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Lois Griffin In Trouble – Part One

Lois Griffin sat on the edge of the bed. Her wrists had been tied very tightly together behind her back,

her ankles lashed together and she was gagged securely with a red ball gag that forced her mouth open.

Apart from snug little string bikini panties, she was naked. Her husband, Peter, was in the en-suite

bathroom gargling after brushing his teeth.

Their children, Meg, Chris and baby Stewie, had been sent to Lois’s parents for the weekend. Brian was

on a writers’ retreat. It was just Peter and Lois in the house that weekend, giving them an opportunity

to experiment in their sex lives. Not that being tied up by Peter was new to Lois. Even when they’d

been dating, Lois insisted on it and Peter was happy to oblige. Not like those stuffed shirts at the

Country Club. They’d been happy to dip their wicks in Loose Lois but they wouldn’t tie her up or hurt

her when she asked -just in case the National Enquirer found out about it when they’d become a big

shot. Peter had no such inhibitions. It was one of the reasons why she’d fell in love with him and

married him.

But Lois wasn’t a teenager anymore. She was 42 and had an 18 year old daughter. She wore her 42

years well. The bloom of her youth might have faded a little but she was still a very fine looking woman,

with nice hips and curves, and a good pair of tits. Most men thought – no, all men thought – she was

much hotter than her daughter and Lois never neglected to taunt Meg about it.

Meg was so needy and insecure, so plain and awkward. Lois sometimes wondered how such a girl

could be her daughter. She was a hindrance and Lois didn’t mind too much about hurting her. Of

course, all Meg’s faults would corrected by maturity, but Lois couldn’t and wouldn’t see it, and had

grown to despise her daughter.

Lois wondered what Meg would think if she could see her now. Bound hand and foot and ready to be

ravished. Probably jealous that her mother could still get more cock than her! Peter emerged from the

bathroom and checked her hands. He’d used over 30 loops of cord and lashed them down with all the

force he could, which was a lot. She’d been tied for only 15 minutes but Lois was already losing feeling

in her hands. She could hardly twist her hands let alone free them. “Sweet” giggled Peter as he noted

that his wife was completely helpless and would stay that way for hours more.

That was just how Lois liked it. Although she was an independent and intelligent woman – really far too

good for a fat stupid slob like Peter – she needed to be dominated at times. She liked being hurt. She

had let Brian spank her in her panties to show Cleveland how women wanted a forceful man. When

Peter had accidently shot her, she insisted he stuck his finger in the wound to make it hurt more. And

she liked being bound helpless. She preferred to have her hands tied or cuffed behind her as it gave her

a real sense of helplessness. A girl couldn’t even cover up her titties when tied like that.

Lois was a real MILF – a mom I like to fuck – perhaps a bit like Mrs Robinson in that move ‘The

Graduate’. But instead of Anne Bancroft’s nose, Lois had an oddly shaped triangular nose rather like

Dustin Hoffman’s! But it didn’t diminish her hotness in the slightest. Although she generally wore a

soccer mom’s outfit around the house, a green blouse and tan pants -which usually showed her panty

line -she was more adventurous in her evening wear. She liked tight tops that showed her cleavage and

the line of her breasts and she liked to wear short skirts that showed off her toned legs. You could tell

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Lois Griffin In Trouble – Part One

the difference between their personalities by the difference in the kind of underwear that Lois and her

daughter wore, which she would always tease Meg about.

“Hey Peter, I hung Meg’s panties on the line and the guys think it’s flag day again”; or,

“Hey Meg, I prefer to wear bikini panties that just cover my snatch and ass and you wear big

unattractive mom panties. How weird is that?”

At times like these, Meg would just seethe. That nasal, superior voice of her mother’s -full of pretend

care for her daughter. It could make the most dutiful daughter homicidal. But Meg was away in

Newport at her parent’s mansion. There was no chance of Meg being offended by all the cock that her

mother would be getting tonight. And Lois was looking forward to the sense of release that would come

from being tied up all night and fucked rough.

Peter undid her gag and pressed the tip of his cock to Lois’s lips. Obediently she started sucking on it.

