

Gails eyes got wide and she gasped but she was helpless.

“Well have one row at a time come up.”  The first row of students immediately stood and walked up to where the helpless girl was tied.

Both boys and girls began to touch Gail.  Hands were on her breasts tugging gently as her nipples grew hard.  Others were touching her thighs and legs.  One of the boys slipped a hand between her legs and felt her mound, not brave enough to go further.  He slowly and teasingly ran his fingers outside her lips causing her to moan softly.  She began to almost involuntarily move closer to his hand, tempting him inside.

Mr. Davidson began to  paddle her once again.  The first smack was soft and was followed quickly by others.  He was warming her up for the real spanking to come.  As the first of the students moved away, the second group surrounded Gail and continued the delicate teasing.  Her arousal level was building and she moved against the restraints as much as they allowed.  Her thighs were gleaming from the wetness that trickled down.  The strokes from the paddle were stronger now and, with each one, Gail moaned or cried out.  She seemed to be somewhere between pain and pleasure.

The last of the students were now around her.  This group was Jennifer, Betty, Paul and David, her assigned Master.  This event had begun when Gail refused her Masters instructions to undress for the class project.  David took his place beside her and began to stroke her pussy.  It was now very wet and when he touched her clit it was hard and throbbing.   Gail was a virgin and had never experienced an orgasm.  She was suddenly frightened by all the different feelings that seem to take over her body.  David felt her shiver and wrapped one arm around her and held her while he continued to stroke her clit.  Paul caressed her back and legs softly while Betty and Jennifer suckled her nipples.

Mr. Davidson was smacking her bottom pretty hard with the paddle now and Gail was crying and moaning, straining against the restraints, trying in vain to move away from the paddle.

  David kissed her cheek near her ear and whispered “Master is here. He will take care of you.”  With those words, Gail began to cum.  David covered her mouth with his and kissed her hard.  Her screams, muffled by his kiss, soon died down into soft mewing sounds and she collapsed into his arms.

After a few minutes to catch her breath, Gail looked at her Master in awe.  “You ARE my Master,” she said in amazement.  David smiled.  “Yes I am.”  I guess, he thought silently.

Gail had to struggle to move at all but she forced herself to stand long enough to drop to her knees and look down.  “Your slave wants to serve you, Master.”

The other girls in the room were watching closely.  Several of them thought they would be very happy to experience what Gail had just been though.  There was a glow on her face that they had seen on others as well.  Betty found tears streaming down her face as she too fell to her knees before Paul.

“Please, Master, this slave begs you to punish her for being displeasing.”

Paul told her, “I think it has been corrected.”

Betty began and began to sob more.  “Your slave cannot escape punishment.  She has displeased her Master.  Please, Master.  She is begging you.  Punish her.”

“Very well.  You are going to go around to every boy in the class and ask each one to punish you as he sees fit.”

Betty looked at him in shock.  Mr. Davidson was listening.  “That is an excellent idea.  And may I suggest that she also leave each of the boys satisfied and that she not be allowed to have an orgasm herself?”

Paul smiled.  “That is excellent.  But we dont have the time to do all that now, do we?”

The teacher nodded his head.  “No, why dont we make that a project for the remainder of the semester.  She can come back here at the end of the semester and report on what she did.

There was a surge of interest as the boys all looked at Betty and thought about the delights of being able to sample her charms for themselves.

Chapter Twenty-Three

Lunch on Thursday

Paul and his two slaves were heading once again for the lunchroom.  Betty felt like she was on top of the world.  Somehow she knew she was owned.  She honestly didnt know if she was looking forward to her punishment or not.  No cumming?  That was going to be rough.  She had been awakened and she liked it. 

Jennifer, on the other hand was lost in thought.  She was First Girl.  Paul had said so.  It was time that she made that clear but how would she do that?

Paul sat down at the table, Betty and Jennifer went to select his food.  Jennifer was feeling somewhat confused.  On one hand, she loved Betty as her slave sister and could not imagine her leaving the triad but, on the other hand, she wanted Paul to acknowledge, and more importantly, make her feel her place as First Girl.  Should she talk with Betty, Paul, or both of them together? 

The girls returned with the food and asked permission to sit at the table.  As the three of them ate lunch, the conversation was minimal.  Paul sensed something wasnt quite right and let his mind wander as to what could be the problem?  He decided it was time to ask for help.

After lunch was over, the three had a free period and Paul led them to the principals office.  He asked Miss Ternsley if he could see Mr. Burns and took a seat in the outer office.  Mr. Burns called him in a few minutes later.

“Girls, stay here while I talk with Mr. Burns.”

“Paul what can I do for You?”

Paul took a seat and searched for the words.

“ Mr. Burns, I realize I am a new Master and there is a great deal to learn.  Something seems to be amiss with my slaves and I cant seem to put my finger on it.”

“Paul, a Master has got to learn to communicate with His slaves and they with him.  He has to learn their body language and also to openly discuss issues.  His slaves must be able to freely tell him when there is a problem or concern.”

“But how do I accomplish that, sir?”

Mr. Burns rose and walked from behind his desk.  He hit the intercom button and ordered Miss Ternsley to bring Jennifer and Betty into his office.

When the girls arrived, he instructed them to kneel side by side alongside the couch.  The three slaves knelt with their heads high and eyes cast downward as they had been taught.

“The relationship of Master and slave is a thing of beauty.  Master has the responsibility of teaching, encouraging, mentoring, caring and yes, perhaps even loving His slave.  The slave holds the responsibility to trust her Master implicitly.  She must be able to tell him when she is confused, fearful, lonely, happy or sad.  All in all, if she doesnt express her thoughts, he is blinded and cannot be a proper Master.  Masters, although we like to think so, are not mind-readers.

“We are going to do an exercise to teach you this today.  Each of you will have the opportunity to ask a question or convey a thought which is on your mind, without fear of retribution from your Master.  Think about it carefully and we will begin with Miss Ternsley.”

Miss Ternsley in a quiet and respectful tone asked, “Master may this girl speak freely?”

Mr. Burns stood before her and answered “Yes slave, speak to Master.”

“Sir, since we have become one household, you have ordered that Tabby live outside. You do not wish to share your home with a cat.  Sir, she has been my most loyal companion ever since I rescued her as a kitten.  It breaks my heart that she is an outcast.  I have thought of finding a loving home for her but cannot bear the thought of losing her.  This makes your slave very unhappy.”

Mr. Burns thought for a moment, placed his hand under her chin and lifted her face upwards as he replied, “If my slave will promise to bathe and brush her on a regular basis, not allow her into the bedroom and assure her Master that His home will never have the odor of an animal, she may bring Tabby into the house.”

Miss Ternsley smiled lovingly at her Master and two single tears rolled down her cheeks. “Thank you, Master.”

“And one more thing.  You will be punished for keeping this information from me.  Assume the punishment position.”

Miss Ternsley took the position, grabbing the edges of his desk and held her ass out for the spanking.  Mr. Burns took the paddle hanging on the wall and began spanking her ass until it had turned a nice shade of red.  He then turned her to face him and put his arms around her.

“You must tell Master everything just as you did today, no secrets ever again.   Things will not always be decided in your favor, but that is Masters decision.  You do not have the right to take that away from him.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

He embraced her and sent her back to her duties.

“Paul, this what I was explaining to you a Master must communicate with his slaves and they with Him.”

Paul stood before Jennifer.  She immediately began.

“Master may a girl speak freely?”

Paul answered, “Yes slave, speak to your Master.”

“ Master, you have said that I am First Girl.  I love Betty and wish that she be with us always, but this girl is not feeling like she is First with you.  She cannot explain exactly what she is feeling and has no idea what you could do to make her feel better.  All she knows is that she feels hurt and confused.”

Paul stood there, not sure just how to phrase his response.  He went back to the chair and sat down.  ”Jennifer come here, remove your clothes and place yourself over my knees for punishment.”

Jennifer was astounded.  She expected him to tell her she was First Girl or find a way to show her but, instead, he was going to punish her.  It wasnt fair.

She assumed the position and with the first strike of his hand began crying silently.  He continued spanking her ass and, after each second or third strike, he would lovingly caress her bottom.  His strikes were hard and stinging and she cried out at a few that seemed especially hard.  As his spanks got harder, his touch would become more intense as well.  Jennifer soon became aroused and the wetness caused by her excitement began to dampen Pauls pants.  He maneuvered his other hand around to the front of her pussy and began to stroke her clit while he continued the spanking.  Soon her breath was coming faster and she was moaning.

When he felt she was ready he commanded, “Slave give your cum to Master.” Hearing those words was all it took and Jennifer had an intense orgasm.

