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My dad's penis was fully erect by then and I told him that if he needed help cumming I'd help him. He told me he could use help so I told him I'd blow him. I crawled off my bed to my dad and I started to rub his 8 inch penis up and down. He was groaning by then and my brother had come into the room. As I began to lick my dad's penis up and down my brother came over to me and started to play with my penis. I then stopped blowing my dad because of the feeling in my penis. My dad told me to suck his penis, so I had to continue. I put his whole penis in my mouth and I began to suck. He yelled, "Harder, suck harder I sucked as hard as I could and soon my dad grabbed my head and fucked my face. Soon, he had cum in my mouth and I let no cum out.

My brother told me to turn around so he could see my penis. I flipped over and he lowered his face to my penis. He smelled my arousal and started to like my penis.

My dad then said, "Ben (that's my brother), I want to see your brother straddle your penis." So Ben went to my bed and lay down. I was so horny that I needed to have his penis. I got on top of him and began to sit down on his cock.

"OH Ben," I yelled, "Your penis is so big and thick!" When I had his penis fully in me I began to hump him. I stopped for a minute. Before I knew what was going on I felt a finger go up my bottom. A finger full of cum was used as a lubricant. Soon, I felt my dad's huge penis started to go up my bottom. This was the first time I had received anal sex, and I began to yell in pain. After a while of my dad's penis, my tears and yells of pain began to be moans of pleasure. I realized "My dad and my brother are fucking me."

At once the both started to hump me back and forth. I was screaming and yelling "Harder... faster... harder... faster" and "Oh dad fuck me with your huge penis and big brother cum in my face." They were groaning, giving me the best humps of their lives and then in unison they yelled, "I'm going to cum!"

My orgasm was approaching too, and I could feel myself ready to cum. At the same moment my dad and brother both came. I could feel their thick cum fill up my bottom and then I came.

For the rest of the day we fucked each other mad, and that's what we did for the rest of the time after we come home from school.

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