Chapter One        

       Pacing the floor, glancing toward the clock on the wall, Lynn nervously holds the cell phone in her hand.  Feeling her heart pounding in her chest, again glancing at the phone, the clock, now approaching seven oclock, she steps toward the closed window curtain, frustrated with the predicament shes put herself into, it was just a handful of pot, Zenexs.

       Hearing the sound of tires in the gravel driveway, she grips the dark colored curtain with her free hand, takes a deep breath.  Barely parting the right side, she notices headlights approaching the house.  Quickly letting the curtains close, heart thumping, she leans against the wall next to the window.

       Feeling the phone buzz in her hand, she glances down at its lit face, answers it on the second tone.  “Yes… Hello!”

       “Ready as agreed?”  The voice is firm, demanding.

       Staring at the phone, parting the curtain again, Lynn glances outside into the hazy darkness as the dark Limos stopped in front of the garage door in the slight fall drizzle.  “Ye… Yes… Im… Im ready!”  She answers, recognizing the undercover agents voice.

       “You sure?”  He asks.  “Followed your instructions?”

       ”Yes, bathed and shaved!  As you told me too!”  She answers bluntly.

       “Naked too?”  The strict voice over the phone asks.

       “Yeh,  yes naked, Im naked too.”  She lies, glancing down toward the white terrycloth robe covering her still damp, nude body, flipping it open, glancing across her bare breasts, closing it.

       “Okay, no turning back once you get in the limo, itll be there any minute, do exactly as the driver instructs, or the deals off! Understand?”  The voice orders.

       “Okay, okay. Its here now; I said Ill do it!  Its got to be better then jail!”  She blurts.

       “I hear you!  Remember, my warning, the next few days will be intense.  Get ready for it!  And remember, no turning back once you enter the limo!”  She hears the sarcastic comment followed by a “Click!”

       Setting the phone on the end table, heart pounding, she hesitantly steps toward the door, slowly parting her robe again.  Sliding a finger down between her bare breasts, across her navel, circling her pubic mound, she feels the smooth, freshly shaven flesh between her thighs.  Again, slowly closing, wrapping the robe around herself, she crosses her left arm above her breasts, grips the doorknob, stands motionless.

       A few seconds pass, a minute, she listens to the steady patter of the raindrops on the porch roof, finally the car door opening, closing, followed by footsteps, a tap on the door.  Taking a deep breath, hesitantly twisting the knob, swinging the door open, she faces who appears to be, a stern looking, stereotypical chauffeur in uniform.

       “Lynn… I presume.”  He states matter of fact.

       “Yes, yes Im…”  She starts to acknowledge.

       “Alone?”  He nods, cutting her short.

       “Yes, Im alo…”  She begins to nervously answer.

       “You do agree to the terms… Then?”  Cutting her off a second time, inquisitively eyeing her robe up and down, he observes shes not naked as hed expected.

       “Yes, yes.”  She answers, lowering her eyes, following his toward her robe.

       “Okay.”  He directs.  “Take this.”  Reaching out, he raises a tablet toward her mouth.

       “What?… Wha…”  She reflexively asks, feeling his fingers push against her lips, the pill sliding across her tongue.

       “Do as youre told!  Take it, its for the trip!”  He orders as he cups her cheeks firmly, yet not to harshly between his fingers and thumb.  “Now, swallow.”

       “Gulp!”  Swallowing, she twists her head away as he lowers his hand, speaks.  “Go to the rear of the Limo… Now!”

       Pressing her breasts under her crossed forearms, she feels the bitter taste in her mouth from the dissolving tablet, seems as if shes close to hyperventilating.  Not knowing what she just swallowed, nervously obeying, she steps briskly thru the light, but steady rain, toward the Limo, hearing him shutting the door behind her.

       Barefoot, she feels the cold, wet gravel beneath her feet as she approaches the expensive sedan.  Stopping, she stands motionless, faces the dark tinted window of the rear door, barely able to see the reflection of her breath in the wet glass.  She feels the slight, cold raindrops tap across her forehead, shoulders as she alternately lifts first one, then the other foot up out of the wet gravel, waiting.  The chauffeur, slowly walking, finally steps beside her, partially opens the door.

       “The robe, give it to me before you enter the Limo.  Youre ride naked!  You do know you were supposed to be nude?”  He adds in a monotone voice.

       “Nude? Ye…Yes okay, I know, I know.  I just took a shower and hadnt dried off yet! This is all I have on!”  She mutters, glancing up toward him while slowly lowering her hands to the robes tie.

       “I understand, but I was informed I was to pick you up and deliver you naked.”  He responds, glancing down toward the robe, nodding his disapproval.  “Open it, take it off!”

       “Now?  Outside here?  In the rain?”  She asks, her voice raising a pitch, her face reddening as she partially spreads the top, exposing her substantial breasts to the elements. “Cant I wait till I get in the…?”

       “No, now!  Give it to me now.”  He scolds, watching closely as she begins to slowly slip the robe across her arching shoulders, down to just above her elbows.

       “Im certain youre be punished for that transgression, but for now listen carefully.  When you enter the Limo, sit forward on the center of the seat, spread your legs, hands behind your neck, and during the trip, youre not to touch yourself.”  He adds, deliberately taking his time, watching as the thick, cold rain drops, picking up in intensity, beginning to mix with occasional specks of sleet, dance erotically across her exposed breasts, her areolas, nipples, noticeably hardening.

       Initially acting disinterested, as if hes hardly paying any attention to her exposing herself, he reaches out, firmly grips her bare shoulders, slides his hands downward, tugging the sides of the terrycloth robe down to her elbows, stops.