He gave her a moment to enjoy the spasms of her climax and then lifted her to a standing position.

“Jennifer, you are First Girl because your Master has proclaimed it to be so.  That is all it should take for you to know your place.  Being First Girl is not about “feeling it”, it is about knowing it.

“Only you can displace yourself from this position by being displeasing to me.   Betty is also my slave and I have a responsibility to her as well but no one will take your place in my house or my heart as First Girl.  As First Girl it is your overall responsibility to see that I am happy as Master.  I depend on you to run my house and the rest of my slaves as you know it pleases me.  Do you understand?”

Jennifer looked into Pauls eyes and whispered, “Thank you, Master.”

He hugged her tightly and kissed her hair.  He then walked her over and sat her on the couch knowing the hard, cold leather would remind her of the spanking she had just taken.

Paul then took a deep breath and walked over to stand before Betty, thinking to himself. “This Master stuff is harder than it seems.”

Chapter Twenty-Four

Jennifer Plots

The three of them had been though a lot.  Was it only Thursday? Jennifer wondered to herself.  She looked at Betty and realized that Betty had become family.  She knew that both she and Betty had changed drastically.  They had met themselves and, to her shock, she liked who she met.  She looked at Paul and knew he was now the center of their world and always would be.  She began to feel the heat again between her legs.  She had NEVER in her life been so frequently aroused.  It was embarrassing only that was arousing too.  She dreaded the spankings but her body seemed to crave them.  She decided to give up.  There was no understanding what was going on.

Then, having given up, she looked at Betty again.  Master had said that to be first girl, she had to feel it.  She knew she couldnt do that until she finally got the upper hand with her, as Betty had so many times.  She wanted to see Betty come crawling abjectly to her.  She wanted to spank the little bitch for everyones pleasure, Bettys as much as her and her Masters.  But it had to be real.  She had to do something that would catch her red handed so that Master would give the word.  And she wanted to do it in front of the school too.

Then she had a brainstorm.  Paul was getting help from Mr. Burns.  He was growing fast.  She could get help from Miss Ternsley.  Jennifer smiled.

“Whats that happy smile for, Jen?” asked Paul.

Jennifer knew she couldnt lie to her Master.  “Master, I have been feeling better and better and just had a marvelous thought.  You have been getting so very much help from Mr. Burns, your slave was wondering if perhaps she could get some help from Miss Ternsley.  She would like to grow as your slave the way you have as a Master.”

“That is a wonderful idea.  It really is perfect.  I have been wanting to have a little alone time with each of you and just didnt know how to arrange it.  You go back now and see if Miss Ternsley will see you now and Betty and I will go over to the library.  Well meet in chemistry, later in the afternoon.  Its our last class for the day.

“Thank you, Master,” said Jennifer as she turned back and headed for the principals office.

Betty squealed in delight at getting some time alone with her Master.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Jennifer walked into the outer office and did not see Miss Ternsley.  She knocked softly on Mr. Burns office door.  She thought she heard “Enter,” so she opened the door slowly to see Ms. Ternsley sitting on the sofa wiping her eyes.  Jennifer sat down next to her, put her hand on her shoulder and asked, “Whats wrong?”

Miss Ternsley looked up and tried to smile.  “Its nothing dear.  Just something between Master and I.”

Jennifer had not been a slave very long and Miss Ternsley an even shorter period of time but she knew that if Marilyn Ternsley was crying, it must be something serious.  Jennifer sat quietly waiting for the older woman to calm down a bit.

After a while, she pulled herself together and wiped her eyes one last time.  Jennifer took her hand and said, “Im listening.”

Miss Ternsley took a deep breath and began. “Master told me today that He has decided to add another slave to His household.  He says its not a reflection on me or my service to him.  He has just decided that if a young Master such as Paul can handle two slaves so well than he should have multiple slaves as well.”  Miss Ternsley looked directly at Jennifer.  “I dont think I can stand it.  I am in love with Master.  I dont want to share him with another.  I am considering asking for my release.”

“Oh no, maam.  Please, think about what you are saying.  You dont mean that.  You need to talk with him and work this out.”

“I dont see how.  He has made up his mind.  He says I will accept it and that is final.”  Miss Ternsley began to cry softly.

“Miss Ternsley,”  Jennifer began.

The teacher looked at her.  “Were both slaves, dear.  In private you can call me Marilyn.”

“Marilyn, I know this is hard to believe but what Mr. Burns said is true.”  She stopped and thought for a few seconds.  “Its different when you have a sister slave.  I couldnt imagine my life without Betty.  Its hard to explain but were a family.  She is a pain sometimes and I would love to put her in her place.  Im supposed to be first girl but she is always trying to get the upper hand.

“Anyway, its just not the same as if I guy was cheating on you.  My Master told me that love is like a candle flame.  Spreading it doesnt diminish it, it just creates more.”

Marilyn looked at the girl in amazement.  “I can see why Paul thinks so highly of you.”

Jennifer blushed.

The teacher squared her shoulders and said, “I dont know if I can do this but Im willing to give it a try.”  Then she got a funny smile.  “But I think the least I can do is pay you back for your help.  Suppose we have some fun with Betty.”

Jennifer smiled broadly.  “What did you have in mind?”

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Betty took Pauls arm and clung to him as they walked toward the library.  He soon shook her off and told her to walk properly.

“Yes, Master,” she said obediently.

Paul looked at her and wanted to enjoy her more.  He stopped and drew her to one side of the hall.  “Take off your clothes,” he ordered.

She looked at him and blushed.  “Here, Master?”

“Yes, right here.  Take everything off.”

She shuddered with desire and began to strip.  Other students came over to watch and Betty enjoyed the attention.

She stood there before Paul as He carefully inspected his property.  It made Betty feel just a bit uncomfortable.  She had been lax in her work out regime lately and had begun to put on a few pounds.  It made her feel self conscious when she was naked in front of others.

”Betty, you seem to be gaining some weight.”  Paul commented, almost as though he had read her thoughts.

“Yes Master, with all the changes going on, I have let myself go a bit.”

“Well, I will not have it and we are going to do something about it starting today.”

As they walked together, Bettys mind wandered.  Just what did her Master have in mind?   But she soon had forgotten all about the conversation and was once again thinking of enjoying her time alone with Paul.  Besides, most likely the only thing he had in mind was some simple exercises nothing too strenuous.

Instead of going to the library as he planned, Paul headed for the nurses office.  She was a bit surprised to see him again.  “What brings you here?  I hope Betty is not sick.”

“No,” said Paul  “Just fat.”

Betty turned red hearing that.  She wasnt fat, she had just put on a few pounds.  The nurse looked at her and Betty turned even redder. 

“Well Id suggest both a diet and some exercise.”  She started thumbing through some files in her desk drawer.  “I have a suggested diet right here.”  She pulled out several sheets of instructions.  “I think if you just stick to this diet, the few pounds you need to lose will come right off.”

“She will do it.  Thank you.”

They walked out with Betty feeling totally helpless and yet, at the same time, the feeling of not having control felt so right.

It was no surprise that their next stop was the school gym.  Paul found the instructor and got permission to use the facilities for the next few minutes.  “Alright, lets see what kind of shape you are in,” said Paul.

Betty looked at Paul with a quizzed expression. “What do you want me to do Master?”

“For starters, let see you run laps.  Inside the perimeter of the bleachers here will be fine.”

“Master how many laps?” 

Paul looked at Betty trying to figure out if she was being genuine or if she was stalling for more time.  “As many as you can.”

Bettys face changed to one of disbelief and she turned away from Paul and began running.  She made three complete laps before she started to slow down considerably.  On the fourth lap she stopped in front of him out of breath.  As she stood before him panting, trying to regain her breath, she said “Master I cant do any more.”

“Betty this is simply not acceptable.  Four laps and you are out of breath.  A forty year old smoker could do better than that.  We are going to plan an exercise program for you and you will follow it daily.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

Paul turned and began to walk away and Betty followed a few steps behind.  Her head was down just a bit and she had a worried look on her face.  She had disappointed Master and she felt a deep sadness.  As they walked, she was determined to make him proud of her.  She resolved to follow the diet and exercise program  to the letter.  She would show him that she loved him and wanted to please him.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Marilyn smiled and said, “I really shouldnt be doing this, you know.”

Jennifer just shrugged and said, “Its time she got her comeuppance.”

“I have seen Betty and she is a beautiful girl but she also has a build that is prone to put on weight.  You dont have that problem.  I suspect that Paul would really get upset with her if she started to gain weight.”

Jennifer got a big smile on her face as she said, “Thats right.  And that would be quite a comeuppance indeed if he put her on a diet.  But how would she get the spanking in front of the school.”

