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Educated With A Garrison Of Paddle Swats

The private high school located in the rural hills had a reputation for providing a superior learning environment for the students with a stern handle of discipline.  The prestigious school was now celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 1971.  It was well known that there was a lack of fairness between the type of punishment given to misbehaving boys and girls.  While corporal punishment was administered using a wooden paddle at the private high school it was rarely used on one of the female high school schoolgirls.  This  practice of boys being paddled while girls given detention came from the top down and caused animosity between the sexes on the campus.  This fact was not lost on the headmaster who had just inherited the small private school from his grandfather as the adult heir because he had a passion for education and teaching.  The will made him the new headmaster with Ms. Garrison as his principal and there would be a serious review of the attractive lady educators methods and practices.

Ironically he had been a teacher at the school when the current principal was an assistant principal.  Ms. Garrison sat up and straightened her fashionable above the knee skirt nervously when she heard the lawyer announce the private school had been willed to the former teacher. A teacher she had a rocky relationship with when he taught at the school.  Then, things got worse for the lady administrator when it was learned that the new headmaster would immediately take full control of all staff and positions.  Continuation of employment would be offered based on reviews conducted by him.  Denise swallowed hard realizing what this could mean to her career.  The will had been read by the executor in the principals office overlooking the rolling hills of green grass and pine trees all controlled now by the grandson. 


The new headmaster looked in on one of his younger teachers, Ms. Ashley.  He observed her teaching a class of male and female high school students unannounced from the glass of the work room door between the classrooms.  The pretty blond long haired teacher was having trouble controlling her class.  Frustrated by the lack of control he was observing, the headmaster had her class covered.  He asked Ashley accompany him to his office.  The secretary was told to transfer all calls to accounting and go to lunch.  He wanted to privacy for his meeting with Miss Ashley.  When she walked into the room he saw a big part of the problem.  Ashley was wearing over tight white pants.  Boys are bad enough without her flaunting her bottom in front of them.  The teachers white panties could be seen through the cotton seat of her white pants.  As he walked across the office to his desk he couldnt help notice the lace panty band of her bikini panties he could not help but notice showing down the back of her pants.

"Come here and lay across my lap!”  The headmaster ordered the teacher.

"No, please not that.  I will not be spanked like an obstinate child!” The pretty teacher whined.

The attractive teacher reluctantly placed herself over the school administrators lap.

Ashleys ass quivered as she felt his hand on the tight seat of her white cotton pants.  Ashley realized as she felt a nudge of her knees as Mr. Deal spread her legs wider.  “Bottoms up!”  His hands moved over my pert butt tracing contours of her attractive twenty something fleshy butt.  Her new exposed position mortified her realizing her tampon and string could be seen by him through the thin white pants and sheer panties.

The head of school started spanking her bottom using her panty lines as a map where the spanks would do her the most good.  He lectured her about her unladylike unprofessional dressing and spanked her very hard.  The pain went farther than she had ever experienced before causing Ashley to loudly sound her protest as her paddling continued.  The pretty blond teachers surely inflamed red bottom hurt with each additional swat contacting her burning butt as she sucked big gasp of air into her tummy during her crying. Her shapely ass glowing red now trembling a a particularly hard swat caused her to make a farting sound because of the air gulped into her chest on its way down to her bloated stomach during the pounding applied to her southern fried cheeks. Ashley was mortified at the unladylike sounds her bottom hole was making, her lack of control and the stink it left in the air.

   The spanking finally came to a conclusion and she got dressed with a nod of understanding to her headmaster as she gingerly pulled her pants snugly up on her bottom and left. 

Ashley went to the teachers restroom, locked it, pulled down her pants and bikini panties and ran her hand over the raised red blisters she could now see in the mirror on her butt.

She realized she would have to be a stern disciplinarian and not hesitant to use the wooden paddle located in her desk drawer.  Boys were bad enough without her flaunting her butt around them.   She would be dressing more ladylike and professional in the future.  She felt bad she had ratted out her principal, but what she had seen was wrong and deserved to be punished.  These were her thoughts as she rubbed her sore red bottom.