Peter’s cock tasted of piss – he never bothered to clean it before expecting Lois to suck it. Lois didn’t

mind too much. It was all part of her submission to him. Peter stood in front of Lois, his cock stiffening

as she sucked it gently. With her hands tied behind her, it was a little difficult for Lois to keep upright so

Peter steadied her by holding her shoulders. Loose Lois was a good cocksucker and pretty soon Peter

was about to come. Lois obligingly opened her mouth so that he could ejaculate onto her tongue. After

he came, a little dribble of piss followed, all of which Lois swallowed, opening her mouth to show that it

was all gone.

“You are such a good little cocksucker ”

“Well Peter that’s my pleasure”

“Would you ever be a shit sucker too?”

“Well .... what?!?”, Lois giggled uncertainly, “You know I haven’t done that in years”

Lois thought back to her college days when she’d probed Jerome’s ass hole with her tongue and much

nastier things as well.

“ We’ll see sweetheart. Now gag me and fuck me, fat ass!”

And with that Peter pushed the ball gag into Lois’s mouth and did it up just about as tightly as he could.

Lois felt as though her jaw would break. She couldn’t even grunt. All she could do was drool onto her

bare breasts. Peter pushed her down on to the bed so that her tied hands caught painfully behind her.

He eased down her little string panties to reveal her cunt, shaved so that he was cleared for landing.

Despite three children, Loose Lois still had a nice tight cunt. Peter stuck his finger into it and wiggled it

around. It contracted around his finger. As it would take a while before he was ready to come again, he

thought he would play with Lois before he fucked her.

He applied bulldog clips to her nipples, really tight ones with sharp teeth, two to each nipple. Lois

winced as he clipped them onto her breasts. Then Peter did something he’d never done before, he hit

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Lois Griffin In Trouble – Part One

Lois in the belly, just above her cunt. And again and again. Lois gasped, more frightened that badly

hurt. This session was going in a new direction and she wasn’t sure she liked it. Peter and Lois never

used a safe word in their games as Lois used to say that they were for wusses. Not that a safe word

would have helped her, as Lois couldn’t utter a word, the gag was just too tight. All she could do was

shake her head. But Peter wasn’t interested.

“Now ya little whore, let’s see what you make of this”

Peter produced a brass bristled cleaning brush for a large bore shotgun, an 8 bore, which made it as

wide as Peter’s cock when fully stiff. He inserted it in Lois’s cunt and started pushing it up and down.

Lois was beside herself. What the hell did Peter think he was doing? She tried to wriggle away, but with

her hands tied behind her back, it was hopeless. Lois just had to lie there and take the assault. It didn’t

take long for the brush to cut into the delicate walls of her vagina and for blood to trickle out of it.

“You look ready to fuck darling wife”

Peter untied her ankles and pushed her legs up so that he could mount her. After the assault with the

brush, even Peter’s cock inside her hurt like holy hell, and she struggled like mad as he fucked her. Lois

was now frightened. Peter had always been rough with her but not like this. It took Peter a bit more

work this time to come, and there was lot of up and down pummelling before he managed to come into

his squirming wife.

“That wasn’t much fun. You didn’t even move ya bitch”

He squeezed the clamps on her nipples, letting the blood flow back in, and then letting them snap shut.

Lois would have yelled in pain but the gag stopped her emitting anything but a dull grunt. He continued

snapping the clips as Lois writhed beneath him.


“Your titties are hurting, aren’t they, sweetie pie?”

“You should try harder to please your husband”

Peter continued playing with the clamps on Lois’s nipples. After about five minutes Peter got bored –

and he wasn’t getting such a response from his bound wife anymore. She was just lying there, panting

and possibly about to cry. The crocodile clips had torn into her nipples and there was blood on her


Grabbing her roughly by the hair, Peter dragged Lois into a standing position in front of the full length

mirror in their bedroom. She could see that the blood from her damaged cunt had tricked down her

inside leg and had been smudged by Peter’s energetic fucking. The bleeding from her nipples had

smeared her breasts.