“Oh I think I can handle that.  My Master is very concerned with physical fitness.  I am sure he would be open to a suggestion that a girl as beautiful as Betty should set an example for everyone else.”

Jennifer got a big smile on her face as she said, “Thats right.  And that would be quite a comeuppance indeed if he put her on a diet.  But how would she get the spanking in front of the school.”

“Oh I think I can handle that.  My Master is very concerned with physical fitness.  I am sure he would be open to a suggestion that a girl as beautiful as Betty should set an example for everyone else.”

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

A still naked Betty was led by her Master into the chemistry lab.  Jennifer was already there, starting to set up the experiment for the afternoon.

“I want you to get dressed and put on an apron,” Paul told Betty.

“Yes Master,” she said and began to dress.

Paul turned to Jennifer.  “How many laps can you run?”

Jen was puzzled but answered honestly, “I dont know for sure.  Eight or ten, I think.  I try to work out a couple times a week and I usually include that.”

“Well I have decided to put Betty on a diet and exercise program.”

It was all Jennifer could do to conceal her elation.  This was perfect.  “Thats a good idea Master.  I know you want to be proud of us.”

Betty came back and the three of them got to work on the project.  When the class was over, they went out into the hall.  “Lets go to the gym.  We can all use a little work out,” said Paul.

The three of them went into the gym and to their surprise, there were quite a number of students there.  The gym teacher welcomed them and told them that with the girls naked in public now, so much, everyone wanted to be in better shape.

“All of us are going to work out,” said Paul.  Now I want both of you in gym shoes and nothing else.  I will go change.”

Paul returned in a few minutes dressed in the usual white gym outfit.  “We are going to start out with laps.”

Betty groaned.

“Betty, you will only do as many as you can.  I am going to push myself so Ill tell you what.  For each lap that I can do that you cant, you get ten swats with the paddle.”  He turned to Jennifer.  “That goes for you two.”  What he didnt tell them was that he was going to encourage them both to keep going by running behind them with a paddle in each hand and he would deliver a swat any time he thought they needed some motivation.

Both girls bottoms were getting red and sore when an announcement came over the loudspeaker.  A special school assembly was being called.  All students were to attend.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

As Paul followed his two slaves a half step behind, wielding the paddle, Marilyn Ternsley set her plan into motion the very minute her Master, Mr. Burns, returned to his office.

"Master, your slave has been thinking, the one thing we have not encouraged with the new program is physical fitness.  Having all the girls and women naked most of the time, there is a concern for keeping in shape.  Perhaps even more so than before.  After all, clothes do tend to hide a lot of physical imperfections.  And shouldn't they be taught to look attractive for their Masters?"

“Marilyn you are correct.  I had not thought of that before.  I will see to it immediately.”

That very afternoon Mr. Burns called a special assembly.

Once all the students were seated, he took his place at the podium and began.  "As the week has progressed and things are beginning to settle down, there is one avenue I have overlooked and am going to correct that today.  Slaves are to be pleasing to their Master in every way.  Some of the slaves have not been dutiful in watching their physical attractiveness.  Tomorrow morning, all slaves will report to the auditorium, first thing in the morning.  You are to be wearing no makeup, be completely naked and have your hair loose about your shoulders.  There will be several professionals here at that time to determine exactly what the issues are with each slave regarding their appearance and have suggestions to modify and/or correct them.  Each Master will accompany his slave individually for his input.  Any slave that does not comply with the program as instructed will be spanked severely in front of the entire school.  You are now dismissed for the day." 

Betty looked very concerned as they left the auditorium.  It just seemed like everyone was ganging up on her.  Paul noticed and asked her what was bothering her.

“Master, your slave is not that fat.  Do you think she is ugly?”

“Of course not,” Paul told her.  This isnt just about you.  The school just wants everyone to look and feel good.  You are an extraordinarily beautiful girl.  I love your curves.

Betty looked at him gratefully.

“You only have to lose a little weight and tone up a bit.  I will help you.”

“Thank you Master,” she said.

Jennifer listened and felt a little guilty but she still wanted to take Betty down a peg.  Even now she seemed to be drawing Paul in toward her.  It wasnt fair.  “Master, I try to stay in good shape.”

Paul turned to her.  “I know you do and you are.”  His voice got soft.  “Jen, you are very special to me.  I love your mind and your body and I am glad I own them both.”

Jennifer blushed a little.

Paul stopped and put his arms around Jennifer to give her a warm hug and then he turned to Betty and did the same.  “Both of you are the best slaves in the school.”

Mr. Burns was walking by and overheard the last.  “You three are extraordinarily lucky that you have each other.

“Yes we are,” said Paul.  “Now lets go home.”

When they arrived home, Paul left Jennifer downstairs to visit with her Dad and led Betty up the stairs.  “Betty, I want you to get dressed for a workout and I want you to meet me downstairs in five minutes.”

Betty pursed her lips and frowned.  “But Master, I have been at school all day.  I was hoping to have a nice bath before dinner.”

Paul took Betty by the arm and looked her directly in the eyes “First of all, is that how a slave talks to her Master?”

Betty had the grace to blush.

“Second, you are going to get into better shape and I am going to help you. If you are not downstairs in four minutes, dressed and ready for exercise, you will receive 25 smacks with the paddle for each minute you are late.  Do you understand?

“Yes Master.”

Paul turned and went back downstairs and motioned to Jennifer to join him in the kitchen.  “Jennifer we are going to have to help Betty with her diet and exercise program. I want you to make sure that our meals are more balanced and healthy.”

“Yes Master.  I will take care of it, but I do have a question?  I work out several times a week so I dont have to watch my diet as closely.  Are You saying I must diet along with Betty?”

“No, Jen, just make sure that Bettys meals are suitable.”

Betty walked into the kitchen just at that moment. “What is suitable?”

Paul wrapped an arm around Jennifer.  “Jennifer has been put in charge of all meals.  She is going to help you lose a few pounds.  You are to eat only what she tells you.  Now lets get started on your workout.”

As the two of them walked out of the door, Betty glanced back at Jennifer.  Jen had the strangest smirk on her face.

Jennifer immediately began to prepare dinner, humming as she worked.  This was going to be fun.  This was a great opportunity to show Betty who was really in charge.

Chapter Twenty-Five


As soon as they got outside, Paul gave Betty a smack on the bottom.  To his amazement she yelped and tears came to her eyes.  “Whats wrong?  I didnt hit you that hard.”

“Your slave is sorry, Master.  Its just that my bottom has been spanked a lot and Im really sore and tired.”

Paul realized once again that he was dealing with real people, not dolls.  “OK, you get the night off from spanking.  But I will expect you to be properly thankful.”

Betty smiled at him.  “Oh YES, Master.  Your slave will.”  She felt herself getting wet at the prospects.

“Now lets get going.  We are going to run as often as you can manage.  But if it gets to be too much, you can slow down.”

Betty decided she would do her honest best.  She tended to think of exercise as a four letter obscenity but she was determined not to let her Master down.  She took off after Paul, not trying to run as fast as he did but pacing herself.  Paul looked back at her and she smiled and gave him a thumbs-up.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

In the kitchen, Jennifer was busy preparing dinner.  She didnt want to make things difficult for Betty in front of Paul.  She decided to roast some chicken for them and add baked potatoes.  She also made a salad and filled the meal out with a few other things.  When Paul and Betty returned, Betty was pleasantly surprised with the meal.

As they were finishing, Jennifers dad came in to say he was going out for the night and they were welcome to have the house for themselves.  He winked at Paul and told him to enjoy himself.  Paul smiled and said he certainly would.

“Betty, you will do the clean up since Jennifer prepared such a great meal.  Once you have finished you may have that hot bath you wanted earlier.  Use the guest bath, I have other plans for the master bath tonight.”  Paul smiled at Jennifer and led her upstairs.

Betty was pouting as she cleared the table.  She just didnt see why Jennifer couldnt help.  It would have gotten her in that warm bath all the sooner.

 Paul led Jennifer to the master bath and closed the door.  He had been looking forward to some alone time with her all day.  He loved both of his slaves, but Jennifer was his first and she had a special place in his heart.

“Naked, slave.”

Jennifer wasted no time in shedding her clothes and then assuming the kneeling position Paul loved.  He walked up to her and lifted her chin and as he did she opened her eyes slowly to gaze upon the naked body of her Master.  He had undressed as well and was very much aroused.  Jennifer took great pride in knowing his arousal was for her alone this time.  She loved Betty but she loved Paul more and, after all, he was the Master of her universe.

“Slave, prepare to bathe Master.”

