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  • Senior Year

    Categories SexStory1 Date: 09/07/2012

    Senior Year By Christine Part 1, Chapter 11 - * This story is the sequel to "My Sexual Evolution." "Senior Year" continues the story right where "My Sexual Evolution" ended. ...

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  • katie's punishment

    Categories SexStory1 Date: 05/07/2012

                                     & ...

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  • True Expressions of Passion...and Control

    Categories SexStory1 Date: 17/06/2012

    "Hey Veris.  I heard what you did with M the other day, and I'm wondering if you'd be the most amazing sex I've ever had too." "Well, darlin', that depends on what you heard." "M said you were ...

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  • The Party From Hell

    Categories SexStory1 Date: 27/05/2012

    Story written by Ashley Schneider December 11, 2009 The Party from Hell: One day there was a girl named Jessica. She was the typical, average looking, college student. Every morning she woke up, wor ...

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  • Alex Mercer : First Kill

    Categories SexStory1 Date: 13/05/2012

    Alex Mercer: First kill (a prototype fan fiction) (note: the details and powers given in this story differ significantly from the real game, and such changes were necessary in order that the game m ...

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  • Cammy's story

    Categories SexStory1 Date: 13/05/2012

    Cammy’s Story Cammy Jones sat in the Wendy’s at the Airport Square shopping center across the parking lot where she worked (or slaved) as a stock person.  She was 24 and thought ...

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  • The Raffle - Antoine and Maureen in the Hood

    Categories SexStory1 Date: 06/05/2012

    From Private School Girl Megan and Antoine Private school Megan had returned from school to her nice suburban home.  She was surprised by Antoine who had made a day trip from the hood to look for a ho ...

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  • The Tomb

    Categories SexStory1 Date: 28/04/2012

    She stirred in her dream. The sudden darkness was more than she could bear. But what was this place … It looked like a land of fairytales, of dark and impossible dreams. It was all natural, the ...

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  • Big Bad Wolf (or how I learned to Love my Rapist)

    Categories SexStory1 Date: 23/04/2012

      big bad wolf (or how I learned to love my rapist)   In 1997 I was renting a house in north london, it was a mid-terrace and the walls were paper thin and the decor hadn't been touched sin ...

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  • unhappy dykes

    Categories SexStory1 Date: 22/04/2012

    Unhappy Dykes        I don’t have anything particular against homosexuals personally, but this idea just came to me one day.  If the title makes you unhappy, go somewh ...

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