“Now that’s what you get for not giving your husband a good enough time”

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Lois Griffin In Trouble – Part One

Peter shook her roughly as he was saying it.

“What do you have to say, sweetheart?”

He uncoupled the gag, allowing Lois to gasp in air. Her jaw ached so much and her mouth was so dry

that it took a moment to make any sound. Almost despite herself, Lois was beginning to get excited by

this gear change in their love making and her fear was subsiding.

“Sorry Peter. I’ve just been a stuck up bitch all week”

Her excitement made her goad Peter to go a bit further

“I’m a stuck up whore. You should punish me for it. Really punish me. ”

It was a bit of a risk. Peter was very strong and not very clever. He could go too far and really damage

her this time. But Lois was feeling wired and wanted to push it. She was sure she could take anything

Peter could do to her. It wasn’t unusual for Lois to have her hands tied or cuffed behind her for ten

hours or more. It was uncomfortable but the submission and helplessness always gave her a thrill.

Peter pushed Lois tit side first on to the bed. Taking a length of cord, Peter started to tie Lois’s elbows

together behind her back. Lois was a flexible woman but she wasn’t so flexible that she could touch her

elbows together without assistance. Peter had to help her by guiding the elbows together and then

using multiple loops of cord to bind them close.

“Come on fat ass, you can tie me tighter than that “

Peter pulled so hard on the cord that it burned Lois’s skin but he managed to force her elbows to touch.

Peter finished off the tie by wrapping several loops of cord to cinch it, pulled tight and knotted it three


Despite her excitement, Lois couldn’t help but cry out, as Peter’s last yank on the cord had almost

dislocated her shoulders. To silence his wife, he pushed the ball gag back into her mouth and tightened

it as much as he could.

Turning her over, Peter inspected his work. Lois’s shoulders almost disappeared behind her where they

were locked in place at the elbow and at the wrist. She couldn’t move her arms an inch, let alone

struggle. The binding forced out her breasts, making them even more prominent. Peter decided to

restrict them further. He took some gardener’s twine and bound it around each breast, so that the

breast became compressed and started to darken almost straight away. Lois was still naked, but Peter

thought she should be wearing her panties. He found them on the floor, and then threaded them

through her legs and pushed them up onto her full ass.

“Almost done my darling wife”

Peter tied Lois’s ankles together at an angle so that it was impossible for her to close her legs. He used a

new length of cord to tie her ankles to her wrists. He pulled as hard as he could so that Lois’s ankles

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Lois Griffin In Trouble – Part One

were touching her wrists, which forced her body into a pronounced arch. The hogtied complete, Peter

considered his wife was ready for the real punishment.

Lois was in agony. She would have yelled if the gag was not so efficient. The muscles in her shoulders

screamed and every breath made her back hurt. How long was Peter going to leave her tied like this?

Perhaps she’d pushed the dumb ox too far this time and she’d end up being crippled for life. Or she

might die. But it was too late to resist. However hard she grunted or shook her head, Peter would not

loosen her bondage. Despite her fear and pain, Lois was still excited and wondered how long she could

take it.

Lois felt herself being picked up and carried somewhere. She was dumped on the floor and lay on her

side, panting from the sheer exertion needed to breathe. If she had been left on her belly she was sure

she would suffocate, as the gag would become so tight that breathing would be impossible.

“This is Meg’s room. Your daughter Meg’s room.”

The tone of Peter’s voice changed. It became slow and deliberate. Difficult though it was for him, he

was trying to be serious. Lois became very worried again.

“You really don’t like her. And I think that’s really unfair. You are her mother and you are supposed to

love her but you don’t.”

Peter fished into Meg’s laundry basket and pulled out one of her soiled panties. Peter wiped its shit

smeared crotch over his wife’s nose.

“You really deserve to suffer for how you treat Meg. You’re going to spend the entire night tied up in

her bedroom”

“I hope you learn your lesson”

Peter pissed on Lois’s face. He went out and closed the door, leaving Lois alone on the floor in her

daughter’s bedroom, her face dripping with her husband’s piss and her nose smeared with her

daughter’s shit.

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