Jennifer quickly rose and began filling the tub with warm water.  Just as it was almost ready, she added some special salts.  When it was finally ready, she took Pauls hand and guided him into the water and then joined him there.  The master bath had been her mothers favourite room and was functional as well as indulgent.  The over-sized, claw foot tub was the centerpiece in the room and was welcoming.  She took a soft cloth and began washing Paul.  She took her time to caress his skin with the cloth and lingered over each body part.  His eyes were closed and he enjoyed the attention and peacefulness of the moment.  By the time she had completed her task, she was very aroused herself.  She stopped, unsure of what to do next, when Paul opened his eyes and said, “Now its your turn.”

“Oh no, Master, you cannot wash this lowly slave.  It is not right,” Jennifer replied.

“I am your Master.  Whatever I decide is right.” 

Paul took the cloth from her and began to wash her.  Jennifer was just a bit embarrassed when Paul reached her vagina and said. “Stand up so I can make sure I  dont miss anything.”  Jennifer stood up and placed one foot on the side of the tub to give him the access he required. Soon Paul stood up as well and put his arms around her while rubbing the cloth in and around the folds of her womanhood.  He lowered his head and found a hard nipple and began suckling her.  Jennifer was becoming more excited and her breathing began to quicken.  He soon dropped the cloth and, cupping her pussy with his hand, he slipped a finger inside and found her dripping wet for him.  She shuddered as his finger slipped out and over her clit and back in again.  Soon she was mewing softly and on the edge of climax.

“Dont cum without permission.” Paul reminded her.  He knelt down and put his hands on her hips, drawing her closer to him.  He stuck his tongue out and touched her with the tip.  He could feel her stiffen as she tried to resist so he reminded her again, “Dont you DARE cum without permission.”

As he returned to his efforts she began to plead with him, “Master, may your slave cum now?  Please Master.  Please, your slave needs to cum.  Master, please.  Argh!”  She could hardly breathe as she lost all control and succumbed to a massive orgasm as he vigorously tongued her.  As she came down and tried to apologize, Paul kept going.  She grabbed his head and held on for dear life as she went into another orgasm.  It was all she could do to stand up and a third orgasm swept over her.

Jennifer was pushing Pauls head into her when he finally stopped.  She had lost count of how many times he had gotten her to cum.  “Didnt I tell you to ask permission before you came, slave? came the teasing question.

“Yes, Master.  Your slave is very sorry.  She couldnt help it, Master.”

“And what do we do when slaves are naughty?”

“Punish them.  Oh please Master, dont punish me.  I couldnt help it.”

“Not only did you disobey but now you are using I and me?”

Jennifer hung her head, not really ashamed.  “Your slave is sorry, Master.”

“Not as sorry as youre going to be,” said Paul.  “I am going to spank you.”

Unaccountably Jennifer felt her arousal increase again.  She didnt know what had gotten into her.

Just as they entered the bedroom Betty joined them. Wrapped in a towel and quite content with her long warm bath. Although the tub was much smaller in the guest bath she had enjoyed a lingering quiet bubble bath. Left alone with her own thoughts she was determined to find more ways to be pleasing to Paul.

“Good Betty.  Youre just in time to help me punish Jennifer for being such a bad slave.”

“A bad slave, Master?”  Betty looked puzzled.   Jennifer was always the good one.

“Yes.  She disobeyed a direct order and then used the words I and me.  She will be spanked soundly.”

Jennifer looked worried   Paul sounded so harsh it wasnt like Him.  He had always been so affectionate towards her.  Her earlier excitement over the punishment spanking was quickly waning.

Paul took her by the shoulders and lifted her chin. 

“Jennifer, as slave its your duty to serve your Master.  As Master it is my duty to teach you and discipline is part of that.  If I were to let you get away with disobeying today, tomorrow you would think you could disobey again.”

Jennifer began to say something and then lowered her eyes.

 ”Yes Master, you are right.  Please punish your slave so she may serve you better.”

Paul had Jennifer lie over the edge of the bed, supporting her weight on her arms.  With Bettys help, he placed pillows under her to raise her ass even higher.  She was completely exposed in this position.  He then tied her wrists together with cotton rope and pulled it tightly across the bed and secured it to the heavy exercise weight bench in the corner.  Jennifer began to protest when Paul motioned for Betty to silence her.  Betty stuffed a scarf partially in her mouth and then tied another scarf around her mouth to the back of her head.

Paul walked around surveying the situation.  Betty was quiet,  She had never seen Paul so serious about punishment.  Paul sat down on a chair and pulled Betty to him. 

“I believe you owe Master for an earlier favour?”

Betty smiled and kneeled before him.  Her mouth quickly found its way to Pauls hard cock.   This was something Betty loved and she performed it so well.  Paul was lost in the pleasure of his slaves tongue.  Betty was taking her time trying to buy some time for Jennifer and perhaps release some of Pauls obvious anger with her. 

“Maybe,” she thought “I can tame the beast a bit and it wont be so bad on Jen.”

Almost as if Paul read her mind he grunted and came in her mouth.  He leaned over, kissed her and smiled.

“Betty, that was wonderful, you are a good slave.”

Jennifer felt tears begin as she heard those words.  She felt like she had failed Paul.

“Now lets get on with this punishment,” Paul said as he walked over to the bed.

Paul picked up the leather paddle and raised it.  Then he looked at Jennifer, softly crying.  He hesitated.  He was annoyed but not that angry.  He drew the paddle back to swat her and again, he couldnt bring himself to do it.  He looked at Betty who was watching him curiously.  He just couldnt bring himself to punish her.  He put the paddle down again. 

Paul thought to himself that these girls were now the center of his world.  He almost couldnt believe the depth of his love for them both.  He never wanted to make Jennifer cry the way she was.  He couldnt do that to her.  She was such a gentle soul.  He just wanted her to be happy.  He told Betty, “Let her loose.”

Jennifer was upset before but this drove a spike through her heart.  This young man who had become the most important person in the world to her didnt want her any more.  She had failed him.  The tears started to stream down her face.  This was a level of pain she had not known even when her mother died.  She looked at her Master and couldnt even see him through her tears.

Paul had no idea what Jennifer was so upset about.  He looked helplessly at Betty who was nearly in tears herself.  She was petrified.  If one failure on Jens part meant that Paul didnt want her any more, what would happen to her if she let him down?  Would he get rid of Jennifer now?  Jennifer had become almost as important to her as Paul, himself.  She couldnt imagine having her go.

Paul saw the look now on Bettys face and became exasperated.  He was the Master.  He was supposed to be in charge.  What was wrong with these girls?  He stomped out of the room to calm down.

Paul was so confused he decided to take a walk.  As he turned the corner he ran into Jennifer's father.

“Whoa there, Paul!  You nearly ran me down.”

“Sorry Sir.”

“I would have thought you would be enjoying the evening with the girls.  What are you doing out here?”

“Well Sir its like this.  I am beginning to think I am the worlds worst Master.  Maybe I am not cut out for this.”

“Now wait just a minute Paul.  Yes, you are young and have a lot to learn but you are a natural.  I have been watching.  You are doing marvellous things with Jennifer.”

Paul explained the situation and how he had dealt with it.  He was frustrated, both girls were in tears and he was so confused.

“Paul let me see if I can explain.  A good Master loves his slave or, in your case, slaves.  That is a good thing.  And if he is lucky, they will love him.  But they need and yes, even want, the discipline.  They need to know you love them enough to correct bad behaviour, that you are truly their Master and in charge.  Right now I would be willing to bet those girls are thinking you dont want them anymore, that they have done something unforgivable.

“Oh, but Sir, that isnt true.  I love them both so much, I cannot imagine life without them.  Thats the reason I couldnt bring myself to punish Jen.”

“That is exactly the reason why you should punish her.  Because you love her too much not to.  Look, you go back and take care of your business.  I will spend the night with a friend, so you can have some privacy.  I suggest you talk to them and then continue with the punishment you had decided on earlier.”

Paul held out his hand.  “Thank You Sir.  That is exactly what I am going to do.”

Paul headed back upstairs to bind both girls looking extremely upset.  “I talked to your father,” he said to Jennifer.  “He got me straightened out.”  Then he went on.  “You have a punishment coming and you are going to get it.  Whats more,” he added, now addressing himself to both girls, “from now on, I think that when one of you gets into trouble, both of you are going to be punished.”

Paul waited to see if there would be a protest but the girls were silent, waiting.  Paul said, “Betty, I want you naked and Jen, you are going to take Betty in your arms and hold her.  Betty, you are going to hold Jennifer.  He had the two naked girls wrap their arms around each other and he made then hold on tightly, warning them that if they let go, there would be additional consequences.  Then he picked up the paddle.