       She cant help shivering, the rain, sleet pelting her nude flesh, crisscrossing, streaking across her bared breasts.  Briefly glancing up toward his face, she turns her reddening face toward her side, her arms held firm as she feels his grip tensioning.

       Mesmerized, he watches as the thickening sleet sticks to the upper, rounded curves of her firm, symmetrical globes, some flakes erotically melting, with wisps of steam rising up off her warmer, naked tit flesh.

       Feeling her twist, he slips the robe down off her elbows, causing her shoulders to arch back, breasts bouncing, swaying, her arms jerking, sliding out from the sleeves.  Releasing her arms, flipping the robe across his own arm, he catches a glimpse of melted sleet, mixing with the constant rain drops, dripping from the tips of her jiggling, bare nipples.

       Angered, freezing, feeling the cold drops pattering across her bare skin, tiptoeing barefoot in the slush, she glares up at him, crosses her forearms above her drenched breasts, to late to shield them from the cold, rain, his leering eyes.  “Can I get in now?!!”  She blurts.

       “You may get in now.”  He smirks, resting his free hand on the door, opening it wider.

       Leaning embarrassingly into the sedan, heart pounding, shes having doubts, second thoughts.  Sliding across the Limos seat, she feels the cool, stiff leather sticking to her damp thighs, buttocks as she nervously twists around, sees him leaning down, staring, waiting.

       “Assume your position.”  He commands.

       Flushed, she slowly raises her hands over her head, interlocks her fingers behind her neck under her wet, tightly braided hair.  Staring forward, her naked flesh soaked, almost in a daze, she feels the moisture beading, streaking down across the front of her bare chest as the door closes.

       Walking around the Limo, the chauffer glances thru the rear glass, impressed with her incredible body, good looks.  Hes already enjoying his brief encounter with her, and its going to get even better.  Sliding behind the wheel, he tosses the damp robe onto the passenger seat, adjusts the rear view mirror to enjoy the full view of her nakedness.

       “I instructed you to spread your legs, and sit up on the seat!  Closer to the edge, and push those breasts out further!”  He orders, almost scoldingly as he glances thru the mirror, struck by the site of her hard, thick nipples, standing straight outward from her firm, wet breasts, covered with a multitude of tiny goose bumps as she hesitantly obeys, arches forward.

       Shivering, chilled from the rain, yet feeling the warmth spreading across her blushing face, she forces her shoulders back, slides forward, again her buttocks sticking to the stiff leather as she partially spreads her knees.

       “Thats better, now lets take a good look at you.”  He states as he backs the limo down the driveway onto the street, flicks the interior lights on, drives away from the house.

       Glancing at his reflection in the rear view mirror, she can see his eyes raising, lowering, almost ludicrously at her wet, naked body.

       “Shaved from the neck down, huh!”  He asks as he turns the corner.  “Hear me?”  He adds, knowing she did, knowing hes humiliating her as their eyes lock in the mirror.

       “Wha…  Yeh, yeh shaved. That was my instructions.”  She snaps with a scowl on her face.                        “Your pussy too?  Lets see!  Spread it open, wider!”  He adds with a smirk, excited with her discomfort.

       More then embarrassed, shes almost unable to speak, much less have a conversation as she also tries to hold her balance while setting spread eagled on the edge of the wet, slippery surface.  Spreading her knees wider apart, she feels the remnants of the rain, melted sleet, trailing across her cold, bare flesh onto the leather between her thighs, puddling around the puffy folds of her labia lips sticking to the seat.

       Remaining still, humiliated, shes also disgusted, setting totally exposed, for him to ogle at.

       “Braided your hair too.”  He continues as if checking off a list.  “No makeup.  No undergarment marks on those titties. Speaking of titties, push em out for me!”  He raises his voice, sternly orders while watching with amusement as she instantly thrusts her chest outwards, lowers her eyes. “Not too bad.  I think Mistress will be pleased.  Hold em out there while I get a good look! Yeh, okay!  Those nipples make you look like youre cold.  Let me warm you up some!”  He finishes, flips the interior lights off, the car heater on high.

       Setting in the darkness, in the middle of thrusting her breasts out as ordered, wet, cold, humiliated, she slowly shakes her head back and forth, reflexively glancing down toward her rock hard nipples as she feels the heat circulating back between the seats.  Raising her eyes, barely able to see out the front, the windshield, as the wipers slowly swipe back and forth in the smattering of rain, she again wonders how she put herself in this position.

       Feeling the seat warming beneath her bare, damp flesh, listening to the whirring sound of the car heater, the tires steady rhythm on the wet pavement, even her bare breasts gently swaying with the motion of the car, after a few minutes, she begins to relax, actually feeling groggy, light headed.  Eyes blinking, slowly closing, her fingers loosening behind her neck, shes soon tilting, slightly tilting, toward her side.

       Glancing in the mirror, flipping the interior light momentarily back on, he smiles, continues to drive as she slumps across the leather seat, barely coherent.  The pills finally working, he thinks to himself.

       The better part of a couple of hours passes as they drive thru the countryside.  Finally, he slows, navigates the driveway past the estates large wrought iron gates as theyre swung open by security.  Driving toward the rear of the complex, he backs into the vast garage under the mansion, parks.

       Snapping an ammonia capsule beneath her nostrils, he leans back as she jerks, twists, sits up on the seat.  “Where… Wha…”  She mutters, groggy, leaning across the seat, on her elbows.

       “Youre here, come on.”  He instructs, pulling her by the arms, forcing, helping her stand upright, next to the limo.