The teacher returned to the headmasters office and sit down gingerly.  Ashley started to tell Mr. D what she had seen Ms. Garrison doing in the gym equipment cage room away from prying eyes.

“While I was working in an adjoining room to equipment cage I pulled out a brick that was sticking slightly out of the wall.  I could not have imagined what I was about to see.   I felt a chill run up my spine as I watched Ms. Garrison grab a teen boy's right arm.  Our principal held one of his arms it the center of his back which steadied the gyrations of the boy's bottom for the proper placement for a paddling.”  Ashley said

“The boy wore shorts that fit him rather tight.  You could see his bottom was actually trembling in dread.”

Splat! The wooden paddle dug deep into the delineated shorts-clad reddening moons.

Spank! The thick paddle spanked into his barely protected butt flesh.

Remaining Stoic the sophomore refused to share his pain with the disciplinarian. He rolled his lips tight and squeezed his eyes shut keeping all tears to himself.

“Ms. Garrison, our principal to my shock pulled down his rather tight shorts lowering them assuring the rest of his paddling would be directly on his underpants.  She was not satisfied with the boy's responses to his paddling and was determined to get some response from the tenth grader whose seat she was heating!”


"Bend over further boy." Ms. Garrison demanded.

The boy bent over further tightening his brief-clad butt cheeks for the bite of the paddle.

Ashley had been watching from behind through the hole from the removed brick in the wall.  The boy whined now self conscious of his bottom as his paddling continued.

WHACK! The paddle landed on his bottom burning in deep across the center of both cheeks.  The young man shed a reluctant tear. 

SMACK! The boy's underpants framed him perfectly for the continuing spanks of Ms. Garrisons wooden paddle.

Ms. Garrisons eyes locked to cotton underpants-covered ass as it squirmed and wriggled between blows of the paddle.

“Sir it was Ms. Garrisons goal to paddle his lightly clad bottom until she could make a boy cry like a little girl. Our principal kept hitting him on the butt with the paddle until he began to finally whimper.”

Ashley ended her recollection of what she had seen after removing the brick by telling headmaster her final thoughts on the punishment she had witnessed. This may have been an exemplary effort, but the result was way beyond what should have been expected from a proper spanking.  The headmaster dismissed the teacher and she gingerly got up tenderly walked out of the office.  Taking the young mans shorts down for his paddling was a clear violation of school rules.  Ms. Garrisons upcoming review which would be coming in the coming week, now certainly would be a principals pants down review!  


Her belly was flat, but her real asset was her round, shapely ass even at forty five years of age.  Like her breasts, her butt was full and did not sag.  Also, there was no sign of fat anywhere, just a smooth expanse of smooth white skin that jiggled slightly as she nervously shifted from one foot to the other.

“What is it you wanted to see me about?”  Denise Garrison asked as she stood in front of the new headmasters desk. 

“I have a signed incident report from a teacher that states that you routinely favor paddling boys more than girls who exhibit the same behavior.  This was something I observed and found objectionable when I taught here.”  The headmaster told the principal.

“I do paddle girls when the situation calls for it.” She quipped.

“Look, we both know that it is a rare occasion you use your paddle to spank, especially a teen girl.  However, when I looked through the discipline reports of teen boys, spanking them with you wooden paddle is administered in over fifty percent of student misbehavior incidents involving teen boys while only ten percent of teen girls have been paddled.”  The new school administrator said as he discussed the breakdown of the corporal punishment statistics.  The headmaster told his principal.

“There are mitigating circumstances with many of the boys.”  She said, defending her record.

“Still, it looks unfair to me and we will address that after we deal with your own misbehavior.”  The headmaster assured her.

“What are you talking about our students are scoring in the top ten percentile in the nation on tests.”  She said defending her methods.

“I am not questioning your results.  I am questioning your judgment.”  He answered back.