He gave Jennifer the first swat and she squealed and wriggled in Bettys arms.  Then he walked around to Bettys side and smacked her as well.  She howled loudly and wriggled.  Next it was back to Jennifer as he walked around and around, alternating bottoms as both girls asses turned red and sore.

“Now both of you lie on the bed.  Jen, I want your head here,” he added, pointing to the foot of the bed, “and Betty up here,” pointing to the head.  He got them lying next to each other and positioned them so that each was in the proper location.  “Now I want you to use your tongues on each other until you both cum.”

Jennifer started to say something and Paul stopped her.  “No discussion, you will do as I say.”

This was new to both girls and both were hesitant.  Jennifer began touching Betty's inner thigh and then moved up to her pussy.  Betty moaned and became instantly wet and mirrored Jen's actions.  Jennifer brought her face to Betty's pussy and licked very cautiously.  To her surprise it was nice.  Betty moaned even louder and it excited Jen so she continued more forcefully.  She mimicked what Paul did when he had tongued her.

She found Betty's clit and, when she ran her tongue over it, Betty trembled and shrieked with delight.  Jennifer got even more wet as she  tasted the sweet juices of her slave sister.  She began to nibble gently at Bettys clit and had to grab her thighs to keep from losing the connection.

Betty had long stopped tasting Jennifer as she couldn't concentrate while being tongued.  Paul watched with pride in Jennifer as she worked hard to please him.  Jen continued to slip her tongue in and out of Betty's steaming pussy while alternating working her clit.  Soon Betty stiffened and screamed as she came hard.  Jen continued tonguing her through the orgasm and then on to a second one which was even more intense.

When she stopped, Betty was a trembling blob of ecstasy.  It took her some time to catch her breath.  Jen wrapped her arms around her and petted her hair until she came down completely.

“Very well done, my slave.  Master is proud of you.  Betty, as for you, Master is not pleased and you will take care of your sister now.”  Paul laid down on the bed and repositioned Jennifer over him.  Taking some lube he slipped a finger inside her ass and then entered her.  He pulled her backwards over him and began a slow rhythm of thrusts.

“Spread your legs wide. Betty, get on with it and you had better please Jen.”

Betty was upset as she moved into position.  Jennifer was getting fucked at the same time.  It just wasn't fair.  She would get double the pleasure.  Still, Betty went to work on Jen and soon had her squealing in delight.  When she was just beginning to cum, Paul climaxed too and she was overwhelmed with the intensity.

Paul pulled Betty close and the three of them fell asleep, well satisfied.

Chapter Twenty-Six

The Teachers

Sidney Burns stretched sleepily as his alarm went off.  He knew he had a full day ahead of him.  They had a special assembly set for the afternoon and he wanted to present the staff to the students so that they could see the changes that were occurring as a result of what had been going on over the past few days.  No one had been expecting the rapid transformation that had been occurring but it had swept the school.  It was as if everything has been on the edge of a cliff, just waiting for the slightest push to topple it over.  Wednesday there was an article in the local paper on the program and yesterday he had spent a lot of his time fielding calls from the wire services and other school districts.

Penelope Grayson walked in dressed in her stockings, garter belt and heels and kneeled in submission beside the bed.  “Master, may this worthless slave serve you?”

He felt himself growing hard but he really needed to use the bathroom first.  “Where is Marilyn?”  The words were no sooner spoken than Marilyn Ternsley walked in carrying hot coffee, dressed the same way, and kneeled next to Penelope.

“This slave is here to serve you, Master,” she said in a sultry voice.

The competition between the two girls was fierce and while Sidney secretly enjoyed it, he also loved to exercise his domination over them by pretending he wanted them to stop.  Neither of them believed him for a second so they continued to engage in a loving rivalry to see which of them could be the better slave.  Both worked for him at the school and absolutely adored him.

Sidney had them wait as he took care of himself and when he returned he reminded them that the whole staff was going to be presented to the students.  Those who were married or involved with someone outside the school had agreed to bring in their spouses.

Then he looked at them.  “I am aware that both of you have been rather competitive.  I think its time I turned that to my advantage.  We are going to have a competition this morning before we go to school.”  He turned away from them and went to the dresser.  He turned around holding a cane.  He whooshed it though the air a time or two to get the feel of it.  Then he continued, “I am going to use this just once on each of you.  After that you will have the opportunity to beg me to stop and I will.  If you do not then you will each receive another stroke.  This will continue until one of you cries uncle.  If one of you does before the other has her stroke, she will have to take an equalizing stroke plus one more.  If both of you cry uncle at the same time or fail to take the equalizing stroke then you will both be severely caned in front of the whole school.  The winner will get to be fucked and be allowed to cum and then tonight will spank the loser.

“Marilyn, assume the position.”

Marilyn came over and put her hands on her head, turning her back to her Master.  Then she bent forward slightly and arched her back to push her bottom out.  Finally she spread her legs apart and put her hands on her head, fingers interlaced.  She braced herself and awaited the first stroke.

The cane came down and caught Marilyn squarely across her ass.  It was a firm stroke and she gasped but held her position.  Penelope in the mean time had assumed a similar position and was waiting for her first stroke.  When it landed, she cried out and immediately the tears began to flow.

Sidney continued to cane his slaves, first one and then the other.  While Marilyn was breathing hard and grunting loudly with each stroke, Penelope was crying loudly.  Finally, unable to take any more, she gave in. 

“Master, mercy please,” she screamed.  Her timing was off just enough that she had two more strokes coming.

“Marilyn, take hold of her for the last two strokes.”  Marilyn moved to stand in front of Penelope and grabbed her by the shoulders for more support.  She felt sorry for her slave sister.  She knew that it was harder for her to take the pain Master dealt.  She had not yet learned to process it properly.

Sidney ran his hand across the welts that were already forming on Marilyns bright red ass and she shivered under his touch.  He took a step back and swung the cane with more force than the last strike.  Marilyn screamed with the pain that the stroke brought to her.  Sidney did not waste any more time and brought the final strike down in quick succession.

He dropped the cane on the bed and took both slaves into his arms.

“Thats my girls.  Master is proud of you.  Penelope you may go and prepare for school while I take my pleasures with Marilyn.  And remember tonight you will be soundly spanked.”

Penelope looked at Marilyn knowing she has lost this battle and sorry that she was not going to be the one pleasuring Master.  She wondered if Marilyn would take advantage of her situation and give her a brutal spanking tonight.

Sidney was thrilled and aroused by the deep submission his slaves showed him.  He was immensely proud of both of them.  As he reached out and felt Marilyns dripping pussy, he knew she had learned her lessons well.  Penelope would soon learn to handle the pain and become aroused also.  It was new to her but she wanted to master it.  At first he had taken it very easy with her but she had insisted on not being shown preferential treatment.  She wanted so badly to please him.

Now he turned his attention to Marilyn.  She had assumed the kneeling position with her knees spread apart.  “You did very well and I am well pleased with you.”  No matter how submissive his slaves were, Sidney knew it was good to always try to push them further.  They responded well to this and enjoyed it.  He could see Marilyns attention on his tented pajama pants, his erection pushing them out in front.

He stroked his cock through the silky material and heard her whimper.  “What was that?” he asked her teasingly.

“Please, Master, may this unworthy slave suck on your cock?”

Just then Penelope returned in a bra and panties.  “You will go to school like that,” Sidney said.  “Just put on your heels,” he added.  Then looking back at Marilyn, he thought for a moment, enjoying his power over them.  “No, bend over on the bed.”

Marilyn stood up and went to the bed to bend over, placing her hands on the bed for support.  She spread her legs and waited for her Masters pleasure.  Sidney told her to arch her back and then he guided his cock into her wet pussy from the rear.  He was delighted by the strangled gasp of pleasure from the blonde-haired beauty.  He began to thrust hard, letting his balls slap against her as he thrust in.

“Please Master, may your slave cum?”

“Yes, cum for me bitch,” was the reply as he continued to thrust.

There were strangled cries followed by a shrill, “Cuuuuuummmmmmmming Master!”

As Sidney continued to seek his own satisfaction, Marilyn started to have another orgasm.  Penelope watched enviously.

Sidney thrust hard into her as she reached yet another orgasm and he continued to pound at her.  Penelope was overcome by the intensity and her great need for her own release.  She maneuvered her hand under Marilyn and stroked her clit just as the next climax wave took over and caused Marilyn to buck wildly against Sidneys cock.  This increased action was too much and he slammed into her once more and filled her with his hot liquid.  Penelope continued to stroke Marilyns clit and soon the pleasure became painful for her and she cried out.  Her cries did not stop Penelope from the stroking as she had her other hand inside her own panties and was quickly building to her own release.

Sidney was rudely brought back to reality by the cries and took matters into his own hands.