       Another quick whiff, back and forth across her upper lip, she jerks, stands on her own just in time to notice a pair of German Shepard guard dogs being led past the closing garage door by what appears to be an armed security guard.  “Come with me.”  He instructs, gripping her right arm as he leads her thru an iron door from the garage into a stone wall hallway leading into the sinister bowels of the mansion.

       Still unsure of herself, staggering, she nearly stumbles more then once as he continues to grip tightly around her forearm, lead her thru a maze of hallways.  Breasts swaying, her braid of hair dangling across her shoulder, she feels his firm grip tighten as he finally stops, opens a dark, solid iron door with a small, bar framed window, pushes her into a smallish room.  A stone ledge shaped like a bunk protrudes along one side while some sort of stool rests in the center of the floor.

       “Youre home.  Stand on this.  Face that wall!  Remember, youre still forbidden to touch yourself.  Hands at your sides, dont move until Mistress receives you!”  He quickly runs thru a list of orders as he helps her step up onto the leather covered, wooden stool.  “If you dont obey, youre be punished!  Especially since youve already disobeyed by not being naked earlier.  And remember, you were warned, theres no turning back now!  Try to leave, find your way out of here, you wont get past the dogs, Guards! Whats left of you might even wind up the property of a Ukraine whore house!  Believe me, its happened before!”  He quips as he quickly gives her one more whiff of the capsule, steps back.        

       “Uuummphh!… God!”  Jerking her head, her breasts bounce; sway as she absorbs his threats.

       Grunting, she twists, faces the wall, now fully alert.  Stepping back, taking another quick glance at her naked, trembling body facing away from him, he adds.  “Remember my warning!  You really dont have much of a choice!”  Turning, he leaves the room, smiling to himself.

       Facing forward, eyes straight ahead, focusing on the whitewashed wall, her nude, completely naked, bodys rigid.  Standing on the stool, waiting, she can hear, feels the pulse of her heartbeat as her breasts slowly raise, lower.  Minutes pass… Longer, slow minutes.

       She cant help thinking of the chauffeurs words of warning, threats, the more she thinks about it, probably not a bluff.  Eventually, it seems like its been an hour or more since she arrived at this place, still alone, motionless.

       “Hands behind your head!  Interlock the fingers!  Elbows back!  Push those tits out!  Now slave, now!”  The womans firm voice rings thru the room as she steps slowly around the stool.

Jerking, glancing down, Lynn immediately obeys, lifts her arms from her sides, gripping her hands behind the tightly woven auburn braid of hair behind her neck.  Her substantial breasts swaying, stomach hallowing under her defined ribcage, she feels her heart pounding with uncertainty.

       The womans voice is frightening, not just authoritative, but somehow foreboding, matching her appearance.  Black hair severely pulled back, pale skin, dark eyes, shes dressed in the typical Dom type leather.

       Glancing toward Lynns breasts, the Doms impressed, very.  Quickly gazing up toward her eyes, without showing her feelings, she quips.  “Slut?  These real?”  The tones more sarcastic then inquisitive as she reaches out, cups the left breast in her palm, squeezes as Lynn flinches.  “Thwack!”  Sadistically smacking the right globe, she scolds.  “Well, answer!”

       “Ohh!  Ye… Yes.”  Lynn stutters, feeling the sting, glaring down toward the Dom. “Yeh! Yes!   Damn it!  Theyre rea…”

       “Smack!”  The Dom interjects, sternly, smacking the swaying melon a second time.  “No cursing!  And, thats Mistress to you, Slut!  Now, answer properly!

       “Smack!”  Another painful blow, the right breast bounces again, sways.

       “Ohhh!  Mis… Mistress, I said yes!  Ohhhhh!   Stop it!!!  That hurts! Theyre real I said!”  Body twisting, still glaring, Lynn, almost in a state of shock, feels the lasting sting of the forehand, backhand across her thrust out breast as she glances quickly downward,  toward the pain of her other breast, being twisted, squeezed.

       “Silence!  Quit your whimpering!”  The Dom scolds. “New slaves!  I dont know!  Too bad Ive only got you for a week!  Your training should take at least a month!  We better get right to it!”

       “Smack!!!!… Thwack!!… Smack!!!  Applying three more, quick, back and forth slaps across the abused melon, the Dom steps back a step as Lynn, jerks, twists, grits her teeth, glares.

       Carefully eyeing the fresh, naked body in front of her, the Dom continues her evaluation.  “How big are they?”  She sarcastically asks while tightening her squeeze, looking up toward Lynns reddening face, straight into her welling, brown eyes, more to humiliate then anything.                                “Wha?  Lynn stutters.  “Size?  They… Theyre 34s…  34s Mistress!!!

       “Thats what I wanted to know!”  The Dom scolds.  “Bras tight?”

       “Wha…”  Lynn blurts, uncertain.

       “Thwack!”   I said, are the bras tight on those tits?  The Dom scolds while slowly shaking her head back and forth, continuing to grip, twist Lynns other breast.

Then, as if talking to a child, she speaks slowly at first.  “Are… these… Tits… Too… Big… For… The D cup bras?”

       “Ahhh!  The bras are kinda tight… Mistress!”  Lynn, tiptoes, growling back.  “But they… They fit okay!”

       Dropping her hand from Lynns breast, sliding her fingers down around her midriff, the Dom seems to ignore the answer, enjoying humiliating her, seeing how far she can push her.

       “Hum, now lets see, lets take a look!  Tight ass, shaved pussy.  Huh!  Bares those nice big cuntlips!”  The Dom practically whispers, glances upward again from the side.