“That is ridiculous the facts speak for themselves!”  Denise said somewhat exasperated.

“Lets talk about facts, Ms. Garrison.  I have a signed incident report from a teacher that states she witnessed your spanking a teenage boy obsessively with his pants down and paddled him over his underwear until he cried.”  The headmaster said.

“I spank both boys and girls bent over a desk with swats of my wooden paddle over their jeans, pants or skirts and sometimes they cry.  I admit, I paddle hard in an effort to impress on the student the importance of breaking the rules in the future and nipping misbehavior in the bud.  Sir, I always leave their clothing up for the duration of the punishment.”  The principal said to her new headmaster.

“Before you continue your diatribe, take a look at this.”  The headmaster told her.

Ms. Garrison picked up the Polaroid the headmaster had placed in front of her.  Denise gasped as she recognized herself in the photo her face alternating between beet-red and pure white. As the consequences of the photo became apparent her legs nearly buckled in front of her new headmasters desk.  The instant picture had been taken from behind and clearly showed her paddling a teenage boy with his pants down in his underwear.  The lady principal had been caught in a lie and an indiscretion with a student.  The new head of the school had reeled in Denise Garrison, hook, line and sinker.  Now, he would deal with his principal in a similar manner for what she had put the young man through with an added punishment to drive the message home for her unacceptable behavior.

The silence in the room was so intense that you could have heard a pin drop on the floor.  The headmaster who also was the majority owner of the private school leaned forward resting his hands on the desk and looked into the eyes of the ashen faced principal handed him back the Polaroid.

“You know what will happen if the board should get a hold of this Polaroid, dont you?”

“Yes, Ill be fired.”  She sobbed.  “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Im doing this because you have been acting in an unfair manner in the types of punishment administered to teen girls and boys.  Add to that your paddling a teenager with their pants pulled down in their underwear and we arrive why you are standing in front of my desk tonight in this empty building.  And, it is time to put a stop to it!

“What do you have in mind?”  Ms. Garrison sobbed looking at the headmaster suspiciously.

"Bend over the desk. Head down, Ass Up!"  The avenging headmaster ordered.

Denise in her short grey business skirt assumed the required position the school administrator had ordered.  He found himself staring at her bent over bottom clad in sheer black pantyhose which he intended to scorch with his wooden paddle.

Her headmaster stood behind Principal GarrisonHe walked over to the lady administrator who was bent over the front of his desk. 

He rained swat after swat across the curvy cheeks leaving her ass a bright shade of red visible through the sheer seat of her black pantyhose. The headmaster took his time with each pop of the paddle against her trembling butt.  He made sure that each swat landed with a solid thud. Denises butt jiggled with each spank and he made sure to cover all of her round, still shapely middle aged ass.  “Ow, I am burning up back there.  You dont realize how much this hurts a Womans bottom.  Please, stop!”

The headmaster took his time with each pop of the paddle against her trembling butt.  He made sure that each swat landed with a solid thud. Denises butt jiggled with each spank making sure to cover all of her round, still shapely middle aged ass. 

She felt defenseless and humiliated as she started to sob as the paddle swats landed hard flesh meeting wood with a fast and furious pace.  The grandson of the founder watched as his lady principals ass grew scarlet and began to swell and bruise from her spanking with the paddle.  The Denises ass had a blood red coloring and was really sore from the effects of the paddle.  Ms. Garrisons bottom made sounds during her spanking with the wooden paddle including a fart which further embarrassed the aloof woman as the stink that permeated the air had an embarrassing odor.


The headmaster Stared at her black sheer pantyhose-clad bottom bent over ass hole which was visible.  That gave him an idea how to finish off his punishment of the arrogant lady principal.  Her skirt lay wreathed up in a tight ring about her hips displaying her brown hair wreathed vagina hole with a tampon sticking out between her white cheeks.

"Oh, Sir please not more it hurt so" Tears blinded her vision and starting to roll down her face." Denise begged.