He grabbed Penelope by the hair and pulled her away from Marilyn.  He secured first one wrist and then the other in leather cuffs and then tied her securely, face down, across the bed, leaving her hips hanging just over the edge of the bed.

Penelope was immediately ashamed by her actions and began to beg forgiveness.

“SILENCE!   Slave, Master is very disappointed in your behaviour.  It seems you have a lot to learn and I am just the one to teach you.  Now because of you we will be late for work.  But this is a lesson too important to ignore.  Keep those legs wide apart and do not anger me further.

“Marilyn, get dressed in your usual bra, panties stockings and garter belt and get to the office.  Please make sure everything is in order for the assembly.  And make sure the special binding equipment is prepared, your slave sister will be displayed on the stage for a demonstration.  We will follow along as soon as she has paid for this indiscretion.”

Marilyn looked at her sister with a bit of pity.  She knew Sidney was a wonderful Master and slow to anger, but also he would not hesitate to discipline.  She hoped Penelope would learn from this and earn Masters favor once again.  She was a good slave and eager to please and serve but she was a young slave and had a great deal to learn.

“Yes Master.”

Marilyn hurried to leave the house, she knew Master was waiting to calm himself before administering the punishment he had decided Penelope was going to take.  He never disciplined either of them until he had complete control over his emotions.

“Penelope,” said Sidney, “I want you to understand that you are a slave now.  Your job is to please your Master first, not yourself.  Your sexual pleasures belong to me now.  If it pleases me to have you cum, I will let you and if it pleases me to have you left in frustration, I will do that too.  I am going to use you for a demonstration today at the school on obedience for slaves.”

He spread the fingers on both hands, pressed the tips together and put his index fingers to his lips in a thoughtful gesture.  He looked at the slave who was desperately trying to hold her position for her Masters approval.  “If you can continue to show me discipline, I will consider this lesson learned.”  He picked up a leather strap and tapped her ass with it lightly.  “I am going to give you twenty with the strap.  After each one you will count it, apologize and ask me to please give you another.  Is that clear?”

When she had assented, he drew back the strap and slapped it sharply against her naked rear, leaving a wide red stripe.  There was a shriek and frantic wriggling but she managed to keep her legs spread.  “One!  Ow, ow.  Your slave is sorry, Master.  She promises to do better.  Please give her another.”

The second one cracked across her rear but it was as if she arched her back and pushed up her ass, seeking more.  Sidney reached out and gently stroked her with his forefinger, rubbing her wet pussy gently.  He heard her strangled gasp as she tried to increase the pressure.  “Are you trying to steal an orgasm?” he asked, amused.

“No, Master,” came the hoarse response.

“Lying to me?” asked Sidney.  He smacked her again with the strap and then stroked her pussy.  She could no longer even respond with speech.  He slapped her again and another time with the strap and switched to the finger.

Penelope started to spasm and Sidney waited for her to finish.  Then she burst into tears.  “Your slave is sorry, Master.  Truly sorry.  Please punish her in any way you wish.  This one is truly not worthy of you.”

Sidney stroked his chin and replied, “You are learning, slave.  We will talk about this.  Now clean up and get dressed.  We are already late for school.”

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

That afternoon the entire school assembled for the joint meeting between students, teachers and parents. There were several teachers in various positions on stage for demonstration purposes.

Penelope was bound and gagged on a smaller version of a St. Andrews Cross, her legs spread wide, her wrists chained to the highest level. She was standing on her toes to relieve the pain in her shoulders from being stretched so far.

Mr. Burns took the microphone and addressed the audience. “We have held the trial run of the program for the past week and found amazing results from both students and staff.  The disciplinary problems have been all but resolved and grades are rising.  With you parents permission, we are going to go to the School Board for approval of implementing a permanent, full program.

The applause was loud and affirming.

“Now we have scheduled some demonstrations, mostly on discipline, and welcome you parents to come on stage for a closer view.  Students will remain in your seats.”

Some of the parents took advantage of the demos and proceeded to the stage.

Mr. Burns took his place behind Penelope and explained her offense of climaxing without permission.  Several of the men nodded.  He proceeded.  He slipped a vibrator inside her pussy and attached a wire to a small box placed on a table beside the cross.

“Slave you do not have permission to cum.  If you should disobey, you will be punished further.”

Penelope tried to take her mind off the vibrations now filling her but to no avail.  It was only moments later the box began to chime.

Mr. Burns explained.  “The electrodes monitor muscle spasms.  It is impossible for her to hide even the slightest orgasm.”  He turned off the vibrator.

He picked up a nearby paddle and began spanking her bare bottom.  With each strike, she cried out in pain.  After a number of smacks, each one harder than the previous, he put the paddle aside and once again turned on the vibrator.  This time the level was more intense than before.

The demonstration continued with each infraction being dealt with by a sound spanking.

“I sure could use one of those at my house.  While my daughter has embraced her slavery, my wife is another story,” said one of the fathers in the audience.  Several of the other men agreed.  Sidney Burns looked at the small group that had gathered to watch more closely and noticed for the first time it was comprised of all men.  Most of the mothers had stayed in their seat with the students.  He suddenly had a brilliant idea.

“Gentlemen, one of the most basic premises of slavery is that slaves are property.  They have no rights.  Now it is clear that many of you have embraced the program and extended it not only to your daughters but to your wives as well.  But there is clearly still some resistance.  Perhaps they dont really believe you are serious.”

He saw most of the men nodding and murmuring in agreement.

“What I would suggest is that we use this opportunity to make it clear to them that they ARE slaves.  Suppose you just loan them out as a token of hospitality to the other men here?  Have them all strip naked and then trade them off for a spanking or whatever the other man would like to do with them.  They can be returned when he is done.”

Most of the men smiled and indicated their enthusiastic agreement.  A few indicated that they had not joined the program or not extended it to their wives.  Those that had not, looked enviously at the rest who headed back to the women in the audience.

The men returned and were greeted with surprise and embarrassment as the wives were informed that they were to immediately strip.  Most of them tried to argue but the men were adamant.  Two of them got up and headed for the exit but they were caught by other men after their husbands signaled.  They were brought to the stage.

“You wouldnt DARE!” hissed one of them and the other threatened to call the police.

The students watched intently.  The girls were with their student Masters and grinned as their mothers were ordered to strip.

The women stood huddled in the center of the stage. One of the men took his wife by the arm and pulled her away from the crowd. He grabbed her blouse and ripped it open.

“You can remove the rest or I will do it for you.”

She looked at him as if she had never seen him before and began crying.  When he made a move towards her, she slowly began to unzip the skirt she was wearing.

Soon the other women were complying as well.

Each man took a seat in chairs that had been brought out to the stage.

Mr. Burns asked. “Do you wish to use your own wife or will you share her?

The men discussed it quickly and decided the first spanking should be at their own hands.

The wives were instructed to lie across the lap of their husband.  If they refused, they were told, they would be bound to the cross for a demonstration in discipline.  Soon all the men were spanking their wives soundly.  The women cried out from the fierceness of the spankings.  Most of the men had never taken such a stand before with their wives and they found it exciting and exhilarating.  Soon the women quieted down and a few seemed to actually begin enjoying their spanking.

When each had been spanked sufficiently, they were allowed to stand and face the attentive audience of students and teaching staff.  Some of the men had a wet spot on their trousers, a sign that their wives had enjoyed the spanking a bit more than some of the others.

“Now ladies, if you will turn to the gentleman on your right and assume the position once again…”

A few of the women resisted the idea and tried to leave the stage.  They were promptly stopped and found themselves bound to various pieces of discipline furniture. The spankings continued until each wife had been spanked by each man in attendance.

“Mr. Burns. I would like to thank you but what are we to do with them now?” asked one of the fathers.  “I have never owned a slave.”

Sidney thought for a moment.

“I have just the thing.  Since both your wives and your daughters are going to be slaves and since all of us are relatively new at this, I believe it would be proper for the school to step in and begin to educate not only the children but the adults as well.  All of you please take your seats in the auditorium.”

The parents obediently filed off the stage and took their seats near their children.  Everyone now looked at Mr. Burns with expectation.  There was a hush that fell over them.  There was a subtle sense that they were making history.  Even those women who had been too embarrassed to respond to the spanking could feel the sexual tension in the air as the unbridled lust of their husbands and sons was finally being released.  Each of them realized that their days of freedom were over but at the same time they were cognizant of the paradoxical joy they felt in that.  The boys looked at their own assigned slaves and the girls blushed and wished they too could be spanked.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I think you for participating.  I believe that it is time to begin a new chapter in society, one where the natural order of females serving their Masters is accepted.  As Master Deemed said, A slave does belong to her Master, but therein lies the great contradiction.   A Master's responsibilities are enormous compared to a slave's.  A true Master owns the very soul of his slave, but it is a gift at a great price:  the responsibility to nurture and develop the slave to her greatest potential.