       “He said Id have plenty to work with.  I guess hes like other cops, likes big tits, and I guess yours are kinda big.  At least for being real.”  She continues, now sliding her open right hand down over Lynns backside, the rounded, smooth rump in front of her, just below eye level, taking in the slim waist, defined abs, long sleek legs.

       “Know what I like about real tits, Slave?”  The Dom mutters while standing behind the back of the stool.  “Answer me!  Thwack!”  Another quick slap, this time across Lynns swaying left breast.

       “Agghhhh! No… Mistress!… I dont!”  Lynn answers, voice quivering, the anger, noticeable in her tone as she mimics the way the Dom just addressed her.  Clinching her fingers even tighter behind her neck, both breasts pulsing, she restrains herself, angered, but also fearful, the thought of the chauffeurs warning flashing thru her mind, could he have been serious?

Glancing across her broad athletic shoulders, on down across her tapering back, the Dom smiles at the sight of the rounded curves of Lynns breasts poking out from either side.  Reaching up from behind, the Dom slides her left hand across the left breast, squeezes its base, solid, firm, yet somehow subtle, too.

       “Punishment, Slave!”  The Dom quirks.  “I can do lots more!  Yeh, a whole lot more with em!”  She adds, grinning, twisting, melding the mound of flesh between her fingers, thumb.  “Yeh, I dont have to worry like I do when theyre fake!”  Squeezing, probing, she continues. “Yeh, Slave, I can do just about anything at all!  Use whips, clamps, needles.”  She smirks.  “Even a favorite of mine, ropes!  Can hang you by em!  Youll really enjoy that I bet!  Right Slave?  Especially since theres no way out for you!  I can do anything I want!”  She mocks, glances around Lynns obviously twitching body, up toward her tear welling eyes.

       “Ohhh… I… I…”  Angered, but now more fearful, stuttering, Lynn starts to speak, stops.  Her stomach quivers, her heart pounds, she feels her knees weakening.  Whats she gotten into?  Thinks to herself, she looks around the cell like room, unfortunately realizing theres probably no way out.

       “Thats okay Slave.  I really didnt expect an answer to that one!  At least not yet!”  The Dom gloats, clenching her fingers, thumb, the nails sinking firmly into the melded flesh of the bulging globe.

       “Okay!  Time to really get started!  Push em out!”  The Dom enthusiastically mutters as she again releases Lynns breast, pats it a couple times, steps in front of her, picks up a jar of salve from the tray to the right of the stool.

       Dipping a glob onto her fingers, starting at the sternum, she spreads the goop across the sloping curves of Lynns breasts.  Using both hands, she twists, melds, stretches the firm flesh between her fingers, thumbs, stretches the areolas, tweaks the nipples, releases her fingers, watches the pair of globes bounce, sway, stand outward, the hardened nipples pointing practically upward from her tanned flesh.

Lynn bites her lower lip, stares straight ahead, feels the salve as it starts warming, then heating, finally burning and melting across her naked flesh.  Suppressing a moan, standing rigid, she struggles not to arch her arms forward, to grab her breasts, to wipe the burning cream from her bare flesh, especially the nipples.

       “Feel good?  Isnt that soothing?”  The Dom smirks as she dabs another glob onto her fingers, rubs her hands together, and shoves between Lynns thighs, orders.  “Spread that pussy Slave!  Now!  And, shut up!!!  Quit whimpering!”

       “Ohh God!!!”  Lynn gruntingly answers.  “Ye… Yes Mistress! Ohhh, that burns!!”

       Hesitantly spreading her thighs, leaning forward, a tear drips off her cheek as her knees are parted by the Doms fist, the goop covering her inner thighs, squashing between her puffy labia lips, forced into her spread slit.   The burning flesh of her breasts instantly fade from her thoughts as the searing inflammation of her vagina wracks her body.  Pulsing, searing, her thighs, hips grind against the Doms hand as she struggles not to scream out loud.

       Feeling Lynns body trembling, jerking, the Dom slips her hand away, scoops one more handful, spreads it across both butt cheeks, rubbing, melding, from just above the hallows of the knees, up around, across her thighs, stopping at the dimples in the small of her back, then, steps back a step, smiles, wipes her fingers, hands, on a clean white hand towel.

       Watching the tanned naked flesh in front of her turning a light shade of red as it beads with perspiration, the Dom glances toward the tray, picks out a chrome clover clamp, adjusts its setting to firm.

       “Hush!  Hush Slave!  That salves going to protect your skin.  It wont hurt you and its not going to burn you… At least not much!  The pain will fade quickly enough.  Youll thank me later!”  The Dom quietly scolds, listening to, enjoying the muffled whimpers, moans.

       Reaching up, she squeezes the clamp open, shut, open again.  “Take this, Slave.”  She orders.  “Now!”

       Glancing down, seeing the gleaming clamp, Lynn hesitantly slides her fingers, hands apart, reaches down for the clamp with her right hand, grips it between her fingers, thumb.

       “Okay, spread that pussy with your other hand!”  The Dom orders.  “Wide!”

       “Huh?  No, no I wont!!!”  Lynn resists, one last time, shaking her head, realizing what the Doms intentions are.

       “Last chance!”  The Dom orders.  “Either obey me completely or Ill have you hogtied and clamp it on you myself! Then leave you locked in here until you decide to behave!”

       Glaring into Lynns eyes, the Dom almost whispers between her teeth.  “Listen carefully.  You can be here a week, and obey.  Or you can piss me off and, who knows, disappear forever!!!”