The headmaster took his pocketknife and cut a hole over ass hole through the pantyhose in preparation for her next punishment.  Ms. Garrison felt her fire engine red ass cheeks spread apart displaying her pink pucker to the cold air of the office.  She regretted the way she had treated the former teacher especially now that he was her new headmaster.  She sported a blotchy blood red and blistered ass waving in the air.  Denise had been spread open and was about to participate in an unusual act of school spirit that would please a special audience of one.

The mistreated former teacher unscrewed the lid of the Pond's face cream to be used as a lube for her anus.

The headmaster grinned and wagged his middle finger coated with white cream at Denise.

"Oh, woo!" Ms. Garrison exclaimed as she felt a cold dollop followed by thick finger penetrated her anus.

Ms. Garrison did you wipe your ass last time you took a shit?  He held her ass cheeks wide apart and took a good look.

"You nasty bitch, you've got a shit stain in your ass crack."

The room was permeated with her stinking fart Mr. Deal looked down and saw that his principal was wearing Carmel brown shit stained panties, announcing to Ms. Garrison that her failure to wipe properly had just earned her a enema after her paddling.

To humiliate the lady principal he slid his finger up her ass deep yanked it out covered with brown shit cream.

The former teacher would get the paddle until both cheeks were crimson and swollen to the point that they appeared ready to burst if even given one extra whack. It became apparent that a two handed grip did the most damage, her ass now bleeding tears of trd and Ms. Garrison feared more was part of this deal.

"No, Hey wait a minute. Stick the pom-pom, huh, how, oh no, where?" Denise asked in a whiny alto voice that spoke to the helplessness her current position.

The headmaster had ingenuously taken a rubber fishing pole grip he found while fishing on a boat and dipped it into the cold cream. Next, he placed the fishing rod sleeve on the rounded end of the wooden pom-pom.  Then he pushed the pole into her pink, petal butt hole.  It got stuck in her anal entrance as he was forced to push harder through her shit clogged tunnel.  Ms. Garrison tried to squeeze her sphincter shut tight to keep the post attached to the pom-pom from going up her ass hole.

Spank!     Whack!     Spank!     Crack!

Four hard spanks to her already burning tomato red bottom quickly convinced Denise of the futility of trying to keep out the pom-pom attached to a short pole. 

The thick pole now moored deep in her anal tract was causing a burning inside her anus, which she thought was heinous. The attractive lady principal whimpered in misery.  The headmaster made Ms. Garrison to swish her hips back and forth as well as up and down causing the pom-pom in her bum to move as the reluctant Denise showed her school spirit whipping it around in circles around her bottom as her glowing red rear remained in the air. 

After Ms. Garrison performed her special cheerleader routine, she was allowed to reach back and remove the post from her pooper and it came out smelly, brown and fudge frosted.  Denises got up off the desk and used her fingers to curl around the hem of her skirt raising it displaying her pantyhose-clad red ass.  As the lady principal squatted down she pushed her purple paddled bottom out to perform a curtsy.  The wooden paddle struck her ass again. Her pantyhose did nothing to soften the swat as Ms. Garrison performed the servile final act for her avenging headmaster.


The lady principals ass was sore with a field of blood blisters. She remained over her desk while calming her blubbering sobs.  A minute or two later she began to manage to slip her panties & skirt back in place and painfully lower her ass into a wooden chair.  Ms. Garrison was afraid to put too much weight on it; still red-hot from the bombardment of spanks.  After school Denise went home, undressed and struggled to settle her sore butt onto a hard wooden chair. Each time her ass made contact with the seat, she felt a sting of pain radiate outward. The lady principal had been spanked & humiliated getting a dose of what she had put the boy through at school.  Principal Garrisons ass might still be too sore tomorrow to wear jeans or even panties. She might have to lecture in a skirt, naked with no panties underneath.  She pouted as she considered that outcome as she crouched up on all fours for what surely would be a punishing enema.  There were some teenage misbehaving students that were about to feel some old fashion corporal punishment from school of yesteryear.  Yep, that was going to be her new deal!

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