The men understood and murmured in agreement.

“I believe it is important to recognize those Masters who exemplify this and use them to inspire others.  There is a boy here in the school who has done this and I would like to take this opportunity to call him to your attention.  He has actually inspired me to deal more effectively with my own slaves, Marilyn and Penelope.”  He hesitated a moment for timing.

“Paul Harding, can you come up here?”

For a moment Paul just looked at him, stunned to hear his own name called.  Jennifer and Betty felt like they were going to burst with pride.  Then Paul left them to come up to the stage.

The school principal held out his hand and shook Pauls in congratulation.  “Paul,” he said, “you have done an incredible job with your charges.  Mr. Wilson has told me of the changes in Jennifer and Bettys parents are thrilled.”

“Thank you, sir,” replied Paul.  “I am a bit surprised but this is so comfortable for me.  It is like I was born to it.”

“You were,” said Mr. Burns.  “It was just a matter of giving you a chance.  Now we want to support you on this all the way.  It has been brought to my attention that as good as you are, you have been having some trouble with one of your slaves.”

Paul looked surprised.  “Yes sir, that is true.  I want Betty to get into better shape.”

“There is nothing more powerful than group pressure, my boy.  We want our slaves to be in top condition.”  He looked out at the audience.  “That applies to the mothers as well.  You girls are going to be expected to get in shape very quickly.  From now on, you are required to be pleasing to ALL men, not just your owners.”  He turned back to Paul.  “I want to make it clear that all of us are in this together.  This is not in any way a criticism of you but a gesture of support.  I think that a public punishment for Betty to encourage her and make it clear that you will not wait for her convenience to do as you wish would be a big incentive.  I know it helped with Marilyn.”

Paul nodded enthusiastically.  “I totally agree with you, Mr. Burns.”  He turned to his two slaves and saw Betty was blushing beet red.  “Betty, come up here this minute.”

Betty walked slowly up to the stage area. Paul firmly attached her wrists and ankles to the cross in the corner of the stage.  He took the crop that Mr. Burns handed him and began the punishment. There was no warm up and no tender touches in between the lashes. Betty cried out and tried to move away without success.

Suddenly Betty's mother rushed up on stage and demanded he stop.

"This isn't fair, she has tried to get into shape it's just her genes, she is built different."

At that very moment Betty's father approached.

"Now Mildred, you were a tiny thing when I married you. You have let yourself go and I am going to do something about it right now."

He quickly secured her over his knee, pulled up her dress and yanked her panties to her knees and began spanking her hard.  Paul looked over at Betty and resumed her lashes with the crop.  Soon both mother and daughter were in tears.

Every female in the audience was looking acutely uncomfortable as the men and boys were eyeing them.  A sea change was underway.  The revolution that had started in this town was going to spread.

When Paul was done, he released Betty who threw her arms around him and begged him for forgiveness.  He told her he wasnt done with her or Jennifer but he would take care of them when they got home.

Later that afternoon Paul told Betty and Jennifer to go home and prepare for him. He handed Jennifer a piece of paper with instructions.

Paul stopped by the principals office and knocked on the door.

“Come in Paul.”

“Mr. Burns, could I have a moment?”

“Of course, sit down.  Would you care for a soda?”

“No sir, thank you.”

“Well, my boy, what's on your mind?”

“Something struck me today at the assembly.  This experiment here at the school seems to be taking over the entire town.  Is this how life will continue?”

“Yes Paul.  The plan was always to begin in the school with the younger generation.  It's far easier to change with the tide when you are young and still pliable.  The older generation is more set in their ways.  They resist change whenever possible.  You have shown them the way life will be from now on, a new order of things if you will.  A man holding the first place in the family with women submitting as it was meant to be.  It's your responsibility now for your family.  Jennifer and Betty will look to you for guidance.  It's a grave responsibility but you are a remarkable Master and will do well by them.”

Paul thought about what Sidney said on his walk home. He knew what he had to do.

Chapter Twenty-Seven


It was like no graduation ever seen in the town.  Everyone was very conscious of the fact that the students were setting forth to create a new world order.  The media had flocked to the town.  There wasnt a room to be had within 15 miles.  They had to move graduation to the football field and set up extra bleachers.  To be sure the weather was warm enough, they delayed it for three weeks.  It was good because competition for proper dress had become fierce.  The girls started vying with each other to see who could capture the most male stares and before long, the mothers got into the spirit of it too.

Sidney Burns had decided to have a graduation queen chosen just as they had one at the prom.  As the inter-generational rivalry heated up, he was forced to add one for the mothers as well.  The men would decide for them although no man could vote for his own wife.  The boys would choose from the girls and again, no one could vote for his own slave.

There were a small number of people, both students and parents who refused to participate.  They were called “contras” and thought of as slightly odd.  They were determined to reverse the change and go back to a traditional approach to morality.  Surprisingly, instead of boycotting the event, they came to look down on those who were there.  They thought that the pressure would be more effective that way.

After much discussion, Paul had chosen the girls outfits.  After he had talked to Mr. Burns, he had decided that a formal ceremony of his own was in order.  The girls belonged to him and he wanted them to feel that to their core.  He had told Jennifer to have both of them dressed as erotically as possible and let them decide what that was.  He had also added that Betty was to be bound completely for him so that when he got home, she could have the rest of her punishment.

Later he told Mr. Burns what he had done and how afterward, both girls were crying, not from pain but from a feeling of being treasured and valued.  It had impressed the principal and he had decided that would be the theme for the graduation.

Jennifer was dressed in a black leather body harness and a very short black leather skirt.  She wore black high boots with five inch heels that accentuated her long, graceful legs.  Her breasts were left bare. She had her long hair tied back in a pony tail with a red ribbon.  For emphasis, she carried a riding crop.  She almost looked like a domme but he demeanor was so gentle and so subservient to Paul that her status was clear.  He had spent weeks teaching her to swivel her hips when she walked so that she undulated in a way that would catch any male eye.

For contrast, blonde Betty was dressed in a cupless white teddie with a white garter-belt, white stockings and white pumps with five inch stiletto heels.  She wore her hair in twin tails, one on each side, tied with pink ribbons.  She, too, had been trained to walk with an exaggerated wriggle.  The combination was devastating.  Just to put them in a suitable frame of mind, Paul had them kneel before him and told them to properly beg to remain his slaves. 

Betty began, “Master, I was nothing before you came into my life.  I was selfish and self serving.  I had no direction and was heading fast for a dead end life.  You brought me purpose and awakened the reason I am here.  You taught me self-discipline and the wonders of being slave.  I beg you, please keep me.  You are the very breath in my soul that feeds my being.”  Betty fell from her kneeling position and began to cry openly on his boots.

Paul reached down, grabbing her hair and bringing her face upwards; he wiped at her tears with his other hand.   “We began this journey together and have both learned and grown in it together.  I accept the responsibilities of ownership.  I will care for you and teach you each day that which you need to be complete.  Betty, I take you as my property.  From this moment in time you are slave to Master Paul.”

He turned to Jennifer and said “Bring me the paddle.”  He sat on the edge of the bed and, having Betty lie across his lap, gave her a sound spanking.  By the time it was done she was crying again.

“Kneel slave.”  He commanded.   Betty knelt with her legs spread wide, eyes downward and hands behind her back.  He walked over to the dresser and brought back a small black case.

Betty held her breath as the cold leather wrapped around her throat and the buckle was fastened.

“Betty, I collar you as my property.  This collar is my symbol and is to never be removed, unless I do so.”  With that Paul took her hand and brought her up into his arms. He looked into her eyes and smiled.  Betty was crying again.

Now it was Jennifers turn.  “Kneel,” Paul ordered.  She immediately knelt.  The skirt rode up on her thighs revealing her bare pussy.  She rested back on her heels, thrusting her small, firm breasts out.  Her eyes gleamed with unshed tears as she awaited her Master.

“You are first girl and will remain so at my pleasure.  Beg me properly to keep you as my slave.”

Jennifer immediately bent to lick and kiss Pauls boots.  “Please Master, this worthless slave desperately implores you to keep it.  This slave loves you Master.  This slave will do anything at all for your pleasure.  Though she is unworthy of a Master like you, she humbly asks that you keep her anyway.  She begs for your collar.”

“Very well,” said Paul.  He reached into the box once again and drew out yet another strip of leather which he fastened about Jennifers throat.  “Jennifer, I collar you as my property.  This collar is my symbol and is to never be removed, unless I do so.  Now put your head down and stick your ass up.”