       Wide eyed, the rest of her will breaking, again thinking about the chauffeurs threats, now hers, her heart pounds, they must be real.  Slowly lowering her free hand, sliding it carefully downward, her fingers glide across her hip, shaved pubic mound, her thumb forefinger twitching as they part her burning labia lips.

       “Now, push that pussy out!  Bare that clit.”  The Dom emphatically orders as she slides her own hands firmly down Lynns sides, resting her fingers across her hips.

       “Ohhhh!… Mistress!”  Lynn moans, her attitude starkly changing, fearing whats next, her hands quivering.  Shaking her head slowly back and forth, thrusting her pubic mound slowly outward, she pleads. “Please, please Mistress!  Stop!  I dont…!”

       “Listen Slave!”  The Dom breaks in.  “Your bad ass attitude didnt help!  Now your whining doesnt do you a bit of good either!  Do exactly as I order!  From now on!  Im done playing!”  She demands.  “Now, pull that clit out and clamp that clamp onto it!  Deep!  Or I will!  And a lot harder!  Understand?!  Now, you or me?!!!”

       “Ye… Yes Mistress!  I will!  I… Ill do it myself!!”  Lynn blurts out, tears streaking off her cheeks, her body quivering, voice breaking as she pinches her clit between her thumb, forefinger, giving up.

Taking a deep breath, bowing forward, her breasts wobble; hang down, while her arms cross in front of her.  Pinching, stretching her clit out from between the folds of her puffy labia lips with her finger, thumbnail, she tilts, turns her head away, groans.

       “Aaagghh!!”  Spreading, sliding the spread clamp deep into her slit, across her tugged, stretched nub, she releases the clamp, it closes.  “Aggghhhhhh!!” Another squeal as she bends further forward, feeling the sharp pain of the metal pressing, gripping into her tortured clit as she reflexively presses her thighs together.

       “Hands behind your head, now.”  The Dom excitedly orders, obviously delighted with the physical and psychological stress shes forcing on her new slave.

       Suppressing a scream, still bending at the waist, jerking her hands back, quickly raising her arms, clenching her fingers behind her neck, she bites her lip.  Her eyes squinting, twisting her tilted head back and forth, her body arches forward, visibly trembling, breasts hanging, swaying in front of her chest.  The glistening clamp jiggles out from between her pressing, quivering thighs as she tiptoes from one foot to the other.

       “Dont worry; youll get use to the feeling!”  The Dom smirks as she reaches onto the tray, picking up a black leather neck collar, a pair of black leather wrist cuffs.

       Stepping behind the stool she tugs Lynns braid of hair back, forcing her head to tilt backwards.  Sliding the collar around her neck, she fastens it, slides the wrist cuffs onto both wrists while fastening them.  Shoving her wrists closer to the collar, she fastens both cuffs, crisscrossing Lynns elbows up behind her head.

       Turning toward the tray, she picks up a leash, a slender, silver chain.  Sliding the leather strap on its one end around her own wrist, she snaps the clip on the opposite end to the clover clamp.

       “Come with me.”  The Dom commands, ready to step toward the door.  “Your nights just beginning!  A group of my friends have stayed over from our weekly meeting.  A couple of them own brothels overseas where they love American women.  Ive asked them to stay awhile longer, just to meet you!  See you punished!”

       “Wha?… What ???”   Lynn moans, face flushing.

       “Thats right!”  The Dom retorts.  “You better make me proud!  Or, your stay here could be a lot shorter then you could hope for!  You just might wind up taking a boat ride.  Like I said, understand?”

       Chain stretching, Lynn practically has to jump down, nearly stumbling with her wrists clamped up behind her neck.  Her clit tugged, breasts bouncing, swaying, shes jerked, led into the hallway.

       Up a flight of stairs, thru another maze, into another hallway, stopping in front of a double oak door, the Dom stops, turns the knob, swings the right hand door inward.  Lynns eyes widen, then quickly lower, her face reddening.  A group of over a dozen or so well dressed people, of several nationalities; appear to be mingling together in a large, parlor type room.  Probably more men then women, they turn their heads, all eyes watching with interest as the Dom steps into the room, nods, tugs on the chain.

       “Come on Slave.”  The Dom quips, glancing at Lynn.

       “I think my friends here will be impressed seeing you up close!”

       Stepping between the gathering as they part, Lynn, frightened, humiliated, is led to the center of the room by the stretching chain, toward another small, raised podium, this one with a rope dangling down from above it.

       “Up!  Get up there!”  The Dom orders, almost in a scolding tone as Lynn can almost feel the groups collective eyes on her naked flesh.

       Lifting her right leg up, she feels the Doms hand shoving on her butt cheeks, with a smidgeon of chuckles behind her as her breasts sway, bounce while she struggles, hands shackled up behind her head, to climb onto the stage.  Stepping onto the podium, keeping her eyes focused down toward her feet, she feels the chain between her legs painfully jerking, twisting her around to face the crowd.

       “Oomph!”  Mumbling, twisting, Lynn can feel the warmth spreading across her blushing face.

       Turning, facing the group, the Dom speaks.  “Heres our new guest!  Shes already disobeyed an order!  And, lied about it when she was picked up by our chauffer earlier tonight.’’  She continues.  “She was supposed to be naked.  Even said she was, and wasnt!   So I think her first punishment should be in front of an audience!”  She finishes, glancing up toward Lynns reddened face.

       “Be polite, introduce yourself.  Say hello to our guests, tell them youre name, t hat youre a slave now.”  The Dom commands in a stern voice as she stands beside the podium, still looking up into Lynns eyes, while unsnapping the chain from the clover clamp.  “Look at them!  Thank them for staying here to see you, your tits and Pussy!  Especially thank the women.”

       A tear welling in her eye, her naked body noticeably trembling, Lynn raises her head, looks slowly around the group, all intently staring at her, some whispering, nodding to each other, obviously commenting on her naked appearance.

       “Hel… Hello… Th… Thank you for being here. Im… Im Lynn... A Slave!”  She mutters, almost to humiliated to speak.”  Eyes lowering, mind racing to recall what shes suppose to say, she blurts.  Thank you for, for waiting to see me, my titties.  And, and my pussy!”  She continues, glancing down toward the smirk on the Doms face.

       “Keep going!  Make eye contact as you speak!  Shake those titties for them!  Back and forth!”  The Dom smiles, enjoys humiliating her as much as physically punishing her.  “Dont forget about the women.  Tell them those titties are real! And their size, too!”

       Taking a breath, holding back tears, Lynn stares around the room, into the crowd, blurts.  “Thank you.  You women too!  My… My titties are Ds… 34 Ds.  Theyre real!”

       The crowd smiles, along with a few giggles, chuckles as Lynn, squinting, biting her lower lip, pushes out, stretching the rope binding her wrists behind her head, leans forward, twists at the hip, swings her chest back and forth, once, twice, a third time.  Her glistening breasts sway, bounce, slap together, the clover clamp slapping between her thighs, tugging, ripping at her throbbing clit.

       “Thats good enough, Slave.  You may stop.  Now arch your shoulders back, now!”  The Dom instructs.  “Spread your legs, push those titties way out, and your pussy too… For our friends!”

       Hesitating, Lynn lowers her tear filled eyes, slightly turns her head toward the side, and finally obeys, trying to block out the humiliation, disgust, pain.  Arching, spreading, elbows back, hips thrust forward, then standing rigid; she raises her eyes, glaring past the people, fixing on the double oak doors.

       She cant help hearing the murmurs spreading thru the group.  Obviously comments about her naked, glistening body, posed spread eagled, her thrust out breasts, her thighs spread apart, the clover clamp gleaming, jiggling off her stretched clit.

       Stepping behind the small podium, the Dom lays down the chain, picks out a narrow, medium length, flexible bamboo cane, and swishes it back and forth thru the air.  “Swish… Swish… Swish!”

       The room instantly becomes deathly silent.  Laying it next to Lynns feet, she steps onto the platform, reaches up, grips the swaying rope, stretches it tautly downwards, attaches its clipped end to the back of Amys collar, between her wrists, forcing her to tiptoe.

       “Time for your punishment.” Whispering into Lynns ear, she bends over, picks up the crop, and slides it across the upper curves of the bare breasts thrusting out in front of her.

       The group remains silent, watching, anticipating as the cane glides back and forth, working, pressing into, lifting, the near perfect symmetrical globes, pokes the nipples, as Lynns glistening body noticeably twitches, twists, her eyes pleading, darting back and forth from the willowy shoot, to the Doms face.

       “This is what the salve was for, dear.”  The Dom, leaning toward Lynns ear, whispers as she raises the cane just below her chin.  “Half a dozen across those tits.  Or, a like number across that pussy? Your choice!  We should give our guests a good show!  Dont you think?”

       “Ooohhh!”  Mistress, please!”  Lynns heart pounds as she momentarily forgets about the audience.  Whimpering, tears welling in both eyes, she feels the tip of the bamboo slide back and forth across her left nipple, press into her tit flesh. “Please!!!  Im… Im sorry for lying!”

Ignoring the pleas, the Dom steps down off the podium, glancing around, nods toward one of the more attractive couples in the crowd.  “May I borrow her?”  She asks, making direct eye contact with a man standing next to a blonde probably half his age, lowering her eyes.

       “Yes!  Yes of course.”  He answers with a nod.

       Motioning with her left hand, the Dom turns, steps toward the side of the podium, waits for the woman to approach.  The crowd watches, parts as she steps forward, herself strikingly attractive, her hair tightly woven into a bun, her short, shoulder less, one piece, white chiffon dress clinging to every curve of her athletic body.  Her skimpy lace bra and thong panties are visible under the nearly transparent material as she takes short steps in her black stiletto heels.

       Reaching the podium, the blonde steps in front of the Dom, nervous, shrugs a shoulder, asks.  “How may I be of service, Mistress?”  Staring directly back into her down turned blue eyes, the Dom hands her the bamboo, almost sarcastically answers.  “You know how to use this!”  More of a comment then a question, since the blondes also one of her recipients of periodic submissive training sessions.

       “Yes Mistress, I do!  I do!”  She answers almost relieved, actually enthusiastically as she grips the thin wooden cane in her right hand, stares toward it as the Dom turns, steps in front of the podium.

       Leaning forward, Lynn, panic stricken, stares down at the pair.  Her heart pounding, naked body shaking, bare breasts quivering, she continues to tiptoe, her wrists, elbows arched behind her straining neck.

       Again the crowds completely silent, waiting.  The Dom looks up.  “Which?  Its your tits, pussy, or both!  Last chance! Tell the crowd!”

       Tears streaking down her cheeks, Lynn mutters.  “Ti… Tits… Oh God!  Tits Mistress!”  She whimpers, tears splashing on her quivering breasts as she glances pleadingly around the group of people.

       Without a word, the Mistress reaches up with her right hand, spreads her fingers, thumb apart, presses against Lynns sternum, shoving against the inside of her right breast, forcing it to swell, bulge toward her armpit.  The areola stretches, the bud of the nipple thickens as Lynn feels the Doms hand pressing against her breastbone.