When she had done so, Paul handed Betty the paddle and told her to let Jennifer know that she was only First Girl at his pleasure.  Betty smiled broadly and went to work on her sister slave with gusto.  Soon Jennifer was wriggling and vainly trying to avoid the swats of the leather paddle which rained down on her.  At last, Paul told Betty, “Thats enough.”  A bit reluctantly, Betty stopped and handed him the paddle.

”Strip for me slave.”

Jennifer had been trained and knew what to do.  Slowly, acting shy as she knew Paul liked, she removed the costume, sensuously and teasing as much as possible.  Once she was naked she started to lay face-down over Pauls lap but he stopped her.  “Let me check you.”  He put a finger in her pussy and found her very wet.  “I see my slave approves of her status,” he said approvingly.  Then he took her over his lap and began to spank her again with his hand.

As her bottom reddened, Jennifer began to again kick and squirm but Paul kept on going.  Finally he let her up and told the two girls, “You have both been good and deserve a reward.  Betty, take off everything.”

Just as Jennifer had done, Betty put on an excellent and erotic strip tease as she took off her teddie.  She started to take off her stockings and garter belt as well but Paul stopped her.  He had the naked Jennifer put one on as well.  Then he told her to put her boots back on.  Paul handed Jennifer back her crop and told her to just give Betty a taste to make sure both of them knew who was in charge.  Bettys mouth formed a moue but she cooperated.

Paul put on matching wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs on each girl, taking his time in fondling them and swatting their bottoms with his hand.  Then he led them into the other room where he had told them their graduation present was.  They looked and saw a strange contraption hanging from the ceiling.  It looked pretty much like a trapeze with two sets of cuffs hanging from the ends of the pole.  There were chains in an inverted V shape coming up to a single central chain which was attached to the ceiling.  A large device of some sort was covered with a sheet.

Paul pointed to the stuff proudly.  “This is for you.

“Wait here for a minute, I forgot something.  Do not look under the sheet.”

The girls clung together and looked at each other. The look was one of concern.  Although Paul was a good Master, the contraption looked ominous.

“What do you think is under there Betty?”

“I don't know. Do you think its some sort of punishment machine?”

“No.  After all, he said its a present.  Why would he give us a punishment machine?”

“Jen, I am not sure I like this.  I have heard some Masters torture their slaves.”

The girls held hands when they heard Paul on the stairs.

He came in and was carrying the leather tawse.  Betty and Jennifer looked at each other uneasily.  He pulled off the sheet and they looked at the big device with wonder.  Even seeing it now, they couldnt figure out what it was.  It consisted of a base about eight feet long, three feet wide and two feet tall.  Set sticking up vertically were three rings about three feet in diameter with a series of heavy straps and buckles hanging from them.  The top of the base was heavily padded.

“Jen, youre first.  Climb up here and lie on your back.”

Jennifer looked at Betty, shrugged and climbed up.  She lay on her back with her head and shoulders through one ring and her legs through the other.  With her cooperation, Paul started to fasten the straps around her.  When he tightened them, she first found her legs slightly up in the air and then her shoulders and finally she felt her body straighten as she was elevated just about three inches off the base.  She had her arms crossed on her chest until Paul took her wrists and tied them to the side of the ring toward her head.  He legs too were spread a bit and also tied to the other ring.

To her surprise, the rings began to rotate and she felt herself being turned over.  Because of the straps, she was suspended between the rings and there were so many straps it was like a web so that it was surprisingly comfortable.  No part of her body had to carry much stress from her weight.  She was rotated completely around so that she was now facing down.

“Betty,” said Paul, “you get on next.  Slide in under Jen.”

Betty started to get on but Paul corrected her.  “Not that way.  Your head goes the other way.”  She switched and lay down on her back as Jennifer had but facing in the opposite direction so that her head was towards Jennifers feet.  Paul had her slide down until she found herself looking at her slave sisters crotch and Jennifer was now in the same state.

Once again, Paul began to tighten straps until Betty was also suspended but facing in the opposite direction.  She found her face only about an inch from Jennifers shaved pussy.  Realizing what was coming, she impulsively raised her head a bit and gave Jennifer a kiss.  Jennifer was startled but wriggled in pleasure and surprise and reciprocated.

“Now Jen,” began Paul, “if you wriggle a bit, you will find you can turn to be on the bottom.  Try it.”

Jennifer wriggled her hips in the straps, twisted a bit and the rings turned slowly and she ended up back on the bottom with Betty now on top, facing down.

“Good,” said Paul.  “Now heres the way it works.  I am going to spank whoever is on top.  You two can work it out between you as to who gets the spanks.  Once a turn starts, it wont stop until it turns completely so one of you will always be on top.  It will not let you turn again for 3 seconds.  But heres the interesting thing.  Im going to spank you both until both of you cum.  You dont need permission but I want to hear it loud and clear.  Do you understand?”

When both girls acknowledged the instructions, Paul slapped the tawse firmly down on Bettys naked ass causing her to wriggle frantically and the device immediately began to turn.

It didn't take long for the girls to greedily start pleasing each other with their tongues. Jen felt the first slap of the vile tawse on her tender ass and she stopped licking Betty's pussy for a second. She quickly corrected that behavior as the second slap hit her. She kept thinking this was the longest three seconds she had ever experienced. She twisted once again and was relieved to feel the contraption start its slow turn. Betty was squirming against Jen's tongue and was very close to climax when she felt the tawse once again. Soon both girls were crying and licking frantically to end the torment.  She was the first to scream out as the intense pleasure and pain combination hit her. Her ass was red from the strikes of the tawse and the pain was incredible yet at the same time magnificent. A few moments later Jen followed with a similar scream signaling her overpowering climax. Both girls were exhausted and covered in sweat as Paul stopped the whippings.

Neither of them could stand by the time he carefully released them.  As he helped each one off the device, she fell to her knees.  Instead of any resentment or anger, both of them looked at him with awe and reverence.  He had both of them lie on the bed while he rubbed their sore bottoms with a cream that soothed the pain.  It took a while before they were able to realize that he, too, needed attention and they took turns gently licking and sucking on his cock, each time he neared orgasm, holding back and switching the girl.  Paul was nearly in pain before Jennifer finally let him cum with the most shattering orgasm he had ever experienced.

All three of them fell asleep but the next morning found both girls in tears still. Paul recognized the problem and was both gentle and stern with both of them.  He didnt do anything more than hold them and insist that they focus on him and whatever he wanted.  He reminded them that they were slaves and they were to act as slaves.  Both Jennifer and Paul were shocked when Betty became angry and started to yell at Paul.  He didnt react but reassured her that it was OK.  She started to cry again and all three of them hugged and began to comfort each other.  Slowly both girls began to feel better.

Paul had them both dress in the sexy clothing they had worn the night before.  He attached leashes to their collars and led them to the car.  When they got to the school athletic field where graduation was to be held, both of them were again led on leashes to the area reserved for graduating students.  Although all the girls were dressed in erotic clothing, Jennifer and Betty still stood out.  They were the only ones being led on leashes and they had a air about them that combined pride and submission.

Mr. Burns came up to Paul, took one look at the leashes and immediately sent Marilyn for a rope.  When she returned, he tied it to her collar and the idea spread rapidly until most of the girls were being led.  Some of the boys added further restraints but Paul was satisfied.

When the ceremony began, Mr. Burns looked at the assembled group and told them how proud he was of all of them.  He told them that they were the leaders of a new world.  They had set an example that was now sweeping over the nation.  It was making huge changes in society and he hoped they would continue to be leaders.

The principal continued on in that vein until he saw his audience getting restless and he cut his remarks short.  Then the formal granting of the diplomas began.  Each boy led his slaves up to the platform and took the diplomas for both himself and his girl or, in some cases, more than one girl.  Paul and the girls sat there waiting for the principal to call them but as the roll continued, they were passed by.  None of them knew what was going on.  Finally all of the diplomas had been given out except theirs.

“Paul, will you please come up with Jen and Betty?”

As the three walked up to the podium, Mr. Burns continued.

“There is a special surprise to this years graduation.  I have been contacted by the Dean of the State University.  A special scholarship has been recently funded for the Master who showed the greatest strides in launching our pilot slave program.  It is with great pleasure that I award the Master Scholarship to Paul Harding and his slaves.  These three young people will be attending the University on full scholarship in the fall.”

The three were flabbergasted.  Their parents, sitting in the audience were applauding loudest of all.

Paul turned to Jennifer and Betty.  “Kneel,” he ordered.  They immediately dropped to their knees and looked up at him, all their focus on their owner.  Paul turned to Mr. Burns and said, “Thank you, sir.  I am honored by your confidence and will certainly do my best to live up to it.”

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