       “The outside of the tit.”  The Dom calmly orders, glancing at the blonde, nodding back toward Lynns breast.  “From the tip of the nipple across the outer globe!  Lets start with one good stroke!”

       Lynns eyes widen, again forgetting the crowd, glancing from the Dom, to the blond, toward the crop, back to the Dom, she whimpers, slowly shakes her head back and forth.

       Glancing back up at Lynn, the blonde gives an evil grin, flicks the bamboo back.  “Swish!… Thwack!!!”

       “Aaaggghhhh!!!”  Letting out a loud groan, Lynns body twists, her left foot leaves the floor as she feels the searing sting across her tender flesh.

       Gripping, squeezing the base of the flailed breast in her hand, the Dom jerks, almost instantly, forces Lynn to stand still.

       “Hush!  Lets see.”  The Dom quietly speaks, leans around, and inspects the bright red welt already rising across the trembling, glistening tit flesh.  The embedded mark of the cane streaks from just outside Lynns hallowed armpit, visible across the rounded globe, trailing off against the outer side of the engorged nipple.

       “Okay, now one from… Lets see… Across the nipple to a little lower.  Not into the armpit though!”  The Dom, glancing at the blonde, orders as she again grips, shoves the bare breast toward the side, feels the faint, rapid pulse of Lynns heartbeat as she presses even harder.

       “Yes, Mistress!!”  The blonde, obviously excited, answers as the bamboo flicks back.        

       “Ooohhh Nooo… Noooo!”  Lynn squirms, begs, as she tries to catch her breath.


       “Aaaaaggggggghhhh!!!”  Another lash, another, even longer moan, groan, as again, Lynns body twists, jerks, shimmers with perspiration as her stomach hallows, her leg, thigh muscles tensing, her breast stinging, searing again.

       Staring thru her glazed eyes toward the Dom, Lynn        whimpers.  “Ohhh… God!  That hurts!  So… So Bad!”

       Again the Dom ignores the begging, again glances at the second reddening welt.  “Not bad, not at all.”  She compliments, glancing from the welt, to the blonde, back to the streak crossing from the areola to just below the first red stripe.

       “Ready for another?”  The Dom asks, still taking a close look at the pair of welts across the bulging tit flesh, then up into Lynns welling tears; back down into the blondes excited eyes.

       “Noo!!… Ohh Noo… Nooo!”  Lynn babbles, tears streaking off her cheeks, mixing with mucus trailing from her nostrils.

       “Ohh!  Of course Mistress!”  The blonde eagerly answers as she raises the bamboo, thinking to herself how excited she is at the chance to whip those big, perfect titties, to hurt that bitch that has everybody ogling her.

       Glancing around at the still virtually silent, but obviously approving crowd, the Dom again tightens her grip, points toward the tip of Lynns nipple, glances back toward the blonde.  “There, right across the bud.  The whole nipple, Areola, down to my fingertips.  Again!”

       “Yes Mistress.”  The blonde acknowledges, glancing toward Lynns reddened, swollen eyes.  “Swish!”

       Lynns eyes glare back, locks with the blondes.  Trying to hold her breath, her flattened stomach hollows under her defined ribcage.  “Thwack!”  “Oomph!… Aaaaagggghhh!!”

       The sound of the flexing bamboo cane slashing thru the air, Lynns grunt as she holds her breath, the cane flattening into the bare flesh, Lynns long, pitiful scream, all fill the room in rapid order.

       The Dom, releasing her grip just as the bamboo finds its mark, steps back a step toward the blonde as Lynn twists back and forth, nearly a complete circle.  Breasts swaying, Lynn grunts, moans as her tortured breast pounds with each rapid heartbeat, just a trace of a glistening, yellowish fluid dripping down her inner thigh.  The entire group watches, transfixed, almost in awe at the perfect, round globe being so savagely pummeled.

       “Oooohhhh… God… God… God!!!!”  Lynn, moans, tries to catch her breath, struggles to tiptoe, oblivious to the crowd, glancing wide eyed, down across her drenched breasts, swaying, twitching, the third, most painful welt tracing completely across her searing nipple, trailing off in front of her hollowed armpit.

       The Dom smiles, steps around the stool, grips Lynns left breast with her left hand, squeezes, feels the pounding, pulsing heartbeat.  “Lets not forget this tit!  Same thing!”  She calmly addresses the blonde, glancing down toward her nearly transparent dress, noticing that the blondes tan nipples are hard, swollen, poking against the bra under the chiffon material. “Step over here.”

       “Yes Mistress!”  The blonde answers, quickly positioning her self in front of Lynn, asks.  “You mean… Three!  Three more Mistress?”

       Glancing up toward Lynns swollen eyes, the Dom slowly nods.  “Yes, three more, just like the other tit!  Right Slave?”

       “Ahhh Mistress… Ohhh… Please!  No more!”  Lynn begs, whines, feeling the incredible pain pulsing thru her globe with each rasping breath.  The Dom ignores her, again glancing toward the blonde.

       “Im tired of her whining!  Arent you?”  The Dom sarcastically asks, loud enough for everyone to hear.

       “Yes… Yes Mistress!  She does whine too much!”  The blonde answers while flicking the crop back and forth in her hand.

       “Good!  Im glad you agree; now take off your bra.  Stuff it in her mouth!”  The Dom smirks, reaches out, and takes the crop in her hand.

       “What… My bra? In her mouth?” Surprised, the blonde answers.

       “Yes! Take it off, stuff it in her mouth!  Then tie your panties around her neck to hold it in.  Understand?  Unless of course, you want to take her place!  Now!”  The Dom scolds as she again glances up toward Lynn.

       “Ye… Yes… I mean no! Mistress!”  The blond stutters as she glances toward the crowd, her Master standing with the other couples, barely hiding a smile.

       Crisscrossing her arms in front of her, reaching down inside the top of the shoulder less dress, the blond grips the bra, slips it up over her thrust out breasts.  Gripping stretching the material, she slips it up over her neck, face.  Holding it in her left hand, she adjusts the top of the dress across her swaying breasts, bends, reaches down under the hem of her dress.  Sliding her thong down across her bare thighs, she bends, shoves the thong down to her ankles.

       Breasts swaying, the tops of her nipples exposed above the low cut dress, she leans over.  Stepping out of the thong, first with her left stiletto, then the right, her freshly shaven vagina, slim hips become visible as the thong catches in the right heel causing her to stumble, nearly losing her balance.

       “In her mouth! Open wide Lynn!!”  The Dom, grinning, instructs, points, as the blonde regains her balance.

       “Yes Mistress.”  The blonde answers, standing upright, lifting, adjusting the top of her dress with one hand, wading the bra, pressing it up toward Lynns face with the other.

       “Wide Slave, wider!”  The Dom demands while reaching for, helping stuff the cloth between Lynns lips.

       “Mmmuuphhh!”  Grunting, muttering, Lynn feels the perfumed cloth forcing her lips, jaw open, filling, stuffing her mouth.  Stepping around, the blond twists, ties the panties around Lynns mouth, neck, her own breasts bouncing, swaying, barely covered, as her arms lift up behind Lynns back.

       “Okay.”  The Dom acknowledges as she steps toward the front of the podium, again gripping Lynns left breast, reaching out with the bamboo toward the blonde.  “Across the nipple!  Same way!”

       Reaching out, grabbing the bamboo, the blonde focuses on Lynns breast, watches as the Dom stretches that tit flesh as she did the other.

       “Swish… Thwack!”


       The swish of the flexing crop, the muffled cry from Lynn as it flicks off her heaving melon.

       “Good!  Good!”  The Dom smirks, catching a glance of the blondes barely covered breasts swaying thru the skimpy cloth, while Lynn jerks, twists, a single stripe streaking across her bulging globe.

       “Another!  Match the other side.”  The Dom orders while pressing the breast outward.


       “Uuummmpphhh!!!… Ummmppphhh!!!  The smack of the bamboo, more gutteral screeches from the rag stuffed in Lynns throat as her body jerks, twists on the podium.

       Lynns heart pounds, the burning deep inside both breasts mounting with each lashing.  Barely able to breathe, she feels shes on the verge of hyperventilating, mucus clogging, dripping from her nostrils mixing with the saliva drooling from the corners of her stretched lips.

       “One more!  Center it across the nipple, straight across.”  Again twisting and pushing, the Dom forces Lynns nipple to bulge while she reaches for her thigh with her other hand.

       The blonde, her mind racing, excited, her own nearly naked body glistening, crosses her left arm across her breasts, swings the flexing weapon.  “Swish!”

       Twisting her head, squinting her eyes, Lynn bites into the bundle of cloth in her mouth, anticipating.        


       “Gaaaaaaaaaddddddd!!!… Uuuummmppphhhh!!!”  Grunts, another schreech as The Dom releases her grip, watches as Lynn again jerks, twists on the podium, tears streaking off her cheeks, a splatter of urine spurting onto the makeshift podium from between her quivering thighs.

       Reaching for the bamboo, the Dom takes it from the blondes hand.  “Okay!  Good job!  Now, you may return to your Master.”

       “Yes… Yes Mistress.”  She answers, glancing up toward Lynns tortured breasts, glares further upward toward her face, smiles sarcastically as she again glances downward, between the quivering, wet thighs, the puddle on the floor.  Turning, she carefully circles around the podium, the Dom inspects Lynns breasts.  Swaying, heaving, beaten, but still symmetrical, a trio of red, crisp welts standing out across both, horizontal from her nipples, trailing to just in front of her hollowed armpits.  Stepping directly behind the podium, she lets the tip of the bamboo shoot glide across Lynns rounded rumps, tapping, flicking one, the other.

       “Turn around, let em see your ass.” The Dom orders as she slides the crop slowly up and down Lynns twitching left thigh.

Obeying, twisting, Lynn keeps her swollen eyes shut, the pain nearly unbearable as her breasts pound with each heartbeat.  Hardly able to breath, wheezing, she feels the cloth gagging her throat, her nostrils clogging.

       Laying the bamboo down, the Dom picks up the chain, clips it to the wet clover clamp.  Stepping up onto the podium, she unfastens the rope from Lynns collar, unties the panties, pulls the bra from her mouth, wads them into a ball in her fist, swipes them back and forth a couple times, across the clit clamp, back between Lynns thighs.

       “I think this is enough, for this evening anyway!  You did well for a start!  Especially that attitude!  I hope you learned a valuable lesson about ever lying again!”  The Dom whispers to Lynn, adding.  “Now come with me, you can get cleaned up.”  Helping her to step down.

       “Next week.”  The Dom again turning away from Lynn addresses the group.  “Youre all invited back to observe her progress!”

       Leading her into the crowd, toward the door with the stretching leash, the group slowly parts.  The Dom, without stopping, hands the bra and panties to the surprised blonde, smiles, nods, continues on.        

       Again, the crowd watches closely, speaking in subtle tones as Lynn, hands still fastened behind her neck, is led past, eyes down, practically stumbling, her welted breasts gently swaying, her naked body drenched in perspiration, her clit being stretched by the leash as she realizes this is only day one.

End Part One                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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